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Visit LeLu Love

LeLu Love

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Great site. Lelu does a LOT of custom vids so there's always something new. Some things I wouldn't have throughout of, but I found myself getting off to them none the less.

Live Shows!

But bottom line what sells this site is Lelu making a community. I'm sure she it going to become the sex star with the strongest most dedicated fans ever. I'm glad I'm discovering her so early. I can't wait to see what happens next!

Oh and there are multiple updates each WEEK. I've joined a few amateur site before (some are reviewed here) none of them ever had the number of update that Lelu provides.

Stop reading and go join. Then come back and than me.

Everyone should check out this site!
Cons: Video formats are available in mp4 so you can put it on iOS devices, but much of the content cannot be accessed directly from iOS

Lelu says an update will fix this in a few weeks.


THAT'S the only con I have. Really this site is that good!

UPDATE 7/20/12: as noted in reply section: this is a "mom & pop" site so you pretty much only see Lelu. To me that's made clear in preview section and goes with being an amateur site - so no big deal (that's what I like). But you should know that going in.
Bottom Line: Really thought about the 100 rating and decided to go for it. This site is the best I've ever seen. Lelu is interactive with her fans like NO ONE else. Email replies come back in less than 24 hours. 1st time I've felt like the experience lives up to the hype. I'm really blown away by how awesome things are. I joined with an idealism deal and have already decided to resign up for 3 months.

GREAT SITE - Can't say that enough!

06-02-12  11:47am

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Visit Filthy Cute Online

Filthy Cute Online

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Exclusive Content
1280X720 about 3 mbps. For Husband wife team, video looks great (see note in cons)
Over 225 videos
- Weekly cam show, with archived shows in flash format
- Big network: you also get Nikki Benz, Gabby Quinteros,Puma Swede, Deauxma, Angelina Castro, Francesca, Sunny Lane, Julia Ann, Carmen Valentine, Vickyathome, Bobbie Eden, Charlee Chase
Good variety: pegging (a rare find, especially in the pro-am segment), anal, lots of BJs, Hardcore and tit fucking, feet, lots of boy and girl ass play.
- pix are available in zip format. Over 200 sets.
- fun extras like a blog and wall paper
Cam network has as many as 6 girls on a day! Gotta love that
Cons: Boob job (not a down side for me, but not everyone is me).
Husband/wife team, most shooting is tripod based
- many scenes are missing a description so you need to download to see if you like it.
Back catalog is poorly encoded, they really should re-encode
Organization is hurting. There are no tools at all just chronological setup. (pix organization isn’t much better with few categories to guide you (ie: friends, panties, outside)
The earliest videos are true amateur with loud music and 480X360 1.33 mbps quality (don’t worry things get better fast)
According to TBP, daily limit is 5 gigs. With modern file sizes pushing 700 mb, it’s very easy to hit that cap when you’re checking out content across the network. I know they need to fight piracy, but perhaps a better balance needs to be struck. (2/23: 10 gig limit - no warning when you get close :( )
- no g/g action (that I noticed anyway). I don't object (really not my favorite anyway) but I know some highly value that content.
Bottom Line: Shandra is not afraid to get dirty, and I love that about her! She does talk in a bit of a high pitch some might say “little girl” voice. Some might love that, I’m rather indifferent and prefer genuine above all else.

That said if you’re looking for a hot, big titted (recently even bigger) MILF, this is the site for that. She has enough production value that you will be happy with the quality (especially the newer stuff), while still filling that Amateur) niche. I joined this network largely for Filthycuteonline, and stayed due to all the other great content. Shandra Fay is a real gem her. Great work. I highly recommend.

Shandra Fay has a great combination. She is dirty (as if the pegging and public flashing wasn’t enough to show that)! She as great personality that shines through. She has posted a number of “joke” videos and keeps a comedy section. She’s one of those people that has a contagious laugh and energy. The kind of person you can’t help wishing the best things find her.

02-21-13  07:20pm

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Visit Barbi Sinclair

Barbi Sinclair

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Late 30s hot wife with great body. She's got the sex drive of a firecracker and the body that any woman would envy.
- Slut wife role nailed! There something for everyone who likes slut wives. Public sex, FFM, MMF, road head/flashing, anal, gangbangs, interracial, some light bondage.
- Access to interracialsex.com, call your husband, dark caravan, mandy tyler, and bizarre insertions, cuckold.com included.
- A lot of content! over 250 videos, over 500 picture sets (each has about 100 pix)
- good mix of tripod and camera man
- good lighting and sound
- live shows 1/week
- Video quality ranges from 720X480 1.6 mbps to "blue ray quality" My rig can't handle that quality so I can't vouch for it. I can say everything look good on my 5 year old macbook.
- videos are stream or download (.mp4 only)
Cons: - Limited fan interactions. No forum, fans can comment on shoots, but very few people do.
- Navigation is tough. Scenes are loaded chronologically, with out dates, there's no search or category options to help you find what you're looking for
- boob job (looks great to me but I know not everyone's a fan)
- downloading picture sets wouldn't work for me :(
- can't downloaded previous live shows
Bottom Line: What a great site. It really went above and beyond what I thought I was getting. Barbi sets out to be a hot slut wife and boy does she deliver. If your looking for a dirty talking slut wife this is the site to find her!

