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Do you think those who like gang-bang content really prefer looking at guys?

Type: General
Yes, definitely 0% 0 Votes
There's a very good chance 13% 8 Votes
Maybe, maybe not 25% 15 Votes
No 61% 37 Votes
Other 2% 1 Votes

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61 Votes Total

Aug 5, 2008

Poll Replies (20)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


MargulisAZ (84) Don't really see the difference whether it's a gang bang or just a regular scene, either way there are guys involved. Not into gang bangs personally, but my hunch is that it doesn't have anything to do with the guys themselves but with the girl taking on that many guys that does it for people.
08-05-08  12:37am

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exotics4me (463) I voted no. There are a couple of thoughts on this. One is that men that like gangbang porn usually like to see a woman being controlled. The other is that men can watch the woman take 5 or 6 guys, then think to himself, "If I was there, I bet she would let me"
08-05-08  03:04am

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Jay G (67) REPLY TO #2 - exotics4me :

Good point. I enjoy the fact that most gangbang guys (especially when the numbers are big) don't look like the steroid workout kings that fill the rest of porn. Sometimes they're even short, fat, balding, older guys who get some action. Yes, in my fantasies, I bet she "would let me." That girl likes sex and isn't judging me.
08-05-08  03:37am

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Monahan (42) The thought has occurred to me. Often (usually?) with DP flicks, the cameraman captures both schlongs in great detail but we horndogs can't dee much of the bsbe. With gangbangs, there's a better chance of enjoying the babe, which is all I give a shit about, but really. If she's porked by one guy or 10 guys, why does it matter?
08-05-08  07:04am

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messmer (137) The less I have to look at guys, the better. Now a Lesbian Orgy .. I could tolerate that!
08-05-08  09:09am

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uscue (39) No. I'm not a gangbang fan unless it's more girls than guys but when I do look at scenes like that it's the fantasy of a group of men having their way (with mutual consent of course). Kind of like the cheerleader gets with the football team kind of thing.
08-05-08  09:33am

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Toadsith (48) I can't speak for all - so I voted maybe, maybe not. I could certainly understand if a male viewer was exploring interest in homosexuality that a gang-bang video might be a good transitional media.

For me, who does like gang-bang content, it is about the fantasy of a the female model having a unquenchable lust and needing that much sexual attention. I do not deny that the male performers matter, they are on the screen quite a bit, and if they aren't somewhat attractive at least, it can kill a scene for me, even if the female performer is very beautiful. Granted, my standards aren't nearly as high for the males as it is for the females, but I still factor it in. Still, the attraction of the gang-bang content for me is about the female model doing extreme sexual acts, not about what is performing the act on her - this is the same as to why I like Hentai tentacle sex scenes but don't have a collection of photos of monsters with penis shaped tentacles. The fantasy revolves around the girl and the action, not the other players in the act.

08-05-08  10:30am

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turboshaft (24) No, I think it's about the girl not the guys, even if there are a lot of them (or there is claimed to be). It's about what she wants or is willing to do, which in this case is multiple men.

Do we really care about the sex toys as much as the model who is using them, the cars they pose in, or the furniture they use? It's always about the girl(s) for me. If you really prefer, even "regular" guy-girl content usually shows more than enough of the male talent to suffice.

08-05-08  12:36pm

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apoctom (145) It's always about the girl (or girls). I don't mind more guys or girls, but it's always about the girl(s).
08-05-08  01:12pm

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Wittyguy (105) If you were interested in gay porn, or bisexual porn, I think there would be better sites to satisfy your wants than b/g gangbang sites. Maybe some of the closet women porn viewers or women who come across their hubbies stash might view it with a different eye but for most of us pervs it's about the babes.
08-05-08  03:05pm

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pat362 (373) I've seem my share of gang-bang movies and the ones that I've enjoyed the most, usually involve 5 or less men. Those Super Gang-Bang movies just don't do anything for me. Having a bunch of guys hanging around for their number to be called isn't very appealing.
I like the idea of a female performer who wants to try out one of her fantasies. It's important that I find her attractive, but in the same token I can't find the guys butt ugly either.
I wouldn't watch a gang-bang movie if there wasn't a woman in the scene, because I don't enjoy gay porn. AS well a Gang-Bang need not be reserved to one female and many males. It can be one feamle and many other females. The Violation series from JM Production is a good example.

