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Visit Yanks.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 08-12-11  06:49pm  (Update History)
Reason: Problems with canceling
Pros: - A site based around mostly amateurs, the female orgasm and real masturbation. As a plus, if you have a wife or girlfriend, that likes porn, you also get access to their site that is focused on male masturbation.
- Price is good through TBP
- Newer videos are 1280x720, will further this in BL
- Newer pictures are near 3000 long end and come zipped.
- Taking a shot at around 400 models, surprisingly, for an amateur site, nearly all the women are attractive. I think that's a big plus. Even the older (mid and up 40s) models that would normally not appeal to me, do here.
- Call it a pro or con, there are some pornstars on here. Ramona Luv seems to have been on nearly all amateur sites in 2004-06 and she's here, Aaliyah Love is here as a guest model, I don't mind them, but some might. I would love to see more Ramona.
- Decent search, it works, but the whole navigation of the site could be updated, reminds me of Little Mutt in how the site works.
- Very good download speeds
Cons: - The videos are not that clear, not even the 1280x720 ones. It could be lighting, could be the amateur "effect", but the older videos are hard to watch on a big monitor.
- Inconsistencies, one model, Isabella, has a high video download option, it's 720x480 and a bit blurry. A newer model doesn't have high video download option and the medium option is clearer than Isabella's high option.
- If I could convince them of one thing, please stop the video from streaming when I click on it to download. Firefox users should turn to No Script, trust me, some of these videos are orgasm focused so there's nothing like one starting and a loud moan roaring through your house at 4 in the morning.
- My main feeling here in the cons is that it needs updating, not the actual content updates, but the site. It took me 10 minutes to find the download link for photo sets.
Bottom Line: We had discussed a little about this site being like I Feel Myself. It's not a lot like it, but it does have short 40-60 second videos of the woman's orgasm face that are spliced from the actual full body videos. So if you're into I Feel Myself and just seeing the face during orgasm, you will like those, I really didn't since they are so short.

Next up, interview videos. They're everywhere. Since they don't an interview tag, I scanned through the videos archives and these interview videos look to come about every 5th update. I really don't like interview videos and they take up the space of an update too. I do understand the use of them on a site like this since it's more convincing that these girls are not pros, but the pros have ruined interviews for most of us. For what it's worth, most of the girls on here seem genuinely sweet and playful.

I don't know what the deal is with the videos not looking good.

But wait a minute, the content is really good. If you're into strip, tease, which I am, you may not like these videos. There is almost no tease, it's get naked, masturbate for 7-10 minutes, orgasm. This isn't as bad as it sounds. It does add to the girls probably being filled with anxiety, nervousness. Some of the girls are much more confident and have more fun with it.

The unusual masturbation techniques used in some are interesting, erotic even, but I'm not for sure how sexually arousing they are to watch. Maybe that's me, I don't find a girl rubbing her clit against the corner of a bathroom sink to be arousing. I'm guessing what is being shown here though is that this is how the girls are comfortable masturbating. I don't believe there is a fake orgasm on the site. You get some squirters, some that make a milky mess in minutes and what I think they have going for them the most, the girls are really good-looking girls. There are few here and there that don't really appeal, but most look like regular, cute to really pretty girls.

They're all not skinny or in perfect shape. I was really surprised that I liked the 45 year old Barbie Lynn's bathtub shoot. I think they are going to sell most of these models on being real, erotic instead of drop dead gorgeous.

These are the numbers I'm coming up with based on their search engine.

Nearly 1,000 videos, and as said earlier the interview ones and short orgasm face ones are included here. Still, the site has grown since I was last on it. From the way I read it, they had several sites and decided to put all the content on them on this site. I don't remember them having over maybe 400 videos last year.

I will say they could be more clear about what you get. When I click "our sites", it shows me having access to the male masturbation site Club Stroke and having access to Whispering Lily, this is a community site that has a forum, shows the new updates at Yanks.

This is where it gets confusing. Also listed in "our sites" is Solo Touch. This shows as being a male and female masturbation site. Well, to enter it, I have to register a profile on Whispering Lily. When I go to Whispering Lily it says that all their content has been put on Yanks or Club Stroke, so I have no clue what this Solo Touch is or if its female content is already on Yanks.

A little frustrated that some of the models only have pictures. I understand that not all are willing to do videos, but I still want to mention that to potential members. Another frustrating one that I think is very important, some of the picture sets are only 15-25 pictures. Again, I understand that those are older sets.

May sound like I have mostly negative feelings here, but it's not true. The frustration comes from how good this content is and how much better it could be.

They stick with the solo theme really well. There are even dozens of videos of two girls masturbating together, but not really touching each other. This is a whole other level of erotic since you get the feeling they are drawing some inspiration from looking at the other masturbating. A few do go into girl/girl and those scenes are really good if you're into lesbian porn.

Updates don't seem to follow a set schedule. For the last month there are 25 updates, those 25 breakdown like this, 8 photo sets, 10 masturbation videos, 5 interview videos and 2 of the orgasm face only videos.

Overall, I really like the site because of the models. I will be keeping the majority of what I download, which is rare for me. And it's nice in a way that the videos are short 7-10 minutes, even at HD, are only 200 MB or so.

On recommending it, if you need tease in every video then maybe not. If you're looking for something different than the normal porn these days, this site is highly recommended. I think it's much better than I Feel Myself and would compare it more to Little Mutt or maybe even FTV in some ways without the glam. I would recommend it. I'm enjoying it and it will slip into my normal rotation of sites. More of Ginger P would be nice too!

08-03-11  03:48am

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A huge network of mostly reality themed sites.
- Very good TBP price
- Three new updates per day during the week, no updates on weekends, still balances out to a hair over 2 updates per day.
- Newer sets have 1080p option in .f4v files, recommend playing those with VLC.
- All sets as far as I can see, this site has been around for a long time, but all sets besides the "Live" sites sets include a picture set with zip feature to download.
- The "Live" sites will appear in cons too, but I do consider these a pro on one side. At one time, NA had live cam performances for their members. These live sites have all of those performances stored on them for you to download, so they are a bonus if you never saw them.
- Good download speeds
- Newer videos have 7 download options including mobile. Very crisp videos and for the most part, good camerawork.
- Lots of niches covered with costume themed sets.
Cons: - Can understand stopping the "live" sites, but I still think it's a con even with the archives, as those really separated NA from the other networks.
- The older content which includes some of NA's best scenes, often only offer a low quality video option.
- As with most of the reality sites you will run into the occasional "why won't that guy shut the fuck up?" video
Bottom Line: I really don't want this to come off as a review saying Naughty America isn't a good network. It's a great network, but I do think it is somewhat stuck in 2008.

This is a very professional network. To my eyes, those 1080p .f4v files are the clearest videos I've seen. There is a problem there. That is file size. Most of these range between 2 and 2.5 GB each. I actually found the 480p .f4v files to be more than acceptable, very clear also and really, the file size suggests they are still very high quality. A 480p, 30 minute video usually isn't near 900 MB, but these are.

Navigation works, I'm sure it could be better, but considering the amount of content they have, I am going to assume it's hard to squeeze all of it into an uncluttered space.

Where I think NA is running into a problem is the same place other networks have ran into a problem. They pigeonholed themselves with these niche themed sites and eventually those will become repetitive. I don't think it's a network's fault, but I would like to see them branch out a little. They have such a good collection of "older" models, why not throw in an older woman seducing her young female neighbor to having lesbian sex site? Just a thought.

The live archived content is a real goldmine for fans of solo porn. Since these were once live performances, you get the model talking to the camera, teasing, masturbating, and me being a solo fan, can really appreciate this content.

Having pictures with sets is always a plus. Much like their videos, NA's pictures are nice and clear, however, these pictures are well below average in resolution with a top out at 1000 high end, but they do look good.

The main draw of the content here, at least to me, are the themes. You've got Cougars, MILFs, Teens, they're all seducing or being seduced. Are you picking up my slacker vibe? I don't think Naughty America intends to slack, but 100-200 videos based on the exact same scenario does get boring. Hell, I don't know, let the student seduce the teacher. And again, not blaming NA for this. If they put scenes up that didn't fit exactly what the theme says there would be someone complaining that they were false-advertising.

I do think this is a very good network, especially at the $9.95 price. You just can't hardly beat that value, even stronger when you consider they are still releasing 15ish new scenes a week.

Over 1,000 "live" archived scenes. Never been to this network? These alone are worth a month's membership. Some do include more than one person, but most are solo and the Live Naughty Secretary, to me, is worth a membership just for those.

Of the regular sites, there are 26 and they are big on the "older" models, though as we have found out, older is quite subjective, in this case, most of these models are between 25-35. Over 4,000 scenes on those sites and they are all exclusive.

Model selection is pretty typical for a network, quite a few implants, quite a few tattoos, but I'm not really complaining since the site itself doesn't decide if these models get tattoos or implants.

Overall, recommended to nearly all porn fans and highly recommended if you do not have the content from the "live" sites.

07-25-11  08:30pm

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Visit Mofos Network

Mofos Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A network that is owned by the same company that owns Brazzers, with more amateur level models and not as many fake boobs.
- Video technical quality is top of the line. From the best I can tell, unless there are some old videos I haven't seen, every video I've downloaded has had a 1080p option.
- Every set has photo and screenshots options with zip downloads. The older pictures are only 1300 long end, but the majority are 2000 long end or higher.
- Prefer the model selection here over any of the other networks. All races of models covered nicely which is rare in networks these days.
- Not quite as much silliness or goofiness that other networks have.
- Navigation is good except for one big con listed below in cons.
- Besides the sites that come with the network, there are 32 bonus sites, these include one Brazzers site, A Day with a Pornstar, ZZ Insider, Spunk Network and the rest looks to be licensed DVDs, includes most niches, including BBW, so they're digging deep.
Cons: - Not a lot of cons, but if one stands out the most it is the lack of a model search by name. Instead, you get the options of 18-25, Europeans, and so on, but no direct model search. What this amounts to is scanning through until you find a model you're looking for, clicking her name, then marking her as a favorite to go back to and download.
- This is more of an annoyance con, when you click on a site from the main network page, you get a full page ad that you have to close to get to the site.
- Sort of a pro/con both, quite a few ads, but some are really good deals.
Bottom Line: After Brazzers impressed me with their improvements on their network I decided to take a shot at this smaller network they also own or manage.

I'm glad I did. The best way for me to describe this network is to say this is what Brazzers, Reality Kings, Bang Bros were before they ended up with so much content that they are overwhelming and have older lesser quality content. Everything here is high quality, 1080p option, though I honestly don't download those highest quality videos because the file sizes near 3 GB each.

The video options on the newest videos are mp4, wmv 1080p, wmv 720p and those three also have SD versions for those that don't want to download files that range from 1-3 GB each. Most of the SD ones are 500-800 MB each and look very good. The picture sets are huge. The ones I have downloaded go in excess of 200 pictures each with a 2000 long end on the resolution.

The only option I've seen missing on the older videos is the mp4 option.

Also what I think has been done on this network is someone is listening to the complaints on the other networks. The sites on here all go into niches, instead of trying to be a reality niche with the same theme from site to site. There's a solo site, an "amateur" site though these are mostly new(er) pornstars, there is a party site with group sex, an exhibitionist/voyeur type site, an interracial site, a worldwide model site, some "classic" scenes, one "reality" themed of "at work" and two other group competition sites.

This creates a very nice balance. The cons, that model search function really needs to be added. I have to think Emy Reyes is on here somewhere, but I'm still scrolling through the sites trying to find her. If there is a model search, would appreciate someone pointing me to it.

