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Visit 40 oz Bounce

40 oz Bounce

Quick impression

Around 120 scenes with updates twice a month.

Good site design, good download speeds, the standard porn pros treatment (see my review for the network for more details)

The site has some of the funnies set-ups for the porn that I've seen in quite a while. A black priest preaches about ass then gets to business, The Cocktip Thunder Force is called into the deep jungle to save some delicious round ass sistas!. A guy in a superman costume check, scooby-doo hat, check. Overall a very lighthearted, fun atmosphere.

The site focuses on black girls, but there are a few Latina and white girls here and there,especially among the older stuff.

Also this site has the most anal of the entire network, with probably every other scene having at least a bit of ass play.

Bottom line, a nice site if you like big asses and a nice fit with the whole vibe of the network. Sadly not as much anal as you'd expect, but still a decent amount. More ethnic diversity and more frequent updates would make this a great site.

11-14-11  05:02pm

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Visit All Network Pass

All Network Pass


Well, It seems that a lot of people are having issues with this site and their billing...so far I have been fine but who knows, I might end up with a funky bill at the end of the month. I'll keep and eye out...

However, I'd like to say that so far I'm enjoying the content they have. It gives you access to a round 120 sites (around 30+ videos per site) many of which are focused on a solo model doing all sorts of stuff. I like that idea and many of their models are pretty hot.

Access to platinum feeds is a huge bonus as they claim to have around 8000 DVD's. Then there is even a hentai page which I didn't really explore. So basically a lot of content.

Now the quality varies from each site but I guess that's not really their fault. As they just offer access to 3 other networks...

So, there's now you have something positive to consider when thinking about joining...

09-08-09  05:36pm

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Visit American Vice

American Vice

Free trial

The free trial is awesome for getting an impression of the site. Just go and sign up, no credit card info needed. Then you can download 5 scenes and experience the member's area.

I would also like to say that the system of credits vs monthly membership is pretty awesome...all and all an innovative, nice site

10-16-09  04:09pm

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Visit Anal Dildo Lesbians

Anal Dildo Lesbians

First impression

Well the name says it all. You get two girl a dildo and anal sex :)

They have around 40 scenes and most of the action is okay. The models are more on the average side of a hotness scale, but the few scenes that I've watched so far looked pretty decent. We have some strap-ons, some double headed dildos and some more or less enthusiastic girls. Some scenes are very hot with the girls licking each other while some feel like an older model teaching the younger girl about dildos. Overall there is enough variation here that it should keep you busy for a few weeks. (I also liked the fact that several of the girls wear high heels and stockings to bed :)

The big drawback for me was that the highest quality they have is 640 WMV and some scenes are only 448 mpg. I also had some odd color issues with some scenes, the girls skin looking strange (might be my codecs or something, but I didn't have an issue with the content on the rest of the network). Finally, the images are not the best quality and the last update was from 2008, with not many chances of more updates coming anytime soon.

The good part is that the rest of the network has similar lesbian content so there is that.

09-24-11  01:00pm

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Visit Anal Poopers

Anal Poopers

Scam site?

When I visited this Mozilla told me it might be a phishing site. I searched for reviews or something like that and found nothing. Anyone know if this site is legit or if the network if a bit shady?


05-02-10  10:13pm

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Visit Back Room Casting Couch

Back Room Casting Couch

Quick update on site quality

I've been a member of this site on and off for almost a year now and I have to say the quality of their models keeps improving. They still have some very "real" looking girls, but damn they are hot.

Also in more recent updates he tries anal with all girls (although it often fails quite hilariously)

They also added streaming, so plus points for that.

This site is definitely at the top of my list of must join. Just check out the latest girl (Kassey) she is very hot, attempts anal and has one of the cutest/ funniest facial scenes I've ever seen.

Good stuff here if you like amateurs and candid girls who are nervous but willing to try new stuff.

