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In your opinion, How many adult sites operate with "un-ethical" biz practices?

Type: Personal
none - 0% 2% 1 Votes
Only a few - 25% 44% 24 Votes
About Half - 50% 31% 17 Votes
Most - 75% 22% 12 Votes
All of them do - 100% 0% 0 Votes

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54 Votes Total

May 15, 2008

Poll Replies (26)

Replies to the user poll above.

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DivBZero (13) There are many sites out there that use bought in content of poor quality.

The home pages generally look good, have good design and promise ... inside its a cookie cutter site with CD content from years ago and those horrible javascript images 'reveals'

Sometime you can spot them by the home pages because they have a similar layout.

Hence the value of pornusers !

05-15-08  01:45am

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Drooler (220) I'd say it's closer to half than the "few"/25%. There are a LOT more out there than I'd care to join because I of what I can see (recycled and/or poor quality content proferred as if it's "new"), and because of what they won't show -- the record of quantity and frequency of updates.

Even some formerly good sites have fallen from grace, cutting out early content and recycling it as "new." They even send me e-mails telling me about this "new" material. Hmph!

And the one's that tout non-exclusive material as "exclusive" are all over the place. And "hi-rez." Yeah sure.

Maybe it's actually closer to 75% for all I know.

But I'll chime in with DivBZero to say, in my own way, that it would be even worse without PU to keep 'em in check.

05-15-08  03:41am

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Jay G (67) I've experienced and belonged to scores of sites over the years. Only a few sites (less than 5% in my experience) are unethical in the broad sense, and PORN USERS is a great resource for sharing that info before others make the same mistake of joining.

Bait and switch (previews are not indicative of actual content) is my most common bad experience, though bad billing practices have been complained about by a few porn users.

For example, I think Lupus has great videos and have joined a few times, but lots of surfing ads with links to the join page show movies that are not even on the site. The person who answered my e-mail claimed to have no control over these ads and warned that only movies actually on the preview page are on the site. It's hard to believe those ads are anything but misleading "bait & switch" items.

05-15-08  04:14am

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asmith12 (124) Inspired by this poll, I've decided to take 10 RANDOM sites and take a quick look at them; obviously it's an exercise in guesswork, but results can still be interesting. Stay tuned for comments titled "RANDOM Site Comment" and summary here in this poll :-).
05-15-08  05:36am

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asmith12 (124) Ok, here go first RANDOM sites to check chances of running into unethical site (see also comments titled "Random Site review"); I plan add another 5 sites a bit later.

Crazy Drunk Girls - no PU reviews, no TBP reviews. IMHO unethical: unlikely (don't promise much); chances of being unethical are estimated at 25%.

Porno Dinero Network / LolliHotties - no PU reviews, TBP review: 77.4. IMHO unethical: quite likely (promise updates but unlikely keeps it). Chances of are being unethical are estimated at 66%.

Squirting Pie - no PU reviews, no TBP reviews. IMHO unethical: YES (PRE-CHECKED cross-sale by Epoch). Chances of are being unethical: 100%

Dildo Machine Sex - PU review: 1, rating 75, no TBP reviews. IMHO unethical: NO. Chances of are being unethical are estimated at: very low.

Nina Wonder - no PU reviews, no TBP reviews. IMHO unethical: NO. Chances of are being unethical are estimated at: very low.

Summarizing numbers above, my findings show that on this sample, chances of running into the unethical site are 35-40%; this number may be corrected as I add more sites to the sample, and obviously your mileage may vary :-).

P.S. obviously it's an exercise in guesswork, and estimates are wildly personal and subjective.

05-15-08  07:00am

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Denner (235) This has got to be based on a feeling...
There are maybe over 100.000 "porn sites" on the net and about 14.000 registered at TBP.
How can we get around to them all?
But one thing seems certain: There are a lot of crap out there..
But giving an estimate of how many of those are bullshitters - that's a though one.

05-15-08  08:48am

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Denner (235) BTW:
Let's tell all the suckers behind sites with socalled "un-ethical-biz" that we want reliable previews - all around....

05-15-08  09:29am

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #6 - Denner :

> This has got to be based on a feeling...
Sure, but it's even more interesting to compare results of my little exercise to overall feeling of the members, isn't it?

> There are maybe over 100.000 "porn sites" on the net and about 14.000
> registered at TBP.
Come on, I don't pretend my little research to be scientific or something, it's obviously only about TGP-registered sites (though personally I have difficult time finding sites outside TBP). But it still somewhat answers a question "if you're trying RANDOM site out of TBP list, what are the chances of being scammed in some way?"

05-15-08  10:00am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #8 - asmith12 :

hey asmith
my input was in no way an answer to your random reseach/test - in fact, I think all those random-inputs you've done was quite refreshing.
My input is a try (excuse my not so good english) to give a generel answer to the poll...
Keep it up, buddy!

05-15-08  10:31am

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Wittyguy (105) Yet another reason to be a PU surfer.
05-15-08  11:07am

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #9 - Denner :

Oops, sorry for misreading it :-). I hope to finish "reviewing" 10 random sites today and post results here.
05-15-08  12:25pm

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apoctom (145) Bad previews and signing you up for extra sites are just two of the unethical practices I see a lot.
05-15-08  01:13pm

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Lionheart (47) so far I have been lucky with the websites I have join, good thing we have porn users.
05-15-08  02:20pm

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Toadsith (48) A Drooler and Denner pointed out, the sheer number of porn websites necessitates that there will be ones with unethical (no dash necessary) business practices. Frankly, by its very nature the question is rather vague and certainly far reaching - unethical practices can be little, annoying things like the pre-checked trial sign-ups or content rotation to big, serious things like identity theft.