Since I've been a member, they average more than 1 update per day with some days getting two. Maybe less is better? Quality over quantity? The ads will annoy you at first especially the splash screen when you click on a site to go to, but maybe I'm just imagining this, but they seem to be less and less the further I get into the membership. Maybe it's the first time you visit a site?

It also has that toolbar/sidebar thing that a lot of sites are going to. I don't use it. It has links for the 32 bonus sites, your account, etc...

At the top you have a link for your favorites. It's a nice site design, not cluttered at all. At first, I didn't think I was going to go this high with the score, because it's not as big as most networks, but with the content they have being high quality, I think it offsets the lower number of content. On the confusion with how much content is on here, I'm guessing the higher number includes the bonus sites. There still is a lot of content here and considering the high technical quality of them, plus me preferring these models as a whole, it's better than the majority of networks to me.

Highly recommended, you'll probably be as surprised as I was.

06-26-11  04:18pm

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Visit Teen BFF

Teen BFF

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Part of the Porn Pros network, one of the more creative uses of reality porn.
- Has 42 sets overall, videos are near HD quality, but are a little grainy, I'm thinking for that "authentic amateur" feel.
- All 42 scenes are ones I will keep and really think this reality niche has been missed by most networks.
- Download speeds are very good with a DL manager, terrible without a DL manager.
- Has a good believability factor going for it. Even though you will probably know these models are porn stars, they do a good enough job of making it seem realistic to convince me with a little help from my imagination.
- Biggest pictures go up to 3000 long end, but some, keeping to that amateur theme are much smaller like a cellphone picture, 800 long end.
- Still updating, but the updates are now only once every two weeks, instead of weekly as they were in Duke's TBP review.
- All the models are cute, some stunners like Melanie Rios, quite a few Latinas on this site.
Cons: - There are only 42 scenes. Of course, you get the network access to offset that, but really think Porn Pros has hit on a niche here that they should be really pushing.
- Some bad camera angles, could add more to the amateur feel, but bad camerawork is frustrating nonetheless.
Bottom Line: I've seen these "hacked" sites for years, ex-girlfriend revenge, dorm room parties. While it's not really believable that someone hacked someone's social networking site and stole their near HD videos of hardcore sex, which wouldn't be allowed on those sites anyway, I think this one does a good job of making it just believable enough.

Though this site does follow a certain formula in the videos, it's one that we don't see much in porn these days. Every scene I've watched so far starts with the women clothed, trying on clothes, doing all the things us perverted men like to believe goes on, though the pillow fight goes a little far. They have been able to put models on this site that I could see doing these things. As the silliness, which is good in this case, slows, the girls start kissing and you get pretty much a lesbian scene, then a guy shows up and gets in on the fun.

The picture sets take this one further by having the girls taking pictures of themselves in the mirror. Flashing each other, these create a real feeling of playfulness when looking at them. Maybe there's a deep concept going on here or maybe they just got lucky by filming it this way, but I did find these scenes to be as believable as any reality scenes in porn.

The bad camera angles are annoying, but I do think they add to the amateur feel of it.

Now, this site gave me fits without a DL manager, I actually downloaded one scene, the newest update, Veronica and Mandy, in all 3 formats, twice each and still didn't get a full download without it breaking. Nearly every scene had 404 file not found on download links through the browser. Once I used a download manager with username and password stored in it, everything downloaded fine and no 404 files.

The videos are an odd 1240x702 resolution, I don't mind that's it not exactly 720p. The selling point here are the pictures that create a realistic feel to the scenes. You're onto something here Porn Pros. The pictures probably have the first 10 minutes of the girls just coming home from a party or clubbing, changing clothes, being frisky with each other, then the video picks up with the action. I like it.

The photos in the mirrors also seem better than your standard, "pose this way" photos on porn sites, since the girls are being silly in them.

The action is generally very good. A few of the models that really shine here are Gigi Rivera, Melanie Rios and Tanner Mayes. Though my favorite scene has Lynn and Ella in it, the Latina one does some serious ride 'em cowboy on the guy. The site has a lot of personality to it.

Though small in size, I've been on sites that have 1,000 videos that I don't keep 42 scenes from, so I think this site was worthy of a review and is one of the reasons that I ended up liking the Porn Pros network.

All very good models, good, fun and original concept with younger, cute models. Can't beat that. Very nice site with a lot of network content to back it up!

06-13-11  07:18pm

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Visit Porn Pros Network

Porn Pros Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Big network with some unusual niches in it and a love of fake cumshots, not as bad as it sounds.
- Any concern with billing shouldn't be, they made me a very good "stay" offer of more than half off, when declined, got the email saying canceled within seconds.
- Video tech specs are good, close to standard HD, but videos are shot in a more amateurish way, not saying the cameramen aren't good, but the videos seem to try to have a homemade look to them.
- Photo quality is very good,
- Definitely looks to be exclusive
- Major pro here, this site seems to love the use of download managers, will explain in BL. 3000 long end resolution and come zipped.
- Some of the sites, Massage Creep, Flexible Positions, are as good as most sites in those niches and would say Massage Creep is the best Massage site I've seen.
- Some interesting ideas where porn stars do things women on social sites do, like photos in mirror, to give the amateur feel to it and pull it off pretty well.

Cons: - Navigation is frustrating. My first example is that some models just aren't listed, Stephani Moretti as example, clicked her name, instead of seeing her updates, I got all the new updates from all models. Can't find her in the model list either and she has multiple sets on their various sites. Works pretty good on most and maybe this is just one rare case, but seeing that she's one of the models I really like that they have it stuck out to me.
- The fake sites are just silly. I'm sure it was funny the first few times, but they really should stick with the other sites they have and let those fake dicks and gallons of fake cum sites die off.
- Not always a con for me, but there are quite a lot of implants and tattoos here, that Freak Boobs site is just bad.
- Download speeds without a manager were bad, had broken files, sets not showing up 404 errors, but the download manager seems to have cured that problem.
Bottom Line: If I hadn't went back to using a download manager, Free Download Manager, I would have knocked at least 20 points off this network's score. I haven't been using DL manager lately on any sites. So when I started downloading from this site through my browser, the right click on the link would either give me a 404 error or start trying to stream the video, left click, save as worked better, but probably half of the files would stop downloading around 70% finished. Then there was the problem with the DL speed through the browser, I usually can get near or slightly above 2 MB/s or for better comparison 2000 KB/s instead, I was receiving 400 KB/s through the browser.

FDM saved the month though, using it, the site works really good and the download speeds are almost as high as I can receive from any site.

These fake sites on this network are a waste in my opinion. And it's not just one fake dick, fake cum sites, I'm counting five, though it looks like all have stopped updating except one and that one only updates once a month. Good move in my opinion.

The bad thing with one navigation problem, like with trying to find Stephani Moretti, is that I now don't know if the navigation for other models is showing all their content.

The good news is, they have some ideas going on in this network that I really liked. The Teen BFF site, though porn stars, brings a very amateur feel with the girls doing the mirror photos, the silly photos, that's pretty good for any of potential members that are used to seeing similar pictures on the social networking sites.

The technical quality is very good. The videos say HD, but from looking at the codec info, it's a little lower than 720p, I'm seeing 1250x702. The pictures are as good as you will see on a network, nice to see the clothed pictures in the zips too, 3000 long end on those.

Some unusual niches like Public Violations where you watch a video to see, a guy run up behind a woman and pull her shirt up or pants down or runs up and pulls his dick out. Video over. A few scenes on this site are public sex, so those are pretty good.

Massage Creep, Teen BFF, Flexible Positions, Real Ex-Girlfriends, 18 Years Old, Disgraced 18, Amateur Violations, Webcam Hackers, Jurassic Cock and Cruelty Party are all still updating, I think, one may just be a monthly update since its last update was in May, these sites are all very good. Those sites to me really boost this network with some interesting niches and plays on reality porn. Most of the models are well-known and most in these scenes are models I like, even if implanted and tattooed. Loved the Isis Taylor scenes.

Once past the download problems through browser and away from the fake cum sites, Freaks of Cock, Freaks of Boobs sites, this became a very good network. Nice quality, I don't mind that it's not 1080p as the files are big enough as it is. Overall, I would recommend it with the warning of the fake cum and Freaks sites and use of DL manager.

06-13-11  06:13pm

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Visit Brazzers


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 06-06-11  02:57pm  (Update History)
Reason: Gave credit for a site that's on another network I'm currently on too, removed that part, sorry about the confusion if anyone saw it.
Pros: - A re-review that sees a +15 points change from previous review. A big network that focuses mainly on big boobs, many that are implants, but not all and some fun niches have been added or have grown since I was last here.
- Going to be impossible for me to figure out where the 720p and 1080p videos started, but I do know as far back as September 2009, from browsing, so about two years of those HD and true HD videos. 5 points added to score for this since it was required to stay a member 6 months when I was last on it to get HD downloads.
- Newer HQ pictures, not screenshots, go up to 2500 high end, which are real studio shot photo sets with each movie. Screenshot packs are also available and both are zipped.
- Download speeds hit right at my maximum I can receive, though at times, I do notice a slight 15% dip in speed.
- Navigation is good enough for a network.
- Network updates on average twice per day, 14 since last Monday.
- Doing better with the ethnic models too!
Cons: - The obvious big con here is the amount of implants. I did a estimation once before of 50% of models on here having implants. I am seeing newer more natural models like Abella Anderson, also seeing more Latina, bi-racial models. So this is still a con, since if someone doesn't like implants, tattoos, it's not the best site to jump right into, but there are some really nice, natural models starting to show up.
- I won't beat this to death, but they still have my favorite hardcore exhibitionist site, Asses In Public, but it hasn't been updated in nearly 3 years. I'm sure there is good reason for it.
- I think like with the other networks, if you get bored easily, join for a month, come back for a month 6 months later and so on. The niche/story heavy sites will get boring to most of us after a month or so.
Bottom Line: I guess you could say Brazzers took a little blue pill on their score. Though I should mention on my original review of Brazzers, I gave them a 90, first re-review dropped to 77, now up to 92.

The previous time I joined Brazzers it was to download the Asses in Public content since the external hard drive I had it on had crashed and I loved the AIP content. Once done with downloading those again, I downloaded exactly one scene from the rest of the site in a month. After that frustration I then went through the 8 page cancellation process that annoyed the hell out of me. Good news on that too.

Now when you cancel, it makes you one offer, which is the same as the price you get going through TBP, if you pass the offer up, it confirms your screenname/password, you click ok and it's canceled and received a cancellation email within seconds. Much better.

I've been able to access the HD and true HD files since the start of my membership, so they've removed the 6 month recurring member rule to receive access to these. I do think these more honest, professional changes warrant 5 points added back to the score.

On the content, I really don't remember Brazzers having the Doctor Adventures site, but they may have and my past frustration led me not to look at them. More ethnic models have helped offset the blonde implant bimbo Barbie look I had complained about previously. I also think being away for two years has helped since I've forgotten most of the niches and can see that they are as original as any of the other networks out there.

Besides the improved video quality, there are the improved HQ photo sets with each scene that have some nice 2500 long end photos of the model by herself even if it is a hardcore scene. Everything works smoothly, clear links for zip downloads, click to download a video and all the options/formats show up.

In total you get 29 sites, including what looks to be a short trip to Budapest, for a site called ZZ Series, only has 16 scenes in it, but it has some of the top tier Euro models like Cindy Hope, another favorite Aleska (Diamond) and Blue Angel. Got some rougher niche/light dom sites like Hot and Mean, Pornstar Punishment, so there is a sign of Brazzers trying to develop some new niches for their network instead of how it used to be with nearly every site having "Big Tits in/at..." or "...Like it Big".

