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Visit 21Sextury.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A huge network featuring 39 sites covering a wide range of niches.
Over 10,000 scenes and more than 2600 models.
Almost everything since 2009 comes with stunning quality hd video and high resolution photos ranging from 4000 to 6000px on the long end.
Photos downloadable in zips in a choice of 2 sizes.
Latest videos come with a choice of 6 download options in h264 and wmv formats, a mobile option and 3 streaming options. Videos available as full scene or broken in to several parts.
Normally 1 to 2 new scenes per day across the network.
Excellent download speeds
Unbeatable value for money at only $9.95 for the first month with PU/TBP discount.
Billing by Epoch with no regional pricing
Cons: Watch out for the pre-checked cross sells at sign up
Price increases to $29.95 after the first month.
The different sites lack any real identity; they all look the same and use the same layout and navigation. It just feels like one big site in my opinion.
Unable to browse the high resolution photos online as they only come in zips.
File sizes not listed for zips or videos.
Some ridiculously large file sizes.
Personally I found the site layout and navigation extremely frustrating to use.
Very few new updates of interest to those of us who like solo content.
Bottom Line: Iíll admit Iím probably not the typical 21Sextury subscriber since Iím not really interested in hardcore action or videos and since my preferred niche is generally softcore photo based sites much of the content here is way out of my comfort zone. However Iíve seen enough previews of their content on free sites over the years to know I should expect to find more than enough solo content on sites like Pix and Video and Club Sandy to keep me occupied for at least a month.

I did not like the navigation or layout of this network at all and found myself very frustrated trying to navigate around and find what I wanted. The first time I logged in I seemed to spend a couple of hours just aimlessly clicking around trying to figure out a way to navigate the sites I was interested in. There was a long list of scene filters down the left hand side of the screen which I couldnít get to work in Internet Explorer but later discovered they worked in Chrome so switched to that and managed to find a method for downloading my content. I was able to select a site (ie Pix and Video or Club Sandy) then check the ďsolo-masturbationĒ option and that brought up all the content I was interested in. About 9 or 10 days in to my membership the site seemed to undergo some kind of upgrade and those scene filters disappeared so I became frustrated again at having to find another method to navigate the content. The scene filters are still there but they only show up when you select ďscenesĒ which brings up a list of the entire network scenes. If you select an individual site such as Pix and Video which in itself has 2,841 scenes there is no option that I can see to search or filter those scenes within that individual site. I would just like to be able to select a site (i.e. Club Sandy or Pix and Video) and then select solo scenes within that site.

I also donít like the way the model index is displayed. I like to see the models name and photo but here you only get photos. You have to hover your mouse over the photos to find out the model info. When you select a model and see her scene list you then have to hover your mouse over the preview picture for every scene to find out which site it comes from which I find really irritating. Hovering your mouse on the scene preview picture can also bring up a series of preview captions but I found it a bit hit and miss whether those actually display. When I find a model like Sophie Moone or Sandy with the number of scenes running in to the hundreds spread over several pages it would nice to be able to filter the scenes also within the modelís page (i.e. select Sandy solo scenes).

Once I got past all my frustrations with the navigation I found they do have an amazing amount of content with archives dating back to 2003. Itís a real treasure trove for collectors of top Euro models like Eve Angel, Sandy, Sophie Moone and Sandra Shine all of whom Iíve collected for years. Almost every scene I saw comes with a video and photo set. The photo shoots are all professionally done and look consistently good throughout the site. Only downside is I found the file sizes of some of the high resolution photo sets too much for my connection to handle, often in the 600 to 800 MB size range. The first day I was on the site it took me the best part of an evening to download about 30 photo sets and when I checked the size of the folder it was over 12GB so I just deleted them all and replaced them with the standard 1280px photo sets. Personally I would prefer to have a decent mid-sized photo option around 2000px.

Overall I felt the same about this site as I did about X-Art, as a first time subscriber it was well worth a 1 month subscription to go through the archives but there are so few new updates of interest to me that I could not see myself keeping a recurring subscription or even returning anytime soon. As a fan of solo content I thought DDF Network was much better with a new solo scene added more or less daily to their 1-by-Day site whereas here youíre lucky to see 1 new solo scene per week. As a first time member I give it an 85 for the huge amount of content available, if I was a returning member I would probably rate it much lower due to lack of interesting new updates

03-26-13  02:27pm

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Visit 88 Square

88 Square

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Billing by Epoch with no regional pricing
Access to 4 bonus sites included, All Asians, Filipino Fuck, Pink Affairs and Tia Ling
Exclusive content
Site appears to be updating with about 2 photo sets and 2 videos per week (average last 2 weeks)
Around 90% of the photo sets are 1280 x 853 px
Full zip downloads for photos
Brief bio for each model and description of each photo set
Solo model videos in choice of WMV, AVI, and MP4 format plus streaming
Cons: Content not dated so difficult to be exact regarding the recent update schedule
No way to browse, search or sort the model index apart from alphabetically A to Z
Only one size choice for photos
A small amount of the oldest photo sets max at 1024 x 683 px
Need to rename every photo zip as they all come with the file name ď88contentĒ
Watermark/site logo on photos quite large and sometimes runs across the models face (particularly the newer version of the logo)
Appears to be some sort of download limit as on my first day after downloading around 5 GB I had message come up telling me I was blocked for 3 hours for excessive bandwidth usage and using a download accelerator so even though I wasnít using a download manager I would guess the site is not DL manager friendly
Bottom Line: After spending the last 3 months at sites featuring mostly skinny shaved Russian teen models I really needed something different this month so signed up with 88 Square for my first try of an Asian site since I tried the Asian 4 You site around 5 years ago. The great value for me in this site is the large photo collection of 185 Asian models in mostly solo photo sets. The majority of models are in the 18 to early 20s age range according to their bios and if the bios are to be believed most of them are claimed to be Thais although I have my doubts in some cases. Most of the models were unknown to me apart from a couple of names I remembered from the A4Y site such as Nancy Ho and Irene Fah.

Most models will have around 6 photo sets and a few videos each although not every model has videos. The photos here are of a professional glamour style and feature some air brushing and usually start with the model wearing a cute outfit before stripping naked. The outfits are quite teen themed with lots of cotton panties and thongs which suits the young appearance of many of these petite Asian girls. Nothing much in the way of glamour wear, sexy lingerie or stockings and high heels here. Once naked there are plenty of explicate shots of spread pussies and some toy play plus other insertions including vegetables, hotdog sausages, and bottles amongst other things. Itís also worth mentioning that most of the models here have some pubic hair with at least a trimmed bush. I found surprisingly few bald beavers here.

Most of the solo model videos are Behind The Scenes shoots with some striptease and masturbation/toy play videos thrown in. The only way to browse the videos is via the model index and all you get in the way of a preview is 1 small thumbnail with no scene description or screen caps. The solo vids are usually around 15 minutes long and the wmv versions I checked out were 720 x 408 @ around 3000 kbps.

In addition to the model index there are bonus movie sections featuring 100 ďThai moviesĒ and 154 ďJapanese moviesĒ. Most of these are full length hardcore b/g scenes and can often be 45 minutes to over an hour in length and take up a gig or more of HD space. When you take into account all the bonus sites there is plenty off stuff to get through for your 30 bucks although being a photo fan I didnít really find anything that matched the quality of the shoots here in 88 Square within the bonus sites.

04-12-11  05:54pm

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Visit Aaliyah Love

Aaliyah Love

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Discounted price of $17.95 available through PU/TBP
Aaliyah is a real doll with a great personality.
Part of a network of 15 solo model sites others of which include Dylan Ryder, Hanna Hilton, Cherry Petite, Abbey Brooks, Monica Mayhem plus many more
Aaliyahís site has been online 5 years and has a good amount of content for a solo site with 276 photo sets and 228 movies. There are also 80+ archived cam shows available for streaming.
Site is still updating, seems to be about one new scene a week at the moment.
Videos offered in multiple formats and resolutions including 1080p hd.
Most photo sets are 1000 x 1500 px with a slide show and zip download.
Lots of info provided, date content posted, file sizes and run times along with nice scene descriptions
Some model interaction, Aaliyah has a blog, some personal photos and pods, wallpapers, a question and answer feature and she usually replies to comments on movies and photos.
Only log in once to access entire network.
Cons: Pre-checked cross sells
Only about 3 of the network sites appear to be still updating.
Some of the bonus sites only have a small amount of content.
Those looking for boy/girl hardcore action wonít find any in Aaliyahís site but there is plenty across the other network sites.
Very basic navigation across the network, no search or tags, just very general categories like movies, image sets, solo, hardcore and girl/girl,
Videos released prior to 2010 generally max at 640x360
Aaliyahís cam shows which were previously a feature of the site seem to have fallen by the wayside, there has been nothing scheduled during my time here and the last archived show was dated 19 July 2012 so perhaps a sign that she is losing interest in the site and moving on to other things.
Bottom Line: For me Aaliyah Love is the star in this network of solo sites and is the site I specifically joined the network for. Sheís just the kind of model I like, I would guess around early to mid-20s with cute girl next door looks, long blonde hair, petite frame and small natural breasts. She has a small tattoo on her left shoulder blade which didnít bother me too much.

