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N/A REPLY TO #6 from Drooler: (DivBZero's Reply)

Of course a multitude of considerations are important, but the poll question format itself here does not allow for such expansion.

Besides, as Davit pointed out, it's about quantity on launch. There has to be a focus, you know?

People can say in their replies things such as, "So long as the videos are at least XKps and at least YxZ in dimensions." I know I would. But why ask that poll writers add specifics that the character limits of the poll items will not allow? Take it up with those who decide what those limits are. It ain't me.

I did all I could to make the poll as specific and balanced (pics and videos) as the constraints on the poll submission form allowed.

02-27-08  12:54pm

N/A REPLY TO #3 from Jay G: (DivBZero's Reply)

Good point about resolution. I find myself wanting better & better as time goes by. What satisfied me only a year or two ago now seems "poor quality."

02-27-08  06:37am

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day
REPLY TO #6 from jd1961: (DivBZero's Reply)

Thanks, I need to study up on my photoshop! :D

02-11-08  09:39am

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day
REPLY TO #4 from elephant: (DivBZero's Reply)

Totally agree with you, there are sets which have the girls looking natural and their natural age and others with them caked in porn star glam makeup which does nothing for me.

02-07-08  05:23am

Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day
REPLY TO #2 from jd1961: (DivBZero's Reply)

RGB values? I don't even know what that means. The 1 By Day girls are trollops, brazen, hussies, bad girls your mom and mine told us to stay away from. They prowl the streets as vamps looking for the next man to sink their fangs into. Put your wallet on a chain! Never give them your phone number, or your marriage is history! Get thee to Abby Winters for the "girl next door"!! This is the red zone, and all ye that enter are headed for misery, and death !!!!!

02-06-08  11:33am

N/A REPLY TO #4 from mr smut: (DivBZero's Reply)

This trend of more and more pixels for monitors will increase, it would be good to know that an invested collection will look good if not better in the future.

That's exactly the one point missing that I forgot to write down in my first reply *highfive*


01-04-08  11:06am

N/A REPLY TO #20 from Pinche Kankun: (DivBZero's Reply)

Oh wait, hold up! I'm not finished!! I forgot about da part where dey mentioned shoez!! So herez my ? : U mean 2 tell me dat der r doodz dat like 2 shove their dick between a pair uv shoez?! And U can't tell me dat it's not 2 shoez unless sum individuals possess skillz in wrapping one shoe around their entire dick?

I need pussy 2 blow my lid, not rubber soles, cleetz, or high heelz!!!

12-02-07  02:00pm

N/A REPLY TO #19 from Pinche Kankun: (DivBZero's Reply)

I apologize, my bad Bro! But when U bring up a poll dat includes feet, wut do U expect?! I don't fuck a woman's feet, but U know me already... dat I am in search 4 good full body nutshots, just as I mentioned before! If I discover a porn flick where a guy fucks a chick to the point uv inevitability, instead of using his hand to jerk off his nutshot on her, he uses her feet... that okay... only if I see her whole body on the screen getting covered in nut and almost nothing of him. I DON'T WANNA SEE HIZ FACIAL EXPRESSIONS, I DON'T WANNA SEE NO PART UV HIZ ASS... MAINLY HER AND HER FACIAL EXPRESSIONS!!!

At da moment, I am feeling on a womanz asscheeks, not myself.

12-02-07  01:24pm

N/A REPLY TO #15 from Pinche Kankun: (DivBZero's Reply)

You know what, about the feet thing... I at least have to fuck the pussy until I want to explode then pull out and use her feet to jack me off while I shoot my load all over her!!

But just to watch a dick get rubbed by some feet and see no part of her body... NO THANKS!!!

11-29-07  12:40am

N/A REPLY TO #20 from asmith12: (DivBZero's Reply)

Wow! Probably I should try to get such a 30" Apple beast; I used to think such things are in $5k+ range, but at $1800 (well, it will be more here) it is not prohibitively expensive.

And just curious - do you know how much that 3840x2400 thing cost?

11-17-07  03:22am

N/A REPLY TO #2 from ace of aces: (DivBZero's Reply)

never thought of people who haven`t got a pc :)

11-17-07  03:00am

Visit Pier 999

Pier 999
REPLY TO #4 from jd1961: (DivBZero's Reply)

The Pier 999 webmasters seem distant. But I think they have a small team.

11-16-07  08:49am

N/A REPLY TO #18 from asmith12: (DivBZero's Reply)

Wow (honestly, I didn't even know such a beast exists)! But still 3500 pixel picture width should be beyond even your capabilities :-) (and when downscaling with browser, quality suffers, I'm sure you won't object :-) ). So I'm continuing to be curious - do you like anything above your 2560x1600 pixels?

11-15-07  03:27pm

Visit Pier 999

Pier 999
Reply of DivBZero's Comment from Denner:

The photo-retouching is bad - the same is the result.
As jd1961 states - that has been mentioned in PU-reviews.

