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N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

As long as they're not bruised and bleeding I'm happy! :-0

11-03-13  11:10pm

N/A Reply of RagingBuddhist's Reply

I think "a turkey baster full of fake cum" describes more than a few sites--hell, a whole genre at this point.

10-23-13  07:18pm

Visit WD Girls

WD Girls
Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

I certainly never thought it would be such an intentional and consensual one. There's Girls Gone Wild of course, which was all about taking advantage of girls through inebriation and peer pressure, and then all the shoots where a performer showed up partially stoned or hung over.

I guess this site would be a lot more worrying if it included sober male co-performers, but as it is now it doesn't seem to be crossing any lines.

10-22-13  03:21pm

N/A Reply of Thedebilman666's Poll

No, and not exactly sure how a guy would do such a thing--I can't edit myself like I'm in a porn video!

10-22-13  03:13pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Somewhat important, but man can they be abused!

Less-is-more can work for the number of cameras if the operator/director is creative enough and at least a minimum of editing is done. Instead we get 30-45 minute single takes that are POV, wide-angle, and feel like endurance tests for the viewer.

Other times there are multiple angles from multiple cameras, but they are shown onscreen at the same time or the same action is simply repeated for the second angle after it's already been shown for the first. And then there are slo-mos, which feel like the porn equivalent of using double spacing on a paper to increase page count without any additional content. >:- |

10-21-13  05:49pm

N/A Reply of Monahan's Poll

Goodwill and the nearest Dumpster are definitely out--and some people treat them as if they are the same--because I still have most of mine.

Though, as addressed in the poll last week, I do fear what will happen to it when I die. Unlike hard drives and mysterious credit card charges the DVDs and magazines will start upsetting family and some friends as soon as they see the light of day. Yeah, I'll be dead but I don't exactly want to leave my loved ones with what I know will be an embarrassing task.

It's like you get to haunt people through the levels of shame that your porn collection will provide! :-)

10-17-13  03:39am

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

Some of this stuff can be hard to judge until you've actually downloaded it and taken a more thorough look. But I say "Other" because genre/category, or at least what the BS description will say about it may turn me away.

Generally "too skinny" or "too chunky" will be categories on their own and are part of the reason people seek them out, though too chunky can just be the model and not BBW stuff. Too skinny is just horrifying in my opinion--nothing sexy about someone who appears to be literally starving to death. You can't fake that and it's probably the riskiest "look" I can think of in porn today. (Seriously, STDs could would most likely longer to kill someone than malnutrition.)

10-14-13  11:18pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Don't like it personally, as I don't find most "dirty talk" particularly sexy or erotic, especially in the form of name-calling, but it all depends on the context. Kink.com throwing out insults is one thing, but it is not the same as some overly aggressive director who hasn't yet realized he's the asshole when he verbally abuses a performer.

10-12-13  05:51am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

No, but if only because they do it slightly less than men.

Sometimes I meet a pretty girl, or just a seemingly sweet and innocent one, and I'd like to believe she does the deed as much as me but I always have my doubts. And for men it's almost a certain side effect of the physiology of their anatomy--I've never heard of any women waking up with morning wood (her own, at least). ;-)

10-10-13  01:48pm

N/A Reply of Monahan's Reply

I agree here; if she's not the mood, good luck. I was watching a Louis CK special recently where he was talking about how men are always in the mood for sex and are frequently bad at it when they do have it because they only think about themselves. Of course he adds in his own personal physical deficiencies but he made a decent point.

And I say if you have to do any of these above choices to have sex instead of, you know, to just be a nice and caring partner then you might not be getting much action anyway (particularly if you have to bed and plead, but that's always worth a shot too :-) ).

10-09-13  12:56am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Too much anal? I guess that would be like too much sugar or too much fat; everybody likes it but in excess it's not good for you.

That being said, I do think there might be too much plain Jane anal sex (if such a thing exists) instead of vaginal, but just the right amount of the other anal-related acts: the fisting, gaping, winking, and milk-shooting we've all come to expect at this point. For those more crazy ones I think it takes a dedicated and open-minded (open-assed?) performer. Not just some girl who's doing it for the money but someone who's gone through all the unsexy and unfun prep work to perform a great-but-not-gross scene and still get some self-satisfaction at the end.

Watch/experience some scenes from anal heroines like HotKinkyJo, Roxy Raye, or Proxy Paige though and they'll may make you think that the rest of porn doesn't have enough anal action. ;-)

10-05-13  04:03pm

N/A Reply of Monahan's Reply

He said prolapses were exotic, though you might think some performers were trying to prove otherwise, not erotic.

However some of us do find them erotic--just don't ask us to explain why! I certainly can't explain why certain things turn me on, mixed up brain chemistry perhaps? :-0

10-05-13  03:51pm

N/A Reply of jberryl69's Reply

I imagine that trying to explain phenomena like rosebuds or vacuum pumping to future generations will be something akin to trying to rationalize embarrassments from our past like patent medicines or the insane nuclear buildup during the Cold War. There were few genuinely positive things to say about them but they seemed like the right idea at the time.

