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Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs
Reply of Douggie's Review from greg909:

On the photos side, perhaps someone could post whether things have improved here?

When I look at their preview site, even the small weekly samples they post never look very sharp. And many of the models appear to be the same ones you see on other sites where there's better photo quality. So it doesn't make me want to sign up with Karups.

12-07-14  10:09am

Visit San Diego Latinas

San Diego Latinas
Reply of Douggie's Review from Douggie:

Well, I just singed up for another trial and guess what?
Not one single update.
Going to downgrade my score to 83.

03-13-11  01:40am

N/A REPLY TO #2 from Advent: (Douggie's Reply)

Where are you sending your customer service emails too? Our customer support team is always on top of answering each and every email that comes in. I have been out of the office with the flu for the past few days.

As far as the cost, we do not bill per minute like others sites do but per movie. The price of the movie is based on the content. Of course masturbation movies will be more expensive than behind the scenes and hardcore will be more than masturbation. If you notice we also have $5 and $10 options that were added when a member asked for them.

I can assure you that our IT team is not the three stooges as I have been told they are employed somewhere else. We have one of the most top notch IT teams in the business. When you are dealing with as many outside factors as we are it is always easy to place the blame on our team. When in fact it could be local internet providers, hubs the connections go through and over taxed servers through other carriers. I am not shifting the blame on anyone else but I am stating that our team is up many late nights working to ensure our members get a fast and reliable connection.

Long story short we do everything we can to make our sites what our members want. We added $5 and $10 options after a member asked us to. We can not please every one all of the time but we hope that we please some of you guys most of the time.

If you tell me what specifically you want to see changed and on what sites I can pass that on to our programmers. We listen to our members and give our members credit for all of the changes we have made to our sites. I hope this gives you some hope that we are doing every thing we can to make our members happy.

02-16-11  11:48am

Visit San Diego Latinas

San Diego Latinas
REPLY TO #2 from Denner: (Douggie's Reply)

It's okay - in fact I was not trying to hassle YOU - my comment/reply was about reviews from those short trials in general...

05-30-10  06:37am

Visit San Diego Latinas

San Diego Latinas
Reply of Douggie's Review from Denner:

I really wish we could get back on the track regarding reviews and reasonable scores......and I do not want to put down this review.....

Ok, I realize that Douggie is speaking from the heart, but:

A 90 score based on a 3 days trial (it appears) - (if that's not the case, I apologize).

A site which claims exclusive - which is doubtful/or not

Bonus sites with similar content


I'd hate to see TOO MUCH inflation on scores here at PU...

05-29-10  08:38am

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
REPLY TO #18 from RagingBuddhist: (Douggie's Reply)

You're a lot more generous than I am - I'm not a fan of giving money to people with attitude issues. And I'd certainly take the threat of a lawsuit - bluff or not - as a bit personal. Besides, it's not like his site is all that novel - there's tons of audition material out there - with better camerawork and no insults.

05-02-09  04:30pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
Reply of Douggie's Comment from RagingBuddhist:

This is funny as shit, Douggie. I thought my joust with Matt was funny (in a pathetic kinda way), but this definitely tops it.

I see the basis is the same. You say something about his site that he doesn't like and the macho comes to the top. The caps come out, as if yelling will make his points valid and yours moot. All the problems are user errors and anything you say is baseless, despite your giving logical explanations for your assertions. And, while we're at it, let's start up some good old-fashioned name calling.

> marred by your jealous, hostile NON FACTS.
> you're a flat our liar.
> because of your SHI**TY equipment
> so much is BS
> Now you retreat.

The defense reminds me of a high school locker room fight. Out yell the other guy. Put him down while inflating your own sense of self-importance. On here, it comes down to is I'm a big time producer and you ain't shit! I live a glamourous life - yours is something less.

I'm well aware that pornuser reviews don't reflect every opinion out in the world, but I do think they show that not much has changed and that there are certain consistent lackings on the site. It would seem to me, since they lead such a glamourous life (why that has to be a part of any discussion on here is beyond me) and, because the site's supposedly been so successful, they could afford to makes some changes. Other sites evolve - this one should too.

