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TrashMan (103) 02-19-09  01:34pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (38), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: +Pornstar directory with headshots, separated by letter, and each letter is on 1 page
+Site search which even gives suggestions while you type
+Multiformat downloads each of which in full or split scene and which work with download managers (512/1000/2000kbps WMV, MPG, iPod MP4)
+EVERY scene comes with associated image galleries in high and low quality and with ZIP downloads. There are also preview images for the update which open in that flash-style image previewer
+EVERY scene (Feb 2008 and on) comes with flash streaming, and you don't have to click a link to get to it - it is right on the first page you click, in full resolution
+Every update it tagged with dates (all the way back to 2003) and performer.
+Every update's page shows you other updates with the performer, no having to click to the pornstar directory
+You can rate and comment on every update
+Like Brazzers and RK, all network content is hosted on NaughtyAmerica.com
+100% original content
Cons: Be aware: I am really digging for cons.

-I would have preferred that the scene directory (which is the homepage) included the dates below each release. But I am not all that upset considering a) the scenes are organized by date, and b) every update are date-tagged on their respective pages
-The network sites still exist (e.g. SoCalCoeds.com), have separate content and some it was deleted. But this was not due to poor quality or age. They posted on a forum a long time ago saying that current NA management is different from before, so they lost the copyright to it...quite understandable.
-only ~2 updates per day
-Like VideosZ, you can see different time periods of their updates. Flash streaming is only available Feb 2008 and later, iPod video download at some earlier point, higher qual WMV at some earlier pt, etc. Would be nice if they could redo all their old content (see more on bottom line)
-The really old updates lack a lot
-Image verification with login
Bottom Line: NA = naughty america
Braz = brazzers

Can I do it...can I do it...yes. A 100 rating. I give Naughty America a 100 rating.

So considering that Braz is the same type of site as NA and considering I gave Braz a 98 then there must be something better that NA does over Braz. The answer is yes, a few things:
1) no junky AEBN/AdultFriendFinder type ads plastered all over the MEMBERS PAGE, thus making for a cleaner MEMBERS page (keyword: MEMBERS. I can understand putting these ads on the tour page, not the MEMBERS page. I hope Brazzers people are reading)
2) better variety of girls, from A to D cup (and beyond). Braz has more focus on the "beyond" category...lol...too many big breasted girls with no variety at Brazzers
3) Less focus on big girls like Eva Angelina and Gianna Michaels
4) I seem to enjoy using the NA site over the Braz site
5) The NA site search, my god, is super awesome (more in a sec)

So yes, there are some very minor areas where NA is better than Braz.

The site search is super awesome as I mentioned. You can actually check it out on the Tour page. Its like the current Google search where you start typing and a menu shows up with suggestions. It makes searching on the NA site super easy.

Everything about the site is great. Yes, as I noted in the cons there are old updates (2003-2006) which lack the same treatment as newer ones (i.e. no flash streaming, lack of iPod format, lack of this, lack of that), but considering that for the most part all updates 2006 and later are in the same boat, and considering that Brazzers is sort of the same way with its old content, I'm not going to kill them for it. It is also worth noting that I've found a few updates on NA from 2006 and earlier which have the flash streaming, so it would appear to me that they are remastering content, but I can't actually PROVE this.

So NA is the same price ($25/mo), has the same update schedule (~2 updates/day), same kind of layout, does the same good job with tagging actress names and dates, etc. etc. etc.
The only difference is those five aforementioned improved areas (better site search, etc.).

So considering that I docked Brazzers mostly for those stupid AEBN/AdultFriendFinder ads, ads which don't exist on NA, and there are other areas on NA better than Brazzers, I have no other choice than to give NA a 100 rating.

That begs the question, is NA better than VideoBox/VideosZ type sites? Probably not, but in my head I grade them on different scales. I have several scales:
-DVD archive sites (VideoBox, etc.)
-Reality Networks (NA, Braz, etc.)
-Eurobabe Glamor sites (1BD, Karups, ATK, etc.)
-Individual girl sites (AriaGiovanni.com, etc.)
-Niche (Sinnistar, FTV, CDGirls, etc.)

There might be others, but the point is that on a Reality scale, I put NA at the top. On an overall scale? I prefer VideoBox.

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Review Replies (28)

Replies to the user review above.

