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Bryci (0)

Marcus (47) 04-09-13  01:34pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (22), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Perfect balance of video and gallery content
- Well-known, established model with regular updates since 2012
- Bryciís now doing hardcore, with plenty of updates already
- Extremely pretty with exceptional body and large (if fake) boobs
- Immediate access to Bella Pass network including 6 bonus sites
- Consistent, high quality of content throughout the site
- Content is downloadable, videos have lots of download options
- Regular, dated updates (including recent ones in preview area)
- Tons of bonus content like bio, blog, candids, behind the scenes
- Easy navigation either via Bella Pass or her own site
- You seem to stay logged in without username/password prompts
- CCBill with no pre-checked cross-sells Ė good value for money

See my Bella Pass review for in-depth thoughts on the network as a whole.
Cons: Points marked with * don't bother me personally:

- No ZIP files for photo galleries
- Video previews are a bit limited
- Regional pricing
- If you want hardcore, might be worth waiting a few months*
- Automatically generated username/password*
- Download limit of 20gb per 24 hour period*
- Bryci has fake boobs*

See my Bella Pass review for in-depth thoughts on the network as a whole.

A note on Bella Network's piracy policy: Bella Network has a very strict piracy policy. They are extremely clear with this when you join. Sometimes legitimate members MIGHT get blocked - Bella have have made improvements to their customer service so that this can easily be investigated and rectified.
Bottom Line: Iíll cut to the chase and say this is one of the best amateur solo model websites I have ever joined.

It has all the benefits of a solo model website (personality, insight into the model etc) while being part of a slick, regularly updated network.

Membership includes access to the following bonus sites:

Katie Banks - very similar to Bryci, with content being softcore
Talia Shepard - youíll probably like Talia if you like Bryci - softcore
Hunter Leigh - beautiful model, relatively new. Nudity but no toys
Lexi Mason - extremely petite, relatively new to Bella
Ava Dawn - site no longer updating but has over 50 videos
Monroe Lee - super-curvy but site no longer updating

If you like Bryci, Talia Shepard and Katie Banks are from the same mould. Bryciís site is currently the only one with hardcore content, but both Talia and Katieís sites are comparable size-wise to Bryciís.

You can browse content from the whole network, or just Bryciís site using a drop down in the top right. You also have a very good search function where you can search by niche or by site.

Bryci has the usual sections for photos and video content, but in addition to this:

BIO: A hugely comprehensive biography. Features her essential statistics but also a very, very in-depth profile with information about her and her site.

CANDIDS: 71 candid galleries featuring Bryci. Some are her out and about or on holiday, many are self-shot pics featuring her in various states of undress.

BLOG: Regularly updated and from what I can tell, actually written by Bryci. Includes personal updates, previews of forthcoming galleries etc, and various candid photos.

BABECHAT: Video web chat featuring models from Bella Network. Bryci doesnít seem to be on the schedule, but Talia Shepard and Katie Banks make frequent appearances. She might be just taking a few weeks off, though, as there are plenty of videos of her in the archive.

WALLS: Lots and lots of stylised wallpapers.


Currently 308 galleries, approximately 80 photos each. If you hover over the gallery thumbnails they animate to show a sample of images inside. You can sort galleries by most recent or by name.

All images are downloadable, feature a small, translucent watermark and can either be viewed at 1500px or 4000px. Zips are not available, and batch download programmes are prohibited, which is a big mark against the site as itís hugely time-consuming to download images. You canít right-click thumbnails and download link because the high-res images are placed onto a web page, so youíd download this, not the image. It makes the concept of even downloading a sample of images quite a bewildering prospect. The majority of the points deducted from giving the site a perfect score are because of this, and Iím not even a huge photo collector.

Currently there are no hardcore galleries. Most galleries feature Bryci enjoying her own company in the form of strip-tease and/or masturbation with or without toys. Sheís extremely charismatic in front of the camera and oozes confidence. Most updates are shot in and around the house in the bedroom, bathroom etc, but any updates outside are well-lit and still very polished.