Barbi really exceeded my expectations. I thought this would be an above average to average site. She does exactly what she says she does. This is an action packed site with plenty of dirty talking (my favorite). Everything inside the cuckolding fetish is here (except bi-male) - this site is a home run. It would be nice if there was more of a community on the site and more interaction with Barbi, but there's nothing to complain about here!

10-07-12  06:47am

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Visit Charlee Chase Live

Charlee Chase Live

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Great quality: newest videos are 1280X720 7.2mbps. Lower quality is 640X480 1.1 mbps.
- Great performer Charlee is not only hot she also has some acting chops so her scenes are more than just "oh baby that feels good."
- Large natural tits (if they're fake they fooled me)
- Weekly cam shows with Charlee (daily shows with other girls as many as 5 a day).
- cam shows achieved as flash videos
- blog with weekly to bi-weekly updates
- lots of off the beaten path fetish content (balloons, bubble gum, tickling as well as bondage, underwater and forced cumming).
- clear video/pix organization with categories for the different "fetishes" (above plus): hair washing, belly buttons, BJs, BTS, boobs, b/g, ear, feets, g/g, handjob, jumping, kissing, JOI, puffy jacket, sprains, smoking, messy (food), wrestling.
- hard to tell how many videos there are but I would guess about 200
- shoots have small descriptions so you know what you're downloading
- shoots with a lot of other talent - variety
Cons: - .wmv format is often higher quality than .mp4
- pix are not available as zip downloads
- the organization could be better. The categories are cross referenced, which is nice, but there's no search field, or ability to select multiple categories.
- some tattoos (not overwhelming; and I think she's hot as hell, but I know some will complain about any ink)
Bottom Line: I joined the VNA network last month and took a while to get around to Charlee. I'm sorry I waited her site is a real gem. The organization is clean (which is lacking on many other her sister-sites) and the content is very varied. While I'm not into everything she has her. There's plenty for just about everyone.

The quality is high (and even on older stuff acceptable). And Charlee is a top notch performer. Each shoot is individualized, even when it's in the same genre.

I really enjoyed the diversity. Charlee has a lot of different talent shooting with her. While most of them are performers I've never heard of, that doesn't change how hot they are.

This one is a certain buy. Between the great content and the cam shows (plus a large network of other MILFs) you can go wrong here.

Included with the membership are: Shandra Fay (of filtycuteonline), Gabby Quinteros, Puma Swede, Deauxma, Angelina Castro, Francesca, Sunny Lane, Julia Ann, Carmen Valentine, Vickyathome, Bobbie Eden, Nikki Benz

02-11-13  07:34am

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Visit Clips 4 Sale

Clips 4 Sale

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lots of content. I have no idea how many videos are loaded up here but it's way too many to even estimate.
- If you've got a niche they've got a category. Everything is here from Balloons to cream pies. If you can think of it some body's selling it.
- Nice way to find new talent. I sometimes search the categories for my favorite themes then google the providers that come up, usually they have a website.
- no DRM - downloaded and keep it as long as you want - I'm often frustrated by streaming sites
Cons: - Organization: "studios" (producers) put content into a lot of different categories so you're more likely to find it - but it also causes A LOT of clutter.
- WIDE variety of quality. Some is HD and beautiful some is left over from when they opened their doors and really poor
- pix sold separately (on a different site even)
- Another organization problem: you can't apply multiple filters to get just what you want (blond AND natural tits for example)
- Lack of differentiated pricing: It looks like the pricing is a dollar per minute of content - really should open that up and let providers set price.
- previews are only 10 seconds long! Look I want you to stay in business - I don't want you to give away the farm. I just want to know if this is for me or not. I guess it's hard since they sell the individual video - but if I'm looking to buy a 30 minute video I need more than 10 seconds.
Bottom Line: Tough site to do a review for because there's so much variety. PU really isn't set up to do this - So I'm doing the best I can with the tools I have.

Ala Carte can be a great option when you're checking something out - or if you know you only want a couple of videos.

I find I mostly use this as an extended preview. For example, I bought a couple of Mistress T videos as I decided if I wanted to join her site or not.

07-31-12  01:17pm

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Visit VideoBox


Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: Lots of movies (5 per day)
Good Quality Vids
Good price (although they did just raise it)
Great stock of back vids available
Cons: Some times hit and miss; some vids are just too out of the mainstream for me.

Like to see them add some amateur stuff
Bottom Line: Great site for anything but amateur content.

Can't go wrong with this site.

