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Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: + 100% exclusive content
+ nice looking European (French mostly) models
+ variety of actions (soft/hardcore, straight/lesbian, masturbation/peeing/fisting/etc)
+ high res pictures (up to 2000*3000 for newer content) and video (1280*720) with a range of formats (including iPod version)
+ Downloads in zips
+ no DRM
Cons: - continuous condom use
- original French content (with only further translation to English)
- some scenes are too short to focus on them
- pricing for Europe (30/month)
Bottom Line: Explicite Art is a collection of nice looking French models (currently 362) in a variety of situations and actions: soft and hardcore; solo, straight and lesbian; masturbating, peeing, fisting and so on, both in pictures and video, with updates coming almost every day (they have explicitely excluded only Sundays). Immediate drawback is that the original language is also French, which only then translated to English (subtitles here are, probably, the best solution as they allow keeping intact the emotional component of sounds).

EA's attention to technical quality results in pictures up to 2000*3000 px, which is more than necessary for just full screen viewing, with smaller versions of each picture for sorting/previewing, and true HD video (1280*720). Pictures can be loaded in zips; video is in a range of formats (MP4, MOV, ...) with a special version for iPod.

With all the above $24.95/month is a quite reasonable expense. European customers have to pay more: 29.95/month recursively. It looks like the "special offer" does not work or has its very specific meaning to the east of Atlantic Ocean.

Overall impression: site really deserves attention.

02-24-10  06:07am

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Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A Very Good Photographer
- Matching Video/Photo Shoots
- High Res Photos
- Hardcore Included
Cons: - Some Of The Models Are Not Very Attractive
- Some Of The Sets Are Very Bland
Bottom Line: I think John Root is an outstanding erotic photographer, his work stands out from the ordinary porn photographer. He seems to have good control over his models (some photographers seem to let the models ruin the shot), and poses them very well. The female models are usually well made up, and are often very provocative, and Root seems to be able to bring out their nasty side! Most of the models are attractive, with a few being knockouts, but there are some who will make you wonder why he used them. He even has a small section of rejected models, he should have added a few more! The videos are nicely done, and match the photo sets, so you can peek at the photos before deciding to download. Some of the video/photo sets are very ordinary and tame; but a lot of them are smoking! All in all, there is material here that is unique, done by a real pro. ***After being in the site for awhile, I have to upgrade my score. It's not your ordinary porn site***

06-11-07  07:38pm

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Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The variety offered by this site is amazing. There are currently 255 models, most have photos and videos. Both are downloadable in low or hi res. Download options for most videos are the best I've ever seen: divx, mpeg, wmv, quicktime, and ipod. Download speed is very fast. The models are mostly newbies ranging in age from 18 to 25, and come in all types from cute to average. The sex is varied from glamour or solo to hardcore which includes anal, dp, pee, and fisting.
Cons: This is a French site, so if you don't understand the language this may be an issue for you. Some of the videos could be longer, and I would have loved to have seen more from some of the models. At 29.95 this site is somewhat expensive if you aren't satisfied. A lower cost trial might be nice.
Bottom Line: This may be the best site on the net today in regards to download options for both photos and videos. The variety and quantity of girls is great. The only sticking point is the lack of a trial membership.

