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Why do you use porn? (not watch but use it)

Type: General

Submitted by Cybertoad (104)
I get bored 4% 2 Votes
I love the fantasy and high. 30% 16 Votes
I just like nudity 9% 5 Votes
I am a porn addict 33% 18 Votes
I am a collector 24% 13 Votes

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54 Votes Total

Aug 11, 2008

Poll Replies (26)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


MargulisAZ (84) I'm not scared to admit it, porn addict.
08-11-08  04:08am

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Jay G (67) I love the fantasy and it adds spice to life at a very low cost in time and money.

I wish it had been so easily accessable when I was younger and spent way too much money and time trying to live out my fantasies in the "real" world.

08-11-08  06:06am

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Monahan (42) Not sure what the distinction is between "using" porn and "watching" porn.

I watch porn because I love looking at the PTA being displayed in an erotic manner. Fantasy? I guess. Turn on? Most definitely. Fill a void? Sure. Getting off on porn when I'm not in a place where I can't do the deed is an objective. Maintaining a monogamous relationship? Yup. When I'm away from home, a session with my hard drive is a whole lot better (and cheaper and safer) than other pursuits.

PTA - Pussy Tits and Ass

08-11-08  08:15am

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Cybertoad (Disabled) The Difference between watching and using is that what drives the act to have that in your life.
Collector, addict, the bored etc. I think thats what is meant.
Watching doesnt really represent what use it has to a person.
So I guess thats the difference, using is the impact and why it has one. Watching is just that watching.
Probably the difference is like those that watch Football and those that go to the games, there is a distinct drive to go to a game stand in the rain and get tickets to sit next to a guy who smells like a cigar and old beer.
The same is here, what drives a person to spend money, in some cases risk getting caught. Or challenge themselves morally in some cases.

Oh ya Addict definetly here too, collections get old, 5 hd packed full and just keep buying 20 years strong. Could have bought a lear jet by now LOL
Good responses a few honest ones very cool

08-11-08  08:42am

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mr3633 (9) Porn Addict for sure. Probably should spend my money on other things!
08-11-08  10:34am

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badandy400 (103) I think there should have been an option to select all! I am addicted to collecting porn and it keeps things interesting and prevent boredom.
08-11-08  04:52pm

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MargulisAZ (84) REPLY TO #6 - badandy400 :

LOL, yeah, I can relate to this too. Boredom cane definitely drive me to watch more porn. Hell, I'm on break between quarters of school right now and I'm on this damn site all the time with nothing else to do really. Also, the high of watching it is always a factor too, and of course the interest in seeing the nudity and so forth. Good collection on my hard drive too, so I guess I qualify there as well.
08-11-08  05:19pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #7 - MargulisAZ :

I download and watch porn even during a school semester. Actually, I have a final exam tomorrow and here I am talking to another addict. Kinda like holding an AA meeting at a bar.

I used to love telling people how many pictures and videos I had. My last count was 1,200,000 all together, and most people would drop their jaw when they seen that. This was about 2 years ago, I would love to see them now. Actually I do not even know how much I actually have. It is too disorganized still, but getting better. All that is the collector side of me showing.

It really does keep me a little too occupied though. If I would spend half as much time studying as I do with porn I would be able to add a good point to my GPA!!

08-11-08  05:44pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #4 - Cybertoad :

Oh my! I wish I only had spent the money on 5 hard drives. Even that can be expensive though, especial when you factor in the cost of the websites for material and the charge for internet access. It all gets pretty expensive in a hurry!

I have spent thousands on hard drives alone. I am sure I would shit my self if I actually sat down and figured out exactly what porn has cost me over the past few years.

08-11-08  05:49pm

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MargulisAZ (84) REPLY TO #8 - badandy400 :

LOL! Oh man, your honesty cracks me up dude. This is exactly like holding a 12 step meeting at the bar, haha. Oh well, what can you do.

I'm actually pretty proud of myself, I spent 4 hours the other day going through my hard drive and organizing everything, and deleting everything that no longer interests me. Cleared up almost 100gb of space. Wow!

