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Visit ATK Natural & Hairy

ATK Natural & Hairy
Reply of Capn's Comment from messmer:

Just one more comment, I just went to the site and found that you had quoted their new tag line! I thought you were being sarcastic. I guess there goes our hope of the site ever going back to a more moderate format. This is their new niche and if they actually changed the description of what their site is all about then they must be successful enough with their new path to stick with it. I give up!! :-(

06-17-13  02:43pm

Visit ATK Natural & Hairy

ATK Natural & Hairy
REPLY TO #2 from messmer: (Capn's Reply)

Okay, let me re-phrase: I will wish them well again once they stop catering to the fringe and remember that they have customers whose taste does not go to the extreme. :-)

06-17-13  02:14pm

Visit ATK Natural & Hairy

ATK Natural & Hairy
Reply of Capn's Comment from messmer:

There is a vociferous lobby group within the site who give exceedingly high marks to anything that is ultra-hairy, especially legs that cannot be told apart from those of a man. I think the site owners listened too much to this group because we normal hair lovers have been pushed aside in favor of the extreme. This is happening in "We Are Hairy" as well. Just take the tour and search under "hairy legs" ... utterly astounding how many sets you will find. I no longer wish either site well.

06-17-13  01:59pm

N/A REPLY TO #18 from messmer: (Capn's Reply)

Ditto, Cap'n. I haven't subscribed to a new site in months because I simply can't find one that would suit my taste. Most of my former regulars have become "ho-hum!"

06-17-13  10:24am

N/A REPLY TO #17 from Cybertoad: (Capn's Reply)

I am going to agree with Capn, Was quick and then just stalled sorta.

I love all the staff at TBP and PU but in all my years it has been rare to see anyone take a gamble in my opinion like I saw happen. Losing 200 Tuesdays meant little to many of us and was fun. But as I put in the forum I can see it has affected involvement and attendance.

I am going to say it and will probably get beat down for it. But If I go to a doctor they are good at what they do, they are smart and spent four years and then interned another four. Yet most could do not even know how to check the oil in their car, or balance a checkbook, and would not even know where to start to run a business.

Just my own opinion and I love you guys, but there is/was a slip that was not seen at the time and in my opinion should have been and was missed the fact this poll question is being asked says allot.
Everyone is supportive myself included, but the plan should have been in place before doing anything so it flowed naturally.

I do not think 200 Tuesdays affects the site being gone, I think leaving questions open is not good for any new comers. Especially since it is affecting the use of the site.

Like I said love all you guys, but concerned !

06-17-13  08:38am

N/A REPLY TO #16 from pat362: (Capn's Reply)

I didn't mention it in my last post because I hope the trend is going to change but I'm finding that even my old faithful sites are making
less and less the kind of porn that I want to watch so even I may one day get to a point where I won't have any kind of porn that I want to see.

06-17-13  03:59am

N/A REPLY TO #9 from rearadmiral: (Capn's Reply)

I agree that there seems to be a significant drop in activity. I hope that's only temporary.

06-16-13  05:30pm

Visit Wicked.com

REPLY TO #2 from rearadmiral: (Capn's Reply)

My hope is that since this is a 'reputable' studio then the site might be okay. How's that for rationalization??? I usually find studio sites disappointing, with rare exceptions like Evil Angel and Elegant Angel.

05-26-13  10:18am

Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World
REPLY TO #1 from TheSquirrel: (Capn's Reply)

Yes that's what I've been thinking. It's spreading like a disease. Not just cross selling but dirty tricks on the whole. Soon everyone will be doing it just to keep up with those who are. I am starting to hope all porn sites go broke and get what they deserve. Once that happens people will have to start actually warching all the stuff they've downloaded. Wont that be boring!?

05-23-13  12:29pm

Visit Woodman Casting X

Woodman Casting X
REPLY TO #3 from zeomni: (Capn's Reply)

Hi everyone,

There is now an offer at 29.90, but this is still expensive.

Hope it helps someone.


05-21-13  09:01am

Visit 1,000 Facials

1,000 Facials
REPLY TO #1 from Roberto281: (Capn's Reply)

Correctamundo Capn

05-18-13  11:15pm

Visit Teen Core Club

Teen Core Club
REPLY TO #12 from TheSquirrel: (Capn's Reply)

Agreed about CCBill. Rates are getting very close to being regional discrimination, which we both hate. I mostly stay away from CCBIll nowadays for that reason. I go with Epoch whenever I can,

05-16-13  04:35pm

Visit Babes Network.com

Babes Network.com
REPLY TO #7 from otoh: (Capn's Reply)

Thanks for the reply, Cap'n. I agree the regional pricing is a scam! But I am pragmatic and if I can get around it, I will do to join a site I am interested in. I would not have joined the site if I had to pay the full £ price, though.

05-11-13  11:47pm

Visit Teen Dreams

Teen Dreams
Reply of Capn's Comment from tangub:

Thanks for the warning Cap'n. I received that promo email too and was tempted to join again at that price but the billing company just looked too dubious. If it ain't CCBill or Epoch i'm not interested.

05-02-13  08:26am

Visit Bryci

REPLY TO #40 from slutty: (Capn's Reply)

I understood that from the beginning, my point was your comments to the initial reviewer and subsequent responses seemed a bit too forceful in my opinion.

My only point, as it has always been, is that location based pricing is common, particularly in the entertainment industry. I am not really trying to defend it. Do you also boycott amazon.uk since they charge more than the American version for many items, including downloaded items such as music and movies (this was, after all, one of the main reasons for regions on DVDs)? Retailers everywhere will charge as much as they can get away with, and if for whatever reason they think $30 to an American is equivalent to $40 to a European or whatever, that is their choice. It sucks I agree, but such is life.