07-03-07  09:50am

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Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Some old John B Root films are also available on the site. French Beauty and some others are really top class
-French models you cannot find elsewhere. Also many videos and photosets from the big names from France in their early days
-Mostly exclusive content. Some released as DVD's. They claim to have 750 original videos but quickly looking I'd say there's well over 1000 videos although the early ones are almost unviewable by today's standards
-Newer videos are very good looking 720p (.mov) available in multiple formats in lower res too
-Photos in up to 3000x2000 resolution with kind of amateurish and artful feel. Available as zip archives (the actual files are sometimes 9 folder levels deep inside the zip!)
-Good variation between soft and hard content. From solo posing to anal fisting, dap and such
-Compilation videos are good idea. They are like film releases made from scenes of a same theme. Easier downloading
-Reliable billers and no regional pricing
Cons: -Videos and photosets are separately listed. You have to do some searching to find the matching one if there is such
-Streaming player isn't very good. I couldn't skip forward to parts not yet loaded
-Somewhat mediocre download speeds at little over 3MB/s, sometimes lower, still tolerable. I had some larger 3-5GB compilation type best of files grind to halt or timeouting requiring restart as the downloads are apparently not pauseable
-Site navigation can be a bit clumsy at times, returning blank pages, requesting resending data when navigating with back/forward after filtering and sorting scenes and so on
-Videos can be quite short and skip right into action. Some might consider it a pro
-Condoms. I understand the need but would rather have my porn without
-Compilations feature duplicate content between each other and single scenes (obvious)
-Photos are probably taken during video shoots as they look like they could use more flash light
Bottom Line: John B Root is a French pornographer of some fame and prestige, or so I think. This site is dedicated to his productions with various models and genres. The sortiment is really wide indeed as the site ranges from soft glamour and casting photoshoots to the most hardcore sex imagineable (DP, double anal, fisting all imaginable orifices), often with the very same girls at some later time. The whole site manages to capture sort of classy feeling that has both glam appeal but also sort of amateurish feeling you get with less used models who seem more confortable and often also seen having honest good time with each other. Mostly it's songle shoots but also complete John B Root films are avialable for download. The single scenes are often released at different times as photosets and videos while the full films come with very large attached photosets and usually a making of kind of film as long as the title itself and photosets from that too. The makin of pieces are necessarily not that sexual in content themselves but interesting watch nonetheless when you can see a small team of mostly actors and actresses travel to an exotic spot and shoot a movie filming each other and working as lighting assistant and such in each others scenes.

Photography is obviously in equal role on this site with videos. The photos are large and quite sharp with kind of amateurish but artsy feel to them. Pictures in zips lack on processing and they could be brighter to begin with. Also the are bit lowish on saturation when compared with leading photo sites and the likes of 21Sextury.com and DDFProd. That's partly post processing issue but the photoshoots could be bit better lit. No such issues with videos, they are bright and crisp. Only complaint is that they are bit on the shorter side and you can often see one cameraman in the picture of another camera. Photos are available as zips but even that could have been executed somewhat better. Some zips have 9 levels of loders before you reach the files while others have the file names start with "\" character making them invisible in Windows until extracted with some app like WinRAR.

Video offerings are top class in quality and 720p .mov has reasonable file sizes although it'd be nice to have 720p also in some streamable format. Besides normal single scene or half a scene videos, they also offer compilations that are videos put together from a number of scenes with similar content or same actress. The idea is good since these are easier to download than individual scenes although it's often hard to preview what you'll get. They obviously have duplicate content with the single scenes but sadly also with other compilations so you end up wasting some hd space. The bigger scenes also seem more likely to timeout while downloading. Some feature films are also available for download, and of course few dozen old John B Root classics directed for Marc Dorcel and others.

You can find many models on this site not really found elsewhere. They also have many bigger names that either started here or did scenes with John B Root at some point of their careers. Famous names include Angell Summers, Liza Del Sierra and some really early scenes by Melissa Lauren. Then there's many hot French actresses who probably never made it ouside France or had longer lasting careers in adult entertainment, personally I recognized Mathilda and Ally but if you've seen early 2000's Marc Dorcel DVD's, you'll likely find other familiar faces too.

Technical side is bit shaky here. The download speeds can vary a lot. I never got anything higher than 3,5MB/s when downloading a single file with DL manager but especially with the bigger files the rate may vary a lot, even stopping at timeswith restart needed so prepare with some time before starting download them. The site design is good looking if not so functional, it might be bit hard finding what you are looking for. The embedded streaming viewer is not that good for previewing, especially the big files as you can not skip forward to what has not yet been loaded. When you sort videos or photosets and try to browse back and forth between them, you often get blank (expired) pages sent to you with need to resend data or have your sorting preference disappear. Using right click and open in new tab helps a lot like it did with 21Sextury when they had similar issues.

All in all it's a bit hard to give rating for this site. Content is great in my opinion but the technical side could use some work, especially the slight download issues. Technically I would have rated this site 80 tops but the content is just great and unique and overweights the issues. Most of my cons are just minor nitpicking after all. French porn is sadly quite limited these days and this site is probably the strongest contender at the moment. Personally I wish Marc Dorcel launched a site in English that qualified for TPB.

