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Visit Tasty Tara

Tasty Tara

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A very low priced site that includes access to a pretty good network, $12.49 with TBP discount.
- It does update, just not a lot, 2 pic sets a month, 2 videos a month
- Pictures are 1300 high end, not zipped, but can be downloaded with a download manager with one click, which is better than no zips
- Videos are very good 852 on high end with 2500 bitrates!
- Tara as she is known here, Susane on some sites and Zuzanna on others is one very pretty blonde. I am not into blondes, she reminds me very much of a young Mia Stone. Great body, not really built, but has great curves for her size.
Cons: - Site is still a little small, but for the price and network access, it isn't bad at all for exclusive content of one of Euro's hottest models
- You do have to sign in on each site in this network and type in a security code
- Having trouble finding cons, wish it would update more than 2 videos and 2 pic sets per month, it makes the site one that you join and come back a year later to get the updates.
Bottom Line: I posted a comment recently about this network, and this is my favorite site on the Tasty Pass network. Tara/Susane/Zuzanna is one of my favorites these days. If you like Mia Stone, be sure to check this hot little blonde out. She could pass as Mia's little sister.

The reason I rate this a 90, for what you pay $12.49, for the whole network, this site alone gives you 42 videos in very high resolution, not quite HD, but close, and 60 picture sets. As far as I know all of this content is exclusive, so 102 total sets between videos and picture sets is very impressive.

Here is a breakdown of the videos content, 13 g/g videos, 2 hardcore b/g videos and 27 solo videos. It is rare to see her in b/g so that was a welcome surprise.

I want to mention the tip that I mentioned in the network comment. If you use free download manager, you can open a picture set, right click and save all, specifying jpegs and it will download an entire page of the pics, each set is usually 3 pages, so this at least makes grabbing the pictures easier and makes the site's rating a little higher than I would have gave it.

The videos are 852 high end, 2500 bitrates, these are pretty impressive numbers for a solo site that is thrown in a network.

The videos are also available in smaller resolution and even in parts if you have a slow connection. I recommend it, especially if you haven't joined and are a fan of Tara. This is probably the best collection of her content that I have seen!

05-10-08  09:35pm

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Visit Only Cuties

Only Cuties

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Talk about a surprise site, around 1,200 pic/videos sets, and some of the best known Euro models
- TBP discount price of $19.95
- Pictures are up to 2,000 on high end and are in zip files
- Newer movies are 1280 high end, HD quality
- Close to 70% of the videos are solo, the other 30% are a close blend of b/g hardcore and g/g sex.
- Navigation works just fine, model names are slightly different than some sites, but by now, I have figured out all of the other names.
- Download speeds for me are slightly above average
- Also comes with bonus site Hannah's Honeypot, which is a pretty good site if you are into really innocent, skinny blondes.
Cons: - Had trouble using a download manager on this site, but also have trouble on Sapphic Erotica, another site they own as well.
- Some of the content has that "Been there, done that" feel to it. Very planned out scenes.
- This probably isn't a con but the g/g sets will make you automatically think of Sapphic Erotica's newer scenes.
Bottom Line: I joined this after re-joining Sapphic Erotica for probably the 10th time in the last several years. They were advertising this site Only Cuties and I had noticed in Sapphic Erotica's descriptions it would say, "Can also be seen on Only Cuties". So I took a shot.

The lower price always helps when going into a site that I knew very little about. I was surprised to see a nice blend of solo, hardcore and girl/girl videos. The updates are also very good with a picture set and a video set each day.

Navigation is similar to Sapphic Erotica, probably should say a little better than Sapphic Erotica. The models are mostly mid-level to top tier Euro models, which means very good.

The quality is a selling point with HD videos on the newer clips, even the older clips are not bad, again, if you have been on Sapphic Erotica, you know that their older videos are not bad either.

The pictures are pretty nice quality, 2000 being the highest option, there are three options, just like on Sapphic Erotica. I did run into a few slow downloads when downloading the pictures, but it wasn't very often.

I guess you could complain that there should be more boy/girl or even girl/girl content, but that isn't a very big complaint and it would be no reason to take points away.

I liked the site good enough to let it rebill for a month, those damn daily updates had me wondering if I was going to miss anything if I left the site. That is a good thing. Highly recommended!

04-14-08  09:17pm

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Visit Brazzers


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Big butts, big boobs and low price!
- Videos vary in quality, down to 340 up to 640 with bitrates varying between 700 and 2200
- 18 sites for $20
- Good fetish content though I suspect none of the ladies will be becoming real actresses anytime soon
- Very good download speeds, 1150kb/s on 10M connection
- Pictures, though not hi-res, are available in zip downloads
- Definitly full of professional stars, not so much on the amateurs, which is a pro for me on this type of network.
Cons: - Not quite as funny as the Bang Brothers, which is my way of saying some of the content can really become repetitive and boring.
- Some of the sites haven't updated since summer, when I was a member before.
- Older quality needs to be improved
- Maybe there is such thing as too many big boobs? If you're not into big boobs, you probably won't like this network. I'm not really, but can find a trade-off since Brazzers also has plenty of nice plump butts too.
Bottom Line: The price for this network is excellent, anytime you are getting 18 sites for $20, and the quality for the most part is above average, it is hard to pass it up.

One of my favorite parts about Brazzers is that it has easy navigation to be a network. Most networks have you going from one screen to another trying to figure out what you are doing, but Brazzers is very smooth in navigation, and that really adds to the network in my opinion.

My favorite sites in the network are Baby Got Boobs, Big Tits at Work, Big Tits at School, Doctor Adventures and unlike some others, HQ Honey's. Work, school and Doctor are all good solid fetish sites, that sometimes forget the fetish, but at least they are dressed the part.

HQ Honey's while it adds some value since it is rare to see Euro models on a network, especially ones like Anetta Keys, it also takes away because it has only a dozen or so sets and videos.

The quality overall is just above average with some old quality issues that really should be fixed if they want to continue to be a top network. Their models are selling the network right now. It is always nice to see pictures on a network, and even moreso to see them in zip files.

Don't expect this to be a network that only has 30 or so videos per site. Baby Got Boobs alone has nearly 150, so you are going to easily get your money's worth, plus some fetish content, and those aforementioned Euro models too. The positives far outweigh the negatives, and I recommend it!

