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exotics4me (463) 12-30-09  10:53am
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Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 01-19-10  10:52pm  (Update History)
Reason: See Jan 20 comment for explanation of -5 points
Pros: - A massive collection of content. You get 10 sites for the price of one. If you had joined these 10 sites in 2008, you would have paid $275 for all of them. You get them here for $35.
- Videos over the last few years are available in 1280x720 with 4000 bitrates. The previous poor quality older videos are now 704x528, a much better picture than they previously had. Pictures are downloadable in zips at 2000 long end.
- Excellent download speeds though the site still loads a little slow.
- Having all of the models content showing up on one site makes navigation much easier than before when you had to sign in to another site to see their content on the other sites.
- Network as a whole has averaged 3 updates per day in December 2009, each update has video and picture set, could be sold as 6 updates per day if they wanted to separate the photo sets from videos like some sites do.
- Denys brings in some semi-retired models that other sites can't seem to get anymore.
Cons: - The most legitimate con for me is the use of Eve Angel Official updates as 1byday updates. It's the situation where the most loyal DDF fans are getting screwed over. I pay an average of $20 a month for Eve's site and $35 a month for DDFProd only to see updates on 1byday that were updates on Eve Angel Official a few weeks ago. By my count, there have been 4 of these instances since November. Not a big deal to some, but when Eve's site only updates 2-3 times a week, it is becoming a big deal.
- The oddest con ever, the high quality video downloads say, "704x528 2.5 bitrate" when you download it is 1280x720 with 4.0 bitrate. They're selling themselves very short.
- Don't know what is going on with the dates on the content, but there is no way those dates are right. One of Sandra Shine says 2007, it is easily from Sandra's earliest days as a model, maybe 2002-2003. None of the updates are listed as before 2007.
- Not a big deal on any of these, just little things I noticed.
Bottom Line: DDF has put together quite the impressive network. Most fetishes are covered, we've got solo, machines, lesbian, group, b/g hardcore, anal, blowjobs, legs with hose and heels, big boobs (DDF Busty), little "boobies" on Euro Teen Erotica and most importantly to me, 1byday, one of internet porn's greatest sites.

Denys has always been one of my favorite photographers. He usually is very good about getting the tease parts many sites skip over.

Focusing on the new format of DDFProd. I really can't say how well the search engine works. I'm not usually a search engine user on Euro sites since I know which models I am looking for. I did try it out and it looks promising. It has dozens of separators/tags with boxes to tick, like Skin-->Ebony, White, Latina, Asian and you tick the one you are looking for. It then refreshes and marks out the other options/genres that have no models of that skin color in them. You keep ticking new separators/tags and it keeps eliminating the ones that are no longer relevant to your search. You can hit "Show results" at any time.

Having all of the models content on one site is huge for me. I usually go for all content of each model that I like. Now I don't have to sign in on each site.

The updates across the network are averaging 3 per day right now, and as all DDF sites do, you get a photo set and video with most updates. I used to pay $35 a month for 1 update per day on 1byday.

I'm having frustration with the login page. It doesn't store any of my login information, so I have to dig out the .txt file I store my user/pass on each time I sign in.

The use of Eve Angel Official updates as 1byday updates is by far my biggest complaint. I won't lie, it dropped my score from 98 to 96. I feel like I've wasted money somewhere between a membership to both DDF Prod and Eve Angel Official. And I will be in a situation where I have to decide which one I am going to renew after the memberships run out. It won't be both of them. One will be pushed back to join every 6 months status.

There isn't much to complain about with technical quality. The older videos have been improved in quality, the newer videos are HD. Picture quality is plenty good enough. Download options are most likely unmatched as they have the videos in wmv, avi, mov, mpeg, ipod and I do like the overall design of the new site. It's very easy to use.

I wouldn't even try to estimate the total amount of content. I will say that a few of those sites, Euro Girls on Girls, Sandy's Fantasies and I think Euro Teen Erotica have some of the archived sets from 1byday in them. One Sandra Shine set stands out. She is in jeans with a halter type top, one of her best sets ever. It was always on 1byday, now it is listed as on Sandy's Fantasies. Not a big deal since it is still available, but did want to mention that.

You'll be hard-pressed to find a site with better photography, better models, quantity and technical quality as this network offers. Highly recommended.

