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Visit Nubiles.net

Reply of elephant's Comment

I click on the PU link to nubiles.net, and it brings up the normal website. I am not a member.

I'm guessing there is a problem with your computer.
Try clearing the cache, cookies, whatever.
Then try bringing up the site again.

That's my suggestion.

Less likely, that you are being blocked by something: your Internet Service Provider, Parental Controls that were activated, whatever.

08-12-15  09:55am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Ditto tangub's input.
But also, if I had the site's content before, but I lost it, and want to replace that content.
I've lost a lot of past content from sloppy housekeeping, not making backup files of my content, etc.

08-10-15  08:12am

Visit Zemani

Reply of nutcrackr's Comment

You can try sending an email to Zemani, and request an extension of your membership, because of the problems you had with your membership.

I bought a 12-month subscription to Muse.org in 2009.
The main photographer for the site was Richard Murrian, who has contributed to Metart.
There were almost no updates during the time I was a member (for one year).
And many times, when I tried to log in to the site, I could not get in.
Because of the lack of updates, and other problems at the site, the site eventually said they would give 12-month members a 6-month extension of their membership.
I mailed customer support asking for the extension. Never got a reply to any of my emails. Never got an extension.

So sites can, for one reason or another, give you very poor service for your money.

I believe Muse.org is now dead. Good riddance.

08-04-15  11:03pm

Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of RagingBuddhist's Reply

Thanks for the clear explanation.

I've read reports by some PU members that mention distortions in photos, and now I better understand what they were talking about. Because I always thought the photo quality was perfectly acceptable.

Using a smaller monitor, and almost never zooming in for fine details, explains the difference.

07-03-15  01:47am

Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of RagingBuddhist's Comment

I agree that MetArt has tons of content and thousands of lovely models.
Maybe there is too much content, and the average viewer starts to get bored. A psychology thing.
Very few of the videos at MetArt are worth watching or saving.
That's my opinion, in spite of how lovely the models can be. The vidoes are boring, not erotic.

The value of MetArt is as a photo site.

Maybe I'm not sophisticated enough, but I don't have any problem with the technical quality of the photos. In the main.

What sites do you find that give you satisfaction with the technical quality of the photos?

MPL Studios, Femjoy and Hegre Art offer superior softcore photography.

And how do you view the photos? On a very large monitor, or wall screen TV, or what? What makes the photos at MetArt appear blurry or distorted?

I look at photos on a laptop, or a 22" computer monitor. So I'm guessing that's why I don't have a problem with blurry or distorted photos.

A very large monitor would show the imperfections more easily, I'm guessing.

07-02-15  10:34pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

As long as I am confident a site will give me good value, I'm willing to support that site with a long-term subscription.
I've had 12-month memberships to MetArt, XArt, TeenMegaWorld, maybe a few others.

07-02-15  10:04pm

Visit Wow Girls

Wow Girls
Reply of sonofzog's Reply

I was recently a member of the Diesel network.
I joined 18 Only Girls, and since I remained a member, I gained access to the other two sites over time.

But my experience was different from yours.

It took at least 60 days, maybe more, before I gained access to the other sites. And when I did gain access, it was to both of the other sites at once.

06-26-15  11:58am

Visit Wow Girls

Wow Girls
Reply of uchuuji's Comment

Wow Girls and Wow Porn are treated as separate sites.
If you join one, you do not have access to the other site.
You have to pay separately to join the other site.

However, if you join 19 Only Girls, or Wow Porn, or Wow Girls, and you stay a member for a certain amount of time (I'm not sure of the details), your membership will then include access to all three sites.

Or if you join any one site, and pay an upgrade fee (which is very expensive), you will have access to all three sites.

Or there might be an option to join all three sites at once.

If you haven't been a member of any of these sites, the best value is joining 18 Only Girls, because it has the most content.
As well as the most updates of all three sites.

The content of all three sites is similar. And they use the same models for most of their content.

Having three sites is basically a marketing strategy, to maximize profits.

You would need to be an expert to determine, from watching a video, which site it came from. Because based on content, the same video could be placed in any of the three sites.

06-05-15  11:44am

Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls
Reply of uchuuji's Comment

Most of the old Diesel sites were merged into 18 Only Girls.
Some of the old material from different sites was dropped (no longer available).
But you wouldn't notice that unless you were following those sites closely.
As a newbie, you can now join 18 Only Girls, which contains most of the material from the older sites, as well as updates.

Wow Girls and Wow Porn are still treated as separate sites, from the old Diesel sites.

Young Legal Porn no longer exists as a separate site. Most of its material is now found in 18 Only Girls.