08-11-08  06:27pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #10 - MargulisAZ :

MAN!!! I could not imagine pushing the delete key. That is all most evil in my eyes. Actually i do delete only the absolute worst, but most things I end up keeping around. To me 100 GB is pocket change, unfortunately it costs more than pocket change. I have the attitude that you never know when you will want to see that scene again. Because it does not interest me now does not mean it never will in the future. Thus, I keep pretty much everything.
08-11-08  06:45pm

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MargulisAZ (84) REPLY TO #11 - badandy400 :

Well all the stuff I deleted is stuff I never found interesting in the first place. Sometimes I'll just download a whole bunch of stuff while I'm doing something else in the hopes that some of the scenes are decent. Probably 90% of my hard drive is movies so sometimes they pile up and I need to watch through them and delete the ones that aren't of interest. So the scenes I do enjoy are still on, I just got rid of a bunch of junk that didn't turn out to be anything worthwhile.
08-11-08  06:58pm

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pat362 (373) I was not entirely sure of the question, so I picked for the fantasy and high. I would love to read the explanation if anyone picked being bored. I don't consider nudity porn per say. I'm sure some people would disagree.
It's pretty sure that most of us are in one form or another porn collectors, since we accumulate porn in various quantities, and by that very nature it also makes us porn addict.

08-11-08  07:00pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #12 - MargulisAZ :

Gotcha. I do have some scenes that I do not think I will ever get into, but the "collector" in me just will not let me hit the delete button. On the other hand, I do have some that I would never delete if for some reason I could only keep so much. I really do not see that happening any time soon though. Hard drives are getting cheaper and bigger. My real fear is losing a drive before I back it up and losing some of those "magical" scenes.
08-11-08  07:29pm

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MargulisAZ (84) REPLY TO #14 - badandy400 :

Hey badandy, I would appreciate it if you could respond to my forum post about online dvd rentals, since I believe you do those.
08-11-08  08:11pm

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Drooler (220) An addict? Me? No! I'm a collector. I just like to collect, and collect and collect and collect and collect ...
08-12-08  02:33am

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NMC2008 (7) I am a collector as well, I am a collection addict you could say. I can't stop collecting porn, between collecting and being bored I have an ridiculous collection of porn, it's so big that I am ashamed of it lol.....but not really, I am not ashamed of it but it's HUGE!
08-12-08  09:28am

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messmer (137) I'm a collector. Collection addict describes it well, NMC. For years we looked yearningly south from Canada because if we wanted porn (not Playboy etc.) we pretty well had to smuggle it into the country. The customs officials had a ball confiscating the darn stuff, so now, in these Internet days without borders I'm like a kid at Christmas time. Candy, candy everywhere! Eye-candy that is! Wish I had the money to sample it all to make up for all the years of puritanical drought! Aw, I might as well add "addict" now, because I'm well on my way! :-)
08-12-08  12:23pm

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roseman (253) Very good poll question.
I actually use it for fantasy but I can not say that I am not a collector as well :-)

08-12-08  01:56pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #15 - MargulisAZ :

I will check it out. I had not seen that posting yet.
08-12-08  04:36pm

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Wittyguy (105) REPLY TO #8 - badandy400 :

"Uh, my name is Wittyguy and I'm a porn addict"

Response: "Hi Wittyguy"

"I just want to say that it's been 15 minutes since my last download and I'm actually feeling OK about it. I mean I'm not tearing up my place and I feel rather at peace with myself. I just wanted to say that without you guys ....

Sorry, my next download just finished. Uh, anyway just wanted to say thanks to everyone for enabling me and my addiction and that my right hand hand has never been stronger. So when do I get my pin?"

08-12-08  05:00pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #21 - Wittyguy :

Haha. That sounds about right. We all do our best to enable each other. "Blind leading the blind." You know, PU and TBP should organize a little convention for its members. For those of use who spend way too much time on here and would not mind if people were able to put a face with our cleaver little names.
08-12-08  05:15pm

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Cybertoad (Disabled) REPLY TO #21 - Wittyguy :

Wittyguy , keep comingback it works .
08-12-08  11:27pm

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Wittyguy (105) REPLY TO #23 - Cybertoad :

If the toad says it works it must be true; but it might be best only when you're off the wagon. As an aside, there's a post for your in the forum under the thread "Your Avatar".
08-13-08  12:07am

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nygiants03 (162) I am equally addict and collector.
08-18-08  10:21pm

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mbaya (364) For me fantasy is the only reason. I don't consider myself a collector as I don't have a need for or a space for everything I see.
09-17-08  08:54am

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