Aaliyah was a hit with me since her content is geared primarily towards my niche interest of solo girls dressed in cute outfits with striptease leading to explicit nudity and masturbation with and without toys. Aaliyah also seems well in to girls and gets up to plenty of naughty lesbian action with various girl friends as well as a few scenes with three or more girls. Overall I would estimate the content to be about 80% solo to 20% lesbian.

The photos at 1500px on the long end while not as big as I would ideally have liked were none the less of excellent quality and very professionally done. I actually found the photographer here quite creative and the selection of outfits, locations and scenarios varied enough to keep me interested and prevent that feeling of repetitiveness creeping in which you sometimes get when going through over 200 photo sets of the same model. Aaliyah always looks like sheís enjoying herself and her personality really shines through in the photos.

Likewise in the videos I found Aaliyahís bubbly, chatty personality added to the entertainment value of her solo vids and delayed the onset of boredom which usually comes quickly for me when watching videos. I particularly liked her collection of masturbation instruction videos. The solo videos usually lasted around 10-15 minutes and the lesbian ones 20 minutes plus. Latest video releases have 4 flash streaming options (1920x1080 5Mbps,1280x720 3Mbps, 854x480 2Mbps and 480x270 1Mbps) and up to 11 different download options (1920x1080 8Mbps, 1280x720 5Mbps, 854x480 3Mbps and 480x270 1Mbps in both wmv and mp4, 480x270 1Mbps in mpeg, iphone/mobile and ipod/psp formats). Going back through the archives to 2010 and beyond you will start to lose the hd options.

Iíve seen a lot of solo model sites over the years and this is definitely one of the better ones, highly recommended if Aaliyah is your kind of girl.

02-16-13  08:39am

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Visit Ambra's Dreams

Ambra's Dreams

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: CCBill is the payment processor.
This is one of 4 solo model sites which make up the Erotic Dreams 4 You package and which comes as a free bonus when subscribing to Watch 4 Beauty.
Discount offered to other company sites.
Photos offered in 3 sizes, 1200px, 2000px and 4992px.
Slideshow and zip downloads in each size.
PDF download available in the 2000px size
Videos offered in 2 different resolutions in both Quicktime and Windows Media plus an ipod download.
File size listed for all downloads
Cons: Regional pricing
Smallish site with only 33 photo sets (1727 photos) and 8 videos
Expensive as a standalone site at $14.95 for the amount of content, better to join W4B and get it for free.
No updates for several years.
Bottom Line: This is a site featuring Czech babe Vendula Bednarova who goes under the name Ambra here and also at the sister site Watch 4 Beauty but you might also have seen her listed as Vanessa Cooper at some other sites such as Twistys and Pier999. The content on the site is not date stamped but the zips and video file names use dates that would indicate most of the content dates from 2007 to early 2008 when Vendula was 24 years old. It doesnít take very long to see everything on offer here. The videos are only 2-3 minutes long and are mostly just extracts from the photo shoots but the quality is good with 7 out of the 8 videos having a 1280x720 option with 5000kbps bitrate.

A good number of the photo shoots feature Vendula in outdoor locations such as white sand beaches surrounded by palm trees or by a waterfall. Everything here is pretty softcore with nothing more explicit than nude posing. I also found 6 photo galleries and 1 of the videos here duplicated in W4B so not everything is exclusive to this site. Apart from a few wallpapers and e-cards thereís no real extras or model interaction that gives the site any of the personality that you might look for on a solo site so basically itís just a small archive of photos and videos thatís not been updated in years and which took me about an hour to go through

09-08-11  02:37pm

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Visit Amour Angels

Amour Angels

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Independent biller, choose from Epoch or Segpay with no regional pricing.
Exclusive content
A new update added every other day. In the last month 11 new photo sets and 5 new videos which is typical of most months.
Photos are available in 3 different sizes, small 683 x 1024, medium 1668 x 2500 and original which varies and can be anything from 2136 x 3216 up to 4912 x 7360.
Zip downloads are available in each size.
Photo set cover included in each zip and set name included in file name.
Most videos are in 1280 x 720 hd in both avi and wmv format. The latest wmv updates play at 10000 kbps. The videos also have the option to be downloaded in 1 minute clips or streamed online.
Lots of information provided, model stats and bios, content date stamped, all file sizes shown and run times listed for videos.
Model ratings and user comments allowed.
Excellent browse and search options.
Cons: Normally Iíd list a bonus site as a pro but the Teen Art Club bonus site and bonus Amour GF content adds little value to the site and even detracts from the rest of the high quality content IMO.
Their online flash based photo slideshow viewer is the worst Iíve seen although itís not something I ever use.
An annoying captcha at login, a line of 5 numbers that rotate in and out of view, first time Iíve seen that.
Every video has the file name ďfullĒ so will need to rename everything yourself.
No ethnic diversity amongst the models
Some may consider the site too softcore if you want more than just naked girls posing.
Most of the above cons were not really much of an issue for me personally; the single most irritating thing about the whole site for me was one aspect of the navigation in that hitting the back button didnít always take you back to the page you came from.
Bottom Line: Amour Angels is a softcore teen glamour site featuring a fine collection of 562 models and the work of around 90 different photographers. The site has been online since August 2006 and has built up a collection of 999 photo sets and 253 videos to date. The models here nearly all come from either Russia or The Ukraine and all but a tiny handful; are in the 18 to 21 age range. The model collection is not really very diverse; most are slender with small to medium breasts. Using the excellent search engine I established that 90% of the models have a B cup bra size or smaller so if you like your women with a fuller figure you will have fairly slim pickings here

The site is well laid out with plenty of navigation options; you can browse all updates via the year and month listings with separate sections provided for videos, photos, a model index and a photographer index. The main problem I had with the navigation as mentioned in the cons was that whatever section I was browsing after clicking on a model/photo set/video when I hit the back button to return to the page I was on before it would constantly dump me back on page 1 again and I would have to constantly navigate back to where I was. Eventually I got into the habit of ďright click open link in new tab/windowĒ to avoid losing my place I tried the site with Chrome to check if it was just a problem with IE but still the same problem exsisted.

They also have an excellent search engine allowing you to search models by criteria such as age, eye and hair colours, country and bra size. You can also search the photo and video sets by many different indoor and outdoor locations. Same problem again with the navigation though; click on a set or model in your search results then hit the back button and your search results have disappeared.

The photo sets themselves feature mostly solo girls often starting out either clothed or partially clothed and showing off their naked bodies. Many of the sets feature full explicit nudity with plenty of open leg and up close pussy shots however you wonít find any masturbation or toy use going on here. There are also some 2 and 3 girl sets/scenes that feature some mild simulated lesbian kissing and touching. Thereís more or less a 50/50 split between indoor and outdoor locations. One slight negative was that I often found models that had two different photo updates that are clearly from the same photo shoot, i.e. same location and outfit

I much prefer photos and havenít spent an awful lot of time browsing the videos. I quite enjoyed seeing some of my favourite models like Sunna, Ingret and Anna with the amazing F cup breasts come to life in the videos but the videos actually go on a bit too long for me and I tend to lose interest after about 5 minutes. Take the video of Alya titled ďSpring LoveĒ for example, thereís only so long a girl lying on a bed rubbing a tulip over her body can hold my attention and that video goes on for 28 minutes. Most videos probably average 10-15 minutes though and all the ones Iíve watched so far contain background music which I actually prefer to the dead silent ones Iíve come across in several recent subscriptions.

Regarding the bonus content the section titled ďAmour GFĒ is just 15 galleries of 2-10 pictures each and the bonus site Teen Art Club has another 57 photo galleries with maximum resolution of 682 x 1024 and hasnít updated since 2007.

Overall a fine site for lovers of softcore teen erotica, I just wish theyíd fine tune the navigation by fixing the back button.

10-31-12  11:54am

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Visit Ariel's Blog

Ariel's Blog

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Billing by CCBill
Price reduced by $10 to a reasonable $14.95 (may be subject to regional pricing depending where you are)
Up to 40% discount available to the companyís other sites Pretty 4 Ever and Watch 4 Beauty from the links page in memberís area.
Exclusive content
Photos offered in 3 sizes: 800x1200, 1333x2000 and the largest size ranging from 2592x3872 for the oldest to 3744x5616 most recent
Full set zip downloads for each size
PDF download option also offered in the 2000px size
Up to 5 download options offered for the videos typically wmv 1280x720 and 1024x576, mov 1280x720 and 720x405 plus ipod 640x360 for the most recent.
File sizes listed for zips and videos along with run times.
Content date stamped.
Cons: Regional pricing
Site no longer updating
Maybe too softcore and arty for some tastes
Navigation is fairly basic.
Not a huge amount of videos
The model appears to no longer have any interaction in the site.
Bottom Line: This is the solo site of the cute Czech Redhead Ariel who has previously had sites under the names of Piper Fawn and Faith Lightspeed but it was at sites like Teendreams, Teenrotica and Twistys where she grabbed my attention and has become one of my favourite models in recent years so when I noticed the price of this site had been reduced by 10 bucks I couldnít resist signing up especially with the added incentive of gaining discounts to the companyís other sites. The earliest content on the site dates from September 2007 when Ariel would have been 23 and with regular updates over the years has built up into a fair sized collection for a solo site although weighted heavily in favour of photos which suits me fine. Currently there are 415 photo sets and 41 videos and this seems unlikely to grow as there have been no new updates since April 11 of this year.

