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Visit Dream Babes

Dream Babes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Part of a network of 13 sites

Discount price of $19.95 available through TBP or $9.95 for returning members via email link

Billing by Epoch with no regional variation

Zip downloads

No download limits

Large archive of 341 models
Cons: No updates

No videos

Non exclusive content

No browse or search features

No model info

Many zip downloads just have the filename ďzipĒ or ďpicsĒ so need to rename
Bottom Line: Dream Babes is another site included in the network of 13 sites that includes Babelicious, Babes.tv and Sexy Babes. I was last here around 2005 when there were only 4 sites included in the deal and Dream Babes still looks exactly the same as it did back then with only the addition of extra content. Thereís nothing here for video fans as this is a pictures only site but what you do get is a huge archive of photo content going back several years featuring many well known babes and porn stars in a mixture of solo, G/G and B/G action. This is probably one of my least favourite sites in the network as I find it a bit too glam for my taste with too many fake tits and too much photo-shopping.

The 341 models are randomly spread over 5 pages in no particular order with no way to sort them alphabetically and no search function. There is a drop down menu at the top of the page with the model names if you know who youíre looking for but as itís mostly only Christian names I found it of little help. Most models have a few picture sets each with the newer galleries looking quite nice at 1600px and most of the older galleries only 1024px and looking quite dated now. The updates calendar shows the site stopped updating back in June 2008 so itís basically a dead site now of old non exclusive photo content

10-31-10  04:07pm

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Visit Ema's Place

Ema's Place

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Credit card processor is CCBill
Includes access to bonus sites Glam Deluxe and Helenís Planet
Good quality high res photos
Choice of high and low res videos
Zip files for photos
Cons: A little on the expensive side with CCBillís regional pricing making it $32 for me
Very tame softcore content
Site no longer updating
Fictitious dates on content which gives the impression the site is recently updating
No HD videos and video quality generally below par here
Content a bit repetitive
Bottom Line: This is a solo site featuring the Glam Deluxe model Emanuelle in a collection of photo shoots and videos. Thereís actually a reasonable amount of content for a solo site with 205 photo shoots and 30 videos currently online. The updates are all dated with 2010/11 dates which gives the impression its fairly new stuff but given the fact there are reviews here at PU dating from 2007 I would guess most of whatís here is several years old.

The photos here look good and although there is a slight variation in sizes most of the sets range between 2500-2800 pixels on the longest side and come with complete set zip downloads. The content here is very softcore and Ema doesnít always get fully nude in the photo sets. Youíre not going to see lots of legs wide apart in your face pussy shots here, itís really only a topless site with any sightings of her pussy restricted to the occasional glimpses you might get looking up her skirt when sheís wearing no panties. In most of the videos she doesnít even remove her panties and when she does she keeps her legs firmly crossed so you donít see much.

The video quality is pretty mediocre by todayís standards. You get a hi and lo res wmv option with the highest option most commonly 720 x 480 with bitrates usually ranging from 900 to 1900 kbps. Average video length is around 5 minutes.

Thereís no model interaction or any of the other extras you might look for on a solo site here apart from a few friends galleries which are nothing more than a few TGP style preview galleries promoting other sites. If you like Ema youíll also find another 29 galleries and 10 videos of her on the Glam Deluxe site included in the package.

12-04-11  01:43pm

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Visit Erotic Beauty

Erotic Beauty

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Only $14.99 per month with TBP/PU discount
Large collection of beautiful models
Exclusive content
Updated with a new photo set 7 days a week
No watermarks on photos or videos
Photos in 3 size options with a full zip download for each set
4 download options for videos in Divx, Quicktime, MPEG and WMV
No download limits
Download speeds as fast as my connection would allow (around 800KB)
Responsive customer support
Cons: Regional pricing with CCBill
Small video collection
No video updates since June 2008
No model directory
No model info or bios provided
Bottom Line: Met Models is the smaller sister site of Met Art with the main focus here being on the softcore teen glamour and nude art style photography they are well known for. With an archive dating back to May 2005 and daily updates youíll find a good sized collection to get through here with over 1,000 models to choose from and just over 2,000 photo sets from 95 contributing photographers. Photos come in 3 sizes, Lo-rez 797 x 1200px, mid-rez 1360 x 2048px and Hi-rez 2848 x 4288px sometimes going up to 3744 x 5616px and for the most part look very professional with sharp, colourful, well lit images and plenty of variation in styles from simple plain nude shoots to plenty of glamour style shoots often featuring the models in nice lingerie or stockings. Itís all very softcore here and never goes beyond nude posing, Iíve not seen any masturbation or toy play in the sets Iíve viewed so far.

The site layout and navigation is fairly basic here with the main way of browsing the photo collection being via the year and month menu bar. Itís quite disappointing that a site with this much content does not have an A-Z model directory with a nice thumbnail of the model so you can easily find at a glance those that interest you. Also there are no model bios or even any basic info such as age or where they are from but I would say the vast majority appear to be Russian/Eastern European. You can set your browse options such as default picture resolution, slideshow time, number of thumbnails per page etc. and there is a fairly basic search engine which allows you to search for photosets or models by hair colour, eye colour, location, shaved/trimmed, photographer and model name. Some more options such as clothing or types of location such as beach, meadow etc instead of just indoor/outdoors would be helpful as a basic search for a brown hair, brown eye, shaved model indoors still produced 176 results to search through.. You can also rate the models and photographers and add those you like to your personal favourites.

The video collection here is hardly worth mentioning as itís very small with only 34 videos and as many people have said many times over the years MET videos are simply boring. With no new videos added in nearly 3 years clearly they are now only focusing on what they are good at, the photos.

Finally I must compliment MET customer support staff on responding to my complaint about their regional pricing by providing me with a link to join at the dollar price without which I would probably have passed this site by like all the others with regional pricing. Overall highly recommended for lovers of softcore photography with the only real negative for me being the lack of a decent model index.

03-09-11  06:18am

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Visit Euro Babez

Euro Babez

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Part of a network of 13 sites

Discount price of $19.95 available through TBP or $9.95 for returning members via email link

Billing by Epoch with no regional variation

Zip downloads

No download limits

Large collection of 300+ models including 100+ with videos

Good mix of Solo, G/G and B/G
Cons: No longer updated

Non Exclusive content

No browse or search features

No model info

Many zip downloads just have the filename ďzipĒ or ďpicsĒ so need to rename

Oldest videos only low quality clips without full scene download option
Bottom Line: This site is included as part of the network of sites that includes Babelicious, Babes.tv, Sexy-Babes and others. Here you will find a large collection of over 300 European babes in a mixture solo, G/G and B/G pictures and videos, featuring many well known stars such as Eve Angel, Nella, Sandra Shine, Sophie Moon etc. The models are spread over 3 pages in no particular order and with no way to sort the models alphabetically and with no search facility it makes it difficult if youíre searching for any particular model. There is a drop down menu of the models names at the top of the page but all you get is a Christian name for the majority of them so itís of little help really.

The picture sets are fairly decent with 1600 x 1066 px being the typical size of the newer content and a lot of the oldest stuff coming in at 1024 x 768 px and convenient zip sets provided for easy download. The content here is non exclusive so if youíve been to sites like Twistys, Teendreams etc you will have seen a lot of it before.

On the movies page you will find 106 models listed with many of them having between 2 to 5 videos each with 2 screen cap pics provided as a preview for each. Youíre only provided with the one download option for each movie which is typically wmv 640 x 480 @2000k for the newer stuff with wmv 448 x 336 @1700k being more typical and the oldest stuff at the bottom of the page hardly worth the effort at mpeg 320 x 240 @1000k

The updates calendar shows the last update as being June 2008 so this is pretty much a dead site now with Babelicious being the main focus for new updates in the network.

10-31-10  03:59pm

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Visit Figure Baby

Figure Baby

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A bargain at only $6 a month

Billing by CcBill with no regional pricing

Exclusive content

3 updates per week

Photos available in 3 sizes

Zip downloads

Multiple download options for videos
Cons: Small amount of videos

Last video update 5 months ago

May be too softcore and too arty for some tastes
Bottom Line: This is a site which will only really appeal to lovers of softcore solo female photo content. Youíll currently find 44 different models here with a total of 427 photo sets as of today. As far as I can tell these are mostly American girl next door type models with natural bodies and the photo sets look all natural with no obvious signs of air brushing here. Youíre not going to find anything very explicit here only nude posing, no masturbation or toys here and you wonít even find many spread shots in a lot of the sets.

