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Robare (6) 12-16-07  10:06am
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New Format and Download Limit Update

FTVGirls has started releasing videos in HD (1440x1080) at a 8256kbs bit rate in the WMV format. AFAIK, this is the highest resolution available for porn on the net. And, the resultant image is almost like being there... :)
Mind you, this does come at a cost. For instance, the third video release totals a little over 79 minutes in length but is 4,563 MB in size.
I understand the site owner's decision not to go with a full HD resolution (1920x1080). Wide screen monitors (24" or larger) aren't ubiquitous. I'd be interested to learn of the viewing experience of users with 22" monitors (1680x1050) or CRT monitors at 1600x1200.
Should this new format prove, for some reason, to be problematic, users can still get DIVX videos at 352x256 with a bit rate of 64kbs and WMV videos at 720x480 (widescreen) with a bit rate of 3155kbs. It should be noted that the lower rate of WMV videos is an increase over that of previously offered WMV videos at 640x480 with a bit rate of 2079kbs.
Also of interest, the daily download limit has been raised to 15GB.
So, it seems that, once again, FTVGirls has leap-frogged the competition and succeeded in demonstrating it's commitment to providing customers an experience of superior quality.

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PosterDude (14) What is a leap-frogged? Much of competation is better and Ftv just start HD video. Competation has years more HD better video for members than Ftv which is better. I join many sites and Ftv not worth money any more and only update site every 5-7 days. Sorry for not so good English but you now what I say is true.
12-18-07  08:19am

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Robare (6) REPLY TO #1 - PosterDude :

I'm not so concerned with your English. I'm sure you express yourself better in English than I would in your native language, if it's not English. I am concerned, however, with some of your statements, a few of which I found to be false. But, several of your statements are expressions of personal tastes and you have yours and I have mine and so it goes...
In your review, you indicated you thought women were being forced and were unhappy. I have found no evidence of that and I've seen almost all of the video FTVGirls has produced. I look for that because I don't like it either. But, I have not found it on FTVGirls. I have seen several instances when the videographer has accommodated models to permit them to feel more comfortable.
You also stated "Site not first time video because always same models do video for Ronharris and other sites many months before ftv." There are very few models (perhaps 10) who have appeared on both sites. So, your use of the term "always" is incorrect. Frankly, I would be very surprised if 15% of the models who appeared on FTVGirls appeared on some other site before appearing on FTVGirls. Also, RH has had 63 models on his site whereas FTVGirls has had 302 models so it's plain to see that your statement is false.
It's difficult to address the update issue as FTVGirls has a different focus than the vast majority of other sites. Some people here have commented that the lack of daily updates is a detractor. I often get the feeling that this view is based upon the commenter's porn or sexual addiction and an indication of an unrealistic world view. In real life, one doesn't get to have a different partner every day and only for the purpose of sexual gratification, nor should one. Life is, and people are, about much more that mere sexual gratification. I haven't forgotten that the women who appear on these sites are real and unique with personalities, appearances, dreams, and desires of their own and I'm grateful for them sharing part of their lives. Some people are immature jerks who only want to use someone else, or the video of someone else, to get their nut off. I'm not one of them.
As for leap-frogging, the HD presented around the net is typically 1280x720 at 4Mbs. FTVGirls HD is 1440x1080 at 8 Mbs. The viewer now can get approximately 70% more pixels at only twice the bandwidth and that's an improvement worthy of the phrase "leap-frogging".
As for the blurriness of the photos, I understand what you're saying. There's a technique of using a short depth of field to draw the viewers attention to where the focus is sharp. It's a technique that is widely used in video and photography on a wide variety of content. I can enjoy the snapshot photo, where everything is in focus, and I can enjoy the more creative approach. Each photo is a statement, even if every detail is out of focus, and I have found very, very few where that occurred.
I find your review to say more about you than FTVGirls. Thank-you for presenting it.

12-21-07  08:56am

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RD41SAB (0) Three weeks ago I joined FTVgirls again for the second time. The last time I was a member, back in 2003, I thought FTVgirls was a good site. My opinion has since changed. I must agree with the review put forth by PosterDude. His review is thorough and accurate, and apparently others agree with his review based on the comments that follow. Your opinion and fierce defense of FTV girls appears heavily biased and suspicious. For you to say that FTV girls is a good site only serves to demonstrate that you do not know what else is out there, or at the very least, you do not care about receiving value for your money. With all the talk about FTVgirls and HD video I was expecting much more. There is very little HD video on this site when compared to many other sites. You are accurate in that their video files are extremely large, but they place download limits on what a member can download. That is inexcusable. Moreover, this site does not update enough. How can you be satisfied with few solo girl updates per month? I am not, and will not be renewing. I will spend my money with sites that update daily and provide a much higher quality and variety of content. The quality of their content has remained the same since I was last a member, while most other web sites have advanced leaps and bounds (or leapfrogged as you would say) past FTV girls. I am glad that you are content wasting your money, but please do not mislead the public into wasting theirs.
12-24-07  12:39pm

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Robare (6) REPLY TO #3 - RD41SAB :

