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TheSquirrel (53) 05-15-13  06:10am
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Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: No DRM, pre checked cross sells, or download restrictions.
Superb photography and lighting.
Beautiful girls, with few fake breasts or tattoos.
Very little filler material, although older material is lower spec.
Pics are very good, and have much more variety of angles than seen on most networks.
There is a progression from clothed to unclothed, with some great softcore pics.
Streaming in chunks.
The male leads and cameramen mostly keep out of the way. There is occasionally some abuse (choking on Ass Teen Mouth for example), but the focus is nearly always on the models.
No condoms.
Cons: Expensive
Rip off exchange rate from CCBill.
No zipped photos.
No customer service.
Awful log in. Each site needs a new log in plus captcha, you have to log in again every time you leave, and you get timed out of the site very quickly.
Very few new updates.
Video downloads are only in wmv, but for me that is no con, as I prefer wmv.
Very little ethnic or weight diversity. Models are mainly white and slim.
Homogeneous product. Most of it has the same look.
The most customer unfriendly network in the entire universe (even worse than Ewoks customer services at DeathStar.com).
Bottom Line: When I first joined this network three years ago I said it had great material but is let down by lousy management who couldn't care less about their customers. Nothing has changed in that respect. I haven't tried to contact customer support this time. I tried three years ago on a number of occasions but never received a reply. I have no doubt that still holds. If anyone has ever received a reply from this place I would be both pleased and amazed to hear from them.

Pictures are still unzipped, and the log in is still ridiculous. You not only have to enter your name and password for each site, you also have to enter a captcha. Why? You have paid money to join a site, you are unlikely to be some sort of computer bot. Furthermore, none of the sites remember you are logged in, so once you leave the site, even if only for a few seconds, you have to re enter you name, password, and new captcha. It is still the most customer unfriendly network I have ever joined.

So why did I join again after three years? For a number of good reasons. For my taste this has the highest download strike rate of any site. In other words I wish to download a higher percentage of updates from this site than from any other. The girls are stunningly attractive, the videos and pics are beautifully lit and shot, and have very good angles for displaying the models.

One thing that for me does not now seem so bad, is navigation. I don't think it has actually improved, but since I first joined I have visited sites with seriously BAD navigation, and in comparison TCC is not so bad. Home pages give you an accurate preview of the material, and most of the time they are very inviting. Most of the sites in the network have a homogeneous samey look to them, with a few exceptions, Hardcore Youth being one. I have seen comments on PU that it is leased content, unfortunately there are still no zipped photos even on that site. Some of the older content on the network looks a bit different and has lower spec.

The models may be white and slim, but they are very beautiful, and at least not so skinny they look like concentration camp victims. There is an accent on anal, but as well as the softcore photos, there is some good straight action too. The majority of the updates are one on one, but there is some dp, and the Double Teamed Teens site is dedicated to that. It does have an overall homogeneous look across the network. Although produced well, it could do with something a little different on occasion, even if that just means changing the location or furniture.

The softcore pictures are very good, but are not part of the video. On most sites they appear to take a series of softcore pictures, then the model starts back with her clothes on. The video and second section of pictures go from here. The male lead enters, quickly takes of the model's clothes, and the action starts straight away.

With usually over 500 pictures to a set for the new updates, and no zipped photos facility, the time and effort to painstakingly store every single one of them becomes such a pain, that you start to ask yourself questions like "do I really need this photo," or "will the quality of my life really improve if I store this one?" At some point I start to spend more time trying to weed out the few that I don't want, than just going ahead and capturing the lot. After a while this whole place becomes the biggest pain in the ass since Vlad The Impaler was assassinated. Given the amount of material on TeenCoreClub, by the time you have manually captured only a tenth of the photos you want, you will need an ice pack on your arm. So this is what they mean by porn giving you a stiff wrist.

Just because there is no one in customer services doesn't mean there isn't anyone at home (obviously there is someone around to pocket the money), and the lack of a zipped photos facility may well be by design. You are going to need more than one month to capture all the photos you need, so it certainly stops everyone joining for one month only, downloading everything, then putting it all on a free download forum. I would rather pay three times as much, and have zipped photos. However, if this is the price I have to pay for their survival, given the quality of the material they offer, I can live with it. I ended my subscription because I knew I didn't have the time or inclination to store each individual picture. In the end I only downloaded a small part of what is available. What I do have is very good indeed, even though they don't have very high definition material. I may return when I have more time to manually save pictures.

Beautiful girls, great camerawork, and some great material, but a number of other networks outscore it by around ten points, both on PU and TBP. That says a lot about its negatives.

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lk2fireone (196) Excellent review.

Would you mind posting the URL of the free download forum where all the photos are posted? Much cheaper and easier than joining a site with no zips.

05-15-13  06:31am

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TheSquirrel (53) REPLY TO #1 - lk2fireone :

Oooh you naughty lad!

I see very few free pics from this network on free forums so maybe their policy of having no zipped photos works. However one argument for paying to join sites is ease of downloading material. For this network it is easier to search free download forums and download zipped photos.

05-15-13  06:34am

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pat362 (373) Great review to what was once a really great network of sites. I used to love joining this network because they always seemed to have the cutest Eastern European models doing the nastiest kinds of porn.