01-21-08  06:15am

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Visit Third Movies

Third Movies

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - This is the other site that you get with Zero Tolerance. Excellent movie site here as well.
- More videos of hard to find actresses like Lanny Barby and Lilane Tiger. I feel like a king on here, bring me Lanny!
- 720 on the high end for the very nice looking videos
- Also have pictures that are not hi-res but are downloadable in zips
- No DRM
- Once added to ZTOD this becomes a really nice package for the price
Cons: - Still slightly below average D/L speeds
- Price will turn some away
- Total number of videos isn't that high if quanity matters to you
- Not going to find many average looking girls on here, if you're into the average looking girls, these women are almost all gorgeous, which is a pro for me
- Should have known, now that I get 20+ Lanny videos, I want more!
Bottom Line: I'm really happy overall with this site and the Zero Tolerance site. I join the normal DVD sites about 1 time every 3-4 months and just wasn't finding as much on those as of late. Along comes these sites to bring me some holiday cheer!

This site is very similar to the Zero Tolerance site. I honestly have yet to delete a file I have downloaded from either site. I almost feel like I shoud let my membership recur for another month since I have gotten so many great DVDs for $30.

I love HD as much as the next guy, but 720 is nice, and doesn't take up near as much room on the hard drive. One thing that really stands out to me is that these girls on these sites are very believable, they are gorgeous and they come across as professionals who are entertaining us.

If nothing else, I expect to come away with 70-75 full DVDs that I will be keeping, that is amazing. They aren't that cheap at the swap meet.

This site has the pictures that are a nice addition, very good navigation on both sites, the high quality video, the breathtakingly beautiful women. I just can't find much to complain about here. It is nice not to get a bunch of clunker DVDs to sort through, everything here is good. These sites may make me look at other DVD sites differently since I usually delete about 3/4th of what I download from the more known DVD sites. Maybe I will do a study and see how much I am keeping from each, that easily could justify the price. Highly recommended!

12-17-07  11:55pm

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Visit Zero Tolerance On Demand

Zero Tolerance On Demand

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Really nice video site that as of right now, I haven't seen hardly any of these DVDs on DVD sites
- Comes with bonus site Third Movies, which I will do a separate review for.
- Video quality is very good 720x540
- You also get picture sets that though not high res, at least do have the option of zip file downloads
- No DRM that I have seen
- The total amount of videos is misleading since it is all very high quality, not many clunkers on here.
Cons: - Price seems a little high, but I think it is worth it for the quality videos, quality as in gorgeous women, good camerawork, etc..
- Site does run a little slow on downloads during the daytime hours in United States. Not too bad though.
- Updates can be a little inconsistent, not seeing weekly updates.
- Not a problem for me, but the video files are pretty big to download and store.
Bottom Line: I had been meaning to join this site for months, but had forgotten about it. I just happened to be in the mood for some new Eva Angelina videos, so I went through TBP's listing of DVD sites and checked each to see which one has some content of her that I hadn't seen. Zero Tolerance itself has 15, some are behind the scenes though. Even so, I had seen none of these videos of her and I have been on the majority of the DVD download sites.

I really like some of their series'. One that I discovered was the Fishnets series, which is just what it says, women having sex in fishnets or starting out with fishnets on. I downloaded the every DVD they had in this series, which I would guess would put me back about $100 to buy in stores.

Everything I have downloaded so far is still on my hard drive, no deletes. This is very high quality porn, as my uncle would say, "The good stuff". They have an excellent preview that lets look over all of the content they have, including looking up the actresses to see how many clips they have of each.

The video quality is a very nice 720 on the high end, you can download a little less resolution Divx version as well. The pictures are nice, though we aren't talking Met-Art here. My only real complaint is that I seem to get slow speeds in the daytime. I was only getting 800 kb/s earlier today, which is about 200 kb/s slower than my normal D/L speed. Still, not really a big problem. Check the preview out, beautiful women galore, recommended!

12-17-07  11:32pm

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Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Very impressive reality network that has several sites that could be stand alone sites.
- Covering pretty much every niche imaginable, big butts, big boobs, girls next door, MILFs
- They have zipped pictures of the sets which is pretty nice, you don't see that on networks that often.
- Video quality is great, 720x480, videos are long too, which could be a con as well
- Great download speeds, but I think I am in the same state they are. I'm hitting 1,400 kb/s
Cons: - Files are very large, I downloaded one that was nearly 900 MB, not really a problem for me, I have 2 TB of free hard drive space. Could be for some.
- Advertising for some could be a problem
- Bad acting! I know that busty Evie D is not innocent!
- Humor could be a problem for some, I like it, as long as it isn't too degrading.
Bottom Line: This is a follow-up edit, after posting my review, I hit the DL Limit two days in a row, both were around 8 GB. This will take off 4 points of the total score, since 8 GB per day is still a lot. That adds up to 240 GB a month, which I'm not for sure that I could or would ever download that much from a site in a month. Still recommended and still a very good network, but beware the limit. I hadn't went over 5 GB and had been fine.

Since then I've went as high as 5 GB on some of the sites without a problem. The basis of these sites is fairly realistic, somewhat silly at times. Like having sex with the 8th Street Latinas by telling them they can get their green card. The VIP seems pretty believable, and the We Live Together, to me is about as real as lesbian sex will get in porno.

Though the humor at times gets a little old, it is still better than the sites that have abuse, spitting, smacking and so on. So far, I have been happy enough with the network that I plan to let it rebill for at least another month. The update schedule is pretty good with 2 sites getting updated daily, everyday of the week. None of the sites are bad at all. Well except that Tranny one.

I love the Latina sites and the big butt ones. We Live Together could also stand on its own as could, VIP, and Cum Fiesta. All for $25, that is a good deal to me. I will review some separately since they deserve a full review. For my money, this network is the best going! Definitely recommended!

10-14-07  04:23am

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Visit Ultimate Surrender

Ultimate Surrender

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Dragon Lily might just be the sexiest Asian model on the planet!
- There is a strange fetish here of watching two women roll around and wrestle before having sex that makes this site very unique
- Videos are high quality, nearing HD levels and the videos are long if you watch the full match
- Some of the matches, the girls really look like they are pissed off at the other girl!
Cons: - Friggin' monthly download limit of 10 GB. I can download 10 GB in one night. 20 points taken off score for this. That is a daily limit of .3 GB
- The majority of the matches are more about girls fingering each other while the other tries to act like she doesn't like it.
- Site can get very repetitive.
- Pictures are good quality, but they are in action pictures so they add very little
Bottom Line: I didn't know there is a limit on this site. I am positive at one time, there wasn't a limit. If it was 10 GB per day or even 3 GB per day, I wouldn't take off anything, but 10 GB per month? I barely got all of the Dragon Lily matches before hitting my monthly limit. I won't be back.