I'm sorry you disappointed yourself but it's more than a little disingenuous of you to assign responsibility for that disappointment to anyone else but you. I documented PosterDude's falsehoods but you decided to state his writings as being accurate and you further decided to submit some additional falsehoods of your own, such as:
a.) presenting yourself as being in a position to speak to my set of knowledge without presenting a certificate of clairvoyance awarded to you from an accredited institution,
b.) indicating the quality of their content has remained the same when you previously acknowledged the addition of HD video,
c.) suggested I've attempted to mislead the public when I've brought far more facts about this site to the forum than either you or PosterDude have brought, and
d.) choose to assign an emotional quality to my writing when you've no knowledge of my emotions.
Perhaps you found the phrase "FTVGirls has started releasing videos" and the date and time stamp of my comment a tad too esoteric and, thus, were unable to base your expectations on them. Whatever the reason, you can save yourself the keystrokes in the future and keep your "black is white" arguments to yourself because it appears you and I value credibility differently and I'm not going to waste mine by further discussing you wasting yours.

12-24-07  10:52pm

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littlejoe (23) REPLY TO #3 - RD41SAB :

i hate download limits, but 25gb a day isnt much of one. i hope to join this site soon. it just snowed out again, its gonna be a loooong winter...
01-27-08  09:47am

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littlejoe (23) i canceled my membership and was given an option to renew @ $20 instead of $30. i shouldve done that cause im not even close to dling all the videos
02-15-08  07:57pm

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badandy400 (103) I am truly curious to know if they enforce the download limits!?!?!

I download this entire is about 6-8 months ago and I was blowing well over 15 GB per day. I was actually very close to 20 GB per hour honestly! Perhaps I got lucky?

Those bit rates are not unheard of. I actually have some videos at that rate. But none the less that is exciting because I have been considering rejoining. i might have to bump them up on my schedule!

Thank you for a great update!

03-10-08  09:28pm

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badandy400 (103) I have not been a member since they released the HD formate. I was there when they had I believe 3 MBit video, it might have been 2 though, not sure off hand. But I have seen a few places already with 8 MBit video. The look absolutely stunning, even at full screen on a 1600x1200 monitor. The only issue with these, after they are downloaded anyway, is that they take a lot of system resources to play. Forget about multitasking if you are playing one of these unless you have a hell of a machine. The videos end up starting a bit jittery for me, but even up after a few seconds and skipping around the video takes a little time too. Granted the computer I was using is not the fastest out there now, but it does pretty well. If you have the ability to download that large of a file by all means do it, you wont regret it once it has finished a week later for those of you still cursed with dial up. :)

Oh yes, back the file up on dvd if you can, the last thing you want is for the file that took 3 hours even on a 3 MBit/s connection to corrupt and have to redownload it!

03-20-08  09:38am

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Monahan (44) REPLY TO #6 - littlejoe :

That must be new because I cancelled last Nov. with no such offer. I'm seriously considering going back because I miss it and the commentary of the models and the photographer. I also love the videography. That guy knows how to accentuate all of the positive attributes of the babes while making them real, not plastic, people.
03-30-08  10:25am

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littlejoe (23) REPLY TO #9 - Monahan :

i joined mid feb. i used ccbill if it matters
04-03-08  06:41pm

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Monahan (44) REPLY TO #10 - littlejoe :

Thanks, joe. Based on that (the keeper price) I'm definitely going to sign up again. Damned good site.
04-04-08  12:53pm

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Doug62 (Disabled) REPLY TO #2 - Robare :

Robare, who are you calling an immature jerk and calling people unrealistic sex/porn addicts I find that offensive the way you say it it seems that ftv girls should only be a one women/solo model site and if you only look at more than one women you are the worst pervert who needs to go to an insane asylum. If calling someone a sex/porn addict if they look at more than one women is the case than every one on TBP should probably see a shrink because according to what you say every one on TBP/PU is probably a sex/porn addict, you want to see unrealistic look at hentai (japanese cartoon porn movies) a lot of their movies are so unrealistic that it would be probably impossible to do some of the same scenes if you used real porn stars even though the hentai ones are only cartoons and not real life, when have you ever seen jenna jameson walk down a street in a scene and all of a sudden a tenticle monster comes up and grabs her or ron jeremy ripping off her dress all of a sudden like they do in hentai. There are some sites like forced witness and other sites especially some russian sites they are mentioned in TBP and they seem to be close to the syle of hentai, in fact most of what you see in hardcore should be what larry flynt calls vanilla sex you have heard of softcore hardcore now how about something called extremecore because a lot of hentai, russian (some but not all of them ) and other sites should be maybe be called that in fact you see the word extreme used alot extreme this or extreme that. you will problably call me a liar just like you seem you call every else you disagree with you sound like one of those bad mouthing political people who have websites and radio talk shows bad mouthing every one who they disagree with. I have seen people who bad mouth other people so harshly it would almost be considered assault. I have not joined the site in over a year but I like the HD videos I do not like the download limit even though I have seen other sites using it kind of like the drm thing other sites use that people hate, one thing I would like to see again is the internext videos especially new ones or something similar seeing the girls together is one of the best they should have a group of girls go to different locales in the same syle as internext kind of like a travel style reality show.
05-26-08  05:14pm

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