10-15-11  11:43am

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Visit Back Room Casting Couch

Back Room Casting Couch

Funniest twitter in a while

I joined this site and will review in a bit, however in the meantime I wanted to share the twitter account of the guy that makes the site


He's funny and he almost always updates with the girls that will be coming on in the future. If you are into the whole web 2.0 movement and like to get porn updates he's worth following.

08-09-10  10:22pm

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Visit Backstabbing Sluts

Backstabbing Sluts

Quick impression

This was one of my favorite sites in this network, they have around 30 scenes (photo and video) but seem to still update pretty regularly. The idea behind the scenes is that a random chick seduces and has sex with a married man. While the set up is not incredible most scenes actually look pretty good and the girls are rather hot (Ivy and Arizona were some of my favorites.)

While the camera work is not the best, I think most scenes are pretty intense and there is enough variation to make the site stand out. If you're considering this network I'd say this is one of the best sites on here (along with the Asian content which is updated frequently)

09-18-11  01:58pm

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Visit Backstage 24

Backstage 24

Any info on this site?

I tried finding some more recent reviews and most places say that their collection is around 30 videos, but they update heavily...anyone joined recently and can confirm if things have changed/ do they have more content?

Thank you

01-03-11  09:55pm

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Visit Barely Angels

Barely Angels

Wrong link+ some impressions

First of all I'd like to note that the link offered here is wrong, if you visit barelyangels eu without index.html after it you'll get the actual site.

Secondly after seeing some of the site a while back they still had problems with missing navigation buttons and not all content loading (I got to see their blowjob section but nothing else)
However this section was nice with some good movies. Does anyone have any idea if the site is fixed or how things are going? Maybe an admin from the site?

Thank you,

08-03-09  03:14pm

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Visit Brutal Anal Sex

Brutal Anal Sex


I won't bother with a full review of this site since most of the scenes were hard to download/ view. The site looks very outdated and most content is only available as clips. So one scene can be anywhere from 3 different clips to 8 clips. This, combined with the navigation killed the site for me from the get go. It's basically a huge black page with a photo of the scenes, you have to click each one to get more details and then you can download the clips, which are not the best quality. They also have images on some of the scenes, but no zipped archives

On the positive side they do have a lot of scenes (over 120) and they are pretty brutal. From the few clips I downloaded the action is high energy and the girls get a good anal pounding.

That being said you could probably find better quality content on numerous other sites (try Videobox for similar content but in much better resolutions)

09-24-11  12:36pm

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Visit Burning Angel

Burning Angel


This is a site very similar to Suicidegirls.com. It's a community with people posting comments and I even think you can submit your own stuff (not sure so don't quote me on that).

There are a lot of photos and videos of tattooed girls although their definition of hardcore is a bit funky (stripping photos are placed under hardcore sometimes.)

All and all a nice site if you like tattoos and the whole punk scene, but it felt more like a dirty network than a porn site to me...

08-25-09  09:38pm

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Visit Casting.xxx


Some initial impression

I got inside the site through a special discount from another network and so far it looks pretty similar to backroomcastingcouch, but they have less updates so far. The models seem about the same quality and the scenes follow the same kind of script.

Interesting content and I'm really curious how the site will evolve. I hope they keep updating as the interviews with amateur girls are always fun.

09-10-11  10:52am

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Visit Club Crissy

Club Crissy


I decided to share what I saw of Club Crissy although it's not enough to write a proper review.

There are several galleries separated in All Crissy (softcore shots of Crissy some have a toy involved. Around 260 galleries), Fetish (bondage and corsets around 20 galleries)Snapshots (RL photos of Crissy)Girlfriends (some lesbian photos, around 20)and Hot Models (around 20-30 different models). No zipped archives, and each gallery contains anywhere from 20 to 100 photos of pretty decent quality (602px 802px)

There are 20 video clips, mostly parts of larger videos. They need to be downloaded and are in Mov format. (I didn't download any so I cannot speak about quality or speed, however the site loaded very fast for me and they seem to be clips out of DVD's so they should have some quality.)

