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Do you think the current financial recession will make porn providers change the quality or price of their sites in any way?

Type: General

Submitted by surferman (5)
Not until they lose business 47% 23 Votes
They will reduce prices 22% 11 Votes
They will improve content 2% 1 Votes
Will cut down on content 14% 7 Votes
Listen more to our feedback 8% 4 Votes
Other 6% 3 Votes

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49 Votes Total

Nov 23, 2008

Poll Replies (25)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


Drooler (220) While I can't say that the recession is always certainly the cause, I have seen sites cut down. European Glamour Girls has reduced both in price and in output recently, for example.
11-23-08  02:43am

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lk2fireone (196) Once they start to lose business, they could then reduce prices as well as cut back on new content. Very few businesses spend more money on the business when profits drop. In theory, by spending more money on the business you would gain market share. But few businesses operate that way in the real world.
11-23-08  03:38am

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Denner (235) If the financial situation in general keeps rolling downwards like a snowball heading for Hell, siteowners has to consider the price for membership.
At some point most people has to deal with what kind of expenses can be spared - and maybe it'll be those costly monthly memberships?
I'd hate it, though....

11-23-08  05:47am

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Jay G (67) None of the above. Porn is available at incredibly cheap prices (I spend less than $50 a month usually for more entertainment than I used to get in one night on the townwhich used to cost well over $100 if I didn't spend too much). I admit I pinch pennies and still usually avoid sites that cost much more than $30 a month, but I know I save tons of money staying home & watching porn.

I still remember spending over $100 for a good video or two alone when I was a much younger guy.

11-23-08  06:17am

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kkman112 (12) I've seen the prices of sites rise pretty sharply over the past few months when the world's economies were good, but I noticed a few sites already starting to decline in price the the past month or so. I have not really seen a change in content but it may happen if economies continue to decline.
11-23-08  06:28am

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elonlybuster (39) Why change something that's not broke?
11-23-08  07:23am

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apoctom (145) I guess we will get to see if the porn industry is recession-proof. I still view it as a discretionary expense, so I see the downturn as affecting different parts of the industry in different ways.

Will studios or other original producers have to cut back on either production count or quality? Or will the big studios get bigger and really dominate the industry?

Will there be pay cuts for performers? (I don't think there is the porn equivalent to a SAG that has a minimum scale wage.)

Will retail or other B2C (including websites) have to cut prices or offer discounts to keep revenues? Are there any websites or retailers that are financially secure enough that they can't fail?

Will distributors get pinched as margins shrink at both ends of their channels?

I haven't even considered the novelty makers.

There is one group that I think will be fine: niche markets. Does anyone really see the BDSM/leather crowd changing with the economy? Me neither.

11-23-08  08:16am

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pat362 (375) I chose other since there was no "all of the above"
I hope that site owners already listen to their customers, but if they don't then now might be a really good time to start because they have them. It's going to be real hard to get feedback when they have none.

I think the first thing that will happen is a cutting or at least a slowing down of updates.
The second will be a reduction in pricing. I'd be very surprise to see an actual improvement in content. You might see instead a sweetening of the membership. Something like a better deal for remaining a member. Of course I don't believe any of these things will happen until they start to lose some serious money. By then it may be too late to save some of them.

11-23-08  09:32am

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Lionheart (47) I think the sites will remain the same, we may some specials going on , like the first month is going to at a reduce price, but after that it will be the same. Until they lose major , will they lower they prices.
11-23-08  09:53am

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #8 - pat362 :

I like your thinking. I was trying to select more than one choice in the poll, but the poll mechanism does not allow that.

I've seen very few sites where a real loyalty program offers a better deal for remaining a member. Instead, most porn sites (and other types of businesses) offer a better deal (price) to potential subscribers than they do to existing subscribers.

(I'm not including the type of "loyalty programs" where the longer you remain a member, the more sites you have access to, or the more areas of a site you have access to.)

That has always bugged me. I figure if I am an existing customer, I should be treated better than a potential customer (in price of a subscription/membership). But that's not the way it works in the real world.

