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Do you feel guilty about watching porn?

Type: General
Yes 7% 3 Votes
Sometimes 20% 9 Votes
No 73% 32 Votes

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44 Votes Total

Jul 30, 2010

Poll Replies (20)

Replies to the user poll above.

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247skizia (5) I don't feel like there is ever anything to be guilty about. I'm not cheating or lying, I am upfront about that fact that I watch porn.

I have long since rejected the argument that porn leads to the objectification or is somehow unfair to women.

I don't really find that there is a valid reason I would be guilty about porn.

07-30-10  01:12am

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nadiencendia (83) I used to, when I started watching it, and specially when I started paying for it. But that was a long time ago :D
07-30-10  01:31am

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badandy400 (103) No. No. No!!! Porn is good, there is no getting around it. No shame. The only thing I feel bad about in porn is that they sent Max Hardcore to jail.

Seriously though, nothing to be ashamed of. The only thing that makes me feel guilty at all is spending more money on it than I should.

07-30-10  04:53am

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Jay G (67) No. The repression of sexuality is as old as humankind, but that doesn't make it right. Probably originally contributed to men not totally killing each other over women, but then became weird and taboo-ridden (but so also are dietary and other cultural habits).

A great example is the total repression of women by all ultra-conservative religions. Prostitution is illegal because it allows women to get remuneration for sex when most cultures believe that women are like property and shouldn't have power over their own bodies.

Sexuality, like alcohol and everything else that brings pleasure, can be abused. On the other hand, total repression has never done anything except make human life miserable. People who really believe in freedom shouldn't feel guilty about the wonderful pleasures life offers us.

07-30-10  05:51am

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Sevrin (6) I don't feel guilty about watching the porn I like, but there are things that have come across my monitor that I would rather unsee.
07-30-10  06:47am

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lk2fireone (196) The agony and the ecstasy. What a great title for someone bitten by the porn bug. Instead of watching movies about vampires and werewolves, why can't we see movies that explore real human activity, such as people watching porn? There have been academy award winning movies about drunks and drug addicts and other perverts. So why not about porn watchers? Don't we deserve a little respect?
07-30-10  07:33am

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rearadmiral (384) I think the only reason for any negative feelings about porn would have to come from external sources. Porn, in and of itself, isn't necessarily bad or good. The bad or good gets added through a filter of morality. In most cases, morality around anything sexual is informed primarily by religion and, in my opinion, mainstream religion's track record on human sexuality is almost perfect. A perfect failure, that is.

So guilt is something that you'd feel when someone imposed it on you.

This reminds me of a time when we in the Canadian military would discharge anyone for being gay. The reasoning was that because being gay was such a bad thing, people may be blackmailed into doing treasonous things. But the flaw was always that if being gay wsn't seen as bad (which it isn't - it's neutral and only bad or good through a lens of morality) then the people couldn't be blackmailed.

Same thing here - if you feel guilty about porn, then that's primarily because someone else wants thinks you should feel bad about it.

Another example is back in the early 1980s the Canadian Defence Minister was fired for having gone to a strip club in Germany. The worry was that East German spies may have been present and may now have some dirt on him. Therefore he had to go. Contrast this with the time several years ago when Kevin Rudd was just elected Prime Minister in Australia. The press, in their gossipy best, discovered that Rudd had recently been in a Moscow strip club with some fishermen from Newfoundland and Iceland and apparently had a very good time. The press thought they had him in the crosshairs, but he defused the issue by declaring to a reporter that it was all true and it was the best time of his life and that anyone who has the opportunity to go to a Moscow strip club with Newfoundlanders and Icelanders should immediately do so. That killed the story immediately.

Bottom line - I don't feel guilty and fuck the people who think I should.

07-30-10  08:32am

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #6 - lk2fireone :

I suspect that the powers-that-be think we deserve no respect at all. Crucifixion maybe, but not respect.
07-30-10  08:34am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #6 - lk2fireone :

I flatly refuse to think of the love of porn as a perversion. There may be perversions within porn itself but with 99.9 of the male population liking porn (my made up statistic but I don't think I'm far off) because we were born incurable "voyeurs," liking porn is as natural as eating.

Responding to something the rearadmiral wrote: If the powers-that-be launch the occasional attack on porn it is not because they themselves dislike it but because they want to ensure their re-election with the help of the distaff part of their constituency plus the 00.1 percent of the unnatural males. :-)

07-30-10  09:52am

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Capn (28) Never. :0)
07-30-10  12:27pm

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pat362 (373) I sometimes feel guilty about watching porn but that usually happens if I see a certain type of scene or performer.
07-30-10  07:03pm

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wishdj (14) Why should I feel guilty of watching porn? I am 33 years old, have no girlfriend now, no plans to get married and have children (kids don't remain cute forever), have a great job and am not gay.

The safest, no hassle sex in the world is watching porn.

Those stars are doing it for a reason - for us to enjoy and get money in return.

The only guilt I feel is the amount of money spent on porn!

07-31-10  06:19am

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Drooler (220) Considering how much porn I view, I'd have to WANT to feel guilty about it. I don't.
07-31-10  06:41am

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dracken (246) I agree completely with pat, sometimes when I see a really innocent girl that has no clue what she is doing, it makes me a bit sad. Really depends on the scene and performer though.
07-31-10  10:53am

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Monahan (42) I answered "sometimes." Not because I have a problem watching porn, but because the money I spend might have been better used on something else.

I tend to compare the cost aspect to something else, like if the cost of joining a site is $29.99, that's about 10 gallons of gas, a dinner for one at a decent restaurant, a good bottle of wine or a lap dance at the local gentlemens' club.

That method of rationalization works well on individual choices, but I feel guilty when the credit card bill comes with the full range of charges for a month that now must be paid.

On the other hand, I enjoy the porn and have a superb collection, so unlike the alternatives I listed above, I have some future value remaining in what I spend on pornography.

07-31-10  10:57am

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #12 - wishdj :

wishdj - if you want to avoid a wife and children you're wise beyond your years! Most people haven't got the courage to go against the flow.

As for feeling guilty about spending money on porn, don't. It's your money. As long as you earned it, you have no need to feel guilty about that.

07-31-10  05:20pm

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GCode (101) REPLY TO #7 - rearadmiral :

Love the response, totally agreed. Fuck 'em brotha! Thanks for the good read.
07-31-10  09:42pm

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BadMrFrosty (56) I watch porn with my GF and discuss it with friends. I dont think there is anything to feel guilty about.
08-02-10  04:27am

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Wittyguy (105) Thank god I wasn't born catholic ... or have anything else better to be doing with my time :)
08-19-10  03:29pm

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nostromo (12) Yes, often, i could have done an awful lot of reading instead of having watched porn incessantly in some periods of my life. Not that i haven't read like a maniac either!
09-21-10  02:53pm

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