Currently 341 videos including webchat archives and behind-the-scenes. The video pages again feature animating thumbnails, but the animation generally only shows the first part of the video. Webchat archives and BTS are mixed in with the standard videos which is a minor niggle. You can either stream a Flash video (skipping to any part as it loads) or download the video in a number of sizes/formats:

- 3GP (352x288)
- Flash (900x506)
- MP4 (1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x360 for iPad)
- WMV (1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x360)*

* As of March 2013, WMV is no longer being added, but it is still available on older updates

Videos are excellently shot. The majority are softcore with Bryci stripping and playing with toys or masturbating, recent videos feature hardcore. Currently there are six hardcore videos (since March) so although thereís not too much at the moment, itís being added frequently so will build up quickly.

The first two were artistically shot (in the dark or behind shower curtain), and although and the next was poorly lit, the others are well shot. Most hardcore has so far been POV, but the most recent had a version shot POV, and one from a second camera. Bryciís foray into hardcore is confident and assertive, and although already impressive, Iím sure technically the videos will improve in terms of lighting, angles etc as more and more content is added.

Most videos are in the region of 10-15 minutes long. Webcam videos are also mixed in with video updates and are around an hour long.


Bryci is wonderful, and her site does her justice. Thereís a lot of bonus content on her site, and plenty of relevant bonus sites youíll like if you like Bryci. The difficulty of saving images is a big mark against the site, while most other criticisms are minor at best.

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Cybertoad (Disabled)

Nice review, sucks they do not zip pics.

04-09-13  03:09pm

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JamesDavid (9)
Thanks for the kind words on your review. Yes, bryci does her blog herself, she does pretty much everything with her site. I handle updates etc.

yes, we stopped doing wmv network wide as of March 2013. Simplest reason? We asked our member based and we had over 90% say mp4 over wmv. So if we can help members get what they're after, we're happy to help. wmv is sort of a lost tech it seems, mp4 is playable regardless of OS where as wmv is windows only.

Hardcore wise - we're scared shitless! ha! We're trying though - we're having more and more fun as we go. We love what Wifey and Hubby, Chica and her man, even Rachel Aziani and Buzz have done before us for years. We thought we'd join the ranks and start having more fun as well. So far, we've had a handful of guys be upset because they felt they had a shot with Bryci (not sure why) but that happens with solo models on occasion. Almost everyone is happy and we're happy to oblige!

As I had said before as well as in the faq for the bella sites, we don't do zips because when we did, our content was pirated like mad. We stopped offering zips and it went from all over to hard to find. We still get the odd people pirating us, that happens but we stopped the majority of it photo wise anyway.

I can think of many solo models that offer zips, and I can get those zips for free all over - so why pay for their sites? I don't agree with that mindset but this is what happens. This is our job, so we're going to want to make sure we're not being ripped off, that's all it is.


04-09-13  05:06pm

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Marcus (47) REPLY TO #2 - JamesDavid :

Thank you for the reply. I ran out of characters to explain about why WMV files are no longer available, but I certainly didn't mark the site down for that.

I understand why from a webmaster's POV you don't offer ZIP files, but it does make it hard for members. I think I would find it easier if you could right-click thumbnails and save the link. I thought it was really important to communicate this to readers.

Chica's Place is a great website, so I'm really happy that your aspirations hardcore-wise are similar. Actually laughed that some people are disappointed because it rules them out of the picture - they sound like Beliebers who begrudged Selena Gomez for dating Justin Beiber (and no, I'm most certainly not a Beiber fan!)

04-09-13  10:39pm

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JamesDavid (9)
REPLY TO #3 - Marcus :

People can right click images to save them, the thumbs don't open as jpgs, they open on their own page for those that like to do the slide show thing (which surprisingly is a lot of people) but on each page, if you right click any image, they're savable.

I do agree, a lot of work for those that want to save things such as every single pic.