06-05-15  11:31am

Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of hedgehog's Comment

If you are seeking an erotic site where the models make an art of removing their clothing, you are better off looking elsewhere. Some photo sets or videos might start off with the girl wearing some article of clothing. But the majority of the photos feature fully nude models.

Metart is supposed to be Most Erotic Teens, and it's mainly stayed true to that approach. There is very little stripping. It's mostly an appreciation of the bodies of young females. Most of the models are attractive to lovely. The photographers are professional, among the best in the business.

A few members of PU have expressed a wish for an erotic strip tease site. But that niche seems lost in today's market.

05-01-15  09:07pm

Visit Team Skeet

Team Skeet
Reply of Wittyguy's Review

PS: I miss the annual PU forum awards. They were amusing.

04-29-15  08:42am

Visit Team Skeet

Team Skeet
Reply of Wittyguy's Review

When I click on the PU link to TeamSkeet, the join page shows:
$4.99/month for 12 month membership
$9.87/month for 1 month membership
But you have to uncheck the pre-checked offer to join VideoZ, wich is billed at $39.97/month after 2-day trial for $1.00 ends.

I also get the same prices when I click the TBP link to TeamSkeet.

For a while, back in 2013, they dropped the pre-checked offer on signup. But it's now back again. Which could be very expensive if you forget to uncheck the offer and go into the very high monthly fee after 2 days for the cross-sell.

I'm not sure why you saw $18/month. Maybe you need to clear your cache. Or maybe it's something else. Computers can be a mystery.

Both signup pages links to TeamSkeet (PU and TBP) are billed thru Epoch.

04-29-15  08:24am

Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World
Reply of RustyJ's Comment

I agree that the preview page is poor.

There are a number of sites that follow this same procedure of showing a tiny amount of thumbnails of their content on a single page, and then direct you to the join page when you want more information about the content.

But if you like hardcore teen porn, this network has a massive amount of video content of good quality, for a very low price. They also have photos for each matching video, but it's still primarily a video site.

Read my review of the network, posted 2015-03-12, to get a better idea of what the network provides.

I don't think the preview page is meant to be misleading. In my opinion, they just aren't paying enough attention to how to market the network, to give a good, interesting preview that will attract more subscribers.

04-20-15  09:12pm

Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of skippy's Review

Excellent review. I basically agree with everything you wrote. Except possibly I don't find the cross-selling very annoying, compared to what many other paysites do.

Obviously, I would like to get their entire network for free, after joining any one of the network sites, but we can't have everything.

I think that Metart is the best value in the network.
I even paid for a lifetime membership to Metart. I only wish I had done that from the start, because it would have saved me the monthly and annual memberships to Metart that I have paid for. Except that I think for many years while I was a member, they didn't offer a lifetime membership.

03-23-15  09:16am

N/A Reply of LPee23's Poll

I can be mildly disappointed when I find that some content from the site was removed. It's hard to determine if the removal was done at the request of the model, If done at the model's request, that shows a respect for the model.
On the other hand, there are so many past and future models, we should still appreciate the content that is available to us.

03-22-15  04:45pm

Visit Twistys

Reply of rearadmiral's Comment

It seems more and more common that support staff at many businesses are worse than useless.

I bought an item through Amazon. The item was not sold from Amazon, but from one of its commercial partners.

The partner overcharged me about $7 on the item.
I complained to the partner's support staff, in an email.

The first email response I got from the partner support staff said the $7 overcharge was justified, according to their records.

I sent a second email, stating again that I was overcharged $7, and I should get a refund.

The second email from the support staff stated I was not overcharged $7.

I sent a second email, stating that I had been overcharged $7.

The third email from support staff asked me for proof that I had been overcharged.

I sent a new email, with photo copies of the original coupon I used, the original price I should have paid, and a photostat of the charge from my credit card company.

That was proof that I was being overcharged $7.

The next email from support staff said they were sorry I was having a problem, and to please explain what my problem was.

The funny things are: with every email I sent to support staff, I included, in the heading, the ticket code for my complaint.
And I explained, in each email I sent, a summary of my complaint about the overcharge.
As well as sending with each email, the add-on of all previous emails I had sent.
And from the second email on, the support staff member who sent the replying emails was from the same support staff member

Finally, I sent an email to Amazon, with the confirming photos showing I had been overcharged (copy of coupon I used, copy of bill from the partner that shows the overcharge, and copy of my credit card statement that showed the overcharge).
And Amazon gave me a credit for the overcharge.

