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squirrel (8) 10-21-10  06:21pm
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Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Tons of content.

Generally good video and image quality.

New ultra high quality videos are awesome.

Same-old, same-old. Obviously, that's not why I'm here.
Cons: This site has absolutely the most ATROCIOUS navigation ever conjured up on any web site I have ever experienced.

The ATROCIOUS navigation truly makes it appear that the site has been designed to PREVENT you from accessing the content you are paying for.

In the end, the ATROCIOUS navigation truly PREVENTS you from getting decent value for your money.

Finally, a lot of the content was too "kinky" for my tastes -- if you prefer more "conventional" stuff, spend your money elsewhere.
Bottom Line: I'm actually in my last couple of months of a year-long subscription to the whole 21Sextury site, but this is the main part of it, so that's what I'll review.

The problem, very simply, is that when you hit the "back" button to go back to where you were, so you can resume working through the models or the dates or whatever you're trying to work through, it doesn't "go back" -- it "goes back to the beginning."

So, there are 2,423 models. 51 pages of them. And every time you hit the back button, you're back to the beginning, starting with the letter "A." Actually, it's not even that easy -- it defaults to the "highest rated" models, so you have to change it back to "alphabetical," and start from the letter "A" again. And so on. Same kind of thing if you try to work through dates, or whatever.

So, you get to a set, download what you want from it, then you spend a half-hour trying to navigate back to where you were, so you can get the next set. And so on.

Yes, there are lots of filters and such that help a bit, but having to "navigate back to where you were from scratch" every time just makes this the most frustrating web site I have ever experienced.

What kind of FREAKING ASSHOLE designs a web site like this??

Even worse, you can't even make your own bookmarks to keep track of where you were -- oh, you can set them, but they won't work the next time you log in. Every single bit of the navigation appears to be designed to PREVENT you from accessing the content you're paying for.

So, if you just want to pay for one month and snag the newest high-definition stuff, by all means go ahead. But if you want to comprehensively go through the site, expect the site's design to prevent you from making much progress.

There are other sites that actually HELP you get the content you want. They provide ALL of their content in an easy-to-access format. They DESERVE your money. But it's completely the opposite for this one. Spend your money on a site that doesn't make you want to toss your computer out the window, just out of the sheer frustration of trying to navigate from one set to another.


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RustyJ (145) I do it like this and it works great: Click on a thumbnail of a set you want to see with the right mouse button and select "Open Link in New Window" or "Open Link in New Tab" and when you would want to go back, just close the new tab or window.

I see it as a minor nuisance only now.

10-21-10  10:51pm

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slutty (111) squirrel,

this type of annoying navigation is pretty common in porn sites these days, as RustyJ said it is a good idea to open a model page in a new tab, which isn't that much of a nuisance.

i haven't been a member of this network in about a year, but based on the last time i was a member i didn't find the navigation particularly poor (i've seen many that are much much worse).

10-22-10  12:37am

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tangub (155) This is a worrying score for a site i've got on my wish list to join one day.
10-22-10  03:29am

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RustyJ (145) REPLY TO #3 - tangub :

I must comment that I strongly disagree with that score. Giving a minimum score for a very nice site because of an easily solvable navigation issue is a bit extreme in my book.
10-22-10  03:35am

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tangub (155) REPLY TO #4 - RustyJ :

I must admit it does seem a bit harsh to give a site the lowest possible score based solely on the navigation and not the actual content. and thanks for the tip about opening the models page in a new tab or window....i'll remember that when i eventually get round to joining it.
10-22-10  03:42am

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Denner (235) Even though Pix and Video - and the 21. Sextury sites in general NOW has some very crisp material, very nice models (not a lot of new ones, though) I follow squirrel quite a bit along the way...

Never, Never got used to the new navigation in the whole deal - the entire network - mildly put: it's MESSY........Ok, time moves on and changes has to come - in this case compared to the old/former Pix and Video.
But again - this user, too - think they made a mess out of it - and oh, yes - squirrel: they should get another website-designer to redo the whole deal...
Do not want to comment on your score - I'm sure you got your reason...

And bottom line: Well spoken!

10-22-10  06:51am

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PinkPanther (46) I'm with Rusty in disagreeing with such a low score for navigation problems - but then a lot of the solo-girl model sites have haphazard navigation that makes this network look like complete and utter genius, so it's clearly not the most important thing on my list.

They don't have good navigation and you have to click away to get to a list of all scenes for a particular model and then trying to connect the Photo Samples with a particular scene is another bunch of work. I haven't experienced the problems with the back button for some reason - maybe I just never hit it.