01-08-13  08:02am

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Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

No Review.
07-08-09  04:11am

Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A ton of content, close to 1000 videos, 65000 photos and over 300 models.
Daily updates (switch between photo and video sets)
Nice search feature for both models and content.
Good content variety ranging from fashion shoots, solo masturbation, hardcore, fisting, big toys, anal, etc.
Models are attractive for the most part and original. You won't see them all over the web.
Videos have good download options.
Fast downloads.
Cons: Some video and pic sets are no longer available.
Scenes can be too short at times.
Cameraman can be annoying in some scenes.
No screen caps for the videos.
Older videos are lower quality.
Some unattractive models (usually the older shoots)
Bottom Line: I just joined the site again after about 8 months and it just continues to grow. Not much has changed in that time except for the addition of a lot of new material, but that's ok for the most part. It remains a very quality site. Some notes of interest:

1. There is a ton of content here, and if you've never been to the site before you will have a field day. However, I was searching for a few sets I had seen on my previous dalliance with the site and couldn't find them, so some things have been taken off. I'm not sure how much, but some things have.

2. There is enough content here to satisy anyone I believe. I was able to satisfy my craving with all of their fisting and big toy scenes, and someone else could do the same with whatever it is they enjoy seeing. None of the niches push the other ones to the side and have precedence, there is a good mix of everything in good proportions.

3. One thing that I did not enjoy in some of the scenes was the camera man. I hate it in any scene when the camera man is constantly moving around, or switching the view. For example, there were more than one scene where a girl is fisting another girl, and the camera is moving from viewing the actual action, to the one girl's face, to the other girl's face, WAY too often. Also, the viewing angle was constantly changing, making it even more annoying. Yes it's nice to have some variety, and yes you need to see the girl's face some times too, but not to that extreme. A good scene in my opinion will have a steady shot on the action 70-80% of the time and the other percent maybe moving around looking at the faces or bodies of the girls. Also, I think some of the scenes could be longer, and the addition of vidcaps to give an idea of what a video is going to be like would be nice as well.

4. Another important point to make is two-fold: the models seen on the site I have never seen anywhere else, and they do not re-release old material "remastered". The more that sites do that kind of garbage, the more I'm going to compliment sites that do not do it. All the updates are brand new material which is very refreshing. I hope that this continues to be the case, and that the sets I mentioned not seeing anymore don't pop back up at some point in a "new update".

Great site overall that should meet most people's fancy. You get a lot here for your membership and it will keep you busy for a while. Definitely worth checking out if you've never been a member.

08-03-08  06:14pm

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Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Interesting angle to the site, glamour photography with hardcore thrown in, as well as fetish (urination, smoking, etc..)
- Big 720x576 resolution on movies
- Over 250 models, some have upwards of 12 sets of pictures and videos.
- I believe the price was lowered recently to $29.99, seems to me it had been in the $40 range.
- Despite not many big name models, there are still 10 or so that are gorgeous.
Cons: - Movies are too short, maybe Jon has some sort of charm that I don't know about, but girls orgasming in 2 minutes and 12 seconds is a little fast to me.
- Not enough teasing from the models in the videos, it is bam hit record, naked, orgasm, done.
- Pictures need to be bigger in zip downloads
- Unless you use Firefox, the download speeds may be slow. I connect with Firefox to 4 clips or zips at a time and get average speed when combining them
Bottom Line: I usually join this site once a year. I really wish they would go back and so something with Ally's videos, she is a really pretty, J-Lo looking model, not in the butt though, just face and hair. Her movies are only available in WMV 320x240. Most of the other models have the 720x576 DIVX versions available. They have more movie options than any site I have seen. But the DIVX files are the best quality of the ones available.

I've always found the models on here to be hit or miss. I either really like them, or I don't even want to see a second picture. On a side note, I still am not the least bit for much hair on the female body except the head. Some of these girls do have underarm hair, which will make me skip them everytime. I have even skipped a few on here because of excess pubic hair.

I believe there are a good 30-40 top level models on here, including the lovely Lucky doing hardcore, Mahe is an excellent erotic model, Ally that has been one of the top models on here is a real looker, I would then say many of the others are plain old ugly.