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Wittyguy (105) Just wanted to say sweet review there Exotics. Also, I'm glad to see that they still have everything under one roof. I sort of expected this offer to be a passing fad from them but it's still here. Something I'm going to have to check out in the New Year definitely.
12-30-09  11:57am

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pat362 (375) I really enjoyed reading your review. I've been a member of Hands on hardcore and House of Taboo a couple of times and I joined their network recently when they first came out with this offer. I think that a newbie is going to be very lucky to join this network but I can't say the same for those that were past member. My biggest issue with them is the blantant recycling of older content as being brand new. I do not consider new content if it's older videos or photosets that have being re-edited and resolution has been increased. A good point is euro girls on girls has an update from November with Nella and Zafira before their bood jobs and their are plenty more. I still think that this is possibly one of the best deals for newbies but older fans beware.
12-30-09  05:55pm

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Monahan (44) I joined in August when they offered three months access to the full network for $75 for 3 months. That expired in November but then I found out they made the deal permanent so I signed up for another 3 months.

I was starting to compile my notes to draft up a review, but exotics4me beat me to the punch.

I will say that DDF Prod is among the best sites, if not the best site, I've joined for all the reasons he stated.

A few observations.

- They have some updates that are photo only updates. Not a problem, just a point.

- They have "Casting" videos show up occasionally. They appear to be short audition type videos when the babe first walked in. The Casting videos disappear rather than being added to the archive so they need to be snagged and downloaded quickly.

- Some updates are posted but nothing is available for download. Don't understand why they do that because they are dated when the update first appears but a member has to wait until the video is actually loaded. That means keeping track, offline, of updates that need to be checked out and downloaded.

- The quality of the videos is beyond superb. I have finally decided that it's time to get me a 1.5 Tb external dedicated to just DDF Prod stuff.

- The search engine that exotics4me mentions is one of the best in the business. If you want to see just blond, big titted babes pissing for example, it returns a collection for your viewing pleasure. If you also decided that you want the result limited to shaved pussies, no sweat. It's done fast. And it's accurate, unlike many other sites.

I have some other observations that I'll save for later, but I'm down with the 96 score. Mine would be a 93-94 just because they do need to either load the videos when they do the update or just hold the update until its ready to fly.

12-30-09  06:02pm

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Monahan (44) REPLY TO #2 - pat362 :

I'm a newbie to the DDF stuff so the "recycling" doesn't bother me...except that it's strange to see updates of babes with smaller tits than earlier updates.

In fact the fact that the recycled stuff has been re-edited to improve resolution is a good thing rather than what other sites do...just repost the old stuff as iswith no enhancements.

12-30-09  06:06pm

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #4 - Monahan :

That's how I knew that Zafira & Nella was older content. I think that this is a great deal for newbies but I'll be glad to see a review from a past member. I know that I was very disapointed by the lack of actual update.
12-30-09  06:24pm

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GCode (101) I'm guessing DDF primarily uses Euro models? I'm am still quite a novice when it comes to these types of sites and I have a few questions.

I may be a jackass at reading but I am kinda confused about the 1byday site. Is this site part of the network?

What's the network's specialization? I know you say all is covered, so is there a good ratio of all the fetishes covered or would you say one type stands out the most?

Thanks for your time and great review as usual.

12-30-09  06:48pm

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rome476 (0) REPLY TO #4 - Monahan :

I agree on the improved recycled scenes- they're great to have in the better quality.
12-30-09  10:01pm

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Monahan (44) REPLY TO #6 - GCode :

I may be a jackass at reading but I am kinda confused about the 1byday site. Is this site part of the network?

1 by Day is part of the network offerings.

What's the network's specialization? I know you say all is covered, so is there a good ratio of all the fetishes covered or would you say one type stands out the most?

Covers the waterfront with all of the various genres. There are more big tit babes than most other sites, but you'll get a lot of BJ's, bondage, gang bangs, lesbo, solo masturbation, legs, fisting, pissing, foot insertions, toys, group sex, etc. No emphasis on MILFs or barely legal babes.

12-30-09  10:21pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #1 - Wittyguy :

Thanks, it looks like it is going to be permanent. I'm guessing the 21st Sextury new network with all of their major sites included is breeding some good competition!
12-31-09  02:42am

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #2 - pat362 :

Thanks, I've actually been a member at 1byday and Hot Legs and Feet since 2005. I have an expired review of 1byday in 2007. Part of my enjoyment in the network is the remastering of old sets. Especially the videos that were once only available in parts, now they're much better resolution and available in full scenes. I would guess that could be a pro or con depending on the user. From what I can tell, most of the Euro Girl on Girl content is from the 1byday archive, just in higher quality. Depending on how far you go back with 1byday, most of the videos were 320x240 resolution and split into as many as 10 parts. On a 24 inch monitor, they looked terrible. To see a really bad recycling site check out Eve Angel. The webmaster removed a full year of daily updates, changed the filenames and re-releases them as new. No improvement in video quality.
12-31-09  02:52am

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #3 - Monahan :

There seems to be some technical problem with all of DDF sites. Eve Angel Official has released several updates where the pictures or video don't get posted right away. I usually send them an email and they get it fixed. I really do think it has something to do with the programming, as mentioned, I can't get the DDF Prod network to remember any of my login details, but Eve Angel Official does.

