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Visit Cuckold My Husband

Cuckold My Husband

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Candy is a hot MILF who seems to be videoing her playtime. In other words this is a woman who loves sex; not a model who's trying to maximize profit.
- Whole site is interracial content (I don't care one way or the other, but know it will be either a big plus or big minus to some).
- Each scene has a small description with it.
- Screen shots available for videos (I like this because it helps determining if something is worth downloading).
- Looks like a rather large network (maybe 15 sites?). I'm not sure because my password won't work with some of the "bonus" material. Also a lot of the content is cross shared so I'm not always sure what belongs with what. I can tell the model for this site (Candy Christopher) is also the talent in at least one of the other sites. So it's very confusing what exactly are you getting
- Nice price: right now there is a special to pick up the whole network for $30/year.
Cons: - Videos are only available in .wmv
- Most videos are under 10 minutes (only 2 are long; one 20 minutes, one 30 minutes)
- pictures are not available as .zip
- Broken links. All of the dildo shoots were inaccessible. Clicking on them would ask for password, only to have password rejected.
- picture quality is 300X200.
- only 6 dildo videos (which I could get to), and 13 hardcore. For a site that's been up since at least 2000, that's really poor.
- Copyright on the website says 2011 so they haven't done new shoots since at least then
- 480X360 0.3 mbps is got to be the lowest quality video I've ever seen.
- Cinematography is hurting. For example in the longest running video there's a pillow block most of the action - despite the fact that her husband is camera man - this doesn't get fixed
Bottom Line: I've never given such a low score. But between the small number of updates, the password problems, and the abysmal quality I feel there's no choice.

Scenes start in the middle of the action, there are times when the audio cuts out.

Candy is an attractive MILF, there's no doubt about that. I'm really hoping that some of the other sites on this network that feature her are better than this one.

To be fair I have not contact the webmaster about my issues (then again the fact that I will have to speaks about the sites upkeep as well). For $30 for a year's subscription I figure I have time to mess with it if the mood ever strikes me. Right now I'm not impressed enough with the content to be bothered.

04-01-13  07:27am

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Visit Cuckolds


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - "blue ray" quality downloads - I didn't download this file size because my monitor wouldn't support it. Instead I opted for the 1280X720 2.6 mb/s option.
- network includes: dark caravan, Mandy Tyler, call your husband, bizarre insertions, and Barbi Sinclair.
- lots of community interaction, amateurs posting their homemade content and stories
- nice search field to help navigate
- just over forty scenes (most of them with Barbi Sinclair who's site is also part of the network)
- variety inside the cuckold theme (husband catching wife, husband forced to watch, husband helping wife score, etc)
- While organization isn't perfect it is clear and easy to use
Cons: - Ads in members area
- despite the "high quality" file size it looks like many of the videos were 1st done in a lower format and then upscaled
- keywords are a little limited, there are only about a half dozen categories to separate the content.
- some scenes have screen shots, but there's not stand alone photo content.
- Updates come in from the rest of the network so there is redundancy across the network - which sometimes confuses navigation
- .mp4 and .flv only formats available.
Bottom Line: Cuckold.com does what it sets out to do. The video quality could be sharper and the talent could be better (it's dominated by Barbi Sinclair). Don't get me wrong Barbi is great, but the point of a site like this is to see a lot of different girls- a little disappointed to see her again and again (especially when her site is also on the network)

I joined the network for Mandy Tyler and was surprised to see cuckold.com included. It was fun to check it out. It might be worth it if they started updating with some different girls and more importantly improved the video clarity.

Cuckold.com is not the raunchiest site in this genera, if you looking for something more intense you may want to look to the stuff on the kickass network, or cuckoldmenow. Cuckold.com stays true to theme so they certainly get credit for that. The talent is good if I would criticize the performance at all I would say they should look at the directors of kink's domination stuff or the guys and cuckold sessions

09-11-12  04:33pm

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Visit Dark Cavern

Dark Cavern

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Full service interracial site: video, pix, amateur pix/vid/stories, community board, (ads to other content)
- plenty of the amateur stuff is hot (really liked some of the stories) but finding stuff I liked was tough.
- Looks like they bought content for "cheaters" I see Kelly Wells here and some other recognizable names
- Membership includes Mandytayler, Barbisinclair, Call your husband, cuckolds, interriacialsex, and bazaar insertions
- stream or download content (flv or .mp4)
- the professional shoots are well done with clear sound and good lighting
Cons: - The site is too large for the navigation it has. Finding this is a pain, also many link bring up a window in a window, so you need to make sure you pull down the current bar to scroll down.
- Many of the amateur girls are people I'd rather not see naked. If you like chubby amateurs this site has a good number. Don't get me wrong some of these girls are stunning
- Most recent update was 2011! (And I don't think it was exclusive content)
- 720X480 2.6 mbps video quality
- There are about 50 professional videos, but most of them are pro-am star barbi sinclair. (I'd rather just download her stuff from her site which is part of the network)
- Ads in members area
-2001 feel - there's a resource section where you can download screen savers with instructions for what must be windows 2000.
Bottom Line: I've seen this site around for a while, so I'm glad I had the chance to check it out with the network I joined. While interracial isn't really my think I love slutty wives.

