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N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

I don't really care about it, in that I don't go seeking it out and it's pretty easy to avoid in porn, since it's a genre that by name alone is an automatic trigger warning.

I find that with lots of guys and one girl on the receiving end it becomes less sexual and more stunt-like. So you really just end up watching it for the spectacle (spunktacle?) of seeing a woman handle that many "splashes" rather than seeing much semblance of any real enjoyment on her part.

The only time I might seek it out is if there is a certain performer who I thought of as "innocent" of such boy-girl acts and wanted to watch her perform in something outside her usual comfort zone. But once is more than enough in even those rare cases.

05-30-14  10:58am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Reply

LOL! Thanks for the morning laugh, Drooler!

And we all should've taken Karl Marx's Das Bukkake more seriously. :-)

05-30-14  10:51am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I feel that several times a week--spread across multiple days, of course--can qualify as "frequent." Even pornographers need the weekends off. ;-)

There are a few blogs I follow that update multiple times per day and can't even keep up with them, and these are ones written by a single person. I don't expect a reasonably sized porn operation (a handful of people) to update more than once a day. All those 'shopped photos, edited videos, and childishly dirty scene descriptions/terrible translations take time.

05-28-14  09:32pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Webcams seem to emphasize all of my general complaints about porn and turn them up to 11--shitty video quality, terrible-to-nonexistent sound, weak lighting, messy set, and just boring "action."

I'll take a decent quality non-webcam video where the performer acts as if she is playing to the camera than a piss poor one where she's actually doing that.

05-23-14  01:34pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I'd say in the B to C range, really depends on the individual woman. C cups can look silly on some smaller-framed women and starts to look like evidence of enthusiastic implanting--the "top-heavy" look, if you will.

05-20-14  06:44pm

N/A Reply of Monahan's Reply

That's the whole point--you're not supposed to know! ;-)

That being said, I never get "the porn look" excuse for labiaplasty. Hardcore porn in general seems to have all shapes, sizes, and colors of lips; they're hardly what I would call uniformly small and symmetrical. Even big-breasted, bee stung-lipped models will sport a variety of labia that would furrow the brow of many plastic surgeons. It's softcore/"nude model" stuff that seems to have models with little-to-no labia, as I'm assuming too big may be considered more explicit.

05-19-14  08:03pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Reply

Surgery involving those "other lips" usually means reduction not enlargement. And even that I find totally unnecessary and one of the penultimate results of societal ignorance over female anatomy. Big labia are not the result of "too much" sex or masturbation--a common myth that's easy enough to exploit by practicing surgeons, and a stereotype that seems to epitomize our cultural obsession with virginal women. The same way possessing a giant penis is no guarantee of being some sort of sexual dynamo--no offense to all the burdened PU'ers. ;-)

What exactly is so attractive about unnaturally enhanced (facial) lips that make people go in for injections? It just looks like someone went a little wild with the lip gloss or got attacked by a swarm of bees, neither of which I find attractive.

And what is so unattractive about big pussy lips? Every person is unique, especially with regards to their body, and I wouldn't hold the body a woman was born with against her. I will even go so far as to say I like them, just as a "fuck you" to all the asshats who are so swamped with sexual advances from women that they can turn away and shame all those they deem inferior because of bigger labia.

05-18-14  06:32pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

I was going to say "Other" and add "By nature, because we are all human." I don't think sexual desire is itself perverted, neither is seeking out something to satisfy that, even if it is largely fantasy.

And this is why I say "To live out a fantasy" because porn is the great emancipator of the wild fantasies we all have that are too impractical and unrealistic for what most people are looking for in real life. Yeah, two or three or however many girls at once sounds fun, but real life doesn't exactly bookend itself like a porn scene (nor do I need to apologize to more than one girl at a time).

05-12-14  05:53am

N/A Reply of messmer's Poll

Is this about the Donald Sterling's girlfriend?

Supposedly she was the team's archivist--whatever that entails--not really his girlfriend or sexual partner, but he apparently gave her four cars and a duplex worth nearly $2 million since meeting her in 2010. So who says love isn't blind? Granted the guy's racism is a much bigger problem than the nearly half century age difference between them...but it must be nice to be able to afford to spoil her!

05-04-14  06:28pm

N/A Reply of pat362's Reply

Don't forget razor burn, pat362! ;-)

In fact pubic shaving in general can show all kinds of flaws when presented in HD: the redness, bumps, and those annoying missed spots. I'll gladly volunteer myself for select--highly select--shaving of female performers if pussy and ass depilation is too delicate a task to be done alone. And even if you deplore the bush-free look do you honestly also want a fully forested ass?

05-01-14  05:44pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

Though I usually take a certain pleasure in declining to answer such questions I will say "Maybe, maybe not" on this one. :-)

I have watched stuff in groups that might have been just large enough to constitute an "exhibition purpose" that I don't think (legally) bought/downloaded content is allowed for--of course I had no idea if this was ripped or copied stuff in the first place.

If you ever look into the legalese surrounding buying/downloading/renting content it's actually pretty restricted. You don't actually own the content, just a license to personally view your copy, not show it to a big group and definitely not to make money off of it.

Performers probably have it much worse though, as I doubt most of them even own a little if any of their content, and probably have to sign away ownership of it for all space and time before the cameras even start rolling (seriously, appearance releases can read like something that an astronomer had to be consulted on).

04-28-14  08:37pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Barefoot, please.