05-02-09  07:29am

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
REPLY TO #15 from Matt Frackas: (Douggie's Reply)

It wasnt.
It was a slow day, and if there ever is a problem, our hosts, servers page/text us wherever we are, no matter what time of day or night. All systems normal yesterday and not a SINGLE complaint from anybody but YOU...who instead of writing support posted your BS remark here publically.

So. It was either operator error (YOU), somewhere between your IP address and US or you're a flat our liar.

Theres a simple way to determine where the problem lies by doing a trace route from your computer. All you have to do is GOOGLE "How to do a trace route? and Im sure you can now sit around all day long looking for a moment my servers are unreachable.

Im just following rule #3 "Reply Rules" of the PU board:

3. Point out any incorrect facts.

and your "facts" are for some reason consistantly wrong.

Im quite sure if I add up all of yours and send to Rick, you wont be posting here any more Chief.

07-04-08  10:55pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
REPLY TO #13 from Matt Frackas: (Douggie's Reply)

ah come on man

are you SURE you dont wanna elaborate about how MattsModels was DOWN yesterday?

What happened? You've never been at a loss for words.

Cat got your tongue?

07-04-08  10:06pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
REPLY TO #11 from Matt Frackas: (Douggie's Reply)

Now you retreat. Like the kid that throws rocks at passers by from a bridge - then runs away.

Last word to you. You've posted little veiled personal attacks and untruths on me and my site for a long time (READ the other recent dudes review if you wanna see how an OBJECTIVE review is worded).

..and I forgot to mention this yesterday.
YOU SAID...(oh you know, just in passing and by the way)

"Ill reference one that was hideous, well was going to look up her name but *YOUR SITE IS DOWN* "


Our site wasnt "down" yesterday or any other day in recent time. (and I already know your response to this so Ill just answer it )

If by some chance because of your SHI**TY equipment, connection, AT&T router had problems etc, YOU REALLY COULDNT reach MattsModels yesterday?, then you could have sent a SUPPORT EMAIL and we could HELP YOU TRACE THE PROBLEM.

Just to let you know, I can PROVE our site wasnt offline yesterday. Telling other users MM is "down" I see as another deliberate attempt to thwart people from joining (I mean they cant very well join if my site is down right Doogie?).

If you make one more false claim (LIBEL) about me and my business on this board, I'll make an effort to have you stopped.

Got that smarty pants? Back to my Bar B Q.

07-04-08  08:20pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
REPLY TO #9 from pornmaster: (Douggie's Reply)

yea i think the deal is
criticizing a photographer is like
calling their kid ugly lol

using your analogy tho,
Matt's Models IS the Ford of porn.
(we should use that haha)

MM is a standard staple
that nearly all regular porn
users have joined at some point.

Matt's not trying to build Lamborghini's.
That job is for Hegre, FemJoy, MET, etc.

Matt's Models simply shows you
the newbie porn chicks in as natural
a style as possible.

no glam, no makeup, no overdone set.
just nice, simple videos and some pics.

if you don't like it,
save up for your Lambo :)

Enjoy your 4th too.

I'm in Thailand -
they never heard of it lol

07-04-08  05:45pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
Reply of Douggie's Comment from pornmaster:

what i can't figure out
is why you keep rebilling
if u dont like the content?

u say its in the hopes
that Matt will change his shooting style.

its been the same for 10 years.

its not going to change,
so either you DO like it,
or u love giving Matt money..

i'm not a goon.
i'm just a webmaster that sees
hundreds of members join or rebill daily.

they must all hate the style too LOL

07-03-08  09:49pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
REPLY TO #6 from Matt Frackas: (Douggie's Reply)

Its pointless to argue with someone like you, even about specific complaints, because so much is BS and you DO believe you are an authority and that the world should be seen as you see it.
You are NOT trying to "help me" when you post erroneous and snide comments about 10 years of my life.