11-23-08  11:18am

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Wittyguy (105) I checked "other" simply because I don't think anything will change. A while back I thought there would be more trial offers and discounts with the downturn but I really haven't noticed any changes. Porn is cheap enough that the bulk of the porn consuming public (they probably don't spend as much on it as us regulars here at PU do) probably won't change their buying habits. I don't see updates changing because as the economy tanks model fees and production costs won't go up and probably go down. About the only change I could see is more nonexclusive content or content recycling increasing but that only covers a small percentage of sites that regularly offer exclusive content.
11-23-08  12:46pm

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Cybertoad (Disabled) I owned my own server for years, heres what to expect at the current rate:

1. content will suffer, new content = more bandwidth, royalties (in some cases).

2. server rentals/lease are already down, now the updates on server hardware and software will slow, speed sacraficed. passing along harder working overloaded server cost to the webmaster then to you .

3. Webbasters must limit somewhere the added cost, you are all addicts lol so you "will" pay for porn if we say thats all you are getting .

5. The price of porn will go up, way up if as things go into a tail spin, so will try and water down the contentto make the site look better then it is. ( we are seeing allot of that already).
( you guys ever see cars that look fast , but are dogs ? )

Finally, there may be room to ....dare I say it start banning Porn if the industry gtes weak, and it will. It will take no time at all for the gov to start knocking down the adult indutry.


11-23-08  01:21pm

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Monahan (44) The business model for porn sites is heavily weighted to fixed costs (content, hardware, etc.) so the marginal profit on all additional sign-ups is always good.

A sharp webmaster will figure out that 1000 customers at $24.95 is a better revenue target than 500 customers at $29.95 regardless of any revenue sharing deals in place.

Therefore, I expect that we'll see some reductions for the better managed sites.

BTW, Danni.com just reduced their "man-on-the-street" price to $24.95 from $29.95. (They run a good "profit shop" although their customer service element needs a lot of work.)

11-23-08  02:43pm

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #12 - Cybertoad :

With an outgoing Bush and an incoming Democratic party administration, I would have guessed the US government would be more relaxed on the porn industry.

That's just my gut feeling, I certainly have no hard facts to back it up.

But you're implying that it's the financial strength of the porn industry that influences government control. I would have thought it was the other way around. If the government wants to, it could crush the adult industry, because few porn companies have the money or desire to fight government lawsuits.

11-23-08  04:17pm

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williamj (9) When you run a business the best way to keep them is to listen to them. Sale 101, there are two reason why someone will not buy your product.
1. they don't like your price
2. they don't like your product

11-23-08  04:35pm

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Pornjackker (37) I predict we'll see some sites start recycling content
and re-post it as if's new or just keep sites open
without offering any new updates whatsoever. Some
sites will close and webmasters will find something
else to promote. Most owners will still deliver
great product in a timely manner with a great value for their costumers.

11-23-08  07:13pm

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Monahan (44) REPLY TO #14 - lk2fireone :

It's interesting that you make that comparison.

The two major changes in the porn business took place during Republican eras. 1- full frontal nudity in Playboy and the emergence of the Hustler style magazines during Nixon, 2- full insertions displayed in men's magazines during Bush 2.

And the emergence and growth of the internet porn biz also took place during Bush 2.

A month or so ago, UpChuck Schumer (Democrat Senator from NY) made indirect but pointed suggestions that internet regulation and limitations on porn were on the Democrat agenda.

Remember, the Republicans are generally laissez faire free market types (no governmental interference in trade) and the Democrats are generally interested in establishing maximum control over free enterprise.

I submit that those of us porn afficionadoes who enjoy being customers need to stay vigilant in the next few years to make sure we continue to have access, or we'll find out, too late, that it's gone.

Listen to Cybertoad. He's nailed it.

11-24-08  08:31am

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Cybertoad (Disabled) REPLY TO #14 - lk2fireone :

You are correct, but I am looking at similar activites that in oth dem/rep had repercussions.

