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Visit BangBus


Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: The entire network comes and each site alone is worth the price alone, let alone getting all the sites for the one price. BangBus updates every Wednesday but each site in the network updates a different weekday, so there's always something new.
Cons: Nothing, except that the Bang Bus from 3 years ago was better than the Bang Bus now. When it was still rather unknown the models were all amateur looking and the site weemed more real. Now it's like professional wrestling...you know it's fake but it's still exciting to watch.

They also deleted a few scenes from when they first started the website years ago, like Pantera and Reagan.
Bottom Line: Join, there's a reason you've heard of Bang Bus.

03-01-07  01:38pm

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Visit Brazzers


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Brazzers Pass comes complete with 12 sites, most of them either with a big butts, big boobs or interracial theme - most of them mixed together. It seems they probably shoot four or five scenes the same day for the different sites because each girl has multiple videos on the different sites, meaning you'll get to see a lot of your favorites.
Quick downloads and comes in full or 1-minute clips
Ability to add favorite girls so you can come back to them easily
Easy navigation with all on 1 page
Cons: Video quality on half of the network sites leaves more to be desired.
Every once in a while one site - Racks and Blacks - would not let me login unless I logged into that site first. Overall it wasn't too much of a problem, I just logged on to that site first from then on but it can be a hinderance and should be fixed.
Bottom Line: They hit the ball with the navigation, as you get to scroll between websites on the network, save girls as your favorites for later, and they even include a link to her other videos on the network with each page. So if you're looking at Carmella Crush on Racks and Blacks, at the bottom of the page are the links to all of her videos on the network. Each girl has an average of 4 videos, with Mia Banng probably taking the title with about 12.

Video quality leaves a little more to be desired, although 3 sites (Hot Chicks big asses, big wet butts and butts and blacks) all have great quality. Clips are downloadable as either entire clip or 1-minute clips, and you get pages and pages of high-res pics for each update.

Overall it's a great price for the amount of content and the quality of the performances. Would recommend highly.

04-22-07  08:17am

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Visit Brazilian Facials

Brazilian Facials

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: Great action
Huge facials
All kinds of girls
Over 60 videos when I was a member months ago
Updated regularly
High quality pics
Repeat performances by some of favorites
Cons: all dialogue is in portuguese...can't understand a thing but it doesn't take away from the great action. No bonus sites
Bottom Line: The only reason it's a 95 instead of perfect 100 is that you can't understand the scenes and what's being said. They give you subtitles for one video: Leticia. These are real girls having sex for money and some like it (Georgia) and some don't (Leticia). Lack of extras hurts but it's a great site.

03-01-07  01:50pm

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Visit VideoBox


Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: HUGE library with almost every genre
Searchable by title or pornstar
Perfect price, 9.99 for a month with 5 updates per day
Cons: Every once in a while stars are tagged wrong.
Not every star you'd like to see is on the website right now.
Bottom Line: No matter what kind of sites you like, you might as well join VideoBox. Great price for more vids than you will be able to fit on two computers. You can even split the scenes up so you can cut out the beginning/end/make a 2 minute scene or whatever you like.

03-01-07  01:32pm

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Visit Butts And Blacks

Butts And Blacks

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Quick downloads
Best video quality on the network
Lots of High-res pictures for each update
Links to all 12 sites on the Brazzers Pass, meaning you get hundreds of videos
Each girl's page links to all of her other videos on the network, making it easy to see your favorites as each girl has an average of about 4 videos on the network
Biggest site on the network as in the most updates
Cons: While the quality is the best on the network, all the sites and their videos on the network come maybe an half inch smaller than other places, but it's not noticeable.
Bottom Line: Video quality for Butts and Blacks came across to me as the best quality on the Brazzers network. Overall, with 12 sites for one price with hundreds of videos, it is worth a quick shot. Ability to add favorite girls and the way they easily link all of a girls updates throughout the network keep this site in the 90's.

04-22-07  08:27am

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Visit Innocent High

Innocent High

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Great Network
great price
Lots of girls with updates every week
High Quality Pics
Full, 3-part or 1 minute clip vids for each
Ability to save favorite scenes to easily come back later
Cons: While I'm glad there's a lot of girls I normally like to see, storylines of them being 18 is completely unbelievable
Bottom Line: Innocent gets you access to Oye Loca, Solo Interviews, Trailertrashcuties and EuroCityLife. Innocent High gets nothing but great looking girls, although they are not 18, with many being some of your favorite internet porn girls like Kinzy Jo, Charlotte Stokely or others. Different downloading options and high quality pics please all people and regular updates make this a great buy, especially if you sign up through The Best Porn.