Upside though - very limited piracy. Most of the 'site rips' out there are from some newb that went to bryci.org and saved all the 15 image promo images, thinking those are the full sets. Ah well. :)

As for the sad fans- I guess we all want to believe the fantasy sometimes. I think 99% of guys get that it's entertainment and then 1% think - whoa. I have a shot here. Bryci mentions me on her blog all the time, we've been together 7+ years but maaaaybe if this one fan is extra nice, he'll win her over.

/knocks on wood.

haha.. I should be careful, I'll jinx myself! I figure fuck it, A for effort. Anyone that thinks they can sign up and the model will fall in love with them, fuck yeah man, go for it. Why not? :) (but fyi to the 1% reading - Bryci is off the market - we're married)

Again, thanks for the kind words. We're huge fans of Chica, as well as Wifey from Wifey's World. We were just watching some Wifey vids yesterday actually. Great vids!

04-09-13  11:29pm

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RustyJ (145) This is among the sites that make me say: If she ever goes hardcore, drop me a message ;)
04-10-13  11:54am

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Marcus (47) REPLY TO #5 - RustyJ :

Well, consider this me dropping you a message! She went hardcore in March.

Six hardcore video updates so far, four of which show everything, the other two being artistically shot.

04-10-13  12:17pm

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RustyJ (145) REPLY TO #6 - Marcus :

Oh, I guess I read your review too hastily ;)
04-11-13  05:15am

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Capn (28) For a photo collector, No zips = no subscription

These days no-one is going to download photos individually.

Allowing a custom zip feature may reduce the likelihod of piracy.

Cap'n. :0/

04-11-13  09:43am

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Capn (28) Gotta say I am a bit surprised you didn't spot the regional pricing issue, especially given your location.

Cap'n. :0/

04-11-13  10:04am

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tangub (155) REPLY TO #2 - JamesDavid :

"As I had said before as well as in the faq for the bella sites, we don't do zips because when we did, our content was pirated like mad. We stopped offering zips and it went from all over to hard to find. We still get the odd people pirating us, that happens but we stopped the majority of it photo wise anyway."

So when you stopped offering zips did you suddenly find a big increase in the number of subscribers because those who downloaded pirated content for free suddenly decided they would have to pay for it?

04-11-13  10:59am

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JamesDavid (9)
REPLY TO #10 - tangub :

We offered zips for a three week time period when we first started in Feb 2009. By March we had removed the zips option and we have never and will never return to it. Zipped photos mean your content is in trader forums for free. I can think of solo model sites that don't offer zipped content, and it's hard to find their content. I can think of solo model sites that offer zips and it's incredibly easy to find their content.

If we offered zips, perhaps we'd get a few more sales initially, but for the headache it'd bring and then out content being all over, sales would drop and it's simply not worth it to us. There will always be pirated pix/vids no matter what the site is, that's part of the industry. If we can slow it down though, we do.

What's funny is we get maybe one email a month asking about zips. It's nowhere near the issue many in here make it out to be. Nobody really cares that much about photos anymore, videos are more important to our user base according to 4 out of 5 people.

04-11-13  12:43pm

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Capn (28) REPLY TO #11 - JamesDavid :

" Nobody really cares that much about photos anymore, videos are more important to our user base according to 4 out of 5 people. "

I do.....Very much so.
3 weeks is hardly a sustained test to prove anything.

I have neither the patience or desire to download & repeat view videos.

Having said that, I am used to being non-mainstream.

Cap'n. :0/

04-11-13  01:04pm

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Marcus (47) REPLY TO #9 - Capn :

Oh god, wow, yes - good point! Will update the cons to this effect. Thank you sir.
04-11-13  01:27pm

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Marcus (47) REPLY TO #11 - JamesDavid :

My personal POV is that videos are more important to me, too, but that doesn't mean I don't care about videos. Frankly I'm not a photo collector per-se, but so far I've not actually downloaded many photos just because it's quite hard to know where to start!

Like I say in the review, I'm quite choosy about photos I save, and I think if zips aren't a consideration, then it would be better IMHO to be able to right-click thumbnails and save the JPG which would effectively halve the amount of clicking. Not sure if the full-size JPGs are on individual pages to thwart pirates, though.

