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What would you do if you saw a pornstar walking on the road beside you?

Type: General

Submitted by roseman (253)
I would ask for a photograph 11% 5 Votes
I would talk to her. 48% 21 Votes
I would ignore her. 18% 8 Votes
I would ask her for a date. 7% 3 Votes
Other (see reply). 16% 7 Votes

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44 Votes Total

Sep 16, 2008

Poll Replies (26)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


Drooler (220) I'd give her a lift. It would be so interesting to meet a pornstar completely by chance. Maybe I'd like her, maybe I wouldn't, but I'd help her get to where she's going if she'd accept the offer.
09-16-08  07:34am

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Monahan (44) I ran into Randy West several years ago in the (large) waiting room of an Orthopedic medical group.

Randy, clearly, was not interested in being identified because, when I approached him to tell him how I liked his work in the Up and Cummers series, he said, thanks, and moved to another location.My guess is that most porn stars would have the same reaction.

09-16-08  08:23am

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mbaya (366) I suspect I would be uncomfortable. I would expect that he or she would not appreciate being approached in public.
09-16-08  08:31am

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Cybertoad (Disabled)
Hmmm hard to say, I would be afraid it would ruin the fantasy of who they were espcially like if it was a model I liked and then she was a rude bitch I would end up deleting my collection of her.

09-16-08  08:50am

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badandy400 (103) I think it would be interesting to talk to a porn star. But, I would be afraid of saying something stupid and making myself sound like a weirdo.
09-16-08  12:17pm

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Toadsith (48) Since we were both walking on the road I must conclude that the world is ending in a zombie driving apocalypse so I doubt his or her expertise in the porn industry would be of much use at that point. I would try my best to keep them alive for the later months when we need to focus on repopulating the earth. However, my first priority would be acquiring access to a secure strong-hold.

Government buildings built between the 1950's and 1970's are often heavily constructed as they were designed to be shelters in the case of national disasters. It would be best to locate a building with some sort of motor pool and welding equipment, as we will need to armor the vehicles needed for supply runs. There are a number of factors that need to be addressed though. If the building doesn't have electricity, then we need generators. Generators need gas, so acquiring a tanker truck would be a good idea. Also - water services will probably be down, so we'll need to drill a well - that also takes specialized equipment.

Then there is the problem of the zombie population. Zombie and fire don't mix well, so a large amount of the population could be culled by burning the surrounding area. If you can get your hands on some harvesters, you might be able to grind up crowds of them and burn the remains. Snow Plows would also work, but the DOT facility for those will probably be on the edge of town, so getting to them could be tough. Then again, the same applies for the harvesters unless you can locate an in town dealership.

In any case, I suppose a pornstar could provide some entertaining conversation for the low spots between resource acquisition and the zombie onslaughts.

09-16-08  01:32pm

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pat362 (375) I was going to write something thought provoking, but after Toadsith's post. I'm reduced to hoping that he likes me enough to invite me inside his bomb shelter. Zombies that come in a glass and make me happy, I like. Zombies that want to eat my brain, not so much. Of course that precludes that I survived the inital bombs and that I do not glow in the dark. I'd suggest those giant motorized snowblowers. They work great with hard snow and ice and with some tweeking they should be able to grind many zombies before needing some repair. Let's hope our pornstar has some mechanical abilities in fixing snowblowers.

P.S: What I've never understood about zombies is if they like brains so much. Why don't they just eat each others brains. Is it a question of freshness or are they picky eaters?

09-16-08  07:28pm

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #7 - pat362 :

You are more than welcome in my fortified zombie-repellent compound, pat362. I hadn't thought of large snowblowers - those are designed to take some serious punishment, no doubt.

As for the reason zombies eat brains - well there are a number of possible explanations. Most experts say zombies need living human blood to get the right nutrients, enzymes, chemicals and so on to function optimally. The brain is an excellent blood source and is a great protein source. Another idea is that zombies can regenerate some of their brain either by eating active synapses or perhaps the stem cells. The idea is that your basic zombie has little more than their brain stem working. That is why almost all upper level functions are down - they are like a common house fly, running on nothing but reflex. It is possible that a zombie fed healthy human blood regularly will retain near human appearance and cognitive abilities.

Of course, a zombie is also 100% uninhibited. This means that unlike normal humans, they have a continual supply of adrenalin, so they aren't exactly inhumanly strong, they just will happily tear their own ligaments and break their own bones to achieve their goal - whatever it may be. Eating you is probably pretty high on their list.

