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badandy400 (103) 03-10-09  01:03am
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Fake Reviews Warning!

There have been a number of very questionable review for this site lately. This is very unfortunate because it makes it a little harder to trust a new member here that might have an actual review to this site or others. Granted most of us that have been here a while can spot a fake, there are plenty of people who are just looking for a quick judge of a site and might not look deeply enough into this one.

It must strike us as odd that there are several 100's all of which came shortly after someone listed a 55 review with a lot of negative things to say.

It is too bad there is no "trust vote" for sites them selves, because I do not trust this one. This certainly is a shame if these fake reviews are coming in from some one who is not affiliated with the site, but I doubt that as well.

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Dillon (0) Well I was horrified to see the negative comments on Kims new website, so I posted my own comments to put things right.

I am NOT a fuckin fake. How dare you say that I am!!!!

If you look on Flickr at kims following you will see that I am NOT alone. www.flickr.com/people/tv-kim/

I have joined Kim's site and I am entitled to my opinion.

I have followed Kim for years and she is in this business to give value for money and quality photos.

You are not the only person with a view on this badandy.

I dare say that someone seen the negative unfounded comments and came to Kims rescue.

The original comments made about her website are a bit like someone who goes to see a Film at the cinema, doersnt like it and wants his money back. Pathetic

Kims site makes it completely clear what the content is. He should have read that before joining.

03-10-09  05:49am

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #1 - Dillon :

Where are these comments you say you posted, or are you talking about this reply? Just want to be sure because there are no other comments for this site posted.

There is obviously a real person behind the posts, but I do not believe that person has the general users best interests in mind. After all, all the recent reviews for this site have read just about the same. The seem as if they were written by the same person.

03-10-09  06:12am

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Dillon (0) REPLY TO #2 - badandy400 :

look at:


Just look at the comments

You will need a Flickr account to view them tho

03-10-09  06:16am

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TheSquirrel (53) REPLY TO #1 - Dillon :

As Andy has said, most of the members here can spot a fake. It can either be someone affiliated to the site or someone who just registers to go over the top in praise about one particular site. Neither of these reviewer types are particular trustworthy IMO. The signs are all there - a quick review, a first review from a new member, no objectivity, no negatives, full of "what else can I say a brilliant site" type comments, a ridiculusly high mark, and no, or little, tech specifications, then they disappear without any further reviews. Allied to that, you have a number of these reviews all in quick succession. Maybe it's the site itself that deserves a "no" trust. I would strongly suggest the members here take a note of the other sites under the same ownership and treat them with high suspicion. I would also suggest to these new members to hand around and put in some reviews. Then maybe people will treat them seriously and not be so suspicious.
03-10-09  06:18am

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pat362 (373) This review and the one just before it smell so much like crap that I feel we should flush them before they stink up the place. It's one thing to love a site, but I can't help to wonder when 2 reviews come up a 100 score and little substance in them. I also found the attitude of dhilon to be mean spirited.
03-10-09  02:02pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #5 - pat362 :

You are absolutely correct. This is the reason why I have been stepping on their balls and Khan is keeping a close eye on how all this works out.
03-10-09  02:31pm

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #6 - badandy400 :

I'm glad you are doing this. You might want to change your name to Genghis. This way we could warn newbies that if they post fake reviews, then Gengis-Khan will stomp on their balls. Just a thought.
03-10-09  03:25pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #7 - pat362 :

I like that, it definitely has a nice ring to it. If I was not so used to my normal name I would do it.

When I was newbie I gave Videobox a 100 and people stepped on my balls about it. I had to justify that score and I believe I did through a long and at times a little heated discussion. So when a newbie comes along a posts extreme high scores I tend to jump at them a bit much the same way I was. I do not press as hard as I was about it, but I do like to see some genuine justification.

These reviews and comments about Kim's site read something like this "It is great because it is great" or "it is what it is because it is what it is." Neither of these really justify themselves but this really is the simplified summation of what they are doing.

I am hoping this people will see this as negative advertising and stop doing it. If I ran a site I would rather people not say much about it than say negative things about it. Perhaps they feel negative advertising is better than no advertising, at least people have heard of them. It is hard to say, but I do hope they let it go and try to get attention the honest way.

03-10-09  06:15pm

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #8 - badandy400 :

Giving videobox a 100 score may have been a little high, but in your defense that site is amazing for people that want to download porn movies instead of buying them. It's important that we all police the reviews because we have a few newbies that might fall prey to the B.S reviews that have been appearing. I've always thought that the most important thing that PU does is prevent others from being taken in by fake reviews.
03-11-09  07:13pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #9 - pat362 :

Exactly, you do not think Videobox should get a 100 (you never have reviewed by they way) but you can see why I score it so highly based on my review and the replies to the review. I gave it a 100 with many reason that are very important to me. Since everyone is different we all rate things a little different but overall we are fairly consistent. If you reviewed and score them you would likely give them a high score, but if you did not I would suspect that you would give a number of valid reasons and why those reasons are important to you.

I agree. Keeping an eye on things is all of our jobs, not just the staff. Of course the staff is needs to keep things right here because they are financially invested in this site's success. We are invested by time and the fact we like being here doing our part to contribute to the porn world. So of course we must react when someone comes along to pee in our porn pool. This is why the PU staff gave us the option to of assigning "trust" to people, and this is especially effect I believe because we can say we do not trust people as well as trust them. The "NO" trusts are very important. They make ill-agenda people stick out. And since the staff have gone through the work of making this place for us we should help them out by stepping on bad people's balls!

03-11-09  07:32pm

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #10 - badandy400 :

Justification for a high score, as well as lots of exclamation points, is what reviews should be about. We are all biased in some way or another, but I think a 100 or 99 can be validated, especially with the higher character counts that are allowed for reviews.

These reviews barely even read as advertisements, they just come across like every spam subject line we have had to read as we empty out the junk mail folder.

Is there a way to temporarily block reviews for this site until the flood of enthusiasm recedes some?

03-12-09  01:16pm

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