02-15-07  07:50am

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Visit Elli Nude

Elli Nude

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Hot sexy RED HEAD (I do so love gingers!)
- HD video quality 1280X720 8.2 mbps. There were a few older slips that were of lesser quality but almost everything is in stunningly good quality.
- picture sets are all available as .zip files
- Organization is clean. Videos are arranged chronologically with key words to simplify. You can also suggest new keywords to improve the system.
- "You may also like this video" suggestions were very useful
- You can "add to favorites" if there's a video you want to keep easy access too.
- Over 200 picture sets. Each set has 30-90 pictures. Quality is good at 1024X800 pixels.
- About 150 movies. Each movie about 20 minutes long
- Network. Elli is part of the Dreamnet.com network. There are 14 active women (mostly MILFs) and another 50 inactive sites included.
Cons: - This site was very strong so I don't have many cons.
- Lots of Solo content. I'd prefer to see more partner action
- Elli is on the Mom and Pop side of the amateur spectrum. Most of the filming is POV or tripod.
- Some hardcore, some groups (girl-girl), some flashing/public. But most of what you see is solo action or solo into BJ.
Bottom Line: Really fun site. Elli posts a daily life set showing off her vacation and travels - she has a lot of personality.

I really liked this site. I wish I had more time with it. It will join my rotation of sites that I keep checking back into.

Elli has a natural beauty that comes across in all of her shoots. There is some dirty talk, but she's not the foul mouth spit-fire we might want her to be.

04-01-15  11:50am

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Visit Brazzers


Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: - $20/month is a fair price for a ton of content
- over 5,000 scenes
- good clean organization; multiple ways to search - keyword, star, type, etc
- live shows (I skipped these when I was a member so I can't comment about them)
- about 30 sites with a range of genres from interracial to milfs and teens, there just about everything you could be looking for (especially if that's big boobs)
- high res pix and video. Video is 1920X1080 about 5.5 mbps
- videos available in .mp4 and .wmv
- major payer in porn so they shoot most major stars - if you have a favorite I'd be surprised if she hasn't shot for Brazzers.
- multiple updates per week.
- cleaver setups (they follow the basic porn formula but they're also have fun - parodies, holiday setups, etc.)
- long videos (generally 20 minutes or more)
Cons: - majority of models skew toward big boobs (meaning mostly fakes).
- not all sites are still updating. That may have been clear before I joined, but I didn't notice it.
Bottom Line: Brazzers is one of the main stays in the online porn game. They're worth checking out if you haven't before; but don't kid yourself about what you'll get. You get mainstream porn. Good quality mainstream - but mainstream none the less. If you're looking for anything off the beaten path, or something that doesn't follow the standard porn formula this isn't going to provide it.

With more than 5,000 shoot you can find something that scratches your itch, but you don't see anything unique here.

05-27-13  07:16pm

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Visit Ashley Fires

Ashley Fires

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
- Ashley is the real deal - a porn star.
- 15 site network with Dylan Ryder, Hailey Young, Puma Swede, Tara Lynn Foxx, Bruno B., Devon Lee, Hanna Hilton and others.
- Files available in many formats: flash, mp4, mpeg, iOS, PSP. Zips for pix
- About 110 videos
- About 122 picture sets
- Just under half the videos are in 1920X1080 5mbps.
640X480 1mbps for the older stuff
- Some kinky stuff in addition to F/F, M/F, MM/F, FF/M, Solo. (there's bondage, cuckolding, domination, golden showers, ass licking)
- Lots of variety great to see things mixed up.
- Fun personality Ashley is a great performer and it shows in this site! Ashley does some great POV shoots and can really run with an idea.
- Good BTS content with stuff from her shoots and home life.
- Natural Tits (or at least good enough to fool me)
- Good video quality, good lighting, nice direction. Some of it feels like Ashley herself producing - professional quality all around.
- Don't remember coming across any anal scenes.
- Says live shows are achieved, I could not find them :(
- In about a month I haven't seen Ashley doing live cams, though maybe I just missed her.
- Updates about once a week (boy would I love to see her post more often!)
- Ads inside member section.
- Organization could be improved. Site is organized chronologically, with only broad categories to help (for example: g/g, hardcore, solo).
Bottom Line: Ashley Fires is Fantastic. Hot, Sexy, Dirty, Fun - She's just awesome. I'm always a little surprised her career hasn't exploded more thank it has - she's great.

There's an interactive feature where you can ask Ashley a question the one below shows just how nasty she can get:
asks: Hi Ashley, do you enjoy rimming guys, and if so what do you enjoy about it??Ashley Says: Yes, Rimming a guy's ass makes my pussy wet .Ya know I'm a dirty girl ;-) love to give pleasure as much as I love to get it

Ashley (and Dylan Ryder) carry this network. Along with Aaliyah Love - they carry the network (most of which no longer updates).

While I'm a little frustrated that it's not made clear that most of the network doesn't update - I'm still very happy thanks to Ashley. I've been a fan of here's for a while (her twitter feed is great @AshleyFires)

If you like a good mix of everything Ashley is the girl for you. How many sites can boast they run the gambit from an American Beauty send up to an outdoor golden shower POV?

