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Visit Fucked Hard 18

Fucked Hard 18

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Great girls: I expect anyone will find many favorites here.

Great sex: This is REAL sex.

Great photography: All the camera angles I want to see, good lighting, just incredible video.

Great concept: You can see these great female bodies virtually like you've never seen before.
Cons: You could quibble about a few minor things, but it JUST DOESN'T MATTER. The content is so good, and there's nothing really "wrong" with anything -- the site is fine, the navigation is fine -- just download and enjoy!
Bottom Line: This is the biggest no-brainer in the history of Internet porn! Yes, you DO need to get yourself some of this stuff!

This is the proverbial "banging the babysitter like a screen door in a hurricane." I have gotten SO TIRED of the Euro stuff that's far more "posing" than actual sex. Boy, is this the perfect antidote to that nonsense!

The girls are just great -- mostly free of the insane, disgusting, filthy tattoos and the woefully misshaped breast implants that you see so much in other sites. Most are just like the cute little young things you see walking around in your local malls. Wonderful!

The content is also refreshingly free of anal, dp, and other nonsense I just don't want to see. I just want to see "normal" sex, done well. Who on Earth decided that everything needed to be anal DP with women who have gross, fake tits and are covered in filthy tattoos?!? Gosh, how nice it is to see "normal" sex with "normal" cute, young girls, all done exceptionally well? Wonderful!

Yes, I gave this a score of 100 -- I can't imagine that anyone wouldn't want to drop a month's subscription and grab a bunch of this stuff. Sure, it's a bit repetitive, but the girls are all different, and that's what it's all about. The camera angles are exactly what I want to see, and the massage table concept provides FABULOUS views of the female body that are just wonderful to see.

The massage concept also includes "the oil," which makes the great bodies glisten, and provides for lots of touching and stroking the body -- it's just more of what's good and different about this site.

In the end, it's just great, great content, and the site allows you to go through everything with ease. Perhaps it's all on a "modest" scale, but it's all very well done, and very much worth your time and money to subscribe. Great stuff!

01-09-11  01:11pm

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Visit Club Kayden

Club Kayden

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A nice little site. Most folks should find plenty to download.

- Simple, easy navigation -- WONDERFUL. WELL DONE!

- A good "done in one month" site, for a quick little content grab.

- Actually more content than I ever figured I'd find.
Cons: - Not the highest resolution pictures.

- Not the highest resolution videos.

- Not a huge, wide variety of models.
Bottom Line: I cranked through this in a couple of weeks, and I was satisfied with what I downloaded.

I have to give the site a big round of applause for its very simple, efficient navigation. I recently screamed bloody murder about another site that forced you to go into "detail" pages in order to find any download links to click upon, amongst other horrifyingly inefficient nonsense. What a relief it was to navigate this site, just zipping down through "summary" pages full of links, quickly and efficiently grabbing the content I wanted. Oh, how I wish a bunch of other sites could figure out how to build such simple, easy, efficient navigation into their sites.

It's a modest little site, but I sure think it's worth a month's subscription, with plenty of decent content for the money, and absolute ease in downloading it. Sure, it's not some giant site, doesn't have the highest resolutions or anything, but I sure felt I got my money's worth.

11-15-10  07:16pm

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Visit Met Art

Met Art

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Enormous content.

High-resolution JPEG files.

Files have unique file names.

Navigation is simple and effective.
Cons: HUGELY over-rated by TBP.

WAAAY too "arty-farty."

Do you REALLY need half a million pictures of skinny, flat-chested girls standing on the beach, or in some other outdoor location?

Files named by photographer, not by model.
Bottom Line: I'm just days away from ending a year-long subscription. As others have said, there is a huge amount of non-erotic content. Really, truly, there is probably something in the neighborhood of half a million pictures of "naked girls standing on the beach" -- just hundreds, if not thousands, of sets with nothing more close-up or erotic than a girl just standing there.

Then there are "prop shots" -- if you see a girl standing there holding a bunch of flowers or an orange ball or whatever, you can rest assured that EVERY SINGLE PICTURE in the set will prominently feature that prop.

And so on.

This is "arty-farty" nonsense. And there are TERABYTES of it.

Yes, there is plenty of "good stuff," too. Terabytes of it, too. Your job -- and it will be a substantial amount of "work" -- will be to sort through it all.

The bottom line for me was that I could skip over half or more of the sets, and still walk away with thousands of sets of really good-quality photos. It was just disconcerting, at first, to go through set after set after set of non-erotic "girls standing on the beach" stuff, before I finally found something worth keeping.

Naming sets by the photographer is nonsensical, except that you could use them to sort out the arty-farty photographers from the ones who actually comprehend why people like us pay money to subscribe to sites like these.