Thereís a good variety in the style of the shoots, youíll find the models stripping out of every day clothes, lingerie sets, plain nude sets and many arty black and white sets. Photos come in 3 sizes in all but a few of the earliest sets with the big ones looking great at 2400 x 1600 px. My only complaint really is the lack of variation in the location of the shoots as they all appear to be shot in the same house with most of the models appearing on the same bed and the same green sofa. It would be nice to see a little more variation such as some outdoor shoots.

I wouldnít recommend this site for video fans as there are only 14 videos here and several of those are only interviews and behind the scenes stuff. All the videos have windows media, quicktime and ipod download options with only the 1 most recent update having the extra HD format available.

Overall I enjoyed the natural looking models here and for the bargain price of 6 bucks you canít really go far wrong if you like this type of solo model content.

10-09-10  01:22pm

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Visit Filipino Fuck

Filipino Fuck

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Billing by Epoch with no regional pricing

This is one of 4 free bonus sites included when you subscribe to 88 Square.

Over 200 models to choose from.

Some nice quality 1330x2000 px picture sets and 1280x720 HD and 720x480 SD videos @ 3000kbps although the better quality content probably accounts for no more than 10-20% of the sites total content.

A good mix of solo, G/G and B/G action although most of the higher resolution content is solo stuff.

Streaming and WMV download options available for video
Cons: Content not dated apart from the 7 most recent photo and video updates shown on the members home page.

Updates have become infrequent. Tour claims ďupdates every Monday, Wednesday and FridayĒ but last photo update was March 11th and last video update April 6th with the one before that February 9th.

No zip downloads for photo sets although I was able to easily grab the required photo sets with Firefox DTA.

Much of the content is fairly low res by todayís standards with most of the photo content being between 768x994 to 853x1280 px and much of the video content as low as 320x240 @ 314kbps to 480x360 @ 950kbps.

No model info, scene descriptions or file sizes displayed.
Bottom Line: Most of the models here look like amateur girl next door types you would see walking around the shopping malls or in bars in the Philippines. I would guess most of them are in the 18 to mid 20s age range and many that I found seriously cute although Iím probably biased towards Filipina women having spent a fair amount of time in the Philippines and being married to one also. The content has a fairly amateur style to it as well and most of the shoots look like they are taken in hotel rooms so thereís little variation in location. Often the same outfits are used over and over so it can become repetitive after a while, the school uniform is particularly overdone here. The videos usually consist of the video/photographer guy asking the girl a few questions before she strips and then masturbates or uses a toy. Sometimes a girl friend or boy friend will join in the action. Photos and videos often suffer due to inadequate lighting and often you will find photos that look too dark, too light, out of focus or blurred. The newer 2000 px photo sets do have a slightly more professional feel to them though but they only make up a small proportion of the sites total content.

The navigation is fairly basic too with the model index being the only way to browse through the content. If you only want to view videos then Iím afraid you just have to click on each model until you find the ones with videos as there is no way to browse or search photos or videos separately and with only one small thumbnail preview for each video its often difficult to get an overview of the content before you download it.

If you enjoy watching Filipina girls strip and show off their petite naked bodies and donít mind the amateur style of the content youíll probably enjoy a few hours here like I did as part of the package of bonus sites. Iíd recommend joining via 88 Square as you donít get that site included if you join Filipino Fuck directly for the same price.

04-26-11  03:26pm

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Visit FM Teens

FM Teens

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Billing by Epoch with no regional pricing
No longer need to subscribe to the separate issues, one subscription of $29.95 gets you access to all the content.
Site updating 2 to 3 times per week with each update consisting of a photo set and matching 5 to 6 minute video.
Latest photo sets look good at 1400 x 2108px (around 70 sets) with the rest still fairly decent at 1008 x 1518px
Recent videos 960 x 540 usually around 4-5000kbps
Good sized collection with 90 models and 790 photo sets, most with an accompanying video
Zip download for all photo sets
Cons: Navigation takes some getting used to
Zip files all have the file name ďimagesĒ so need to rename everything yourself.
Only 1 download option in .avi for the videos
No video preview or screencaps, no run time or file sizes listed.
Older videos only 576 x 320
Only 1 size option for photos
Content not dated
Some of the oldest photo sets look too dark.
Not a con for me but maybe too softcore for some
Bottom Line: FM Teens features a nice collection of Russian/Ukrainian teen models stripping out of sexy outfits to reveal their cute teen bodies. Whilst a lot of the older content on the site featured 2 girl shoots theyíve had a change of direction and all the content added now and for the last 300 plus updates has been single girl shoots so the balance of content is now around two thirds solo to one third 2 girl shoots. The content is very softcore featuring mainly striptease and posing, I saw little in the way of masturbation or toy play and even in the 2 girl shoots youíre not exactly going to find much hot lesbian action, mostly just striptease and light touching.

As a softcore photo fan myself I loved the collection here with most of the models looking like real teens to early 20s, having slim bodies with small to medium natural breasts so not a site for silicone fans, youíve definitely got to love the skinny teen look. Whilst you have plenty of the usual teenie style stripped socks and pig tails sets what I really liked here was the large amount of sets where you see the models dressed up in stockings and high heels.

I found the navigation a little awkward here at first. When you first log into the members area you are taken to the updates page where you see thumbnails linking to the latest 33 updates. You click on a thumb, you then get a larger preview pic with the option to ďbrowse gallery onlineĒ, ďdownload zipĒ or ďget movieĒ. Itís only when you click to browse the gallery online you then go to a page where you discover the models name and clicking on her will bring up all her other sets. You then have to go back again to the previous page to download the zip. Thereís no direct link in the members area for a model index and it wasnít until day three of my membership that I actually discovered you can browse the content via the model index from the tour page of the site with the option to sort the models by most recent appearance on the site, alphabetical, by rating or most votes.

Iím not a great fan of video content and the ones I watched here did nothing to change my mind on that. The videos here usually just feature the model doing a sexy striptease followed by lightly caressing her body, nothing much to get excited about. The production is quite amateurish too with no sign of any professional editing and the video camera being operated by somebody who has trouble even holding it still.

Overall I enjoyed the site and my score is for the nice photo collection of softcore teen models in sexy outfits which is my favourite niche.

01-08-11  05:21pm

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Visit Forever Vamp

Forever Vamp

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Currently available for the reasonable price of $17.95
Access to 9 other sites including Holly Randall and a bunch of solo model sites such as Play With Faye, Club Kayden and Club Madison Scott.
Updates 2 days a week on Wednesday and Sunday
Browsing of photos available in 3 sizes, 800 x 600, 768 x 1024 and 1600 x 1066 with slide show option also available in the 3 sizes.
Zip download of photos but only available for the largest size
Multiple video options, WMV medium/high, Quicktime medium, iphone and Flash streaming available
Easy access to bonus sites via drop down menu with no need to re-enter log in details
Cons: New site therefore very little content up yet
Content not exclusive, mostly duplicated from the Holly Randall site
No B/G hardcore yet.
No file size or run time displayed for the videos
Billing is by DHD media, not familiar with them, would prefer to see CCBill or Epoch.
Bottom Line: This is the new site from glamour photographer Holly Randall but featuring the more kinky side of her work with the main theme here being fetish wear and light bondage. The pros and cons along with the navigation and technical specs of the content are pretty much in line with the Holly Randall site so I wonít go into that in any great detail again here.

As this is a new site the content here is very limited at the moment, currently only 15 photo sets (12 solo and 3 G/G) and 11 videos (8 solo and 3 G/G) featuring 17 different models and even with the promised 2 updates per week it will take some time to grow into a decent sized site. Todayís new photo update the Vanessa Lake ďControl RoomĒ photo set was not even a new update. I had already downloaded it from the Holly Randall site last week and I noticed that theyíd simply removed it from Holly Randall and placed it on Forever Vamp and are calling it an update.

I guess this site falls under the realms of a recent poll about would you rate a site with a high score with only a few scenes, for me the answer is no. I doubt that anybody who is seriously into the fetish outfit and bondage theme would find enough here to satisfy their appetite. For me the site is barely worth a 70 score on its own and only gets that because there is a decent amount of content in the rest of the network for less than 18 bucks.

