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N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I'd like to think I'm smarter than average but show me a couple of well edited teaser videos and I can easily make some stupid decisions. So I'd say I'm pickier than average because I'm pretty specific about what I like and don't like in porn, regardless of the current trends.

A lot of the "mainstream" stuff just bores the hell out of me and is largely a turnoff, not to mention the growing celebrified aspect of porn stars with inane Twitter feeds and convention appearances. And I find the current porn star look--swollen lips, sculpted breasts, Cleopatra makeup, and "girly" tattoo--absurdly unattractive and only vaguely sexual at best.

03-23-14  01:38pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

Depends on the girl.

My Fair Lady's Eliza Doolittle-esque cockney accent isn't exactly my idea of a beautiful voice, but not all English accents are that bad. Some American ones can be frightening--New York and New Jersey come to mind--while others like Southern accents can go either way.

03-21-14  07:55am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

"Yes, maybe"...then I watched it and my nausea told me otherwise! Curiosity killed the cat, and the porn hound.

However, first coming across porn when I was younger definitely developed my interest in the illicit arts! The fetishes seem to have been hardwired in me already, I just had to find depictions of them.

03-20-14  07:49am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I use Firefox's built-in blocker and it works reasonably well, minus the annoying "Please Take Our Survey!" shit a lot of otherwise legitimate sites dump on you.

Unfortunately I've found NoScript a time-consuming add-on, even if eventually effective. But my favorite add-on (though it doesn't affect pop-ups) is the free AdBlocker Plus for Firefox--no more ads in streaming videos!

03-17-14  05:54pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Reply

Glad to hear it, graymane! :-)

03-15-14  08:15pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

With regards to whom I've had sex with, I'd consider myself straight. But then I also hate sports, enjoyed Brokeback Mountain, and am not viscerally enraged by two men kissing in public, or really doing anything else for that matter.

The question reminds me of Gore Vidal, who on being perpetually asked about his orientation wrote that there is "no such thing as being gay, only gay sexual acts." Gore refusing to call himself gay may be more of a result of the era in which he grew up and became a published writer than anything else.

There's an enlightening paragraph from that article that explains my own irritation with our cultural obsession with labels and definitions: "The word homosexual, said Vidal, was invented in the 1890s and heterosexual in the 1930s: 'To create categories is the enslavement of the categorized because the aim of every state is total control over the people who live in it. What better way is there than to categorize according to sex, about which people have so many hang-ups?'"

I do think it mostly is just another bullshit social construct to control and divide people. Why else would we care about such things as "What makes a real man?" if not to simply invent arbitrary rules to further discriminate against people. Taken to its extreme it convinces idiots to decree that a man can't have anal sex with a woman because it's "gay," but watching two women have sex is somehow the height of male heterosexuality. It's that sort of boneheaded logic that's made the issue all the more unimportant to me.

03-15-14  07:58pm

N/A Reply of YankeeBastard's Reply

LOL! I didn't think so either, Yankee, otherwise I would have had a serious calcium deficiency starting around my early teens years (though I did drink a lot milk then). I know evolution can be weird at times but it would be hard to see how we evolved to simultaneously fire out millions of sperm while also losing calcium. :-0

03-14-14  08:03pm

N/A Reply of pinkerton's Poll

Where's "None of the above/other"? ;-)

I like to rely on that golden rule of golf: "Play it where it lies."

If it seems appropriate for the scene, then that's how I want it to end. So a facial isn't always required, certainly not when it's done so hastily like a grenade's about to explode. But if the performer is into it on the receiving end--because honestly, it feels good for the shooter no matter what his "target" is--then a facial can be totally fine. When the poor gal is closing her eyes I don't think she's that into it, or at least doesn't have the thespian talents, and I'd rather it be done somewhere else.

Facials in real life are like meteors. More common than we'd like to think, and can be cool to watch when they occur, but most people would rather not be in their path.

When the guy doesn't come at all I say it's a little weird, and I'm usually thinking How the hell did he not[i] come after all that?! Those always seem the most unnatural.

03-13-14  07:35pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Reply

Balanced minds are overrated, graymane! :-)

03-13-14  06:24pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Unless it was a site where the members' section was censored anyway, like a Japanese site (though not all are censored), it wouldn't be a huge deal.

