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Visit ALS Angels

ALS Angels

Limited Time Discount Offer if You're an Als Member

I already posted a comment on the Als Scan review page and it wasn't taken down so I will add one here as well; Alex offered up a great discount ($9.95 for a month, with a same price rebill) to Als Angels if you are a current member of Als Scan.

If you're a 'Scan member then you can login and read his March 30 blog for instructions on how to get the discount. He said it's a limited time offer--maybe a week or so--but it's still a good discount if you're seeking some shaven angels. ;-)

04-03-10  11:08am

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Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

Very Limited Time Angels Offer to Als Members

I hope I don't get in trouble for this comment (beware the wrath of Khan!) but I thought I would pass along a discount to other current Als Scan members.

In his Mar 30 blog director/founder/master Alex offered a discount to their sister site Als Angels for a very low price ($9.95 for a month, that would rebill at the same price). I am not sure what spurred this on but he was talking about an Angels model and her unique anatomy in the same blog, or maybe he was just in a good mood so who knows.

I won't give out the exact details since, as I mentioned above, this is for current Als Scan members only so if you're a member you can login and read the March 30 blog entry to figure out how if you're interested. He said this was a very limited time offer, like a week-ish or around that time frame, but it's a hefty discount.

04-02-10  07:25pm

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Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

Bring On the Dudes!

From webmaster/owner Alex's director blog on March 19:

"We did shoot our first POV BJ scene with Amy, too. It went very well. Again, don't yell at me if you are upset about seeing some cock. We are only going to do this for video and we will be providing two edits of the scene. We shot them in such a way that we can present it with and without the BJ portion. Simply download the version that best suits you. Our POV BJ style series is going to be called "Direct Deposit". It involves the model deep throating the cock, and then when the guy is about to shoot his load, he rams his cock down her throat thereby directly depositing his entire load into her stomach."

(I am only quoting the part of the blog that pertains to this comment.)

Well I never thought I would see the day!

Longtime loyal followers of ALS know that they have a pretty strict girls-only model policy--i.e. no guys to do the penetration or pretty much anything else--but with a new model they shot this week, Amy Brooke, they have entered uncharted territory. Don't get me wrong, Amy sounds like a great model; a lover of anal, squirting, and other such perversions, but I don't want to see ALS do hardcore, at least not the kind involving guys.

Call me stubborn, orthodox, old-fashioned, close-minded, I don't care; I have always counted on ALS to bring out the hot girls while leaving the guys to drool off camera. I'm not going to "yell" at Alex as he asked in his blog but I will cry, at least a little for the old ALS.

(BTW, I am sure Alex is getting plenty of hate mail over this already, and forwarding him this comment isn't my intention. I don't need him quoting every complaint and complement I ever make about the site just so he can mount a defense and call me out.)

03-21-10  01:49am

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Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

How Much Old Material Are They Re-releasing/'Remastering'

I am thinking of rejoining my old vice--shaved ladies!--and was wondering how many of ALS' updates are old remastered or unreleased material?

From what I could tell looking at their update pages it seems as if they have at least one set or scene from the past being released on average about every week or even as often as every four or five days. Forgive me, for I don't have all of their old material (yet) so I am not sure what's brand new and what's not but if any members could give me a clue it would be much appreciated.

03-06-10  12:24pm

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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

A Small but Positive Change in Navigation

I was browsing around ITC the other day and noticed they made a change to their site; now instead of just organizing models by name or release date--which were only accessible by page number, not a letter or date--they have added a new sorting feature where you can browse by release date, model name, model age (at time of shooting of course), nationality, or shooting location.

I was not a huge fan of their overly simplistic system before, so this is a definite improvement for me--and a quick way to point me in the right direction when I am digging through my hard drive.

Their search engine needs an upgrade though; it's still just by term and video category. It doesn't apply to photos which don't always have the same content as the videos from the same shoot. The search results also only give you a list of videos with no direct links to the models' respective shoot pages so you can check out more of her 'Crack portfolio. Hopefully they will give their search engine a little more power in the future.

02-20-10  02:57pm

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Visit Simon Scans

Simon Scans

Any current members?

I recently joined and will soon do a review, but in the mean time I was wondering if there were any current subscribers? The latest review was from last summer (and it was a short one) and the last comment was from over a year ago. I haven't found any of the problems mentioned in the last few comments (which are pretty much outdated) so I was wondering how other members are doing.

01-11-10  06:04pm

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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Possible Future Sister Solo Model Site

Recently I logged on to the site and there was a poll concerning the possibility of creating a sister site of a single model, a Czech girl named Lexa (not to be confused with an earlier Canadian model named Lexy).

I am not too wild about spin-off sites, even if I love the original, as I do so strongly with InTheCrack. In this case, they are considering her because of positive member feedback and because they consider her one of their most attractive models. I have no problem with the latter; she is a raven-haired beauty with flawless skin and a body to die for (if looks could kill...). I mean really, if she alone was what decades of monitor technology come down to, then it would be a good thing.