Anyway - I'm glad I didn't join for this. I was disappointed and now mark dark caravan as a skip in my book. Between the difficulty of navigation, the relatively small content, it's just not worth it.

09-27-12  10:17am

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Visit Deauxma Live

Deauxma Live

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Focus on Camming with a big network to support live shows everyday. There are generally 2-4 shows a day with Deauxma on once a week.
- Deauxma is a hot MILF (some might say GILF?) who can put on a hot show time and time again. If you're a fan of the MILF genre not only does she deliver but you also get fellow milfs: Shandra Fay (of filtycuteonline), Julia Ann, Puma Swede, Francesca, Charlee Chase, Sara Jay, Curious Gabby, Bobbi Eden, Carmen Valentine, Vickyathome, Angelina Castro, Nikki Benz
- Good variety of content: anal, interracial, solo, girl/girl, orgy, feet, smoking, lite bondage, taboo incest, hero parody, squirting. Clearly a little bit of everything.
- live shows are available in archive (but only in non-downloadable flash format)
- vids available in .wmv and iOS friendly .mp4. :)
Cons: - Only about 50 videos. I'd like to see more (who wouldn't? lol).
- Vids started in 2010 - despite that much of the encoding is poor at: 640X480 1 mbps and 720X480 1.5 mbps
- The organization is lacking. The files are available in chronological or best rated order - that's it.
- no zip downloads for pix. About 40 pix in a set. About 145 sets in all.
- big boob job (I know some will be turned off)
Bottom Line: I'm really enjoying this site and the whole network for that matter. If you're a fan of hot older women - this is a great site. Dauxma films for other studios so she has a sexy look that mixes pro and amateur. She has the fake tits and the real stretch marks - which is sort of an old visual mix - but I like it. I think she's sexy as hell.

My biggest knock on this site is the lack of good quality videos. I feel like I'm back in the last decade of the internet. With today's technology it's really bad to be lagging so far behind your competitors. That said the talent and action is top tier.

Bottom Bottom Line:
Is this site a buy? Yes if you're a Deauxma fan. Yes if your a MILF fan (especially considering the network that's included).

If no to either of those questions skip this site. The quality of the encoding, and lack of extensive catalog make this one a skip.

01-12-13  12:14pm

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Visit Devon Lee

Devon Lee

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Devon is the archetype of a big titted blond.
- Devon has some acting chops, she can take an idea and run with it.
- 15 site network included -although I'm learning most of those sites are no longer updated :(. Still there enough good stuff in the back catalog to keep you very busy.
- Dylan Ryder (active), Ashley Fires (active), Aallyah Love (active), Bruno B, Hanna Hilton, and others are part of network.
- About 72 videos included
- Still participates with her ask me feature (or at least was back in March
- About 70 image sets
- Several download options including iPhone, WMV, MOV, PSP, and viewable in flash.
- Good variety: Girl/Girl, Solo, Boy/Girl. Some stuff from her feature movies. Plenty of hot stuff.
- Well shot. Cameras are good, lighting and directing is professional.
Cons: - No longer updated (last update was January of 2012 - same month as TBP's review, wonder if it was done just for them)
- Older content is not in HD
- Ads in members' site (I know some find this highly objectionably - I myself don't really care)
- Live shows not archived (says they are, but I can't make it work).
- Organization can be clunky, but there's not that much here that you're likely to get lost anyway :(
- Only about 15 vids in HD.
Bottom Line: It's an average site with above average talent. It's a shame it's not updated anymore, but there's plenty here if you like her work.

If it wasn't included in the network I joined I would have passed on this site.

There's a lot to like her (if only there was new stuff coming). There's a "Devon Corner" where you have access to her blog, twitter feed, personal life pix and vid updates. Unfortunately, not even her twitter feed has been active in months.

Bottom Bottom Line:

I like Devon Lee, so I was pleased to download some of her stuff that I didn't already have. If you like her a lot the price might be worth it. If you're interested in the rest of the network the price is worth it for a month, but probably no more.

08-13-12  06:19am

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Visit Diary Of A MILF

Diary Of A MILF

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Part of a huge network with over two dozen sites and more thank 5,050 shoots.
- Terrific organization: it is very easy to find what you're looking for. You can search across the network by action, body type, stars, location, "fantasy". Inside each individual site there is a static list of stars, and keywords.
- keywords include obvious options like "handjob" and "blond" and go to the esoteric: "accent", "glasses"
- save scenes to a favorite list to find them again easily.
- Exclusive content.
- good variety of "set-ups:" not every scene is the same (although it is aimed at mainstream audience so if you have a particular "niche" you'll have trouble finding it here)
- pix available as zip files
- stays true to theme. You won't find a 20 something trying to pull of being a MILF. If anything you may see some that would qualify as GILFs
- About a dozen shoots are in "DVD quality" 720X540 3mbps. The rest are 480X360 512 kbps. Good for when they were done but sub par now.
Cons: - Dead site: Last update was February 2008.
- Smaller site by standards of their network: "only" 120 scenes.
- most girls have implants
- nearly ever scene ends in a facial.
- Seeing some of these performers on other sites I think they suffer from poor direction. A problem that is worse the older the scene is (as a generalization)
Bottom Line: Diary of a MILF is a fine site, but nothing to write home about. If you're a fan of the MILF genre you'll find enough here to justify the entry free. However, if you're not a MILF lover, this site is probably a skip for you. There's not enough over the top hot stuff to make up for something that's out of your preference.