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mbaya (364) Excellent review. I would not have expected that someone could justify a 100, but you did. Nice job.
02-19-09  03:01pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #1 - mbaya :

Everyone is entitled to their 100. But seriously, we do have to find a way to bust his balls about it! :)
02-19-09  06:12pm

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badandy400 (103) As a rule we must give you some grief for posting a 100. So here it is.

The last thing you say is "On an overall scale? I prefer VideoBox." Now that is simply wrong right there. A site can not be viewed as perfect, by you, if you actually prefer another site. I also might add that you scored Videobox as a 95.

As I mentioned before, everyone is entitled a 100, in my opinion. The site someone chooses as a 100 does not actually need to be perfect, but it should be the one site that you would stay a member with if you could choose one and only one site. So now if you would choose this site over Videobox than assigning a 100 is fine, but you need to tell us what makes this site better for you. Again, the key question, is this site the best site out there for you? If you can not say yes then the site does not meet the requirements for perfection.

I believe I went into this somewhere else on this site, but my view of perfection for a site is one that is the absolute best. A perfect site is of course unattainable, so we are left with calling the best the current definition of perfection and the close running sites are near current perfection.

I guess I get a little anal about this, but you are certainly free to ignore me. I will just bug you forever then! :) Don't worry though, I am not going to yank my trust vote over it.

Oh yeah, reason number two. You passed me on point...grrrr...(shaking fist in the air) ... :)

02-19-09  06:27pm

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TrashMan (Disabled) REPLY TO #3 - badandy400 :

Well for MY needs, I prefer VideoBox over all other sites. I'm interested in collecting content (old, new, etc.) from my favorite girls, and that ain't gonna cut it with reality-100%-exclusive sites like Naughty America or Brazzers.

But when I rate sites, I look at it for some person who doesn't really give a crap about finding girls they want, rather for a person who is looking to sign up for a porn site, find some shit they like, and have no problem enjoying it and have no problem finding it because of a bad site. Both NA and Brazzers fit the model, with the only major difference are the 5 i mentioned in the "Bottom Line" (no ads, better search, etc.).

This is not to say that people will have trouble finding good stuff on VideoBox, just its so much more fun on Naughty America.
VideoBox, when compared to these reality sites, seems like this brute listing of DVD's where as NA and Braz make everything so appealing, which is something that generic users will prefer. And this is the reason that I rate NA 100, Braz 98 and VideoBox 95.

02-19-09  08:18pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #4 - TrashMan :

I just do not understand rating a site you prefer lower than another. Is there something fundamental that Brazzers and NA do better than Videobox? When I look at a score I see the score that the review gives the site based on what they feel it deserves, not what they people others believe it deserves. This is exactly why I am not telling you that one site is more deserving than another, because that is up to you to decide. The way your reply reads you are saying that you score sites not based what you like but rather what others like, a popular vote if you will. I certainly hope that is not the case.

You say that NA and Brazzers post content in a more appealing way, and this is a reason to show favor to them, I tend to agree. Perhaps we just have a difference in our logic. Not that either one is wrong, I am just trying to figure out yours.

What if someone is interested in finding particular models. Obviously you can not list every model on the site, but it would be worth noting if a site has usual models or unique models. You are not the only person interested in collecting this way. Exotics is the same way. But you are also correct in saying that some people have less concern over models, I am one of them to an extent.

What I am after is what, in your opinion, makes NA better than all other sites? Not what other people think.

02-19-09  09:05pm

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TrashMan (Disabled) REPLY TO #5 - badandy400 :

I review sites based on the appeal to a generic user...i.e. "[Some person] has $25 in [his/her] hand, and [he/she] wants to buy access to a porn site for a month. What is the site that will give the person the most porn enjoyment for the money?"

When I ask that question to myself, I answer that Naughty America will do a better job for some old joe who knows no better, who just wants appealing porn.

VideoBox is sure to bring enjoyment to a lot of people, but it is just not great for making porn appealing to average joes.
When I speak to people about porn (in the real life and on the net), all they know about is BangBros, Brazzers, Reality Kings, and Naughty America (more weighted towards to the first and second named). Nobody ever mentions VideoBox or VideosZ. This is because VB and VZ, while awesome sites themselves, dont make their porn all that appealing to average joes - they are awesome sites which seem to be more for the more porn-technical users who are a little more, shall we say, invested (cant think of a better word) in porn. NA, Braz, RK, BB are these more "fun" sites that make their material appealing.

