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Visit Molly's Bedroom

Molly's Bedroom

New design - now it works and updates

As a big fan of Molly - aka Diane at Nubiles, I finally joined this older site...
Now the site has updated in both design and content - and more girls. Got a mail from the webmaster as soon as the design-update where there - thumbs up.
Quite a lot of the material is still old - but like Teendreams - it's worth a while. And the newer vids/sets of Molly are great.

BTW: it's the same webmaster as:

10-30-12  07:37am

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Visit Molly's Bedroom

Molly's Bedroom

Updating....but serious tech problems

Just joined this old site/sites for one reason: Molly aka Diane - I fist saw her at Nubiles....a cute, great performer on vids and a natural on pix.
TBP says no longer updating - TBP is both right - and wrong.
They're updating all right latest vids from 2012-10-15, 2012-10-08 and so on....
BUT the links to most of these updates do not work. Says "View here" - but the links are empty!!!
A shame because now some of those vids are HD and the couple that works are great - still, a bummer for such a rather expensive site (with regional pricing, arrghh!!)
Wrote the webmaster - hope to hear from him/her......
(have not yet checked out the bonus sites)

10-17-12  05:32am

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Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls

No network with more than one site...

We've had some discussions about this Diesel Media - and the sites, they have. It's a bit sad that these guys behind this fine gathering of excellent paysites do not create a "network" - where your for one price can get more sites than only one......but that's the fact, alas......guys and fans of 18 Only Girls and Young Legal Porn (the primary)...and then a couple of others: keep asking for a network with more sites for the price of one....other sites/networks can do that!

10-15-12  08:32am

Replies (2)
Visit Playboy Plus

Playboy Plus

Carlye Denise

Not a member - and not sure if I should go here.
But caught two trailers from here of this sweet model with the most fantastic naturals, I've seen for quite a while:
Carlye Denise

Is she exclusive Playboy...or?

10-04-12  09:25am

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Visit Cum Louder

Cum Louder

The worst in porn....The stupid talk.

The worst in porn.....ok, we've all got different preferences...I'll give them/you that.
But joining this was one of my main mistakes - joined because some splendid models in the preview...but:
Do you like stupid talk throughout most of a video/clip? Do you like some guys behind and around a video camera yapping away with silly remarks trying to be hip or whatever - this is for you.
And so goes for the sex act...no erotica, just wham-bam....ect. followed by senseless talking - this is for you.
Never again....doing a review? No way....it'll not make my day - it'll ruin it.

"Maggie" must have had a bad day here (87.0 in score).

09-28-12  06:38am

Replies (0)
Visit Wow Girls

Wow Girls

Let's have a network

This is one of the finest all round sites at the moment....and even if this Wow-company claims independent of the Diesel production as said by webmaster Dieselman earlier - this site still has most going with two sites: 18 Only Girls and Young Legal Porn....the same girls, the same design, the same whatever...

And going from one site to another picking out the content of each site can be troublesome....and expensive...

So, dieselman (and both companies):
Think about a network here....like quite a few of your competitors.

Bet you'd have a ball (earning), here.

09-24-12  08:26am

Replies (1)
Visit Nitin Productions

Nitin Productions

Faboluos asian soft models - annoying sound

Found this ol' site by coincidence - and it's at TBP, but latest
and only review at PU is from 2007.
Joined it - and wow: what great looking American asian models here (I guess mostly Vietnamese, some thai ect.)
The pics are NOT worth it - but the vids (solo softcore, some masturbation) are great!
BUT: Most of the sound/music is horrible - very non erotic high tech or rap - a bummer. So turn off the sound and play some nice music in the background in stead.....will get around to a review - sooner or later.

09-18-12  06:58am

Replies (1)
Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World

New previews, please

This is a fine network with fine sites - been here several times.
But not for a while - and I have no chance of getting an idea of what is new.
Browsing some of the more major sites, I only see old material, quite old material - but guess they still update.
Wish I could see those updates.....so better previews - with updates....thank you.