Finally, the sheer volume of stuff is just astonishing. It's very easy to fill up a 1-terabyte drive. And it must constitute something beyond a million images, just speaking about the pictures. Choose what you download with care!

01-03-10  08:14pm

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Visit Only Tease

Only Tease

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: I can't add too much here that hasn't been said before (that'll come later), but here goes:

Photography is excellent.

Image sizes are big, high-resolution, at least for the newer sets.

There is a very good selection of models -- essentially something for everyone.

There is just a ton of content -- you'll get your money's worth, that's for sure.

The site is well-organized, with videos easy to find and zip files for the images.
Cons: Difficult to add much here, either, but here's my perspective:

This is really my "bottom line," but the thing you need to grasp is that this is REALLY soft-core. More about that, below.

The re-use of garments is a real downer, as some just aren't that "sexy" to begin with, and plenty of them just aren't flattering at all, especially on some models.

While most models wind up topless, some don't even do that. And I'd say that a few might even be better off if they didn't go topless, anyway.

So, the site "needs work." New/better outfits would help, as would some kind of attitude to "make every shot count," rather than just publishing thousands of ho-hum shots.
Bottom Line: And thus, my bottom line: Again, this is just really, really, REALLY soft-core. I'm sure everyone's tastes are different, but I'd think that most folks would find easily half of the site contents to be "not sexy at all in any way" -- fully-clothed shots in not-really-very-sexy outfits. Other folks might bump that up to something like 70% or 80% -- it's just a veritable ton of stuff that, at least to me, is "tossable."

So, does the rest of the content make up for all of the tossers? "Well, only just barely." Again, there's just an overall "lack of sexiness" in a lot of it. Some sets would be great if it weren't for the ill-fitting outfits that don't flatter the models. And so on.

In the end, there is some really great content here. Probably well worth a month's subscription. But there's a TON of stuff you'll have to throw away in order to find the jewels you'll want to keep.

08-31-08  10:14am

Replies (2)
Visit Kate's Playground

Kate's Playground

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Kate is fine.

There is lots of content.

Picture quality is good, and the "free sample" images you might have seen don't really do the rest of the content justice -- you've seen all of the "hands hiding the assets" shots, but the other shots are really quite good.

I'm not really "into video" that much, so bear in mind I'm primarily talking about still pictures in this review.
Cons: Gosh, if only you could GET that content downloaded to your computer.

I'm sorry, but while the content is fine, the web site really needs to be docked significant points for making it more than extremely tedious and difficult to download that content. The lack of zip files is just totally unexcusable in this market -- I think this will be the last site I'll join that doesn't offer them. I wound up having to make extensive use of an automated downloader in order to download the content with any efficiency.

The automated downloader did, though, help me find the site's undocumented download limit -- please add this to the site information please -- 4 gigabytes in 24 hours. Quite a lot, actually, but TELL your customers about it!

Another problem is the lack of unique file names -- I spent quite a lot of time renaming files so that I could make use of them after downloading them.

These are "customer unfriendly" issues that we shouldn't have to hassle with.
Bottom Line: Bottom line? Kate is good, but the site is extremely customer-unfriendly. I'm not happy paying a bunch of money when I've got to work my butt off just trying to download the content and make it useful for my needs.

It's simply time to add issues like these to site rankings. It's time to ding these sites when they have unpublished download limits.

What I would recommend to others would mainly be "give your money to the sites that make it easy for you to download their content." And you can sure find far better ones than this one. Let's reward the webmasters who make it easy for us, until sites like this one do something to improve these issues.

This may be "one-sided," and weighted heavily towards one issue, but I see this as something that's not showing up in thebestporn.com's ratings at all, and it goes far, far beyond "site navigation." I hope the good folks here will consider paying a lot more attention to these issues.

Finally, I didn't find the "additional Spunky sites" as having enough content, nor high enough quality, to make them worth enough "added value" to pay for this site. I certainly will be cancelling my membership long before my first month ends.

08-17-08  06:32pm

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Visit Autumn Riley

Autumn Riley

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Autumn is definitely very attractive. (Though, I HATE tatoos, and she's got some -- but they aren't too horrifying. And I don't like glasses, which she wears in some sets, never taking them off.)

There is at least SOME content here.

There is SOME high-resolution content.

There are now links to zip files you can download for MOST photo sets.

There are links to download MOST of the video files.
Cons: I give this a "Don't waste your money" rating.

In fact, I consider this an "insulting to paying customers" site.

The problem is that about 20% of the videos DO NOT HAVE DOWNLOAD LINKS. And it doesn't look like they will ever be added.