08-24-12  05:16am

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Visit Mano Job

Mano Job

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - A ton of videos. The lead page says over 250 but I think it's more than that. I usually like to download as much as I can for future viewing, but this overwhelmed me.
- Videos are HD and Mac friendly.
- New girls and old favorites are shot. Fans can request who'd they'd like to see.
- Director doesn't over comment so you're not distracted.
- Filthy talk. I'm a big fan of dirty talk and the director must coach the talent ahead of time because it really is outstanding.
- Also get access to thedicksuckers.com and mrpov.com.
- Regular updates. (Approx. one a week)
- Mix of POV and camera man shootings (no tripod in use here).
Cons: - Back catalog is not HD
- I think the organization could use some work, better use of tagging for example. The chronological and star search is good but sometimes your looking for a girls with a southern accent for example. It would be cool if you had more flexibility
- Site is formulaic then again you know that going in.
- Doesn't have the social networking integration that's common at this point in time. Maybe that will come in the future. The admin does have a blog/twitter/youtube but that's more about him (and quite funny) and not as much about engaging with the talent.
- There's no live show (ala naughty america for example) - something like that could really be fun on a site like this.
Bottom Line: I really like this site. It is a bit expensive, but you do get great quality for that price. It would be nice it they found some partners to expand their network.

I think this site's preview page is the gold standard. It gives you a clear understanding of what they're about, you are not surprised once you have joined. The show you how often they update and you can go back and look at years worth of shoots to see who they've shot and how good the shoots were. Each preview is about a minute and a half to two minutes in length. I think this is fair. It gives you a good since of what you'll see without the producer giving away the farm (this is a business after all).

I like this site (as you can tell with the excellent rating) and I'm sure I'll go back to them in the future (right now I'm on an amateur kick - but I'm sure that will come to an end).

As I looked it up today I see they're listing a 3rd site as part of their network (I never made it to it when I was a member, I was too busy with all the content on Manojob!), but now that link is dead so that's a little disappointing.

Bottom line. What you see is what you get and I think what you see is gold. If you like pretty girls talking dirty and taking facials this is a great site - in fact, I don't know of a better one!

07-29-12  06:18pm

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Visit Sharing Paris

Sharing Paris

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Paris is incredibly HOT. She does a great job at talking dirty, and has a kinky side that I really like.

Downloads are fast without sacrificing quality.

Pix are hot with a lot of finger banging action

While I'm new to this site I would definitely recommend it to those who like amateur sites
Cons: Still a new site - I look forward to more content!

Site is part of naughtyathome company but you don't get all in one membership. Nor is there any information about getting a multi site discount.

(PS I love naughty at home with Desirae! see my review of her site)
Bottom Line: Good site definitely give it a test drive if you like Amateur sites with a bit of kink.

I think this will grow into a high quality site and it's best to get in on the ground floor if you stay with a site for a long time (this way you lock in to pricing while it's low).

03-14-07  06:27am

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Visit Kylie Deville

Kylie Deville

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Great amateur, Hot MIL. Kylie is hot for whatever age she is (40s).
- Good mix of content: hardcore, solo, girl-girl, anal, flashing/public, dirty talk, lite (very lite) bondage
- Over 150 picture sets (each with about 50 photos). Quality is good at 1800X960 pixels
- Large video collection with 1280X720 9mbps quality. (Older content: 640X480 3 mbps)
- photos available as .zip download
- Cam network included (not sure what Kylie's schedule is)
- Dreamnet network with plenty of extra content.
Cons: - Poor organization. There's a video tab and a pix tab, but little else to sort through the content.
- Videos have little set up/scenario
- videos don't have any description, just title
Bottom Line: Good solid site that delivers at a fair price.

I liked this site and recommend it.

03-30-15  08:29am

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Visit The Dick Suckers

The Dick Suckers

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Great direction. Iv'e seen many of these girls on other sites and their best work is always here.
- Male talent stays out of the way so it's more about the girl's performance. (nothing is worse than male talent trying to make it about him)
- 1920X1080 about 5.5 mbps.
- good combination of established stars and up and
comers. You never know who you will see next.
- clean organization; chronological and by favorite star.
- Network: you also get manojob.com and mrpov.
- Huge catalog with over 500 videos.
- stream through .flv, or download in wmv or mp4
- updates 1/week
- back catalog stretches back to 2005
- great dirty talkin' (my favorite part of porn)
Cons: - A few sites deviate from all oral; but like the name says: it's just dick sucking
- $30/month is a little pricey (but I can't at all argue with the quality)
- can't do a keyword search "redheads" for example
- no zip downloads for pix
Bottom Line: I really like this site. It's one of my all time favorite. I think their production value and attention to detail is topped only by kink.com. TDS has great audio and lighting so you hear the girl playing with herself during the performance. It's some of the hottest content on the net.

I wish they had some more aggressive pricing; but like is often noted in the PU formum, porn is under increased competition - so I understand the position they're in. Like I said above you get a very polished product for your dollar. I was satisfied :)

The site is packaged with manojob (a handjob site) and mr. pov. These are a good mix cause they round out the mainstream porn content. If I were to offer any expansion I would say to add an all anal site - but maybe that's just shooting for the moon.