03-13-07  01:19pm

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Visit Backdoor Brazil

Backdoor Brazil

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *Is a part of the Brazilian Facials network, giving you 100's of gigs of content altogether
*Unlike the other sites, this one employs only lookers with great bodies
*The content is good as are the camera angles
*It's not strictly anal, although all scenes do require anal. You'll find some good traditional sex in the scenes as well
*Priced at $30 for the network a month, not a bad deal given all of the content, although most of the content is on Brazilian Facials
*Isn't filmed POV like the other sites
*Quick downloads
Cons: *Truly from Brazil like the rest - all dialogue in portuguese
*Not too many scenes yet - about 20
*If you don't like the other purely amateur looking sites on the network, the price is steep.
Bottom Line: Backdoor Brazil is the latest addition to the Brazilian Facials network to give a slightly different feel than the other three sites. This one seems to be produced more formally - it's slick production, no POV, all the girls look good. However, it IS made in Brazil like the rest and it's all in Portuguese so good luck understanding the dialogue, although that's not what you're here for anyway.

There are about 20 scenes now with new ones added every Tuesday. In addition, you get access to Brazilian Facials, Real Sex Rio and Candid Rio, giving over 100 gigs of content for $30 a month. Brazilian Facials updates every Thursday so you get a nice mix through the week, but the other two sites I don't really use. You get the typical here: trailers (high and low), full size movie (high and low) or the movie split into clips. You also get screenshots. Overall, it's worth maybe two months your first time if you like the true amateur content in Brazilian Facials because you will spend a lot of time downloading content. If you stay a member for consecutive months, you could eventually run out of updates to download and will have to take a month or two while they get more stuff, unlike BangBros which updates six sites a week. Recommended for latina fans.

05-02-08  11:29am

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Visit Desperate Amateurs

Desperate Amateurs

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: *True amateurs that were in need of the money. Maybe 2 or 3 of the girls would make it as mainstream models, but the true amateur aspect makes the videos better than the "fake" amateur sites
*Home video feel, it's pretty much the webmasters inviting people over to shoot. You can hear the direction and sometimes they have to stop shooting for a bit to allow the talent to calm down
*Combination of bj and full sex scenes and some girls came back for second shoots
*Actually kick-started the career of Tatiana Kush, the only model to make a career out of this
*Unrehearsed and intimate
*Webmaster connects with the members regularly
*Lightning fast downloads, not expected from a true amateur site
*Large amount of updates
Cons: *One came angle and not HD ... a con in the overall sense but not problems for me
*No longer regularly updating ... the webmaster informed all members about the problems continuing the site
*No easy search function
*No photos - not a problem for me since I don't care about photos
*For the superficial, a lot of the girls are around late 30's/older 30's and thus have the average woman bodies. Not many slender, slim petite girls
Bottom Line: I love the site, although now that it is not regularly updating I am not a member. They have have an option to just buy scenes individually as well. The best part about Desperate Amateurs is that these are true amateurs in the Oregon area who wanted to make a quick buck. Not really any models on this site. That does mean that there are some bigger girls and/or girls that don't have the typical porn bodies, so don't come looking for that.

The sex is very raw and intimate and most of the sex videos are around 40-50 minutes. Some girls only have bj videos and the guy that does the bj videos (not the same as the full sex guy) shoots a huge load which makes it funny to see the expressions of the girls. Lightning fast downloads made this a plus for me given that file sizes were around 350mbs. Some of the older videos were split while the newer ones were strictly full vids.

In all, when this was regularly active it was an 88 for what it is. It wasn't a big network site, it was an entrepreneur making money by shooting real women. Now that the updates are far and few between, the score would jump down into the 70's. But if you join now, once you download most of the updates you don't really have anything to look forward to. I posted my score at the regular 88 if you're new to the site and still have the gigs and gigs of videos to download.