As an ex-collegiate wrestler, this site really intrigued me since some of the girls look to at least know some grappling moves. The problem is a takedown nets say 10 points, while fingering for 30 seconds nets 100 points. So, there is very little real wrestling going on here. I noticed that the Asian models seem to have martial arts backgrounds and were actually quite impressive with their counters. Still, they don't get to fully show off this wrestling ability since they are trying to suck the other girl's boobs or finger her.

I am all for a woman fingering another, but it is a wrestling site. The matches are broken into rounds and the action looks to be based on these rounds. Round 2-3 will have some almost fingering and a little boob sucking, then round 4 will have the full on fingering. I did notice that some of the women really looked mad in their matches and were trying almost too hard to beat the other women.

The site leaves me torn. I can join a lesbian site if I just want to see fingering, but this does at least have some wrestling, but every match follows the same pattern.

I will use the DL limit as the make/break point that means, not recommended until they drop it!

Because kink.com removed DL Limit from this site and their other sites, I will raise the score back to where I said it would be without the limit, a 90.

09-18-07  01:33am

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Visit VideosZ


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - No DRM on DIVX movies
- Pretty high resolution on videos near 600 on the long end, but for some reason their videos look great in full screen, better than many that are in the 720 resoultion range.
- More notable videos than other DVD sites, lots of stuff that I would call premium
- Nearing 1,800 videos
- Have many videos from "series" porn like the Legal Skin collection and the Miami Maidens.
Cons: - Price is still a little high to topple Video Box, but I will say that if you are on a good connection, one month membership compared to Video Box for a month, I would take VideosZ because of the content they have.
- If you're a numbers freak, you will want a high resolution number on the vids.
- I ran into few videos that had DRM, most of those were lower quality WMV.
- Not really a site to join for multi-months because of price
Bottom Line: I never had joined VideosZ until this past month. They got me in the door with their amazing collection of Legal Skin videos which feature most of my favorite Euro models. Also, the Miami Maiden series, as I have lived in Miami. The quality/Resolution worried me at first. I also really prefer the DIVX/XVID to WMV.

I don't know why, but these videos, despite not a huge resolution look great in full screen mode.

Some mentioned slow download speeds, I am getting what I would call "average" speed, similar to when I download from Videobox, but I am in America, so it may apply differently in other countries. The collection of videos they have is impressive and I think should be their selling point. I'm a huge Videobox fan, but we all know that VB does get a lot of stinkers/bargain bin type videos. VideosZ seems to have much less in this group and tend to lean towards the high quality, top stars.

One thing I think that is important in the reviews of DVD sites is to mention the # of shemale/gay since if a person isn't into those, the # of total videos could be inflated by having lots of gay/shemale. Not that there is anything wrong with those. I've told before, I also download for my wife who enjoys the gay masturbation porn. VideosZ has 0 gay and 1 shemale. So you are getting near 1,800 DVDs made for hetero males. I highly recommend it, just wish they would lower the price just a hair, how about $24.99? The content warrants a higher price, so $24.99 sounds good.

07-30-07  01:34am

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Visit Hands on Hardcore

Hands on Hardcore

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - HD Videos of some very good hardcore action
- Price has dropped to a reasonable $29.95, probably was reasonable at $39.95 considering the quality and quanity of content.
- Covers nearly all niches that are expected from DDF, b/g, anal, blowjob, group. Great group one that has Lucky in it!
- Very nice big pictures in zipped files
- Most of your favorite Euro models are here and some have as many as 5-10 movies each
Cons: - Not much, maybe a little nitpicking that the site isn't quite as good for me personally as 1byday, DDF's all-around site.
- The older videos that are segemented are probably the only true complaint
Bottom Line: The first thing I thought when I downloaded a HD video from here was, "This is very similar to Hardcore Fridays on 1byday". I was reminded again that though I like Hardcore as much as the next guy, I seem to prefer the solo aspects. Don't take that wrong, I think this is one of the best hardcore sites I have ever been on. DDF is rarely going to put out a product that isn't high quality.

Having said that, I prefer 1byday. I don't think DDF minds which one I like though, as long as I like one of them! One of the things that I like about this site is that if I'm in a mood for something hardcore, I don't have to try and find it. There are some truly hardcore sex scenes on here. None of the vanilla, ooh, ooh, ooh stuff. I'm talking legs spread, man going as fast as possible and a puddle of sweat on the bed or floor.

Though I am 100% straight, I do have to say that DDF gets some of the best men to do these women. Which as any porn fan knows is important because we have all seen the Ron Jeremy clips were the women look like they are going to puke. The women in these videos look geniunely enthused and horny. Which is probably the most important part for any hardcore site. Keep in mind, many of these models are also glamour models. The one thing I miss is the machine videos from 1byday. And the overall variety of 1byday.

Even so, this site is highly recommended for hardcore fans. You get around 600 videos, over 50,000 pics and around 10 updates per month. Great site!

07-16-07  01:51am

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Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Interesting angle to the site, glamour photography with hardcore thrown in, as well as fetish (urination, smoking, etc..)
- Big 720x576 resolution on movies
- Over 250 models, some have upwards of 12 sets of pictures and videos.
- I believe the price was lowered recently to $29.99, seems to me it had been in the $40 range.
- Despite not many big name models, there are still 10 or so that are gorgeous.
Cons: - Movies are too short, maybe Jon has some sort of charm that I don't know about, but girls orgasming in 2 minutes and 12 seconds is a little fast to me.
- Not enough teasing from the models in the videos, it is bam hit record, naked, orgasm, done.
- Pictures need to be bigger in zip downloads
- Unless you use Firefox, the download speeds may be slow. I connect with Firefox to 4 clips or zips at a time and get average speed when combining them
Bottom Line: I usually join this site once a year. I really wish they would go back and so something with Ally's videos, she is a really pretty, J-Lo looking model, not in the butt though, just face and hair. Her movies are only available in WMV 320x240. Most of the other models have the 720x576 DIVX versions available. They have more movie options than any site I have seen. But the DIVX files are the best quality of the ones available.

I've always found the models on here to be hit or miss. I either really like them, or I don't even want to see a second picture. On a side note, I still am not the least bit for much hair on the female body except the head. Some of these girls do have underarm hair, which will make me skip them everytime. I have even skipped a few on here because of excess pubic hair.