Bottom line: check out the whole network, it is impressive. The preview section does a good job of letting you know what you'll get on the inside. Unless you're a big MILF fan skip this one.

11-15-12  06:20pm

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Visit Diary Of A Nanny

Diary Of A Nanny

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Big network, more than 30 sites
- lot of big name porn stars (Julia Bond, Rhylee Richards, Cassie Young, Tori Black, Lexi Love, Annette Schwarz, lots of girls that are out of the business now - last update was 2008).
- Network now has more than 5000 scenes and they often run joining specials.
- Great navigation. There's keyword searching as well as looking across the entire network for you favorite starts.
- "my favorites" for saving scenes you like (i've learned that this is even saved if you rejoin after being away for a while)
- zip download of pictures
- new files are .mp4 and .wmv
Cons: - Site no longer updated. Last update was 2/2008
- Repetitive plot. Same basic story - then again how much can I complain the name of the site is diary of a nanny? Still I'd like to see more imagination.
- Cross selling be careful when you join to only join naughty american and not the other stuff you may not want
- Ads in members area
- older files are only available as .wmv
- quality ranges from 720X548 2mbps to 320X480 1.4 mbps.
Bottom Line: - I got in on the $5 special, which was a deal that could not be turned down. I'm not at all sad that I did. While many of the scenes are repetitive you can't argue with all the hot girls and good talent they bring in.

Bottom Bottom Line: Join when there is a special to save yourself some money - but definitely join. As one of the bigger producers of online porn they have a wide diversity of talent, and they have the resources to put together quality shoots time and time again.

10-15-12  06:05pm

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Visit Dirty Talking Wife

Dirty Talking Wife

No Review.
02-23-13  08:43pm

Visit Dylan Ryder

Dylan Ryder

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - It's DYLAN RYDER. I'm a big fan of hers if you haven't checker her out you should. There's enough in her preview area to give you a good idea of how hot she is!
- Big network (15 sites included with stars like: Puma Swede, Monica Mayhem, Devon Lee, and the fantastic Ashley Fires)
- Good (not over the top like Lelu Love) fan interaction (more about this in the bottom line section).
- Tailored content to the site. Exclusive BTS and pix of her day.
- HD versions of videos.
- Many different options for downloading including iOS and PSP.
- zip download of picture sets sets
- Nice "favorites" ability. You can select content that you want to be able to find again by making it a "favorite"
Cons: - Ads included in member site (I don't care, but have seen some complaints form others)
- Only updated monthly
- Organization could be improved. Site is organized chronologically, with only broad categories to help (for example: g/g, hardcore, solo).
- Not exclusive material (some of it may be but others of it certainly is not)
- About 60 movies in the site; About 112 picture sets. I expect more than that for a $30 site - then again with 15 different sites included I shouldn't complain.
Bottom Line: Does it's job well. This is a site for fans of Dylan Ryder. If you're looking for just a great porn site - you should move on. If you love Dylan Ryder this site does a great job of presenting her. There's unique goodies like pix and videos from her day and a good level of interaction with her.

While not all of her material is here (how could it be?). If you looking to collect a lot of her scenes this might be the perfect way to do it. Her stuff from Bonnie and Clyde and Cuckold Club are here (looks like a lot of her stuff from Bluebird films) But other things she's done are not (imagine the obtaining the rights would be a nightmare)

She has a nice ask me a question feature which I took advantage of. Here's the conversation:

marcdc2112 asks: Hi Dylan, I thought I saw on your twitter that you're retired. But, obviously there are new updates here. Can you explain. Is dylanryder.com for re-releasing previous stuff? Are you only shooting for this site now? Or do I have everything all wrong? Thanks for a great site!?

Dylan Says: Yes I am retired! There are still plenty of updates to come on my site....Lots of never before seen stuff updating monthly!

So I don't know where these updates come from but you can be assured from her herself, that there will be monthly updates consistently.

BOTTOM LINE: It is what it is:
a) A great site for fans of Dylan Ryder to get her content and have some interactions with her.
b) A great network of hot girls. For $30/month there's plenty to explore and enjoy. I'm happy I joined.

08-09-12  06:46am

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Visit Elli Nude

Elli Nude

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Hot sexy RED HEAD (I do so love gingers!)
- HD video quality 1280X720 8.2 mbps. There were a few older slips that were of lesser quality but almost everything is in stunningly good quality.
- picture sets are all available as .zip files
- Organization is clean. Videos are arranged chronologically with key words to simplify. You can also suggest new keywords to improve the system.
- "You may also like this video" suggestions were very useful
- You can "add to favorites" if there's a video you want to keep easy access too.
- Over 200 picture sets. Each set has 30-90 pictures. Quality is good at 1024X800 pixels.
- About 150 movies. Each movie about 20 minutes long
- Network. Elli is part of the Dreamnet.com network. There are 14 active women (mostly MILFs) and another 50 inactive sites included.
Cons: - This site was very strong so I don't have many cons.
- Lots of Solo content. I'd prefer to see more partner action
- Elli is on the Mom and Pop side of the amateur spectrum. Most of the filming is POV or tripod.
- Some hardcore, some groups (girl-girl), some flashing/public. But most of what you see is solo action or solo into BJ.
Bottom Line: Really fun site. Elli posts a daily life set showing off her vacation and travels - she has a lot of personality.