12-08-10  07:01am

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Visit G18 Spot

G18 Spot

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Exclusive content
Large collection of cute Latina teen models
Multi site access including Saint Pauls Girls, G18HDTV, G18Blue and 18Club
Good deal for a 12 month membership at $99.95
Billing by Epoch
Most picture sets downloadable in RAR/ZIP files
Although there is no set pattern to the updates they tend to be large when they do arrive often 30 plus photo galleries or several videos at a time on average a couple of times a month.
Responsive customer support
No download limits
Cons: A lot of the older Girls18 content has large circular semi transparent watermarks through the centre of the picture which is rather irritating
Monthly membership expensive at $39.95
Photography has an amateur feel to it with many picture sets appearing too dark.
The videos are pot luck here, all you get is a text link. No description of the content, no thumbnails, no previews, no screen caps.
Only one size of Zip/Rar download available for picture sets.
Probably too softcore for many peopleís tastes
Bottom Line: As a lover of softcore solo teen photography sites my review for this network of sites is mainly focused on G18 Spot where the majority of the picture content can be found via the Autoindex. Iím currently about 3 months into a 12 month membership and I have to say that despite the cons Iím thoroughly enjoying the content mainly due to the serious cuteness of many of the models. It makes a refreshing change to get away from the regular eastern euro models I find on most modelling sites, probably the nicest collection of exotic cuties Iíve seen since I had a membership to ATK Exotics several years ago. As this is the first site Iíve ever joined that uses RAR files my first problem to overcome was finding some software to download and get to grips with using before I could enjoy the goodies Most of the older picture sets are 1280 x 960 px with much of the latest content being added coming in at 3840 x 2880. Thereís currently 131 model collections on the site, anything from just a few sets per model up to 200 plus sets, over half a million pics in total on the site and 500 plus videos. Add in all the content from the other sites in the network and thereís probably more than enough to keep anybody occupied for a few months which makes the 12 month membership good value IMO.

Iím not really into videos and only downloaded around 40 so far but whilst the models are cute I donít find the content very erotic with many of them just being videos of the photo shoot. The problem is with no previews or video descriptions you donít know what you are getting until youíve downloaded and start to watch them. Videos on G18 Spot generally around 640 x 480 wmv, you only get the one size option and they are generally full scene downloads. HD or Blue Ray quality movies can be found on the other sites in the network.

Overall worth a look if youíre into softcore solo teen stuff with an exotic flavour and an amateur feel to it. I doubt fans of hardcore would find anything of interest here.

07-28-10  09:44am

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Visit Glam Deluxe

Glam Deluxe

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Billing by CCBill
Bonus solo sites Helenís Planet and Emaís Place included.
76 beautiful models, mostly 18 to early 20s
Mostly exclusive content (see also cons)
Good quality high resolution photos with some of the latest ones as big as 3168 x 4752px although sizes vary quite a bit with most being in the 2-3000px range on the longest side.
Zip downloads for photos
Videos have choice of high or low quality wmv and can also be streamed.
Some nice info provided on each model.
Responsive and helpful webmaster
Cons: A little pricey for the amount of content compared to similar sites in the niche.
Site barely updating, Iíve only noticed 1 new photo set added in the last 3 weeks
Content not date stamped so difficult to establish recent update history
Only 29 videos
Video quality poor to mediocre by todays standards
Site may be too softcore for some tastes although not a con for me
Only 1 size available for photos and with the high resolution that means some large zip downloads sometimes 400+MB
Undisclosed download limit, was 2GB per day but raised to 8GB after I got locked out and contacted webmaster so not really a con for me as I feel 8 gig is more than adequate for what is mainly a picture site.
Some non exclusive content noticed, Naomi here is also Jolina at Teenage Depot with some of the same photo sets although in a larger resolution here.
Ugly watermark/site logo on photos
A few low resolution photo sets at 1024px
Bottom Line: Glam Deluxe is a teen glamour nude art site featuring a nice collection of models posing naked in what is 99% solo content with just the odd two girl set thrown in. The main photographer here is Thierry Murrell whose work you may have come across before if youíve had a membership at Met Art. The overall theme is very softcore but most models do get fully nude with some spread shots. Just bare in mind that some donít show everything particularly Emanuelle one of the hottest looking models who will rarely give you a glimpse of her pussy. Other favourite models for me included Kate, Nadja and Helena of Helenís Planet. Currently thereís a total of 360 photo sets at the site giving you 25,000+ photos.

The navigation is pretty basic. You have a nice model index where clicking on the model will take you to all her photo sets and videos or you can simply browse through the updates list or a separate video listing. They donít provide any extra search or sort tools and to be honest I didnít really feel the need for it as itís not the largest of sites.

Whilst there is some nice content here to please photo fans I feel there is little to offer for those in to videos. Going on past reviews there has probably been nothing added to the video collection for several years. The quality also would suggest they are not very recent with most being 640 x 480 or 720 x 576 in the highest resolution and bitrates ranging from usually 900 to 2000 kbps with a small number a little better at 4000 kbps.. Out of the 29 videos 10 of them are of Nadja and another 10 of Emanuelle so not much variety if you donít like either of those models. Most videos 3-5 minutes long and often feature the model just dancing around with some naff music playing, certainly lacks any erotic appeal for me.

I did have a problem here at the start, first evening I was locked out of the site after downloading only 16 photo zips, no explanation as to what the problem was, just presented with a blank error page. Turns out Iíd hit a 2GB download limit I knew nothing about, however after contacting the webmaster got a fast response and resolution to the problem and an increased limit to 8GB so a big thumbs up to Radik for excellent customer service.

Overall I enjoyed the high quality photo content here and think itís worth a 1 month subscription to anyone who likes Met Art style teen glamour but without constant updates I doubt youíd want to stick around any longer. The deal here is clearly a little improved since lk2fireoneís 2008 review with the addition of zip files and two nice solo model bonus sites added to the package so for me that is worth a few extra points on the score

TIP: Sign up via Helenís Planet or Emaís Place to save $2 on the price, not much but every little helps.

12-12-11  05:06am

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Visit Helen's Planet

Helen's Planet

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Billing by CCBill
Beautiful model
Includes access to bonus sites Emaís Place and Glam Deluxe
Nice quality high resolution photos
Zip downloads for photos
Choice of high and low resolution videos
Cons: Expensive, regional pricing bumped the price up to $32 for me
Small site, only 44 photo galleries and 10 videos
Very softcore content
No updates
Content date stamped with this years dates to make it look like the site is recently updating but I would suspect this is the same 44 photo sets Drooler noted in his January 2008 review with nothing new added since then.
Bottom Line: This is a solo model site featuring Helen (a.k.a. Natasha, Natalie) a slender 18 year old 34A blue eyed Russian beauty. Although she has been around on softcore sites for a few years she has managed to escape my attention until I came across a load of her photo sets on my recent subscriptions at Watch 4 Beauty and Pretty 4 Ever which left me hungry to see some more of her.

The content here is very softcore featuring Helen stripping out of some cute outfits and posing nude. Although you will see her fully nude with some spread shots thatís as far as it goes. Thereís no pussy play, masturbation or toy play here. Around 6 of the photo sets and 1 video also feature Helen in a two girl shoot with a friend but again the action is very tame. In the video you will see the two of them on a bed eating a banana and then rubbing a melting ice cube into each others body before some sensual kissing and touching and that is about as exciting as it gets.

The overall quality is fairly decent with the photo sets ranging in size from around 2700 to 3000px on the long side and all 10 of the videos have a 1280 x 720 wmv option with a bitrate of 8000 kbps. The videos range from 5 to 11 minutes in length and with the total picture count at just less than 4000 it probably wonít take you longer than an evening or two to see everything on offer here. Apart from a brief bio thereís none of the extras you might expect from a solo model site to give it any real personality.

Although the site here is rather small the added bonus sites which are both much bigger probably just about make the deal worth it for a month in my opinion and if you like the model here at Helenís Planet you can find another 5 photo sets of her in the site Glam Deluxe included in the price.

11-27-11  11:28am

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Visit Holly Randall

Holly Randall

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Currently available for the reasonable price of $17.95
Access to 9 other sites including a bunch of solo sights such as Play With Faye and Club Kayden plus Hollyís new sight Forever Vamp is also included along with access to live show archives via the Hollyís Angels Live site.
Daily updates (5 days per week in Holly Randall and 2 days in Forever Vamp)
Browsing of photos available in 3 sizes, 800 x 600, 768 x 1024 and 1600 x 1066 with slide show option also available in the 3 sizes.
Zip download of photos but only available for the largest size so a slight con here also if youíre looking to save on disk space
Multiple video options, WMV medium/high, Quicktime medium, iphone and Flash streaming available
Easy access to bonus sites via drop down menu with no need to re-enter log in details
Cons: The ads in the members area can make the page look a little cluttered.
No file size or run time displayed for the videos
Billing is by DHD media, not familiar with them, would prefer to see CCBill or Epoch.
Those looking for hardcore or lesbian wonít find a huge amount here, I would estimate the content at around 75 to 80% solo content
Bottom Line: This is the website of glamour photographer Holly Randall featuring photo and video content of many well known models such as Aria Giovanni, Celeste Star, Eufrat and Jelena Jensen to name a few. The highlight for me was finding 3 photo sets and videos of an adorably cute little Latina named Emy Reyes who Iíve not come across before. The current model count is 115 and they usually have a couple of photo sets and videos each. I believe the site has only been around for about 18 months but the daily updates mean it has grown into quite a reasonable sized site now with a total of 305 photo sets and 203 videos at the time of this review.