To me, it's a marked improvement all-around. The shady business practices are gone, the focus on nothing but boobs mentality is gone, asses in public content is still there if you don't have it and the addition of more brunettes, at least some less implants, added to the improvement in the video quality without the wait and improvement in pictures, it has earned that 15 point boost from the previous review and has made its way back into my network rotation. Definite recommend for anyone, especially boob lovers.

06-06-11  02:51pm

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Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lots of content, lots of teen models, and the network provides multiple niches for a good TBP discounted price.
- New videos are HD, even some of the older videos are HD and this is the first network I've seen with HD voyeur content.
- Some truly enchanting, pretty, seductive models like Marina F, Pussika and Maxine.
- I'm receiving good download speeds unless I only download one file at a time. With only 1 file downloading, my download speed is 700 kb/s. I, on average, can download from most sites at 1.5-2.0 mb/s. If I download multiple files from here then I can reach the speed when combined.
- A couple of sites really stand out, I especially like Beauty Angels.
- Network has steady updates, for the last week there have been 10 updates across the network, so a little more than 1 per day on average.
- Navigation is pretty good, simple, which I think works best for a site of this size.
Cons: - Right off the bat, you can add 10 points to the review if your preferences in models are slim, small chested and amateurish. It was a major con for me. I tried to open my mind a little by joining this network. I almost always like curvy, average build, exotic women, ethnic models and there just aren't many of those on here. I don't think it's the site fault though. They advertise teens and these girls look like teens.
- Inconsistencies, though I'm not taking much off the score, I do think there are too many inconsistencies which I will go into in the BL.
- Can't understand anything the models say which is a problem on the sites that have a theme or story to their scenes, even worse, most of the subtitles are not helping, will explain in BL.
- Very formulaic scenes, this is always a problem, as I've said before with niche sites, but without any language understanding it becomes even worse here.
Bottom Line: The biggest problem I had with this network is one that I think needs to be mentioned for potential members to know, not only from the bad side of it, but good side too. These models, taking a rough estimate, 80-90% are skinny, small boobs, more hipbones than curves, true teenage models and builds. I say that since some people may be looking for that style of model. If so, you will love this site. If not, you will still probably like it, like I did, you'll find a few models here and there that you like, but you won't love the site.

A problem I ran into that continues from the previous paragraph is that I normally do not search out skinny, small-chested, tiny butt models, so I only knew a few models on this network. I discovered Marina F, very seductive in her pictures and a hint of an exotic look. Otherwise, I was downloading and hoping for the best.

Those inconsistencies: Most sites in the network have zipped photos which is always a plus, but a few didn't have any photos. Filenames are odd, but most sites these days are. Reality Kings is one of the few networks that names their scenes and I wish more sites would consider this. The problem here on this network, some scenes don't even have model info. I usually get around the filename problem by saving to a folder named after the model. Not working on these, instead I have 43 videos named "high (1), high (2), high (3)" and so on.

The formulaic approach to scenes is made worse by the language barrier. I don't know if the model is asking the guy to fix her Volkswagen or give it to her hard. I can't blame the site for trying with subtitles, but really, those aren't helping much. An example from a Tricky Masseur scene. These may not be the exact words but are close.
Man to model laying on table with towel around bottom half: You must take towel off to reach maximum efficiency.
Model: No
Man: If you leave towel on you only get 10-100% efficiency.
Model: Okay (takes towel off)
Man: I must take my clothes off for you to reach maximum efficiency.

Funny? Sure. Erotic? No.

I really mean no offense on that part. I would even say do away with the subtitles, most porn fans understand the guy is not really tricking the model. This looks like a case of the site trying too hard.

On the score, I did go outside my comfort zone by joining this network. Most of these models to me are interchangeable.

Attention: As example, I would love to know who the model on the Tricky Masseur home page is, but I can't separate these models from each other by looking at them. That's how similar the models are to each other. Being someone who likes ethnic diversity, curvy, big butts, bouncy boobs, there just wasn't a lot here for me.

Still not going to be a negative review as I know we have a lot of fans of these slim models and if you are one then I would recommend this site highly. If not, I would still say give it a try. There are quite a few of these models that are charismatic and worth a look.

04-15-11  04:41pm

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Visit Pamela Spice

Pamela Spice

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Can be joined through her site and includes 8 bonus sites for $24.95, will explain the better deal, in my opinion, in bottom line.
- 68 photo sets, 1200x798 resolution, all are zipped.
- 109 videos, 720x480, 3000-4000 bitrate
- Mostly solo, plenty of exhibitionism and some girl/girl. There's a catch on the boy/girl content.
- Pamela is a highly charismatic model, she smiles a lot, she giggles, she gets visibly excited when she shows off her body in public, she's playful and as someone who is married to a Latina, Pamela still has the cutest English accent I've heard. Maybe it's the things she says, don't know, but the biggest con is going to be that she no longer is modeling.
- All of her content has stayed on my hard drive since I downloaded it, no deletes and I still go back to it often. Some of these scenes give you a feeling that you're not going to see anything like them again.
- One of the few solo models who doesn't seem to take herself too seriously.
Cons: - No updates in 2 years
- Would have liked more picture sets and more exhibitionism in her videos.
- The general con theme here is more, more, more.
- The one real con, Pacino did record one hardcore scene of him and Pamela, but it costs $20 to download it in addition to your membership. I don't know if he will ever decide to add that one into the regular content or not.
Bottom Line: I had said I wasn't going to review this site, but after realizing how much I go back to the content and realizing there are no reviews on it, I thought there should be one since it touches on a niche.

First, Pamela is a very young looking model, from South America. She does have braces, which could be a pro or con for you. She looks really tiny, but once out of her clothes she has a really nice, natural build. Not for sure if she would be a C cup, but pretty close and has the curvy Latina butt. It's hard to tell, but I'm thinking at first Pacino was going to use her more as a barely legal model. Quite a bit of her content plays to her "innocent" look, pigtails, knee-socks, etc...

Her masturbation sets are very believable, she does vaginal and anal masturbation in some. She has several girl/girl videos and like most of Pacino's models, she really seems to enjoy the girl/girl sets, especially the ones with the equally pretty Karen.

What sets Pamela apart though is her exhibitionist side, the innocence gone naughty, she does it as well as any model. A few examples, one set is in a busy bar, it's dim and she flashes her boobs at least 6-7 times with people walking right by. She has a couple of park scenes where she sits on a wall in a skirt and slides her panties over while people walk by, even touches herself in parts and makes comments about, "my pussy is wet". The believability of her sets is as high as any model I've seen. These exhibitionist sets contribute to the credibility of her other sets.

The bad news is that she isn't modeling anymore and hasn't been since 2008.

The good news is, you can join Pacino's Adventures, which is updating and has HD content of Latina amateur models and Pamela's site is included as a bonus site. For someone that has never joined Pacino's Adventures this is a great deal since I personally think Pamela's site alone would be worth joining for one month for the exhibitionism lover.

You can join through Pamela's site for $5 less and it does include the good site La Zona Modelos, and 5-6 other solo model sites Pacino has had that have stopped updating. It's hard to call it a network since all of these sites have been standalone sites at one point or another.

The video specs aren't great, but they are DVD quality and look good enough.

I would recommend it to exhibitionism fans just by itself. It's hard to make an estimate, but I'm saying a minimum of 1/4 of the videos have exhibitionism in them. These stand out because of the look of naughty, trying to be innocent, joy on her face. Some of it seems completely spontaneous too. Very good masturbation model too, the masturbation in the sex toy store is as hot as any solo scene I've seen.

It's probably not for everyone, some of the exhibitionism videos may take 3-4 minutes before you see any skin. Exhibitionism fans probably already expect that, but thought I would mention it. I recommend joining through Pacino's Adventures and getting it as a bonus site.

04-11-11  06:17pm

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Visit 21Sextury.com


Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Fights a close battle with Twistys as my top site for quality, quantity and value.
- Descending price per month going from $20, $15 to staying at $10 from there out.
- The numbers are staggering, 2,216 models, near 10,000 scenes and the majority are exclusive.
- Videos range from 640x480 to 1920x1080, going to try and list in reply.
- Photos are zipped and stayed at 1280 high end up until the last year, then the 4300 high end photo zips option showed up on the exclusive sites.
- I would go as far as saying there are at least 10 sites in this network that would be worth joining just for that one site for the $20 price. The value is very high.
- I have found the navigation to be very good for a network of this size.
- Ability to "stay" a member after membership runs out so you can check out all the new updates.
- Quite a few niches covered even with the split of the extreme sites to their own network.
- Can't say much more than it's the best of its kind.
Cons: - Well there isn't much outside of the few technical glitches I had mentioned in the previous comment.
- Nitpicking, as another member here pointed out, the file names. I don't run into this problem most of the time since I rename the scenes to whatever the title of the set is, but that's going to be the 1 point I take off since I could download more if not for having to rename the files! Little bit of joking there since I'm already crossing bandwith limits.
Bottom Line: This is sort of a hard network to review as a whole. Of the sites available in the first month, these to me are exclusive and would be able to stand on their own, Pix and Video, Club Sandy, Lez Cuties, Anal Teen Angels, Asshole Fever, Blue Angel Live, Aletta Ocean Empire, Cuties Galore, DP Fanatics, Footsie Babes, Nude Fight Club and Sweet Sophie Moone. So, that's 12 and all except Blue Angel, Aletta Ocean and Nude Fight Club have hundreds of scenes on each, all exclusive.

Maybe it's a change in the porn world, but there was a time that I joined some of these sites for $30 each or $45 for two. Those listed above aren't the only exclusive sites either. Those are just the ones that I personally would have joined at least once or have joined as one site.

The updates for the network average around 6 per day. That's around 200 updates a month. We can do the math, stay for 3 months, 600 updates, 3 month price $45 total, with the majority of those updates being exclusive. That's serious value. The navigation added points to the score just because I've never been on a network that had accurate search by model results. This one does.

For someone new to their sites, I suggest a couple of new external hard drives. As example, say you just discovered Sophie Moone, she has 449 scenes on here. Sandy has 356. Eve Angel has 125. Cindy Hope around 100. These numbers are combined with the other 2,000+ models. Even Regina Ice, who I think is a very underrated model, she has 24. You could spend probably 4-5 months here downloading and still be discovering new models.

A few things to add here. To show the amount of new models, they have 697 new models listed in the last year. It's like they've got a model factory and just keep churning out new favorites to combine with the older favorites.

I know 99 is a high score, but I could break this down in cost per exclusive scene, amount of models and make a case for it that way. That wouldn't even include the fact that the new videos are 1920x1080 and new pictures are 4300 long end. It wouldn't include the near perfect navigation once you get used to it. In terms of price + quality + quantity = value, they are as near to perfect as I've found. The amount of updates keeps you busy too. If there is any problem with the site it is just that. It's overwhelming. Just when I find a model that I want to download all of the content by her, I discover another one and this creates a problem of being overwhelmed.

I joked in the comment about hitting my monthly bandwith limit with my internet provider and that is probably the best compliment I can pay a site. I especially want to add to be sure to check out Lez Cuties and Anal Teen Angels, lots of new, young models on those sites that I was not familiar with. If I were to break these sites down, I could realistically see rating at least those 12 I listed above from 82-92 each, getting them all for the price they offer makes it the best value in porn to me.