I really liked this site. I wish I had more time with it. It will join my rotation of sites that I keep checking back into.

Elli has a natural beauty that comes across in all of her shoots. There is some dirty talk, but she's not the foul mouth spit-fire we might want her to be.

04-01-15  11:50am

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Visit Faith 69

Faith 69

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Great Amateur Site. Older stuff is poorly light, but as things progress the content is pro-am. With good lighting and sound
- Faith is a real woman. In her words she is "curvy" Less so in her younger pictures/videos.
- Diversity of content. I love the flashing material. There is also interracial, girl-girl, gangbang, plenty of blow jobs, solo material, hardcore, anal. The preview section does a good job of showing off all that is inside.
- Lots of Content. Over 100 videos (Sorry I didn't count), and nearly 150 picture sets. Each picture set is approx. 25 images.
- Adequate video/picture quality.
- Most video is 960X540 2.5 mb/s. Newest material is 1280X720 6.6 mb/s. Older stuff 360X240 .7 mb/s
- Image quality is good at 1024X680 pixels.
- Regular updates. After years online Faith is still adding content.
- Network. Faith is part of the Dreamnet.com network. There are 14 active women (mostly MILFs) and another 50 inactive sites included.
Cons: - Older content is in .wmv, newer in .mp4. Usually there is not a choice of format.
- I'm running a mac, and for some reason as soon as I download content using safari, my cpu goes crazy and climbs to over 100%. However switching to chrome doesn't trigger this problem. I don't hold faith responsible for this, just wanted to let you know if you join and have the same problem - switch your browser.
- Organization is a little lacking, there's nothing to help you - each set is added chronologically. I love her flashing stuff and wish I could search or sort to get to it more easily.
- Limited interactions. Faith does a cam show once a week, and you can email her but that's not the experience she's selling. She does offer a blog and does maintain fan interaction via the blog.
Bottom Line: I'm enjoying Faith's site. I've wanted to check it out for a while and I'm glad I finally got around to it.

I like that Faith is not afraid to get naughty and nasty. I particularly enjoy her public hijinks and her dirty talk. Her site is definitely worth the price of admission and you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Other than adding an organizational structure I have no complaints. I'd like to see more fan interaction (maybe a forum?), but that's being nit picky.

Faith delivers everything she promises and that's a lot of delivery.

03-01-15  02:32pm

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Visit Fast Times at NAU

Fast Times at NAU

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Part of the Naughty America Network which includes over 25 sites
- About 150 shoots in this site, more than 5,050 across the network.
- Aggressive update schedule. This site updates 2-3 times a month, and within the network there's usually 2-3 updates EVERYDAY.
- Navigation is awesome. It's easy to find what you're looking for or case a wide net for a serendipitous adventure.
- The preview section is generous enough to let you know what you'll get as a member without giving away the farm
- 1080p available. Anything from post mid-2007 is in "DVD Quality". And anything older than that is decent 480 2k quality (good for the time it was shot)
- pix are available in zip format - over 150 pix per shoot.
- .wmv and .mp4 formats available.
- 5 minute preview available to let you know if the whole scene is worth it for you or not. It's nice as a highlight roll
Cons: - My biggest complaint is they discontinued the live shows that they did a few years ago. There now available as achieves, but it's not the same
- With each log in you have to go past annoying full screen ads.
- de-select sign up cross sales :(
- most girls have implants (no problem for me but I know some object).
- Almost ever shoot ends in a facial. Nice to see more variety instead.
Bottom Line: This site has a fun premise and enough lee-way to mix up the scenes. The talent is top totch and the directors have been better in the more recent shoots (within the last 10 months or so)

They routinely offer discounts and there's so much here you really can't go wrong. If you've never been a member you should check them out. If you have been a member, not much has changed, maybe look to see if some of you favorites have done shoots. It may be with a discount membership to pick up some of the girls you really like.

11-20-12  02:00pm

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Visit Filthy Cute Online

Filthy Cute Online

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Exclusive Content
1280X720 about 3 mbps. For Husband wife team, video looks great (see note in cons)
Over 225 videos
- Weekly cam show, with archived shows in flash format
- Big network: you also get Nikki Benz, Gabby Quinteros,Puma Swede, Deauxma, Angelina Castro, Francesca, Sunny Lane, Julia Ann, Carmen Valentine, Vickyathome, Bobbie Eden, Charlee Chase
Good variety: pegging (a rare find, especially in the pro-am segment), anal, lots of BJs, Hardcore and tit fucking, feet, lots of boy and girl ass play.
- pix are available in zip format. Over 200 sets.
- fun extras like a blog and wall paper
Cam network has as many as 6 girls on a day! Gotta love that
Cons: Boob job (not a down side for me, but not everyone is me).
Husband/wife team, most shooting is tripod based
- many scenes are missing a description so you need to download to see if you like it.
Back catalog is poorly encoded, they really should re-encode
Organization is hurting. There are no tools at all just chronological setup. (pix organization isn’t much better with few categories to guide you (ie: friends, panties, outside)
The earliest videos are true amateur with loud music and 480X360 1.33 mbps quality (don’t worry things get better fast)
According to TBP, daily limit is 5 gigs. With modern file sizes pushing 700 mb, it’s very easy to hit that cap when you’re checking out content across the network. I know they need to fight piracy, but perhaps a better balance needs to be struck. (2/23: 10 gig limit - no warning when you get close :( )
- no g/g action (that I noticed anyway). I don't object (really not my favorite anyway) but I know some highly value that content.
Bottom Line: Shandra is not afraid to get dirty, and I love that about her! She does talk in a bit of a high pitch some might say “little girl” voice. Some might love that, I’m rather indifferent and prefer genuine above all else.