I found the easiest way to browse the site was via the alphabetical model index where clicking on any model takes you to all her photo and video sets. You can also browse just photos or videos listed in date order from the newest release first. If you wish to narrow down your search still further the photos and videos are tagged with keywords (eg. Softcore, girl girl, hardcore, glamour, stockings, high heels etc.) if youíre looking for a particular niche.

What I like about the photo sets here is the amazing variety you get. In some sites I become bored seeing model after model stripping out of the same outfit or being photographed on the same bed or same sofa in the same room whereas here you seldom see a repetition of the same setting or outfit used. Itís clear a lot of thought and planning goes into creating the perfect images and I find some of the outdoor sets simply stunning. My only complaint would be sometimes thereís a little too much airbrushing for my taste.

For many of the photo sets there is a matching video which appears to be shot separately. Of the latest ones I checked out the WMV high version you get is 1280 x 720 with around 12000 kbps bit rate and the picture quality looks as sharp as anything Iíve seen but then again Iím no expert in the video department. Going back in time the video quality drops down with 720 x 406 being about average.

It would be nice to see the picture size bumped up a little to 2000px but overall decent value for money taking into consideration all the bonus sites here and for less than 18 bucks not too much to complain about.

12-04-10  07:16am

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Visit Just Nude

Just Nude

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Good sized collection of photos
Most galleries come in 3 different resolutions with zip download for each
Updated with a new gallery every 2 to 3 days
Photos look natural with no obvious signs of air brushing
3 different video download options
$9.95 3 day trial gives you access to all the content but not in the highest resolution
Cons: Small collection of videos
Full access price of $29.95 for first month too expensive for the amount of content
No new video updates in the last 6 months
Videos boring
Very little model info
CC Bill donít accept visa
Bottom Line: Here you will find a nice collection of mostly Russian and Ukrainian models shot mostly in outdoors settings with the majority of shoots just being plain nudes, very little in the way of sexy outfits or lingerie here so not much tease factor. To date you will find 137 different models and a total of 614 photo galleries so quite a good sized archive. Photos usually come in 3 sizes, 800, 1600 and 3000px plus which can be anything up to 5616 x 3744 with a zip download for each. As my preferred choice was the 1600px due to file size and H/D space I decided to just opt for the 3 day trial here and I was able to download the entire collection in a day or so which came to just under 12 GB so no obvious d/l limits here. I was forced to sign up with segpay as ccbill donít accept visa here but seems ok, cancelled the same day without any problems and no unexpected charges so far.

There are several ways to browse the site. Galleries takes you to the photo galleries from the latest update back to January 09, Models page lets you browse the models in alphabetical order or by rating and clicking on any model will give you all her galleries and videos. You also have the opportunity to rate every model and gallery.
Best Galleries takes you to the top 100 galleries by rating and Photographers allows you to browse all the galleries shot by a certain photographer if you like the particular style of one, the biggest contributor here is Russian photographer Alexander Federov with 244 galleries. Archives takes you to the galleries from 2008 back to Oct 2005. There is also a very basic search function which allows you to search models by hair colour and breast size and not much else and a section where you can leave comments.

The videos come in 3 options, WMV 1280 x 720 5000 kb/s, AVI 720 x 400 1300 kb/s and ipod 320x180 384 kb/s. The total number of videos on the site is 22 with the last update being 22 September 09 and before that 19 July so you certainly wouldnít want to stick around waiting for updates there. The couple I watched in 1300 res looked good but were so boring I nearly fell asleep.

Overall I enjoyed the nice collection of skinny natural looking Russian teen type models here and would certainly recommend the 3 day trial for photo fans if youíre happy with the medium res pics but I think the $30 full months price is too expensive for the amount of content compared to sites like MET or Femjoy.

03-12-10  08:39am

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Visit Kagney Linn Karter

Kagney Linn Karter

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Access to 9 other sites including Holly Randall, Play With Faye, The Lisa Anne and Club Kayden plus access to live shows and archives of past shows via the Brand Danger Live network.
Browsing of photos available in 3 sizes, 800 x 600, 768 x 1024 and 1600 x 1066 with slide show option also available in the 3 sizes.
Zip download of photos but only available for the largest size
Content dated
Multiple video options, WMV medium/high, Quicktime medium, iphone and Flash streaming available
Easy access to bonus sites via drop down menu with no need to re-enter log in details
Cons: The $17.95 special offer price I paid to join this network of sites appears to be ended as Iím now seeing $24.93.
Billing by DHD media who donít send a confirmation email to confirm cancellation so still hoping there wonít be a problem there. Would prefer to see a more familiar processor such as CCBill or Epoch.
Most of the photo sets are spread over 2 updates with the pictures in each part being numbered from 001 so if you want to combine all the pictures from each set into 1 folder youíll need to do some renumbering.
No file sizes or run times listed for the videos
Updates appear to have dried up with no new photos or videos added since October 2010
Smallish site with only 61 picture sets and 39 videos
Bottom Line: This is the official website of 23 year old glamour model/porn star Kagney Linn Karter, another stereo typical American fake blonde fake tits model who according to her bio started out in the porn biz in 2008, was named Penthouse Pet in June 2009 and most recently was voted AVNís best new starlet for 2010. The oldest content on the site dates back to November 2009 and they were updating every couple of days until October this year when things dried up so youíre looking at about a years worth of content. The pros, cons and navigation of the site are basically the same as other sites in the network Iíve already reviewed.

The majority of the photo and video content here is solo softcore glamour style with a little hardcore and girl/girl action thrown into the mix. Out of the 61 photo sets 43 are solo with only 7 lesbian and 9 boy/girl hardcore plus 2 solo sets of guest models and out of the 39 videos 19 are solo with 8 lesbian, 8 hardcore, 2 behind the scenes features and 2 guest model videos.. The videos Iíve checked out come in at 720 x 406 @1928 kbps.

Iíll finish up my reviews of the sites in this network with a brief mention of the other sites you also get access to. Thereís Angelina Ashe, a very small site which contains only 14 photo sets and 9 videos and has not updated since December 2009 and the Alexis Ford site which is equally small with 8 photo sets and 10 videos and has not updated since June 2010. The final site to mention is Stormy Daniels which has 25 photo sets and 83 videos. There have been no new photo sets since September 2010 but videos are still being added at the rate of about 10 scenes per month although the majority of the video content here is of her scenes shot by Wicked Pictures so I canít imagine there is really anything very exclusive to this site.

12-26-10  07:46am

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Visit Karla Spice

Karla Spice

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Good sized solo site with 310 photo sets (36,000 pics) and 138 videos.
Includes bonus site access to another 8 sites which make up Latin Teen Pass
Exclusive content
Nice quality photos and videos although not particularly hi res or hd by todayís standards.
Good variety of outfits and shoot locations
Choice of download options for newer videos
Some zip files.
Download manager (Download Them All) worked on grabbing the unzipped sets.
Billing by CCBill
Cons: Regional pricing making it expensive at $28
Very softcore, much of the content is non nude
Ugly watermark on photos
Half of the photo sets donít have zip downloads.
Older videos only have single wmv download option
Photos and videos not date stamped apart from recent updates on the home page.
Home page showing recent and forthcoming updates but I suspect rotating old sets out and bringing them back as updates going on here as the overall content count has not increased from older reviews.
No sign of any recent model interaction in the site
Bottom Line: This is the solo site of Latina model Karla Lopez from Venezuela, South America. Karla is absolutely stunning with long black hair, tanned skin and a super hot body with an amazing ass and fake breasts which Iím not normally a fan of. I believe the site has been online since around 2006 and with steady updates now boasts a sizable collection. I was under the impression this was now just an archive site so I was looking forward to being able to see Karlaís entire collection online so was a little surprised the first time I logged in to find the home page listing recent updates and forthcoming updates for this month. After working out the content count here is no greater than in TBPís 2010 review I can only conclude that they are recycling old sets as new updates although I canít swear to it never having been a member before.