My recommendation is not quite as excited as the score would indicate. I do believe this to be one of the top glamour sites on the internet, but part of glamour is beauty and some of these models aren't close to beauty. I seen the new trial for the next week that is $5, check it out with that trial. I kind of wished I had waited to join and got in on it. I still recommend the site and believe most would like it!

07-01-07  09:29pm

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Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Good Photography, virtually straight from the digital camera to the website. Photoshoots set up well and a good erotic eye.
Cons: Sometimes too mach similar images in a set.
Bottom Line: This is a site with a 'french' view of erotica, which, can sometimes seem offbeat, but actually well worth the membership.

01-10-07  05:31pm

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Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + exclusive content everything from glamour shots to hardcore sex including double penetration
+ daily updates (video or picture series) from Monday to Saturday
+ pretty models that do all sorts of weird and not so weird stuff
+ quality has improved since I was there for the last time
+ pictures have 3000 pixel on the long side
+ H.264 videos with 1280x720 pixel resolution
+ no download limit as far as I can say and no DRM
Cons: - login via captcha with each new session
- download managers won't work
- navigation sometimes confused me
- some heavy and not to well done photoshoping of images can be seen
- not very much details are given about the models
- condomed sex only (a drawback for some but not for me to be honest)
- search engine is almost useless
Bottom Line: To get an idea what this site offers let me describe the first set which is Goldie shot in 2006. This 22 yo. girl does everything a model being in front of John's cameras has to do fingering herself, double penetration with dildos, vaginal insertion of a huge dildo, peeing, blow job and anal penetration (condomed sex btw!). This first picture series has 1200x1800 pixel resolution which is very good for mateial from 2006. Her videos are of poor quality with 320x240 WMV2 no comparison to what is being offered nowadays!

The site's name pretty much explains what you will get and this promise won't be broken. Those being brave enough will also find anal fisting wile the girl fisted (Shannya Tweeks) fucks with a guy. This set from August 2008 comes as 720x576 pixel DX50 AVI (good quality I'd say) and the pictures are 2000x3000 pixel large which is standard now.

The latest videos are now 1280x720 pixel large H.264 with AVC1 codec. Strange enough most actors seem to speak french only therefore you will find subtitles in english.

This site truly does most things right. It's kind of a european version of ALS Scan with girls having pubic hair and hardcore sex. Most of the models are very gorgeous and they seem to enjoy what they are doing.

Whoever prepares the images for this site should stop with the heavy work in Photoshop or whatever the software may be. Traces of this work can easily be seen in the lesbian set of Shanis (drop dead gorgeous but overacting heavily in her solo insertion video!) and Eliska.

I'll give this site 89 points and would give a few more if the sites was download manager friendly (I lost a download I was waiting for almost an hour because of connection problems) and if they would stop this captcha login annoyance.

If you like girls from Europe and the explicite type of content then I recommend to join this site. I'm sure you will like it :-)

11-15-09  02:02am

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Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Over 270 beautiful, young models with photos or videos and 6 updates a week!
- Videos cover a wide range of tastes (bg, gg, anal, etc.) There's something here for everyone.
- Huge archive of over 800 videos between 2 and 10 minutes long.
- Even bigger archive of over 56,000 photos including hi-res photos at 1200x1800.
- "Temperature Gauge" for all photosets and movies that gives you an idea of how extreme the scene is.
- Very good search feature that can search by model or by activity.
Cons: - Longer scenes are broken up into 2 or 3 clips and updated separately, sometimes up to a week apart.
- The price is reasonable for the amount of exclusive content.
Bottom Line: I was fortunate to catch pat362's post about the special trial for the site. I joined only for the trial, but was able to sample the entire site. There are a lot of great-looking young women on the site. (My personal faves are Bulle and Cally.)

I really liked the Temperature Gauge feature. It ranges from Soft to XXX (1 to 5) and gives a quick idea as to the level of intensity of the scene. My only issue is that some scenes that were rated 4 should have been 5. (Anal sex should count as XXX, no?)

Most videos are available in a wide variety of formats, including a higher resolution DivX (720 x 576). Downloads were very fast and compatible with download managers.

I also really liked the fact that the hi-res photos were downloadable in zip format. While not really compressed further, the convenience of downloading 1 file instead of 50 individual JPEGs is huge.

