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N/A Reply of careylowell's Poll

We'd probably be fucked if this happened. Honestly, aliens with the capability for interstellar travel could want little from us but our resources. Benevolent aliens who wanted to study us would not make their presence known. Advanced civilizations meeting primitive ones has almost always been a disaster. I'd definitely get one off before shit hit the fan.

04-04-14  05:55pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Definitely, yes. Getting to know the owner at some of my favorite sites has been well worth it. There can be perks beyond regular membership.

03-27-14  05:23pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Not really an average porn surfer at all.

03-23-14  07:04pm

N/A Reply of nadiencendia's Poll

No, but my wife does! They have a nice term for it now - "romantic fiction."

03-07-14  02:37pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I have never seen this, but I hate the thought of it.

03-05-14  08:15pm

N/A Reply of lk2fireone's Poll

I went with other, because this is highly variable. The best tech support can be a great asset for a site, and it is usually found at either the large networks that are run with customers in mind or at the solo girl sites that are run by the models themselves. In contrast, many sites have poor to no tech support, especially the inactive ones.

03-03-14  05:21pm

N/A Reply of LPee23's Poll

1200x800 seems to be winning so far. Maybe because that's the size that starts to show up as a full screen on a good sized monitor? Of course, bigger can be much, much better, and I like to see active sites shooting in 3000x2000, but I still enjoy some of my older pics that are much smaller.

I have some older stuff in 900x600 that is among my absolute favorites from the early days that still looks quite good.

The absolute limit for me is 640x480. Actually, 99.9% of stuff at this size is too low res for me to possibly enjoy, but there are a couple of rare shots in my collection that are so amazing in their content that despite this low resolution, they still are enjoyable. It probably helps that I first laid eyes on them back when that resolution was the norm.

Below 640x480, it doesn't really matter what the picture shows, it's really not possible for me to enjoy those. I might look at one and say that it was an interesting shot, and wish it was done in higher resolution, but I just cannot get past the low quality with photos like that. Sure, I still keep what I have from the early days, but with photos this small, it's for "historic value" only. I think I am wise to keep this stuff, because some of it is so old it is impossible to find now.

02-19-14  06:41pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

All about variety, so I picked other.

02-09-14  10:04am

N/A Reply of graymane's Poll

I think that internet porn will survive as long as the internet. It may be banned in some countries, but never world-wide. There will be legal and technological shake-ups that may lead to periods of increased site closings, and individual sites will come and go, but porn itself will always survive online.

01-26-14  06:20pm

N/A Reply of Colm4's Poll

I replied "quite a few days go to waste," but it is not really wasted. When I go to a paysite, I usually go on a download marathon right away and get everything that I want. Then I just hang out and see the updates, but that doesn't require checking in every day.

01-10-14  06:18pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I've never had this happen to me at a paysite, although I'm sure it happens most times a site closes. Often they still allow existing members to log in even if new sign-ups are not allowed. I definitely joined plenty of sites that are not updating, many in varying states of disarray, and unfortunately some that were completely empty (I did get my money back). I've also been allowed back in a few that were officially closed for new memberships, which was really nice! While not a paid membership, I did have a free membership at the amateur site picland.to when that closed. They handled the closing very badly. No one including the thousands of amateurs who uploaded their pics had any notice of the upcoming closure. They just deleted everyone's pics and started forwarding their domain to another site. Lots of people lost their only copies of their personal pics, but there was nothing anyone could do.

01-04-14  11:05am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I am surprised by how many answered yes here, although "Yes" was the answer for me too.

01-02-14  07:08am

N/A Reply of LPee23's Poll

I do consider it a loss when I miss out on porn sites I intended to see. I usually have a running list of the next sites I want to join, and this year I saw BodyParts.biz disappear just months before I would have joined, and that was tough.

It is much easier for porn to be lost for good than other types of content too, due to the way it is shared. Consider that, if any popular artist was removed from all sites where you can purchase mp3's, literally everything would still be available from hundreds of sources online. Now with porn, that is very different. On one hand, I think that the impact of sharing has hurt porn sites a lot more than music sales. On the other hand, usually only a small portion of the content from any given site can be found for free, so if the site goes, there is no complete digital record of its existence.

This is actually a rare good year for sites with peeing content though. While BodyParts.biz is the only site to have closed, two old sites have come back online - JustinesBedroom.net and Wetscape.com. Wetscape by the way is huge for peeing fans with a taste for the older material, since it is basically the original, quintessential large peeing site that was ever online. Gone since 2008, Tramp Stamp Studios brought it back.

12-27-13  10:33am

N/A Reply of oldfizzywig's Reply

Yes, wiping a woman's pussy with your tongue is amazing. I do it often with my wife, and she loves it because it always leads to great sex afterwards.

12-18-13  03:46pm

N/A Reply of oldfizzywig's Reply

"What LPee said - double his comments. I love it. Especially watching women pee. It is so hidden and forbidden, that just makes it all the more exciting. Yes it is a fetish that some are not interested in. But it is also a fetish that some of us can not get enough of. One of my fantasies would be almost like reverse bukkake, to have a whole bunch of women stand around and over me, and then pee on me until I am soaking wet."