03-30-11  10:08am

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Visit Oye Loca

Oye Loca

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Great Network
great price
Lots of girls with updates every week
High Quality Pics
Full, 3-part or 1 minute clip vids for each
Ability to save favorite scenes to easily come back later
Cons: Site still small (34 episodes though) and less than a year old. Not really many gripes except not all of the girls seem to be Latina.
Bottom Line: It's a Latina site but a few of the girls seem to be strictly white. But you never know. The site is still fairly new (less than a year old) but has 34 videos as of mid-March with updates each week. This along with access to other sites on the network makes this a great buy.

03-13-07  01:26pm

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Visit Ghetto Confessions

Ghetto Confessions

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: *Literally over 100's of scenes, all with videos and caps
*Around 20 sites altogether in the network
*Rather small file sizes for full vids
*Website stays true to the theme with only 1 or 2 recognizable faces among the over 180 videos
*No problems with customer service
*All scenes come with a trailer and story
*Good for the price
*Each scene is different
Cons: *No search function
*All files are full scene - no split scenes
*True amateur drug addicts so a great majority are no good looking
*Newer scenes (last 10 maybe) have a new guy shooting and he's not as good
*Video quality is nowhere near HD and stuck back in the early decade, but that's probably due to this not being a big production
*All pics are screencaps
*Shot entirely in POV, the camera man is limited to pretty much 3 positions
*A lot of "confessions", meaning more than half the video could be without any actual sex
*Updates fairly well but not regularly enough
*No organization, just placed on one page in chronological order
Bottom Line: Ghetto (CrackWhore) Confessions is a site I've enjoyed for years. Now that the collection has grown to nearly 200 videos, there is a lot of time to be spent on this site alone, not counting the network sites which are also amateur style. First to talk about the talent, the man behind the camera for most of the videos is Dirty D, and the main premise is he gets these current/former drug addicts who currently are prostitutes to come to his hotel room (or sometimes it looks like the girls messed up house), tell him stories about how they started tricking and weird stories from the street, and eventually either gets a bj or has sex.

I will say, the site seems pretty real. You'll be hardpressed to find a looker and a lot of them have battle scars from the street (missing teeth, sores over their bodies or just plain not good looking). A few seem cracked out while he's shooting. I've only seen one girl somewhere else (Hailey) and even the other place I've seen her ("Whore At My Door" dvd) was an extremely amateur production. So realism is at 100%.

Each scene comes with a trailer and ability to download full video. No short clips, but the files aren't large at all. Quality isn't the best (from mirror reflections in some videos, he's just filming with a standard vid camera) but if it was a glossy movie it would take away from the site anyway. Photos are screencaps only. You never know what you get from a scene either, unless you can get a good idea from that trailer or the three screen caps. Some scenes he fucks them, some he uses a condom, some (maybe half) are just blowjob. He finishes the same way in every scene - jacking off while they lick his balls. In the scenes he has sex, it's limited to doggy or cowgirl.

The members page has no organization, it's just one page with every update listed chronologically with an accompanying photo. It would be nice if there was a way to search for girls by name AND throughout the network, but if you know who you're looking for just do a "Find" search.

Overall, I give an 85 because I love this site although it's not perfect. However the flaws aren't enough to make it a dealbreaker, they're just pet peeves from being a member of big-money networks. Although the girls aren't the best lookers overall, I found more than a few I'd like to personally bang, and others that are good at what they do. I also enjoy watching the whole video to hear their "confessions" -- some girls tell about crazy things guys do when paying them for sex or stories about how they didn't get paid. A few breakdown, a few are in denial. Good stuff.

My personal favorites? Chronologically: Bree, Jay (I think she's hot), Tania (def. hot), Mother & Daughter (just the idea), Holly (nice body), Toni (wish I could get it), Hailey (mentioned earlier), Tanya, Candy (great ass but huge bush), Nina (cracked out but cute), Lindsey (very cracked out but cute), Danielle, Dyke Linda and Linda.

07-01-10  12:41pm

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Visit Cathy's Craving

Cathy's Craving

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Loads and loads of content
WMV and MPG downloadable options
High-res and vidcap pictures
Access to five sites - all Cathy but different niches
An amateur site where she truly does interact to and respond to member emails regularly
Doesn't use condoms, so great for those that love creampies
Mostly interracial content, although all of the sites aren't specifically interracial
Good mature amateur site that is organized
Cons: Some videos don't offer full downloads
Good quality vids take a lot of space (think Bang Bros high quality)
Individual site so if you don't like her there's nothing else here for you
No search option or time stamping
Bottom Line: Cathy offers a lot of content and if you either find her attractive or think her content is hot, then you will be hard pressed to find a website with a better cost-content ratio. For $15/month this is a true steal.