03-31-11  07:29pm

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Visit Eve Angel Official

Eve Angel Official

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Past due re-review of my favorite model's site. Still the best solo site, in my opinion, but 5 point reduction since my last review.
- Pictures much like other DDF produced sites are 1330x2000 and vice versa, also are zipped, only complaint with the pictures is that there could be more in some sets. Some have as few as 35 photos. Most are in the 70-100 range.
- Video quality ranges throughout, though all newly produced videos since the site's start have 1280x720, also smaller resolutions available, more explanation in BL.
- Eve by herself is probably the biggest pro here.
- Dating back to her old solo site, Eve brings in some of the best models for her girl/girl sets.
- Eve is talking in English much more. Love her accent!
- Navigation is pretty straightforward but does have some frustration, see tags con.
- Seeing Eve age gracefully, nearing her 10th year in modeling and still looks this good.
- Download speeds are good. Though they were sticking for a few days.
Cons: - Technical problems. Will list the technical problems in BL. Though nothing terribly wrong, these were the biggest cause of the 5 point reduction.
- Bad tags, which are the only way to search for certain niche sets. Even seen one Eve solo that had "tattoo" in tags. Eve has no tattoos. See solo sets that don't have solo in tags. Girl/Girl sets with no lesbian tags. Though I do usually just look over these.
- Could fall under pro/con, quite a bit of content is remastered from DDFs sites and Eve's old site.
Bottom Line: I figured I might as well get this reduction review of Eve's site posted. I still will say she's the best solo, all-natural, stripteasing, hose, panties, seductive model in the business. Throw in the realism in her lesbian scenes and you get a lot of really good content.

Just to point these out so it can't be said that I'm nitpicking. The 1-18-2011 update has a place for a video, but no video is there. Being a jeans fetishist and loving Eve sets in jeans this missing video really stands out. The 1-27-2011 update has nothing in it. When you click it, it takes you to the newest update. If that's not frustrating enough, it's part 2 of the update from the 1-20-2011 update! Watch part 1, Eve dominating another woman named Shanis, get interested, but no continuation is available?

Most of these dominating scenes are from House of Taboo from DDF Prod and all are parted. I don't have a problem with parted scenes if the scene is really long, but these parts range from 5 minutes to 11 minutes each.

Just wanted to make sure I explained my point reduction. The good comes from DDF's quality, the vast majority of the 250+ videos are available in 1280x720 res, some have the 1920x1080 option. Then there are the newer sets that have actual stories with them. Eve has been speaking in English since one of her earliest videos on Interracial 18, but she just wouldn't do it much. Some of the newer scenes have full dialogs in them and as said in pros, love her accent and voice. The picture sets are also nice quality at 2000 max resolution long end. Picture sets range from 35 to 120+ photos.

On the numbers, this is to the best of my knowledge and may be off by a few scenes, but I think it's pretty accurate.

- 33 scenes from 1byday/Hot Legs and Feet that have been remastered as high as possible, some of these were as small as 320x240 back on those sites, now are at least DVD quality.
- 49 photo or video sets from Eve's old site remastered.

Everything else is new to this site and exclusive to this site except maybe 10 that are from House of Taboo. Don't mind those since I hadn't joined DDF Prod in awhile. Those older and remastered sets only make up about 25% of the site's content and are released now in the bonus sets so it doesn't count in the two new updates per week.

I am glad to see Eve wearing different types of clothes to start her sets. I especially like the ones in dresses, skirts are fine, but something about the dresses I like.

Even with the complaints, this site does what few other "solo model" sites do. Every set has Eve in it. A few have her in non-active roles, but she's there. Considering there are over 250 videos, 250 photo sets, that's a lot of Eve. I think it's still the best solo site in these days of solo sites going extinct or becoming showcases for other models/friends. A little work on the technical part and this site would be near perfect. Recommended for tease to masturbation, hose, clothes, strip and especially Eve fans!

03-31-11  03:24pm

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Visit Nude Fight Club

Nude Fight Club

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - It's a lesbian site with the added basis of a wrestling match.
- Some scenes have good believability in the wrestling matches, others not so much.
- Will go into the exact numbers in BL, but all the videos are available in 1920x1080.
- Quite a few of the scenes have the "high" quality photo zips available, these are a little over 4000 on the long end.
- If joined through the 21 Sextury site comes as one of 37 sites I received in my first month.
- Good DL speeds and navigation is mostly just scroll until you find the scene(s) want.
- At least seems to be an accurate network site when you click a model's name in a scene, her other scenes across the network come up so if you want to see more of her.
Cons: - Some of the matchups are more funny than believable like Peaches against anyone or the Sophie Moone vs. Cindy Hope. Sweet Peaches doesn't look like she could ever hurt anything. Same with Sophie. I guess you could call that miscasting.
- Older picture zips are only available in 1280 option. Definitely would like to see those "high" option zips being available in all future sets.
- Update schedule is a little inconsistent. Last match video was on 1-28-11, they were coming once a week when that one came out. In February 2011, site was updated with 6 backstage videos, no match videos.
Bottom Line: I've always been intrigued by this fight niche. For one, the women are usually athletic built and for two, they're usually wearing skin tight clothes.

Believability in any of the fight sites just isn't that high. It's not that I don't think some of the ladies aren't skilled or trained, it's just that there is poor acting in convincing me that they don't want to kiss the other woman or convincing me that they really don't like being fingered during the match.

On a side, funny, note. One of the scenes, about 1/4 of the way into the movie, the "fighters" seem to decide to just skip the fight part and start kissing! But that is one of the best scenes so I'm not complaining.

On the technical quality side this site is very high. On videos, you have multiple quality options, low, medium, high and ultra. Two formats, wmv and mp4 and all sets on this site, listed as 85 as of today (February 28) are available in 1920x1080.

Pictures are high quality in terms of how they look and I almost thought the "high" quality zips were going to be available on all sets, but they're not. The standard photo zip size of the photos is 1280 long end. The high quality photo zip photos are an impressive 4368 long end.

This is a site, in my opinion, that works well with the 4300 res pictures since a big part of the enjoyment for a viewer of this niche is seeing if we can get a sneak peek up the shorts or a nip slip.

Still not really for sure what's going on with the updates. It looks like the first 10 matches or so didn't have backstage videos released for those and they're releasing them now. If the new match videos don't start showing up in the updates, I will post an update to this review.

Overall, I like this site and its potential. I would like to see the more athletic girls in these matches than the glam girls. There isn't much of a scoring system in these matches or if it is I haven't noticed it. The ones I've watched just have the girls rolling around trying basic head locks, hair pulling and face sitting. Some of the girls are better about faking their disgust with having a woman sitting on their face or their disgust of being kissed by a woman. Works best if you're into the porn that requires a little imagination to believe. Which I don't mind at all.

There is very little to complain about with this site. The backstage videos are okay. If you like a certain model, you will probably like her backstage video. I'm sure there are some things that could be improved with the site like the believability with maybe a scoring system. The only other complaint would be the amount of content. I counted around 60-61 actual match videos so there isn't a ton of content here, but when combined with the network access it's a nice little diversion from the normal lesbian scenes. Recommended to check out as a member of their network. Worth a few laughs too like when one doesn't quite pull the other fighter's bra off, so the fighter pulls her own bra off. I enjoyed it.

02-28-11  04:17pm

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Visit ATK Exotics

ATK Exotics

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Amount of content of ethnic/exotic women is most likely unmatched. Tons of content.
- Site finally has full photo set zip downloads instead of the sectioned zips it had for years.
- Photos range in technical quality, newest updates are in the 2000 long end range. Also seems to vary based on photographer.
- Navigation has improved, but also has cons. Pros, the model search allows multi-step searches, will explain more in BL.
- Can't really nail down when the video quality improved, looks to be the last 2-3 years, still not HD, but the videos are at least in full scenes, DVD quality now instead of parts. See cons for the other side.
- The site is working to improve and listening to the members.
- Models still are some of the best exotic/ethnic models on the internet, especially on the black models.
Cons: - Older videos are still split into small (20 MB) parts. I guess I'm at the point where I won't even download those anymore.
- Navigation has improved a lot, but I still don't like the way it lists models by whatever classification you put in. Will explain in BL.
- Probably not a site for video only fans as the photos are generally better than the videos.
- And with most amateur/early porn career sites, there are some really bad looking models. To each his own there, but it could be a con for some. The good looking ones far outweigh the bad ones though.
Bottom Line: I hadn't been to this site in over 2 years. I was hoping when I joined this time there would be some positive changes and there are. The full photo set zips is worth 5 points to me. ATK sites, to me, are very good sites for photo fans because they have nice, crisp and clear photos so the full scene zip is greatly appreciated.

Navigation has been an issue in the past with this site. They have a search now that I think is on the right track. For example you can do these steps.

Select letter for the first letter in the name, I'll use A. Once you do this, you can start refining the search by then choosing age, build, height, race, breast size, pubic hair style and photographer. You don't have to pick a choice in all. If you just want Latinas and don't care about the other choices you can just search for Latinas with the letter A starting their name or you can get downright picky and pick Latinas, 21 years old, hairy, etc...

To show how this works. If I go with the letter A to start my search and click, "build" it gives me these options large, medium, thin, very thin. In comparison if I start the search with models with Z as the first letter in their name, my build choices are only medium and very slim. So it really works in that sense.

And when you pick say "medium" in Z's, it removes the models in Z's that are not medium build. This is really nice search engine, but lets say you're not real patient or don't want to go through all those steps and just want Latinas by using the quick jump feature. It takes you to a page of names with no thumbnails and it's titled like this.

Volume 194, (model names). That's not of much use at all. I'm not even for sure how the volumes are classified or if there is a method they list them in. I'm guessing it has to do with newest released sets, but it makes the quick jump pretty much useless. It's okay for me since I don't mind digging through with the search engine to find the specific type of models I like, but I still think there has to be a better way to list the models than the "Volume 194" way.

Still, as a whole, the navigation has improved a great deal. Some of the quick jump options also seem pointless though like "dime pieces" what qualifies as a dime piece?

The models will surely satisfy most fans of exotic/ethnic models, Latinas, black, Indian, Asian, Islanders, they got it covered on the models part.

Movies, while some are good, most aren't. Many of the good ones are the older ones cut into parts. I don't see me keeping a lot of these movies. The photos on the other hand will nearly all be kept. It's not often you find this many beautiful ethnic models in one place in really nice photo sets.

Overall, the site impressed me much more than I expected it to since I had become so frustrated with the part scene zips for the photos. With that fixed, improvement in the navigation and the continuing generally good looking ethnic models, I'm back to recommending it highly.

01-13-11  12:24am

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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - One of the highest quality technical sites on the internet. Breakdown in bottom line.
- Updates started slow in 2001, but are now coming at a rate of roughly 3 per week, includes photos and videos per update.
- Several models you won't see on many other sites and some I've never seen on other sites, the positive to that, also has most of the usual stars.
- Picture sets are zipped and can be downloaded in small or large sizes.
- Plenty of tease, plenty of masturbation and plenty of close-ups.
- Locations are usually almost as beautiful as the models.
- Models, for me, are as close to 100% downloads. Very few if any models that aren't stunningly attractive.
- Navigation is good once you get the hang of it.
- Download speed hasn't been a problem am downloading at 95% of my max speed.
Cons: - Videos are split into parts. Almost didn't put this here in cons since there is a pattern to the splits. One may be the lead-in/tease. The next pissing. The next masturbation. The splits don't so much overlap as older split videos did.
- Video quality on older sets pales in comparison to the newer videos.
- Photo sets could be bigger. Seeing that the scenes as a whole total nearly an hour on average, anything less than 100 photos seems to be shorting the photo fans.
Bottom Line: I thought I would try to review this site a little differently than normal. The reason being, early in the site's life the updates were sporadic and the quality was okay. They've picked up the pace quite a bit while improving the technical quality a great deal.