The navigation is fairly basic with the content just being split up into 4 categories, nude art, back stage, real life and friends galleries. You just have to go through each category in date order, 8 updates per page, and continually click next to go to the next 8 updates and so on, thereís no way to search for only photos or videos. The main focus of interest for me was the nude art section which is where you will find her professional photo shoots. Youíll find a good variety of locations ranging from studio shoots to stunning outdoor settings. There were probably too many boring plain nude shoots and not enough of clothing and lingerie for my liking but overall I quite enjoyed the high quality pictures. The content is also very tame and doesnít go beyond nude posing, in fact there were very few shoots that I would consider sexually arousing, you certainly wonít come across any masturbation or toy use here. To be honest Iíve found the content Iíve collected of Ariel from almost every other site where Iíve seen her hotter and more exciting than anything I saw here. If you like to delve into the day to day life of the model then thereís plenty of that kind of stuff here too in the real life category where you can follow Ariel on vacation or on nights out partying as well as a load of behind the scenes back stage features all of which donít really interest me.

I donít see any signs that Ariel is still involved with the site, no interaction like a diary, blog or cam shows and there has been no activity in the forum since December 2010 so in summary all you have here is an archived collection of photos and videos no longer being updated. Probably worth a month at the current price if youíre a fan of the model and donít mind the extreme softcore nature of the content.

08-20-11  04:32pm

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Visit Art-Lingerie


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Choice of billing by CCBill or Epoch
Reduced price $20 cross sale to Only Tease offered through CCBill which I was happy to take advantage of. (Not pre-checked)
A stunning collection of well known top tier models
A paradise for stocking lovers.
A new photo set or video added 7 days a week. (Every 3rd or 4th update is a video)
Photos in 3 sizes, Standard (711 x 1066), Extra Large (1365 x 2048) and Ultra Large (2000 x 3000)
Zips available in each of the sizes
Videos downloadable in 1280 x 720 wmv, 640 x 360 wmv and an ipod version. Streaming also available in HD and standard resolutions
The above stated resolutions apply since the site started so there is no drop off in quality as you go back through the archives.
Easy navigation with customizable browse options and an excellent search facility.
All file sizes and run times listed
User comments and ratings for model and lingerie
Cons: Regional pricing
No model info or bio, a name is all you get, not even an age or country which is the bare minimum I like to know.
Some may find the site too softcore
Awful file naming, just seems like random numbers and letters.
Too much air brushing of photos but hopefully this will change in the future as webmaster appears responsive to customerís wishes.
Iím afraid this photo lover found the videos here mind numbingly boring.
Few fully clothed sets. I appreciate the theme is lingerie but it would be nice to see more fully clothed sets before they strip down to the lingerie.
ďLingerieĒ doesnít always mean bras and panties here. Too many sets start with the model already topless or bottomless or both, wearing only stockings and suspenders
Bottom Line: Art-Lingerie provides an impressive collection of 122 models in a collection of softcore mostly solo photos and videos with the main theme being lingerie with a particular emphasis on stockings. In fact I would go as far as to say every single update involves the model wearing stockings. The site is very softcore and features nudity but doesnít go as far as spreading or masturbation. When I say ďnudityĒ what I mean is that the models show boobs and pussy but they are never totally naked because the stockings never come off.. The site has been online since May 2009 and with daily updates has already grown in to a decent sized collection with 732 photo sets (58,000+ pics) and 256 videos to date.

Although as I mentioned in the cons they provide zero information about the models I think most regular subscribers to softcore glamour sites will instantly recognise many of the models here. I found many of my favourites here from the US (Celeste Star, Carli Banks, Faye Reagan, Georgia Jones, Shay Laren) and Europe (Ariel, Cikita, Eufrat, Jenni P) as well as some of the popular British models from Only Tease such as Bryoni-Kate, Carla and Hayley-Marie.

The navigation makes it really easy to get around the site and download the content. Browsing via the model index will display all of a modelís photo shoots and videos on one page and what I like is that all the download links for zips and videos are right there on the page, all you have to do is scroll down and click, click, click to grab all the zips, no need to mess around opening every single gallery. If only every site made downloading content this simple. If you are more selective about what you download you also have an excellent search engine allowing you to search not only by modelís hair colour or breast size but even down to the style and colour of the stockings she is wearing.

With regards to the photos I wonít go on about the photo-shopping too much here as plenty has already been said on that subject in previous reviews and comments on this site. Although my preference is for natural looking photos Iím probably more tolerant of the airbrushed look than messmer and didnít really let it spoil my enjoyment of the models and lingerie too much. In fact I quite liked some of the sets where it looked like they filtered out some of the colour to give them an almost retro look. My main complaints would be too few fully clothed sets and possibly too many that start wearing nothing but stockings. As the theme is lingerie I also think it might be nice to see some photo sets where the model starts naked and then dresses up in her lingerie and stockings which is something I enjoyed seeing at Petites Parisiennes.

The HD videos here are excellent quality and even the lower res 640 x 360 ones I checked out had an average bit rate of 6-8000 kbps so looked fairly decent even when on full screen. Unfortunately as my preference is for photos I found it difficult to appreciate the videos here and the ones I have watched so far nearly sent me to sleep. The videos Iíve watched pretty much all take the same format, you have a model dressed in lingerie, sometimes only stockings and suspenders, the model doesnít speak, thereís no background music, the only noises you here are the sounds of the sofa or bed creaking as the model moves around on it or the sound of her heels on the wooden floor as sheís walking around. It almost seems like an awkward silence in my opinion. I know a lot of people donít like background music in their videos but for me if the model is not going talk or interact in any way then some music would help create a better atmosphere. And of course thereís no sexual action to get excited about either. The model will just sit or lay there caressing her hands up and down her stockings and over her breasts, she might remove her shoes, then perhaps her bra or panties if sheís wearing any to start with, you might get the odd close up shot of a pussy and her hand glancing lightly over the top but nothing even close to a masturbation scene. Videos usually range from 5 to 10 minutes in length.

Overall I enjoyed the site and would recommend it for fans of softcore glamour and stocking lovers as long as you can tolerate the photo-shopping.

07-26-12  07:45am

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Visit Aziani


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 06-15-11  02:24am  (Update History)
Reason: Original score increased by 5 points to take into consideration the new site design and additional bonus sites added to the network.
Pros: TBP/PU Discount join price of $19.95
No regional pricing
Some bonus sites included such as Rachel Aziani, Lexxi Tyler, Dakota Rae Patrick, Racquel Devonshire and Amber At Home.
No separate login required for bonus sites
Mostly exclusive content
Large archive going back 10+ years currently 1168 movies and 1392 photo sets
235 mostly US based models
Daily updates
Content dated
Nice sized 1200 x 1800px photos since around 2008 and updates prior to that still a respectable 933 x 1400px
Zip downloads and slide show feature for photos
Choice of download options and streaming for the videos
Cons: Unfamiliar billing processor
Watermark/site logo on photos could be smaller
Photo sets released over the last 6 months now have 2 watermarks, bottom right corner and another half way up the right hand side which IMO is over the top
Aziani branded clothing
Ads in the memberís area
Some errors, e.g. missing zip downloads, thumbnails and photos that donít display
Those looking for hardcore action will find little of interest as this is probably around 95% solo action here.
Too many fake tits (personal preference for the natural look)
No photo zips in the bonus sites which makes them of little value to this photo collector
Bottom Line: I have to admit I was hesitant about joining this site due to Dennerís previous review mentioning the billing system being too complicated to cancel the rebill but on the day I went to join I guess their regular billing system must have been down because I was directed to CCBill so I went ahead and signed up with confidence.

Aziani is a multi model site, not to be confused with the Rachel Aziani solo site, featuring 235 mostly US models in professional glamour style photo sets and videos featuring posing, masturbation, toys and sybian action. I found little to complain about with the quality of the content or navigation features provided by the site. You can browse by model index, photos, videos and each section has a feature to sort the models, videos or photos either alphabetically, most recent date added or by rating. There is also an updates calendar which gives you the opportunity to see what updates are coming along in the future
I guess some people would argue the 1800px photos canít compare to the super high res 4-5000px photos produced by similar sites but I never go for those anyway where there is an option in the 1600 to 2000 range so for me they are just perfect and here those photos are crisp and colourful and well lit with the models having professionally done hair and make up and a good variety of indoor and outdoor locations. The thing I found most annoying was that most models have at least 1 photo set wearing the Aziani branded clothing which to me became rather repetitive. It feels like I am constantly having the site advertised to me on the models clothing, I donít need to see advertising for this site as Iím already a member and just incase I should happen to forget where I am thereís 2 great big watermarks on every damn photo to remind me!