If I had not seen the $5 trial offer, I probably would never have joined Explicite-Art. I always thought of it as too much glamour photography and not enough hardcore. How I was wrong! There is definitely some XXX-worthy material available.

What prevents me from keeping my membership is the price. A site has to be extremely unique or part of a larger network for me to justify paying $30 a month. Does that mean it's a rip-off? No, but the content and price don't make it a value to me.

07-03-07  09:53pm

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Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Lots of beautiful, happy, sensual, and mostly French, girls who love what they do
+ Large amount of content: claimed 1028 vids, 70,358 pics, 327 girls
+ Nice range of choices, from soft to hardcore, with quite a bit of anal, fisting, and pissing too
+ DL speeds of around 500 kb/s
+ Easy navigation, with quick and advanced search features
+ Newest videos are 1280x720 HD, newest pics are 3000x2000
+ Few, if any, American or Eastern Euro girls, tattoos, or implants (quite a few piercings though)
+ Billing through CC Bill
+ Discounted price of $25 through PU
Cons: - Older content is lower quality, and some scenes are quite short
- Some scenes that are both taped and photographed lose overall focus (see bottom line)
- Some models are not that hot, or just too hairy
- There is occasional camera work that some may find annoying, but it's not that bad
- Almost exclusively French, though site is offered in several languages (English, French, German, Japanese), so France-haters might dislike it
- Condom use may be a turnoff to some
Bottom Line: Ah, France: the women, the wine, the food...the porn? Yes, I had my doubts about an almost purely French site, especially considering I prefer German and British content when I think of European porn. It is not that I do not like the French; I do, but I think of them as purveyors of more erotic material, rather than the crazy, but bland, style of perverted arts we produce ad nauseam here in the U.S. But this is exactly what I like about this site.

It is neither a pure closeup/gynecological style nor a beautiful, but boring, glamour photography one. Instead it is a mix of hot young, almost all French, girls who do only what they are comfortable doing, never what they feel they "have" to do. Fortunately that covers a lot of ground, from the soft through the hard, and lots in between, including quite a bit of fisting and some peeing (if you are looking for any of this).

These girls seem to be more on the amateur side, though not so much that they have no clue as to what they are doing, or how to do it well and make it look good. Some are no doubt professionals, but there are few implants or models who sport the typical American porn look. There are a few tattoos, but mostly on the guys (maybe three or four very lucky Frenchman who get to really enjoy all these models), and there are more piercings than other modifications. Quite a few are hairy, even by our demanding standards, but it really didn't bother me because of the sheer enthusiasm they show towards their work.

My major complaint is the whole video versus photography approach. Both are captured quite well, but the overlap can be annoying. For example, a photoshoot with a bunch of pics of the cameraman/woman, or a video with the camera flash going off every few seconds. Somewhere in the mix of things the thrill is gone and I am too distracted by the other camera to fully enjoy the videos or pics. This hurt the videos more than the pics, since you can just delete the pics with the camera in them, but I think it keeps quite a few videos from being really good.

Others have cited the camera work, but I like it since it means videos that are actually edited (sometimes with music, instead of just plain porn "dialogue") and not just a single 20 minute take. They also use two or three cameras in some scenes, and it makes for some interesting and enjoyable videos.

There really is a loving and consensual passion to the content here, particularly the hardcore scenes (straight or lesbo). It is something that seems to be missing from most American porn of late, and I forgot how much more I could enjoy things when the sex is an act of physical love and not one of physical degradation. It makes the models more relaxed and comfortable in what they are doing, and to me that is truly erotic.

03-07-09  05:00pm

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Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Bill through CCBill.
-Discount through TBP.
-Very attractive and creatively artistic site design. Extremely easy to navigate.
-Huge site with 1,094 videos, 74,509 photos, and 340 models.
-Videos have four download options. The best is AVI at 720x576, very sharp and clear, MPEG, Quicktime and iPod. Most clips 5 to 10 minutes long.
-Longer movies by director John B Root with nice production values. 23 real movies, not ordinary porn clips.
-1800x1200 photosets. Very nice quality.
-Six updates a week. Three videos and three photosets.
Cons: -Dialogue is in French, although the site is in poorly translated English. There are also subtitles that need a professional translator as well. Not the worst I have ever seen, but sometimes laughable, even incomprehensible. I have met intermediate level ESL students who could do better.
-Too artsy in its approach. Sometimes misses that erotic quality. I must have missed the art class that the director taught as a prerequisite to joining the site. If I had taken the class I might have appreciated the effort more than I did.
Bottom Line: The site is a combination of explicit porn and explicit art. Sometimes the balance is a plus, but sometimes it is a minus.