If regional pricing had always existed, as it has with other areas of entertainment, would you still feel as ripped off as you do?

04-16-13  07:34pm

N/A REPLY TO #15 from messmer: (Capn's Reply)

I think we are talking about different things, Cap'n. I was wondering why anyone would worry about the size of the picture if the whole can be seen by default on a monitor screen. I only zoom occasionally but will always take the highest resolution because it will look good longer as more and more pixels are "added" to the display.

04-16-13  03:26pm

N/A REPLY TO #12 from messmer: (Capn's Reply)

I am always a bit puzzled when others make the same remark: that the good high-resolution pictures tend to be too big. Are there not options in your viewer to reduce the picture to screen size? Or am I misunderstanding you and others, Cap'n?

04-16-13  11:27am

Visit Bryci

REPLY TO #32 from slutty: (Capn's Reply)


I know regional pricing is something that really sticks in your craw, but I think it is fair to let the reviewer point it out and draw the conclusions they wish from it, you sometimes sound a bit overly forceful in this regard to me. I agree regional pricing is unfair (and not to start another debate on this), but lots of things probably cost more depending on where you are (including DVDs, magazines, etc) and these increased costs are not due entirely to shipping and other costs, they are due to a perceived value of money in your country.

04-15-13  09:07pm

Visit Bryci

REPLY TO #6 from JamesDavid: (Capn's Reply)

Call any bank. Any. single. bank.

Market flux happens daily. Why should I pay again if someone's dollar is failing on the world economy? The site, not the economy, is the bad guy here? Yes, this makes perfect sense.

Rates are set based on averages and these are adjusted throughout the week based on bank rates. Again, call any single bank.

How are you not aware of market fluctuations in banking/global economies? It's not like this is a new thing. We didn't invent something, it's been there all along and as a webmaster, we have a choice - get hit with the extra fees when a dollar dips, or a chargeback comes in, fraud comes etc (5-10 times daily) or, chose the average rate so we're protected. The only difference here is we tell you about it ahead of time. Most sites just work it into the cost on the merchant end.

Sorry it's upsetting to you.

04-13-13  02:14pm

Visit Bryci

REPLY TO #4 from JamesDavid: (Capn's Reply)

No, actually that's not why. Thanks again for your positivity. :/

Bank rates fluctuate, they always have, they always will. Feel free to call your bank and ask them about market flux. :)

04-13-13  12:36pm

Visit Bryci

Reply of Capn's Comment from JamesDavid:

Weird getting a negative post from you Cap'n - you seemed to positive in the replies you left earlier in Marcus' thread. (sarcasm, you said nothing positive to be honest - you merely complained about something you disagreed with, even after it was explained in that thread and had previously been explained in other threads as to why. Maybe you were having a bad day, not sure - if yes - I hope it got better.)

So you don't get you way regarding zip sets, you come and try a smear campaign with misleading information? Do you not read things or are you in the practice of misquoting?

"Advertised price $16.62 = £10.79"

Actually the exact wording says "Membership prices from $17.83 per month!"

If you buy a one year membership ($213.95), divide that by 12, you get $17.829 - which when rounded up is $17.83. Exactly what the page says. :)

So while you don't need to say anymore, you might consider reading. :)

04-13-13  12:22pm

Visit Teen Dreams

Teen Dreams
REPLY TO #2 from bibo: (Capn's Reply)

Do you mena TBP pricing in general, or for this particular site?
I'm using TBP pricing quite a lot and it always works, although I'm from EU.

04-13-13  12:55am

Visit Bryci

REPLY TO #25 from Marcus: (Capn's Reply)

I think regional pricing is bit of a cheek, but I don't feel as strongly as you - 15 seems a lot to reduce the score by! I have put it into the cons, and will let people draw their own conclusions in this respect.

04-11-13  11:09pm

Visit Bryci

REPLY TO #23 from JamesDavid: (Capn's Reply)

Alright fine, one more go around. lol

It's not a stonewall attitude.

You don't get your way so we're stonewalling you? Not quite. It's our site. We run it the way *WE* want to run it. Same as any business, if you don't like the way something is, you leave.

We don't offer zips. That's it. Pretty straight forward.

As for Regional pricing, as with zips, if that troubles you - move. on. already.

there are reasons we and other sites do this, and no, you don't get a vote or opinion. If you ran a site yourself, you'd understand that every single day things fluctuate. Bank rates, chargebacks, fraud, bandwidth from assholes that attempt a rip etc. So yes, some sites including ours compensate for this.

When you visit a store do you complain about the % on the dollar? When you do - do you notice they don't care and they keep doing what they do for their reasons? What happens next? You leave. I'm not sure why you feel sites have to explain every aspect of why they do this or that. We don't. :)

Move on and find a site you like. Simple. :)

Again, best of luck in your travels. I hope you find what you're searching for.

04-11-13  04:24pm

Visit Bryci

REPLY TO #21 from JamesDavid: (Capn's Reply)

"No point in doing photos then."

haha okay then.

"With the rip-off regional pricing, it was academic anyway!"

Again, positivity wins the race.

"Best of luck getting any photo collectors."

We don't need luck, but thank you for your well wishes, very nice of you.

We have thousands of happy members and guess how many complain about not having zips? Less than 0.01%.

Photo collectors go to most sites, see that site's "high resolution" is 1200 or 1500 pixels. (our free promo content is 1500 pixels for crying out loud) Then they see us slamming out 4000 pixel content and where do you think they'll sign up?

The simplest advice is go somewhere your personal needs are met.

Best of luck in your travels, I'm done replying to you if all you're going to do is attack. Man up. If you don't like something, move along and find somewhere you do like. How this is not common sense, I'm not sure.

04-11-13  04:13pm

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