But their videos: Here's nothing to complain about - crisp, clear and NO retouch. I consider those videos among the best (in tech. quality).

11-14-07  09:21am

Visit Pier 999

Pier 999
Reply of DivBZero's Comment from jd1961:

Did you read the reviews here Div? They all made it clear concerning what you write about here.

11-14-07  08:22am

N/A REPLY TO #12 from asmith12: (DivBZero's Reply)

I see, thanks for commentary. But it looks more of discussion on "why pictures are better than vids" rather than "why download all the vids you won't watch anyway" :-).

Also a question about resolution: I've seen comments like "this site is great, they have pics with resolution of 3500 px width" or something like this; as an image fun (you certainly sound so :-)), can you tell what are people doing with such big images? They won't fit on screen anyway (and scaling algorithms built-in browsers suck, so quality will suffer); maybe somebody prints them or...?

11-14-07  07:44am

N/A REPLY TO #2 from asmith12: (DivBZero's Reply)

It is your answer "less than 1/3rd", right? I easily understand that you're getting tired quickly of video, but why do you download that much knowing that you won't view it anyway? Is it because of sites not having reasonably good previews/picture sets to allow to make a good choice, or just because of "download all I can" paradigm, or maybe there is some other reason? Just curious.

11-13-07  08:50am

N/A REPLY TO #11 from Pinche Kankun: (DivBZero's Reply)

I mentioned "Female Insulting" because I have come across a few movies where you see the guy grabbing the girl by her head while she is on her knees and jamming his cock down her throat to the point where she gags like crazy!! You mean to tell me that there are people out there that get turned on by that?!

Another form would be that for example, Bang Bros, that one where they pick up girls off the street and fuck them, cum on their face, then reject them like nobody's business!! The only reason why I would rent those movies is because I thought the girl on the DVD cover was so hot that I had to see her naked, but end up getting dissappointed anyway because they only show her naked body standing up for like 10 seconds when I want to see her front and back standing up for at least like 4 minutes!!

11-06-07  11:31pm

Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan
Reply of DivBZero's Review from Robare:

WHAT??? Someone awarded fewer points than I did?!?!? Where's that auto-distrust button?!? :)
Besides, why would you think someone would get mad at you? You are what you are, an illegal operation. I suppose one could blame the programmer, if one must, but you owe your existence to a shoddy code review for which you cannot be faulted. :)
Some sites appeal to some and not to others. What appeals at one point in life can be different than what appeals at another. At least you avoided my current pet peeves so thanks for your input.

10-18-07  04:16pm

N/A REPLY TO #21 from Pinche Kankun: (DivBZero's Reply)

Man, what you said was an under statement! You should check out this cable porn network called star 10! I swear if this network isn't the most gaytarded full of shit porn network planet fuck could put on cable! Dude, they show everything, blowjobs, handjobs, fucking, except for one thing... THEY DONT SHOW THE CUMSHOTS!!! Just before the dude is about to blow his sack, they cut it off to something else!!!


10-08-07  08:06am

N/A REPLY TO #2 from Drooler: (DivBZero's Reply)

I LOVE full access trials. Limited access trials? Forget it.

09-16-07  04:32am

N/A REPLY TO #1 from jd1961: (DivBZero's Reply)

Maybe it'll be a landslide, but I've grown to hate trials. You have to remember to cancel, some sites charge an outrageous recurring charge. I'd rather have a very good site preview, like FTV Girls. I've given up on trials.

09-16-07  04:28am

Visit Girls Love Toys

Girls Love Toys
Reply of DivBZero's Comment from Monahan:

Follow-up - I let the membership autorenew (at $9.95 - the TBP discounted rate) to see about the hi res zips.

Nope. Not provided and no reply from tech support.

Great vids, but don't count on high resolution photos, if that's your thing.

09-03-07  07:44am

Visit Brukenet

Reply of DivBZero's Comment from Bruke:


Brukenet.com is my site, I created it and manage it; I figure I should open up my comment by mentioning that.

Having said that, you are correct that we had some trouble for a few days. I'm new to this business and from a conservative small town; when it became public knowledge that I own and operate a porn site, I was given a rather rough time... for a couple days, I was not sure if I was going to continue with the site or turn it over to an out-of-state friend...

As it turns out, the dust is starting to settle now and I've decided to continue with the site; there shouldn't be any new surprises. I've just finished adding another 100 pics of our model Kat, and we're converting a new video to uploadable files tomorrow morning (we actually film on VHS with 2 cameras then edit to one file and burn to standard dvd, then encode), then filming again tomorrow night.

And, just to be clear, we are accepting new registrations again; that shouldn't be a problem again.

Because I am new to this, I welcome any and all constructive comments at webmaster@bruke.net and I will try to make a personal replay to anyone that writes to me.

Thank you for your time, and for your opinions,
The Bruke

08-05-07  12:20am

Visit LSG Models

LSG Models
REPLY TO #3 from jd1961: (DivBZero's Reply)

A total pet peeve of mine as well!

08-02-07  07:15pm

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