On the plus side, the videos and photos are of terrific quality. The models are great looking for the most part. The director John B. Root gives the models a lot of flexibility as to what content they want to do. As a result you get the feel of spontaneity, of the erotic. The director is not directing the action as in most porn, he is facilitating. Sometimes they just have an interview, sometimes they do hardcore just as you would hope. The site makes me think you the viewers are being ignored and they are just having fun. Sometimes you get the feeling like in the movie "Forrest Gump" that life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you get.

In contrast, Roots style is to clearly showcase the models looks. That is fine, but sometimes I think he misses the point of hardcore. I know what I want to see in a hardcore scene. Soft slow buildup is fine for a softcore glamour photoshoot, but sometimes I just went limp waiting for the good stuff. You need patience for this site, as well as an acquired taste for the artistic. Nice models are fine, but sometimes you need some overtly hot action visuals.

Overall, the site is fine if you don't expect what it does not deliver. The quality and quantity are here. Sometimes I feel the videos and photos are trying too hard to please fans of both the softcore and hardcore styles of porn. Recommended, but by no means my favorite site.

07-22-09  01:53pm

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Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Currently over 300 models being offered.
-The scenes can be simple interviews to lesbian and all the way to hardcore sex that can include anal, DP and some fisting action.
-The downloads are extremle fast.
-Videos can be downloaded in Divx, Mpeg, Wmv, Ipod and Quicktime.
-Photosets can be downloaded as individual or in zip format. THey are crisp and clear.
-Navigation is quite simple.
-Access to some of John Roots movies
Cons: -I can't be certain but the I expected a lot more updates based on my last membership July 07.
-Although they have a large models base to pick from. Many of these have maybe 1 or 2 photosets.
-Many of the videos have an amateur feel to them.
-There aren't any sets. It's usually a bed, couch office desk or chair.
-The navigation is in English but the content is almost exclusively in French.
-The cost is around 25-30$US.
Bottom Line: The first time I joined Explicite was in 07 and at the time they had a promotion that gave you full access for 5$. The current cost is 26$ and I would have no problem recommending this site for them but I would be more cautius for any older members looking to rejoin.

Although the language can be an issue for some. I speak French so that isn't an issue and is in fact a definite plus.

They truly have some gorgeous girls doing some fairly nasty stuff. Many of todays rising French pornstars had humble beginnings with this site.

This is one of the few and maybe the only sites that offers has many video download options.

04-13-09  07:58pm

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Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: The reason I joined this site was to see more of one particular model named Ally (If you've been to the site, you know who I mean).

She was well worth the price of admission, but now she's retired so there's no new content coming from her.

Some stunning models that you will not see anywhere else. Beautifully shot content and lots of it. It's hard to explain, but the whole site just has a very unique feel.
Cons: A bit more "artsy" than I like. The videos actually have acting and storylines. If you're familiar with Private videos, this stuff is similar.
Bottom Line: I'd give this site a higher rating if they were still able to deliver new Ally stuff. As it is, the site is a nice change from typical American stuff. Not for everyone, and pretty expensive, but if you want something different, this is a good bet.

04-13-07  06:50pm

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Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Quite high production values (lighting, sound, etc)
-Mostly beautiful French (and some other European) women
-Lots of anal (if you're into that)
-Price is reasonable ($24.95) with TBP discount
-An ocean of content
-Site is easy to navigate
Cons: -Condoms in all intercourse scenes!
-Irritating photo flash bulb use in many scenes, interrupting clear viewing
-Every single scene has about a ten second "Explicite" credit at the beginning, even scenes that are just a few minutes long.
-Feature films are broken up into ten or more parts, with each part once again having the "Explicite" credit at the beginning. It gets very annoying, and seems entirely unnecessary.
Bottom Line: All things considered, this is an excellent and unique site. For me, the great production values and pretty nasty sex outweigh the negatives. I'm not sure I would stay a member more than a month or two, but there are almost no sites where I would do that.

