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Visit Joy Mii

Joy Mii

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Quality photography up to 5000px in size
-high quality video encodes 720p/6mbps
-photos in zip files in 3 different resolutions
-4 updates every week (two matching photo/video combos)
-no download limits that I'm aware of
-minimal photoshop retouching of the girls
Cons: -site interface will need to be redone, the updates are just listed in a single long list, no model index pages.
Bottom Line: In short, Joymii is Femjoy with toys. Photosets vary from 30 to 70 photos per set, and videos are full separate scenes from 8 to 15 minutes in length (I didn't view any that were just recordings of the photoshoots). It's a style that I can't recall seeing elsewhere like this, artsy glamour masturbation scenes, I think they captured it very well.

Not a site for every porn viewer, but I think one will largely know going in whether this style will be exciting or not.

Just needs a little site redesign as they grow with more content making it easier to explore what all is in there.

12-01-10  05:35pm

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Visit Bikini Pleasure

Bikini Pleasure

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -updates 5 sometimes 6 days every week
-full archive going back to 2006
-features top models most from Czech & Hungary
-1500 & 3000 pic sizes & zip files
-.mov, .wmv, .avi video options up to 720p
-no drm, download limits that I'm aware of
-small discreet watermarks
-very little photoshop touch-up if at all on the photos
-all site updates shown in the preview pages
Cons: -videos are just recordings of the photoshoots and often are split into multiple files (.wmv joiners can easily put them back together without re-encoding the video)
-uhhhh, the girls are _too_ stunning?
Bottom Line: It's a fetishy type site featuring bikinis that are ridiculously tiny, as in they are there but not really, and some of the bikinis just look at them and question the sanity of whoever designed them ;)

Beyond that, a good softcore posing site of all outdoor settings, most often a beach. Near all the photos are full body shots. Some girl/girl photosets. Typical sets start with the bikini on then at some point they are pulled off to the side or removed completely.

Beautiful girls posing in small bikinis, that is what this site is =D Not terribly expensive, and the monthly price automatically lowers for successive months.

09-22-10  07:16pm

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Visit Triple BBB

Triple BBB

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -very unique content
-very creative photography
-great acting by the girls
-new videos are encoded in crisp 720p 4mbps format
Cons: -scene videos are split up in multiple downloads
-preview tour is very lacking in details
-updates come a tad slowly
Bottom Line: This is a fetish site, focus on clothing, boots, gloves, a setting, and bondage themed. All-girl site starring various British & Czech models, most scenes star two girls at a time, some three.

There are just over 100 scenes currently available. Each scene is different, generally the older scenes are 6 minutes of video & 100 images. The newer scenes are between 15-20min & 200-250 images. Very small watermark on the images, and watermark on the first 5 seconds of each video then nothing after. No drm, no bandwidth limit, zip files for the imagesets

The scenes are done up in various settings, one might be the Star Trek bridge, another a secretary's office, city rooftop, military camp, garage shop, and more.

Everything is bondage themed, it's what the site owner terms "glamour bondage", where it is done really without a sense of pain or domination. Often I get the sense they are genuinely having fun acting in the scenes! Most scenes are done with toys or a strap-on.

Downsides first the tour is very brief. I think the site owner is extra cautious about images of the girls he uses, in bondage, open to the world to freely see which is why it's rather short. Take it as it is. You see shots of the previous two weeks updates & some of the coming two weeks of updates.

The update rate is on the slow side. 4 updates per week. Each scene is divided into total of 12 or 16 parts which releases one per week, do the math, each scene takes from 3 to 4 months from initial release until completion. I like the site a lot, and I join for a month at a time, twice or three times per year. Even the first month at the site you have the archive of over 100 scenes to check out.

The video of each scene is split up into segments, though the owner is getting better with the newest updates with grouping the parts together into a continuous video file as each part is released.

So the updates come in slow, though on the flip side the new updates then are still very fresh to watch through. In the end it is a fetish site, and what they focus on I think they do a very good job. But if this style happens not to be your style, then that is fine too.

07-09-10  05:16pm

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Visit Sweet And Nude

Sweet And Nude

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -3000px photos
-very simple & easy navigation
-zip downloads
-all sets visible from the preview page
-little to no photoshop used on photos
-small watermark on photos, out of the way
Cons: -only one size photos available
-full photosets split up in to 40 image subsets
-updates come slowly, but steadily
Bottom Line: Is a nice site. The photos are soft nudes, would call it full body nude shots, focusing on artistic posing, meaning very few crotch shots in this site. It is what the site intends to be. It's a unique style to what else is out there. The photos have a nice soft feel to them, little photoshopping if there is any.

The main downside is the full photosets are divided up in to groupings of about 40 photos each and released across 4 to 6 days, depending on how many sub-sets were made. I would prefer all the photos be in one grouping. It is what it is.

CCBill for some reason only takes visa for this site. Webmaster responds quickly to messages and is open to talking about the work and the girls if you so wish to.

I thought this site was well worth at least a month. If you like soft artistic nudes, this is a good unique site. If you want something explicit, then this would not be a site for you (i.e. this site is below even Met-Art & FemJoy in explicitness). And certainly this is not a site for someone who evaluates by the sets per dollar ratio.