04-11-13  01:32pm

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tangub (155) REPLY TO #11 - JamesDavid :

"Nobody really cares that much about photos anymore"

If you seriously believe that then why do you waste your time producing them?

"videos are more important to our user base according to 4 out of 5 people."

That's because those to whom photos are more important discover you don't provide zip files and therefore don't join your user base.

04-11-13  02:30pm

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JamesDavid (9)
REPLY TO #12 - Capn :

As I said in what I wrote, 80% of our member base that replied said videos are more important than photos. This same sentiment has been echoed in various forums, surveys, even surveys here at PU in the past. Videos are more important than photos to the majority, but that does not mean photos are not important. :)

We still feel they are important, which is why we still do them.

04-11-13  03:38pm

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JamesDavid (9)
REPLY TO #15 - tangub :

I'm not sure if you read what I said or if you took it our of context etc. Photos are important, but to the majority of users, they are not as important as videos are.

To the average guy, when he goes to fap - does he use a photo or two or videos? Obviously different for everyone but survey says... videos.

That is not my personal opinion, that is fact based on surveys we've done, other sites have done, even PU has done int he past. Videos are more important, but that doesn't mean photos are not important. They are and always will be. That's why we still create them and more to the point, create them at higher resolution than any other site out there in our niche. :)

04-11-13  03:44pm

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Capn (28) REPLY TO #16 - JamesDavid :

That's as may be, but if you are going to bother do them, do them in a way which photo collectors find convenient... Custom zips.

Cap'n. :0)

04-11-13  03:52pm

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JamesDavid (9)
REPLY TO #18 - Capn :

We will never offer zip sets of any kind, for any user.

If you're after zips, there are several sites for you that will keep you happy. Best of luck in your travels.

04-11-13  03:54pm

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Capn (28) REPLY TO #19 - JamesDavid :

No point in doing photos then.

With the rip-off regional pricing, it was academic anyway!

Best of luck getting any photo collectors.

Cap'n. :0/

04-11-13  03:58pm

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Capn (28) REPLY TO #13 - Marcus :

I think that is worth docking the score by at least 15 TBH

Cap'n. :0/

04-11-13  04:07pm

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JamesDavid (9)
REPLY TO #20 - Capn :

"No point in doing photos then."

haha okay then.

"With the rip-off regional pricing, it was academic anyway!"

Again, positivity wins the race.

"Best of luck getting any photo collectors."

We don't need luck, but thank you for your well wishes, very nice of you.

We have thousands of happy members and guess how many complain about not having zips? Less than 0.01%.

Photo collectors go to most sites, see that site's "high resolution" is 1200 or 1500 pixels. (our free promo content is 1500 pixels for crying out loud) Then they see us slamming out 4000 pixel content and where do you think they'll sign up?

The simplest advice is go somewhere your personal needs are met.

Best of luck in your travels, I'm done replying to you if all you're going to do is attack. Man up. If you don't like something, move along and find somewhere you do like. How this is not common sense, I'm not sure.

04-11-13  04:13pm

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Capn (28) REPLY TO #22 - JamesDavid :

I'm not saying I didn't like the content.

Just the totally stonewall intransigent attitude & the regional pricing.


Cap'n. :0)

04-11-13  04:17pm

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JamesDavid (9)
REPLY TO #23 - Capn :

Alright fine, one more go around. lol

It's not a stonewall attitude.

You don't get your way so we're stonewalling you? Not quite. It's our site. We run it the way *WE* want to run it. Same as any business, if you don't like the way something is, you leave.

We don't offer zips. That's it. Pretty straight forward.

As for Regional pricing, as with zips, if that troubles you - move. on. already.

there are reasons we and other sites do this, and no, you don't get a vote or opinion. If you ran a site yourself, you'd understand that every single day things fluctuate. Bank rates, chargebacks, fraud, bandwidth from assholes that attempt a rip etc. So yes, some sites including ours compensate for this.

