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Would porn on your computer prevent you from taking it to a repair shop?

Type: General
Yes 41% 23 Votes
No 46% 26 Votes
Undecided 13% 7 Votes

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56 Votes Total

Jul 20, 2008

Poll Replies (18)

Replies to the user poll above.

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NMC2008 (7) Hell no, I am pretty sure the repair guy or girl also has a porn collection, besides, porn isn't anything to be ashamed of, now if you have pictures of Justin Timberlake on your desktop, that is something you don't wanna go showing everyone. :P
07-20-08  01:11am

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Jay G (67) No, I only keep porn on external hard drives. When I disconnect them, no one who uses my computer sees downloaded porn.

I realize that a really curious person (snoop)
could find where I've been web-surfing, but I'm not really too worried about that.

07-20-08  07:24am

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Denner (235) My porn-collection is nobodys bussiness but my own - (and certainly not some pc-repair guy/co.) - so yes: I keep everything on an external hd.
Remember the old days where some dude in a photo-shop looked through peoples private photos....?

07-20-08  07:59am

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Davit (46) I recently took my PC in for a major upgrade (new motherboard and processor). And although I keep all my porn on external drives now, I still have all my firefox bookmarks saved on my main system drive - and there are a few links to various porn sites, (e.g. this site, a lesbian porn torrent site, 21 Sextury's Porn For All that I'm currently signed up to) so the guys in the shop knew very well what my porn tastes were.
And that's fine - it's not illegal, I'll probably never see those guys again (so I don't have to be embarrassed), and I also know in reality they will have seen it a million times before on PCs that get taken in to the shop, given that porn is far and away the number one biggest viewing activity on the internet.
The only people that need to worry are the sickos like Garry Glitter (famous in the UK - google the name). Not only is he a paedophile who kept millions of images of kids on his PC, but he was also stupid enough (luckily for society) to take it in for repair with those images on an internal drive, hence his arrest and incarceration.
The rest of us who enjoy consensual legal porn, have nothing to hide.

07-20-08  09:02am

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Monahan (42) I'm with Davit.

A few years ago I took a computer to a repair shop that had some porn sites listed in My Favorites on IE and some recent activity in history. (I transfer all of my downloaded stuff on an external hard drive to save space on my computer's hard drive.)

He fixed the problem, whatever it was, and when I picked it up he said "I found some 'naughty stuff' in history." He offered me some suggestions on how to clear out such stuff.

I thanked him with no other comment other than to discuss the issue that he resolved. Haven't been back to that shop again.

The new shop I use has never brought up the subject. Either they haven't looked, don't care, or have decided that they want to keep me as a customer.

In any case, it shouldn't be a big deal unless the repair shop guy wants to make a big deal about it...then it's time to find another shop.

07-20-08  10:36am

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exotics4me (463) I picked undecided. For one, I've ran into the problem of the computer repair guy mentioning ways to delete/shred evidence, at which time I asked him, "Is it illegal to have porn on your computer?" He said no. I replied, "Then don't worry about it."

The reason I went undecided though, computers are becoming so cheap these days that I would probably just buy a new one if anything major happened to it. I have a little Compaq that I keep stored away in case of major problems. It has never failed me, but is is a 2001 model. Anymore though, you can get a very good CPU/Tower for under $500 out here, and hey, that comes with a 500 GB Hard Drive!

I saw one last week at Best Buy, HP model, just the CPU/Tower had the AMD Phenom processor in it, 4000 GB Ram, 650 GB Hard Drive for $529. Of course, you can pick one up like my trusty Compaq for under $300, to tide you over and hook your external hard drives up to.

07-20-08  03:56pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #5 - Monahan :

Funny, I haven't had a repair job on a computer since an old Mac I had went out of whack in the '90's. Seeing later how ridiculous it was to even get that little dwarfish Mac fixed, I've been more inclined towards the notion, as expressed on a T-shirt I saw once, that: "Your computer has become obsolete in the time it took you to read this T-shirt."

But that repair person who mentioned the "naughty stuff" in history sounds socially inept if not also just outright voyeuristic. He could have checked your porn stash just to get some leads on adding to his own collection, but he had to open his mouth and try getting a rise out of you. Not smart on his part. But you handled it just the way I would have, by staying on purpose and not taking his bait. What a clown.