I believe there are a good 30-40 top level models on here, including the lovely Lucky doing hardcore, Mahe is an excellent erotic model, Ally that has been one of the top models on here is a real looker, I would then say many of the others are plain old ugly.

My recommendation is not quite as excited as the score would indicate. I do believe this to be one of the top glamour sites on the internet, but part of glamour is beauty and some of these models aren't close to beauty. I seen the new trial for the next week that is $5, check it out with that trial. I kind of wished I had waited to join and got in on it. I still recommend the site and believe most would like it!

07-01-07  09:29pm

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Visit Pier 999

Pier 999

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Some truly beautiful models that I have never seen before.
- Vids are high quality 720, pics go up to 1500ish
- Has some hardcore content on it as well, b/g and g/g
- Good download options on video, small, medium, large, pics available in zips
- Some of the fastest download speeds I have reached, 850kb/s on 10M connection
Cons: - Doesn't work well with Firefox browser
- Does have a 2 GB limit per day, but I've not found that to be too troublesome...yet.
Bottom Line: Imagine my joy, 10 new, high quality, never before seen picture sets of Eve Angel. After scooping up Eve's sets, I started looking for more of my favorites, found some Anetta Keys, some Sophie Moone too, then I said, "Who is that?"

There are upwards of a dozen models who I have never seen before, ever, that can compare with the Eve Angel's and Sophie Moone's of the modeling world! I rationed my download limit since I download the videos in the 720 large files, right there on my computer screen, a notepad that said the day, and the model I would download that day. The content on this site impressed me that much.

I found myself tinkering with the score on it since I consider it a little better than European Glamour Girls, which I scored a 95. I did not even hesitate to let the membership recurr after the first month, which says a lot to me. They have updates daily M-F, including at least one b/g or g/g per week, which is rare for glamour type sites. The breakdown is this for the week, 12 pic sets per week and 3 videos.

I was worried about the 2GB limit, but have been a member now for 44 days, and have yet to go over it. I thought I had been on the best glamour site with EGG, but now I'm going to push Pier999 to the top of the glamour sites. An interesting note from the webmasters is that one of the things they do is pick outfits for each girl, which at least means they are putting my $30 per month to good use! I can't imagine anyone not liking it. Highly Recommended!

Original score was based on a curve that was comparing it only to glamour sites. Just lowered it 6 points to a 90, still an excellent site and in my opinion one of the top glamour sites on the internet!

06-17-07  02:19am

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Visit Teen Dreams

Teen Dreams

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Revamped, rebuilt huge site
- Updating 5 days per week, 5-6 pic sets/vids per DAY
- TBP discount still works
- Incredible amount of models
- Site is faster and seems to be much more stable than before
- They've caught the Eufrat/Marina bug and that is as much of a pro as there could be!
Cons: - This is one for me that may not be a big deal to most. Most of the models are going by names that I never knew them by. Mia Stone is Elise, I believe. With the amount of models they have it can be hard trying to find who you are looking for.
Bottom Line: I used to be a member on Teen Dreams back when they were having a lot of problems with the site. I even remember getting an email asking me if I had shared my account information. That irked me the wrong way, so I hadn't been back. I was just browsing around and stopped by to see how the site was doing now.

Today there are 3 b/g vid updates and 2 pic sets. Wow. I believe they don't update on weekends, but the weekly updates are getting up in the 20 updates per week range. As for most being pic sets, so far in the 2 weeks I have been a member this time, there have been 10 video updates. Some do come like today with 3 vids in one day, but 10 vids in 14 days is pretty impressive when you add the 30+ pic sets over that time period.

One thing that I really liked is the fact the tour lets you use the member area, you can see all of the models and see 4-5 thumbnailed pics of each set. Just a rule of thumb here, if a site lets you see that much in the tour, it has to be a pretty good site. P&V, ClubSandy, the DDF sites, all do this and all are great sites.

I'm very happy as a member so far. The downloads are faster than they used to be. The pics are still small on the older sets, but the newer ones are above average. They've also allowed more video options now.

Great job by their tech staff of fixing the problems they had and for also making the site even better than I ever remember it being. They keep this update schedule up and they might push a 95. Recommended!

05-17-07  11:36pm

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Visit Mya Diamond

Mya Diamond

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Mya's different look is one that I like and her body is incredible.
- It's a General Entertainment site, high quality and great customer service.
- The videos are well above average quality and the pics are as well.
- Daily updates of either pic set or new vids
- Mya's friends are worth the price alone!
Cons: - As with the other General Entertainment sites, there will be a few days here and there where the site won't open. Customer Service will let you know though if you email them that they are aware of the problem and fixing it.
Bottom Line: Though Mya's site will never be higher than Eve's site, both are on Gen Entertainment, I do enjoy Mya's site very much. She has better friends and more of them on her site than Eve has on hers. There also is a little more in the way of hardcore and b/g scenes, though still not a lot. I love the TBP discount of $14.99 just like Eve's site has, both sites have a pretty impressive amount of content. I would guess upwards of 100 GB on each, plus daily updates.

The most talked about part of Mya's site, is Mya herself. She really isn't the type I usually go for. I like the "classic" look with women, examples, Eve Angel, Aria Giovanni and one that is a frequent friend on Mya's site Christina Bella. Mya is one of those models that has one big thing going for her, she is very different looking than most models. Though, her body is as good of a body as you will see. Check out model Cindy Hope on there, wow!

The way I look at it, you can get Mya and Eve's site for the same price as most big sites, and I don't many of those $29.95 sites that can bring you the amount of pictures, videos and high quality that these do. Mya doesn't have quite the personality that Eve has, Eve also seems to be more active on her site than Mya is, though Mya has started a blog recently on hers.

I can recommend Mya's site easily and all but tell you won't be disappointed since she has enough friends' videos and pics to satisfy all your needs and wants. Excellent site!

After much thought, I decided to lower the score 3 points, it is still a top site, but I don't know if it can come close to it's sister site Eve Angel, in the solo category. Reports of recycled sets and removal of part of the archive, lowers it just a little, but it is still recommended.

05-11-07  11:28pm

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Visit Give Me Pink

Give Me Pink

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Good selection of Europe's best models doing some pretty extreme insertions.
- Very high quality videos, even the pictures have a glossy look to them (may be my eyes playing tricks on me)
- Good amount of content, upwards of 140-150 models, vids are long and the HD ones are huge in file size.
Cons: - Some of the insertions are more than I like to see.
- A little high for any consideration of more than one month membership at a time.
Bottom Line: Let me start off by saying that I am lactose intolerant, meaning I get deathly sick if I digest something with a dairy product in it. What does that have to do with this review? Some of the shoots have the women squirting milk out of the butts, you also get the extreme sized dildos being shoved in some of the prettiest women you will ever see, Sophie and Eve are both on here as are 130 more.