The dot com crashes, and alike showed us when happens when thing tap out.
Barrack is going to get allot of pressure morally from the east I am unsure what battles he will pick to try and get along as he wants to.
But many veiw us in a light thats not flattering in th world.

Now that said, the reason why we get picked on in the world of porn is because we are open to it, thats the same reason we are noticed. Many contries are bad at porn, degrading and abusive porn is allowed but hardly seen in public.

I look at how they say we tortued ppl in cuba,m well true or not do they think in th e world its just us doing it?

I am not making a politica statment I am making what seems to be how ppl look at us even if we are not the worst at something.

Last point napsters secret dealings to get you free music came down hard.
But in China they sell bootlegs, music dvd, and porn(at teh right places) right on the shelf.


11-24-08  08:32am

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Monahan (44) REPLY TO #18 - Cybertoad :

I was composing my post as you were composing yours. The pressure on Obama will be to control the internet to make sure that sites like MoveOn, Daily Kos and Democratic Underground are permitted to continue but that broadcast mefia is strictly controlled.

Government controls will abound in most areas by 2012 and, because the porn industry will never have any generally popular support, you can count on the panderers in Congress to show how "moral" they are.

11-24-08  08:38am

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TheRizzo (23) Remember most of the joins these sites get are by credit cards and if less credit is available you gotta imagine sales drop just from that alone. If sales drop, I bet they reduce content vs price.
11-24-08  11:08am

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #17 - Monahan :

Monahan, we've had a lot more years of Republican presidents than Democratic presidents since Lyndon Johnson.

Lyndon B. Johnson (Democrat),Richard Nixon(Republican),Gerald Ford(Republican),Jimmy Carter(Democrat),Ronald Reagan(Republican), George H. W. Bush(Republican),Bill Clinton(Democrat),George W. Bush(Republican)

I think it was more the changes in the country as a whole and the development of internet that led to the changes of:
1- full frontal nudity in Playboy and the emergence of the Hustler style magazines during Nixon,
2- full insertions displayed in men's magazines during Bush 2.

Nixon was a Quaker, and I seriously doubt he believed in any rights of porn.
Bush #2 is a Methodist, who said, "I believe that God wants me to be president."
Bush #2 believes in freedom, as a young man he was supposed to be wild, but as president, he is supposed to represent family values (which don't usually include the freedom of porn).

Porn is now a multi-billion dollar industry.

Larry Flynt and Hustler spent many years in the courtroom fighting obscenity charges. At least two cases went all the way to the US Supreme Court.

Hugh Hefner and Playboy also spent years fighting obscenity charges.
Most Democrats and Republicans believe in family values, which does not include the right of porn.

"Laissez faire" free market types do not normally extend that protection to porn. It's true that Democrats are supposed to be more anti-big-business than Republicans But any Democratic or Republican politician who stands up and says the US public has the right to enjoy porn is the exception. It's the US court system that has backed the right to adult entertainment, not the US legislative or executive branches.

11-24-08  12:46pm

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littlejoe (23) id like to think more young ladies will be desperate for money and end up doing porn
11-24-08  03:38pm

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #10 - lk2fireone :

Go take a look at some of the forum subjects. There were a couple of discussion on reward programs for long term members. I guess I'm more like most surfer. I like the join for a month download all the content you like, then comeback 3, 6 or 12 months later. I always keep track of my favorite websites updates. Unless there is one that I must have I will wait at least 3 months before rejoining. I have yet to see a single reward program that didn't wind up costing more in the long run than joining every once in a while.
11-25-08  06:32pm

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nygiants03 (162) I would like to think they would make the prices more affordable for everyone. Take it from stores like Walmart and stores with great deals who make the most money overall. Stores with expensive items are not doing good these days. The same is with porn.
12-02-08  11:31am

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alexmedia (22) The most of porn providers don't want to lose money even it's recession time. They will try to keep prices until it's possible to keep.
09-23-09  08:37pm

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