03-22-15  02:25pm

Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of LPee23's Reply

I've been a member of Metart at different times for the last 10 years or more.
I can't say I've seen every photo set or video they have posted.
But I never came across a peeing scene.

My guess is that the person who told you about the peeing scenes was talking about Grigori Galitsin, who contributed to Metart in its early days.

Galitsin did make some videos featuring peeing, masturbation, lesbian sex, but that content was posted on his own site, not on Metart.
And the Galitsin photo sets that were posted on Metart (which were strictly softcore), were removed from Metart, after Galitsin ran into legal problems with Russia.

03-22-15  01:59pm

Visit Twistys

Reply of rearadmiral's Review

Excellent review, as usual.

I'm not computer knowledgeable, but 2+ GB for 720p video seems way too large.
The coding formats/algorithms used can make a big difference in the file size.
I'm guessing that those files could be shrunk a lot by better choice of file format/codec/whatever.

Even though hard drive prices keep dropping, 2+ GB files will use up a lot of hard drive storage. And even more so for SSD storage.

03-15-15  12:09pm

Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

Thanks for the kind words.
I reviewed this network a few year ago (2011-12-04), and gave it a score of 91.
I decided to give a score of 95 this time, because they keep adding such fine-looking new models.
Just because a model is beautiful doesn't mean her hard core videos will be great.
But I do enjoy looking at beautiful girls.

I even paid for a life-time membership to Metart (my favorite softcore photo site).

03-14-15  10:29am

Visit Team Skeet

Team Skeet
Reply of jook's Reply

Thanks for the reply.
I wasn't trying to start an argument.
I was just trying to explain what I knew about my offer, and what Team Skeet network offers.


The free video is evidently a sample video, you get for free, even if you are not a site member.

As far as the prices you list, when using the PU link, I get different prices:

membership length:
1 month 17.87/month
3 months 16.62/month
12 months 7.98/month

Maybe I need to clear out my computer cache, or maybe the explanation for the different prices we are seeing is something else.

No big deal.

But if you are able to get the prices you listed, it seems like you can get a very cheap membership.

Best wishes.

01-16-15  09:49am

Visit Team Skeet

Team Skeet
Reply of jook's Reply

Two questions:
1.Do you live outside of the United States?
The join price for many sites can be different if you live outside of the US.

2. I don't really understand the offer you got.
Was it for a discounted membership price of $15?

And what do you mean by "a free download with regular $15 membership"?

There is no "regular" $15 membership. The regular membership listed is much higher (not listing the prices for memberships that specify a longer than 1 month membership).

Also, with a membership, you get "free" downloads of all the content at the site/network.

So a free download does not make much sense, unless you include some details about the free download.

Anyway, as far as I know, joining any one site in the Team Skeet network gives you access to all the sites in the Team Skeet network. There are now 20 sites in the network.

They advertise 7 updates per week.
Which means 1 update per day, on average.
That is for the entire network. Not for any one site.

It's a nice network. I've been a member several times. I even wrote a review about 2 years ago for PU.

01-16-15  07:53am

Visit Team Skeet

Team Skeet
Reply of jook's Reply

Your email offer is definitely different than the one I got.

My offer states: "$7.99 a month special offer, New Year's sale, ends tomorrow."

I got the email offer on Jan 13.

And when I click on the hot link, that offer is no longer valid.
The price that is now shown is $28.97/month.

You can get a discount if you join thru PU/TBP hot link for $17.87/month recurring.

01-16-15  07:52am


Reply of RagingBuddhist's Comment

I also got some "free offers" to join Femjoy by paying $30 to join Femjoy and Nubiles.

That's the beauty of advertising: Create words to describe things in the best, most attractive way. Forget logic and common sense... For $30, you get Femjoy and Nubiles, which is the the list price of Nubiles by itself, so you are getting Femjoy for "free".

Anyway, this morning, I got a Christmas special email offer to join Femjoy for $14.95 for 1 month.

That's not "free". But maybe it's half "free"?


12-25-14  07:02am

Visit X-Art

Reply of Parsnip's Reply

Parsnip, send me a private email through the PU email system, and I will send you a link to join X-Art for $9.95 for the first month, rebilling at $19.95/month.

To send a private email, click on the hotlink of my username, that should bring up my PU data page; then click on the E-mail lk2fireone hot link, and write your message.

12-13-14  08:51am

Visit Porn Pros Network

Porn Pros Network
Reply of dbug010101's Comment

I am a current member.
Never had a problem logging in.

Make sure you are entering the username/password correctly (with correct uppercase/lowercase usage).

Also have to enter the captcha shown.

I've never used their tech support, so can't comment on that.

12-12-14  03:10am

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