09-01-09  02:04pm

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Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Beautiful girls and hot scenes.
+Mostly French girls but some US and other European.
+Exclusive content and loads of it, with 5 updates per week.
+Variety of scenes/genres - boy-girl, girls-on-boy, boys-on-girl, group sex, lesbian, solo girl.
+Plenty of anal, DP, DV, fisting, toys etc.
+Good camera work and photos.
+Range of video formats - HD720, DIVX, MPEG, Quicktime, Windows Media and iPod.
+Can be downloaded or streamed with no download limits.
+Photosets are downloaded as ZIP files.
+Good download speeds (but see cons) and you can use a download manager.
+Fairly good navigation though it could be easier and the site less cramped.
+Easy management of subscription.
Cons: -The site layout is a bit cramped for my taste - from the navigation on the preview site, you'd expect the paid site to be the same but it's not and for the money I'd expect a better laid-out site.
-Streaming can't be fast-forwarded.
-DL speed with Firefox download manager is only 1MB/s, but over 3Mb/s using DownThemAll add-in, so I strongly advise using that or another download manager.
-Older content is DIVX maximum size 720x576 and even older content is just 320x240.
-If you're not a fan of condoms then you won't like this site as the guys are almost always wearing one for penetration (not great for the scene but great for the health and wellbeing of the performers).
-Cumshots are generally average though there are a few good ones.
-No PU member discount
Bottom Line: This site is mostly young French women having sex with one or more guys, in nearly all cases, if a cock goes into the girl's pussy, it'll also go into her ass for much of the scene so it you like anal you'll like this site.
If there are two guys on the girl then they'll almost certainly DP her or even stick two cocks into her pussy, so DP lovers will enjoy the content, but if there's only one guy then in some scenes he'll fuck her ass whilst she simultaneously fucks herself with a dildo do there's DP even then.
One thing I didn't see at all was any creampie, but given the widespread condom use, that's to be expected I guess, though a few scenes have the guys cumming on the girl's pussy.
The use of condoms may put some people off but I didn't mind it - their use seems to be the standard policy for this site: in one scene with Gina Summers, she asks if the guy can fuck her without a condom but the guy tells her that the boss insists on performers using them.
Many of the videos show the scene being set-up by the director before the action begins.
Some of the girls are quite exotic - I'll leave you to check them out.
Some videos are just making-of or behind-the-scenes videos which may interest some people.
Download speeds are a bit disappointing unless you use a download manager, I used Firefox and DownThemAll add-in to get about 4MB/s download speeds.
The site claims to have 1622 videos and 130444 photos with 5 updates per week.
Overall a good site with great content for the money and well worth a look, though I still feel that navigation and site usability needs improvement.

07-13-14  03:28am

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Explicite Art

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content, and lots of it
- Some gorgeous models
- Slick site, easy to navigate
- Great user based model rating system
- Regular updated
- Good mix of 'glamour' work with some hardcore action
- High def videos and pics
- Choice of high res or low res photos - the high res really are just that (eg 1800x1200)
- Each new video can be downloaded in a choice of sizes from approx 20 MB up to 100+ MB
Cons: - A bit too arty at times
- Language might be a draw back (if you don't speak French (though the site itself is well translated, all the videos are in French)
- Some gorgeous models, but a lot of average looking ones too (or am I just too fussy?)
- Not enough photos in some of the sets
- Focus isn't too good in some of the high res shots
- Too expensive to keep membership going monthly
Bottom Line: I joined this site hoping it would be another Karups PC site, lots of great photo sets and videos, with a good dose of hardcore. A sort of FTV but with some boy-girl action.
I have unsubscribed happy that I got value for money but a little disappointed that the site wasn't all I though it was going to be.
There are some great picture sets and videos on here, but perhaps not enough really gorgeous models and some of the content is a bit too arty.
Definitely worth joining for at least a month though.

08-13-07  03:28pm

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Explicite Art

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Nice quality videos
-decent quantity
-women are attractive
Cons: -Way too expensive
-Got bored of content quickly
-marketed smoking fetish content with only one video
of marginal sf content
-at times too artistic to enjoy
Bottom Line: Do not join for smoking fetish content as there is virtually none. This site has always seemed over-rated to me. At times the camera work was too artistic to enjoy at the primal level.