This is more of a video site but they do offer pictures. It's all filmed in places like hotel rooms or complexes because it truly is just a woman that likes to have sex with men. She doesn't use condoms (allergic) so many scenes end in creampies or sometimes just cumswapping. And once you see a creampie, don't assume the action is over; normally it's just halfway through.

Sign up for the weekly newsletter to get added content, status of updates and chances to meet Cathy .

12-20-07  07:41pm

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Visit Blacks on Blondes

Blacks on Blondes

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: The largest IR site on the net
Over 230 videos as of late March, with only 1 or 2 repeat girls
Free trial signup for network sites
High-Res pics, not vidcaps
Cons: Bad organization/No Search feature
First 70 videos come as short clips or Full download only
No real extras...just this site and cartoons/personals sections that I didn't care for
Bottom Line: BOB is the longest running and largest IR site on the web. This means the number of videos is probably the largest anywhere (230 full scenes). However, you don't get much of anything else besides the High-Res pics accompanying each set. They give you a free one-day trial to sites like Katie Thomas, Spring Thomas and Glory Hole, but then it's 30 bucks for those too.

The earliest vidz come only as short clips or full 230 MB videos while the latest 160 videos come as short clips or downloadable into three parts, which with this full fill size of 230MB I prefer the three parts. The best videos come in the middle of the lifespan...the earliest just aren't the best quality while the newest aren't too exciting like they used to be. Some faves are Cherry Poppens, Candace Cox, Elise, Jennifer, Kasey Dean, Venus and Honey.

Join if all you want is a plethora of videos as there are plenty to keep you occupied for at least one renewal. Don't expect to use the site for much else though.

03-22-07  10:29pm

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Visit Exploited Teens

Exploited Teens

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: More videos than you can count, about 99% of the girls are true amateurs (never seen them before or after) and they are all 9's or 10's.
Cons: About 99% of the girls are true amateurs (some of them I want to see again with more hardcore stuff but they're one-time amateurs). Each scene is the exact same except the girl is different.
Bottom Line: The only reason I gave it an 80 instead of in the 90's is because all the scenes are the exact same setup from beginning to cumshot. Spice it up a little...and do a follow-up shoot with the favorites like Angel or Ally or Rion.

03-01-07  01:41pm

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Visit Hush Pass

Hush Pass

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A large amount of content
Plenty of well-known and lesser known girls
Large selection of IR sites with download and streaming options
Easy customer service - live chat with transcript sent to your email address for proof if later needed
Cons: Piss-poor navigation system
Horrible video quality on older videos
No full downloads - all in sections, normally about 8 per scene (each section ~30MB)
Videos are small in size and downloads are slow
Bottom Line: I took a try at Hush Pass since it hasn't been reviewed in forever and I was really interested in seeing alot of the scenes. The price is only $30, not $40, but that's still a lot these days for a network.

Major problem here is navigation. It would be nice if they got up with the times and added a quality search for all the scenes in the network or at least added model pages. Many of the girls make appearances on two or three sites and it would be nice to put all their scenes in an individual model page. Further, it would just be nice to browse models by name instead of going to each individual site and scrolling through their pages of updates.

Once you find a scene you like, you can either stream the video or download (but not full downloads). Full downloads should be standard these days - many people have fast connections and/or a lot of hard drive space.

Of the girls I was looking for, I never did find Alexis Breeze. Maybe I missed it, but I"m sure I browsed through every single page of updates from the 12 (can't remember the number) sites on the network. However, there is literally more material than you could download in one subscription period which is a plus.

Customer service was completely fine with me. I used the live chat option and was immediately linked with someone with no wait. Easy to cancel the account, and an email transcript was sent confirming if I ever would need it. No problems here.

Overall, there's lots of content, but the navigation and price deter me from making repeat purchases. It is worth it once if you're interested in the stuff though.