05-27-13  02:23pm

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Visit Julia Ann Live

Julia Ann Live

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Super hot talent. Julia's been in plenty of top quality productions so she brings professional level performance to her site.
- pix available in zip format
- about 200 photo shoots with typical shoot having 100+ pix
- most scenes has a small description
- great curvy body. Amazing :) Winner AVN MILF of the year
- blond bush (don't know why I thought to mention the carpet matches the drapes - but hey there it is)
- About 110 video shoots (I don't include BTS in that count)
- As a non- Julia fan going in; this has been a great place to collect a lot of her wicked work. PLUS get her weekly cam show (there's 3-5 models on a night!)
- .mp4 and .wmv format available
- newest material seems to be in "true HD" format - but there's not too much of that.
Cons: - lack of organization: pix are sorted into - Julia, friends, BTS, Wicked (as in Wicked Entertainment inc), and a very limited "bondage years". For videos it's only full scenes, BTS, and Wicked
- As noted above non-exclusive content
- video selection area plays gifs of content which slowed my 6 year old laptop down quite a bit (I know I need to upgrade)
- boob job (not a problem for me, but I know some will not like it).
- 1280 video at 1.1-2.0 mbps looks like it was upcoded rather than shot originally.
- older content is 640X480 0.9 mbps
- It seems these stats are for .mp4 format. The .wmv seem to all be at a higher bit rate and look much better. I'm not going to go back to redownload everything again but the 1280X720 3 mbps test I did looked great. - Still a bummer if you were looking to put these files onto an iPad or something.
Bottom Line: Julia Ann is a true pro and a great performer. She brings enthusiasm and energy to each scene.

Buy or not?
Julia is one of the hottest MILFs around. If you like MILFs (and don't mind boob jobs) this is a sure buy. Shandra Fay (of filtycuteonline), Gabby Quinteros, Puma Swede, Deauxma, Charlee Chase, Francesca, Sunny Lane, Bobbi Eden, Carmen Valentine, Vickyathome, Angelina Castro, Nikki Benz are all included with membership, as well as the cam shows I mentioned above.

In short good buy for $25/month

01-25-13  06:01pm

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Visit 2 Chicks Same Time

2 Chicks Same Time

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Hot girls all around. Granted they all seem to fall into the typical porn star mold and tend to have fake boobs)
- Great quality mostly 1080p 3.2 mbps. Everything is as least: "DVD Quality" 720X540 3mbps. Of the 90 or so shoots their divided about 1/2 and 1/2 between "HD" quality and "DVD" quality.
- pictures (mostly screen shoots) are available in zip format for all scenes.
- "trailer" downloads are available and useful to see if the scene is interesting to you before you download the whole thing.
- part of a huge network (naughty america) with over 5,000 scenes available.
- hot fantasy setups. Of all the sites in the network this is one of my favorites.
- good organization to help you find what you're looking for with keywords and clean interface.
Cons: - Mainstream focus means you see "vanilla" fantasies.
- poor directing. I think of some of these girls that have shoot for other companies (like kink or manojobs) and they've been much hotter.
- while the network updates everyday this site only updates about once every 3-4 weeks.
Bottom Line: 2 chicks is one of the best NA has to offer. The network is often up on sale just watch their twitter feed and website for offers.

Bottom Bottom Line: there's plenty of FFM action on this site with top notch talent. The preview section let's you know exactly what you're getting. When they run a $10 special it's worth checking out and seeing the work of your favorite girls.

11-01-12  01:06pm

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Updated: 01-01-13  09:13am  (Update History)
Reason: soup to nuts redo.
Pros: - Good Network, one of the biggest in the biz, with over 30 different sites.
- HUGE catalog with over 5,100 scenes. 2-3 scenes post each day.
- great quality post-late2009 1080p, 720p,480 3 mbps is available (about 90 shoots) after early 2007 "dvd" quality 720X540 2mbps is available (about 120 shoots) oldest quality is 480X360 512 kbps (about 80)
- pix available as zip files (over 150 pix per shoot)
- The easiest to use navigation I've ever scene. Each site has a chronological set up. You have plenty of search functioning with keywords, stars, type, even eclectic like: eye color, innie/outie pussy, and accent.
- Good mix of established stars and up and coming talent. I'm hard pressed to find a big name that hasn't shot for NA
- They retain your favorites list, even if your membership lapses.
- Great customer support. I found a couple of dead links - they fixed them very quickly. Had trouble with mobil site - fixed in less than 12 hours.
Cons: - annoying cross sells every time you log in
- ethnic mix is rather limited if that's important to you you may be disappointed
- almost every shoot ends in a facial.
- formulaic mainstream focus (set-up, bj, eat her, missionary, doggy, cowgirl, wildcard, facial) the formula is too rigid. Not saying I'm looking for a clown or anything just saying variety is the spice of life.
- they dropped the awesome live shows that they used to do.
- While trying to please everyone they can be a little bland.
Bottom Line: Defiantly worth the price of joining, even if it's only for a month or two to check it out for yourself. They often run specials, so look for those before you join. I joined under a $5 promo, which I extended when they offered me $10/month renewal.

The preview section is very fair- you get a good sense of the network without having to join.