When you visit a store do you complain about the % on the dollar? When you do - do you notice they don't care and they keep doing what they do for their reasons? What happens next? You leave. I'm not sure why you feel sites have to explain every aspect of why they do this or that. We don't. :)

Move on and find a site you like. Simple. :)

Again, best of luck in your travels. I hope you find what you're searching for.

04-11-13  04:24pm

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Capn (28) I'm done here.

I'll let others draw whatever conclusions they like.

Cap'n. :0)

04-11-13  04:26pm

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Marcus (47) REPLY TO #21 - Capn :

I think regional pricing is bit of a cheek, but I don't feel as strongly as you - 15 seems a lot to reduce the score by! I have put it into the cons, and will let people draw their own conclusions in this respect.
04-11-13  11:09pm

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Capn (28) REPLY TO #26 - Marcus :

Bit of a cheek, is a gross understatement.

It is an outright rip off!

Cap'n :0(

04-12-13  07:49am

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RustyJ (145) So no zips's because they get pirated and it's no problem that they are a huge PITA to download individually since nobody cares about them anyway?

Makes no sense on at least five different levels :|

04-12-13  08:58am

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hodayathink (18) REPLY TO #28 - RustyJ :

Makes perfect sense once you realize it's a self-fulfilling prophecy/feedback loop. The policy on photos means that people who prefer photos to videos aren't going to join in the first place, so when they survey their members on whether they prefer videos or photos, their members are going to overwhelming say videos.

Basically, it sounds like the photos on the site are more about people who like just looking at them as opposed to people who like collecting them. I don't really see a problem with that as long as you can know that ahead of time.

04-13-13  01:30am

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RustyJ (145) REPLY TO #29 - hodayathink :

But somebody had to care about them enough to rip them off the site and after that many people had to care enough to spread and/or pirate them further to make the issue significant. Of course, during that time the site probably had friends and collectors of photography as subscribers.

I guess this means that soon they don't bother with taking photos at all :(

04-13-13  02:00am

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hodayathink (18) REPLY TO #30 - RustyJ :

The point of taking photos doesn't really have to be to allow collectors to download them. If nothing else, photos make for much better promotional material than videos. They're much easier to distribute freely (a fact that pirates take advantage of), and you can use them as part of your website design (especially on the front page of the site). Not to mention the ability to use them to make advertisements with (from banner ads to preview pages). The truth is that the majority of video sites that make their own exclusive content (as opposed to licensing it from someone else) shoot at least some photos to go along with it, and there's a reason for that.
04-13-13  11:57am

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slutty (111) REPLY TO #11 - JamesDavid :


Sorry for jumping in on this heated discussion late, but I really don't buy the excuse of no zips prevent piracy, especially given the fact that you say most people interested in your site just want videos.

Fact of the matter is, there are lots of image downloading packages available that can find all links on a thumbnail page and download them, I have never been a member of your site, so can't verify that any of these would work, but given that you state the images are linked on individual pages, I would assume they would), so it would not make site ripping that much more difficult. I think most sites that don't offer zips do so to try to get photo fans to hang around longer to dig through it all (Club Seventeen did this as well, and I am almost certain that is the reason). Policies like this punish paying subscribers, to get at pirates, and I doubt are all that successful (I doubt most pirates would have ever been paying customers anyway).

04-15-13  09:03pm

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slutty (111) REPLY TO #27 - Capn :


I know regional pricing is something that really sticks in your craw, but I think it is fair to let the reviewer point it out and draw the conclusions they wish from it, you sometimes sound a bit overly forceful in this regard to me. I agree regional pricing is unfair (and not to start another debate on this), but lots of things probably cost more depending on where you are (including DVDs, magazines, etc) and these increased costs are not due entirely to shipping and other costs, they are due to a perceived value of money in your country.

04-15-13  09:07pm

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Capn (28) REPLY TO #33 - slutty :

The reviewer didn't point it out.

That is why I mentioned it in an earlier reply.
What you see in the review is a subsequent edit.

The only people that seem to defend it are either those charging it or those that are not effected by it.

