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mbaya (364) 03-08-09  09:25am
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill.
-Mostly extremely attractive girls.
-Large website. Presently has 380 girls, 658,500+ MB of video, and 106,000+ photos.
-Updates weekly. This is fine for such a large site. I don't expect several updates a day as these are not copied from an archive of DVD's.
-All videos exclusively shot for the site.
Cons: -Close to zero ethnic diversity. Of the 380 girls, I found only three Asian and three Black. A lot of variety as long as all you want are white girls.
-No variety as to age. I did not find one model over 25. If there are please, let me know.
-A few are short or tall, but I saw no other variety as to body type. None I could find are even remotely out of the norm of slim and thin. There is a little variety as to breast size, but most are small breasted.
-While not a glamour model site, not exactly not glamour either. The girls are nicely made up, but few seem to be completely natural. It felt to me that the girls are made to look how the site wants them to look. Since the site sells itself as ordinary girls, I feel this is a negative. I was expecting girls who looked more like real amateurs. Too professional and artificial.
-Most videos are only very poor quality Divx or 680x420 WMV. Adequate but not the greatest quality. Since January 2008 the site is updating with true HD.
Bottom Line: Considering how many reviews as well as the number of exceptionally high scores, I was rather disappointed. Many of the videos were not of the best quality and the videos are not easily downloaded. Each girl has a page or pages of her. On each page there are usually four videos. There is no way to download all four, so you have to do this individually. Every video on the page is labelled by number, so the next page or the next girl has the same number as the last page. You have to download individually and then change the file name. Otherwise you have files by number only and after downloading have a completely disorganized mess to sort through. The search is only by date or model name, so it is difficult to find what you want if say, you want to see all the public nudity videos. Are they seriously expecting me to go through 380 models, and some have multiple pages, to search? The types of videos are of several types-public nudity, solo nude scenes and masturbation. Most of the videos are masturbation; probably at least half. I am mostly into the public nudity and solo nude scenes and finding good quality scenes to download is unnecessarily difficult and time consuming. The public nude scenes are fairly tame in my opinion, and lack the fun and spontaneity of, for example Publicflash.com. The nude scenes are ok, comparable to the ATK sites videos. The masturbation scenes had a lot of dildo use, fingering, as well as fisting, not my taste. You often hear the photographer in the background. Not intrusive or terribly annoying, but not spontaneous either. Comparable to, but not worse than Simonscans.com or Mattsmodels.com in this regard. Overall, a lot of attractive girls, a big site, some HD videos, a lot of inadequate quality videos, some interesting masturbation scenes, and too much glamour posed by the numbers model photos and videos. Many times I had the feeling the site had no genuine erotic passion and lacked a feeling of fun. However I cannot deny this is a good site for those who like this kind of material because it is so large.

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messmer (137) If I hadn't given you a positive trust rating before I would give you one today for this review. I agree with everything you wrote and know it to be the truth. You only left out the derogatory remarks they make about some of the models because, somehow, they didn't live up to their expectations. I found this so humiliating to those girls that I would not re-subscribe to that site EVER.
03-08-09  10:42am

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mbaya (364) REPLY TO #1 - messmer :

Thank you so much for your kind words. I felt I was going out on a limb with so much that I felt was a negative for the site. I read that others complained about the negative comments, so actually I didn't bother to read them. I don't really care what the site has to say about itself or the models and as you can see I have my own feelings that don't match up too well with most of the reviews on PU.
03-08-09  11:23am

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Monahan (42) I'm a long time subscriber (at the $19.99 "please stick around" rate that was offered when I canceled last Fall) and agree with a lot of what you say. In fact I just submitted a poll question prompted by your review about a site's search function. FTV's is the worst in the business.

I really like the quality of the current HD videos and the very detailed and extended shots of a babe's body. I also like the fact that there is seldom any lighting issues and phony orgasm grunting.

And I find the current crop of models in the new releases to be outstanding and love the video work on them.

That said, I really don't like (I have written the webmaster about this), is the amount of time spent on a single aspect. While a dildo insertion in a lovely young cunt is a great thing to watch, when a 10 minute segment starts and finishes with the exact same camera position and the model is still pumping away with her toy, it gets rather boring.

I also dislike the fact that there is no opportunity to download an entire set at one time. This is the only "premium priced" site I am aware of that hasn't caught up with the technology.

The naming convention mbaya mentions also sucks, but what's worse is that they have some pornstars in their sets that are identified by completely different names and are described as if they were some young college girls doing soft porn as a lark. (Among their stuff you can find Carmella Bing, Phoenix Ray and Gianna Michaels, all having been posted long after their successful porn careers were in full swing but with silly first names like Clara and Becky.) To their credit they do have Isabella Camille and Jessie Capelli identified accurately.