My problem comes in that while I like to see these beautiful women enjoying themselves for us to watch, I don't like seeing them look like they are tearing their guts out. I understand it is an original idea and believe me, I still watch! I'm just giving a heads up for those who haven't been on the site. Overall, it is great, tons of teasing to start the videos which are almost all over 30 minutes each. I think the teasing is very important, especially when you know they are going to finally take it off. It builds you up. Videographer is one lucky man/woman on this site. Extreme close-ups, has some speculum vids and pics for you all that have the medical fetish. I really could do without the milk squirting videos, but it is usually only the last minute or so of the video and isn't the main focus.

I very much recommend it, especially if you have never been a member. I think this site shows Peaches in a way that you have probably never seen her. She really gets into her vids on here and is worth the monthly price just by herself. Add those other 140 or so models, recommended!

Upping the score after second visit.

04-30-07  11:22am

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Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Nice amateur but professional feeling site
- Plenty of girls on here who we know aren't amateurs, but the settings and clothing they start out in makes them look the part of an amateur
- Over 400 models, pics are very good resoultion and have some original settings that you won't see on most sites
- Good, believable masturbation videos of some of the models
- Access to Katrina 18, and Spring Break Fuck Adventures
Cons: - Some of the best looking models only doing very tame softcore
- Videographer can be annoying, but funny at times
- As with any site that has been around awhile, some of the older videos could be improved.
Bottom Line: I was really surprised by the amount of material they have, also 100% exclusive. I guess after you look at multiple sites over a period of time, you start noticing the same girls on each of them, but Nubiles has many that I have never seen before. Katrina 18 is absolutely gorgeous for you blonde and slim lovers. Where I give them bonus points is the bonus site, Spring Break Fuck Adventures, not that it is original or anything like that, but there is your hardcore that most of the young model sites don't have.

Pictures are very good quality and some settings are original. The videos fall right in that above average quality, but could be improved group. What I really would like to mention is that the videographer, similar to FTV's has a good sense of humor, but can be annoying at times. You keep expecting him to start throwing money at the models to get them to take more off or to do more with themselves.

My biggest complaint could be a positive for others. Some of the sets are just way too innocent looking. I like younger women just as much as the next guy, but pigtails while in a playroom? I know the women are 18 or older, but I just can't get into those settings like that one. If you like teens this is a great site though and you will see some of the top stars in the business here as well, "before they were stars" kind of feel to those. I enjoyed it overall and think it may be an underrated site by most, recommended!

04-22-07  04:25pm

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Visit Club Sandy

Club Sandy

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Sandy is one of the few blondes that I find attractive, which means if you like blondes you will probably fall on your face over her.
- The other two blondes I find attractive are on here as well, Sophie Moone and Mia Stone to go with your usual Euro top models like Eve Angel, Angel Dark, Sandra Shine and there is lots of content of each.
- Above average quality on videos and above average size on pictures
Cons: - Maybe this one is just me, but the site seems slow at times (like right now!). On most sites I can download at 600 kb/s easily, sometimes on this one I can't get over 300 kb/s and the files in general are large. Downloads can take upwards of 15 minutes for a video, which makes me feel like I could be downloading more if it were faster.
Bottom Line: I found Club Sandy on TBP when searching for more Euro models, when signing up for the first time, probably 1 1/2 year ago, I clicked the Pix and Video combo and was really happy with the double sites. The sites advertise for each other on each model's page, so if you are downloading Eve Angel for example, once downloaded all of her Club Sandy vids, below is a direct link to Pix and Videos downloads of Eve.

They have that great 21st Sextury customer service as well. If you have never had customer service problems with a site this may not seem like a big deal, but wait until you go to login and can't. You will be glad to see a fast reply from them. I really wish the Euro sites would have more talking in them. Not that I want the girls to have a dialogue or anything like that, but a few words here and there would be nice.

Download options are great, either by clip or as a whole file, pictures can be zipped by page (15 or so pics) or the entire set. I would like to see the site use their creative setup for each set a little longer into the set. Most sets will have an interesting scenario, but by the 8th picture all of the clothes are off. Did I just complain that the clothes are off? Seeing the women in their normal clothes sometimes makes the situation a little more believable. You can see that I have very little to complain about here, neither will you, highly recommended!

04-11-07  03:02pm

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A huge network of mostly reality themed sites.
- Very good TBP price
- Three new updates per day during the week, no updates on weekends, still balances out to a hair over 2 updates per day.
- Newer sets have 1080p option in .f4v files, recommend playing those with VLC.
- All sets as far as I can see, this site has been around for a long time, but all sets besides the "Live" sites sets include a picture set with zip feature to download.
- The "Live" sites will appear in cons too, but I do consider these a pro on one side. At one time, NA had live cam performances for their members. These live sites have all of those performances stored on them for you to download, so they are a bonus if you never saw them.
- Good download speeds
- Newer videos have 7 download options including mobile. Very crisp videos and for the most part, good camerawork.
- Lots of niches covered with costume themed sets.
Cons: - Can understand stopping the "live" sites, but I still think it's a con even with the archives, as those really separated NA from the other networks.
- The older content which includes some of NA's best scenes, often only offer a low quality video option.
- As with most of the reality sites you will run into the occasional "why won't that guy shut the fuck up?" video
Bottom Line: I really don't want this to come off as a review saying Naughty America isn't a good network. It's a great network, but I do think it is somewhat stuck in 2008.

This is a very professional network. To my eyes, those 1080p .f4v files are the clearest videos I've seen. There is a problem there. That is file size. Most of these range between 2 and 2.5 GB each. I actually found the 480p .f4v files to be more than acceptable, very clear also and really, the file size suggests they are still very high quality. A 480p, 30 minute video usually isn't near 900 MB, but these are.

Navigation works, I'm sure it could be better, but considering the amount of content they have, I am going to assume it's hard to squeeze all of it into an uncluttered space.

Where I think NA is running into a problem is the same place other networks have ran into a problem. They pigeonholed themselves with these niche themed sites and eventually those will become repetitive. I don't think it's a network's fault, but I would like to see them branch out a little. They have such a good collection of "older" models, why not throw in an older woman seducing her young female neighbor to having lesbian sex site? Just a thought.