Good mainstream porn. If you're looking for anything off the beaten path - this won't be it. If you want good quality and quantity porn at a great price - I can't think of any better site than NA

07-17-12  06:37am

Replies (5)
Visit Naughty At Home

Naughty At Home

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: - HOT movies (the best I've ever seen in an am. site) with good length (10-20 minutes)
- Great interaction; I've emailed Des before and she always has a personal response
- Member requests
- Love this site been a member for more about 3 years
- Navigation is the best I've found
Cons: - Updates sometimes delayed (occasionally; more than 7 days between updates)
- bonus site (sweetkacy.com) rarely updated
Bottom Line: Great site if you like amateur sites. This is the best amateur site I've every found. Member for 3 years

01-10-07  06:33am

Replies (1)
Visit Bree Olson

Bree Olson

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - BREE OLSEN: Seriously Bree is one of the top perfumers in the biz.
- Just over 150 scenes available
- Newer stuff looks great with plenty of download options: 1080, 720, 480. The older stuff tops out at 640X360 1.22 mb/s
- About 140 shoots: each photo set is available as a zip and contains over 200 pix
- diversity of content (mmff,ff,ffm, solo, hard/softcore, feature cuts)
- Robust network with access to: Allie Haze, Abby Brooks, Ashley Fires, Dylan Ryder, Cassandra Calogera, Charmane Star, Devon Lee, Hanna Hilton, Teal Conrad, Sunny Leone, and the Lane Sisters).
Cons: - Adds inside member site
- Beware of cross sells at sign up. I was a little too eager and got hit with an extra $2 by being careless.
- Last update was June 2013. (Is Bree retired?)
- No real interaction with Bree (no blog or twitter integration)
- Low end format is 375 kb/s 440X250 and looks awful.
Bottom Line: There' nothing disappointing about this site. There's plenty here to explore and enjoy over your month's membership, and if you stick around the rest of the network will keep you busy.

Many of the girls on the network are retired, so no going in that there may not be any updates to some of the sites (including this one).

Bottom Line: It's a good site for fans of Breee, or anyone who want to see some great work from girls of the late 00s. Bree, Dylan Ryder and Devon Lee were in their hay day then and hot as hell. I wish they were still actively making content.
The new girls here are great and I'm sure only going to get better.

04-13-14  06:32am

Replies (4)
Visit VNA Girls

VNA Girls

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Great site for MILF fans
- Network includes full access to: Shandra Fay (of filtycuteonline), Julia Ann, Puma Swede, Francesca, Charlee Chase, Sara Jay, Curious Gabby, Bobbi Eden, Carmen Valentine, Vickyathome, Angelina Castro, Nikki Benz, and Deauxma
- Live shows nearly every day some days have as many as 5 or 6 girls!
- Live shows are archived so you can watch them when you are available
- each individual site has it's newest updates in 1080 resolution.
- each individual site has .mp4 and .wmv format available (usually .wmv is higher quality)
- hardcore professional girls that rarely disappoint. (See next entry)
- Good mix of pro and amateurs: Vicky Vette, Nikki Benz, Puma Swede etc. are all giants in the bus. but there are also great amateurs like Sanda Fay and Angelina Castro
Cons: - Archived shows are only available in flash format.
- while newer videos are in 1080 quality, older stuff, across the network is mostly 640X480
- only about half the sites of zip downloads for picture sets.
- nearly ever girl has implants (some object, I don't)
- In general the individual sites have poor organization.
- The archived cam shows are oly organized chronologically with as many as 6 shows added a day, it can be hard to find what your looking for.
Bottom Line: $25/month is a great price for all the content you get. With 13 hot girls and new every day (between the individual sites and then cam shows).

It's great having such a constant stream of content. The girls keep a reliable update schedule so you can count on new material each week.

Buy or No Buy?: I rate this site a "buy". If you're into hot MILF this network is great. Between the bakers' dozen individual sites and the extensive cam network there more content they you can consume in a month. There are plenty of hot girls and enough diversity (content, not ethnicity) that you can find what you're looking for.

02-23-13  08:40pm

Replies (2)
Visit American Daydreams

American Daydreams

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Great mix of pros, and pro-ames. You can find your favorite star as well as new girls and girls with their own sites doing some extra work. You can find Katie Kox, to Jayden James
- More than the rest of the network their is originality here and not every shoot is the same
- over 90 videos on this site (more than 5000 in the network)
- pix for every shoot (mostly screen shots - but they look good) in zip format
- great organization with a "bedroom" for you to save your favorites. They also hold your bedroom if you laps your membership
- Professional lighting and sound with up to 1080p 3mbps videos (older stuff is in lesser quality obviously)
- multiple updates most days
- lots of fun costumes (super heroes to cleopatra)
Cons: - They tend to book the same looking girl (over make-uped, fake tits)
- not a lot of diversity among models
- they used to include awesome live shows, but have stopped in the last few years (much to my disappointment)
- cross sales inside site (and an annoying pop-up every time I log in)
- the biggest flaw on the network is they try to be all things to all people and end up in the middle. The result is predictable porn.
Bottom Line: Fun concept of daydreaming of a sexy scenario and then living it out. I like that they do "stories" [they don't waste time getting to the acton] with both men and women perspectives

Naughty America is one of the biggest outfits in porn - so you can certainly find something that appeals to you. That said they are looking for the mass audience and can sometimes be plain. Other than almost every shoot ending in a facial I can see this being a couples site that you could watch with your wife/girlfriend.