As a final note, being a tit man and leg man myself, FTV's productions do an excellent job of showing absolutely gorgeous and well thought out explorations of those body parts of each model.

In my humble opinion, mbaya's score is a very fair one and reflects my opinion as well.

03-08-09  12:17pm

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mbaya (364) REPLY TO #3 - Monahan :

I genuinely thank you for your response. I was more than a bit hesitant to post my review because so many have scored the site so high. I can't say the site is weak, but I feel it is very far from the ratings I see.
03-08-09  02:15pm

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turboshaft (24) Excellent review! Nice to see a member being honest about this site; I mean really, what's with all the high scores?

Anyways, I am never sure how to classify this site. Like others said, it is too disrespectful to its models to be glamour, plus most photos and videos are not up to the more "artsy" sites' standards, and if they are it took too long to implement. It is not really hardcore either, or at least solo hardcore, due to all the repetition. I became so bored with the site so quickly.

I am not big on search features -- I prefer to just wander and wade through the material -- but here the quantity overwhelms you long before the quality does. I think this site has a lot of great content, it just doesn't present it to its fullest potential.

03-08-09  04:13pm

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mbaya (364) REPLY TO #5 - turboshaft :

Thank you for your nice words and the trust rating. At the same time as I was reading yours I got a totally incoherent negative trust from anonymous, calling me stupid. I was expecting disagreements with my review, but not such childish nastiness. C'est la vie as they say.
03-08-09  06:19pm

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #6 - mbaya :

Yeah, I am really lost as to what he or she is referring to. Maybe it is someone who works for the site (but I doubt it) or a really enthusiastic fan...either way I still hate the anonymous ratings, even with comments.
03-08-09  07:07pm

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Jeffrey99 (29) While I don't agree with all you said in your review and actually rated it 11 points higher, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I don't agree with your video quality remarks, as I think the 07 videos are good quality for their time.

However I will agree 100% on a few ponts: The lack of any search function at all is flat out ridiculous for a site in 2009. Especially compared to some sites who let you search everything from boob size, clothing or labia size.

The one other thing that bugs me about the site, is the fact that Rob (the guy doing the shooting and behind it) seems to always think he's ideas are the only ones that matter. For example I brought up the image resolution thing to him and he pretty much told me I was dumb and 90% of subscribers think the images are already too big. And that sites doing them that big are just gimmicky.

Overall good thought out review.

03-09-09  12:27pm

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mbaya (364) REPLY TO #8 - Jeffrey99 :

I am glad to hear from you and also expect that many of us will see this site differently. The 2007 and earlier videos I felt were only adequate in quality. On my tv they were a bit grainy for a site that plasters self promotion all over the site about how great the video quality is. Personally, I found the site to have a personality that was annoying.
03-09-09  02:10pm

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juanchopancho (12) You have to keep in mind when reading these reviews is when they were posted. 2-3-4 years ago or whatever FTVgirls was way up there. Now other sites have caught up and surpassed FTV in many ways.

There are definitely more than 3 Asian women on the site, some look japa, and there are several latina women as well.

Over 25 you have:

Some porn stars:
Amy Reid

Personally I would like to see more 25-32 year old women in their prime, less teens but they do what they like to do I suppose.

For some of the longer scenes, for many of these "girls" it is their first time in front of a camera. At home in privacy they can pop in 2 minutes. In front of the camera for the first time it can take them 10 minutes or they can't do it at all.

There's nothing boring about it. All the women are different and have their own way of getting off. Some are cute, some bang away, some are multiple, others squirt.

Personally I get off by watching women get off. Seeing a penis splooge does nothing for me.

& yes, the FTVgirls dude is a douchebag, probably like most in the industry.

04-03-09  05:29pm

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mbaya (364) REPLY TO #10 - juanchopancho :

I saw only 3 Asian girls. I looked at every model to see if there were more. If I am wrong plese tell me the models names, as I am still a member and will download them. I never said there were or were not any pornstars so I don't know why you mentioned the names of two, nor do I understand why you mention you disagree the videos were boring. I never said that. Correct me if I am wrong, but it sounds like you disagreed with my evaluation, and that is fine.
04-03-09  05:59pm

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juanchopancho (12) REPLY TO #11 - mbaya :

No I'm not disagreeing with your review, your score is fair. Just posting counterpoints to some statements made in these replies.

As for the pornstars I just pointed out a couple more.

My feeling with FTVgirls is that they are really not in to Asian women.

That I downloaded I have

Yumi (not her best work)
Leilani she looks Philippina

There may be more, I haven't been a member since 2007.

04-03-09  06:57pm

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