Cap'n. :0)

04-15-13  11:26pm

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JamesDavid (9)
REPLY TO #32 - slutty :

So let me get this right - I say we don't zip images and you come in and acuse us of punishing members? Then you go on to say how there are ways to site rip etc? Ouch :(

I posted we had a survey and 80% of the members said videos are more important than photos. Not at any time say photos do not matter, I said videos matter more or photos don't matter as much and sorry if it upsets you, they don't.

I'm a professional photographer, I've been fortunate enough to shoot for Penthouse magazine in the past - you don't think it bothers me that photos don't matter as much? lol Of course it does man. I love photos!

if you were to look up the surveys in PornUsers - this exact topic has been covered and the same result was found. Videos matter more. Sorry to be the bad guy here.

How many guys you think fap to photos versus videos? (very few according to all the surveys)

Piracy happens no matter what the site is. There is always a way to save things, mass distribute them if someone decides they want to do this. Zips make it easier.

I respect you disagree but that's the great thing about the internet. There are tons of sites out there, you'll find one that makes you happy. I hope you find what you're searching for.

04-15-13  11:56pm

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JamesDavid (9)
REPLY TO #30 - RustyJ :

We will always shoot photos, they're fun to shoot. :)
04-16-13  12:03am

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JamesDavid (9)
REPLY TO #29 - hodayathink :

That's not correct actually. Sorry to be the bad guy - but it's been over four years that we have not offered zips. The only people bitching about it - are in this site.

I have had three people ask, ever, in four years. Sure, some others perhaps looked for zips and then cancelled. I agree with that as well, the customer should be happy in what they get fior their money. The issue becomes - is the customer realistic about hat their membership buys them or is worth?

For example - how many times you join a site and the photos are small, blurry, they consider high res to be 1200 pixels or something. They consider "HD VIDEO" to be 1280x720 and while technically - that is HD... ummm.. it's not 1920x1080. I have joined solo model sites myself where you get inside and the girl has 30-40 sets and each set is some webcam set of 20-30 photos.

We are not competing with large pro sites in the least. We offer large images (up to 4000 pixels) as well as higher res HD videos. We offer steady updates and some of the girls cam from time to time as well. Not all and not always on a set schedule, but they post when they are going to do it.

We offer a more personal experience than the majority of sites out there, or so our members that have stayed with us and rebilled for 4 straight years tell us.

i'm not liked because I'm blunt. I'm an asshole at times and I don't buy into the mindset 'the customer is always right'. The customer can be wrong, just as I can, just as anyone can be. We don't bend the network to what someone tells us we 'have to do'. Instead we laugh at those people and do what we want to do instead. At the same time, I get respect because I work my ass off for my members. It's not uncommon for someone to follow me on twitter and see me working through ti 8am the next day, sleep for three hours, start again. - It's just Bryci and I running the entire network. I run 98% of things, she handles the things I ask her to jump in on. We're far from perfect, and I don't always respond as fast as I'd like. I didn't even know some of these responses were here - thus why i am going apeshit crazy now :) We do try though, which is more than I can say for most network/sites out there I have been a member of.

It's easy to mass purchase content, slap up a site and offer zips. No girls to be sad their faces are all over the net for free. Nobody to answer to. that describes most multi model sites pretty close. Not all of course.

We're having fun, we have a higher rebill % than many sites out there. i can be outspoken and I have enemies for being Bryci's husband. By default "that guy is a douche" is the safe comment It's funny, but I don't take it to heart. I'm anything but. I pay my taxes, I helped buy my Mom her house, I donate to the SPCA regularly and and ask anyone that knows me, including any of the girls that work with me and they'll tell you I'd give them the shirt off my back. Be true to yourself and others will appreciate it - is all we do.

04-16-13  12:16am

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hodayathink (18) REPLY TO #37 - JamesDavid :

I'm not really sure what you're saying is not correct? The feedback loop comment? I do agree with much of the other stuff you said here, though (except the HD thing. 720p is still HD by every definition of the phrase. Hell, technically, 721x481 would be HD). Especially the fact that the customer isn't always right. I've worked in retail for way too long to actually believe that. I think as long as it's fairly obvious that you're primarily a video site with photos also, you're not doing anything at all wrong.