12-03-09  07:20am

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Visit Real Drunken Girls

Real Drunken Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Extremely real and the amount of vomiting in these videos shows that its not acting.
New videos give multiple options-Middle, High and DVD quality
Delivers what the tour and premise promises
Eight bonus sites included (I had to e-mail them and get the password to work though)
More content than you could get through in a one month subscription
Cons: Not in English
The worst members-site organization ever
A lot of scenes don't have a full video option, and those that do are split into two "full video" parts - drinking and fluffing & the drunk action.
Cost is too high for a site that takes forever to find what you're looking for.
Bottom Line: Real Drunken Girls delivers what is promised - video of guys getting these girls completely hammered and then taking advantage of them. One word to the wise, the site is not filmed in USA and as a result there is no English so no enjoying the set-up. Obviously 95% of "reality" sites on the internet are staged, but I would honestly put my money that this site is the real deal. They show the massive amounts of alcohol consumed and in every video the girls vomit from the alcohol - and it's not a cut scene where they have time to prep. They blow it out of nowhere and in one or two scenes it actually ended the action b/c of how messy it got.

Organization is where this site loses at least 10 overall points. There's no way to describe it except to say that the videos are organized chronologically, except it's the worst possible structure. There's no way to just click a girl/scene and then go to the videos or pictures of that one. Each scene has about 8 or 9 updates and they are all listed side-by-side on about 30 pages, making it impossible to find a particular season.

Eight bonus sites are included, including Pregnant Wishes. However they all follow the same site design, meaning good luck finding a certain scene you may have liked in the tour/preview.

Video quality for the most part is High Def on the "full scene" videos and middle to high on the minute clips. Overall, a great site if organization gets fixed so you can find whatever scene you want to see.

11-20-07  08:15pm

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Visit Katie Thomas

Katie Thomas

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Potential to be a great interracial site with more time
Multiple download options
Regular updates each week
High Res pics
Good uality and different scene types keeps each update fresh
Cons: No network membership
Isn't as talented as other single-girl sites, although is fresher than Spring Thomas was towards the end of her website
Doesn't seem to fully enjoy taking pop shots yet
Cost is too high for a single site
Bottom Line: Katie is picking up the torch from Spring Thomas and does it well. She's not as raunchy or talented as Spring but she looks good if not better. Updates are regular each week with High Quality pics and downloadable options for low, medium and broadband.

Membership comes with a free one-day trial for network sites but value would be much better if all sites were included. If you have time, wait until the site is a few months older so you have more vids, although there are over 20 now.

03-24-07  10:54pm

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Visit Easy Dater

Easy Dater

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: A lot of videos
Fairly cheap price
About 95% amateurs, although each couple has two scenes
Great idea for an amateur site
Some hot amateurs
Over 40 videos
Cons: Only a few vidcaps for each episode, no high res
Videos are split in 2 or 3 parts, depending on video
Not always the best quality camera-wise
Is an amateur (mainly) site so you probably won't be attracted to every girl
Doesn't update often...maybe once a month or two
Bottom Line: EasyDater is a "reality" site where two people meet online for a date, but the girl says 'no' to the date and 'yes' for a quick one night stand. All except for three girls I noticed were amateurs and look like amateurs - no porn star bodies or talent but true "reality" feel.

Each couple has two scenes, meaning that you they shot two videos with two different storylines which I like becuase if you get a favorite you can see her twice. Most of the videos end with the girl kicking the guy out - either after an incidentally forgetting to pull out or husband comes home or she decides she doesn't like him. Very rarely is there a pop shot - most of the time they pretend he forgot to pull out and she kicks him out but you don't see any evidence that it really happened other than acting.

They only have vidcaps for each scene and some of the video qualities aren't that great, but at 19.99 I can muster it for a month or two which helps the rating. If you like the reality gig, this is a must try site.

03-25-07  10:24am

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Visit Amateur Creampies

Amateur Creampies

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Pretty good amount of content
If you love creampies, you'll love the network
Easy, full downloads
Lots of hot girls, some porn stars before they were famous and some randoms
Cons: Extremely horrible navigation and no way to serach for the scenes you would like to find
Just like Exploited Teens, the videos are the exact same each scene with just a different girl
Quality isn't great, videos are small
Some scenes repeat on the different sites (amateur creampies and next door amateurs)
Bottom Line: There's plenty enough creampie content here to keep you happy, but once again a site with absolutely no navigation. I couldn't find half the scenes I saw trailers for and wanted to download. Those were the reason I joined in the first place.