01-09-07  12:18am

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Explicite Art

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Exclusive content
- Access to John B Root films
- Full movies
- Some beautiful girls
- Some moviesets are available as photosets
- Fast server
Cons: - Low quality videos
- No video options
- Just a handfull of the models are worth the price
- Most photosets are not available as videos
- Navigation is somewhat akward
Bottom Line: Good exclusive contents, but poor video quality.

02-07-08  04:59pm

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Explicite Art

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Beautiful, natural looking Euro women, with a variety of different looks and ethnicities, though mostly French-speaking. I view this as a nice change from the sites that have gorgeous but exclusively Eastern European women. A few women have some pubic hair left, which I view as extremely sexy, but most are shaved.

The photography and filming is top-notch.

The scenes are staged somewhat more naturally and are more varied than many porn sites, even though most of them are still in-studio under strobes. I liked seeing the studio set-up.

Performances also seemed somewhat more natural and hotter than on other sites. The men and women seemed less detached than in the Eastern Euro sites like teensexmovs etc.
Cons: No ability to save to Favorites.
Very limited search capabilities.
Many of the films come in two parts and need to be downloaded separately.
No streaming video.
No vidcaps, though virtually all of the films have a corresponding HQ photo shoot.
Way too much extreme HC for my taste. Most of the shoots end with anal. There is also peeing, fisting, and enormous dildo use. Maybe this is all now mainstream, but I find it a turn-off and sad. I hate to think that my kids, let alone my daughter, may come to think that these behaviors are a "normal" part of the sexual repertoire
Bottom Line: Explicite has no lack of beautiful women and original high quality content in terms of production values. However, the site needs work in terms of navigation options.

As for the content, it certainly lives up to its name. A little too well for my taste.

07-24-10  04:54pm

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Explicite Art

No Review.
09-14-09  03:38pm

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Explicite Art

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Low cost for 3 day trial ($5.00).
- Great black and white photography mixed in.
- High resolution photo format (1800x1200).
- Explicit indicator (mild to hot) for each photo set.
Cons: - Poor focus on many of the photos
- Few Explicit photos
- Slow (100kbs) to download on broadband account
Bottom Line: The Explicit indicator helps speed up browsing if you're looking for very explicit photos, however only 20% of the photo sets were marked HOT.

I have deleted more than half of the files I've downloaded due to out of focus and non explicit nature of the photos.

I recommend this site only if you can get in at the $5.00 trial rate.

05-10-07  09:27pm

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Explicite Art

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: The videos are available in several formats at good resolutions - no fuzzy edges or blurring. The performers are generally good-looking. Download speeds are generally good.
Cons: On several occasions the site was unavailable or key features of sign-in or download did not work. There was no response from site management to my repeated concerns.
The camerawork can obtrusive and offputting, and emphasizes the feeling that it is all staged.
Last - and maybe a matter of personal taste - very much a French site. I can't get excited about a guy named Titof, or a video named Youplaboum... and in these minimalist times, I prefer girls with visibly pussies, not Afro-style growths between their legs.
Bottom Line: If you like girls with funny names, overgrown pussies, and oversized cameras, go for it. I decided not to renew my subscription because the site owners were not concerned about performance issues.

03-07-10  05:51am

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Explicite Art

The ups and downs

Have not been here for quite a while - but the main reason for joining once again are loss of former material - due to external breakdown.
Generally the ups here are the different way of shooting vids - compared to most other main sites - it's got a certain touch of libido and foreplay that a lot of those other top/mainsites miss - and there are some not so well known French models with a different attitude.
And a large number of material.
The downs are too many models that would (probably) not turn your head in the street....
BTW: The join gets you to some French billing co. - not comfortable with that - but after a couple of hits I got to Epoch - and just cancelled the rebill - and got a corfirmation after a couple of minutes......

01-16-14  05:52am

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Explicite Art

How alive is this site?

Quality looks high but is this actively updating and are the dates on the preview page real? It looks like an update was posted nearly every day until late November and since then nothing.

How are the videos? 720p or even 1080p?

Not much PU activity in last years which worries me a bit.

12-04-12  04:14am

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