My preferred model type is the 18 to 25 year old natural body type so I was on short rations here. Those who prefer the big boob fake tits American pornstar look will probably enjoy this site more than me but I did manage to find enough models to make the 20 bucks worthwhile. Some of my favourites here would include Capri Anderson, Carli Banks, Celeste Star, Georgia Jones, Jana Jordan and Shay Laren.

As for the videos they come in a choice MP4 1280 x 720, WMV 960 x 540 or Mobile download options along with Flash streaming. Looking back through the archive the 1280 x 720 option tends not to be available for those videos released prior to late 2009 and as with any site which has been around as long as this the quality drops off the further you go back.

Overall thereís a huge amount of content to check out when taking into consideration the bonus sites which has recently been increased to 12 with a new site design giving you a network hub where all updates from the network can be seen in one place.

05-30-11  05:58am

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Visit Babelicious


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Discount price of $19.95 available through TBP or $9.95 for returning members via email link
Billing by Epoch with no regional variation
12 bonus sites included with membership
Updated most days
Photos available in 3 sizes with zip download for each.
Videos look great
Great navigation and search features
No download limits
Cons: Non Exclusive content
Method of downloading the photo zips is a little annoying as each time you select the size of zip you want from the drop down menu the yellow bar security warning in IE pops up to deny you so you have to click allow download then select the zip again, basically 6 clicks of the mouse just to bring up the save box
Little to interest fans of hardcore here
Bottom Line: As an ex member of the Sexy Babes and Dream Babes sites 4 or 5 years ago I regularly receive emails offering me the chance to rejoin for $9.95 so as they now include their premium sites Babelicious and Babes.tv in the package I decided itís time to take my first look at these sites. Babelicious is packed with gorgeous babes in high quality photos and videos in mainly solo strip, masturbation and toy scenes. Thereís little to interest those looking for G/G or B/G action. Looking through the last 100 video updates I spotted only 1 B/G scene.

The site claims to update daily with 5 photo sets and 2 videos per week but over the last few weeks theyíve been missing a few days with the update count for September being 22 out of 30 days and for October 22 out of 31 days. Latest photo sets are being added in 3 sizes, 1000, 2000 and 3500 px with a zip for each and video updates currently at 1280 x 720 @ 3500k with wmv being the only download option plus a flash streaming option.

The pictures here generally look crisp, colourful and well lit even in the highest resolutions, sometimes a little too much photo shopping. The largest size photos are a little inconsistent and can range from 2500px to 4000px, only exception being a few sets that are were only available in 1000px added around December 09 to January 10.

Thereís currently 270 models here dominated by Eastern Europeans with a few British and American girls thrown in including some of my favourites like Georgia Jones and Carli Banks. Thereís plenty of search and browse options to help you easily find who youíre looking for and you have the ability to rate every model, scene and photo set out of 10. Current top ranked model by members is a British girl named Sasha with 34 photo sets and 11 videos. I donít recall coming across her before and I really enjoyed her videos. I loved the way she talks dirty in her British accent while striping and mastubating which you seldom hear on sites these days dominated by Eastern Europeans, such a shame she had to go and ruin her sweet body with those awful implants though.

The biggest negative about the site is the non exclusive content. I recognised many of the sets from sites like Teendreams and ATK Galleria although I found myself downloading the sets again here to get them in the higher resolutions. Now that this site is the main focus in the network with regards to updates maybe they should consider a Babeslicious exclusive section similar to twistys Overall a decent site with updates most days and a ton of content over the network of bonus sites.

10-31-10  04:16pm

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Visit Babes UK

Babes UK

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Part of a network of 13 sites

Discount price of $19.95 available through TBP or $9.95 for returning members via email link

Billing by Epoch with no regional variation

Zip downloads

No download limits
Cons: No updates

No videos

Non exclusive content

Content not dated

No browse or search features

No model info

Many zip downloads just have the filename ďzipĒ so need to rename
Bottom Line: This site is included as part of the network of sites that includes Babelicious, Babes.tv, Sexy-Babes and others. This is basically just a photo site which features 95 so called UK babes but names such as Katerina, Irena and Lenka do little to convince me of the Britishness of many of the models and I feel sure there are quite a number of Eastern Europeans amongst them ie. Lenka Gaborova to name one of them.

The models all appear on one page in no particular order with no additional features to sort through them alphabetically or by date order and no search feature. Clicking on a model will bring up all her photosets showing 4 good sized preview thumbnails of each set to give you a good idea of the theme then clicking on the set will take you to a single page displaying all the thumbs with an option to download the entire set as a zip. They average about 4 or 5 photo sets per model but there is nothing very new or original here. There are some cute models and nice sets with pics around 1752 x 1168px but most of it can be found at other sites like Teendreams.

This is basically a dead site now with no more updates planned, little to recommend here.

10-31-10  03:56pm

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Visit Babes.tv


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Discount price of $19.95 available through TBP or $9.95 for returning members via email link
Billing by Epoch with no regional variation
Part of a network of 13 sites
Many photosets since the site redesign available in two sizes
Zip download for all photosets
The newest videos are good quality at 3500k
Good mix of solo and hardcore
Cons: Site stopped updating earlier this year
Content from before July 2009 has not been incorporated into the new site design so have to click on ďThe ArchivesĒ to find most of the content which requires a separate log in
Much of the older content is low quality
Bottom Line: This site comes as part of a network of 13 sites which includes Babelicios, Sexy Babes, Dream babes etc. It appears the site was given a new design around July 2009 but it seems they couldnít be bothered to incorporate all the old content into the new site so that you benefit from all the extra search and navigation features. The new site design is the same as Babelicious but as the last photo updates were in January 2010 and the last video updates February 2010 thereís only about 6 months worth of content which benefits from the choice of the higher quality 2000 px picture option and the 1280 x 720 @ 3500k high quality video option, a total of 62 videos and 144 photo sets of 55 models here. You also have the ability to rate each model, photo set and video and to sort the content according to date, alphabetical order and ranking.

To find the older content you have to log in separately to the archives which takes you to the old site design which is sadly lacking many of the features listed above. Your basic way of navigating the content here is via an A-Z model index, click on letter A brings up all the models whoís name starts with the letter, click on the model and you will find all her videos and picture sets listed with good sized preview pictures. Its possible to find some nice 1600 px picture sets amongst the archives but a great deal of it comes in at 1024 px which doesnít really do it for me. The videos here are lower quality too typically 640 x 480 wmv with a bit rate ranging from 1 to 2000k depending on the age. Some of the oldest vids also have a Quicktime option but I didnít bother to check those out.

Overall not a great deal of interest to me in this site as too much hardcore for my taste so quite glad i never got around to joining it when it was a stand alone site.

10-31-10  04:13pm

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Visit Beautiful Nude.biz

Beautiful Nude.biz

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Good price, only $11.95 for a month
Billing by CCBill with no regional pricing (from UK)
Pictures available in 3 sizes, 800px, 1600px and the largest size ranging from 3000 to 5000px for the newest sets
Zip downloads available for each size with option to customise your zips by selecting which pictures you want.
HD 1280 x 720 videos
A new photo set or video added every 3 to 4 days.
Simple navigation
Tour pages same as members area allowing you to check out available models and photo sets
Cons: No complete photoset zips, you can only download each page of 20 photos at a time in a zip
I could not browse the site while waiting for each photo zip to download
I found the site frustratingly slow at times with pages taking forever to load and sometimes needing to hit the refresh button a couple of times before they load properly
Download speeds erratic, could be anything from 60 to 600 KB/s depending on the time of day. Evenings (UK, European time) seldom got over 200 KB/s
Oldest photo sets only have 2 size options and max at 1600px
Maybe too softcore for some
Bottom Line: Beautiful Nude is exactly what it says, a collection of 74 beautiful nude models, mostly Russian, mostly natural looking teens to early 20s in a total of 540 photo sets and 60 videos at the time of this review. The vast majority of photo sets here are just plain nude, no clothing, lingerie or striptease, just the girl photographed naked often in stunning outdoor locations. Thereís nothing much very explicit here either and few spread shots which can make for some rather boring shoots with a lot of similar standing statue like poses.

Sadly for those of us who like to collect the full photo sets this site makes it really hard work. Thereís no complete set zip downloads, you can only zip the 20 photos on the page youíre viewing, first you have to check the photos you want or click ďcheck allĒ, then select the size from the dropdown menu, then click download zip and then just wait because you canít navigate to the next page until the zip has finished downloading. Eventually you end up with 4 or 5 zips for each photoset which then have to be extracted and cut and paste all the photos into one folder. Add in the frustration of pages that take ages to load and often slow download speeds and it all becomes so tedious I could hardly be bothered to enjoy what I downloaded.