From March 2001 to August 5, 2007 the site had a total of only 113 updates. That's less than 2 per month. The quality on these videos tops out at 640x480 and the lower quality option is 320x240.

The photos during this time ranged from 758 high end to 1800 high end.

Starting on August 13th, 2007 the videos top quality jumped to 1920x1080, there also is a 1280x720 option and a 640x360 option.

Besides the big upgrade in quality, the updates started coming more often. Since August 2007 through November 2010, there has been 367 updates or an average of roughly 10 updates per month and all have been with the 1920x1080 option.

The pictures got another boost in late 2007 to 2000 high end and later in 2008 went up to 2400 high end.

I just found that worth mentioning since not only have they increased their updates around 400%, but tripled the technical quality too. That makes the price (35 USD) not a con. It's nice to see a site changing everything for the better.

Problems with the site, there are speculum parts, pissing parts and the close-ups may be a bit much for some. The good thing here, these are usually separated by part so if you would have fast-forwarded those parts, you can just save the hassle by not downloading the parts you don't like.

No problems with the models at all. A very good blend of models from all around the world and a good mix of ethnic backgrounds.

Navigation is broken down for you. You can search by model name. Model nationality. Model age. Year released. And a few bonus points here for naming the videos whatever the scene is named. Instead of some generic number name that no one but their programmer understands.

Unless I missed something there are no boy/girl scenes, but there are some girl/girl scenes with the vast majority being solo. I'm thinking I'm going to need to ask Santa Claus for a new hard drive just for the content I get from this site.

By percent, 76% of the sets are available in 1920x1080. I'm almost positive no other site can say that. My biggest surprise was the diversity of models. It looks to have started out with more Euro models, but it has balanced out with Hispanic, Asian, American (white and black) models showing up too.

I guess if I had to pick something to change it would be to offer a full scene download for those of us that have fast connections. Oh and it signs me out too often. A download had finished, maybe 5 minutes passed and I clicked the next scene to download and was signed out.

That's minor though when you consider the overall quality of this site. Would push the score even higher if the photo sets had more photos in them. Highly recommended especially for tech quality lovers.

11-29-10  10:43am

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Visit Tania Spice

Tania Spice

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Roughly 2/3 of content is not included with Pacino's Adventures.
- Picked up as cross-sell trial with Pacino's Adventures for $4.95 for 3 days, full access.
- May be a couple off, but showing 93 photo sets, 94 videos.
- Weekly update, don't know if these are just sets Pacino has stashed or not.
- Pics are zipped and are 1200 long end on about 60% of pic sets and 1600 long end on the other 40%.
- Covers basic sex niches, solo, girl/girl, boy/girl and girl/girl/girl.
- Bonus sites are hit or miss, same bonus sites as Pacino's Adventures. La Zona Modelos is an above average bonus site and surprising to me, Pam Spice is a bonus site, surprising since she is my favorite of the Pacino models.
- Video quality has some variance and not really for sure the rhyme or reason to it since some of the older videos are 1440 high end in res, while some of the newer are only 720 high end.
- Over 10,000 pictures of Tania, full site is 38.2 GB.
Cons: - Guessing the tech staff thought it would be easier to start the name of each video with ts, for Tania Spice, then the name of the video. The videos that are more than one part, occasionally two parts, are not in order since ts are the first two letters in every video filename.
- Can't say I would join this site for $29.95, really nice as a trial when combined with monthly sub to Pacino's Adventures.
- Pacino is big on the outfits, costumes, only problem is, all of his models use the same outfits, costumes, themes so there is a chance for redundancy which is a shame since his models are very good at tease/strip.
- Just not big enough to be a standalone site, should be included in with the bonus sites on Pacino's Adventures
Bottom Line: I have mixed emotions on all of Pacino's sites. This one doesn't change that. I like the technical quality, wish the pictures were a little bigger, but they are at least at a minimum 1200 long end and are zipped. Considering the varying tech quality of the videos not being based on date of release, it is probably safe to say he shoots or shot the solo models he has, maybe for a year, then they left and he's just slowly releasing the content.

It's interesting how a video released 5 weeks ago is 720 long end, while one released last year was 1440 long end. It's not so much a criticism as it is a heads up, maybe positively or negatively depending on taste, to potential members since the model, in this case Tania, doesn't look much older in her newest set as she did in her oldest set.

The girls with solo sites working with Pacino are also quite different. Tania is one of the more hardcore models he has. She does everything including anal. At first, when I first saw her back on Pacino's Adventures, I wasn't for sure if I would be that much into her because of the braces on her teeth. However, considering the fact that many of these models come from impoverished countries, I can see the other side that says her family probably couldn't afford braces when she was younger.

In terms of personality, she's almost as playful at Gigi Spice. Really pretty hair, no matter which color and as Spencer said in the TBP review, she has a great set of natural boobs. As would be expected, she also has a nice full butt as well. Tania does speak some English in a few of the videos. I don't think she's as much into the girl/girl scenes as Gigi, but she's very good at solo and also in the boy/girl scenes with Pacino.

The settings/themes vary from the expected schoolgirl to baseball player to football player to bathtub to police officer to taxi driver to the unexpected road construction crew worker. So much variation in fact, I think you could put most of Pacino's sites into a costume type genre which is why I wish there was more focus and higher resolution on the pictures.

Like with his other sites Pacino doesn't get in the way like most males in porn. He's rarely heard and if he is, it's not with words like "bitch" or the typical male porn star stereotype. He's rather laid-back and seems to have a calming effect on the models.

Overall, it's a good site, for the $5/3 days cross sell with Pacino's Adventures, it's an excellent deal. However, since it is still a standalone site at $30/month, it's not recommended as a join by itself. Which leads me back to the mixed emotions I started with. If you're joining Pacino's Adventures, the flagship site and get the offer for Tania's solo site, I do recommend it. It took me a day to download the videos and pictures from it and considering her attractiveness, she's very collectible and has several solo sets that end in dripping orgasms.

As trial with PA, recommended
As standalone, not recommended

11-15-10  12:42am

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Visit Lez Cuties

Lez Cuties

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A site that surprised me in the Club Sandy network.
- Picture sets as are on par with all 21st Sextury sets top out at 1280, but as with their other sites are usually erotic and feature warm colors if you're into the warm colors like I am.
- I'm not going to say 100% sure, but I think this content is 100% exclusive. More in BL
- Videos have multiple options, including up to HD quality in the last year or so of updates.
- Maybe I get a more natural feel from these sets than from other lesbian sites. The majority of the girls look very young and are playful with each other to the point of being experimental.
- My near jaded state to network sites nearly made me miss this site as I thought it was just another thrown together with shared content site, but it's not. Also check the site Cuties Galore (same network) to see these young models in b/g sets.
Cons: - Picture size needs a boost to at least 2000 high end. It's a compliment!
- As with any and all lesbian sites or any site that focuses on one niche, things can get a bit repetitive and formulaic.
- Strictly a con for me, some of these models just look TOO young.
Bottom Line: I usually won't review a site within a network unless I think it could be one that would appeal to certain niche fans. This is one of them.

The models here are ones I am not very familiar with. On most 21st Sextury lesbian sites you will see the normal top tier models like Eve Angel, Sophie Moone, Sandy etc...

Not on this one. These look to be genuine very young, 18-21 year old models who I was only familiar with maybe 8-9 of them. In total, the site has 172 models. I'm thinking at most, I may be familiar with 10% of them before downloading their content from here.

Site numbers as of 8-2-10
312 videos
312 photo sets
Pictures are zipped and contain the 21st Sextury style of photography we've come to expect.

I am, admittedly, a fan of the 24-34 year old models more so than the teens. I prefer the curvier, more built look to slim and skinny. But, if you're looking for the slim, very young looking models this is the site for you. There are positives and negatives to this.

Positives include a believable genuinely playful feel to the sets in the first 5 minutes or so of the videos. I also think it is believable that women this young and possibly inexperienced in girl/girl action could lose a little control and go more into the taboo action. That's what you get here. There is a lot of anal play between the girls. In a fully complimentary way, most of these videos remind me of when Viv Thomas first started putting a young Eve Angel with a young Sandra Shine and the two seemed to lose control with each other. Very good.

The negative, some of the girls are understandably shy and innocent acting and some of them don't leave that shy and innocent part by the end of the movie. Maybe it does give it more of a real feel, but it doesn't make for the most entertaining videos unless you're into that.

I was probably most impressed by the model simply known as Ashley. She's a tiny little thing. Cute girl, looks like you could have taken her to the prom and this girl just lets go in her scenes, anal, dildos, fisting the other girls and I swear, I would ID her since she looks so young. The updates can be frustrating as it is one of the 21st Sextury sites that does the one piece released each day, then the full video is released once a week, but even so, over 300 sets including accompanying photo set is pretty good for a "network" site.

This site has made me go back and join through the 21st Sextury site instead of joining through Club Sandy since you get it and Cuties Galore in your first month of the 21st Sextury join. Cuties Galore seems to have almost the same models as from Lez Cuties except they are doing b/g scenes. I'm impressed, I rarely go for the small, waif like models, but it looks like 21st Sextury has hit the jackpot with some of these models. I won't review Cuties Galore since it is very similar except for style of content, but would definitely recommend checking out both of these sites in the network as two partially hidden gems.

08-03-10  10:24am

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Visit Blue Angel Live

Blue Angel Live

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Blue Angel has seemingly came a long way from her earliest shoots. A beautiful blonde with a great personality.
- 78 scenes as of July 20, 2010. (scene breakdown in BL)
- Exclusive content, but not completely exclusive from the other 21st Sextury sites. At a quick glance, roughly 10 of the 78 scenes are available on Club Sandy as well. Though most are just backstage sets.
- Pictures are zipped, the maximum size continues to be 1280x852 or vice versa. Eventually this size photos will become a con. The zips and nice photography keep them here for now.
- The oldest 22 videos on the site have a "high" option to download that is 1280x720, the other 56 videos have the "ultra high" option that is 1920x1080 with 8000 bitrate. Will go into this more in BL.
- Nice mixture of solo, g/g and b/g content.
- Navigation is quite simple since there are only 3 pages of content.
- Probably the best place to start at if you want to collect Blue Angel content.
- Fast downloads, 95% of max DL speed
Cons: - To start with, the site only updates once a week. In the last few months, every other new update is a backstage or "fun" set, so if you only join for a month, you're only get probably 2 actual porn updates in a month though a few of the fun ones are tease, so if you're into the tease sets those could be positives.
- The overlapping content with Club Sandy. Some isn't that noticeable since they are the backstage sets like, "Blue Angel and Sandy cooking" and you may not have even noticed those on Club Sandy, but a few are easily noticeable like the 3 part Sex Bunnies set that has been on Club Sandy for awhile now.
- Backstage and fun sets either have no pictures or 20-30. For some reason, I've always liked backstage and fun photos more than videos.
Bottom Line: Since this site doesn't have a member review, I thought I would throw one in. First, Blue Angel is one of the better "newer" models. She reminds me very much of a mixture of Sandy from Club Sandy and maybe a touch of Sophie Moone with more of a kinky, hardcore side. To me, there is a lot of appeal there since she looks quite innocent until you see her fisting herself or sticking a huge dildo up her butt or having a threesome with two guys.

I understand the ideal 21st Sextury has here with this site, but honestly, they could just remove the content of all their models, slap each on a main page up and say they have 900 solo sites. The content in this site is not any different than Blue Angel's content on the other 21st Sextury sites.