My beef is with the former, as I don't really understand what all the feedback could be about, unless it is based solely on her looks. Again, she is gorgeous, and probably near the top of their models in that regard, but she is almost totally a softcore model. I am talking little, if any, masturbation, with some mild spreading, no toys, nothing nasty, and mostly just stripping and nude posing.

I originally joined the 'Crack for the action and the unique perspective on it, as much as for the eye candy of the models, so I am a little disappointed that they would consider a separate site for someone so unwilling to do what so many of their other models seem to have little trouble doing.

Any feedback about this from members, past and present, would be appreciated.

08-22-09  10:27pm

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Visit abbywinters


Are Abby's Days Numbered?

A recent thread mentioned their company, G Media, offices being raided by police because their porn was illegally explicit. These types of stories seem to rarely have happy endings, as porn and the law do not have a good relationship.

So, does anyone know what's going to happen? If any current members get news or updates from the site about its status, could you please pass it along here or in the above mentioned thread. I have yet to be a member of this site, but it's on my list, and I am steeling myself for the reality that it might not exist in the near future. :(

06-23-09  03:00pm

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Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

Any New Models for 2009?

I have not been a member of ALS since late 2008 (I know, blasphemy!) so I was wondering if they have any hot new models for this year? Especially any that aren't Eastern European or already on three dozen other sites.

Oh, and have they gone on their tropical trip for the year? Those are usually incredibly hot and very entertaining with tons of footage, though personally I think last year's was a step down from their one in 2007, so I am hoping they improved a little this year.

03-27-09  01:19pm

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Visit VideosZ


Full Access 2-Day Trial

They now offer a 2-day trial, full access, for $4.

A lot cheaper than one month, and even cheaper than VideoBox (okay, a lot shorter too), but it is a cheap way to join and download some videos that you may not find elsewhere.

WARNING: Make sure to UNCHECK the box on the signup page for the Brazzer's Network trial (1 day for $1, then recurs at a healthy $40 monthly). You shouldn't have to scroll any, but it can be very easy to miss, as it is in the same size and style font as everything else.

12-31-08  12:07pm

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Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

Things to Change, Things to Keep

I love this site and what it produces, but they have been doing some things in the last few months that need to be changed:

1. No more guys in photos or videos. They used to be pretty good about this, but now with "full" photoset releases (bloopers and outtakes included) they also have the occasional male assistant in some photos. I understand they work for the site and therefore help make it what it is, but I don't think it would too hard to keep them truly behind the scenes, or at least out of frame.

2. Cut down on the lollipops and baby oil. Lollipops and baby oil have been used by a lot of their models since the '90s, but they seem to really overdo it now. At most, they should only have one scene with a single lollipop or baby oil.

3. "Guest" photosets and videos. These are pretty rare, but I am not sure why they are there, maybe for some promotion agreement. They have only been from 1By-Day, usually with ALS models, but bottom line: it is just not ALSScan.

There are some great things they have been doing lately, and they need to keep it up:

1. New HD vid format. They now release new vids in an additional 1920x1080 wmv format – huge files, but huge videos…very nice.

2. Classic model remasters. These are great, especially since older releases were pretty limited in quantity and quality compared to today.

3. Hard with the soft. They might just be a girls-only site, but their hardcore is just as hot as the soft, and hopefully they won’t stop shooting it.

12-18-08  02:58pm

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Visit In Focus Girls

In Focus Girls

Could they try linking model names?

I know I am not alone on this one. When you click on the description page for a video or photoshoot you get the model's name at the top along with the scene name, but the model's name is not a link!

There are preview photos for videos, thumbnails for photoshoots, and a nice little description, along with keywords such as anal, toys, etc., but no link to the model's page! Is it too hard to change these to links? Instead of being able to search for something, clicking on a video or photoshoot, and then checking out the rest of a model's material, you have to click the "Search by Model" link and find the model from there.

The site itself is laid out cleanly and organized pretty neatly, but without a few strategic links it only looks nice - it doesn't actually work very well.

Linking model names would be a big improvement to this site's navigation. For now everything feels like dead ends that don't link to anything, and nobody likes backtracking.

07-13-08  10:37pm

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Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

Classic Models Poll

The site's having another models poll, this time from their early models (1996 - 2001). This brings backs a lot of memories of when I first learned of this site and became an instant fan, and they have only gotten better! I am sure anyone who was a member that far back can't wait to see who they remaster next.

Their older models are sometimes hit and miss (possibly because ALS was not so well known), but quite a few stand out; Michelle, April, Monica, Nicole...the list goes on. Most of them were unknowns then and stayed that way, a few went on to do movies, but none of them were "stars" when ALS shot them so it gave them a sort of freshness compared to now when models appear on dozens of sites at the same time.

Apparently some of them don't have any video, though I am not sure which ones, and the photos are scanned from prints, but there are still plenty of hot classics to be found.

(By the way, was anyone ever a member of Kathryn Lee's or Mia Tyler's individual member sites? None of this material has ever ended up on ALS's sites so it would be cool to see it eventually released.)

07-08-08  02:48pm

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