My score for this site and network would be about 40 points higher than yours, regardless of the navigation - which is not good and ought to be made much better.

10-22-10  07:04am

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Denner (235) Just an update to my reply:
I agree with PP and RustyJ that a bad navigation is strict concerning squirrels low score in this case. BUT thats his opinion (and I certainly respect that) - even if we/some do not agree on the number...

BUT I think it's essential that someone put a serious question mark here about the entire navigations-system/design build at this (former) good ol' site/network..... they NEED to make new changes....

10-22-10  07:21am

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nadiencendia (83) I am also in the line of those who feel that a 50 is maybe too harsh a score for a site with one of the biggest and best archives of European gorgeus models, doing solo, g/g and b/g. Pix and Video was one of the first sites that I joined, usually combined with ClubSandy, and it almost never dissapointed me.

This said, I also agree with you, and with the other users, that the new design for the whole network is messy, it has less options than the original designs for individual sites, and it sometimes crashes on specific sets or videos. However, this never prevented me from getting the content that I wanted; just asked for a little more patience or skills (like the "open in new tab" trick they just mentioned)

10-23-10  02:02am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #1 - RustyJ :

Yes, since I learned how to right-click to open new windows (and to save archive files), the navigation issues really dwindled down.

Plus, I've usually things coming from more than one site at once, so having those windows open until I need to close them is very helpful.

10-23-10  08:05am

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Monahan (42) REPLY TO #9 - nadiencendia :

I like the site and the quality of the content but I am with Squirrel on this one.

Navigation is everything and as he says it sucks big time on the 21Sextury sites.

That said I would not go as low as a 50 because in my evaluations I give quality and variety of content and frequency of updates as much weight as navigation. But if one of those elements is just awful, I will never give the site a score higher than 70, and then only if the other elements are high quality. I just joined 21Sextury and am not ready to post a review or post a rating.

But Rusty J's right click suggestion may well help me be more generous just because it greatly reduces the frustration of wading through the swamp to find the good stuff.

10-23-10  07:46pm

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squirrel (8) Thanks for your comments.

I'll give the "new window" thing a try, but I really don't think it resolves much of what my whole beef is about. This is not an "easily solvable" problem by any means. Again, if you just want to "graze" for content, perhaps that's OK, but if you want to comprehensively go through everything, you will still have to go through all of the insanity of the navigation.

As for the "50" score, I think it is absolutely justly deserved. It simply DOESN'T MATTER how good the content is, if you CAN'T GET TO IT in a reasonable fashion.

Presumably, the ultra-frustrating navigation has been designed to thwart auto-downloading software, but SOMEONE has to point out how it thwarts THE ACTUAL USAGE OF THE WEB SITE, as well.

WHY ON EARTH must this site "capture the back button" so that you can't easily proceed from one item to the next one?

FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, some sites even (get this!) provide "PREVIOUS" and "NEXT" buttons to move from one set to another. WHAT A FREAKING CONCEPT!

I need to point out how there are DOZENS of other sites with the kind of quality and quantity that 21Sextury provides, but these other sites will HONESTLY EARN YOUR MONEY by providing one thing this one doesn't: THE ABILITY TO EFFICIENTLY DOWNLOAD THE CONTENT YOU'RE PAYING FOR.

In the end, that's what's got me so fried, and it really applies to the whole 21Sextury network probably moreso than just Pix and Video: I signed up for an entire year, but I feel that I have WASTED ABOUT THREE-FOURTHS of my money, due to the exasperatingly obnoxious navigation that makes it SO DAMN DIFFICULT to get my hands on much of any content.

It's not just about "going through one model's sets." It's about moving from model to model. Or day to day. Or month to month. Everywhere you try to go, you're doing about ten times the navigation just to GET FROM ONE ITEM TO THE NEXT, mainly because of the insane, idiotic "capture of your back button." NEVER IN MY ENTIRE EXPERIENCE ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB have I experienced such an abomination that this one single design choice does to ruin my ability to efficiently use this site.

If the designer spent ONE TENTH of the time he spent trying to prevent auto-downloading on making the interface USEFUL TO THE CUSTOMERS WHO ARE PAYING MONEY FOR THE SITE'S CONTENT, this would be a wonderful site.

But if he insists on making this a CUSTOMER-HOSTILE site, dang it, I'm going to stand on the roof and keep on screaming about it.

10-24-10  02:05pm

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