All things considered, it is unlikely the goal of a zombie is to eat your brains specifically. The idea that zombies hunger for the brains of the living may stem from a witness seeing a zombie consume the head of a human. A zombie will eat your brain, but that is because they will eat just about anything with a heart beat. (Though only human blood is certain to benefit human zombies.) It is important to note that zombies do not need their heart. They will continue operating without any part of their body excluding the brain stem. If you destroy that, you destroy the zombie. It is unfortunate for those who behead zombies low on the neck only to find the disembodied head gnawing on their ankle moments later.

Another note on killing zombies, while fire can destroy them, it'll take a little while. Just because a zombie is in flames doesn't mean it isn't still dangerous. Keep your distance from any active zombie.

09-16-08  08:12pm

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roseman (253) Thanks for the replies.
For me, it would be very cool to meet Shyla Stylez someday, as she is my favourite PornStar.

09-17-08  09:03am

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TheRizzo (23) Depends on the situation and the people around. I wouldn't want to embarrass someone in front of lots of the public for example.
09-17-08  10:06am

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TheRizzo (23) REPLY TO #9 - roseman :

She's pretty hot! I'd like to meet her as well.

I have met back in the day Kobe Tai, Jill Kelly, Houston, Jenna etc. Used to have friends in Miami and Phoenix that ran in their circles.

09-17-08  10:08am

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williamj (9) How about asking her if she needs a ride?
09-17-08  01:04pm

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #8 - Toadsith :

Thanks for the invite. I was a little worried with the impending doom and all. At least I'll have a roof over my head for after the bombs fall. Being Canadian, I know that these snowblowers can take one hell of a punishement, and with some modification should do wonder in cleaning the streets of zombies.

I must also thank you for that excellent zombie information. I know I will be better prepared for my first encounter with the walking dead. Although burning zombies is a valid option. I can't help but think that burning flesh isn't likely to smell all that good. Of course I'd rather smell burning flesh than having a bunch of them trying to chew on me while I'm still alive.

09-17-08  07:40pm

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #13 - pat362 :

By that point, I think it will smell like Victory.
09-17-08  08:03pm

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #14 - Toadsith :

Yeah, I like the smell of hickory as well. Oh! you said victory. Sorry, it's a side effect of all those damn bombs.
09-18-08  07:28pm

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roseman (253) REPLY TO #6 - Toadsith :

Interesting zombie information though I never understood how you associated it with this poll.
Prolly, you are a big fan of Resident Evil? lol

09-19-08  12:21pm

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roseman (253) REPLY TO #7 - pat362 :

You have my invitation too.
We can stay home watch Resident Evil on DVD and eat LOTS of popcorn and then have a complete discussion about zombies nature (if there are any of them lol).

09-19-08  12:26pm

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #16 - roseman :

Ha ha, I love the second RE movie, not the others so much. Excluding the "twat shot" in the first one of course - Milla's own words btw (check out the commentary track).

As for origins of the zombie apocalypse scenario? The poll stated that the pornstar was "walking on the road beside you". To be walking two abreast (::snicker::) on the road, I surmised there mustn't be cars on the road. Since there aren't any cars on the road, the obvious conclusion is that society as we know it has been torn asunder by a Zombie Apocalypse.

09-19-08  03:15pm

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #15 - pat362 :

Don't worry - if they could replace Lloyd Bridges' tongue with one supplied by a Labrador Retriever, I think they can do it for your nose. They have the technology. They will rebuild you.
09-19-08  03:17pm

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #17 - roseman :

All right but only the first one. They had something really good but they screwed it up with the other 2 that followed. I really like Mila.
09-19-08  07:54pm

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #19 - Toadsith :

Pat the Bionic nosed man. Able to sniff a female crotch from across the room. That could come in handy with detecting if a girl is in need of Gynacure.
09-19-08  07:57pm

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roseman (253) REPLY TO #18 - Toadsith :

From a psychologist's side your answer coheres.
09-19-08  09:03pm

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roseman (253) REPLY TO #20 - pat362 :

I can not say that I like Mila as well, though she is a good actress.
09-19-08  09:06pm

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #23 - roseman :

I also think she's a good actress and that's a rare thing since she started her career as a model. Most models make horible actresses.
I find her attractive because she the body type that I like, small breast not too tin, and a pixie like face.

09-20-08  06:53am

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Duante Amorculo (0) on one hand i wud wanna ask her for her picture but then she may be a big egocentric bitch or not want to be identified in that light...the one pornstar that i don't think would mind me asking for a pic is belladonna
09-23-08  09:17pm

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nygiants03 (162) It depends on what porn star, because some i really have no interest in at all. I would go up and talk to her if I liked them. I would probably hit on her and see what happens.
09-28-08  06:49pm

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