That said if you’re looking for a hot, big titted (recently even bigger) MILF, this is the site for that. She has enough production value that you will be happy with the quality (especially the newer stuff), while still filling that Amateur) niche. I joined this network largely for Filthycuteonline, and stayed due to all the other great content. Shandra Fay is a real gem her. Great work. I highly recommend.

Shandra Fay has a great combination. She is dirty (as if the pegging and public flashing wasn’t enough to show that)! She as great personality that shines through. She has posted a number of “joke” videos and keeps a comedy section. She’s one of those people that has a contagious laugh and energy. The kind of person you can’t help wishing the best things find her.

02-21-13  07:20pm

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Visit Francesca Live

Francesca Live

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Bunch of different fetish content. There's at least one of the following: spanking, super hero, lite bdsm, prostate milking, pegging, anal, interracial, group sex, lots of good stuff :)
- Shandra Fay (of filtycuteonline), Julia Ann, Puma Swede, Deauxma, Charlee Chase, Sara Jay, Curious Gabby, Bobbi Eden, Carmen Valentine, Vickyathome, Angelina Castro, Nikki Benz are all included as part of the network. The whole network is in the MILF genre -so if you're a fan this is the place.
- There are about 160 vids (I'm not including BTS shoots).
- lots of excitement in videos. Some performers don't have energy that's not Fancesca.
- The focus of the site is the live shows - but there's so much more here. Across the network there's about 3 shows a day.
- pix available in zip format
- she also has guest stars so there's really a lot of diversity between the guests and the network.
- each vid has an accompanying description for those of use who still enjoy some plot with our porn.
Cons: - organization needs a reset. The video section is arranged chronologically within the categories: BTS, G/G, B/G, and fighting.
- video quality ranges from 8450X480 4.1 mbps, 740X480 1.3 mbps to 640X480 1.5. At this point I really expect at least newest content to have an HD option.
- I'm sure she's had a boob job - but I think it looks good and not over done (don't mean to erupt a debate on whether a boob job can EVER be over done).
- much of the content (maybe all of it for all I know), is non-exclusive. A good amount is directly from other DVDs
Bottom Line: Francesca is smokin' hot. While in that MILF category she has that young soccer mom look down! Great boobs, nice smile. She's a stunning woman.

The amount of kink and variety is way above most solo sites. There's a lot of guest stars, I'm really surpirsied for a site that's billed as a solo more than 1/4 of the videos have other performers in them!

Bottom Bottom Line: I gotta call this one a buy. Francesca is smokin hot. There's good personality and diversity in the shoots. There's enough on the site to warrant a month's membership free - and I think more than a month when you look at the whole network.

01-14-13  06:07pm

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Visit Gabby Quinteros

Gabby Quinteros

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Nice quality videos: 1280X720 1mbps nice and clear. (older content is 640X480 1 mbps).
- Gabby cams 1/week and is part of a network taht has between 3-5 girls on a day!
- membership also includes: Shandra Fay (of filtycuteonline), Julia Ann, Puma Swede, Deauxma, Charlee Chase, Francesca, Sunny Lane, Bobbi Eden, Carmen Valentine, Vickyathome, Angelina Castro, Nikki Benz are all included as part of the network. The whole network is in the MILF genre -so if you're a fan this is the place.
- hot Latina MILF :)
- some content in english and Spanish if that's something you find sexy I don't see many site doing it. (Don't worry fellow non-Spanish speakers it sprinkled in so you don't feel excluded).
- most content is b/g with some three-ways bbg and ggb, and solo action, (interracial too)
- .mp4 and .wmv files (as well as streaming flash - archived cam shows are all flash
- one on one shows for sale
Cons: - no zip downloads for pix :(
- boob job (no problem with me, but I know some object)
- lousy organization. There's no categories at all, just chronological video/pix posts.
- Only about 70 videos so far :(
- non-exclusive content.
Bottom Line: Gabby is a hot "MexiMILF" there's no doubt about it. She has the dirty girl next look down perfect. Gabby had done work for several of the big sites including brazzers and naughty America. She fills the hot MILF description to a tee.

Bottom bottom line: This site is a buy if your looking at the whole network. There's plenty of good stuff across the network and daily cam shows are hard to pass up. If you're interested in just Gabby, pass - with less then 70 videos it's not worth the membership for just those.