The live archived content is a real goldmine for fans of solo porn. Since these were once live performances, you get the model talking to the camera, teasing, masturbating, and me being a solo fan, can really appreciate this content.

Having pictures with sets is always a plus. Much like their videos, NA's pictures are nice and clear, however, these pictures are well below average in resolution with a top out at 1000 high end, but they do look good.

The main draw of the content here, at least to me, are the themes. You've got Cougars, MILFs, Teens, they're all seducing or being seduced. Are you picking up my slacker vibe? I don't think Naughty America intends to slack, but 100-200 videos based on the exact same scenario does get boring. Hell, I don't know, let the student seduce the teacher. And again, not blaming NA for this. If they put scenes up that didn't fit exactly what the theme says there would be someone complaining that they were false-advertising.

I do think this is a very good network, especially at the $9.95 price. You just can't hardly beat that value, even stronger when you consider they are still releasing 15ish new scenes a week.

Over 1,000 "live" archived scenes. Never been to this network? These alone are worth a month's membership. Some do include more than one person, but most are solo and the Live Naughty Secretary, to me, is worth a membership just for those.

Of the regular sites, there are 26 and they are big on the "older" models, though as we have found out, older is quite subjective, in this case, most of these models are between 25-35. Over 4,000 scenes on those sites and they are all exclusive.

Model selection is pretty typical for a network, quite a few implants, quite a few tattoos, but I'm not really complaining since the site itself doesn't decide if these models get tattoos or implants.

Overall, recommended to nearly all porn fans and highly recommended if you do not have the content from the "live" sites.

07-25-11  08:30pm

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Visit ATK Exotics

ATK Exotics

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Amount of content of ethnic/exotic women is most likely unmatched. Tons of content.
- Site finally has full photo set zip downloads instead of the sectioned zips it had for years.
- Photos range in technical quality, newest updates are in the 2000 long end range. Also seems to vary based on photographer.
- Navigation has improved, but also has cons. Pros, the model search allows multi-step searches, will explain more in BL.
- Can't really nail down when the video quality improved, looks to be the last 2-3 years, still not HD, but the videos are at least in full scenes, DVD quality now instead of parts. See cons for the other side.
- The site is working to improve and listening to the members.
- Models still are some of the best exotic/ethnic models on the internet, especially on the black models.
Cons: - Older videos are still split into small (20 MB) parts. I guess I'm at the point where I won't even download those anymore.
- Navigation has improved a lot, but I still don't like the way it lists models by whatever classification you put in. Will explain in BL.
- Probably not a site for video only fans as the photos are generally better than the videos.
- And with most amateur/early porn career sites, there are some really bad looking models. To each his own there, but it could be a con for some. The good looking ones far outweigh the bad ones though.
Bottom Line: I hadn't been to this site in over 2 years. I was hoping when I joined this time there would be some positive changes and there are. The full photo set zips is worth 5 points to me. ATK sites, to me, are very good sites for photo fans because they have nice, crisp and clear photos so the full scene zip is greatly appreciated.

Navigation has been an issue in the past with this site. They have a search now that I think is on the right track. For example you can do these steps.

Select letter for the first letter in the name, I'll use A. Once you do this, you can start refining the search by then choosing age, build, height, race, breast size, pubic hair style and photographer. You don't have to pick a choice in all. If you just want Latinas and don't care about the other choices you can just search for Latinas with the letter A starting their name or you can get downright picky and pick Latinas, 21 years old, hairy, etc...

To show how this works. If I go with the letter A to start my search and click, "build" it gives me these options large, medium, thin, very thin. In comparison if I start the search with models with Z as the first letter in their name, my build choices are only medium and very slim. So it really works in that sense.

And when you pick say "medium" in Z's, it removes the models in Z's that are not medium build. This is really nice search engine, but lets say you're not real patient or don't want to go through all those steps and just want Latinas by using the quick jump feature. It takes you to a page of names with no thumbnails and it's titled like this.

Volume 194, (model names). That's not of much use at all. I'm not even for sure how the volumes are classified or if there is a method they list them in. I'm guessing it has to do with newest released sets, but it makes the quick jump pretty much useless. It's okay for me since I don't mind digging through with the search engine to find the specific type of models I like, but I still think there has to be a better way to list the models than the "Volume 194" way.

Still, as a whole, the navigation has improved a great deal. Some of the quick jump options also seem pointless though like "dime pieces" what qualifies as a dime piece?

The models will surely satisfy most fans of exotic/ethnic models, Latinas, black, Indian, Asian, Islanders, they got it covered on the models part.

Movies, while some are good, most aren't. Many of the good ones are the older ones cut into parts. I don't see me keeping a lot of these movies. The photos on the other hand will nearly all be kept. It's not often you find this many beautiful ethnic models in one place in really nice photo sets.

Overall, the site impressed me much more than I expected it to since I had become so frustrated with the part scene zips for the photos. With that fixed, improvement in the navigation and the continuing generally good looking ethnic models, I'm back to recommending it highly.

01-13-11  12:24am

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Visit Ron Harris

Ron Harris

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - No longer has the $19.95 option, but if you join for two months, you get both months for $40, and you do get the Harris Archives also, so you may need two months!
- Picture resolution is very good, 2000 at the very least and nearly every set except the very earliest. You also get zip files.
- Videos are as high as 1280 high end, some of the older ones are lower quality though.
- Download speeds are coming in about average
- Navigation is good enough once you figure it out
- Models are either A class or AA class, very few average or plain girls on this site, all are knockouts.
Cons: - Site can be a bit artsy at times, which I am sure Mr. Harris considers himself an artist, so I guess I can look over that. By artsy, I also mean very softcore at times.
- Price for one month membership is too much, get this, $34.95 for one month, $39.95 for two months.
- Probably could blend the archives in and make it one huge site, and save the trouble of having to go to a different site to see the archives.
- This is pretty much a preference con for me, may be a strength for you, a lot of the pictures are dark, shadowy, I think that is a word. That may be the artsy side again.
Bottom Line: I wasn't going to join the site after seeing the new price that no longer includes the TBP discount. After thinking about it and realizing that I would also get the archives and could join for 2 months for $40, I went ahead and took the plunge.

I had been a member here before, I think it was one of the first sites I ever joined. Mainly because of my knowledge of Playboy and the Ron Harris name. Fans of Playboy will like this site, lots of artsy sets that show the beauty of a woman, more so than playing the carnal desires of us men.