The video collection here is quite small and not really of much interest to me. The ones I saw were just films of the photo shoots, usually about 3 to 5 minutes long and with background music. The quality is excellent though with the latest ones being in 1280 x 720 wmv @ around 6600 kbps. The latest videos have 2 download options with the addition of an MP4 format.

The navigation is plain and simple with the usual options to browse by photos, videos or by model index and thereís also drop down menu search options allowing you to search the models by name, country, age, eye colour, hair colour, star sign and shoe size. Each photo shoot is also tagged with key words if for example you just want to search for ďoutdoorĒ shoots

Overall I was impressed with the beauty of the models but frustrated at the amount of work involved to get the full photo sets. With the addition of a one click full set zip download I might score it in the 80s but as of now 75 is the best I can give it.

02-09-11  07:18am

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Visit Bikini Babes.tv

Bikini Babes.tv

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Part of a network of 13 sites

Discount price of $19.95 available through TBP or $9.95 for returning members via email link

Billing by Epoch with no regional variation

Zip downloads

No download limits
Cons: Site no longer updated

Quite a small site, whole site can be downloaded in a couple of hours

Some photo sets can be very short, some less than 10 pics, many only 20 to 30

Videos fairly low res by todayís standards

Nothing here to interest average porn fans as mostly non nude with only occasional topless shots or see through tops.
Bottom Line: This is just a little bonus site that comes with the Babelicious network of sites. It probably has little value on its own and is unlikely to be of interest to most porn fans as it is almost entirely non nude but I actually enjoyed a couple of hours looking through the photo sets. It features 53 mostly gorgeous models photographed mainly in beautiful outdoor settings, beach, river, forest, mountains etc so it does make for some stunning pictures. Average is around 3 to 5 sets per model. Unfortunately theyíre not particularly high res coming in at 1282 x 836 but you do get a zip download for each set. I wasnít familiar with any of the models here, I guess theyíre the type of models your more likely to find in FHM or Maxim magazines than some sleazy Eastern European porn site.

Thereís a total of 45 videos on the site, again quite low res at 640 x 480 @ 1000k so a little blurry to watch on full screen. Videos are mostly only 2 to 3 minutes in length and the ones I watched just appeared to be film of the photo shoot so nothing to get excited about.

The site doesnít update anymore and I have no idea how old the content here is. The page listing past updates only gives the last update as 2nd August with no year mentioned so for all I know the content here could be several years old.

10-31-10  04:01pm

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Visit Breath Takers

Breath Takers

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Billing by CC Bill with no regional pricing
Reduced sale price of $19.90 currently available
Choice of small (1024px) or large (mostly 4256px) photos
Zip downloads available in both sizes
Choice of streaming or 4 download options for the videos including HD
Exclusive content
Usually 3 to 4 updates per week including a new video each Saturday
Cons: Lacks a decent mid size photo option in the 1600 to 2000px size range which would be my personal preference
May be too softcore for many peopleís taste
The site would probably have minimal appeal for video fans as photos make up the bulk of the content here
Navigation could be improved i.e. No zip downloads from the updates page
No search or sort options for the model index
Bottom Line: Breath Takers features a collection of 99 models in 497 mostly softcore solo photosets with a small collection of 88 videos to complement them. Thereís a nice selection of British and French models as well as some from the US and Eastern Europe. I was pleased to find 12 photo sets and 4 videos of Ariel (a.k.a. Piper Fawn, Gabrielle Lupin) one of my favourite models, along with Jana Jordan (5 sets) and Eufrat (2 sets, 1 video). They provide some basic model info plus a brief write up on each model and photo set/video.

The first thing that struck me after browsing a few models and photo sets was how a large number of the indoor sets feature the model stood in front of or close to a window which would make me assume they are trying to make use of the natural light. In fact they do seem to play with the light and shadows a lot throughout the site which does seem to be a recurring theme and you do end up with some dark shadowy photo sets that I wasnít too keen on, I prefer to see the models in a good light. Overall the content is very softcore and rarely goes beyond just striptease and nude posing although I did find some light masturbation in a few of the videos I checked out. Personally I would like to see the photos in a decent mid size option around 2000px as I find downloading the large zips here leads to some large file sizes often 150 to 200+ MB and when you blow up the large pictures to full size they donít look as crisp and sharp as you would expect from a professional photography site.

The videos here come in 4 formats, H264, WMV, PSP and Ipod. The HD wmv videos I downloaded come in at 1280 x 720 @ 10000 kbps and look nice and sharp. If youíre not into the photography side of things I doubt there would be enough here to keep video fans satified. Out of the 88 videos 30 are very short backstage/out takes videos some as short as 20 to 30 seconds with most no more than 2 minutes. The other 58 regular videos are also quite short at an average of 5 minutes so I doubt the overall video content would come to any more than 5 hours.

Overall a decent site at a reasonable price for those into softcore arty glamour photos but donít expect anything too explicit.

05-13-11  11:22am

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Visit Cassandra Calogera

Cassandra Calogera

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Only $17.95 with PU/TBP discount
Part of a network of 15 solo model sites including Aaliyah Love, Dylan Ryder, Ashley Fires, Hanna Hilton, Monica Mayhem plus more.
Nice quality photo sets. Over half the sets I downloaded were 1200x1800px and the rest 1000x1500px
Slideshow feature and zip downloads for the photos.
Multiple streaming and download options for the videos (flash, wmv, mp4, mpeg, ipod & psp) including a small number in hd.
Other network sites easily accessible without further logging in required.
Content date stamped.
Cons: A smallish site with only 33 videos and 70 photo sets.
The last update was February 2012 and the one before that December 2010..
Most of the videos have a maximum resolution of 640x480 @1000-1500 kbps, only 4 of the videos come with an hd 720p & 1080p option.
Basic navigation categories, photos, movies, solo, hardcore, girl/girl with no search or tags
No recent model interaction, no cam shows, last blog entry was December 2011
Bottom Line: This site is part of a network of solo sites that I joined primarily for Aaliyah Love. Iíd never come across Cassandra Calogera before that I can recall but ended up pleasantly surprised by this site and quite enjoyed much of her content. Cassandra has cute girl next door looks with her most striking assets being a huge pair of natural DD tits. She mostly appears as a brunette but also has some content here with her hair dyed black.

The best part of the site for me was that she had a nice collection of sexy solo photo shoots with much of it in a nice 1800px resolution. 45 of the 70 sets were solo including spreading and toy insertions with the other 25 a mixture of b/g and g/g.

I had a quick scan through most of the videos and they do seem to contain more bíg hardcore action than solo content. Quite a bit of it seems to be shot in POV style and it also includes some b/g/g threesomes

Cassandra has a few extras like some private photos and podcasts, a blog and questions and answers section but none of it has seen any recent activity and the site has only had 1 new update since 2010. It does say a new update coming soon 18 March 2013 but I donít intend to stick around to find out if it will materialise. It only takes an evening or two to download everything of Cassandra but the network overall should keep anyone busy for a month and is good value for money with the PU discount.

02-27-13  08:25am

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Visit Cherry Petite

Cherry Petite

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Reasonable price of $17.95 with PU/TBP discount
Part of a good network of 15 solo sites including Aaliyah Love, Dylan Ryder, Ashley Fires, Hanna Hilton, Hailey Young plus more
Photos come with slideshow and zip download.
Multiple streaming and download options available for videos including a few with hd.
Content date stamped.
File sizes and run times of videos shown.
Easily jump to other sites in the network with no further logging in required.
Cons: Small site, only 41 videos and 54 photo sets.
No updates since August 2011
Pictures not very high res.
Majority of the videos have a maximum resolution of 640x480 with bit rates ranging from 1300 to 2000 kbps. (Only the 10 most recent ones have hd 720p option and I think a couple of those also had a 1080p option)
Not much solo content (personal preference of mine)
No sign of any recent model interaction in the site, no cam shows, link to the blog is dead.
Bottom Line: This is the solo site of French speaking Canadian model Cherry Petite, (a.k.a. Cherry Potter at ALS Scan) who as you would guess from her name is a petite small breasted Brunette. Sheís just the kind of model I like but sadly I didnít find much in the site that caught my interest. Boy/girl hardcore action makes up about half the content here with the other half split between solo and lesbian. There are also some b/b/g, b/g/g and lesbian threesomes. Since Cherry speaks French several of the videos have subtitles.

All I ended up keeping from this site was about a dozen solo photo sets and even those were quite disappointing with a resolution of only 800x1200 in portrait and even smaller 950x630 in landscape format. I got much better solo content of Cherry from ALS Scan. Overall this is a great network of sites if you like some of the other models with decent sites, I just wouldnít join specifically for Cherryís site.