The videos are BORING: They are all of the "For crying out loud, if you could take your hands off of your body for TWO SECONDS, perhaps WE could see it" variety. Usually one minute with some clothing on, hands all over body, one minute with clothing off, hands all over body, then down to masturbate, then done. They sure don't float my boat very much.

Posting has been very irregular -- only FOUR videos have been posted in 2012, as I write this.

Photo sets at 4000 pixels are very good, but perhaps only half are at that size. Many others are at only 2000, and some are 1200.

Apparently new photo sets don't get zip files you can download for some period of time. I've seen one "new" set, and no zip files, so far.
Bottom Line: The bottom line is simple: DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. There is a LOT of Autumn Riley content on the free sites -- if it's not "most" photo sets, it's a very substantial cross-section of them. Obviously, though, you don't get the "full nude" shots. But I would call most of those "boring," anyway.

I consider the lack of downloading links to be "customer hostile" -- dang it, I PAID FOR THIS CONTENT, and it's downright insulting to find no downloading links for a substantial amount of the content.

Yes, you can muck about and download stuff without links, but, "dang it, I PAID FOR THIS CONTENT" and so on.

As I write this, there are 29 videos. 7 lack download links, and 1 is broken -- it stops halfway through. Notably, the videos without links are substantially lower-quality than the ones with links.

The "new" photoset without zip files proved that going through the gallery to download files was TEDIOUS at best -- most of the pictures wouldn't actually load until I hit the "stop" button on my browser.

So, what's worth paying for? If you MUST have videos, you can download the lame videos.

If you MUST have the "full nude" shots, you can get those. But, many tend to be "close-up shots of vibrators." Doesn't float my boat. And for those without vibrators, well, "you've seen lots of these before."

If you MUST have everything you can find, or if you MUST have the high-resolution 4000 pixel files, well, you can get those.

In any case, if you're a competent downloader (equipped with a fast connection and productive downloading tools) it really shouldn't take you much more than a couple of hours to download the entire site. There's just not a lot of content here. And again, you can get a very good taste of Autumn Riley on the free sites.

Technically, I used the Opera browser's right-click "save to download folder" for efficient zip file and video downloading. But, for scientific purposes and to report in this review, I just fired up my favorite auto-downloader, "NeoDownloader," and it's cranking away on the site just fine. So, downloaders will work, but it remains to be seen whether I'll suffer any consequences. Doesn't matter, since "I'm done" with the site at this point, anyway.

11-10-12  08:57am

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Visit Pix and Video

Pix and Video

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Tons of content.

Generally good video and image quality.

New ultra high quality videos are awesome.

Same-old, same-old. Obviously, that's not why I'm here.
Cons: This site has absolutely the most ATROCIOUS navigation ever conjured up on any web site I have ever experienced.

The ATROCIOUS navigation truly makes it appear that the site has been designed to PREVENT you from accessing the content you are paying for.

In the end, the ATROCIOUS navigation truly PREVENTS you from getting decent value for your money.

Finally, a lot of the content was too "kinky" for my tastes -- if you prefer more "conventional" stuff, spend your money elsewhere.
Bottom Line: I'm actually in my last couple of months of a year-long subscription to the whole 21Sextury site, but this is the main part of it, so that's what I'll review.

The problem, very simply, is that when you hit the "back" button to go back to where you were, so you can resume working through the models or the dates or whatever you're trying to work through, it doesn't "go back" -- it "goes back to the beginning."

So, there are 2,423 models. 51 pages of them. And every time you hit the back button, you're back to the beginning, starting with the letter "A." Actually, it's not even that easy -- it defaults to the "highest rated" models, so you have to change it back to "alphabetical," and start from the letter "A" again. And so on. Same kind of thing if you try to work through dates, or whatever.

So, you get to a set, download what you want from it, then you spend a half-hour trying to navigate back to where you were, so you can get the next set. And so on.

Yes, there are lots of filters and such that help a bit, but having to "navigate back to where you were from scratch" every time just makes this the most frustrating web site I have ever experienced.

What kind of FREAKING ASSHOLE designs a web site like this??

Even worse, you can't even make your own bookmarks to keep track of where you were -- oh, you can set them, but they won't work the next time you log in. Every single bit of the navigation appears to be designed to PREVENT you from accessing the content you're paying for.

So, if you just want to pay for one month and snag the newest high-definition stuff, by all means go ahead. But if you want to comprehensively go through the site, expect the site's design to prevent you from making much progress.

There are other sites that actually HELP you get the content you want. They provide ALL of their content in an easy-to-access format. They DESERVE your money. But it's completely the opposite for this one. Spend your money on a site that doesn't make you want to toss your computer out the window, just out of the sheer frustration of trying to navigate from one set to another.


10-21-10  06:21pm

Replies (12)

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