Still, it's Internet porn! We know what the naughty bits look like and know that they're the main attraction, no reason to pixel/black out the lucky few in the preview section or trial.

03-11-14  09:13pm

N/A Reply of nadiencendia's Poll

Unless the PU forums count as literature, no I don't. :-/

03-07-14  05:26pm

Visit Wet And Pissy

Wet And Pissy
Reply of LPee23's Review

Nice review, LPee23.

I joined PuffyNetwork myself a couple months ago and was quite happy with the sites...well, W&P was really my only interest. I would say that this site is pleasurably unique in shooting well--lighting, resolution, longer scenes--in a genre that too often doesn't get this treatment, instead relegating it to shitty, creepy, sites that have seemed to think that simply shooting "fetish" content makes up for a measurable amount of quality.

And to top it all off they have the crazy idea to depict the performers actually enjoying it, instead of the fetish=sadistic treatment angle that too many sites have gone for over the years. Who would have thought to make the content in porn appear to be pleasurable?

My main complaint would be, like RagingBuddhist raged in his review of PuffyNetowrk, that the download speeds were inconsistent and all too frequently slow, at least for the larger 1GB+ size files they have so many of. A growing problem, as the site builds up its lecherous library and you really want to get the most for your money. (But if you're into it, you damn sure will wait on every single file!)

03-05-14  12:39am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I would hate them, but does this even exist?

I have joined sites where they first ask for your email as a username and then a password you make up, which they use to email you to confirm you're not some bot or spammer, but I was always well aware of the price(s) ahead of time.

03-05-14  12:14am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Hopefully I'm not the only guy who thinks that (file) size doesn't matter, though my hard drives would disagree (some of the emails in my spam folder would also seem to disagree, almost to the point of making me think they're not reputable sources!).

But I do like larger resolutions, thinking somehow that one day I'll be using a projector to display my downloads instead of some creaky LCD monitor, thus the higher resolution the better. Of course this isn't the kind of thing you share with a family and probably not even most friends, so it'll probably require a bit of antisocial madness (and probably a house with good insulation if I'm playing them on surround sound). Maybe I'll even be ranting to myself, growing a beard and locked in alone, á la Leonardo Dicaprio as Howard Hughes. A man can dream. :-0

02-13-14  11:00am

Visit Roxy Raye

Roxy Raye
Reply of rearadmiral's Review

LOL! You do start off a lot of reviews with that "this site is definitely NOT for everyone" warning, a problem I share whenever I start a new thread, but it's also a pretty tempting warning which I think is part of the appeal of porn in general.

Roxy seems to be a prime example of how to continue to make it in the changing economics of the porn industry, at least if shooting primarily from home provides enough excitement, and apple-in-ass content doesn't provide too much. She's also one of those naughty-but-nice Florida performers that's making a living with some pretty "unique" talents that not a lot of other porn stars even seem willing to try (Naughty Alysha is the other one that immediately comes to mind).

But I think if you've heard of Roxy Raye then you probably know what you're getting into, and if not her Twitter photos makes it pretty clear what she's willing to do--double anal fisting, for example...unless that's normal for women on Twitter, I'm not on there very often. Then again, if you ever mistakenly subscribe to this content then at least you will have some interesting anecdotes for your next dinner party conversation (or therapist!). ;-)

Great review, rearadmiral!

02-11-14  08:09pm

N/A Reply of jberryl69's Reply

Don't worry, I totally understand, it just sounded funny the way it was phrased even if you didn't intend it that way.

02-11-14  02:49pm

N/A Reply of jberryl69's Poll

Not sure what you meant by "he/she," jberryl69, but if they became one that might make me stop collecting their work! ;-)

But seriously, my choice of "other reason" being she moved from hard to soft because, well, it makes me move from hard to soft. I know this regression is rare, since many performers usually start somewhere relatively tame and then, depending on how long they stay in, eventually reach a place of sexual one-upmanship and circus stunts. Either way, I'll keep on collecting the old dirty material--i.e., the good stuff--and leave the soft for someone else.

I also find a lot of plastic surgery scary and unhealthy but I give a lot of leeway for other forms of body modification so I'm not that big on one permanent look, nor do I think it makes that much of a difference.