Just one example, the comment about "I don't wanna see somebody's balls". Well guess what?, there's MILLIONS of people who like watching boy/girl porn but you hang it out there in your dismal sarcasm as if it's something that devalues the site. In fact its a BONUS, and if people wanna see some B/G. We have some. Guys like you DONT have to watch it!

You even made a comment about our DVD line with Vivid which is not only insulting to Vivid / Matts Models, It's factually wrong. There's now THOUSANDS of amateur porn producers in the world (but according to you - Vivid RELUCTANTLY? distributes our videos because there's so few of us? LOL. I guess thats why Vivid renewed our contract? Like I said, factually wrong and funny.

* Maybe now other users can see why I cant spend time defending every ridiculous claim you make *

As far as you being evenly supported in my old Forums...DUDE. Get a grip. See? This is part of your delusional personality that YOU believe YOUR opinion is in the MAJORITY (or apparently HALF) of people that join my site. (just as YOU believe YOU are the reason I closed my Forums LOL). Megalomania?

Understand the success of my site is predicated on 10 years and THOUSANDS of satisfied members. Check out the Alexa ranking of Matts Models. We're in the top 10,000 of all sites in the world. Thats not bad for a PORN PAY SITE run by some little dude. Do you REALLY believe my site is on the verge of "going out of business"? or was that just one of your sarcastic digs at me? Come on dude....answer that question.

Anyway. Happy 4th of July to all. I'm spending it with a bunch of hot models at my Bar B Q. If you are a member of my site (and in Los Angeles) and are interested in coming, send me an email at matt@mattsmodels.com. Later Doogie Howser.

07-03-08  07:22pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
REPLY TO #4 from Matt Frackas: (Douggie's Reply)

Your credibility as a porn producer or even a fair critic of comparing adult sites is zip. Your opinion is just that, your opinion, and marred by your jealous, hostile NON FACTS.

I took the Forums down in my members area years ago mainly because of SPAM and because I had MEMBERS ARGUING with each other (sound familiar?). I'm sorry your lost your VOICE OF AUTHORITY there :( Are you still mad about that? Frankly I don't need "experts" like you spamming other sites and pissing off other members. If I wanted to start a site like that I'd start a site like PU.

If our members have complaints, we have a help forum and support email. They dont try to make a career out of it like you. (FYI....ALL ADULT SITES HAVE DISGRUNTLED MEMBERS. Ive spoken with the owner of more than one of the top rated sites and they tell me they have to deal with "whiners and moaners" all the time.

I run an "Amateurs Nude Models Pay Site" which is for the thousands of people who enjoy it for what it is. I realized my job is to provide our customers what they have been coming back for every year. It's not for the few dissatisfied who get all up in arms because it doesnt meet THEIR PARTICULAR VISION.

There's only about 6,000 adult websites reviewed by TBP and thousands more on the net. There's a niche & site for EVERYBODY and PLENTY sites you can THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY ON DUE TO DIRTY TRICKS LIKE LIMITED TRIALS AND OTHER DECEPTIVE PRACTICES. Ive run a solid, honest website since 1999.

Once again, the fact that you keep signing up only to disappoint yourself makes one wonder :)

Here's some happy customers comments and their reasons why:


07-03-08  01:24pm

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
REPLY TO #2 from Matt Frackas: (Douggie's Reply)

Dont have time.


My company is successful and has been for 10 years...and Ive done it SINGLE HANDEDLY.

By the way check out our line of DVD's distributed by Vivid Video.
I suppose they distribute our DVD's and make the Pro Am charts because they suck? lol

and FYI I dont even shoot all the solo videos myself now...we have other great shooters helping out. So I guess they ALL suck too?

** Why would someone (YOU) supposedly STILL be a member of my site, only to come on here to REGULARLY tell people how bad things are?
I think thats a question, smart porn consumers will be asking you. :)

Get a life.

PS...and hows your porn producer career going?

07-03-08  11:41am

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
Reply of Douggie's Comment from Matt Frackas:

Hi Douggie

(Douggie comes on here to try get my goat...and apparently he thinks TBP, PU and his own comments have some effect on the success of adult websites)

Long time, no see. Yeah Im FAR from going out of business and please explain the statement about "someones balls" on my site? That should be entertaining.