Here are some breakdowns that I found interesting.
Boy/Girl sets - 7 including two b/b/g sets
Girl/Girl sets - 20 including several with more than 2 girls.
Solo - 22 sets
Fun/backstage - 29

In the site's defense, a couple of the "fun" videos are solo sets of Blue Angel, listed as "private sex tapes" that are her masturbating without all the gloss and glam. A few are also sexually playful with other female models and I really like the tease videos. Especially the one showing her flexibility in skin-tight white pants. Oh and interesting note if you've ever been to California or lived in California. She has one backstage set at Los Angeles' restaurant Madeo, which I think most people who have been to California have been to at least once. Also a set with Sandy in San Diego. My only real problem with these backstage/fun sets is that some of them are more focused on Sandy than Blue Angel. No offense meant to Sandy, but if it's on Blue Angel's site, I expect her to be the focus.

The technical quality of the videos is very good. These are the options for the newest 56 videos.
H.264 (low) 640x360
WMV & H.264 (medium) 960x540
WMV & H.264 (high) 1280x720
WMV & H.264 (ultra high) 1920x1080

No joke, the low H.264 is not bad at all if you're pressed for hard drive space. The ultra high is crystal clear and most are well over 1.0 GB for each full scene.

The oldest 22 sets have the H.264 low option and the medium and high options are only available in WMV.

I do think they need to consider upping the size of the pictures. They've made big steps with their video technical quality, but the picture resolution is the same as it was 4 years ago.

The site is good, but it could not stand on its own, in my opinion. It's very similar in that sense to Twisty's Anette Dawn site. It works nice as a bonus site, but unless you're a huge Blue Angel fan, it just wouldn't cut it. I would like to see them do more with her, especially in the really glam sets like the one titled "A Lonely Afternoon". She's really a gorgeous woman in that set. She also has good energy in all of her sets and seems to enjoy the action, bordering on nympho in the b/b/g sets. Wouldn't recommend it as a standalone site, but it's good as a bonus site.

07-20-10  01:07am

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Visit Club Sandy

Club Sandy

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Re-review of the site I gave my highest score of 99 to. Many changes on the site made it worth re-reviewing it to reflect those changes.
- Few sites have as many beautiful models as this site that has been around since 2003.
- New network format does make navigation much better than in the past. You click a model's thumbnail, click "all scenes" and there are all the scenes they have of the model across the network.
- Club Sandy itself now updates every other day at a minimum, they slip an extra update in every week or so. The network access you initially start with updates 4 times a day.
- Last year or so of updates are available in HD quality, previous years varies depending on site.
- Pictures are zipped and their pictures have always stood out to me for their uses of colors. I can spot a 21st Sextury picture without the copyright on it.
- Downloads were fast for me, about 95% of my max download speed.
- Really good price that goes down the more months you stay.
Cons: - I've run into several video files that give me a "forbidden" message. One to show as an example, Courtney (Asian model) on Zoliboy's site, some of the individual clips will download, but the full clip gives the forbidden message. I ran into a few others like that as well.
- Too much shifting of content from one site to another. They're not doing it on the new updates though, just to fluff the archives of each model on a specific site.
- Figuring out what sites you receive in the first month seems to be confusing for some. This doesn't apply in my case since I've been joining these sites, even as the old network style, and have gotten used to it.
- Older content is lesser quality, but I'm hesitant to take much off for this since members of all sites seem to be split on the practice of remastering old sets.
Bottom Line: While I lowered the score a few points, I would still say this is one of the 5 best sites on the internet, especially if you're looking for value. The price goes like this with the TBP link $19.95 first month, $14.95 second month, $9.95 per month every month at 3 months and beyond. That's value, 4 updates across the network, 30 days, 120 updates for $9.95 if you stay at least 3 months. Also you get 10 new sites for sticking around more than a month.

Lets get the positives out of the way. You're just not going to find many sites/networks with the amount of content 21st Sextury has. Some of the numbers are just staggering to me. Some of the all-time favorite Euro models and their total sets, Sophie Moone 404 sets, Sandy 355 sets, Eve Angel 132 sets, Zafira 100 sets, Blue Angel 92, Cindy Hope 90, Peaches 70 and each of those sets has a video and picture set in them. You also are unlikely to find more content of Mia Stone on any site, as she has 25 sets here.

I probably do understand how some may not see the significance of those numbers since maybe, like me, they've been on these sites and already have most of those. However, for someone who has never joined, you're not going to find a site with this much content of Europe's top-tier models.

I really like the new members area design, it's cleaner, less cluttered and all content of each model can be found by clicking the model, without having to bounce from site to site to find the content. My only complaint here is that the model's content does show sets which may be on a site in their network that you have to wait 1-2 months before you get access to. That's just asking for a pissed off member.

The negatives to me include a user problem when it comes to figuring out which sites you get with the 1st month's access. I believe I've done it enough to explain in short form. Go to whichever site you want to join through, click "full network", a page opens, look in the right hand upper corner of the visitors section for a drop down menu and it will list all the sites you get instant access to.

Content bouncing from one site to another. Just a few months ago, I noticed Pix and Video once again had the Eve Angel/Maxxo bathroom hardcore set. It started out years ago on Pix and Video. Then it was shifted to Euro Horny Sluts then it was shifted back to Pix and Video, now it's not on Pix and Video.

The site that seems to have the most problems in this network is Zoliboy. I'm happy to see it going back to more of the glam models with a couple new updates recently of Simony Diamond, but several of the "forbidden" files came from Zoliboy and it is some of the oldest content on the site.

I have very little to truly complain about here. I've paid upwards of $30 a month just for Eve Angel solo site, while this site has as much or more content of her and roughly another 1,000 models. Hopefully they can work through the few glitches of turning many sites into one network. Still highly recommended.

07-12-10  04:33pm

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Visit Third Movies

Third Movies

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - My favorite of the three sites included, ZTOD, Black Ice Pass and 3rd Movies or how I remember it as 3rd Degree.
- By itself, has nearly 2,000 scenes with nearly 800 of them having 1920x1080 resolution option.
- Has more picture sets than the other two sites combined, with nearly 1,100 photo sets, zipped as well.
- It's best strength for me are the "MILF" videos, though these women aren't really in the mature group, you get some of the finest 27-35 year old models in the business in them. Most of my favorite models fall in that age range so those help this site nudge its two other sites.
- Some of Angel Dark's best work, would join once just to get her scenes.
- For whatever reason, my download speeds here are faster than on the other two sites. I'm still not getting quite my average speed, but very close.
- Higher exclusivity rate than the other two, very few of these, to my knowledge, are available on other DVD sites.
Cons: - They seemed to have a good thing going with several series, like the MILF Orgy series, but just stopped making them and went to the basic boy/girl, damsel in distress style.
- I look at these 3 sites, especially 3rd Movies as collector sites. The major models you'll find here are almost always in exclusive scenes that will round your collection out nicely. That's a major con if you're not a collector since it's still mostly just plain, gonzo porn.
- Ran into a few broken links on older files and ended up downloading the lowest quality option as the only option that worked.
Bottom Line: It's hard to tell if the owners of these three sites favor one of the sites. Sibling rivalry? Most of the models here are also available on the ZTOD site. It just seems to me that the scenes here on 3rd Movies are better. Some of the real standouts include:

Angel Dark with 33 scenes just on this site. For those unaware, Ms. Dark nearly passed away a few years ago from kidney failure. These scenes are the ones she filmed in after a successful surgery and she seems to have a ton of passion that had been missing from her earlier scenes in her career. She's one of the best in the all-natural beauty models group. Over 20 Lanny Barbie scenes. Over 20 of each of these, Sasha Grey, Amy Reid, Lilane Tiger and Jenna Haze just to name a few of my favorites.

The majority of these scenes are exclusive. The pictures aren't very good quality, but there are over 1,000 photo sets and all are zipped.

Just tested the download speed as with the others and am receiving 1.6 MB/s or a little better than I do on its sister sites. Navigation is simple on this site. You can search by name, rating, most downloaded or use the leveled search engine to find the niche within a niche that you're looking for.

It's bittersweet reviewing this site. The good news is, it has updated in the last week with one DVD, but I'm positive they've advertised updating much more than that. I even think on one page they advertise updating 5 DVDs a day. They're not going to reach that in a month. It's another of those sites that could be a major contender. I wouldn't even expect the 5 DVDs per day. Give me 1 new one a week and keep bringing in some of the best models in porn and I'm happy since they do at least have the HD resolution.

Also will mention the two sites included ZTOD and Black Ice Pass can be accessed by just clicking on the name of which one you want to go to. No signing in again, no hassle and we're bittersweet again since most multi-sites put us through a hassle when bouncing from site to site.

I believe they could put all 3 together into one site, making searching for favorite models on the different sites, much easier and they would be close to knocking Videobox out of the top DVD spot. As it is right now, I'm just hoping they improve the download speed, give a few more updates per week and keep the stars coming in, in mostly exclusive content.

As a standalone site it would be recommended as the one month join and when combined with the bonus sites, it's a definite join for a month. It surprised me how many scenes they have of some models who I've collected for years and hadn't seen.

06-01-10  12:38am

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Visit Black Ice Pass

Black Ice Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Nearly all black porn, some stretching the truth exists as some of the darker Hispanic models are being listed as black, but it's one of the bigger collections of black models on the internet.
- 210 DVDs, 1,100 scenes, 466 of the scenes are listed as having the 1920x1080 resolution option.
- Has more photo sets than ZTOD, nearly 750 photo sets are available though to my eye, they are most likely just screencaps, but are at least zipped.
- Has over 20 scenes with some of the top black female stars, a real rarity in my opinion, since finding 3 or 4 scenes of some of these beautiful models is hard to do.
- Comes with access to ZTOD and 3rd Movies
- TBP discount of $19.95 makes it a good join for all of these rare scenes.
- ZTOD hasn't updated in nearly 3 weeks, but Black Ice Pass has updated in the last week, so maybe they will continue to update it.
Cons: - Download speed is a pain on this site. Seems to download even slower than ZTOD. I downloaded two HD scenes over 1 GB each and had to wait nearly an hour for them to download.
- May not be the most popular thing to say, but black male pornstars are available in nearly all mainstream porn, interracial porn, too many of these DVDs are black men with white women. I'm still waiting for some site to deliver a black woman site, with white men, black men, Asian men, etc...
- One of the most disappointing things for me, one series I was looking forward to downloading, The Big Ass Slumber Party series is here, 7 or 8 volumes of it. I've found these scenes in the past to be some of the best lesbian porn I've seen. I go to download a couple of the older scenes and received broken link messages that the videos were not found. This happened on all but 2 scenes in volume 2.
Bottom Line: The main thing you're going to get here is some truly beautiful black women in hardcore sex. The problem is the site itself. DVDs titled, "My wife was robbed" featuring black men with white women. Blah, blah, blah, it's redundant after the 1,000th scene based on bad black man taking advantage of sweet, innocent white housewife. The site does sell itself on its black female models. If you go to the main page that's all you'll see. So, why they are pushing typical interracial DVDs out is beyond my comprehension.

I can't complain about the quality. Nearly half of the scenes are available in 1920x1080 resolution, the pictures are nice, though small and they are zipped.

Broken links plagued many of the older videos they have on here and if not broken links, then half the video options they usually have are not working and you end up downloading a low quality DIVX file. I think someone's tech crew took an extended break.

If you're familiar with Pinky, they do have a few of her videos and even a couple of her DVDs. These usually are lesbian DVDs, as I do believe Pinky is a real lesbian, not just a for pay lesbian. You end up getting some of the most believable and realistic lesbian porn on the internet with her DVDs.

Download speeds, just tested while typing out this review, on one of the newer scenes, 1.15 MB/s. I top out in the 3.0-3.2 MB/s range so you can see, I'm maybe getting 1/3 my best speed and less than half my average speed. Important to note that some of these scenes are well over 2 GB each. You're going to be here for awhile if you want the HD versions.