Karla started out here as a non nude model and as such around two thirds of the content here is non nude before she eventually went topless in the latter updates. Itís mostly solo teasing and posing plus a few two girl shoots which feature some implied kissing and touching. There is absolutely no pussy whatsoever on display in the site.

Thereís a 50/50 split between the actual content quality with about half the photo collection coming in 800 x 1200px resolution complete with zip files and what I presume is the oldest part of the collection being at 683 x 1024px with no zips although I found I was able to grab these sets with DTA with a bit of fiddling around. With any solo site where you have such a large photo collection you need a good variety of outfits and locations to prevent boredom and repetition setting in and for the most part they do achieve this here. You get to see Karla wearing and stripping form a good assortment of outfits from casual jeans and t shirts to sexy dresses, nice lingerie, lots of tiny and string bikinis which she looks particularly hot in as well as some novelty outfits like a pirate, devil, police officer, nurse, schoolgirl and Indian girl to name a few. Thereís also plenty of variety in the shoot locations with plenty of stunning outdoor locations. Karla also has an amazingly expressive face that can carry off any look from sultry sex siren to naughty schoolgirl. At times when flicking through her photo sets in slideshow I found myself just laughing out loud at her changing facial expressions and goofy faces she was making and her playful personality really does shine through in both the photo sets and videos.

The main videos page gives you a listing of 50 videos which come with a choice of 4 download options, a high and low quality wmv, a high quality quicktime mov, and an ipod mp4 version. The high quality wmvs I checked out were 720 x 540 with a bitrate of 4066 kbps. If you click on video archive you are taken to a further selection of 88 videos which only have a single wmv download option which are similar in quality. Most of the videos Iíve watched seem to be behind the scenes type photo shoot videos but Karlaís personality makes them quite fun to watch. Usually they are between 2 to 5 minutes long but a few are longer.

It looks like Karla used to be quite active in the site with extras like a journal and Vlogs where she would interact with her fans but the last journal entry was July 2010 and I donít see anything else going on now. Other extras include some wallpapers and some friends galleries which are really just promos for other sites.

06-03-12  05:21pm

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Visit La Zona Modelos

La Zona Modelos

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Part of Latin Teen Pass giving access to a network of 8 sites
Large archive of mostly exclusive content
Site still updating (but see also cons)
Latest photos a nice size at 1067 x1600 px
Zip downloads for newer photo sets
Firefox DTA works for grabbing the older unzipped photo sets
Multiple download options for videos
Model info provided
Videos have scene description, show date added and run time
Billing by CCBill
Cons: Regional pricing
Update schedule has slowed right down, recent and forthcoming update schedule shown as 1 new photo set every 2 weeks and no new videos have been added for 2 months.
Photo sets not date stamped apart from most recent updates on home page
Some duplication of content between company sites
About half the photo content doesnít have zip downloads
A lot of the content is non nude or topless only.
Oldest videos only have a single wmv download option
No file sizes listed for videos
No in browser streaming
No search or sort tools to help with navigation
Banner ads on virtually every page in memberís area
Bottom Line: This is a multi model site featuring a collection of over 120 models with the main themes being Latina teens in solo softcore action. Most of the models are in the 18 to early 20s age range with most of them originating from South America and a few US, European and UK based models here and there. The site has been online quite a number of years and originally started out as a non nude site but over time the content has become gradually more explicit with the newest content featuring full explicit nudity along with some masturbation and toy use with the odd bit of lesbian action here and there.

The navigation options are fairly limited with the only real way to explore all the content being via a nicely presented alphabetical model index which lists the models name with a nice 150 x 225 preview picture and clicking on that will take you to a page where you can find some basic info on her such as age, country, height and measurements along with a paragraph of background info on the model and shoots and a listing of all her photos and videos on the site. There are no other search or sort options for the models. The only other navigation category provided is a separate listing for videos in chronological order from the most recent added.
Whilst the latest photo sets come in a nice 1600px resolution that size is in the minority here, I would estimate somewhere around 80 to 90% of the photo content comes in sizes 798 x 1200 and 685 x 1024 px. Itís also hit and miss as to which sets have zip downloads. I was able to grab the unzipped sets with Down Them All but itís a lot more time consuming than simply downloading the zips. The site would be greatly improved if the owners would zip all the content for easy download.

Videos added since 2009 generally have a choice of 4 download option which are hi and low quality wmv, high quality quicktime mov and ipod mp4. The latest added video of Kami Li was in 1280 x 720 but sadly that is not the norm and was the only one I found in that size. The average spec for the hi quality wmvs was 720 x 540 @ 4000 kbps. There are currently 192 scenes in the main video section and they can range in time anything from around 5 to 20 minutes in length. The videos vary from behind the scenes photo shoot type to striptease with masturbation with or without toys. Some videos contain music and in some you get to hear the chit chat between model and photographer so itís a bit of a mixed bag really.

Most of this companyís models who also have their own solo sites such as GiGi Spice, Tania Spice, Natalia Spice etc also have content here so this is quite a good site if you want to check out all their models but donít want to pay out $25 -30 each on separate subscriptions to all their sites. Overall this is a fairly nice site for anyone who likes cute Latin teens and along with the bonus sites that make up the Latin Teen Pass there is a lot of content to see but you just need to be aware that much of it is very softcore or non nude.

06-25-12  07:12am

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Visit Layered Nylons

Layered Nylons

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Choice of CCBill or Epoch for sign up
Exclusive content
Updated 4 times a week (Mon, Wed, Sat, Sun), usually 3 photo sets and 1 video per week.
All content is high res and hd
Photos have a choice of 4 sizes available; standard 711x1066, extra-large 1365x2048, ultra large 2000x3000 and super large 3744x5616.
Downloadable zips in all 4 sizes.
Video download options are hd 1280x720 wmv (20000+ kbps), 640x360 wmv (6000 kbps), 640x360 mp4 (1000 kbps) for smartphone or tablet. There is also a high def and standard def streaming option.
File sizes and run times of videos displayed.
All content date stamped.
Excellent navigation, browse options and search engine
Cons: Regional pricing with CCBill (Epoch was about $2 cheaper for me).
Site has only been online since September 2011 so not a massive amount of content yet; 198 photo sets (26,000 pics) and 53 videos at the time of writing this.
Hardly any full nudity, mostly just topless.
Videos are short, usually only 5-6 minutes.
No model info or bios
Poor preview area; click on a model in the tour pages to try and see what photo sets or videos she has and you are taken straight to the sign up page.
Bottom Line: This site features the unusual theme of girls wearing both stockings and tights (pantyhose) at the same time. Iíve always been a fan of girls wearing stockings and heels but have never really liked tights so couldnít quite decide where I stand on this unusual niche. This site wasnít really on my radar but a cheap email offer tempted me to take a look. This site is run by the same company that runs Only All Sites, Only Tease and Art Lingerie so quality was pretty much assured.

Thereís currently 79 models on the site, most of them being the same British models that can be found on the other company sites. Many of the popular OT models like Carla, Melanie, Hayley Marie, Lucy Anne and Daisy Watts can be found here. A few Euro models such as Eufrat and Cikita are also present.

The photos are pretty much in the same style you find at Only Tease and have the same natural look to them; thankfully they have avoided the photo-shopped style that was prevalent at Art Lingerie. The photo sets usually start with the model fully clothed before they strip down to their tights and stockings. Those who like a full striptease will be disappointed since the tights, panties and stockings rarely get removed. As a result you will rarely see any full nudity within the site with only occasional glimpses of any pussy and quite often that glimpse is only through sheer tights if the model happens to be wearing them without any panties underneath. To all intents and purposes itís really just a topless site.

Iím not really interested in videos so only checked out a few. The HD videos look nice and sharp whether downloading or streaming. They provide a screen cap gallery of 18 photos for each video where you can get an idea of the content before deciding if you want to download it. The video style is pretty much the same as I experienced at Art Lingerie. Thereís no background music and usually no chat from the model apart from a brief introduction at the start so they have that same awkward silence. I guess the idea of that is so you can hear the sound of the model running her hand up and down her nylons or twanging her suspender belt.