10-26-12  02:11pm

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Visit Faith 69

Faith 69

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Great Amateur Site. Older stuff is poorly light, but as things progress the content is pro-am. With good lighting and sound
- Faith is a real woman. In her words she is "curvy" Less so in her younger pictures/videos.
- Diversity of content. I love the flashing material. There is also interracial, girl-girl, gangbang, plenty of blow jobs, solo material, hardcore, anal. The preview section does a good job of showing off all that is inside.
- Lots of Content. Over 100 videos (Sorry I didn't count), and nearly 150 picture sets. Each picture set is approx. 25 images.
- Adequate video/picture quality.
- Most video is 960X540 2.5 mb/s. Newest material is 1280X720 6.6 mb/s. Older stuff 360X240 .7 mb/s
- Image quality is good at 1024X680 pixels.
- Regular updates. After years online Faith is still adding content.
- Network. Faith is part of the Dreamnet.com network. There are 14 active women (mostly MILFs) and another 50 inactive sites included.
Cons: - Older content is in .wmv, newer in .mp4. Usually there is not a choice of format.
- I'm running a mac, and for some reason as soon as I download content using safari, my cpu goes crazy and climbs to over 100%. However switching to chrome doesn't trigger this problem. I don't hold faith responsible for this, just wanted to let you know if you join and have the same problem - switch your browser.
- Organization is a little lacking, there's nothing to help you - each set is added chronologically. I love her flashing stuff and wish I could search or sort to get to it more easily.
- Limited interactions. Faith does a cam show once a week, and you can email her but that's not the experience she's selling. She does offer a blog and does maintain fan interaction via the blog.
Bottom Line: I'm enjoying Faith's site. I've wanted to check it out for a while and I'm glad I finally got around to it.

I like that Faith is not afraid to get naughty and nasty. I particularly enjoy her public hijinks and her dirty talk. Her site is definitely worth the price of admission and you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Other than adding an organizational structure I have no complaints. I'd like to see more fan interaction (maybe a forum?), but that's being nit picky.

Faith delivers everything she promises and that's a lot of delivery.

03-01-15  02:32pm

Replies (5)
Visit Vicky At Home

Vicky At Home

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Wide variety: Vicky includes lots of “friends” so you often are surprised by who shows up for a shoot.
1280X720 about 3 mbps. For the newest videos (however many of her “HD” shoots are upscaled from lower quality videos :()
- Weekly cam show, with archived shows in flash format
- Big network: you also get Nikki Benz, Gabby Quinteros,Puma Swede, Deauxma, Angelina Castro, Francesca, Sunny Lane, Julia Ann, Carmen Valentine,filthycureonline, Bobbie Eden, Charlee Chase
- Vicky is a long time professional so there is lots of variety in the style of content (g/g, b/g, bjs, hardcore, etc.)
- fun extras like a blog and wall paper
- Cam network has as many as 6 girls on a day! Gotta love that
- Vicky is the manager of the VNA network I admire a smart woman with good business sense.
- Huge catalog with over 500 videos.
Cons: - .wmv files are at higher quality than .mp4 (sorry if you wanted to load this onto your ipad, you can do it but it doesn't look pretty)
- Boob job (not a down side for me, but not everyone is me).
- many scenes are missing a description so you need to download to see if you like it.
- no zip downloads for pictures
- The earliest videos are 480X360 1.33 mbps quality
- According to TBP, daily limit is 5 gigs. With modern file sizes pushing 700 mb, it’s very easy to hit that cap when you’re checking out content across the network. I know they need to fight piracy, but perhaps a better balance needs to be struck. The actual limit is 10 gig - no warning when you get close :( )
Bottom Line: Vicky is a real professional who’s shot for plenty of big name studios. She brings professionalism and great attitude.

This network specializes in two things hot MILFS and cam shows. If you like that $25/month is a fair price for a good product.

Vicky is a hot professional, with a strong fan base. If you don't know who she is a fast search will whet your appetite. This is a great place to pick up a lot of her work. Fans will be satisfied with the mix of new content and compilations form other work (although much of that at sub par quality).

To be frank I like Vicky, but in my months of membership I found myself on her partners' sites more than hers because they were more compelling to me. Not that there's anything lacking in her site, far from it, just the network has an abundance of riches

To buy or not to buy?: Buy. There's plenty to love for the longtime fan and the newbie alike.