01-21-13  03:06pm

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Visit Hailey Young

Hailey Young

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Hot girl, great smile, awesome body
- 15 site network with Dylan Ryder, Ashley Fires, Puma Swede, Tara Lynn Foxx, Bruno B., Devon Lee, Hanna Hilton and others.
- Files available in many formats: flash, mp4, mpeg, iOS, PSP.
- Zips of picture sets available
- Network claims to be adding new sites soon
- About 80 videos
- About 120 picture sets
- Some kinky stuff in addition to F/F, M/F, MM/F, FF/M, Solo. (there's bondage, gangbang, footjob, roadhead)
- Lots of variety great to see things mixed up.
- Fun personality Hailey is a great performer and it shows in this site!
- Good BTS content with stuff from her shoots and home life.
- Natural Tits (or at least good enough to fool me)
- Good video quality - professional quality all around.
Cons: - No longer updating. Last update was in 2011. This is the biggest factor that kept me from giving the site a higher score.
- Says live shows are achieved, I could not find them :(
- Network focuses on interaction little of it is available on this site, even the twitter feed is inactive.
- Ads inside member section.
- Non-HD videos
- Lightly tattooed (not a problem for me, but I know it's a big deal to some)
Bottom Line: Love this site! Wish it still updated. I joined the network for Ashley Fires and Dylan Ryder but was very happy to find Hailey. I'm now a fan.

Bottom Bottom Line:

Hailey provides a lot of variety, which I love. This is a great all around site there's something for everyone. There's enough fetish to keep you interested if you like that, but not so intense if you prefer a more softcore flavor.

Hailey's got the acting chops to do dirty talk (not everyone does). And she's great at it - very hot.

08-14-12  07:25am

Replies (8)
Visit Hanna Hilton

Hanna Hilton

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: I'm a push-over when it comes to reviews and I'm having a hard time focusing on the good. Be aware other reviewers may have scored lower then my rating.

- Super hot girl. Early 20s(?), big boobs (enhanced I'm guessing), slight frame. Truly what an angel would look like.
- Multiple formats (wmv, flash, iOS, PSP, mp4, mpeg)
- zip downloads for pix usually over 100 pix in a set.
- Includes network of about 15 girls including: Dylan Ryder (active), Ashley Fires (active), Abbey Brooks (inactive), Sweet Lea Luv (inactive), Tara Lynn Foxx (inactive), Puma Swede (inactive))
Cons: - No longer updating and hasn't since July 2010!
- There's no personality here. What gets Hanna off? What's her fantasy or which scenes does she get into? None of this is shown by the way she carries herself in these shoots.
- While some video is available in large file formats There are very few vids in 1280X720 5 mps, most is 640X480 2 mps. Most videos are 640X480 1mbps.
- About 55 movies - too many are Behind the Scenes for my tastes (almost 1/8 are BTS)
- About 77 images sets
- Ads in member site (I don't care - but some object
- There's a link for cam archives, but I can't find anything for Hanna
- Only 4 M/F shoots. Most are solo and girl/girl.
Bottom Line: To me this site was a bore. While there's a rare gem or two there's only one or two. Many of the solo shoots are her being photographed while we hear the director telling her what to do (yawn) or a sexy panning of her with music playing instead of hearing her soft moans (I hate that).

I had such high hopes for Hanna, she is smokin' hot! But I'm a big fan of dirty talking girls and "oh god," and "fuck ya" just don't cut it. It seems like the few M/F shoots were from the very start of her career, hopefully she finds her comfort zone and puts more of who she is into her videos.

I know I'll be asked about anal so here's her response when a fan asked her (back in 2010)
asks: Do you like anal sex ? you have any plans doing an anal scene soon ? :)?
Hanna Says: No way

The Bottom Line:

Skip this site. If you're a fan of Hanna Hilton's pictures and you're looking to find those in 1 spot - this is a fine site. If you're interested in a best of Hanna, this is not the place to find that.

I always find something I like to download to my HD for later :), this time I downloaded NOTHING. Hanna's great - but this site needs her personality and (in my opinion) much more boy/girl shoots.

08-18-12  04:53am

Replies (4)
Visit Hellizabeth


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: This is the lowest I've ever rated a site. My opinion of the network is much higher, but for this site alone that was the best I could do.

- Tattooed, "Goth" style girl. (may not be your thing - but there it is).
- Multiple formats (wmv, flash, iOS, PSP, mp4, mpeg)
- zip downloads for pix usually over 100 pix in a set.
- Movie available in at least 1280X720 3mbps some are 1920X1080 5mbps.
- Not afraid to get naughty - for example her and her friend pull out their toys in the car (the rapid camera movements are distracting to some)
- Includes network of about 15 girls including: Dylan Ryder (active), Ashley Fires (active), Abbey Brooks (inactive), Sweet Lea Luv (inactive), Tara Lynn Foxx (inactive), Puma Swede (inactive), )
Cons: -Hellizabeth speaks French. I don't so this is a bit of a problem for me. (there are subtitles which is good)
- No longer updating. Last update was February 2012, one before that was November 2011.
This site is too small:
- 23 movies
- 9 images sets (taken during movie shoots)
- Ads in member site (I don't care - but some object
- There's a link for cam archives, but I can't find anything for Hanna
- Only solo and girl/girl. Some fun stuff like girls playing in public and strap on fun.
Bottom Line: To me the lack of content, absence of any boys/girl shoots and foreign language made this site a skip.