The best comparison I can give you is IMDB and Yahoo! Movies. Yahoo! Movies makes the movies and the content very appealing, it is a very fun site to use. But IMDB is more of a brute way to the movie database sites that does everything right when handling movie information. IMDB is a better site overall for what I need, but for the average joe Yahoo! Movies is better.

Its the same way I feel about VB/VZ vs NA/Braz/RK/BB. VB and VZ are better sites for what I need, but for generic ol' joes, who make up more than 90% of the porn members, NA/Braz/RK/BB are generally better options.

What makes NA better than Brazzers and Reality Kings and Bang Bros is rather simple:
1) no ads on the MEMBERS page (i point this out because Braz has ads on their members page)
2) better site search (as commented on in my review. this is the best site search on a porn site ive ever seen, hands down)
3) better layout (when compared to RK at least)
4) better variety (when compared to Braz at least)
5) I find NA's site easier and more fun to use than RK (by a lot), BB (by a lot), and Braz (only marginally).

When compared to say, VideoBox where does NA excel?
1) site search, as mentioned above
2) they make the updates more appealing (when I am being turned on by the updates with 40+ females the site must be doing something right. This point also applies to Brazzers, RK and BB as well)
3) No tranny updates (videobox has a gay site, yet they continue to post guy-on-tranny movies on the straight site)
4) No JAV or asian updates (NA/Braz/RK/BB are strictly american girls. Asian is nice from time to time, but not the asian crap that I occasionally see on videobox)
5) No hentai (only a few vids, but they are there)
6) No stupid 480x352 resolution. 480x360 PLEASE!
7) NA/Braz/RK/BB NEVER get actress names wrong, where as VideoBox routinely does.

02-19-09  09:46pm

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TrashMan (Disabled) REPLY TO #5 - badandy400 :

On another note, before I decided upon the "100" rating, I went through every previous review and read all the cons from everyone to make sure that a) i didn't miss something negative about the site, and b) the cons from other people were not legitimate things that would detract from enjoyment of the site. Seeing as I found neither, I went ahead with the "100" rating.
02-19-09  09:54pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #7 - TrashMan :

Well, I am not going to poop in your sand box too much. You do bring some very valid points. It really is a slight difference in opinion, but only on the scoring. The review and reasoning are solid as my dick was the first time I ever seen a porn. :)

I will have to check this site out by the way. I have never made it around to them yet.

Videobox is at a disadvantage when it comes to making it entertaining, they do not make the content. As for the model names, even i have noticed a few mix ups. If I notice a model name wrong there is a serious problem, I am lucky to remember my friends names!

Since I have your attention. How does the video quality compare at NA to videobox and brazzers. Videobox has better looking videos than Brazzers, but I would not want to go much lower than Brazzer's quality. I am hoping they have a higher quality than Brazzers and especially RK. I do not mind huge file sizes if it gets me good looking videos.

Might I suggest in you BL to but "My Take" paragraph and an "Average Joe" paragraph that is clearly defined. This way you can include both clearly. I kinda like that idea, I may just do that myself!

02-19-09  11:47pm

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TrashMan (Disabled) REPLY TO #8 - badandy400 :

When you talk about "quality" what are you talking about?

Video quality (e.g. resolution, bitrate, sound quality)?
Acting quality (i.e. believable acting which makes the scene hot)?
Production quality (e.g. good location, good wardrobe, good makeup, etc.)?
Sex acts (e.g. type of sex, too much of one type of action or lack thereof, etc.)?

02-20-09  07:56am

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Monahan (42) Great review, although I have yet to see anything worthy of a 100. 99 maybe, but 100?

One thing you didn't mention in either your review or in your replies is the accuracy of the search capabilities of the various sites.

VideoBox is sloppy in identifying the models in each video. Way too often they misname a babe in a video which makes it nearly impossible to find all scenes for that babe. Brazzers.com is also rather bad at that as well. Bang Bros has an inefficient search capability and seems to have a bad time spelling even simple model names. RK, while they have an "intelligent search" capability similar to what you describe for NA, they also have accuracy issues.

TrashMan, can you comment on how accurate NA's identification and labeling efforts are? When I find a babe I want to see more of, I want to be reasonably confident that the search function is accurate so I don't have to look for the needle in the haystack.

Again, thanks for a superb, well written review. Love your stuff.