02-25-13  11:20am

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Visit Cierra Spice

Cierra Spice

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: One of the 8 sites that make up Latin Teen Pass which is included as a free bonus package when subscribing to other company sites such as Karla Spice, GiGi Spice etc
Exclusive content although 4 photo sets also are duplicated on La Zona Modelos but exclusive to this network I believe.
Fairly decent photo and video quality although not particularly hi res or hd
Zip downloads for all photo sets
Choice of 3 or 4 download options for videos
Billing by CCBill
Cons: Regional pricing outside US
No longer updating
Content not date stamped
No file sizes listed, scene descriptions or previews for the videos.
Bottom Line: This is the solo website of Latina model Cierra Spice who according to her site is a 19 year old college student from the US. She has long black hair, a nice petite body with smallish 34B breasts and a nice round booty. She also has a small tattoo just above her ankle which I hardly noticed. On her site you will see Cierra wearing various outfits usually followed by a striptease to full explicit nudity often followed by some masturbation and the use of toys. Itís all solo action here so you wonít see Cierra having sex with any other boys or girls.

In total Cierra has 94 photo sets (8889 photos) and 48 videos. The photos are mostly 797 x 1200 px in size and all sets have a zip download. Thereís a good mix of indoor and outdoor shoots and a good variety of outfits to stop them becoming too repetitive. Most of the videos give you 4 download options with a high and low quality wmv, a quicktime mov and ipod mp4 version. The high quality wmvs I downloaded were generally 720 x 540 with a bitrate of 4066 kbps. The videos range from about 6 to 15 minutes in length and often take the format of a question and answer session with the cameraman for 2 or 3 minutes while posing in a cute outfit, followed by stripping and masturbation. A few of the videos are simply films of the photo shoot.

This is now just an archived photo and video collection with no updates and no model interaction. The only extras are a few wallpapers, friends galleries and a journal which only has entries from February until September 2009 so I would guess there has been nothing new happening at the site for a couple of years.

06-12-12  06:17am

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Visit Club 24 Main Street

Club 24 Main Street

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Recently added as a free bonus site when you subscribe to Aziani.com
TBP/PU discount price of $19.95
No regional pricing
Easy access to the other network sites with no need to re-enter login details.
Site claims exclusive content
Appears to be updating every couple of days
Most recent updates consist of some nice quality 1400-1600px photo galleries and 1280x720 videos
Currently 445 photo galleries and 115 movies.
Zips for photos
Download and streaming for videos
Cons: Unfamiliar billing processor
This site looks like it has been recycling old low resolution content for a number of years. Often a photo or video update listed as being added to the site in 2010 will actually carry a copyright date of 2003-05.
Most photo content max at 1024px
Many videos as low as 320x240 @ 400 kbps
Those interested in hardcore action will find nothing of interest here.
Bottom Line: This site was recently added as a bonus site to the package of 12 sites you get when signing up at Aziani.com. First impressions of this site on looking at the tour are that you might be expecting a high quality glamour site but donít be fooled by that. Whilst the collection of 117 models looks impressive particularly the fact they feature a high percentage of exotic looking Asian, Latina and Ebony babes once you get inside you will find around 80-90% of the content appears to be old low resolution recycled picture sets and videos dating from 2003 onwards even though the site shows the earliest content as being added from December 2009.

There are plenty of well known models here that Iíve come across before such as Cassia Riley, Jelena Jensen, Lana Lopez, Sandee Westgate and Valentina Vaughn along with plenty of not so well known. Overall the content is very tame here even by the standards of most solo model sites. Certainly not all the models will have sets containing explicit nudity and spread shots, some sets are topless only and youíll also find some models whose galleries are only non nude or implied nude with hands over breasts. Donít get me wrong, the actual standard of the photography is a very professional glamour style and the photos do look great with excellent lighting, nice locations and sexy lingerie but with the majority of it maxing at just 1024px on the long side it just wonít do todayís large screen monitors justice.

Being a softcore photo lover I did quite enjoy the models and photo sets on offer here so it would be quite difficult to say that I donít recommend the site when you take into consideration the large amount of high quality content you have available to download throughout the Aziani network of sites but if youíre into Exotic looking babes and joined the network specifically for this site you would surely be disappointed by whatís on offer here.

06-20-11  04:13am

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Visit Club Kayden

Club Kayden

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Currently available for the reasonable price of $17.95
Access to 9 other bonus sites including Holly Randall and Play With Faye plus live shows when scheduled along with archives of previous live shows via the Kayden Live website
Photos available to browse in 3 sizes with a slide show option for each size
Zip download for photos but only in the largest size which is 1600 x 1067 px for the newer sets reducing to 1280 x 853 px as you go back in time
Videos come in 2 to 3 size options for Windows Media plus a Flash streaming and mobile download option.
Easy access to bonus sites via drop down menu with no need to re-enter log in details
Decent amount of content for a solo model site dating back to July 2008 with updates still being added.
Cons: Updating sporadic, sometimes 4 or more days between updates amounting to about 8 updates or so a month in recent times.
Updates often just consist of half a photo set so youíre looking at about 3 or 4 new complete galleries and 1 new video a month.
Many of the photo sets are spread over 2 updates with the pictures in each part being numbered from 001 so if you want to combine all the pictures from each set into 1 folder youíll need to do some renumbering which is rather tedious
Some non exclusive content. I found a few galleries of Kayden that Iíd already downloaded from Sexy Babes in a higher resolution
No file sizes or run times listed for the videos.
Billing is by DHD media, not familiar with them, would prefer to see CCBill or Epoch.
Bottom Line: This is the official website of the gorgeous blonde American glamour model/porn star Kayden Kross featuring a large collection of photo galleries and videos of Kayden along with some 63 other models on the site. Thereís currently 297 photo and 167 video updates on the site but with many of Kaydenís photo galleries being spread over 2 updates youíre looking at around 240 complete galleries. Itís difficult to gauge the exact number of galleries of Kayden as I couldnít find a way to separate her photo updates into a separate list but I downloaded 120 solo sets of Kayden so by the time you add in the lesbian, hardcore and behind the scenes sets youíre probably looking at around 150 galleries and 100 videos of Kayden with the rest of the content being of the bonus models much of which is non exclusive stuff borrowed from Twistys and Brazzers.

I have to admit this site was really hard work for a photo collector like me trying to organise the two parts of the photo sets into a single folder which involved renumbering all the pictures in part 2 to follow on from those in part 1. After manually renumbering the first 4 or 5 sets I couldnít face the tedious task anymore so decided to go in search of some batch renaming software to ease the pain. Donít they realise all we want to do is easily download with one click, unzip and enjoy without all this extra work.

Of the few videos Iíve checked out 720 x 406 @ 2000 kbps seems to be about average for the largest download option although I did find a couple of newer ones up to 5000k. You can also download or stream archived videos of Kaydenís live shows via the Kayden Live site and it appears she is still doing the live shows, there was one scheduled for December 1st but as it was 4am my time I didnít get to see it. Other features include a journal, forum and store.

Finally something from Kaydenís bio, ďUltimate sexual fantasy: a one-night stand in a foreign countryĒÖ..well Kayden if youíre ever in England Iíd be more than willing to make the sacrifice.

12-05-10  11:13am

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Visit Club Lexxi Tyler

Club Lexxi Tyler

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: TBP/PU Discount join price of $19.95
No regional pricing
This is one of the bonus sites included with membership to Aziani.com
Nice quality 1200 x 1800px photos with slideshow feature
Videos available for download and streaming
Content dated
Cons: Unfamiliar billing processor
Very small site, only 27 photo sets and 23 videos
Last updates were in December 2009
No zips for the photos
Lexxi only performs solo and lesbian here (maybe a con for those expecting some B/G hardcore)
Some non exclusive content (found 2 photo sets previously downloaded from Holly Randall)
No model interaction
Bottom Line: This is the official site of US glamour model/pornstar Lexxi Tyler, a 26 year old busty blonde with 34DD fake tits who has previously been a Penthouse Pet. The siteís tour page promises live cam shows, personal diary, exclusive content, weekly updates and zip downloads but fails to deliver on most of those promises. The site is nothing more than a small archived collection of photos and videos that has not been updated for 18 months and I see no interaction from the model in the way of a diary or blog, no listing of any scheduled cam shows and not even as much as any model bio or info.

Although the collection is small here what you do get is high quality with most of the photo sets at 1800px on the long side and video downloads in WMV 1280 x 720 that play at 8000 kbps. The content is pretty much a 50/50 split between solo and lesbian with some of the other models appearing in the lesbian content including Priya Anjali Rai, Puma Swede and Tyler Faith. Average video length is about 6 minutes with a couple of the lesbian ones going up to 15 to 20 minutes. Any Lexxi fans might be interested to know you will find another 16 photo sets and 13 videos featuring her on the Aziani site included in the package.

Overall a very small but high quality site that you could probably download the entire contents of in one evening even without zips for the photos and the fact its part of a much bigger package of sites prevents me from giving it too low a score.