The Bottom Line:

Skip this site. If you're a fan of Hellizabeth she has a new site under Hellizabeth Queen - I'd check that out. I just don't think there's enough content here to be bothered.

I'm trying to find more to say about this site, but really what more can I tell you about 23 vids and 9 image sets? There just isn't much here.

The network is still worth it even if this site (and a couple of others) are duds. Ashley Fires and Dylan Ryder alone are worth the joining fee. To me the rest is bonus.

08-20-12  06:54am

Replies (5)
Visit Housewife 1 On 1

Housewife 1 On 1

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Large site with over 300 scenes on this site and over 5,100 across the naughty america network.
- up and coming talent and established stars
- 5 minutes "trailers" give you a good idea of the whole scene before you waste bandwidth & serve as a highlight reel.
- great quality post-late2009 1080p, 720p,480 3 mbps is available (about 90 shoots) after early 2007 "dvd" quality 720X540 2mbps is available (about 120 shoots) oldest quality is 480X360 512 kbps (about 80)
- pix available as zip files (over 150 pix per shoot)
- clean easy to use organization. Every tool I've ever seen for keeping things organized is available here.
- recent shoots (last year or so) have been a better representation of the starts talents (there's more dirty talk and "passion" between talent)
- an favorites you store are held if you let your membership laps
Cons: - annoying cross sells every time you log in
- ethnic mix is better than many other site - still rather limited if that's important to you you may be disappointed
- almost every shoot ends in a facial.
- formulaic mainstream focus (set-up, bj, eat her, missionary, doggy, cowgirl, wildcard, facial) the formula is too rigid. Not saying I'm looking for a clown or anything just saying variety is the spice of life.
Bottom Line: This is a solid site on a great network. There's enough openness in the fantasy of a hot wife that there's more variety in the setups here than on other sites in the network. The do a great job of booking hot girls with a variety of body types

They often run sales you can typically grab this site for between $10-15. Watch their newsletter and their twitter feed.

Bottom bottom line: you get a lot of bang for your buck. The preview section gives you a fair representation of what you'll get so check that out before you buy. If you like the previews there's plenty here to like. I rejoined figuring I'd give them a month and check out the new stuff, I've now spent 3 months as as a member

12-05-12  05:40pm

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Visit Housewife Kelly

Housewife Kelly

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - I love Kelly. She has personality, she's hot, she has the girl you knew in high school sexiness, and she can talk real dirty and nasty; my favorite thing :)
- Over 250 movies (for a solo site I think that's damn impressive)
- screenshots available for videos
- pix available as zip downloads
- Diverse camera: Kelly runs the site with her husband; sometimes he shoots POV sometimes he films her with
their friends :)
- FUN kelly is having fun. This is not someone just collecting a check and looking at the clock. There's a good variety of role play and setups. Kelly does group sex, cuckolding, girl/girl, handjobs, and lots of BJs, and quite a bit of foot stuff (she also runs a foot fetish site that is NOT included with membership to housewife).
- updates about 1/week
- newer material is 740X400 10 mbps (looks like .mp4 only for that quality)
- live shows 1/week through the Vette Network.
- bonus content and content swaps so you see other girls; most aren't as good as Kelly.
Cons: - navigation could use a reset. There's really no effective search capability. Files are ordered chronologically
- Some material (especially early stuff) looks like it was done just for them and then released when they started up their site. As a result the lighting and sound is not as good as it could be [also an understandable "flaw"]
-Older Material is at 640X480 3 mbps.
- Few options for interact with Kelly. It would be nice to be able to comment on scenes or have a forum of some kind for fans.
Bottom Line: I love Kelly's site. There's plenty here to keep you busy. She has great personality and puts out a quality product (do they have all the resources of a pornvalley production studio - no. But, that's what makes them, them; and I don't knock a site for being what it tries to be. This site is a good solo amateur with a hot girl and a lot of fun.

It would be great if she cleaned up the organization structure and allowed for a fan page - but these are small gripes in a very good am site.

Bottom Bottom Line: If you like the hotwife/swingers sites or like BJ/foot sites this site will satisfy you. This is the 2nd time I've had a membership and I will definitely be back. She runs a very good site for a fair price. I'm certainly a happy customer!

11-26-12  08:13pm

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Visit Housewife Kelly

Housewife Kelly

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: * True Am. Site
* Fun video ideas
* Dirty talk
* Kelly has a girl next door look
* Long movies (most 20 minutes or more)
* Good amount of content and frequent updates
* barefoot fetish (not big for me) is kept to a minimum
* hot wife sharing/group sex
Cons: * no zipped photos
* some movies (esp. early ones) have poor lighting
* Kelly seems drunk in many of the movies
Bottom Line: Good site esspecially if you're not big on the foot fetish, but looking for an am. site with lots of fun videos with different themes. For me the quality of the movies were not enough to keep me around and I only joined for a month.

Also some of the movies run too long (if that's possible) and the action meanders. I love a girl with a dirty mouth and Kelly does a good job, but could be better, it seems like she agrees to the lines her husband feeds her, rather than being genuine.

Glad I joined. I'll check it out again in another year or two. There just wasn't enough for me right now.