Good idea on the HDD, I bought a 1 TB (sale $59) a few weeks ago and have been using it just for this network.

I'm glad you confirmed the search engine working. From the test I did on it, it looked like it was working well. It probably has something to do with all the tags their pictures and videos now have on them in the property files.

I actually had went with a 98, which would be my second highest score ever given until I noticed the use of Eve's content as new on 1byday. You should still post a review since you could probably add to the search engine part and add your likes and dislikes.

12-31-09  03:01am

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #6 - GCode :

There are some top American models that show up occasionally. Like Aria Giovanni, she has over 20 sets on the network. It is probably 90% Euro.

1byday is the flagship site of photographer Denys DeFrancesco (DDF). It has been around for over 10 years and he is credited for discovering models like Sandy from Club Sandy, Eve Angel, Sophie Moone and a good portion of the Euro models who are now established stars. What I like about his work is his use of tease. He actually has videos of Eve Angel where she doesn't even masturbate. She teases for 20 minutes. Most of his sets are high on the eroticism. Though there is plenty of masturbation and hardcore as well. For the last few years, a month subscription to 1byday was $35 by itself, you get it and 9 other sites, including the excellent Hot Legs and Feet.

I would guess solo scenes are the most on the network. 1byday was mostly known for its solo scenes and would have 1 or 2 hardcore updates per week. He has some really good machine videos/picture sets too. One of Peaches on a Sybian, on an office desk, is about the hottest Sybian scene I've seen. The House of Taboo one goes into bondage, the more extreme content, though I usually don't go for these types of scenes, some of it is really good. It still maintains a pretty high level of eroticism.

12-31-09  03:16am

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PinkPanther (46) REPLY TO #12 - exotics4me :

20 minutes of tease - that would be hell for some PU posters (what? No pussy shots?). For me, it sounds like heaven. Thanks for all the DDF info.
12-31-09  06:54am

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #10 - exotics4me :

I still think that it's a great deal but I would much prefer if they were honest about their content being re-release of older material but in better resolution and of much higher quality.
12-31-09  05:38pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #13 - PinkPanther :

Several of the sets on the Eve Angel Official site are tease-heavy without masturbation. I don't know if Eve is finding it harder to get off these days or if those sets are planned as mostly tease sets. I've noticed in some of her newer videos she doesn't seem to be getting off as easily without laying on her back and lifting her legs straight up in the air. Which definitely isn't the best view for the viewer. That one set DDF has, Black Nightie, or something like that in a mostly red setting should be illegal! Looking at the video right now, 16 of the 20 minutes she has her panties on. I actually think she gets off by rubbing over her panties in that one.
01-04-10  11:19pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #14 - pat362 :

I can see that side of it. I am a little frustrated with their network right now, another Eve Angel Official update showed up on Monday as a 1byday update. That stings my wallet a little each time they do it since I paid for subscriptions to both. I'm also getting terrible DL speeds and have been since Friday.
01-04-10  11:21pm

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #16 - exotics4me :

The DL speed was an issue when I was a member last August/September.
I don't know if it's because they've gone the Hi-Def road and simply don't have the server power needed to satisfy all their members.

The fact that they are recycling scenes from one site to the next is a major pet peeve. This is worse for sites/ that have such large libraries of material. You aren't always sure if you have the scene and therefore you download something you already have. At least that's my problem.

01-05-10  05:36pm

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ace of aces (179) is it now possible to navigate all videos from one main site?
01-19-10  08:46am

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #18 - ace of aces :

Hey ace, see my new comment. DDF Prod was supposed to navigate all from one site, but isn't doing a good job of it.
01-19-10  11:12pm

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ace of aces (179) REPLY TO #19 - exotics4me :

that`s what i expected. i joined the "new network" in the beginning, and they promised me via email that they will do a onesite search and find option soon. that soon is 7 months ago ^^.
01-21-10  08:11am

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #20 - ace of aces :

Hey ace,

It became kind of frustrating after awhile. All the DDF Prod site does for me is make it more of a hassle. You have to click for models on DDF Prod, click on the model, see what all sites she has content on, then go to each site, click on the model, then download. That's about 5 more clicks than I want to make!

02-01-10  11:14pm

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ace of aces (179) REPLY TO #21 - exotics4me :

that`s the point. also the fact that some of the scenes are at the main site too with different filenames makes it an overkill.

i was a little bit frustrated last time i joined and didn`t dl as much as i dl two years before. imo it is going down.

03-02-10  09:05am

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