Don't take that wrong, there is some beyond softcore here. My best way to describe the site compared to a more known site is FTV. And of course, that is a good thing, FTV is a great site too. There are girl/girl sets and the sets Ron calls, "Real Orgasm". Which goes into a similar situation as FTV with the girl's wetness, being visible as it drips out of her.

Very erotic in that sense and I am guessing that is what Ron is going for. The models are some of the best looking and best known in the business. He seems to really like blondes. As he has his exclusive model Kara, who is a very pretty blonde, and he also has a good amount of Sandy Summers, a beuatiful blonde from Brazil. He isn't sticking to just blondes though. He has a lot of new content of one of the most popular newer models in porn, Meggan Malone. Andi Valentino is also here, a lot of these girls are in that newer group, so it shows that he is keeping up to date with the newer models and not afraid to hire new talent to keep his site fresh.

The newer videos are available in HD, and the pictures are at the very least, 2000 high end, complete with zips. Overall, I really like this site, plus you get his archives, I just think you have to do the 2 month to get the real value, since $5 more for another month, on nearly any site is worth it.

Looking for a new site and got $40 to spend, give it a try, also check out model Jenna, who is my favorite on the site. Really cute brunette. Recommended and for two months to get the discount. I also will review the archives as a separate site.

08-04-08  08:53pm

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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - High quality site that has a site full of content
- Videos checking in 1280 on high end over 5000 bitrates
- Pictures go as high as 4000 on high end and come in zip files as well
- Good download speeds for me, about 20% faster than my average download speed.
- Site navigation is good enough, which is important for a site with this much content
- Couple of updates per day
- Thank goodness, they have some models here that are well built, some of these artsy sites stick to those 102 pound models, but this one has some different sizes.
Cons: - Videos can be a little on the tame side, not quite as bad as Met-Art
- Something that I am not real fond of, starting out nude. This for me takes away part of the fantasy
- Nothing close to hardcore, though they don't advertise that they do, wanted to mention it for anyone reading this.
- Price is too high at $34.95
Bottom Line: I have mixed feelings about this site. I really like their quality, the large pictures and HD video, but keep in mind that the older sets of pics and videos are not this high quality. Also, if you are like me and like to see the girl clothed, then stripping down to nothing, you won't find much of that on this site.

I really didn't take much off my score for those negatives because the site is trying to stress the beauty of a naked female, not the beauty of a stripper!

The site navigation is easy, but you will still get the feeling that you are missing something, because there is so much content. I was happy with the download speeds, and the speed of the site, despite having so many things on each page.

I was also happy to see models that weren't tiny skinny, this to me is important when trying to show the beauty of a naked woman. And it was a worry I had before joining the site.

There also are some exotic looking models, which you rarely see on these art sites. Still, there could be more and need to be more. You will find some well-known models like Eufrat, Ariel and Suzie Carina. One slight complaint is that the g/g photo sets are just boring. I don't know how many more g/g sets I can look at of the women leaning against each other.

Oh and you can't use any download manager that I know of. I tried 3 different ones.

Overall for a month, I was satisfied, even with this high price, and I will recommend it for one month, maybe 2 times per year. Recommended!

04-14-08  08:58pm

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Visit Color Climax

Color Climax

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Classic site that has more content than I imagined
- Newer content that helps those of us who weren't even born when some of this porn came out
- Site navigation is pretty straight-forward, continued in cons.
- Videos are very good quality 720 on high end
- No obsession with facials, which is a good thing for me. The site brings a different view to porn that is a breath of fresh air to current times formulaic approach.
Cons: - As others have mentioned, the videos are in quicktime. Will explain more in BL
- I can't understand anything they are saying in the movies, but the language is probably better this way than with English voiceovers
- Some of the content is really seriously vintage stuff, not that it is a bad thing, but it is a harsh reminder at times of how far porn has come
- My download speeds are not good, only 700 kb/s on a 10M connection, about 300 kb/s lower than my average on other sites
Bottom Line: One of the biggest selling points for me is that we don't have the typical porn of current times, where the man absolutely has to give the woman a facial. The sex in these videos comes across as less staged.

The photos aren't bad, though we aren't talking Met-Art level here. The photos are available in zips. The video part, the VLC media player plays these without having to load the resource hog quicktime player. I also can recommend Windows Media Classic to watch the QT videos on. Both of these are my preferred video players anyway, so it doesn't bother me to not have WMV files.

My only real complaint is that some of the content does go way back in time. The site really does separate "classic" from "vintage" with most classic porn these days being from the late 80s. Some of this looks to be from the early 70s, maybe earlier.

A comment on the language, not for sure what they are speaking, maybe German? Either way, if dialogue in your porn matters, make sure you can understand the language. Like the old saying goes, all women moan in the same language, and that is really all that matters to me.

Overall, I am happy with the site, and really don't have many real complaints about it. I would imagine someone really into vintage porn would love it even more. A better search engine really wouldn't help since I don't any of these models by name. DL speeds did bother me. Still I recommend it to those into older porn, and those just looking for something different.

01-07-08  06:58pm

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Visit Vixeo


Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - They have over 2,000 DVDs
- Excellent TBP price of $14.95
- I believe only Videobox has more quanity than Vixeo, one thing that should be noted, those 2,000+ DVDs only consist of maybe 20 gay/tranny, so they have over 2,000 of either b/g, g/g or group.
- Quality is good for the most part. They are still saying DVD quality is 640x480 and that is what these clips are.
- Also has the best download speeds of any of the DVD sites I have been on.
Cons: - Some of the very oldest scenes are cut into clips.
- Navigation still can't match Videobox, but it really doesn't look like anyone can match VB in that regard.
Bottom Line: This is #2 behind Videobox for me. I've been a member on Vixeo, 3 times in the last 6 months. They are delivering 2 updates per day, which doesn't compare with Videobox, but you also don't get a lot of filler DVDs that no one will want either. I believe one of the best ways to pick a DVD site is write down your favorite 10 models that are usually in DVDs, check the # of videos they have of each one. Usually if a site has 20 plus clips of the top models, you can bet it is a pretty good site.

You will rarely see a video on Vixeo that has under "stars" "unknown". Vixeo surprised me the first time I joined it. Which I did because of a couple of my favorites, Eva Angelina and Nautica Thorn had several movies that I hadn't seen before.