09-11-12  11:50am

Replies (9)
Visit ATK Galleria

ATK Galleria


Maybe this ol' timer is a bit late.
But been a member here several times - and like the site. What I did not like was the terrible preview.
Just went there - and wow - "now you're talking"...
Anybody been here, since Claypaws good review in June?
And if so...?

08-27-12  08:27am

Replies (1)
Visit GiGi Spice

GiGi Spice

Fake ones

This cute little model has changed....like so many others.
But this site has apparently not noticed...still the same ol' material, but Gigi Spice, aka Carolina Alvarez can't keep on being that young.
So now: new fake tits, new hairstyle and a bit more mature.

Found at few pics at and around a Lindapop.com site. Not easy to get to...can't place other links here, sorry..

08-24-12  10:41am

Replies (1)
Visit The Black Alley

The Black Alley

Download Limit

No excuse - I've read the TBP warning about download limit.
And then thought: what the heck.....2GB a day.
But no, not: "what the heck".
When you join a site for the first time...or for the first time in quite some time (like me) you tend to go half crazy with multiple downloads. And if it's vids, you reach that limit fast...and then you're locked out for 24 hours.
Hate it - never going to join another site with "download limits"!
Ban them.

08-05-12  11:53am

Replies (5)
Visit The Black Alley

The Black Alley

So and so...

Also for this other kind of "old timer" it goes:
No PU reviews since 2010
Looking for asian solo - for most parts not Thai/not Japanese - this is ok/pretty good. Joined it the same day as InFocusGirls.
The vids are kind of ok, the pix sets much better, but some flaws....also here: will try to get back with a review asap.
Still: take a look at the preview.

08-01-12  08:45am

Replies (2)
Visit In Focus Girls

In Focus Girls

Very positive

Joined this "old-timer" some days ago......in spite of no PU review since February 2010.
But it looks greater than ever and I can understand a 91,5 from TBP - a so far splendid site for solo girls, both sets and - especially: vids.
Will try to get over my incredible laziness and come up with a review in the near future....

08-01-12  07:01am

Replies (0)
Visit Babespotting.tv


Ok price - great alternative material

This site has now an 87 score at TBP......and guess it's well deserved.
It's an alternative in the way of - foremost - British girls nude, not much hc - but still a site with rare/exclusive material. Been a member now three times over the years - and expecting another turn...you'll get vids and pix of nudes you may know - some not, but the style here: Striptease-like.
For instance: You'll not see the same vids and pix of Lorena Lacey og Monika Schimkova anywhere else....check out the preview - it's pretty good for PU-standard.
So for fellow PUs who like it that way - just a recommendation.

07-21-12  10:23am

Replies (1)
Visit ATK Galleria

ATK Galleria

A top-rated site....?

At TBP/PU and Recent Ranks this site hits the fan:

...with only two reviews.

Do not get it.....guess a few other paysites may take the lead here..

07-15-12  07:54am

Replies (13)
Visit Nude in Russia

Nude in Russia

A pity.....

Found some fine, fine sets in my ol' archives when looking through all the externals for Monchi, Anina, Janina, Mallsha ect:


And in some long forgotten archive I found some of the best public nude-sets, I've ever seen - taken from this:


But TBP has that special notice.....just wonder: what happened?

07-05-12  06:38am

Replies (0)
Visit Wow Girls

Wow Girls

Great site

The first site to join after getting back from a pornfree vacation...and got to admit, that the 93 in score from rearadmiral is well deserved....maybe I'm talking from a heart without porn for some time...and maybe getting a little overwhelmed - but, this site certainly has that "new and a bit different" material that I've missed...
Who do not get turned on watching those new set/vids with Netu/Avina - here and now suddenly aka Caprice.
But, guys at the paysites: Please keep those names the same at the same network- even with new sites...