It's still hard to completely slam the site for its technical problems because you're going to get a very nice collection of black models if you stick with it. A couple of favorites with large amounts of scenes include:

Cherokee Dass - 25 scenes, Delotta Brown - 13 scenes, Tia Sweets - 10 scenes, Angel Eyes - 10 scenes. Tia seems to be more widely available, but Delotta doesn't have nearly enough content on most sites, but the 13 scenes here make this site worth joining for me just for her scenes. Also 16 scenes of Candice Nicole.

The questionable use of Latina models as black can be seen easily with 11 scenes of Ice La Fox. I usually favor Latina models, so I'm not really complaining as much as I am saying, if you're going to sell your site as a black model site, have black models.

On its own, I would probably still join it one time. Once combined with ZTOD and 3rd Movies, it is still a very good deal again, the archived movies are worth a month membership. My only way I've found to combat the slow download speed is to download 4 scenes at one time. Even then, the combined speed is still only around 1.7 MB/s. Recommended, especially if you're having trouble finding black models, but I can't say it would be worth more than a one month join.

05-31-10  11:58pm

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Visit Zero Tolerance On Demand

Zero Tolerance On Demand

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Comes with full access to Black Ice, ZTOD and 3rd Degree studios. I'm going to try to separate each into separate reviews.
- Though no longer a very high exclusivity DVD site, I would still estimate the ZTOD DVDs are 60% exclusive to this site. The added TBP discount price makes it a good deal.
- A few major stars have a good amount of exclusive content here. Courtney Cummz, a gorgeous blonde, all-natural, has over 70 scenes just on ZTOD.
- A nice blend of Euro and American stars. Everyone from Jenna Haze to Eva Angelina to Angel Dark to Rita Faltayono.
- Where the site really stands out among DVD sites is the video resolution. Rough estimate, half of the 2,500 scenes are at least 1280x720 resolution, around 800 according to their member search show up as 1920x1080. Very few if any DVD sites offer that high of quality.
- Some picture sets are available as well, though not high resolution, but are at least zipped for download.
Cons: - Depending on your view, this could be a deal breaker. I have been a member since mid-May, no new updates whatsoever. I'm not for sure what they had been using as an update schedule. I was thinking 3 DVDs a week or so, but as of right now, in two weeks, they've not even had one scene, let alone a full DVD.
- Download speed problems, I've seen this mentioned in other reviews and here are the results I've been receiving. On average, the ZTOD scenes are downloading at 1.5 MB/s. My average speed on all other sites is in the 2.5 MB/s range and I have topped 3.0 MB/s on some sites. It's not too bad since my connection is fast, but there is definitely a problem with their download speeds.
Bottom Line: I was very high on this site a few years ago. Back then, their selling point was their exclusivity. Over time, Videobox started picking up quite a few of their DVDs. However, I still think they have a higher exclusivity rate than the other major DVD sites.

The positives start with exclusive videos. As a collector, I can always find dozens of scenes here that I've not seen on any other sites. I consider their search engine a positive as well. It's a level search where you search niche then you can search within the results. As example, say you search for "anal" then once those results come up, you can search for Asian and it will give you the scenes featuring anal with Asians. It seems to be pretty accurate from my use of of it.

The video quality is now the big positive. Of the 2,500 scenes, around 800 are 1920x1080 and probably add another 400 that are at least 1280x720. I do think they are the only DVD site that offers that many HD scenes. Coupled with the exclusivity and you can see that this is a very good site.

When I joined this current time, a new DVD had been added just a few days before. Since then, over two weeks, there have been zero updates. I don't know if the site has just stopped producing new scenes or if they are taking a break or whatever, but this means if you've been here lately, skip it, since nothing has changed in the last month. I'm taking the stopped making new scenes options since they have a blog/update page that was almost always updated with everything from jokes to talk about new starlets they had filmed. It also stopped updating on the same day the last DVD was released.

The download speed was not completely terrible for me, but it was at times only about 1/2 of my normal download speed. This can be a major problem if you're wanting those 1920x1080 files. Most of those ring in at 2 GB or higher each, so huge file combined with slow download speed is a problem.

One other negative, for some reason they've decided to have all videos on auto start when you click one to download it. I used Firefox's No Script with some success to stop this, but it seemed when I used No Script, it messed the search engine up since No Script blocked some of the search functions. Yeah, phooey, was my feeling too.
On a side note, this site is owned by the company that owns Videoz.

I mention this because their main tour has a few very big misleading numbers in it. The main tour says, "Choose from over 4,500 DVDs". ZTOD itself has 338 DVDs in their search engine. Even including both bonus sites, the total DVDs available is still under 1,000. I'm not for sure if maybe they are merging their sites or what so I'm basing my score just on the 338 DVDs ZTOD has available and they are very good. Especially with the high quality. If you've never been a member, it's a definite recommended site for the archived videos they already have, but nothing more than a month unless they start updating again.

05-31-10  11:09pm

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Visit Fucking Gamble

Fucking Gamble

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Interesting site that pushes the limits on high quality.
- Much to my surprise there are some big Euro stars on here including one of my favorites Simony Diamond who is in multiple "games" or scenes and was the biggest reason I joined.
- The limit pushing video quality has 12,000+ bitrates with 1920x1080 resolution videos. I believe that is probably the top quality in the industry as of right now.
- The games are fun to watch. I've seen a few other sites try doing storylines like these, but not as good and not in all their scenes.
- Each game/set also has zipped pictures.
- I'm getting good DL speeds around 90% my DL speed max.
- Webmaster/staff seems to listen and take requests (reasonable ones) into consideration.
Cons: - I don't mind the subtitles at all, but some probably will.
- They will most likely be walking a fine line by having major stars on the site with hardly heard of stars. As it seems 50% of porn fans want the established stars, the other 50% wants lesser known stars. I would wonder if this niche is harder to book since so many Euro models are not into talking during their shoots.
- Hate to say it, but as much as I appreciate the hard work put into these videos, I still found myself skipping the game parts once I had watched them once.
Bottom Line: This is a site that leaves me feeling torn. It may very well show the real divide in porn fans. We want highly original porn and this site does that very well, but their amount of content is small and with just 1 full game update per week, it is growing but not that fast. By the end of the 2010 year they'll have roughly 60 games/sets up. It won't be enough for many porn fans. You can even look ahead and see that at their current pace they won't reach 200 sets until the year 2013. The torn part comes into play since you can tell they put a lot of work into the site, into the production of the video, the quality of the videos and in the believability.

You'll be hard-pressed to find a complaint with the technical quality. In that sense, the site reminds me of one of my all-time favorite niche/high quality sites Give Me Pink. Sadly enough, Give Me Pink just didn't have enough support despite their then industry leading technological quality. Hopefully the word will get off enough to support this site and support the originality they promote with their games.

I haven't experienced any slow periods in download speeds, but I have been downloading just 2 sets/video/pictures per day.

I am glad that they're going to start working more American models in. I prefer Euro models, but I think by adding American models they will be able to bring in a whole new group of members who may not have joined with most of the videos not being in English. Simony Diamond really stars (shines?) in the games she is in. She's one of those Euro models who probably coulda, shoulda been a fashion model or actress in mainstream movies and it shows. I'm not usually noticing the male models, but they have some of the best known male talent in Europe with Thomas Stone and Frank Gunn.

Everything here is of the highest quality, original, technically, excellent performers, then there is the but and it's a big one, you end up wanting more. I would imagine they could add maybe a leased DVD section, but that would bring as many complaints as compliments and we're back to being torn.

Their forum/message board is fun to look over and read as are the comments members leave. One of the future sets will have a member present at the shoot, which is a really nice touch. There are just so many things they are doing right that leads me to giving them an 87 despite the small size. I can't imagine deleting any of the scenes from my hard drive so maybe that's a new pro/con to think about "percent of content kept". This is going to be a 100% one. I think if you're looking for something different, original, somewhat funny, then you'll like this site. Though I think my own shallow-mindedness shows when reviewing this site since I admit Simony is the big draw for me even over the originality.

I'm still going to recommend this site since you could do much worse. It's almost like a Behind the Scenes shoot of models playing a game that turns into an orgy. Recommended.

05-10-10  07:13pm

Replies (12)
Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Huge network that covers most niches with 100% exclusive content.
- DL Limits that used to hold this network back seem to be completely gone. Will give details in BL.
- No less than 8 of the sites on this network could stand on their own. Personal favorites are: 8th St. Latinas, Mike in Brazil, Money Talks and Mike's Apartment.
- Video quality on vast majority of videos is 720 high end.
- Pictures for every video come zipped, two types, HQ photos that are not screenshots and a separate screenshot zipped folder as well. Not all sets have both though.
- Download speeds reach the 90% range of my top DL speed.
- Signing up though TBP then clicking back-up credit card processor provides billing through Epoch with the great $18 price.
- They have as racially diverse selection of models as any site I've been on with their only weakness being in the Asian category.
- Big butt, big boobs, little boobs, little butts, lesbian, MILF, public, Latina, black, interracial, gangbang, etc...
Cons: - This one doesn't bother me much, but the HD videos they advertise aren't quite HD and only available as stream.
- Wish they would at least put the old videos files into one scene. Several of their best scenes are available only in 3 parts. This is a very small percentage around 10% at most.
- Just not a lot to find in the cons outside of subjectivity now that they don't seem to be enforcing their DL Limits.
Bottom Line: I remember back when Reality Kings sites had a 1 GB DL limit per day per site. That went up to 10 GB then it became one that I believe was 15 full scenes per day. Here are a few numbers from the last month.

Most downloaded in one day: 83 GB
Most content from one site: 8th St. Latina 468 GB
Total downloaded in a 1 month period: 1.2 TB

No DL limits on any of those. It's easy to group RK with the other networks, but I look at it as more of a DVD site with pictures and screenshots available in zips. It's funny how perception can change the way this network is looked at. How many DVD sites are there that have 100% exclusive content, multiple daily updates, zipped photos and screenshots for $18?

The content gives you a nice variety as well. The MILF Hunter is as good of a late 20s to late 30s model site as there is. Money Talks is as good of a public/exhibitionist site as I've seen. The trio of 8th Street Latinas, Mike in Brazil and Saturday Night Latinas covers the Latina niche as well as any site does. Many of these Latina models are not seen on other sites and do no more than 3-4 sets in their career. Mike's Apartment could reasonably compete with any of the Euro hardcore sites and gives this network the edge over the others with a full Euro site for those who want a break from American models. We Live Together is one of the better American lesbian sites. In the VIP gives you the voyeurism/exhibitionism niche.

I just can't see anything major to complain about. The quality is comparable to the big DVD sites plus pictures and screenshots and 100% exclusivity. The only complaint that applies to me is the one about the older videos being split into parts. They have one model, Giselle2, who is one of their most popular models and has one of their most popular scenes, but it is in 3 parts. The HD part or lack thereof doesn't bother me too much since the scenes are already big. Most of the scenes on this network clock in at over 30 minutes. I've seen one video file as large as 850 MB, the accompanying photo set is 185 MB and the screenshot file is 155 MB. Making the three files over 1 GB so if you bumped it up to HD video, it would be near 2 GB for the three.

You do get cheesy plot lines in most of the scenes and after awhile you may border on being bored since most of their sites and content are based on niches. It's one of the strong points of porn, but also one of the weak points. The videographer/photographer chit chat isn't near as bad in the newer scenes than it used to be.