I would say half of the sites in the world practice some sort of unethical business methodology. I would say those that are seen in TBP's database are much less likely to behave in such a manner. Many sites are plain bad, but not that many are trying to rip you off per-say.

05-15-08  02:23pm

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littlejoe (23) 75%, tho id go to about 90%
05-15-08  03:06pm

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asmith12 (124) Ok, here goes result of "10 RANDOM sites" mini-research: after researching 10 RANDOM sites it was found that about 50% (52 with a margin of error of 15) of the sites are likely to use unethical practices. The most likely unethical practices, as expected, were suspicion of misleading previews (about 40%) and PRE-CHECKED "special offers" (30%). Some sites exhibited both unethical practices).

After some deliberations with myself, I've decided that prize for the "most unethical site out of these 10 RANDOM sites" goes to "Bare Legs".

Summary of last 5 reviews follows (with details available in Comments, under "Random Site comment" title, for first 5 sites see above):

Mia Baby - no PU reviews, no TBP reviews. IMHO unethical: VERY likely. Chances of being unethical are estimated at 80%.

Pornstar Pay Per View / AEBN Video On Demand - PU review: 1, rating 84, TBP review: 80. IMHO unethical: NO. Chances of being unethical: very low.

Mature Toilet Sluts - here goes the price of reviewing RANDOM sites :-(. IMHO unethical: unclear (Terms and Conditions are outrageous, but it's unclear if they were ever used against members). Chances of being unethical are estimated at 50%.

Bare Legs - no PU reviews, no TBP reviews. IMHO unethical: YES (suspicious promise of DAILY updates, and "Join for FREE" combined with Epoch's PRE-CHECKED offer auto-renewing at 39.95). Chances of being unethical: 100%.

Sweet Asian Teens - no PU reviews, no TBP reviews. IMHO unethical: YES (somewhat suspicious promise of 500hrs of HD, and another PRE-CHECKED offer auto-renewing at 29.95). Chances of being unethical: 100%.

05-15-08  03:57pm

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PinkPanther (46) I'm guessing that 50% or more of the sites out there are BS sites in one way or another

Dead sites that don't update or recycle content to make it appear that they update

Sites that update every once in a while but promise things that never actually happen on the site

Mirror other sites with updates that are the most common and most mediocre quality around - just easily licensed or stolen crap

Sites that you join and can't acccess and have no Customer Service to assist you

Sites that automatically charge your credit card for other sites that you did not request and have no Customer Service to assist you

Sites that offer "limited" trial memberships with less available content than you could get in their free promos

Sites that offer trial memberships that you cannot cancel - so you automatically get charged for the full membership

Given that there is a whole world of porn that is based on dishonest business practices, I give great respect to the honest pornsters out there - the people that run sites such as ALS Scan, Met Art, Brazzers Network, Twisty's, One-By-Day, ATK, Hegre, Karups, Danni.com, InFocusGirls, Karen Dreams, Suze.net and many others. With all the BS out there, you gotta respect the people that are really trying to do good work, whether you're thrilled with their content every day or not.

And you gotta appreciate sites such as this one that assist porn fans, crazy as we are, in differentiating the great from the not-so-great and the sheer crapola rip-offs.

05-15-08  07:43pm

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badandy400 (103) Can any one say "Incredible Pass"???
05-15-08  08:28pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #17 - PinkPanther :

I think there is a BIG difference between "sites I would never join" and dishonest sites. Let me explain. If dead site does NOT say it has any updates, why it is dishonest? It can be completely not worth your money, but as long as they didn't say they have any updates, I don't see why it's unethical. If somebody markets complete crap as complete crap, IMHO it's ok (and it's his problem, not mine, when he goes out of business).
05-16-08  03:42am

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Davit (46) Most. Undoubtedly. But I'm not going to present my opinions as some pseudo-scientific analysis with percentages and 'margins of error'.

This is because (and this is FACT) 83.6% of such analyses are not accurate. That's with a margin of error of 4.

But seriously, I reckon that for every top class site like Club Sandy (IMO of course) or 1 By Day (which I think is crap, but is obviously very popular so must have something good that I'm missing) there are a dozen or so absolutely shit sites that exist only to rip off their customers. You can spot most of them a mile off if you have any experience, but most of us only gained that experience by being ripped off in our green days.

05-16-08  04:11am

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #20 - Davit :

> This is because (and this is FACT) 83.6% of such analyses are not
> accurate. That's with a margin of error of 4.
Sure. But my analysis doesn't fall within these 83.6%. Undoubtedly. :-)

05-16-08  05:01am

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williamj (9) REPLY TO #18 - badandy400 :

Their the poster child.
05-16-08  09:05am

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Davit (46) I'm lost. What does 'their the poster child' mean?
05-16-08  07:38pm

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PinkPanther (46) I believe that williamj was saying that Incredible Pass is the epitome of unethical porn sites.

I've never been a member so I wouldn't know, personally.

05-16-08  11:33pm

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Davit (46) There

05-17-08  01:02am

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Pornjackker (37) I'm always weary of sites that do not provide
updated scene pics or sample vids to their home
pages. Also big sites like Videobox and Color
Climax have recycled old videos as new updates.
There are a slew of new video sites that will
show exclusive scene samples on their homepage to
entice you to join. And when you enter as a paying
customer, you find the exact opposite is true.

05-25-08  04:42pm

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