That changed a few years ago. I suspect that Tube and torrent sites have a lot to do with that plus the recession and finally Russia passing stringent laws regarding the shotting of porn on their soil.
I knew it was the beginning of the end when so much of their content was leased material available on so many cheaper sites. These days the bulk of their updates is all leased material. If they were a less expensive network then I could overlook that part but they aren't and therefore they are on my list of sites to be avoided.

05-15-13  05:23pm

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TheSquirrel (53) REPLY TO #3 - pat362 :

Yeah I pretty much agree with that, Pat. For me the material is as good as any I have seen. Amazing models and photography, but negatives so bad they shot themselves in the foot.

I am probably one of the few who would be willing to fork out more than a $50 join fee, providing the material is top rate. I am one who thinks porn is too cheap, ridiculously cheap.

The strange thing is, although they have no customer service and don't seem to care less about the site being customer friendly, they don't try to trick you with cross sales, or any other dirty tricks for that matter.

I think I will go out on a limb and say the material is the best porn I have seen (although admittedly that is very subjective). Okay I'll say it's my favourite material, because what is the best porn is just opinion.

I'm not sure whether to feel sad at the demise of a site that produced such quality, or pleased because management is clearly such a bunch of total assholes.

05-15-13  09:25pm

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marcdc1 (174) REPLY TO #4 - TheSquirrel :

Nice review. You really did a good job of showing the difference between the content and the experience.

I especially appreciate your review, because there preview section is next to non-existent.


05-16-13  05:14am

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TheSquirrel (53) REPLY TO #5 - marcdc1 :

Thanks Marc. Yes they could do themselves a favour and give a better preview section, especially as they are so low profile. They could find some new subscribers and lengthen their life, but all the signs are thay're on life support.
05-16-13  06:13am

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RustyJ (145) Very nice review! I should try out that site some day in any case.
05-16-13  06:36am

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TheSquirrel (53) REPLY TO #7 - RustyJ :

Thanks Rusty - the material is brilliant. It is not discussed much here because of all the faults but you may be surprised at what is there.
05-16-13  06:51am

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Denner (235) Thanks for this update - for this site/network in an excellent review. Been a member a couple of times in the past - long ago - maybe I should take another look now.....according to the review here from TheSquirrel.....
05-16-13  07:49am

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RustyJ (145) REPLY TO #8 - TheSquirrel :

Yeah, I see your points. At that price and those disadvantages it's probably a join, download and unsubscribe site. However the stuff looks fresh to me despite the uniformity since I've never seen it before.
05-16-13  08:07am

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Capn (28) Hmmm.

Even if I liked the material; which I doubt as it seems mainstream focussed on hardcore; I wouldn't put up with no zips or CCBill ripping me off.

Cap'n. :0E

05-16-13  11:50am

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TheSquirrel (53) REPLY TO #9 - Denner :

I was last there in 2010 so although recent updates have slowed to being non existent, there were still quite a few since my last membership. If you haven't been there for a while I'm sure you'll find some good stuff from 2010-12. Even their leased content is good.

There are no problems with TCC if you only collect videos, as download speeds are quite good, but if you like photos it's a pain. One thing that occurred to me is if you like photos you will never have enough time to capture all of them on all the sites in a month or two. To join TCC is $49.97 but if you join separate sites it's only $29.97 and you get quite a few of the TCC sites as a bonus, usually between 13 and 17, depending on which site you join. So if you want to collect photos obviously it's best to join separate sites over the months, until you have downloaded all the photos, otherwise you will be paying for many sites you wont use. Incidentally if you cancel TCC membership they offer you a cut price offer to stay on.

It's very much personal taste, but I like their style, of great looking girls captured by professional lighting and camerawork, which has a very bright and colourful look. The only thing you may not like is the quality of video which is not very high def. It's good and I'm happpy with it but very high def afficionados may not like it. Good enough for me though and the pics are great, if only there were a way of downloading them.

05-16-13  04:32pm

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TheSquirrel (53) REPLY TO #11 - Capn :

Agreed about CCBill. Rates are getting very close to being regional discrimination, which we both hate. I mostly stay away from CCBIll nowadays for that reason. I go with Epoch whenever I can,
05-16-13  04:35pm

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #4 - TheSquirrel :

My issues with the network was never about cost. Of course I'd be happier if they charged less but that never stopped me from joining in the past. That changed when they started to use more and more leased material becausae the join price didn't go down. These days only the new members get their money's worth since there is a lot of great older stuff but any returning member is paying way too much for content that he could find elsewhere for a lot less money.
05-16-13  06:36pm

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Capn (28) REPLY TO #13 - TheSquirrel :

Me too.

Cap'n. :0/

05-16-13  10:27pm

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Cybertoad (Disabled)
One awesome review there lots lots of details.

05-20-13  06:03am

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TheSquirrel (53) REPLY TO #16 - Cybertoad :

Cheers toad, good to see you're still here.
05-20-13  05:48pm

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Bdot (3) Thanks for a solid review. The TRAFFIC OVERLOAD! thing is a serious pain in the ass though. Seems to happen on some sites after less than a gig of downloading. Are you serious?
06-10-13  12:42pm

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TheSquirrel (53) REPLY TO #18 - Bdot :

It's one thing I didn't encounter on TCC this time around because capturing pics became such a waste of time and energy, I stopped downloading videos too. This is mainly because I like to have both video and photo sets. I downloaded relatively little this time. I gave up on the site because the time and effort wasn't worth it.
06-10-13  08:20pm

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