04-09-10  09:03pm

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Visit In Focus Girls

In Focus Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -well encoded 720p videos
-new exclusive content added daily
-large archive of hot European girls masturbating
Cons: -photoshopping of images increasing as time goes on
-a medium level of passion in most videos
Bottom Line: The other reviews cover all the major details, no need to recite them again. Great site for solo masturbation videos, and some peeing scenes still finding their way into the new updates. Three fisting scenes released in all of 2009 - most videos are straight masturbation - fingering / toying. A lot of outdoor settings. Good, though the frequency of updates that really makes ones eyes pop wide open, are not too frequent. But then again, this site is still better than the direct competition! Hope the photographers will improve on this just a little more.

02-05-10  06:04pm

Replies (1)
Visit Breath Takers

Breath Takers

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -professional & creative photography work
-mix of both European and American girls
-4000px images in zip file downloads (1000px size also available)
-new videos in 8mbps 720p format
-pleasing site design and organization
-every photoset & video cover image is visible from the preview pages
Cons: -infrequent updates, usually two per week, and not on a consistent schedule
-some navigational issues
-videos are on the short side
Bottom Line: This is a soft softcore photography site, not all photosets offer full nudity, and rarely are there close ups of the girl's naughty bits. The content is erotic posing, do not expect to see girls playing with themselves or sticking their asses in our faces. A different type of erotism is what they intend, and they actually achieve it rather well.

To note, they are a bit heavy on photoshop softening, though at least they do it in a way that preserves the depth of the girls' bodies in the images - as opposed to other photoshopped sites which often leaves the girl looking flat head to toe. Check the previews to get a sense of what to expect.

The update schedule is their biggest issue, they certainly are not on par with other sites in their genre. However many other photography sites with daily updates I'm often hard pressed to find even a half-dozen truly exceptional new sets in the month, where at breath-takers nearly every update I found exciting and worth the wait - as well as the thrill of browsing through the model pages of past updates.

A couple navigational inconveniences lurk in the site. From the "updates" page to get to the zip download is not intuitive, and some of the site pages contain an outdated navigational link back to the member home page. Though as with all sites, content is the most important aspect, and the navigation issues are minor at their worst.

01-05-10  12:16am

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Visit Code Fetish

Code Fetish

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -unique style
-daily updates
-no drm, no download limits
-new videos at 1280x720
-all updates are visible from the preview pages
Cons: -short single-girl videos
-the large releases are spread out over many weeks
-not a whole lot of nudity
-some models are repeated in a large number of updates
-a tad heavy on airbrushing the photos
Bottom Line: This is an all-girl site, with a mix of British and Czech girls. It is a fetish site, where the focus is on the clothes, uniforms, boots, nylons, stage sets, to build a fantasy in the minds of the viewer. There also is a heavier focus on the breasts, and not so much on the other naughty bits.

There are two different types of updates, sets with one girl, and sets with multiple girls.

Single girl updates release one day as a photoset, then the next as a video, typically about 40 images and 3-5 minutes of video, and usually involve a sexy tease.

Milti-girl updates are divided up into 4 or 5 groups of photos, and about the same number of video segments (~15-20 min in total), released out over about a two month period. It's not an ideal situation for releasing a set, but this is just what they do. Typical scene involves a little bit of plot/setup, then moving into licking/fingering/toying, while playing into the role of the scene.

The uniqueness and creativity is the heart of this site. One release plays on a employer/secretary relationship, another may be two girls alone at a military outpost, others have girls on the Star Trek Enterprise. The full range of updates are available in the preview pages to view what the site has to offer.

I feel the multi-girl sets are the strength of this site, although they seem to be moving more towards solo girl updates, with fewer multi-girl updates.

In the end, this is a fetish site, and focuses on the elements I highlighted above. Do not expect to see the videos presented as other websites would.

12-17-09  03:17pm

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Visit Wet And Puffy

Wet And Puffy

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Many of the top European girls
-A style unique to the site
-Easy to download zip sets & .wmv videos
-About 5 updates per week, decent schedule for a brand new site
-Nice tag search feature
-No DRM, no download limit
Cons: -Low resolution videos (640x512 @ 2.4mbps), though more recent videos are better quality and should get better with time
-Site layout relies heavily on Adobe Flash which made for a slow loading site often with girl names or other elements not displaying
-Repetitive style to the picture sets and videos
-Models not currently sortable by name for easy searching
Bottom Line: This site is built like a fetish site. It has a unique style where the girls squeeze her pussy lips out, or pull them to wrap around a glass toy. If you love that look, you'll love this site. Most of the content is done with this style, where if it's not of interest there is not a whole lot of additional variety.

I thought it was a good value for a month to see favorite Eurogirls in this unique style. There are also a few sensual blowjob videos sprinkled in which I thought were surprisingly very well done.

Things appear like the owners are excited to get the site up and going, will keep an eye on where they go from here. Definitely wish to see the site design adjusted a bit for faster loading times. And a bit more variety, perhaps using various toys instead of the same glass dildo that is in most sets.

12-07-09  09:52pm

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Visit Lez Be Girlfriend

Lez Be Girlfriend

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -many of the best girls from Europe
-high quality 8mbps 720p videos
-scenes are sensual/natural girl on girl action
Cons: -not a whole lot of content at this time, around 15 scenes
-site is currently very slow with updates
-no easy zip sets for photos
Bottom Line: I'm a sucker for lesbian videos, and this site delivers, with the scenes focused more on the slower sensual/passionate action (which I prefer) instead of the fast-paced gonzo action many other sites offer. The preview pages contain trailers for everything you will find inside, so what you see is what you will get. If the site can get on a consistent release schedule this can be a well recommended site, though at least for now it should be viewed as a one-time purchase of their collection. The resolution and clarity of the video encodes really is a sight to see if you're into this type of girl/girl content.

08-23-09  09:59pm

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