Signup and cancel was simple enough so no problem. Unfortunately, I'm not joining again, but the videos themselves are interesting enough with great file sizes. Not going to kill your free space.

12-03-09  07:26am

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Visit Her First Big Cock

Her First Big Cock

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *Network is extremely huge, for some reason they don't make that clear
*Literally hundreds of videos
*Photos, streaming and download (only newer)
*Niches and models that everyone can find something they like
*Ability to save updates to your favorites for easy viewing
Cons: *Downloads are limited...only updates from about the past year (some updates on some of the sites go as far back as 2005 so that's a lot of streaming only content).
*Horrible search function
*User interface is extremely unfriendly
*Each scene has recommended other scenes that are similar to help you out
Bottom Line: So I joined this site because I saw there was an update with Elise, a now out of work actress that had an amazing scene in Blacks on Blondes. Turns out, joining one site gives you access to over 15 other sites, all of them pretty stacked in the amount of content. And we're not just talking random amateurs too but name a porn star (that does regular Internet porn work) and she probably has a scene or two somewhere in this network.

After figuring this out, I was excited until I realized the user interface is not friendly and it sadly pales greatly in comparison to other top networks (Bang Bros and Reality Kings). In those, there are multiple ways to search for updates, including by website and by name. Here you can type in a name and see what pops up, but there's no efficient way to browse through updates like the others. Along with that, there's no tab that just flat out lists the sites you have access to so that you can click one and go to those updates. You have to search hard to find a list somewhere, and even that list doesn't have every site included (which I guess is good in that there's more sites than you know, but bad that I can't figure out what they are).

Quick breakdown of some of the most popular sites: Her First Big Cock, Back Seat Bangers, Teens for Cash, GangBang Squad, Bubble Butts Galore, Wife Switch and Squirt Hunter.

Another problem: maybe 85% of the updates are streaming only...no download option until maybe the last year of updates. That means most of the great content is only save-able if you know how to save streams, something not too difficult if you use the right browser. The downloadable scenes have multiple options: clips or full video, Flash or WMV, Low or medium or HD quality. Streaming videos (remember 85% of the content) are only available as clips - normally 6 or 7 clips for a whole video.

All in all, if you know how to save streaming videos, this network can be pretty good for you but a headache trying to individually save everything. It's not easy watching videos strictly as clips with limited full scene updates. The sheer volume of sites and names of models available (all of my favorites sans Katie Morgan had at least one scene, including Gianna, Flower, Olivia, Annie Cruz, Sophie Dee, Sophia Costello, Charlotte Stokely to name a few) make it interesting enough, but it's overall too much of a hassle for me to stay a member for long.

12-02-08  06:39pm

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Visit Border Bangers

Border Bangers

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: 20 sites included in network
Great premise with latinas exchanging sex for citizenship
Only hot girls, no MILFs or average lookers
Multiple download options
Some of your favorite latinas are available
Cons: Doesn't update
Some videos have a porn feel rather than reality feel
Not too mnay videos/updates
No full scenes
Older videos look a little grainy
Bottom Line: Border Bangers does what so many good reality sites do - has a good premise and reality feel and then changes to a strictly porn video look. The site began simple enough with girls getting caught and then having sex with INS for citizenship. Early favorites that you might notice include Sonia Lopez, Chance, Domino and Megan Martinez. There's also videos of Sophia Costello and Sativa (I was able to get her a couple of years ago when i first joined). Don't expect to see "girl next door" type latinas running from the law - they're all 10's which kind of is a bummer.

Where this site really falls off is that it hasn't updated in forever. Not only that but it's not like there was a plethora of videos in the first place. Also, there are no full scene download options.

You do get access to about 20 other sites and most follow the reality gig, including College Fuck Fest, Black Bros White Hos and Teen Brazil (not reality though).

Overall, you can get enough content at the price to make you happy, but don't plan on staying a member forever because eventually you'll run out of reasons to stay since they don't update.