The navigation is the same as at other ďOnlyĒ sites, a choice of browsing photos or videos by year and month listing or an alphabetical model index. Under ďMy LNĒ you can set your browsing preferences like default photo size, number of thumbnails per page etc as well as managing your favourites. Thereís also an extensive search engine with several filters which will be great when the site gets a lot larger but for now itís hardly needed since the site is still quite small, in fact it only took me 3 or 4 days to download and view everything I wanted here. Overall I enjoyed the high quality content in this unusual niche but I feel the site needs some more growth to make it worth the regular price.

02-03-13  02:34pm

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Visit Love UK Glamour Girls

Love UK Glamour Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Billing by CCBill with no regional pricing
Fair amount of content; 121 models, 178 videos, 575 photo sets (approx. 29,000 pics)
Some nice high resolution photos up to 2333x3500px in size
Photos available in zips.
Videos can be streamed or downloaded.
Some basic model info provided.
Cons: Updates are being rotated.
Zips all have the file name ďphoto_zipĒ so you are required to rename every single download yourself.
Only 1 photo size available.
Small square thumbnails donít properly preview the images.
Photo sizes are inconsistent. The high resolution photos mentioned under pros only make up about 20% of the sets, more than half the sets are a meagre 533x800px or 669x1000 px.
Videos short with the average of the ones I watched being about 3 minutes.
Only 1 download option available for videos usually around 720x576 wmv @ 2000 kbps. (A few of the newer ones come in at 1280x720 @ 8000 kbps)
I had a high failure rate on video downloads, (maybe it was just a bad day)
Very basic site layout and navigation.
No way to search or sort the models or updates.
Typical of most British sites this site is also very soft being mostly topless with occasional mild nudity.
Bottom Line: The only reason I joined this site was due to a half price email promo offering a membership for $12.50. I thought for that price I canít really go wrong considering the site featured many of the same British models I enjoyed collecting from sites like Only Tease and St. Mackenzieís. The content here is typical of the softcore tease type of content you find on most British sites which is what I expected with the emphasis on sexy teasing and stripping rather than explicit nudity. Thereís plenty of sexy lingerie, stockings, heels and pantyhose on show here.

Although the site is named Love UK Glamour Girls only about 20% of the content is marked with that site name. When I first joined up I started downloading the oldest updates first from August 2010 which were the nice 3500px photo sets carrying the Love UK site name. As I worked forward through the archives I was surprised when I reached August 2011 and the photo sizes suddenly dropped down to 800px and carrying the site name Mackenzie Girlfriends. I guess they must have stopped shooting new content and started padding the site out with low resolution filler content from another site. Everything dated from August 2011 up until March this year is Mackenzie Girlfriends branded content so in summary you end up with 114 nice sized Love UK Glamour Girls photo sets and 461 Mackenzie Girlfriends sets in much lower resolution. The Love UK sets are all solo shoots while much of the Mackenzie GF sets are shoots featuring two or more models as the name would suggest. Around 145 photo sets on the site feature Mackenzie who is the British model Mackenzie White who also plays the part of Head Mistress Mackenzie at St. Mackenzieís.

The video quality is fairly mediocre by today's standards apart from a few of the latest ones which play at 720p. As with the photos they are mostly just stripping and teasing and although quite a few videos contain two models donít expect any hot lesbian action, thereís only a bit of kissing and touching. Many of the videos I tried had a musical backing and in some I could see a flash bulb going off.

Navigation is very basic, you only have ďupdatesĒ or ďmodelsĒ. Click on updates and you get all the updates listed on one page from the current date at the top to the oldest at the bottom. When I first signed up the oldest updates were from August 2010 but today the archives only go back as far as November 2010. The reason? In their attempt to deceive you in to believing the site is still updating daily each day they are simply removing an update from the bottom of the page and placing it back at the top with the current dayís date. On the model index page the Mackenzie Girlfriends models are listed separately from the main models. Click on a model and you will find a very brief bio listing just her name, height, measurements, hometown and star sign followed by a thumbnail listing of her photo sets and videos and at the bottom of the page a list of links to other sites that she appears on.

Overall I thought there was some ok content for the $12.50 that it cost me but for the full price of $25 quite frankly there are plenty of better sites where you can spend your money if you want to see some of these British girls.

04-14-13  03:24pm

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Visit LSG Models

LSG Models

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Exclusive content of 165 different models
Regular updates
Photos in 3 sizes, 1000, 2000, 3000px with a zip download for each
Multiple viewing options for the videos
Reasonable price at $19 for a month or low annual rate of $79. Those not interested in pics have the option to join the videos only section of the site for a reduced $15.99 per month.
VIP section which used to be charged extra for is now included
Billing through CCBill
Cons: No model bios
Many models have only pics or videos, not both
Not much variation in the location of the shoots so the galleries can become boring and repetitive after a while
Photos seem to lack colour and sharpness
2 watermarks per photo
Bottom Line: This site features a good selection of models mostly aged 18 to early 20s in mainly softcore solo and lesbian pics and vids. There were a few models I recognised such as Nella, Ariel, Aneta Keys, Lola, Suzi Carina, Stracy and Eufrat but the majority were new to me. The site surprised me a little in that it wasnít really as glam as I was expecting with most of the girls having natural bodies and not too much make up, and the outfits werenít too glam either with a lot of the models stripping out of what looked like normal everyday clothes and lingerie. Apart from the name and age of the model they donít give you any other bio information, just a brief description of the shoot.

As a lover of the softcore solo type photo content I was actually a little disappointed with this site especially finding around a quarter of the models had no photo sets. The majority of the photo sets were called ďThe Prague SessionsĒ which basically meant the models were being photographed in some dreary looking apartment in Prague so after browsing a few galleries it started to get repetitive seeing the different models in the same rooms in the same apartment particularly the sets where the girls were just photographed against a plain white wall or backdrop. I donít know much about the technical aspects of photography but the sets here just seemed to lack colour and brightness. In a lot of the sets shot in the bedroom I noticed the lights on the bedside tables were switched on as if to try and create enough light so it made me wonder do these guys actually have any proper photographic lighting equipment.

There are several options for viewing the videos here, 1280 x 720 HD and 854 x 480 in both Windows Media and Quicktime, 480 x 270 Mpeg and 320 x 180 ipod. The videos are mostly split into 2 or 3 five minute scenes with no option to download the complete movie and mostly consist of the usual strip, masturbation, dildo routine accompanied by the usual fake moaning and groaning, some with music and some without. Quite a few lesbian movies here too but not really my thing so didnít pay much attention to it. The best download speed I could get on a single download was around 400 kbs although I could usually max out my connection by having several downloads going at once.

Updates alternate between photos and videos and you generally get a new gallery and video every 3rd day. Updates go back to December 2006 so decent amount of content now. To date youíll find 620 photo sets and 572 video scenes in total. Itís easy enough to get around the site, you can browse by photos, videos, models, updates and thereís quite a good search feature too.

Overall a little disappointed with this site,some great looking models but the amateurish photography lets it down a little for me so canít give it more than a 79. Maybe those interested in videos would rate it a little higher but thatís just my personal taste.

04-06-10  01:02pm

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Visit Mary Carey

Mary Carey

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: Recently added as a free bonus site when you subscribe to Aziani.com
TBP/PU discount price of $19.95
No regional pricing
Direct access to other network sites without the need to enter login details again.
Photos can be browsed in 2 sizes, medium res 600x900px and high res 1200x1800px
Zips available for the high res photos
Multiple download options and streaming for the videos
Content date stamped
Updates still coming at the average rate of 1 new photo set or video every 2 weeks
Preview of forthcoming updates.
Cons: Unfamiliar billing processor.
Smallish site with only 49 photo sets and 33 videos
Only solo content here so nothing of interest for fans of g/g or b/g hardcore
I didnít see any model interaction in the way of diary, forum or cam shows
Bottom Line: This is the website of Mary Carey a 31 year old busty blonde American porn star/glamour model with a pair of 36DD fake tits who has been active in the adult biz since around 2002 but this site seems relatively young with the earliest content here only going back to February 2010. It was recently added to the package of bonus sites you get when subscribing to Aziani.com which is just as well really because as a stand alone site you could probably get through the content here in one evening.

The 49 photo sets are nice quality professional glamour shoots and are really quite tame only consisting of solo stripping and posing. The videos however do go a little further featuring masturbation and toy play. As far as I could tell from the previews the 33 videos are all solo action with 3 of them being behind the scenes features and usually average around 6 minutes in length. The most recent videos have a choice of 1280x720 mp4, 960x540 wmv or Mobile download options plus Flash streaming. Some of the older vids have a Quicktime option instead of the mp4.