Some background on Douggie. Douggie was a member of MattsModels for who knows how long? We had a forum and Douggie would write rediculous comments often. In fact Douggie apparently was a wanna be producer of solo masturbation videos (are you still trying to do that Douggie? Wheres YOUR website so we can all check out your amazing work) and was always telling me what I was doing wrong (Ive shot over 1,000 models masturbating). Douggie is someone who WISHES HE WAS DOING WHAT IVE BEEN DOING FOR 10 YEARS BUT HES NOT (JEALOUS MUCH?) - and hes just miffed I didnt pay enough attention to him. So he posts on boards like mine, this and others im sure. Yea and your right Douggie, Im NOT interested in your "opinion" and nobody else on this board should give you any weight either.

Anyway Matt's Models is always improving. Check out some of the latest girls! All fresh! Also the Testimonials (user reviews) on the front of MM are 100% REAL.

Sorry I cant respond to every baseless claim here but I run several websites and just dont have time these days. Drop by and see for yourself.

07-03-08  09:46am

N/A REPLY TO #6 from Drooler: (Douggie's Reply)

Sounds great! And you get 90 minutes of peace and quiet. ;)

03-30-08  04:12pm

Visit Paul Markham Teens

Paul Markham Teens
Reply of Douggie's Review from paulmarkham:

Thanks Douggie.
Yes I'm usually around during the day and a message on the forum will catch me, unless I'm in the studio.

Yes we recirculate and I know this will upset people who have been members for longer than 3 months. So I have cut down the number being being recirculated to 4 videos every day so it will be nearly 4 months before the old ones come back.

When I started the site the aim was to have one big site so we could compare, not compete, with sites like Sapphic and FTV. I could of gone for 4 or 5 medium size sites rather than one big one and sold members from site to site. I chose one big site with lots of updates every day. As most members only stay 3 months the majority don't see the scenes rotating. Yes for those who have been on the site for over 3 months it sucks and we do have a tool that can flag the scene as seen.

Today I'm putting up more of the content I shot back in the UK, some of it is porn stars, some real amateurs and some girls who did a bit of work. The contrast to todays work is amazing. It's all brand new, girls you will never see anywhere else EVER and it's different, in that is was shot in 1988 to 1998. Compare it with todays and please give me feed back.

It's not instead of, it's an extra. Could of made it for another site I decided to add it to the existing site.

I love feed back. I will change if I think it's right and I will say why I did it the way we do. You can tell me I'm wrong.

02-11-08  01:51am

Visit Matt's Models

Matt's Models
Reply of Douggie's Comment from jd1961:

i was going to join this site until I read the webmaster's comments here. Seems he needs a lesson in how to treat the paying customer LOL

10-18-07  12:55am

N/A REPLY TO #14 from Pinche Kankun: (Douggie's Reply)

No offense, but my computer guru is a woman, and she won't let touch her ass... HE HE HE!!


08-12-07  05:43pm

N/A REPLY TO #13 from Pinche Kankun: (Douggie's Reply)

YES DOUGGIE!! POUND THEIR ASSES UNTIL THEY SUBMIT!! Why "DO" they do shit like that?!!

The only way that we will get our point across to these industries is to attend siminars like the La Erotica and voice our opinions, or actually submit comments and suggestions to the actual company and/or website!!

Unfortunately, I don't know how to send comments/suggestions or E-mails directly to those websites... I REALLY WISH I DID!! That's why I said I need you guys help in doing this because you guys seem to be more experienced in this shit!!

08-06-07  07:51am

N/A REPLY TO #10 from jd1961: (Douggie's Reply)

I use Nero to burn DVD's. The videos downloaded from sites need to be converted before burning. Nero will convert and burn. Here are Nero tutorials for you: http://www.nero.com/nero6/eng/Tutorial_Photo_Video.html

07-19-07  07:24pm

Visit CD Girls

CD Girls
Reply of Douggie's Review from jd1961:

Considering you're so familiar with the people there, maybe you should ask for a job!

07-19-07  12:16am

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