06-20-12  08:38am

Replies (1)
Visit Twistys


Cancel problems

Remember all the fine Twistys support and webmaster-input/answers here at PU in th "old days"
Joined again recently (have not been here for at lest a year) and wanted to cancel rebill - but that sure wasn't easy.
Over and over again I got the answer "username and password are invalid" - though it's exactly the same I log in fine with.
Mailed them with a promise of answer within 24 hours - no answer.
Then tried live support billing chat - they asked for email, I send it, but after ten minutes with no answer I got cut off.
After a couple of time again, I finally succeeded to get an answer about my email, that they could not locate even if I got two membership confirmations by that mail.
Ok, then they found it and cancel my rebill - but all that trouble is quite annoying.....

05-12-12  07:18am

Replies (1)
Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls

A new sister site?

This one looks like yet another new site from Diesel Media - the style/design is the same as 18 Only Girls and Young Legal Porn.

But it does not seem to be any kind of clone:


04-26-12  12:03am

Replies (2)
Visit My Precious Virgins

My Precious Virgins


This old site has/has had some fine content - photosets, that is. (vids, forget it - well, at least in the past).
And unlike, say MetArt, all or most sets are indoors. Which I prefer.
It's been a long, long time, since we had any reviews here (see TBP) - and this user was a member a long, long time ago, too (a couple of times) - but never made any review, sorry.
Bottom Line: Anybody here now?
It "seems" like they still update (they claim), but can't get that right according to what I've seen before/earlier, so...?
Still: This site has quite a few models not seen elsewhere.

04-19-12  08:12am

Replies (8)
Visit New X Positive

New X Positive


This looks kind of great...and guess there are now maybe quite a bit more than those 37 episodes stated at TBP...??
Got one scene send to me by a friend, oh,oh,oh..but still (not inside PU/TBP): And it was an 0,8 Gb extremely fine vid of the beautiful Monchi/Anina - dancing....

(btw: this www.indexxx.com is bottom line the best link to search models - that ol' EBI and all others are way behind - just for your support in future searches...)

04-05-12  06:43am

Replies (12)
Visit Skinny Super Girl

Skinny Super Girl

Granny panties and too large socks

Strange that this skinny girl, Gloria, Kylie, Elise, ect:
...always wears non sexy socks..and especially grandma panties - that look worn out...
Have only seen one or two vids with this special model in any kind of negligee or just petit panties...
Is it herself? - probably not - or the producers (my guess)..

04-01-12  08:32am

Replies (3)
Visit Footsie Babes

Footsie Babes

Christina Bella

Well, well, well.....Christina Bella is back. (from quite a long break - except live shows i Europe)
This time at 21. Sextury/Footsie Babes.

And time is sneaking up on her - she apparently 30 by now, but looks a little older to this user and a bit worn out.

03-12-12  03:48am

Replies (0)
Visit Zero Tolerance On Demand

Zero Tolerance On Demand

Anybody here now?? - striptease/posing

Been joining a little too much, lately - but still looking for more of the "good stuff".
And thinking about one thread here "Striptease - ect... I have some hopes for this site.
Have not been a member for maybe a couple of years - but seen quite a few trailers.
It looks like the site tends to good "foreplay" - with many vids-minutes of posing/striptease - before the act.

Like a lot here, I dig that posing/striptease - and not only the wham-bam-thank-you-mam....

Views on this would be much welcome, thanks!

01-20-12  06:42am

Replies (3)
Visit Young Legal Porn

Young Legal Porn

Exclusive - ho, ho,ho???

Joined the site again now - and the word at TBP like "Exclusive" is way out of line:
The content here is NOT exclusive - in general.
Most material here is licensed material or whatever - but most I found here are seen at - especially - Teen Mega World which is S&S Royal Limited, so this Diesel Media is not producing themselves og at least not mainly.
They even got material from Nubiles.....
I was taken in by their (Young Legal Porn) preview. I've seen most elsewhere...
Some newer vids MAY be exclusive - you really need to be an investigator/detective to find out - but mostly: NOT exclusive.

TBP, please notice!!!

01-19-12  08:21am

Replies (9)

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