Yeah, that would be awesome. Along those lines, I would like to have all my favorite porn stars take turns peeing in a big cup in front of me, then allow me to have a warm drink.

12-16-13  03:12pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Reply

Yeah, that is true. The reason why pee is OK but sea water is not is that sea water is more concentrated than the saltiest pee that the body can make, so the sodium builds up to dangerous levels. Pee is fine for survival though. In the worst case, it is as concentrated as possible, and you just pee it out again with no gain in water.

12-16-13  02:53pm

N/A Reply of graymane's Reply

Yes, pee would require refrigeration, although it's best fresh from a lady. While it may seem dirty, pee is literally the most sterile fluid that the body releases. Spit and sweat both have thousands of different types of bacteria in them, and pee is almost completely sterile.

12-15-13  04:23pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Reply

I love it, and I have wondered if there is a genetic difference too. Genetic differences do affect our sexuality, as many scientists and advocates for LGBT rights are increasingly showing. Pee is involved in the sexuality of a small number of non-human mammals, and there it is almost certainly genetic. There may be a gene in humans, who really knows? I just know I was interested in pee from as early as I can remember, so that interest was always a part of me.

12-15-13  12:57pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I do not see the appeal in watching porn on a smart phone. Small screen, limited storage, censored version of internet (in many countries including UK), lack of digital privacy. Seems like a very bad idea.

12-14-13  11:52am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I focus more on pictures, and I am very surprised by the results of this pole. My experience in seeing the collections of others suggests a very different result. I have one of the largest collections of peeing porn, and I have seen several hundred more than my own. It is a rare and happy day when I come across someone who has half the focus on photos that I do.

Both pictures and videos can be great. Videos are best when they engage both sight and sound to their fullest erotic potential. My favorite videos feature the filthiest dialogue imaginable. The drawback of video for me is that anything that can be shot in video, even in HD, can be shot in much higher resolution in pictures. Plus, whenever you see that perfect shot in a video, you want to pause it - well, that's a photo!

There is also a different art that goes into shooting pics and video. For me, the art of shooting pics is often more appealing. One moment, captured in time.

It's too bad that the focus for producers has shifted to video. There are sites that continue to shoot amazing high resolution pics, but they are in the minority, and among my favorites.

12-07-13  08:30pm

N/A Reply of BobA's Reply

If you wait long enough, every object in life ends up in one of two places: a museum/private collection or the trash. Porn is just like everything else. Fortunately, there are museums of sex in NY and NV! And plenty of private collectors!

11-16-13  02:30pm

N/A Reply of Monahan's Poll

I will pay the shipping costs for anyone looking to get rid of old peeing porn. There were lots of good pictures from the early 2000's, and they are getting harder and harder to find. I already have one person lined up for this in the near future. I had another ready to send some old DVD's once too that he was otherwise going to throw away, but when we exchanged info, I found out we were on different sides of the Atlantic. Those DVD's probably ended up in the garbage.

As for myself, when I went to college, I already had almost 100 magazines stashed away that I couldn't bring to a dorm room or leave at home. My collection was a bit legendary among my close friends, so I found a very willing taker in one of my friends who was also starting college, but would have the luxury of continuing to live at home.

10-19-13  06:41am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Women may do it less, but some that I know who do it tend to go for multiple orgasms. If that counts as multiple times at masturbating, then who knows?

10-13-13  07:03pm

N/A Reply of rearadmiral's Reply

Zips make my life so much easier as someone who really likes pics. Flash and Java based slide shows are the worst. They make it very tedious to get all the pics that I want. My biggest complaint is that most of them actually degrade the quality of the photos in the slideshow. The webmaster will set up the gallery by uploading the pics in whatever size the photographer has taken them. This is almost always different from the 5 or so size options offered by the slideshow program. So the program takes the original photos, and re-sizes them. This is done by overlaying the pixel array of the smaller photo on the large photo and determining the color for the new pixels by a weighted average based on the percent overlap with the original pixels. If you do this process once and don't decrease the size much the pictures will be perceived as slightly different by the human eye, but one will not be clearly better than the other. If you were to do this process a second time, the loss of quality would become apparent in the re-sized photo. Of course, if your original is much larger than what is offered by the slide show, you are getting a huge loss in quality right away. I think most sites either don't realize this is going on, or don't think their average users will know or care. But if you are paying for high quality photography, using an expensive DSLR camera, and especially if you take pride in your work and consider it an art, why would you ruin the quality of your work at the last phase in bringing it to your customers? With slideshows like some of the bad ones I've seen, why not just take pictures with your iPhone?

08-25-13  10:49am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

Never been scammed yet, but Paylets always tends to get blocked by my bank initially, then I have to email them, kind of annoying.

I just joined a site that does their own billing, looking at another too. Maybe I'm living dangerously, hope I don't get burned!

While I don't think Verotel engages in fraud, they are the worst in my book for other reasons. They together with Visa are in the business of forcing the more extreme sites to water down their content or lose the ability to process payments. I've seen it happen personally.

08-19-13  05:44pm

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