Also, if you check my reviews, I'm a video guy. Always have been, always will be. So your sites lack of zip files wouldn't bother me at all. Without really knowing much about your sites/network, I don't' know whether I would join or not (I've never joined a single model site/network yet), but this wouldn't be an issue that persuades me either way.

04-16-13  12:34am

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JamesDavid (9)
REPLY TO #38 - hodayathink :

Sorry if I wasn't clear, I can see how it sounded that way.. my bad. :) What you said 'The policy on photos means that people who prefer photos to videos aren't going to join in the first place".

In regards to our site at least, that's not correct from our experiences. Photo fans love what we do and they join, and rebill. I am sure there are some that don't stay, I don't mean to suggest they all stay/rebill - lol, that's not how sites work anymore. We do have a high rebill rate though which to me, suggests we're doing something right. Again, not perfect, but right enough for most.

We're know for our photos over videos 10 to 1 easy as we don't promote with videos. That's changing a bit now that we've gone to hardcore.. people are taking note of screen caps etc it seems. (go figure)

Like I said, barely a handful in four years have been unhappy regarding lack of zips. Truth be told, I wish we could offer them, because to me, it's a value added service for sure. Can't please everyone I guess. thanks for taking the time though to add your thoughts on it all.

04-16-13  12:52am

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slutty (111) REPLY TO #35 - JamesDavid :

You are punishing your members but not offering zips, plain and simple - if you admit it is something they would prefer, and you choose not to do it as you think it will "prevent" piracy, you are punishing them. My point with the software being available to download all the photos on a thumbnail page is that I'm sure site rippers would use these types of applications, but average users don't know they exist or can't use them. If you are really that concerned about piracy, why allow downloads of videos, which as you claim is what most people want anyway? Either way, I find the lack of zips to prevent piracy argument a bit bogus, and I am guessing it wouldn't be hard to find full sets from your site somewhere, I just don't feel like wasting my time looking.

Not trying to be combative, and I am glad you are a responsive webmaster, I would just consider adding this feature, I think the positives would far outweigh the potential negatives.

04-16-13  07:21pm

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slutty (111) REPLY TO #34 - Capn :

I understood that from the beginning, my point was your comments to the initial reviewer and subsequent responses seemed a bit too forceful in my opinion.

My only point, as it has always been, is that location based pricing is common, particularly in the entertainment industry. I am not really trying to defend it. Do you also boycott amazon.uk since they charge more than the American version for many items, including downloaded items such as music and movies (this was, after all, one of the main reasons for regions on DVDs)? Retailers everywhere will charge as much as they can get away with, and if for whatever reason they think $30 to an American is equivalent to $40 to a European or whatever, that is their choice. It sucks I agree, but such is life.

If regional pricing had always existed, as it has with other areas of entertainment, would you still feel as ripped off as you do?

04-16-13  07:34pm

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JamesDavid (9)
REPLY TO #40 - slutty :

Wow. What part of if a site doesn't do something you do not like, move on do you not grasp? Not being to be combative? I've already explained this inside out and as I said, nothing has or will be changed. Yet you keep going. Not sure what you feel is gained? Here we go again. this time I'll try and make it easier to understand.

Zips don't matter to the majority of members.

I can say this with authority, based on 17 years experience running websites. It's not even 10% of the member base that actively downloads zips when they are available. Again, I can say this from a place of knowledge, not opinion. Sad thing is, in the 10%, you get assholes that post your content for free.

Bella Network isn't the first network I have owned/run and we didn't offer zips in the other networks either. There are a ton of large networks that don't offer photo zips. They do fine, their content isn't mass distributed. The content that is available in zips, all over the place for free.

When we removed zips, nobody said anything, nobody cared, cancelations didn't rise etc. The world didn't end basically. Again, nobody cared. In four years - FOUR people have emailed asking what's up.

I know this rubs you the wrong way, and this next line will upset you, but my job isn't to make you happy.

