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How many videos do you keep on hand?

Type: General

Submitted by Cybertoad (104)
Over 50 videos just my fav's 19% 10 Votes
Over 200 videos 19% 10 Votes
Over 1000 videos 44% 24 Votes
Over 20,000 videos 6% 3 Votes
More than 100,000 7% 4 Votes
Have pics/stream dont DL video 6% 3 Votes

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54 Votes Total

Nov 9, 2008

Poll Replies (23)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


Drooler (220) 100-200 are within easy reach. They're the best of the best.
11-09-08  01:49am

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elephant (67) I think I have too many, this may sound stupid I know but I probably are not the only one but I have loads of vids I still haven't got around to watching from sites. I think sometimes its a little like I like the collecting part of it, having the vids. I just never get around to watching which is a shame cause theres probably some real gems in my collection I just haven't seen
11-09-08  03:05am

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elonlybuster (39) I don't really keep a count, I just keep all my favorites in 1 place. Eventually I "out grow" then and delete them and replace them with another video.
11-09-08  05:08am

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Jay G (67) If I had time to keep count, I wouldn't have so many. I'm strange in the sense that I periodically dump all my picts and videos & start over because I enjoy the hunt for great videos more than the actual possession. I would do streaming video, but it always works like crap on every computer I've ever had, so I "save" videos until both my external hard drives are just about full (about 660 GB together), then dump everything and start over.

I don't have a single adult Video, DVD, or magazine left because of this periodic cleaning.

11-09-08  09:24am

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Denner (235) Someone once mentioned here: what do I do with all that stuff I almost never see/watch.
Well, this user sometimes dig going back to older, saved stuff - both videos and photosets - so much that I just got me another external harddrive - found it on sale: 1 terabytes...a LOT of new free space to collect, yuppiii!
Now I look forward to save even more.

11-09-08  09:34am

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Cybertoad (Disabled)
I have about 8000+ on three drives, just counting files I am not sure what I have either exactly.
Still sorting everthing out. what is irritating is I feel like I am wasting time sorting but I have to use a DL manager so things are not very organized as it lumps togther. I know some of you catalog on DL I just do not have that kind time to make directories, so I make driver with niches and then later try and sort.

11-09-08  10:29am

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pinkerton (39) Have over 1000 videos on storage - DVD archive and hard drive - but keep 50-100 favourites on hand. Will probably never watch most of the rest but nice to keep, just in case.
11-09-08  11:37am

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Monahan (42) REPLY TO #7 - pinkerton :

That would also be me. I'm obsessive about stashing anything that looks like it might be worth watching to the point that I have a ton of stuff I've never looked at. But periodically I'll find something at random and I'll really enjoy it. It's rare that I'll load a video that's true crap so I have areal treasure trove of boner exercise material that just keeps on growing.

Now with the new administration in place and UpChuck Schumer's (d, NY) anti-pornography tirade on Thursday, we may be in for some real challenges gathering up the good stuff if thye Dem's have their way in the next year or two, so I'm betting that external hard drive sales may be booming soon.

11-09-08  11:50am

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Toadsith (48) 1,616... but who's counting?
11-09-08  01:52pm

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messmer (137) I haven't counted my videos but it should be somewhere around 200 plus, mostly in HD. After I found out how clear and crisp a picture could be I deleted any video older than two years because I just didn't get the same enjoyment out of them any more.
11-09-08  02:10pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #8 - Monahan :

About what Chuck Schumer said, I've been looking and looking and have only been able to find material in which he uses the idea of pornography to make a point about his advocacy of the so-called "fairness doctrine." He says that we should allow for a fair amount of time on the air for both (again so-called) liberal and conservative talk shows and such.

He compares the conservative opinion to pornography to make his point that both are far more widespread than their opposites are. I am paraphrasing here, as I wouldn't know what the "opposite" of pornography would be. Neutered humans sitting around talking about politics maybe?

Comparing conservative opinion to pornography is, I think, simply Sen. Schumer's way of drawing attention to the issue, which is a real can of worms because we always have to ask where to draw the line and with what. And then there's the First Amendment, of course.

Hopefully, this is just a tempest in a teapot. There are far more important things for the government to be concerned about now, and well into the future, than this.

11-09-08  04:33pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) Just a few!! U know Y?!! Cuz even on amateur homemade videos, THEY WANT TO DO FACIALS!! COME ON, MAN!!
11-09-08  05:13pm

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Wittyguy (105) I only keep about 100. More than that and I'd probably never get around to looking at them since I'm more of a pic guy. Occasionally dump some of them but have about 50 ones that are definite keepers. I couldn't see having thousands since I know I'd never watch them all and would find it too difficult to search for what I'd want to see.

Just curious if anyone has built their own, or knows of a commercial product, that lets you easily sort and search vids by just typing in some key phrases. This idea just sort of popped into my head here.

11-09-08  05:27pm

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pat362 (373) I said over 200 because it saved me from having to actually count them.
11-09-08  05:40pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #9 - Toadsith :

11-09-08  07:03pm

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Cybertoad (Disabled) umm thats 1800 lol not 8000 on my post gees 8000 lol was tired didnt realize it until came back and read it. 8000 id need and extra hand lol
11-09-08  08:52pm

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #15 - Pinche Kankun :

lol - I'm interested to see if badandy400 will answer this query precisely. Since the man calls a +3 Terabyte collection modest, the final number should be impressive. Perhaps he's counting right now? I'll check back in a week, lol
11-09-08  09:32pm

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Monahan (42) REPLY TO #11 - Drooler :

Schumer's reaction to limitations of free speech, whether they are applied to porn or to radio, are echoed by many, many others in Congress including Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein and Henry Waxman, all from my state of California. There has been no, repeat, NO disavowals by anyone on the Left of the intentions to establish limitations on free speech and the comment by UpChuck Schumer was not a careless or casual remark. It was totally consistent with all other public statements made by US Liberals.

With the Liberals in power, the UK has already made major moves that are preludes to what we'll be seeing now that we have a Liberal administration and a very Liberal Congress.

Refer to the discussions in the PU Forum Free Speech and Porn and Big Brother Comes Knocking in the UK for more on where we are heading.

I'd sure like to be wrong but I've seen absolutely no indication anywhere that I am.

11-09-08  09:41pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #17 - Toadsith :

11-09-08  10:09pm

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williamj (9) 100-200 well edited and orgaized. Pics is a higher amount. Just recently I started to delete some. I saw some one selling external hard drives full of porn from web sites at a flela market. That has to be illegal; copyright violation I'm sure. I briefly spoke to them and they said they were not interested in them.
11-10-08  09:11am

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Lionheart (47) 100-200 anymore than that would be overkill for me
11-10-08  04:11pm

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nygiants03 (162) a little over a thousand for me probably. My porn is very disorganized, jumbled into different folders. Once my computer runs out of space, I take about 50 gb off my computer and put it on an external drive.
11-19-08  12:02pm

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alexmedia (22) less than 50, I don't keep videos, only some of my favs.
09-23-09  08:42pm

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