From doing a scan through of their models, lets go with 85% natural, 15% with implants with a +/- 5% for error. There are plenty of amateur models, esp. in their Latina sites that you won't see anywhere else. Throw in their take on the CFNM niche with CFNM Secret and I would say they have pretty much every niche covered and do a good job of each. I would like to see them add some Asian models or site, but that's minor. As highly recommended as I can go on a network.

05-10-10  06:20pm

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Visit GiGi Spice

GiGi Spice

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Gigi Spice's solo site, comes with access to 8 other sites, including 6 exclusive solo girl sites, one non-exclusive site and the best of the bonus sites La Zona Modelos.
- Gigi's content's quality is a bit mixed, the photos max out at 1200 long end though you can get some of the same sets on Pacino's Adventures in 1600 long end quality. All sets are zipped.
- Videos all have top quality of 1280x720 with 6000+ bitrates. Also have lesser quality smaller video files available.
- Nice mixture on Gigi's content of solo, boy/girl hardcore and girl/girl
- Navigation is simple, click photo or videos and the page opens with thumbs to each set.
- Download speed is a little faster than Pacino's Adventures, reaching roughly 95% of my max DL speed.
- All content on Gigi's site is exclusive to Pacino's network.
- She's about as playful and cute as I've seen from a Latina in porn, speaks English, but usually speaks seductively in Spanish. Great video model.
Cons: - First problem, part of these videos and picture sets are also available on Pacino's Adventures. Not just a few, but more like 33% of them. Seeing that I joined both this site and Pacino's Adventures at $30 each, it needs to be mentioned.
- As Pink Panther noted, Gigi is not the best photo model, she is great when in action and moving around, but some of her actions just don't translate well in photos like licking her lips in 5 straight shots. Probably is as much the photographer's fault since she seems very open to anything.
- Not for sure if it is really updating. The newest content is also available on Pacino's Adventures so they may just be bringing content from that site to here as new.
Bottom Line: I want to note that I removed 5 points off the Pacino's Adventures score since one of the major draws for me was Gigi's content and I now find out it is shared with this site. I'm sure it was done to bloat the numbers of this site.

Next problem, though I didn't list it in cons, the videos, not all, but some, are parts. I didn't list in cons since these are very long videos with very high quality. Even in parts, one has 3 parts and each part is 15 minutes at 700 MB for 1 part. So as a whole it would be 45 minutes at 2.1 GB. It does reduce the number of full scenes to, estimating, 60.

The good parts, Gigi is very cute and playful. This really shows in her videos. She is dancing in one before she even realizes she is on the camera, she laughs a lot, smiles, good eye contact with the camera and then there is the dirty talk. She has the nice, sultry Spanish accent and attitude for it as well. Think of a much less annoying Rosie Perez. She is convincing that she really is getting off. There is some squirting in her videos that looks to be of the real variety. More spurt than steady stream. She giggles when she squirts as well. Some seem to even catch her off guard. She'll kind of look at the floor in front of her to make sure she squirted and smile.

The girl/girl content is good as well. She has one with another of Pacino's models where both are masturbating together. She looks to accidentally pee trying to push a squirting orgasm out and just starts cracking up. The look is one that says, "Oh well, already started peeing, might as well finish".

Her boy/girl content with Pacino is also good. There is a lot of serious kissing between them, which makes for more, good, believable videos.

I'm pretty sure the newer updates are from Pacino's Adventures. She has also showed up on a few other glam sites with implants. None of the content here has the implanted boobs. If this site was added to Pacino's Adventures as a bonus site, I would consider that the best Latina deal on the internet. As it is, knowing that 1/3 of this content is available on Pacino's Adventures, it takes away a little from both sites.

Still, very little to complain about when we're talking all videos on Gigi's site being HD. As of right now, I have less than half the content downloaded and am already over 25 GB, so the quality is high as is the focus on the content, Gigi. Pictures could be bigger, while the repetitive photos of the same pose for multiple pictures is a bit annoying, the photos are generally entertaining.

I went into a little more detail on the bonus sites in the Pacino's Adventures review, all are ok with La Zona Modelos standing out as the best of those.

Overall, I see this site as a 1 time join, unless Gigi comes back. It's one of the better solo sites and she's an excellent performer. For fans, a recommended join, if not a fan, I would say try Pacino's Adventures and watch a few of her videos there before joining this site.

04-06-10  06:56am

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Visit Pacino's Adventures

Pacino's Adventures

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Very good site that includes access to a network of Latin models.
- Total of 9 sites included in membership, 8 are exclusive, Pacino's Adventures is a blend of solo, girl/girl and boy/girl hardcore and is exclusive. The 7 other exclusive sites feature 6 models and their friends. The other one Pacino's World is not exclusive from what I can see.
- Gigi Spice is an absolute doll. Lots of content of her here. Sadly have to buy separate membership to her solo site to get all of her content.
- Tech quality on newest updates goes like this, videos 1440x1080 w/6500+ bitrate. Pics are 1600 long end and come zipped. The older videos are 720 high end and are good enough for me, pics never go below 1200 on oldest sets.
- Two updates on this site per week, pic/video/screenshot in each update.
- Good DL speed, around 90% of my max DL speed
- For the most part nicely laid out navigation
- Around 65 models as of 3-27-10, multiple sets for most. Also plenty of fresh, never before seen models.
Cons: - Would be in for a long time if Gigi's solo site was included in the network.
- Had a few downloads break during download, but the files are still there. Seemed to be more a connection issue, could have been my side. Re-downloads went fine.
- One of the sites, Pacino's World, looks to be a non-exclusive site of just various models. Wouldn't have noticed until I saw 3 sets of Eve Angel that are on almost all non-exclusive sites.
Bottom Line: Not for sure why I hadn't joined this site earlier. My best guess is that it wasn't a network at one point and some of the solo model sites included are non-nude or topless only. Not that that is a bad thing, it probably was just pushed aside while I was looking for nude sites.

There are roughly 65 models on Pacino's Adventures and I've downloaded 60 of them. Gigi Spice is the star for me, Emy Reyes is also on here, she's one of the few models I had seen on other sites. Most of these models are new to me and nearly all are very pretty, nice bodies and not a lot of shyness either. The language could be a problem for some since it isn't English, but there are English subtitles for the important moments.

Pacino himself is the only male on the site. That could be a problem for some, but I think he does a good job of keeping himself off the camera as much as possible. He has a low voice so it's not the male screeching that many pornos have.

Tech quality is very good, those 1440x1080 videos look nice. Everything is arranged well. Model index, each model has her own page with all of her photo sets and videos on it.

The only real down for me is the exclusion of Gigi Spice's solo site. The way it works, Pacino's Adventures, Gigi Spice, Tania Spice and Karla Spice are like the flagship sites. When you join any of these you get La Zona Modelos, Pacino's World, Cierra Spice, Pamela Spice, Spice Twins, Selena Spice, Mariah Spice and Bella Spice. All of these sites are very good, but you're still going to need to buy multiple memberships if you want say Pacino's Adventures and Gigi Spice's solo site. Those four flagship ones never are included with one of the other flagship ones that I can see.

Not too bad of a deal since you still can get a dozen or more sets of each of those models on Pacino's Adventures and La Zona Modelos to see if you would want to pay another $30 for their solo sites.
Some of the more tame/less nude sets are still highly erotic. The bodies on these models are mostly curvy below the waist and smaller on the top half. Gigi looks to have about a 24 inch waist and 38 inch hips with 34B breasts. I didn't see any implants on any of the models, there are some tattoos, but most likely those are cultural ones not the kind just to look like everyone else. I was a bit surprised to see a white model in one of the recent updates, but I'm estimating 98% are Latina. Updates on the bonus sites are hard to tell much about. Most of those network sites are not dated on the updates so I wouldn't know if those are updating.

La Zona Modelos updates look to be 4 per week.
Pacino's Adventures updates every 3-4 days with the full photo/video/screencap update on each of those.

The solo ones are a little hard to tell, but there is a ton of content overall.

I'll go as far as saying it's the best Latina network/site out today. The exclusivity of the sets and fresh, new models also helps a lot. Highly recommended.

03-29-10  12:44pm

Replies (9)
Visit Orgy Max

Orgy Max

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A once very expensive network that has lowered its price to a very good level, used to be 35 Euros to join, so it was around $50 for U.S. members. Now is $24.95.
- Has 3 major sites, Party Hardcore, Mad Sex Party and Drunk Sex Orgy plus 14 other niche heavy sites like Fully Clothed Sex and Fully Clothed Pissing.
- Newer videos are 1280x720 with 5000 bitrates. Each update also has zipped photos.
- Some of these orgies have probably close to 100 people in them.
- Updates weekly on each of the sites that I've tried out.
- Most of the sites have in excess of 200 sets of videos/photos.
- I haven't had any blazing download speeds, but am hitting my average.
- A different view of porn. You're going to see some women that may be a little bigger, a little less hot as you are used to and nearly every video has at least one that really stands out. This can be a con as well.
Cons: - Things get a bit hectic at times, usually right when you've spotted the hottest woman at the party bent across a bar. Camera cuts to the women you wished was hiding behind the bar.
- Though Party Hardcore is going for the authentic feel, the damn music gets on my nerves. In one scene, really hot girl getting hammered and the old classic song, "Big Girls Don't Cry" is blasting in the background.
- If not careful, you'll find yourself fast forwarding a lot, rewinding a lot and trying to tell people to move out of the way.
Bottom Line: Party Hardcore to me is the flagship site here. I think women like the site. My wife does and was the one who got me to join a few years ago for nearly $50, the price cutback is 50% off to $25.

The basic story of Party Hardcore is a group of women rent this club, male strippers come out, dance around and tease the women until the women lose control and an all-out orgy breaks out. It's different, at times, very frustrating, at times very good. The other two named in the pros work similar. Drunken party turns into orgy. If nothing else, I want to say this is probably the best orgy content I've seen. It's still frustrating, but if you're into the voyeur/exhibitionist side of porn, this could be your holy grail.

One complaint my wife had with it is that the guys are not really much more than average size. I'll defend the guys by saying they each seem to get a couple women off in each video.

The other sites add a whole new dimension. There is one, Tyrannized, that is some pretty extreme content. Women dominating men, spanking, violent spanking until the man's butt cheeks bleed. Not my thing, don't want to give my wife any ideas! All WAM is a fun site, I had to look up the definition the last time we were on this network. It means Wet And Messy, you get some oil wrestling, some food fighting, just anything to make a mess with naked women. It's different and kind of goofy. I will say it is fun to watch.

I like the Fully Clothed Sex, I think all of us remember the days of trying to get a little in high school and sliding the panties/shorts over. Not into pissing content, Fully Clothed Pissing, but have to say models pissing with jeans on is interesting if nothing else. There are two other pissing sites as well, so if you're into that, there is more value. There are three cum sites, including a Transexual one. As you can see, there is a lot of coverage here.

The network itself works as good as any network I've been on. All sites are listed at the top of the page and require only a click to switch from site to site. For me, the value was the 3 orgy sites.

Minimal complaints, as with nearly all porn sites that have been around while, the older content is better. It is not quite as high technical quality though so you're running into that technical quality or on-screen quality problem. I would drop the music and let the dozens of moans and groans fill the air. Some of the earlier ones have a more believable, not staged, feel to them. Like one of the oldest has a woman who is genuinely blushing in it, by the end, she has taken 3 cumshots. It gave the impression it really was a bachelorette party and she was the bride to be.

Probably not for the guy who doesn't like his wife/spouse going out. They used to advertise these orgy sites as, "You may see your wife or girlfriend getting plowed".

An impressive network with a much more acceptable price. Recommended highly for those into these niches or looking for something different!

02-16-10  01:42am

Replies (3)

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