08-05-08  06:58pm

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Drooler (220) Reminds me of the myth that wanting or enjoying anal sex with a girl meant that you were gay. This came up in a discussion with a bunch of guys when one of them said his girlfriend wanted it. (With him; no gangbang opportunities were presented.) It was in the late '70's. I was open to the idea and in no time my "gay" sexual orientation was the new focus of conversation. Well, there the word of choice was "queer." Ridiculous bunch of narrow-minded, insecure late-teen, small-town twits! LOL. They were probably secretly doing it with their own hunnykins anyway. And liking it.

I don't like gangbangs, or any kind of group sex in porn, because visually it's too complicated. That's why I tend to just call them "body pileups."

08-06-08  03:30am

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Monahan (42) REPLY TO #12 - Drooler :

I'm in relative agreement with all you say, Drooler.

When I see anal sex, I'm reminded of the old ship board caution of Navy EM's, "after a 3 month cruise, if you drop the soap in the shower room, leave it on the floor unless you want a rude surprise."

To me the sensation of experiencing vaginal sex is so much better than the sensation of shoving my willy up a girl's ass that I really don't see the attraction as a "doer." Now for gays, of course, rear-ending is the only way to get any physical sexual gratification.

Thus the logical connection is made between a male who enjoys doing anal as being "queer."

As for group sex, I also agree. My interest in watching a porn video is the babe, not the guy(s) doing the porking. A GGB video is fine, but a GBB is usually not so good because the babe is hidden behind the two guys. I want PTA* in my porn, not dicks, scrotums and hairy asses.

*PTA = Pussy, Tits and Ass.

08-06-08  10:37am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #13 - Monahan :

The connection to "queerness" is "logical" save for one small but important detail: the partner is female. Personally, doing anal never interested me, either, but in the scenario described the woman was asking for it. Well, if the lady wants it, why not try making her happy?

And by analogy (no pun intended there), liking female behinds shouldn't implicate one as liking the male ones. That would entail (no pun intended) the logic of the faulty syllogism:

Women have asses.
Drooler likes asses.
Men have asses.
Drooler likes men's asses.

See what I'm saying?

I once found myself experiencing an odd sensation in a darkened room, and my girl at the time laughed and told me where I had wound up. Can't say it was all that bad; maybe it was just because of the way she was constructed. But she preferred it down a flight, and that was just peachy by me.

08-06-08  12:08pm

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mr3633 (9) I voted no. Its always about the girl or girls for me.
08-06-08  09:26pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #3 - Jay G :

I saw a fairly interesting gangbang DVD recently, think it was called gangbang 2000 on videobox. I don't know how many guys ended up being with the woman but it was shot over a 2 day period and 90% of the guys were very normal guys, older, some fat, some very skinny. It wasn't bad since the woman was hot and they had another porn star interviewing her during the shoot that was also hot, and by the end of it, she was naked too.
08-10-08  12:30am

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Jay G (67) REPLY TO #16 - exotics4me :

08-11-08  06:02am

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Pornjackker (37) I can only speak for me, but I watch gang bangs
to see hot guys fuck a hot nympho girl. American
gang bangs on film are fairly un-creatively
produced so I usually prefer the European produced

08-12-08  04:38pm

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Duante Amorculo (0) definately not about guys....its about that one girl being so down and dirty and willing thats enthralling
08-18-08  09:53pm

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nygiants03 (162) I like watching gang bangs and dont like looking at the guys, but rather whats happening to the girl.
08-18-08  10:23pm

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