02-27-13  06:23pm

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Visit Nikki Benz

Nikki Benz

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Nikki is not only hot but a real pro. Her career is extensive and wide ranging. Some of her other work is also posted her (although at 640X480 quality.)
- Weekly cam show, with archived shows in flash format
- Big network: you also get Shandra Fay (of filtycuteonline), Gabby Quinteros, Puma Swede, Deauxma, Angelina Castro, Francesca, Sunny Lane, Julia Ann, Carmen Valentine, Vickyathome, Bobbie Eden, Charlee Chase
- Newest videos look great in 1280 HD 3 mbps
- Some of Nikki's back catelag has been added so this is a great place for a fan to find a lot of her work.
- in addition to that sometimes the whole dvd has been added and there are a lot of other girls' work here too, so you're never bored
- pix are available in zip format
- Organization is clean but limited: B/G, G/G, Solo, Friends. There are about 300 videos available in all
- fun extras like a blog and wall paper
- Cam network has as many as 6 girls on a day! Gotta love that
Cons: - Boob job (not a down side for me, but not everyone is me).
- Most of the videos are not HD (maybe a dozen are two are real HD without being upscaled).
- many scenes are missing a description so you need to download to see if you like it.
- Back catalog is poorly encoded, they really should re-encode some of those old DVDs, it doesn't take much
- There isn't much fan interaction, but I didn't miss that.
Bottom Line: The big draw back to this site is the lack of HD. There move to HD is recent so kudos for doing it, but wow did they drag their feet on it.

This site is a solid buy: Nikki is hot and there's enough of her to enjoy. You also get plenty of her friends through content shares. In addition to that you get 14-15 other sites plus a kick ass cam network.

Perfect place for fan to pick up a lot of her content -MILF lovers take note most of the network is HOT milfs. :)

02-14-13  04:13pm

Replies (1)
Visit Francesca Live

Francesca Live

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Bunch of different fetish content. There's at least one of the following: spanking, super hero, lite bdsm, prostate milking, pegging, anal, interracial, group sex, lots of good stuff :)
- Shandra Fay (of filtycuteonline), Julia Ann, Puma Swede, Deauxma, Charlee Chase, Sara Jay, Curious Gabby, Bobbi Eden, Carmen Valentine, Vickyathome, Angelina Castro, Nikki Benz are all included as part of the network. The whole network is in the MILF genre -so if you're a fan this is the place.
- There are about 160 vids (I'm not including BTS shoots).
- lots of excitement in videos. Some performers don't have energy that's not Fancesca.
- The focus of the site is the live shows - but there's so much more here. Across the network there's about 3 shows a day.
- pix available in zip format
- she also has guest stars so there's really a lot of diversity between the guests and the network.
- each vid has an accompanying description for those of use who still enjoy some plot with our porn.
Cons: - organization needs a reset. The video section is arranged chronologically within the categories: BTS, G/G, B/G, and fighting.
- video quality ranges from 8450X480 4.1 mbps, 740X480 1.3 mbps to 640X480 1.5. At this point I really expect at least newest content to have an HD option.
- I'm sure she's had a boob job - but I think it looks good and not over done (don't mean to erupt a debate on whether a boob job can EVER be over done).
- much of the content (maybe all of it for all I know), is non-exclusive. A good amount is directly from other DVDs
Bottom Line: Francesca is smokin' hot. While in that MILF category she has that young soccer mom look down! Great boobs, nice smile. She's a stunning woman.

The amount of kink and variety is way above most solo sites. There's a lot of guest stars, I'm really surpirsied for a site that's billed as a solo more than 1/4 of the videos have other performers in them!

Bottom Bottom Line: I gotta call this one a buy. Francesca is smokin hot. There's good personality and diversity in the shoots. There's enough on the site to warrant a month's membership free - and I think more than a month when you look at the whole network.

01-14-13  06:07pm

Replies (0)
Visit Latin Adultery

Latin Adultery

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Stays true to theme. Of the girls I know, all of them are Latina - there's no fakers here.
- Latin Adultery is part of the Naughty America network - which generally books models that fit the "porn star mold" this is a site where they allow their diversity to shine through.
- Models cover the range of latin america showing the diversity and beauty of women from all over that region.
- great quality: 1080p, 720p, 480p for new stuff anything post 2008 is in DVD Quality 720X540 3mbps. Stuff older than that is generally 512k 640X480. They do a great job of keeping up with technology.
- about 300 scenes on this site more than 5,100 on the network.
- This site stretches back to 04 so if there a girl that has been out of the business for a while you may find here here.
- Clean/easy navigation. You can always find what you're looking for. You can also save shoots for later (even hold your favorites if you membership laps)
- While I haven't had cause to use it. Customer service has been great
Cons: - There is a repetitiveness to many of their scenes. The content on Latin Adultery is better than most of the other parts of the network - but it's still a bit of a problem
- The eliminated with live shows a while back - which is too bad it was some of the best stuff out there.
- They did replace the live shows but the new system is full of cross sales and amateur based so there's a lot of hit and miss.
- Not to be repetitive but: they shoot for a mainstream audience. Almost every shoot ends in a facial. Every shoot goes through almost the exact same position checklist. It seems overly choreographed.
Bottom Line: I like the cheating wife set up so I'm a little partial to this site over other parts of the network.

This is a good site. One of the best on the network. The quality is top notch the quantity is plentiful and the price is good. If you follow them on twitter or subscribe to their newsletter they offer discounts pretty much every week. You can usually get the site for between $10-15.

The preview section is generous enough to let you know what you'll get without giving everything away.

Bottom Bottom Line: If you like mainstream porn, focused on fantasies, you can't go wrong with Naughty America. If you have more eclectic tastes look at the preview section and see if it pushes your buttons.

12-01-12  06:34am

Replies (1)

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