02-11-14  02:34am

N/A Reply of slutty's Reply

I guess that depends on who is going to be upside down in that partnership--gravity's usually somebody's enemy in most of the crazier positions. :-)

02-04-14  08:09am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

As much as I seek out material in which I am generally interested, at least I think I'm interested, porn still is largely fantasy entertainment to me.

I do go for stuff that I enjoy in real life in terms of category and genre but not specific acts or positions. So boy-girl is certainly realistic in real life, but I have yet to have a threesome with two other women, especially not because I just met them and they're both naturally into all the circus acts and contortionist positions typically seen in hardcore porn.

Plus a lot of positions are for the benefit of the camera--i.e. the viewer--not the performers. Same reason I don't take driving lessons from action movies, or even relationship advice from rom coms, for that matter.

02-03-14  08:40pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I should also add that I'm pretty conservative in subscribing to a site and generally stay within my preferred genre--pretty women doing nasty things :-) --without ever really straying too far from that.

01-30-14  02:33am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I usually consider it for way more than a few days, sometimes weeks thinking of just how pissed I could be if I don't end up liking the site. It's a great way to feel relieved (in more ways than one...) when I end up actually enjoying a site.

But a good site can be like dating a pretty girl; looked amazing before you got involved, was pretty fun at first, then became boring and routine quickly thereafter, but hopefully not too weird or scary (or maybe it hopefully did, if some people are into that).

It's always at least partially impulse in the sense that I'm not thinking with just my brain. ;-)

01-30-14  02:33am

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

Now that you explained it, CT... ;-)

Believe it or not, of all my various fucked-up curiosities and desires, electric play/electrostimulation has not been one of them (so put down the Tazer!). I don't even like static electricity, so I don't imagine zapping myself for some higher erotic purpose is going to do much for me. Nor do I look upon some hot young woman and wish to shoot some volts into her vagina--or wherever they go, I'm just guessing at this point.

Maybe I can take a more practical objection to this and just say I don't want to add to my electric bill. Or I'm going green and until I go "off the grid" and have a farm of windmills or solar panels to power my more creative, uh, pastimes, I won't be investigating further.

So, I guess I really don't know much. :-)

01-29-14  05:20am

N/A Reply of graymane's Reply

No worries, though these days I'm more inclined to think we have more to fear what corporations do than the government. Just look at the rise of "net neutrality" (here's Wittyguy's thread about the subject) and how this could effect a pay-to-play method of Internet access--essentially limiting access to a whole plethora of cyber media, not just porn.

Even with things like the draconian Obscenity Prosecution Task Force during the Bush II administration--continuing to uphold the stereotype that conservatives are in love with Puritanism--I don't see a serious government threat to Internet freedom, at least at the federal level. Like many other "vice" laws, the more local you go the stricter the rules seem to be (part of my objection to "states' rights," as this usually means restrictions on civil liberties).

But fortunately the Internet is quite difficult to control on such a level, at least for now. It's why you can have Utah be a state full of Ned Flanders denizens but still have fairly healthy cyber porn habits.

01-27-14  06:17pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

Before the axe falls!? C'mon, graymane, this almost sounds like you're trolling! ;-)

Short of an Internet kill switch ever becoming a reality--in which case I'd probably have to come up with something besides "Porno, porno, porno!" for why we all need the Internet--I don't see cyber porn going anywhere. And outlaw/regulate it all you want, you're not stopping demand since healthy sexual urges aren't going anywhere either.

Sort of the same way MP3s killed music, MP4s killed movies, and, what, Darwin killed religion, right? The world will continue to change and progress technologically and socially (at least I hope it will be progress) but an insatiable appetite for smut isn't going away. Even in the most regressive, sexually and socially oppressed theocracies Internet porn still exists, if only underground.

01-26-14  10:51pm

N/A Reply of skippy's Poll

I'd say all of the above except popup window, which I prefer to loading a whole separate page.

But not autofilling, remembering my username or password, captcha (especially on a separate page!), and other such nonsense are all annoying in their own unique ways. I don't think I've encountered any sites with auto-logoff (like with online banking), but if I have I've forgotten them, though that would probably top my shitlist. Having to log in again without ever having manually logged off or quit the browser myself...fuck you!

01-14-14  05:04pm

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