The recent upgrade in the navigation of the Aziani network will allow you to jump easily between this site and other bonus sites without the need to re-enter your password and you can easily find the updates from across the network via the updates calendar. Iíve no idea if the limited amount of content here would satisfy genuine Mary Carey fans and thereís no model interaction that I saw to give the site any real personality but the Aziani network as a whole is highly recommended with loads of high quality content for your 20 bucks. To get this price youíll need to sign up via Aziani.com as the discount price doesnít show up when you link to Mary Carey from here.

06-24-11  01:21pm

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Visit Melina.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Billing by CCBill with no regional pricing
Reasonable price of $19.95
Exclusive content.
The 59 gorgeous models include a wide variety of ethnicities from Asia, Africa, South America and Europe.
Site updates consistently every 2 days.
Stunning high resolution photos available in 3 sizes.
Zip downloads.
Photo set covers included in zip files.
Some nice background info on the models included.
Additional features include model ratings, comments and add to favourites.
Cons: The video section is very small; only 13 videos total and only 1 new one added in the last 12 months.
Videos are streaming only.
Many of the photo sets are split in to two parts although they do generally come as consecutive updates.
Zip file naming could be better; model name plus number (e.g. emilya_1_m, emilya_2_m), would be nicer if they could include the photo set name.
Navigation could be better.
Search tool is rather limited.
No file sizes listed for zips.
Download speed seemed a little slow; single downloads seemed to be limited to about 600 KB/sec.
Bottom Line: Melina.com claim to be professional photographers who travel the world to find the best looking girls whom they claim to be exclusive to the site and 100% newcomers. I certainly didnít recognise any of the models as being familiar from other sites and even tried cross referencing a few at thenude.eu but came up with a blank so have no reason to doubt their claims. This is primarily a Teen site with the models mostly being aged 18-21. The big attraction for me in this site was the varied ethnic diversity of the models which you seldom find on multi model sites. I loved discovering the dark skinned, dark haired exotic beauties from places like India, Thailand, Philippines, Chile, Venezuela and Brazil to name a few. The site has been online a little over 2 years and to date has 414 galleries (31,000+ photos).

The navigation options are rather limited with a choice of models, galleries or videos. The models page is nicely presented with a good sized preview photo of each model along with her name and number of galleries, pics and videos. The models are listed by rank starting with the highest rated. You can also click on a letter of the alphabet to find models by name alphabetically. There is a basic model search that allows you to search by eye colour, hair colour, ethnicity, tattoos and piercings. The annoying thing about using the search engine or the alphabetical listing is that after you select a model in your results and hit the back button you are always taken back to the default models page so have to click back to the letter of the alphabet or search again. If you select galleries the whole 2 yearsí worth of photo sets will be presented on a single page with a preview photo of the set cover so a lot of scrolling involved. Down the right hand side there is a month and year list but clicking on it doesnít actually take you to that monthís updates. It just expands a list of text links for the dates in that month when there was an update, not very helpful really without a preview pic.

The strength of the site is the photo collection; this is top quality professional photography equal to anything you would find on top photography sites like MetArt. In fact in some ways I preferred the photo sets here to those at Met because the models almost always start off wearing some clothing, lingerie or swimwear so you nearly always get some tease before the nakedness. I donít really recall seeing any of those plain vanilla nude sets you get a lot of at MetArt. There is a good mix of indoor and stunning outdoors locations. The models here get fully nude including some spreading and close up shots but donít go as far as masturbation or insertions. The photos are offered in 3 sizes (+1000px, +2000px and up to 5000px).

Anyone who joins this site for videos Iím afraid would end up sorely disappointed. There are only 13 videos and they are streaming only. There are 4 quality levels of streaming; HD720p, 480p, 360p & 240p for mobile. I didnít find the 720p very sharp when viewed full screen on my 24 inch monitor so have my doubts that itís true hd. The videos are mostly 2-3 minutes long and are just basically the model dancing around and stripping with background music. I didnít find them very erotic at all.

For anyone who loves high quality photography I would recommend this site particularly if you have a passion for dark dusky exotic beauties. If youíre only interested in videos I would advise against wasting your money on this site. The poor video section wouldnít adversely affect my rating of the site as I have little to no interest in them anyway.

04-29-13  07:19am

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Visit Met Art

Met Art

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Huge archive going back 12 years featuring 2600+ models, almost 11,000 photo sets, nearly 1.2 million photos, 1000+ movies from 236 contributing photographers.
Original exclusive content
At least 4 updates per day 7 days a week
Super high resolution photos up to 8000px and HD1080p videos
Photos in 3 sizes with full set zip download option for each
Multiple streaming and download options for videos
Excellent browse, search and tag features
Constantly adding new models
No download limits or DRM
12 month membership provides excellent value for money
Independent billing by CCBill
Cons: Regional pricing supplement outside US
Site may be too softcore for some tastes
Lack of clothing or lingerie worn by models in many sets
Most 2 girl sets lack any kind of heat
Occasional photo sets can seem a little overly airbrushed or too glam although this tends to be restricted to a couple of particular photographers.
Videos not very exciting
File sizes not listed for zips and videos
Bottom Line: Itís difficult to know what one can possibly say about this site that hasnít already been said many times before. If like me you are in to softcore teen photography sites then this one is probably the ultimate site on the net. Surprising then that given the time Met Art has been online this is my first ever time to subscribe here. I guess the thing that has always deterred me is knowing the sheer volume of content here and the time scale Iíd probably need to go through it all knowing that virtually every model is a beauty and Iíd probably want to download every photo set. Thanks to the PU half price thanksgiving offer last November I was able to sign up in the knowledge that I would be happy to stick around and enjoy the content for many months at that price.

The site provides plenty of navigation and search features to help you find what youíre looking for. If like me you want to check out every photo set then the easiest way is to just go through the year and month listing from 2005 to the current day. Everything prior to 2005 is classified as ďarchivesĒ. For those who are more choosey they provide a model index whereby you can display the top rated models or all the models via the A-Z listing. There are a couple of cool features on the model index pages where you can alter the view between headshots and covers and also if you hover your mouse pointer over the ďiĒ next to the models name her personal info and bio will pop up. There is also a further advanced search option whereby you can search models by criteria such as hair colour, eye colour, ethnicity, country, breast size, shaved or unshaved, age, height and weight. You can also add additional gallery criteria such as location or search by photographer. If you like to view all the work of a certain photographer you can easily find all of his/her work from the photographerís index page.

The models themselves mostly fall in the 18 to 25 age range and are mostly naturally beautiful with few fake tits and tattoos on show. So far Iíve managed to find plenty of content of virtually all my favourite Euro models, the likes of Marketa Belonoha, Monika Vesela, Eve Angel, Ariel, Suzie Carina, Peaches and Eufrat to name a few. Eufrat has over 70 updates here and itís certainly the biggest collection of her Iíve come across anywhere to date. Other models that have caught my eye so far include Jenya D (a.k.a. Katie Fey) with over 100 updates, Natasha S (a.k.a. Helen of Helenís Planet) who has become one of my most downloaded models in recent months, Elle B and Mia Sollis a cute freckled redhead and relative newcomer to the site. If youíre looking for non Euro models then yes they do have some here including some ethnic diversity but in terms of the overall content itís quite a small percentage. I did find some of my favourite American models here like Georgia Jones, Jana Jordan and even the lovely Faye Reagan but disappointingly only 1-2 sets each.

The photos come in 3 different sizes, small 1024px, medium 2048px and the largest size varies quite widely anything from around 3500 to 8000+ pixels on the longest end. Each size comes with a downloadable zip and I like their attention to detail by giving the zips proper file names including the date, photo set name, model name and photographer. They also include the photo set cover in each zip along with a text document listing the modelís info/bio. The photos on the whole look great even at the highest resolution and you get to see the models posing in many stunning outdoor locations, anything from a tropical beach to a snow covered wilderness to an urban city backdrop. You will also find a number of risqué public nude shoots which looked fun.

Nobody really joins Met Art for the videos and has many others have said quite honestly I found them pretty boring. You can stream them in a choice of 3 resolutions or download them as an mp4 in mobile, 360p, 720p, or HD1080p plus a 720p wmv and avi option. Although they donít list the file sizes I discovered the 720p mp4 file sizes were about half the size of the equivalent wmv ones with no noticeable difference in the quality.