02-20-09  08:20am

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TrashMan (Disabled) REPLY TO #10 - Monahan :

Impeccable. NA does an impeccable job. They make it very easy to find content from the girl you like.

So lets just take Gianna Michaels for example.
If you start typing in G-I-A-N... into the search box you get a menu of names, one of which is Gianna Michaels. After you click it you get Gianna's directory listing. Click that and you get all her movies.

Moreover, when you get new updates, let just say from Gianna Michaels, and you click it, the page for the update has a list of all other Gianna updates, so you NEVER have to 1) search for Gianna after you are on one of her updates, 2) click her name to get to her directory page to see more updates.

Another thing worth noting is that I have not seen them fail to give last names to an update. E.g. if the girl is Gianna Michaels, they don't tag the name "Gianna", it is always "Gianna Michaels".

02-20-09  08:30am

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Monahan (42) REPLY TO #11 - TrashMan :

Thanks. Now the last issue. Accuracy.

Using Gianna as an example, one site (Video Box) spells her name three ways; Giana, Gianna and Jianna and has some videos with Gianna in them but she's not listed at all. To find all of Gianna Michaels' stuff one must try all the various spellings in a search and then check every video in the inventory.

Brazzers has an outstanding babe (Victoria Vonn) who can be found only by paging through all of their content because she's not listed in their index at all.

So because I'm now very interested in the Naughty America site, I decided to do some testing.

I checked on AskTiava.com and, lo and behold, there's a clip there from a Naughty America site, Neighbor Affair. When I went to the Naughty America main preview site and did a search for Victoria Vonn, I came up dry.

So then I went to the Neighbor Affair site. I found Victoria Vonn in the list of models and a link to her video on that site.

Thus it looks like NA has the same problem with accuracy in its indexing function as other sites do.

While perfection is an unrealistic expectation, sloppiness in indexing is a big problem with me. The search function for NA is terrific, but if it isn't accurate then what's the point?

The NA site looks great, but with a sloppy indexing process, I would find it hard to give it a score of 100.

02-20-09  09:00am

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monty2222 (19) REPLY TO #12 - Monahan :

Hey, I'm a member of NA at the moment and for what it's worth, I tried searching for the model you mentioned through their main site and her scene came up, both while logged in and when I logged out. So it works for me at least. :)


02-20-09  11:10am

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #9 - TrashMan :

The physical quality of the video, resolution, bit rate and such. Do they look better than most places or are they not much different.
02-20-09  11:30am

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Monahan (42) REPLY TO #13 - monty2222 :

Monty, either they are monitoring the PU site and added Victoria right after I entered my reply or I simply missed it when I checked the public site...because her name is there (as you said) and the preview clip is similar to the one I found on AskTiava.com. (I suspect it was my error, not a last minute fix by NA.

So NA passed that test perfectly (but I didn't). Thanks for that.

The basic style of the NA site is quite similar to the style of RK, BB and Brazzers but it looks like a big notch better in its design.

I'll be spending $25 on a membership tomorrow (when I have more time to explore and download).

Thanks for your help.

02-20-09  11:40am

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Wittyguy (105) I do admit you did a good job of justifying your "100" score. My only beef with NA is that their pics lack size, especially the older stuff which hurts them in my book a pic guy. When looking at your score it's more based upon your preference which is perfectly acceptable. Overall, when looking at everything the site has to offer in terms of specs I couldn't pull the trigger on such a score. Guess I try to be too objective.
02-20-09  11:56am

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monty2222 (19) REPLY TO #14 - badandy400 :

Hi, when I compare the movies I have from Braz and NA, they look about the same IMO, at least NA's don't look worse. NA's best are in 2K 720x540 and the ones from Braz I have are 1.3K 640x480, can't remember if Braz offer higher bit-rates than that.


02-20-09  12:27pm

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TrashMan (Disabled) REPLY TO #14 - badandy400 :

Depends...for all sites. (On a side, I only deal with WMV. I mever download MP4, MPG or AVI if WMV is available)

With VideoBox, if they are adding some old movie from the 1980's, then it doesnt matter what bitrate they use, it is going to look like junk. Just ask George Lucas.
With newer movies from DVD's the quality looks ok, although my view of the quality is a bit on the low side because I really dont go with the 640x480 resolution, it is just too big for how much I download and how much space I have - I stick with the 480x352 resolution.
The HD movies on VideoBox are a travesty with anything lower than the 480p resolution. The 480p is widescreen, 720x480, which is 16:9, but everything lower is widescreen squeezed into standard def, so it looks terrible. Without a program like VLC, which can force 16:9 aspect ratio, you are stuck with watching squeezed video.