I'm not a foot fetishist beyond preferring clean feet, and I've just never found high heels particularly sexy; looks like an elaborate game of dress up that I have in no way ever fantasized about. I guess it's because in real life the women I'm around don't wear heels and it's frankly the last thing I'm looking at anyway. (Though far less incriminating that getting caught drooling over cleavage.)

Put on a pair of tall leather boots (no cowboy boots or Uggs, damn it!) and I might actually notice footwear.

04-26-14  06:21pm

N/A Reply of pat362's Reply

Sucks that Seymore had to waste his time and money on that case, especially considering that there was plenty of this and even harder content on American sites by then, but apparently DVDs are sacred media.

I seem to remember reading that most of the jury who had to watch the offending scene at trial--you know, "evidence"--were more bored than offended, plus it's something you have to seek out to really get all worked up about. Of course that's how so many of the concerned moralists of the world work; leaving no stone unturned until at least one fragile person finds something offensive.

04-21-14  03:12pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

Not often, since I assume most models wouldn't actually play drums or guitar buck naked, though I'd imagine the best use of a flute or recorder is for a women to masturbate with.

04-17-14  11:28pm

N/A Reply of pat362's Reply

Yeah, I remember a few fleeting moments of android-assisted pleasure followed by unstoppable Yul Brynner murderousness--we've been warned!

Of course such things never seemed to have stopped anybody once they get an erection, though count me out as I'm still having nightmares from this fucking insane Japanese robot mouth of terror.

04-14-14  06:58pm

N/A Reply of pat362's Reply

I was watching something recently that was shot only a few months ago with Amber Rayne, and I guess I'd kinda forgotten she's been in the business for nine years now. And amazingly in that time--a veritable eternity in porn careers--she's bucked the trend of so many veteran performers and hasn't destroyed her body, gotten married, or softened her performances one bit! :-)

04-10-14  08:52pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

I'd say 2-3 years for their actual career, but longer lasting fanbase with the web and its trove of archived material. How many of us have "discovered" a performer only to learn she did a few scenes and has not been in anything in months or even years?

And of course we have the outliers like the amazing Nina Hartley who's had the longevity of a male porn star--without the creepiness.

04-10-14  03:53pm

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Reply

A part of me hopes that Hillary Clinton stays away from the 2016 presidential race, if just to get Joe Biden to run instead and hear some more of his priceless gaffes. He's like that uncle at Thanksgiving who's had a little too much to drink...except he's the Vice President.

"Big fucking deal" indeed! :-)

04-05-14  07:46pm

N/A Reply of jberryl69's Reply

I second jberryl69's comment; might as well get one more in before you're incinerated by one of their high tech death rays (if they can travel across galaxies then they must have death rays).

Aliens landing at the White House reminds me of Independence Day, and if I remember correctly they destroy most of the major cities including the one I'm living in now.

04-04-14  08:19am

N/A Reply of Woodruff's Poll

Considering that her "one hardcore/bj performance" wouldn't be with me...never! :-(

If anything I've not rejoined a site because it turned hardcore, even if only for a few scenes.

04-02-14  04:12pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Somewhat anti-social, in both real life and online.

I don't Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tinder, Chatroulette, etc., and am probably won't anytime soon. Obviously I'm pretty happy to be here on PU, but I just can't share that with everyone in real life, while the sheer ignorance and knee-jerk prejudices of more mainstream sites make my blood boil. Personally I just get more out of socializing in real life than looking up old classmates (why would I want to reconnect with all assholes who made school so shitty?) or see newborn baby pics (I simply don't care about your children), though I do have my limits.

I guess this means I'm introverted because being around other people constantly, especially in bigger groups, just gets exhausting after a while and I need some time to "decompress/recharge" on my own. If you're an outgoing social person this can be hard to see as not weird and even harder to explain. And it certainly doesn't help that there now seem to be social groups for people and their interests that I always thought were, at least in part, to get away from bullshit traditional social obligations--atheist "churches" are the most blatant example. Does everything require a community?

A quote from the movie Heat sums up my feelings: "I'm alone, I am not lonely."

03-31-14  08:07pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

If a model was only doing softcore than she wasn't my favorite anyway--probably not even on my radar.

03-29-14  09:06am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I'd like to think I'm smarter than average but show me a couple of well edited teaser videos and I can easily make some stupid decisions. So I'd say I'm pickier than average because I'm pretty specific about what I like and don't like in porn, regardless of the current trends.

A lot of the "mainstream" stuff just bores the hell out of me and is largely a turnoff, not to mention the growing celebrified aspect of porn stars with inane Twitter feeds and convention appearances. And I find the current porn star look--swollen lips, sculpted breasts, Cleopatra makeup, and "girly" tattoo--absurdly unattractive and only vaguely sexual at best.

03-23-14  01:38pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Depends on the girl.

My Fair Lady's Eliza Doolittle-esque cockney accent isn't exactly my idea of a beautiful voice, but not all English accents are that bad. Some American ones can be frightening--New York and New Jersey come to mind--while others like Southern accents can go either way.

03-21-14  07:55am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

"Yes, maybe"...then I watched it and my nausea told me otherwise! Curiosity killed the cat, and the porn hound.

However, first coming across porn when I was younger definitely developed my interest in the illicit arts! The fetishes seem to have been hardwired in me already, I just had to find depictions of them.

03-20-14  07:49am

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