The Met Live Cams access doesnít really add any value to the site and is pretty pointless in my opinion unless youíre willing to pay for a private show. Whatever happened to the free live cam shows they used to have when I had a membership to Errotica Archives a few years ago and got Met cam shows included for free. Still have fond memories of being transfixed to my monitor for an hour watching Ashanti on camÖ.ahhhh the good old days.

02-13-12  11:47am

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Visit Molly's Bedroom

Molly's Bedroom

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Part of a network of 13 solo model sites including the likes of Lanaís Fantasies, Fun With Amber, Busty Alli plus more.
No separate login required for bonus sites.
Currently updating with a new photo set and video each week
Latest photo sets are high resolution at typically 2000x3000px
Zip downloads for photos
Newest videos full hd 1980x1080p
Cons: Smallish site with 58 photo sets and 36 videos
Older photos and videos are lower resolution
No scene descriptions, run times or file sizes given for the videos.
Not much for those looking for anything more than softcore solo action.
None of the other bonus sites appear to be updating with any new high hi-res content
Content from 2008 or earlier posted with 2010 dates.
No model interaction.
Bottom Line: This is a solo site featuring cute Russian teen Molly (a.k.a. Diana at Amour Angels, Diane at Nubiles, Dolores at Femjoy) in mostly solo photos and videos with occasional masturbation and toy play. Thereís also claimed to be some hardcore but Iíve only come across 1 b/g photo set and video so far and I donít see any obvious signs of any others though itís difficult to tell as you only get 1 preview thumbnail for the videos. Even the hardcore scene I downloaded it wasnít obvious from the preview that it was a b/g scene.

The unusual thing about this site is that itís been online for quite a number of years and stopped updating I believe somewhere around 2008 and was just an archive site then all of a sudden the site came back to life and new updates started appearing in recent months. You can clearly see that Molly is a few years older in the newest content that is being posted now. Sheís also sporting a large butterfly shaped tattoo between her shoulder blades that is not present in the early shoots.

Thereís a clear split in the quality of content between the newest and older updates; 22 photo sets have the higher resolution around 3000-3500px on the long end and the other 36 are between 1300-1500px long end. Similarly with the videos, 19 offer hd downloads of at least 1280x720 with most of those also having the 1980x1080 option while the older videos usually max at 720x576 or 640x480. The hd vids are mostly in mp4 format and in the ones Iíve downloaded the bit rates vary from 2700-8000kbps.

Once logged in to the members area all the bonus sites are easily accessible from a single user interface allowing you to easily jump from one site to another without any further logging in. The other models are all pretty cute teens and they claim to have 1292 photo sets and 557 videos across the entire network which I have no reason to doubt although most of that will be in mediocre quality. Outside of Mollyís site youíre unlikely to find many photos over 1500px or videos over 720x576.

11-05-12  11:45am

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Visit Monika's Dreams

Monika's Dreams

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Billing by CCBill
Included as a free bonus site when you subscribe to Watch 4 Beauty
Photos can be browsed in 3 sizes with slideshow, small 1200px, medium 2000px and large 4300-5000px.
Full set zip download in each size
PDF also available in 2000px size
Videos come in hi res 1280x720 and lo res 720x576 in both wmv and mov formats plus a 320x240 ipod option.
File sizes listed for all videos and zips
Cons: Small site with only 23 photo galleries (2185 photos) and 6 videos at 3 to 4 minutes in length.
Poor value as a standalone site at $14.95
Regional pricing
Not updating
Bottom Line: This is a softcore solo model site featuring Czech babe Monika Vesela who became an instant favourite of mine from the first days I got the internet back in 2002 when I saw some of her earliest content as a fresh faced teen on sites like atk and teenflood. This is one of 4 solo sites in the Erotic Dreams 4 You package which comes free when you sign up at Watch 4 Beauty.

Most of the content here was added around November to December 2007 with no updates since then and it only takes an hour or two to view the small amount of content but what they do have is excellent quality with hi res photos up to 5000px and 1280x720 videos that play at 5000kbps bitrate. Itís all very tame content with nothing more explicit than nude posing. I would imagine that most of the content here is exclusive although I did notice 4 of the photo sets and 2 videos were duplicated on W4B. Apart from a few wallpapers and e-cards there are no real extras or model interaction to give the site any personality. My score is based on the siteís limited value as a standalone site.

08-31-11  07:22am

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Visit MPL Studios

MPL Studios

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Billing by CCBill with no regional pricing
Exclusive content
Large archive dating back to 2003 featuring 210 models, 2958 photo galleries and 306 videos (168 in HD quality)
Updated 7 days a week, usually 6 photo galleries and 1 video in a typical week.
Photos can be browsed online in up to 4 sizes, typically 600, 1200, 2000 and 3000px for the most recent.
Full zip download in up to 3 size options typically 1200, 2000 and 3000px for the most recent.
Videos available in a choice of 6 download options typically an HD 1280x720 in wmv, avi, and mov, a low res 498x280 wmv, 300x200 m4v for ipod and a 176x144 3gp for mobile.
Preview area identical to members area so you can check out all the models and available content before signing up including 30 second video preview clips.
Content date stamped
File sizes and run times listed for all videos and zips.
Prompt and courteous customer support
Cons: Expensive at $34.95
Download managers not allowed
Download restriction e.g. attempting to download more than 2 zips at once is likely to get you blocked.
Download limit of 300 zips in any 24 hour period
Limited model info, model card only lists country and eye colour. It would be nice to have a little extra info like age and measurements.
Limited search and sort options for such a large photo collection.
Photo set cover not included in the zip as they do at MET.
As to be expected with any site that has been around a number of years you will find the older content to have a lower maximum resolution and fewer download options. Earliest photos often max at 1024 or 1200px and oldest videos only 320x240.
Bottom Line: MPL Studios is another one of those arty nude sites featuring a fine collection of 210 stunning young models over 90% of who originate from Russia and Ukraine. Although the ages are generally not given I would say the majority of them look 18 to early 20s so its really a site for fans of the skinny small to medium breasted Russian teen look. The photo collection is the main emphasis here with the photo sets outnumbering the videos by almost 10 to 1. Some of the most popular models here such as Alisa, Anya and Maria have an incredible amount of content with well over a hundred photo sets each.

The siteís navigation allows you to browse the collection by updates (year and month listing), a separate page for the videos or via the model directory. I have to admit I found the layout of the model directory a little odd. The models are spread over 18 pages and it seems to be in no particular order. Thereís no option to sort the directory either alphabetically, by date added or by rating so if like me you like so go through the models alphabetically then the easiest way to browse the site is to select the model you want from the drop down menu in the search engine and from that models page you can browse through to the next modelís page in alphabetical order. Thereís also a basic search function allowing you to search the models by country, hair colour, eye colour and breast type but quite honestly I found all the models beautiful here and just wanted to go through the collection and download the photo sets of every one of them. Those who are more selective might bemoan the lack of a more advanced search option allowing you to search the photos by type such as indoor/outdoor location, clothing/plain nude or even the ability to search content by a certain photographer.

The photography here is of a high standard and the photos always look sharp even at the highest 3000px resolution with good colour and excellent lighting and often feature the models in stunning outdoor locations. Thereís a variety of shoots ranging from plain nude shoots to partially clothed and also some public flashing in city locations such as St. Petersberg which I really enjoyed.

The videos here are certainly more interesting and erotic than the usual ďgirl standing around being photographedĒ type of videos you get on these nude art sites. Youíll find some intimate masturbation scenes and some passionate two girl scenes in amongst the collection. The videos are generally around 5 to 6 minutes long and usually feature some soft background music but you can still generally hear the models moans and groans over the music.

The only other thing worth mentioning is that you also get access to free public live cam shows and if you like one of MPLís most popular models Liliya thereís a link to join her solo site with a $10 discount.

The only problem I encountered with the site was managing to get myself locked out by day two of my membership despite reading and paying attention to their download restrictions of only 2 zips at a time so I had to email the site like a naughty school boy to find out what Iíd done wrong and request to be reinstated. Apparently I had breached their download limit of 300 zips in 24 hours which I knew nothing about because at the time it was not included in their terms of use which I pointed out to the webmaster. Anyway the reply was prompt and courteous and they even added 2 days to my membership for the inconvenience and when I checked back at the terms of use a couple of days ago I noticed theyíve now updated it to include the download limit so at least they are being upfront with potential customers now.

Overall an excellent site for lovers of softcore nude photography which I thoroughly enjoyed and was tempted to score in the 90s but the higher than average price and annoying download limits and restrictions just took the edge off it slightly so Iíll settle for an 88.

07-27-11  08:35am

Replies (9)

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