Brazzers is good. All 640x480. I dont think they put out HD video yet.
Reality Kings are good too. 1k and 2k bitrates are 720x540 which is definitely better than stretching 640x480 to 720x480. Not sure if the real resolution is 640x480 which was stretched to 720x540, or if the real resolution is 720x540. I'm leaning towards the former (because the video appears to have that pixelated effect to it) but it looks good none the less. The 512 bitrate vids are 480x360, which are the ones I download.

When a site offers different qualities I usually go with the medium one, problem is that NA keeps the medium resolution at the same as the high, just varying the bitrate, so the file size is still rather large, so I go with the low res 480x360 (which is what I would otherwise consider as "medium". I consider "low" to be 320x240).

As long as the videos don't look downright BLURRY or are only available in sub 360p resolutions then I'm happy.

02-20-09  03:49pm

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TrashMan (Disabled) REPLY TO #16 - Wittyguy :

I put a lot more weight into the actual site, because the porn is no good if you cant get to it easily. And NA has created a site that is most enjoyable to use.

Brazzers is just as good, but I am not pleased with the AEBN/Adultfriendfinder ads, and the NA site search blows away Brazzers' site search.

On a different note: I never decrease the ratings for a site on choice of content (e,g. im not going to butcher a pure softcore site for not posting hardcore). I will decrease the rating IF the site attempts to add content but only in a half-assed way (see KarupsPC...they have hardcore and softcore, yet the breakdown is like 80% softcore, 20% hardcore). So I'm not going to decrease NA's rating for not posting enough anal, if any anal - they don't advertise as an anal site, they advertise as a "fantasy" site, which is the theme of all scenes (some guy in a "fantasy")

02-20-09  03:58pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #18 - TrashMan :

Brazzers have been using 1800 KBit. RK was a bit lower, at1500 KBit. Personally I always download the highest quality available. I always want the highest quality no matter the size. I am not beyond downloading 3 GB videos if that is what a site offers.
02-20-09  04:46pm

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TrashMan (Disabled) REPLY TO #20 - badandy400 :

Hah...3GB. I can't handle 3GB/movie. There are certain limits to how much I'm willing to spend on hard drive space...and I think I've hit the limit.
02-20-09  04:49pm

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messmer (137) Nice review! Enough to make me take the tour. After taking it I saw one big problem, though ... for me: too many fake breasts, something that always makes me look elsewhere for my entertainment.
02-25-09  12:51pm

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TrashMan (Disabled) REPLY TO #22 - messmer :

well, its not ALL fake breasts, there is a good variety.
02-25-09  04:42pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #23 - TrashMan :

I looked in on the MILF sites, seeing that that is my main interest and there fake breasts abounded. I take your word for it in connection with the rest of the network.
02-26-09  08:08am

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TrashMan (Disabled) REPLY TO #24 - messmer :

Oh yeah, well the MILFS...what do you expect. lol.
You have two types of MILF actresses:
Type 1) untainted (e.g. never married/given birth) girls in their 30's who look like MILFS...e.g. Mason Storm. These girls have gotten breast enlargements to stay afloat in the industry past their prime.
Type 2) Actual "tainted" MILFS in their 30-40's. These girls kinda need the enlargement to hold off the inevitable sag-effect.

So expecting a MILF site to be devoid of enlarged girls is a tall order.

02-26-09  09:13am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #25 - TrashMan :

Sorry, TrashMan, just noticed that I forgot to answer: I think you and I have different ideas of what represents mature beauty. I hate silicone and saggy is great with me. I LOVE tainted! :-)
03-09-09  01:06pm

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Monahan (42) Super good news. TBP just posted a PU price of $14.95 a month. Even better news (for me) is that procrastination pays off. I budgeted $25 in my horndog allocation to sign up for NA on payday (3/25), but with the $14.95 deal, I signed up today just to make sure they didn't change their mind on that discount.

So far I've pissed away an hour and a half just checking things out. It's a helluva good site with great stuff.

03-18-09  02:38pm

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TrashMan (Disabled) REPLY TO #27 - Monahan :

03-18-09  03:01pm

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