07-20-08  04:34pm

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indybt30 (6) I don't think I would take my computer to a repair shop even if I didn't have porn on it. You only have to read the paper to realize that these repair shops obviously snoop around when they work on computers. So porn is legal, but these guys are not bound to privacy laws. They can tell anyone about what they see. And with todays technology it would be easy for them to make an image of your entire harddrive to go through at their own leisure. I have alot if financial stuff on my computer along with other documents that are of a personal nature and I don't like the idea of some kid at Geek Squad having access to it.
07-20-08  06:22pm

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #5 - Monahan :

I agree with this view here. If a shop wants to make a big deal about it then I figure they don't want your business. I wouldn't go to a shop to get lectured on "naughty stuff," so why do they do it anyway?

I would be more worried about personal information (non-porn) being found on my computer than what porn I had been surfing. Except for history and bookmarks I store the goods on an external HD, but real personal stuff, say online banking for example, would prevent me from taking my PC in for repair.

07-20-08  06:32pm

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Monahan (42) REPLY TO #9 - turboshaft :

A note of explanation. The shop knows me as a business customer so he could have thought he was doing me a favor telling me about the porn so that I could deal with an employee. However I did tell him when I brought it in the day before that he was to charge me, not my company, for the work done. In other words it was not a 100% MYOB deal, but closer to a 75% MYOB.
07-20-08  07:17pm

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CaliFornicator (7) REPLY TO #1 - NMC2008 :

I agree everyone has porn on their computer, what is the point in owning one if your not looking at it? That said, it depends what KIND of porn you have on your comp, I have regular stuff nothing too nasty, but if you have like Scat content, water sports, Gay (if your not, or pretend your not), or porn you'd be embarrassed if someone saw...Then ya, back it up before getting your PC fixed...Or buy a Mac like me then you never have any problems:-)
07-20-08  07:44pm

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #10 - Monahan :

Yeah that makes sense. I personally just wouldn't like someone nosing around too much, whether or not it was a home or office computer.
07-20-08  08:12pm

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nygiants03 (162) No because I would just put all of my porn on external drives, and clear out my history.
07-21-08  10:25am

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Toadsith (48) I have no fear of people knowing my interest in porn though I'd probably be rather annoyed if the shop person brought it up as they did with Monahan's experience. The truth of the matter is that I'm quite skilled with computer repair - so I've only taken the computer to the shop once and it turned out to be a memory timing problem on some very finicky Corsair memory. The computer had been reformatted so many times by the time they got their hands on it that I think even if I used to have the Kennedy assassination files on it they wouldn't be able to find them. (And no, I don't do the quick formats.) Still - while it isn't the case, I feel like repair people should treat their customer's property respectfully and avoid discussing anything that doesn't pertain to the immediate problem.
07-21-08  11:36am

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Wittyguy (105) Today, I keep everything on an external harddrive but it's not big deal. Years ago I had a near fatal crash that required professional help and no mention was made of the "material" I had. Unfortunately, they also ended up deleting a bunch of my stuff because I forgot to tell them to save certain files.

If you do have financial or other files that have stuff more importent than porn on them then today I'd suggest having the repair tech come to you to at least get your machine up and running (they can usually do that on the spot) and then back up and/or erase certain files before letting them take it back to the shop.

07-21-08  11:48am

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badandy400 (103) I am not really in a situation where taking a computer to a shop would be practical. I really should post a photo somewhere of my set up...it is a total mess!

I have had a computer completely crash before, they only thing I could do was a fresh install. But I did it on another drive and used my old drive as a secondary, so I really did not lose anything. Besides a repair guy that would have a firm grip on everything I try to make my stuff do would likely be working some place bigger than a home pc repair shop.

07-21-08  04:23pm

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mbaya (364) I know my repair guy very well and would feel uncomfortable. What I have done is externalize everything to avoid the topic coming up.
09-16-08  08:49am

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lawless (6) I have changed my vote because I first didn't understood the question.
04-19-09  08:18pm

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