08-29-07  06:06am

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Visit I DeepThroat

I DeepThroat

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Hot Chick!
- Fun Videos
Cons: - Small videos (3-7 minutes, some you could splice together; but who want to do that?)
- Infrequent updates (I think their we're 2 updates the month I was a member)
- site nav hard to follow
Bottom Line: Hot girl! Needs to increase the vid. length and improve the site nav.

01-10-07  06:47am

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Visit I Have A Wife

I Have A Wife

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Great girls like Faye Reagan, Allie Haze, Riley Reid, Lily LaBeau, Dylan Ryder, Sarah Shevron, and MANY more.
- Huge catalog about 250 scenes
- pix available as zip downloads (although there is little editing to pick out repetitive shots, so you'll get 20 pix of the girl taking off her top)
- Over 30 sites focused on just about every mainstream fantasy you can think of.
- Great talent pool. I sometime see if I can find a girls that hasn't shot for this network (Naughty America) and it can be hard.
- Ability to save scenes you like (even works if your membership has lapsed.
- "find my fantasy" will search the entire network of over 5,000 shoots to find the exact type of shoot you want to see.
- great quality (up to 1080p 3.5mbps) for more than 160 scenes. Even the oldest shoots offer "DVD Quality" (720X540 3mbps)
Cons: - Bad directing almost every shoot is the same. While it's great to stay true to the fantasy there are so many possibilities that are just left untouched. Never every shoot follows a basic formula: little bit of dialog as start, BJ, eat out, Sex in 3-4 positions, facial.
I know their appealing to a mainstream audience but when you do over 200 shoots (more than 5,000 in whole network) for god sake mix it up a little.
- My long standing complaint: they stopped doing their live shows which was the best part of the network (because it broke from the formulas they set up). On the plus side the archive is still active and you download previous shows.
Bottom Line: I have a wife is part of a large network (one of the biggest really)

They have a twitter feed and email news letter that often offers discounts, so if you're interested keep and eye on that.

This site in particular is great. It has A LOT of shoots so you;ll probably find a girl you like. The navigation is simple and allows for serendipitous discovery.

10-31-12  06:44pm

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Visit Interracial Sex.com

Interracial Sex.com

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - I think some of this content comes from an old site "cheaters" that's gone dark. I never got around to joining so it's nice that I did get to check it out (without realizing I would).
- Barbi Sinclair provides much of the content and she is awesome. You also get her site as part of the network.
- Darkcaravan, Mandytyler, cuckolds.com, Barbisinclair, call your husband, bizarre insertions all included.
- ability to favorite videos to make it easy to come back to.
- Content that can be maxs out at 1280X720 2.6 mbps.
Cons: - Not to many names you've heard of. While amateur and up and coming talent is fine, production/acting/quality is sub par.
- Content come in from the entire network so it looks like their are more scenes available than there really are. Also the filter isn't perfect so included in this site are solo materbation clips from Barbi Sinclair's site. The Navigation really should be better in this day and age.
- .mp4 and .flv only formats available. Some scenes would only load as streaming .flv for me (with poor quality too boot - being .flv I'm sorry I can't quantify "poor")
- Looks like many of the videos were 1st done in a lower format and then upscaled.
- Some of the content was uploaded recently so it might make you think it was shoot recently - I know some of this content has been on other sites years ago.
Bottom Line: It's a site that says what it is. Yes the quality could be improved, and yes they need to either hire better actresses or give them better direction, but I give them credit for being what they say they are.

I'm not a big time interracial fan (I got this membership with the network I joined). As my score reflects, I don't think this is the best bet if this is what you're into. From the little bit I know about this genre I would say check out black on blonds, or maybe i need it black.

What I can recommend is the content of Barbi Sinclair - the stuff from her website that was cross promoted was hot. Good mix of scenario development and a chick that is really into making hot videos.

If you're just looking for a general interracial site, I would say pass this one by

09-19-12  09:10am

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Visit Interracial Video.net

Interracial Video.net

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - you get access to over 20 sites with membership
- Sites are almost exclusively interracial content (I don't care one way or the other, but know it will be either a big plus or big minus to some).
- site focus on "slut wives" and has a raunchy focus.
The gils are amateur and attractive
- Nice price: right now there is a special to pick up the whole network for $30/year.
- quality is "acceptable" 640X480 3.2 mbps.
Cons: - The sites are inconsistent in terms of layout, so you have to learn the ins and outs of each.
- models range from smokin' hot (whoring out my wife) to GILFs (not a big draw for me).
- Videos are only available in .wmv
- some sites offer zip pictures, some don't there's no rhyme or reason.
- claims of new updates are lies (hate to say it but I'm calling BS on this one)
Bottom Line: This is the most confusing network I've ever joined. I like to think of myself as reasonable intelligent, but this experience challenged that assumption.

Granted i got the network for a fantastic price ($30/year is probably the cheapest porn I've ever bought), but I didn't get much for my money and probably would have gotten more enjoyment if I'd just hit the preview pages of the dogfart network.

While I can't say it was from this, I did notice an uptick in the spam to my email associated with this membership. It may be a coincidence - or it may be they sold my email address.

I've had this membership for almost 5 months and I still haven't checked out all the sites. Not because there's so much content (there isn't) but because it's not that compelling. I love raunchy sex (and there's some of that here) but the production quality is so low and the navigation is so hamstrung it's not worth the trouble.

05-20-13  06:30pm

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