DVD sites for me have hit their peak. Very few of these sites will ever be able to offer all of their content on HD, mainly because of space limitations, could you imagine having 2,000 HD dvds? Talk about server crashes!

Also, I am finding less new talent coming into the DVD porn world, and instead, going to solo sites, to release their own stuff.

If you get tired of Videobox, try Vixeo out, I believe it is the next best, with Pornstarxs and DVDbox following a step behind. They have 3 pages, 6 full DVDs on each with Eva for example and even two full pages of Kayla Marie which is I believe the most out of the DVD sites for Kayla. It is a good value no doubt, recommeded!

07-02-07  08:22pm

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Visit ATK Premium

ATK Premium

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Very unique site, settings, outfits, everything is just different from what the norm is with Euro girls
- In the 300s now in models, with usually 5+ photo sets and at least 1 video, the more popular models have 10+ photo sets and 5+ videos each.
- Picture resolution is good enough, but could be bigger, on the other hand, the scenery, backdrops, etc is as good as you will see
- See the other side of the models which I like
- Has b/g, g/g/, solo, posing everything you could ask for
Cons: - Little false advertising in the videos. You can download full "parts", but there are multiple parts, if you downloaded them by clips, it would take 10+ clips for one scene. Or in parts, usually 3. So it really isn't full clips that you are downloading.
- It is not a 100% exclusive site, not even close anymore.
Bottom Line: This is still one of my favorite sites, despite the big boo-boo on videos. I enjoy seeing the regular side of the models, but only if they are not one of those tease models that never takes her clothes off. My favorite Eve Angel has a set on here where she is making jewelry, sure enough, that jewelry she is making is the same I've seen her wear in other sets. Which shows a down to earth, non-materialistic side to the models.

I do question the "Premium" part in the name, though I do like this site better than the other ATK sites. I only join this site about once every 6 months, but it is mainly because I know I can pick up everything I have missed in a month or so.

Don't think it is just a site about showing the model's personality or anything like that. For example, the newest video update is of the gorgeous Zafira in a b/g movie. I've followed her career, and that I remember she hasn't done b/g that I have seen, though I do know she had a Killer Grip handjob clip. There is plenty of hardcore here, plenty of girl on girl, and plenty masturbation. Throw in seeing the other side of the models and I think you have one heck of a site.

I think it is a site that you have to give a chance to. Because of the nature of most of the picture sets, some of which have backdrops as beautiful as postcards from European countries, that shows a beautiful woman's shadows in the sunset, then you flip it over and get her hardcore clips! Highly Recommended, 1-2 months max at a time.

Knocked off 4 points for poor customer service. I sent email to ask about a certain model, nothing was returned. It is still recommended, but just don't try and ask the customer service any questions.

06-24-07  01:07am

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Visit ALS Angels

ALS Angels

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Most of the videos are 720x540, the older ones are being remastered if they are lower.
- Content is 100% exclusive
- As of right now, in the video section there are 3 full very high production DVDs, besides the video of clips. The DVDs each focus on one starlet, with masturbation and g/g clips. Also are sold on ALS DVD site for upwards of $25 a piece
- ALS has a micro-thong that most of the women wear in at least one set that looks very nice
- Only the very best of models on here
Cons: - I guess the rotating content could be a con
- The video section looks small, 36 video clips plus 3 full DVDs (8 chapters each), on the other hand, I liked each video clip enough that I have yet to delete any of them.
Bottom Line: I had never heard of ALS Angels, but had heard of ALS Scans. I had always heard of the rotating content, which changes every month or every two months. The thing is, I happened to get in on the content rotation in the right 4-8 weeks. As the 3 DVDs are of Breanne (really pretty), Sandra Shine and Eve Angel. Those 3 alone equal 24 clips that range from 12-25 minutes each. Then there are 36 other clips, a few more of them are of Eve Angel, another of Sandra as well. The rest are almost all major Euro stars, Angelina Crowe, Britney Austin, no skip over clips for me.

Pictures, this can be a little frustrating. The zips are divided into 3 sections 1-30, 31-60, so you have to download 3 separate zips.

I guess the hardest part about reviewing this site is that I have been a member for a little over a month, but the rotating content hasn't changed yet, so I can't guarantee if you go there, say next week, that this same content will be available. Having said that, I still have to think that with the overwhelming quality of pictures and videos, and the impressive list of models, there would be something for everyone.

On those DVDs, each one is cut into 8 chapters, on ALS DVD site $20 at least per DVD. The free ones that come with this site are a lower quality, 1MB+ 720x540, yeah, they consider that a lower quality, same exact clips as the DVDs which go up to 5MB HD. I've really enjoyed it, when the rotation hits, I will post a comment to update what is new. Recommended!

06-17-07  05:49pm

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Visit NS All Access

NS All Access

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - 14 sites for $14.95 with the TBP Discount
- Not bad quality on the videos, most are 640x480
- Nice variety of content/genres from site to site on the network
- Excellent customer service, lost my password, sent in a "ticket" that morning, had a new password when I got home from work.
- Most of your top Euro and American models are on here in at least some capacity
Cons: - Search engine is very frustrating, will explain in botton line.
- Pic sets are usually very short, 40-60 pics
Bottom Line: I was doing a search on NS A-A for my favorite model Eve Angel, nothing shows up. So I went ahead and started getting the videos of the other models that I like. One of the network sites is the 4 Finger Club, Lesbian genre site. I go onto it, and lo and behold there was Eve Angel. This to me is a major no-no. If you are going to have multiple sites, the search engine is maybe the most important feature, especially its accuracy. Most of the searching is done with a drop down box that lists the models on each site.

Otherwise, this is one of the best networks around. Over 1,000 video scenes, 640x480 resolution. Check out the top 10 sites you get with a membership, Jizz Bomb, New Sensations' own site, Papa Loads, Butt Divers, Lil' Latinas, Screaming O, Four Finger Club, Internal Violations, Mr. Biggz and Nacho's Killer Pussy. The lowest rated by TBP by itself is Nacho's Killer Pussy a 79. Everything else is in the 80s. I was happy to see that Jizz Bomb wasn't just cumshots, it is actually a very hardcore site that has the full sex in the clips.

I've been a member now on 3 separate occasions, but honestly, am not seeing as much new stuff that I like, as I used to. Similar to my feelings on videobox, if you have never been there or here, this is an excellent place to start. There is a little something for every porn fan on this site, so you should easily get your 15 bucks worth. That is still less than one porn DVD. I think I came away with 20 GB or so. Recommended!

05-21-07  12:25am

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