Yes the customer (albeit not you) is important, but the buck doesn't stop with the customer. The buck stops with the product itself, same as any supply/demand example. Customers will come for what is being sold and the customers that don't like what is being sold, will leave or not come at all. Again, FOUR people in 4 years. Do I think it's a big issue like the non members here are claiming? No, not in the least. For them it is, obviously. Photo collectors I am guessing, or traders for all I know.

My job is to make the GIRLS happy. I can deal with 1 in 10 (if that) customers being pissy and not signing up because we don't have zips. I wish them well and hope they find something they like elsewhere.

I can't deal with 1/1 girls being sad because her content is mass distributed for free so she quits. Keeping the model happy FAR outweighs keeping 1/10 people (actually lower than 1/10 but I rounded up for ease of example).

Now seriously slutty, you're not a member, you clearly don't like that we don't offer zips, so why are you still bitching/moaning? Are you trying to have a conversation on a closed topic? Sorry man but it's pretty much a dead topic. Not an option, never will be an option etc. Thank you for playing, game over - type of thing. Hope I was clear enough this time and best of luck finding your dream site.

04-16-13  10:16pm

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Marcus (47) REPLY TO #41 - slutty :

Thanks for this, and I do agree.

I'm not a fan of regional pricing, and although I respect Capn for his passionate stance on the matter, I think 15 points is far too many to consider docking a website for regional pricing.

Like you noticed, I've updated the review, reduced the score by 3, but I'll let PU members draw their own conclusions. The score is illustrative of my thoughts on the site. I've gone into detail in the pros/cons, so if a particular issue (eg, regional pricing) grinds somebody's axe, then they have every right not to join the site - I'm only sorry I missed this in the first review, but like I say, quality of content is more important to me than regional pricing which is why it slipped the net.

I don't know the whole story about regional pricing - for example, I don't know if webmasters have to shoulder extra costs from international members, so it's not really for me to by judge, jury and executioner.

04-17-13  12:09am

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slutty (111) REPLY TO #42 - JamesDavid :

Dude, all I have been saying is that anti-piracy is not a valid argument (just say you don't offer zips and won't, don't back it up with some garbage), check some torrents for scenes from this site, shit is not hard to find for free. Zips are not a deal breaker for me, douche attitudes certainly are.
04-17-13  08:27pm

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JamesDavid (9)
REPLY TO #44 - slutty :

Douche attitudes?

Whatever man. I was crystal clear as to that we don't offer zips and I even went into why, you kept whining and moaning. you did this, I didn't.

Don't start trying to flip this into a you're a douche comment. Seriously, grow up already. The biggest laugh in this whole thread has been you moaning about things you can't have, even though you've not and never have been a member.

I've been polite, wishing you well and saying I hope you find what you're looking for - you just keep being a pain, for what reason - I have no idea. The fact that you bring up download software, and now torrenting, tells me you're most likely one of those tools that posts site content. I've learned over 17 years running sites to trust my instincts, they have yet to be incorrect.

Neat thing here I hope you've learned - sites don't take shit from random trolls on forums. If you think we jump through hoops to get memberships, you'd be incorrect. We have fun, we do what we do and guess what? Each week we have more people happy than the week before. In four solid years, we have outsold ourselves week after week. I guess we're doing something right after all.

Last time I respond to you, if you keep trolling I report you for doing so. Sound fair? You go your way, we go ours. I hope you find a site that suites your needs.

04-17-13  09:24pm

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slutty (111) REPLY TO #45 - JamesDavid :

Just to respond to your statements:

I'm not trolling, was looking for an actual response to several questions I didn't feel you properly answered. Feel free to report me, I don't think I have done anything wrong.

I don't rip sites, I don't redistribute material, your instincts are dead wrong on this one. A knowledge of torrents and downloading aids merely means one is familiar with the internet, pretty much any adult under 40.

From reviewing your responses, you seemed overly aggressive/defensive to me and others you have responded to here and in other comments, thus I called you a douche, perhaps I am misreading your tone, if so I apologize.

Good luck with your site.

04-21-13  12:46am

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