11-25-07  03:52pm

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Visit Spring Thomas

Spring Thomas

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: A lot of content
Great interracial action
Spring - while not early 20's anymore - has a great body
Cons: No longer updates it seems
Not interested in cuckhold scenes with men licking sperm off her
Bottom Line: There are plenty of videos to serve you for a month or two but that's it. Doesn't update regularly anymore, no bonus sites. Spring isn't the little 18 year old she was when she started a few years ago but still has a great body for sex. Started doing scenes with other pornstars in later updates, shows she was running out of ways to keep the site fresh.

It seems they passed the torch to KatieThomas.com, her "sister's" website. While Katie is cuter, she isn't as skilled as sex as Spring.

03-01-07  02:00pm

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Visit Vaginal Cumshots

Vaginal Cumshots

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Who doesn't like a good creampie site that's 100% exclusive?
Loaded with bonus sites. If you do it right, you could join three network for less than 10 dollars.
Almost exclusively amateurs, Kayla Marie and Cherry Poppens are the only porn star I noticed.
Some of the girls are available in multiple videos throughout the network, giving you multiple views of a few amateurs you may like (Tara, Ashley)
Cons: Bad video quality
Doesn't update at all
Only enough videos to last one month
Bottom Line: Vaginal Cumshots is an old website. It doesn't update and the video quality is piss poor. However you can get in a few good videos here, like Tara, Ashley, Kayla and Cherry. When you join, make sure you join the other two networks as well for one month each at one dollar each. That will give you plenty of sites at a cheap price, although they all fall in the same boat regarding updates and quality.

Overall, it could be worth a quick trial to download the videos. Mostly they come in either 2 or 3 clips or a full scene. Nice good amateurs, something that's rare these days.

11-25-07  04:11pm

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Visit Club Sophie Dee

Club Sophie Dee

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Sophie Dee is hot
There is an OK handful of videos
Blog and other add-ons for those that just want to be informed about Sophie
Cons: Video content leaves ALOT to be desired
Video quality could improve as well
Not much for the price, even if you get a discount
No serach option to at least be able to sort through the softcore for the few hardcores scenes, which is disappointing because she does great in videos so why not include some on her website?
Bottom Line: I love Sophie Dee. She's beautiful, great body and reminds you of a Spice Girl with her accent. After seeing numerous videos on Bang Bros and VideoBox, I joined Club Sophie Dee but it's not worth it. The video quality wasn't great and neither was the video content. For the most part, join if you're interested in reading a blog and looking at some pictures, but don't expect much in the video category. Lots of videos are offered, it's just not quality. Mostly taking a shower or talking to the camera.

12-20-07  07:57pm

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Visit Ruth Blackwell

Ruth Blackwell

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Made by same crew as BlacksOnBlondes, spring and glory hole so the production is good
Cameos by most of your favorite stars
Cons: High price for amount of vids
Downloading problems
Not all of girls featured on preview are in members area
Bottom Line: The most unacceptable thing for a site is to not have all the girls featured in the preview page. In this case, one of the main reasons I joined was because I was interested in just about every guest featured on the preview page, but a few of my faves that were on there weren't in the members area at all. For some reason, I also had problems downloading on this site, although I haven't had problems on the other sites run by the company (BoB, Spring, GloryHole).

It's only one scene of the close to 20 videos, but Naomi looks completely uninterested or high, which doesn't make for good quality. Other gripes with the scenes include this being a site about how Ruth gets the other girls hooked on black guys, but most of the action is with her while the other looks on...not good in terms of what the premise is.

03-24-07  10:46pm

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Visit Latina Caliente

Latina Caliente

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: The girls, especially Lucci, are hot and the videos have good action. Other than that, there's not much more else "pro" about it. It's a part of the Adult Reality Network, giving you access to 14 other sites including Euro Bride Tryouts and Teen Hitchhikers, but the price and the cons make this a network not worth joining.
Cons: The network runs close to $40 a month. Also, the files are now DRM protected (they didn't used to be at least a year ago). That means you have to keep paying $40 a month just to continuing seeing what you already downloaded. Video quality isn't the best and alot of videos don't have a full or even 3-part downloading but rather minute clips.
Bottom Line: The cost is too much and the vids are DRM protected, which means probably no one will get their money's worth out of this website or network. Although there are a few videos worth seeing, like Lucci who has a hot video, it's pretty worthless because you have to stay a member forever to keep it.

06-05-07  04:47pm

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