06-02-11  10:47am

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Visit Club Madison Scott

Club Madison Scott

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Currently available for the reasonable price of $17.95
Access to 9 other sites including Holly Randall, Play With Faye and Club Kayden plus access to live shows and archives of past shows via the Brand Danger Live network.
Browsing of photos available in 3 sizes, 800 x 600, 768 x 1024 and 1600 x 1066 with slide show option also available in the 3 sizes.
Zip download of photos but only available for the largest size
Multiple video options, WMV medium/high, Quicktime medium, iphone and Flash streaming available
Easy access to bonus sites via drop down menu with no need to re-enter log in details
Cons: Small site with only 32 photo sets and 16 videos
No updates since 14th September 2010
Some of the photo sets are spread over 2 updates with the pictures in each part being numbered from 001 so if you want to combine all the pictures from each set into 1 folder youíll need to do some renumbering which is rather tedious..
No file sizes or run times listed for the videos.
Billing is by DHD media, not familiar with them, would prefer to see CCBill or Epoch.
Bottom Line: This is the website of Madison Scott who likes like your stereotypical fake blonde fake tits American porn star featuring her in a mixture of solo, girl/girl and hardcore action. The pros, cons, navigation and technical specs of the content are pretty much the same as the other sites in the network Iíve already reviewed.

The earliest dated content in the site goes back to April 2010 and the site was updating regularly until September 2010 when the updates dried up so thereís only around 6 months worth of content here. Out of the 32 photo sets thereís 23 solo sets, 7 lesbian and 2 hardcore and out of the 16 videos 6 are solo with 5 lesbian and 5 hardcore. Of the videos I downloaded the average size was 720 x 406 and the bit range varied quite widely between 2000 and 10000 kbps. It took me about an hour to zip through the site and download what I wanted so with no updates and no interaction from Madison I donít see any reason to go back again.

Not much to recommend the site on its own but an ok bonus filler site for a nice little network with the Holly Randall site being the main attraction

12-09-10  07:53am

Replies (3)
Visit Cosmid.net


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Good value for money at $19.95
Payment processor CCBill with no regional pricing
Good sized site with 263 models, 930 photo sets and 860 videos.
Updated 7 days a week with a new photo set or video
Nice sized 1067 x 1600px photos complete with zip downloads
Latest videos come with a choice of 3 streaming quality levels and 4 download formats from ipod to hd 720p.
Model info and scene descriptions provided.
You can rate the models and leave comments
Cons: Much of the content is very softcore with over half the models being tagged as either ďnon-nudeĒ or ďtoplessĒ.
Some models donít have photos and some donít have videos.
When you click on a video it starts streaming automatically in your browser.
Videos released prior to 2012 usually have only 1 streaming size and a single wmv download option.
No file sizes listed for zips or videos
Whilst they do provide clickable tags and keywords there is no actual search engine.
Bottom Line: After a couple of months of browsing the highly polished glamour content at DDF I really fancied something different so ended up here at Cosmid attracted by the lure of some real amateur girl next door type models and I have to say Iím thoroughly enjoying this site so far. According to the site these girls are not models or porn stars, just ordinary girls with normal day jobs, students, waitresses, bar tenders, office girls. Iíd estimate around 75% of them are from the US with some British and Prague based models thrown into the mix. Whilst there is a good variety in model type from petite to voluptuous and even a little bit chubby, anyone who likes large breasted girls will surely be in their element here. When God was handing out tits many of these girls must have been at the front of the queue. There are a few heavily tattooed and pierced models as is the trend amongst young women these days. Most models are aged 18 to mid-20s with just a few older ones.

The content is nearly all softcore solo posing, teasing and stripping although many of the models donít get fully nude. Some of the more recent content has become a little raunchier with some models like Brittany Burns and Larkin having some toy masturbation videos. Iíve also come across the odd lesbian video and a blowjob video but they are difficult to find and I certainly wouldnít sign up expecting to see a lot of that type of content.

You can browse all the updates in chronological order or by highest rated and also select just photos or videos. Thereís also a model index which can be sorted by most recent, alphabetical, age, hair colour, model type (non-nude, topless, nude), boob or butt size. Each model has a short bio listing their age, occupation and location with a short paragraph of background info. She also has a list of physical attributes such as hair colour, body type, boob size which double as clickable tags so if she has large boobs click on that and it will bring up a list of other models with large boobs. Individual photo sets and videos also come with additional clickable keywords often relating to the outfits and lingerie to help you find similar type sets. They could really do with a proper search engine to allow you to search by more than one criteria though.

The photo quality is pretty consistent throughout the site. I only found a handful of the earliest sets with a resolution below the standard 1600 px size. They did announce in the blog last August plans to upgrade the photos to 3000 px and offer them in 3 different sizes which would be cool if they get around to doing it. They donít provide the models with a wardrobe or make-up artist so you see them as they are stripping out of normal every day clothes. The photography is generally of a good professional standard with nice sharp well lit pictures but they do post the complete shoot without any editing or photo shopping so you will find the odd photos here and there where the lighting is not quite right or there might be some out of focus or blurry shots or the model is pulling a funny face but it all kind of adds to the amateur appeal. Overall I found the photos quite tame, even with those models that do nude shoots you will find the nudity is not that explicit.

I normally find solo videos boring and donít spend a lot of time watching them but I did however find them a little more entertaining here than normal. I particularly liked some of the amateur style self-shot videos where the model is on her own in her bedroom or the bathroom, chatting to the camera, teasing or dancing, sometimes stripping followed by masturbation or toy play depending how far the model goes. The videos normally last about 6 to 10 minutes. There does seem to be a bit more explicitness in the video collection than the photos. Videos can be downloaded in 1280x720 wmv or mp4, 976x548 mp4 or 480x272 mp4 for ipod or psp. Prior to 2012 you only get the one download option which is 1280x720 wmv.

Overall a highly enjoyable site and these amateur US models made a refreshing change from the same old Euro models I keep seeing on nearly every site I join.

01-24-13  02:33pm

Replies (4)
Visit DDF Network

DDF Network

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: A network of 13 sites offering a huge amount of content, 1952 models, 10798 scenes and over a million photos.
Updateís with around 27 scenes per week; most scenes include a video and corresponding photo set.
A huge variety of niches covered; solo, lesbian, hardcore, legs and feet, busty, teens plus much more.
Stunning quality high resolution photos and hd video.
Photos in 3 sizes, 532x800, 799x1200 and 1331x2000 px.
Zip downloads for the largest sized photos.
Latest videos come in MP4 format usually with a choice of 3 or 4 different resolutions typically 1920x1080 @ 12Mbps, 1280x720 @ 4Mbps, 960x540 @ 3Mbps and 640x360 @ 2Mbps. Flash streaming also available in a choice of similar resolutions.
Lots of info provided, model info, scene descriptions, run times and file sizes of videos displayed.
Good download speeds 95% of the time.
Only need to enter username and password once to access all sites in network.
Lots of browse and search options.
PU/TBP discount.
Cons: Expensive Euro based regional pricing (equivalent of $35 even with PU Discount)
Unfamiliar billing processor
Pre-checked cross sales
Cancellation request email was ignored.
The latest version of the site logo/watermark on photos is larger and more unsightly than previous versions; DDF in large black letters with what looks like a red dragon draped all around the letters, very distracting.
No zip for the small and medium photos might be a con for some although not an issue for me personally.
Little ethnic diversity amongst the models for those of us who like some Asian or darker skinned models.
Some duplication of content between the different sites
Some of the earliest content is poor quality although thatís to be expected on a site thatís been online nearly 12 years.
Bottom Line: This is one of those sites that has been on my list to join for years but the expensive Euro based regional pricing has always made it prohibitively expensive for me particularly considering my interest is only in solo glamour photo shoots so probably 80% of the networkís content is of no interest to me. Iíve only joined now thanks to an email promo offering a join price of 8.95 Euros and with the threat of a recurring billing of 34.95 Euros it was always going to be in for one month, grab as much as I can of what interests me and then cancel.

Since my main interest is solo photo content the site of most interest to me in the network was 1 By Day. Itís by far the largest site in the network with archives dating as far back as 2001 with almost 12 years of daily updates to check out. Itís the only site in the network that is still adding updates on a daily basis which is great for fans of solo content. It was a real treasure trove for a collector finding a lot of the early stuff of many of the top Euro models like Sophie Moone, Sandra Shine and Eve Angel. Being a fan of Eve Angel her solo site in the network Eve Angel Official was another attraction for me but I ended up being a little disappointed by it. As Iím not interested in the videos or lesbian content I just went through Eveís site grabbing all her solo photo sets and ended up with just over 7,000 photos in 102 sets. There were a lot of very short photo sets with only around 30+ photos; I donít know how anyone is supposed to enjoy a nice clothed to naked strip in such small photo sets. For me the old Eve Angel site was far superior to this one in terms of the photo content available.

DDF Busty was another site where I found a lot of nice solo scenes of some amazingly busty models. I donít think Iíve ever seen so many large breasts in one place. There were some models that were quite large all over who might be considered borderline BBW but I found plenty of sexy large breasted models with nice figures that I wanted to download. This site is still updating on average 3 times per week. Although Iíve never been a great fan of foot fetish content I do love women wearing stockings and heels so also found plenty of nice sets to download over at Hot Legs and Feet. I did find a lot of the sets here were from the same shoots on 1 By Day but with additional shots of feet and legs added. This site is also still adding 3 updates per week.