09-29-13  10:38am

N/A Reply of graymane's Reply

BTW, I originally wanted to respond to your comment--"hooks his finger into her vagina and gouges, twists, pokes, digs, and scoops away like he's expecting to find gold"--with Goldfinger, but I held back...at least for a day. :-)

09-29-13  10:32am

N/A Reply of graymane's Reply


That gives new meaning to the term "gold digger!"

Of course it may not actually be gold we're looking for, but it feels just as precious!

09-28-13  10:23pm

N/A Reply of asmith12's Poll

I would have said "Other," but worrying what I could come up with to fill that answer I'll stick with "Even higher."

My opinion is, at least generally, that I like my porn to still have some erotic content until I stop and ask "Is this even porn?!" So for example, a Max Hardcore video includes some really rough sex and his content is ostensibly sexual but a lot of it just comes off as weird, rubbernecking content that doesn't really disgust me nor does it turn me on.

I don't enjoy it the same way I enjoy an equally, at least in stark physical terms, hardcore anal video involving, say, two girls happily fisting each others asses. Yeah, it's just as dirty/hardcore/perverted as a typical Max assault-athon but it's presented as way more consensual, so as "hard" as it is I still find it enjoyable.

Having said that...no matter how happy those two girls may be I definitely don't want to see either one of them poop afterwards--that'd be too far! :-0

09-28-13  10:18pm

N/A Reply of messmer's Poll

I go with Other too because of the reasons already mentioned; it depends on the model, and matching does matter. For example, bright pink can look pretty garish, but it can really pop on a girl with darker or tanned skin--a head turner with just a little fabric.

And frankly if the performer is working it and making a hot scene, well, the color of her lingerie just isn't that important anymore. And as much as I like to think "good girls always wear white panties" the kind of things they do in them in porn throws that idea out the window with a vengeance.

Of course in real life any color is the right color! If you get to see lingerie I see no reason to dislike the color--outside of "added" color, if you are so unlucky. :-0

09-20-13  09:58pm

N/A Reply of Wittyguy's Reply

LOL! Black it is then! :-)

09-20-13  09:50pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Once in a while, but more for genre than quality or customer service reasons. I've joined a few sites to find that only a handful of their scenes were what I was really into, the rest not so much. I guess like meeting a girl whilst she's flashing her tits during Spring Break only to find out she actually doesn't do it that much.

However, I say you really haven't paid for porn until you've regretting paying for it. Lust & learn. :-)

09-18-13  02:53pm

N/A Reply of Monahan's Poll

Somewhat, but at this point I've come to terms with the fact that, surprise!, porn isn't being organized by librarians and archivists (except for badandy400)...though I have seen some librarians who I really wish were in porn!

Hell, if a site even has a search function I'm surprised, though I won't be expecting much out of it. If a scene isn't tagged or the site just doesn't organize things the way you might then you're out of luck. But when sites like InTheCrack, who have a category called "Large Pussy Lips," I can still have some hope for humanity after all. :-)

09-16-13  02:54pm

N/A Reply of RagingBuddhist's Reply

There's a vague maximum limit for me whenever I have to stop and ask myself "Is this even porn?" And this doesn't even mean something looks painful or abusive, just a simple case of what the fuck! But a lot of BDSM/Kink.com-style stuff is generally unappealing to me as well.

09-15-13  01:30am

N/A Reply of Capn's Reply

I'm okay with women not getting fully nude. After all, they can always leave their socks on. ;-)

09-15-13  01:27am

N/A Reply of messmer's Reply

MILF is a really overused and inaccurate term, but I guess it's sexier than saying "mature" or "old."

For example, Nina Hartley is almost always in the MILF category at this point in her career though she has said in interviews she's never had kids. I guess the term is meant to conjure up some long lost teenage fantasy viewers had about fucking their friend's mom. No thanks, I was too busy eying the sisters who were much closer in age and experience. ;-)

09-13-13  06:30pm

N/A Reply of turboshaft's Poll

I'd say 20s, since that's younger than me and is a pretty ambiguous decade when performers can still get away with many of the young tropes in porn--barely legal, teens, college co-eds--even if they may not match any of those labels in age or experience. Similarly some women have entered the industry at 18 as moms in real life but not MILFs in front of the camera (I guess method acting is underappreciated).

Aurora Snow started at 18 and was portrayed as barely legal for the first few years, and then was told one day, at age 24, she was now a MILF. Never mind that she had never given birth to anything beyond a pretty decent porn career (okay, and some decent creampie scenes) the director that day apparently knew otherwise.

Outside of porn however, the term young, particularly "young woman," is not always one of affection but sometimes a euphemism for saying a woman is naive, inexperienced, or just plain dumb. In all honesty though I still prefer young in porn over the whole MILF genre as I find motherhood, whether real or implied, not particularly attractive or fuckable.

09-12-13  10:40pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Yes, just not of the quantity and rainbow of colors of Suicide Girls or Burning Angel (of course those are mostly girls :-) ) and fortunately none of the Asian lettering or tribal designs either.

09-08-13  02:43am

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