Hairy Twatter is quite a new site with earliest content from June 2011. The theme of the site is girls with naturally hairy unshaven pussies in a variety of solo, g/g and b/g scenes. So far there are only 77 scenes and 51 models with 1 new scene being added each week. Thereís none of the extreme hairy scary stuff here that turns me off from joining some of the other dedicated hairy themed sites out there. Euro Teen Erotica just features some of the more youthful looking babes on the network. Iím not quite sure if much of the content is exclusive to that site; when I started browsing it I was seeing a lot of scenes duplicated from 1 By Day. Sex Video Casting gives you the chance to see many of your favourite models in an amateur casting scenario without all the glamour styling and make up. Itís quite surprising how average many of these models look without the professional styling. Also most of these casting videos tend not to have the HD option which I presume is to give them more of an amateur feel.

The other sites in the network had little interest to me. Sandys Fantisies is the solo site of Hungarian model Sandy and is just an archive site thatís not been updated since 2007. Cherry Jul is the solo site of a slender small breasted Russian babe currently with 93 scenes and adding 1 scene per week. Euro Girls On Girls is a lesbian site with 466 scenes and adding 1 scene per week, Hands On Hardcore is dedicated to hardcore action and also adding 1 scene per week and Only Blowjob is fairly self-explanatory and updating 3 times per week. House Of Taboo is where you will find all the more kinky stuff including bondage, peeing, fisting, spanking and plenty of kinky leather and latex fetish wear.

Overall as a first time subscriber I found enough high quality content to keep me busy for a month even with my fairly narrow interests, in fact Iíve probably downloaded enough content to keep me busy for another month or two after my subscription has ended. Despite my not being interested in many of the network sites I feel it would be unjust to score the site any less than a 90 bearing in mind the vast amount and variety of high quality content available particularly for first time subscribers. Returning members may find some issues with recycling or remastering of older content though.

12-17-12  03:29am

Replies (4)
Visit Debbie Teen

Debbie Teen

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Part of a network of 13 solo model sites that includes Mollyís Bedroom, Lanaís Fantasies, Busty Alli plus more.
Decent sized solo site with 183 photo sets (20,000+ images) and 71 videos.
Most photo sets sized at around 1033x1550px
Zip downloads for photos
Good mix of indoor and outdoor shoot locations
Videos can be downloaded or streamed online.
Bonus sites accessible from single network page with no further login required.
Cons: Video quality is mediocre
Mostly softcore solo nude posing which may be a con for some
Content can become a bit repetitive.
She fakes masturbation
Site not updating
Only 1 site in the network is updating with actual new content
Most of the content is probably 5-7 years old despite the site showing posting dates as between 2009-2012
No model info or bio.
No model interaction
Bottom Line: This is the solo site of Debbie Teen a cute blonde with a fit, tanned body and quite distinctive tan lines around her boobs and ass. The site gives you very little info about who she is other than a brief introduction in the tour which says she is 18, was born in Texas and is studying English Literature at college. After doing a little digging around I discovered sheís actually Ukrainian and has appeared at a few other sites looking totally different with black hair under the aliases of Venus A at Met-Art, Venus at Nubiles and Kerri at Femjoy.

The content here is mostly solo with some explicit nude posing and some implied masturbation. There are also a handful of two girl sets where she poses with her friend Lizzie who is a rather cute small breasted blonde but they never really get up to anything other than playing around and posing together. Considering the age of the content the photos looked surprisingly good and for the most part are fairly well shot. Given the large number of photo sets I did feel however that the set ups and outfits did become a little repetitive. In so many shoots she starts out wearing cotton panties, a thong or shorts with a cotton sleeveless top or t shirt. Sometimes you see several shoots in the same location and the only difference between one shoot and the next is the panties or top are a different colour.

The downloadable videos are 640x480 mp4s with a bit rate of around 1900kbps. They are mostly quite short at between 2 to 4 minutes and usually consist of a strip and posing naked. Sometimes she pretends to masturbate putting her hand down to her pussy but in reality she is barely touching herself but gives off a few fake moans. In a few other videos she gets out a vibrator and makes out as if she is masturbating with it. She just holds the vibrator down close to her pussy and moves it around a bit without actually inserting it while letting off some more fake moans. Quite honestly Iíve not seen anything as unconvincing and fake as this before so thankfully being a picture lover I donít get too concerned about a modelís lack of acting ability as long as she looks pretty in a photo.

Thereís none of the extras you might look for in a solo site such as a diary, blog, cam shows or even a basic ďabout meĒ section so you can get to know the model; itís basically just an archived collection of pictures and videos. The network overall provides nearly 1300 photo sets and 560 videos which if youíve not been here before should be more than enough to make a monthís subscription worthwhile but if youíve been here within the last few years you would probably find little actual new content.

11-13-12  11:52am

Replies (7)
Visit Digital Desire

Digital Desire

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: TBP/PU discount
No regional pricing
Lots of exclusive content
Daily updates
No download limits or DRM
Browse photos online in a choice of up to 5 sizes (800, 1024, 1280, 1600 & 3000px) or view slideshow.
Zip download but only in the largest available size for each set.
Latest videos have 6 download options, H.264 format in HD720p, 480p, 260p and Mobile plus WMV in HD720p and 480p. Streaming also available in high and low quality.
Cons: Some of these are not really cons for me but may or may not be for others depending on your personal preferences:
Unfamiliar billing processor but no problem with the cancellation process for me.
Content may be too softcore or too artistic for some tastes.
No file sizes listed for zips or video downloads
Those with a slow connection or struggling for disk space might be disappointed at the lack of a zip option for the smaller sized photo sets.
Many of the photo updates are years old recycled sets simply re-released in a larger size. (These photo sets usually have a maximum resolution of 1600px)
The sequence of photos in some sets seems mixed up.
Some non exclusive content.
Bottom Line: This is the site of glamour photographer J.S.Hicks who has been taking photos of beautiful women since way back in the 80s and whose work has been associated with names such as Playboy and Penthouse. Iíve been a member here a couple of times before but not since 2006 and although Iíve been a big fan of his photography certain issues with the old site such as the DRM and meagre download limits as well as constantly recycling old photo sets as new updates had put me off going back until now when I was tempted back by the special offer price of $9.95 for a month Thankfully the DRM is long gone and I didnít hit any D/L limits but I did recognise that many of the photo updates are recycled enlarged versions of sets Iíve already downloaded prior to 2006.

Ignoring the recycled sets I did manage to find plenty of new models and content which have been added in the last 5 years since Iíve been away. The site now boasts a collection of over 800 models and I found many of my favourites here including Ariel, Faye Valentine (Reagan), Georgia Jones, Jana Jordan and Shay Laren to name a few. They have a well organised model index where you can easily find all the photos and videos of your favourite models or you can simply browse photos or videos separately and sort them by date order or ranking. The content is also tagged with some of their dozen different category listings such as Dreamgirls, Young & Fresh, Toy Lovers, Girlfriends or Ethnic if you wish to search the content via a specific niche and you can refine your model search within the niche by hair colour, boob size or shaved/bush/landing strip. You can also rate the models and create a favourites list.

The photos here have more of an artistic feel to them than your usual glamour site often making use of natural light and shadows to create some dramatic effects. Also they donít go overboard with the airbrushing so the pictures tend to have a more natural feel to them than the artificial looking glossy pics you get at some glamour sites. Overall I was highly impressed with the quality of the 3000px photo sets. The only slightly annoying thing for me was that sometimes the sequence of pictures seems muddled and doesnít always run in the expected order from clothed to naked. A prime example of this is the July 1st update of Malena Morgan, she starts off wearing a sexy white see through lace dress with matching bra and panties underneath, picture 27 the dress is off and sheís removing the bra, pic 29 the bra and dress are back on again. Pictures 52 and 53 sheís almost naked and removing her panties, pics 54 and 55 the bra, panties and dress are back on again. Is this the deliberate intention of the photographer? Surely not?Ö.or is it just laziness on the part of the webmaster not ensuring the photos are uploaded in the correct order?

The site also has a collection of 787 videos to date, 407 of which come with an HD option. When searching the video library you are able to check a box to include only HD videos in your results if you so wish. Most of the videos Iíve watched so far range from around 8-12 minutes in length and usually feature the model in a slow sensuous striptease accompanied by music followed by masturbation session. As the model begins to pleasure herself the music fades away so you can hear her moans and groans. You can also find some videos featuring sex toy use and some girl/girl videos although these are in the minority here. The 1280x720 wmv option I chose had a bitrate of around 3400kbps. On average 8-9 new videos added per month as part of the daily updates.

Extra features include the Daily Word, over a thousand desktop wallpapers, backstage features, talent search, forum and a Twitter feed. Overall a highly recommended site for fans of solo glamour photography especially if you can grab one of their special join offers. If I go back in another 5 years I wonder if they will be recycling all those 3000px photos I just downloaded in a bigger size again?

08-07-11  05:17am

Replies (3)

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