There is also a diary which hasn't been updated since 2003 a few of Crissy's poems and a Crissy cam which seems to be dead.

Overall if you enjoy photos and Crissy seems like the ultimate sex goddess to you then maybe this site is worth it. I for one am glad I didn't pay for it (one of my friends showed it to me from his account).

08-09-09  10:19am

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Visit Club Sapphic

Club Sapphic

Request for some info

I was just looking at this site the other day and I'm glad to see a review. However does anyone know how many videos there are on the site? How many photosets and what download speeds are we talking about here?

I basically would like some more technical details if anyone has them.... Thanks

09-17-09  02:36pm

Replies (2)
Visit Club Tug

Club Tug

Quick impression

The site is a bit of a let down, as mentioned in the review by Standard, the video quality could be better. Their choice of models is also questionable sometimes. I guess they wanted a mix of a mature "mom" teaching a young guy and some younger girls, but overall it feels a bit disjointed.

Also for a site that is focused on handjobs there are several scenes where the guy finishes himself on the woman's chest. I was a bit disappointed not all scenes ended with the girl making him cum.

Even stranger I believe there are a few scenes where the guy doesn't cum at all, somewhat of a strange ending for a hand-job specific site if you ask me.

Not very impressing.

05-28-12  05:22pm

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Visit Cock Competition

Cock Competition

No longer updating

Just wanted to provide a quick update that this is one of the sites the network is no longer updating. I believe this and LOL Cumshot where some of the biggest offenders when it came to fake cum and hilariously large plastic penises. As such they got the axe when the site decided to become a bit more grown-up :)

The last scene was uploaded on December 12, 2009 and it features a girl that tries to do anal with the monster cock.

Pretty sobering stuff.

10-08-11  08:15pm

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Visit Creampie Thais

Creampie Thais

Strange stuff

Tried to join today but had a lot of trouble, my credit card company refusing to forward payment...which is peculiar since this should be through CCbill which was okay before. Then Mozilla told me it couldn't verify the security of the site...all and all I had a bad sign-up experience...Don't know if it's me or them but I thought I should let people know.

10-12-09  03:41pm

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Visit Cum Brushers

Cum Brushers

Not doing business with?

What happens between a site and TBP to lead to the two not doing business and what does it mean for a regular porn user? Are the company not to be trusted or where they jerks or something else, much less hostile?

08-11-09  03:49am

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Visit Cum Disgrace

Cum Disgrace


I can't really bring myself to do a review for this site yet. It only has 14 videos, but at least it's part of the porn pros network which makes it a better deal.

Unlike cum shot surprise this site doesn't use the large fake cock, but in most videos a real dude "cums" on the girls. Although the cum looks as fake as I've ever seen. No dude could ever cum as much as this guy does.

All scenes as of right now have two girls and usually one of them is getting tied up, is in a cage or somehow she is disgraced. Then there is a sex scenes and copious amounts of cum. The videos are fun and most girls are cute. Overall a nice new addition to the PP network and as it grows surely a great site for whoever enjoys tons of cum in their porn videos.

09-06-09  03:42pm

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Visit Cum On My Glasses

Cum On My Glasses


This site was rather disappointing for me. There isn't very much content and the models don't really look that great. To be honest I'd stay away form here if I were you...unless glasses are a really big thing for you...

08-25-09  09:33pm

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Visit Daddy's Babes

Daddy's Babes

Old on young site dead?

Hmm...PU claims that the clone for this site is not active anymore, but Old on Girl is still alive and can be accessed from the member's area of Daddy's Babes. In fact Daddy's Babes has the same logo as Old on Girl and much of their content is still similar...although Old on Girl seems to have more frequent updates...

The preview page for the two sites seems different but they still are the same, not that it maters since you get access to both with a membership.

08-11-09  03:40am

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Visit Defiled 18

Defiled 18

First impression

First of all this comes with the basic Teencore network membership and it looks pretty good. The same cute girls doing more bondage like stuff. Only problem is that each video is huge (over 1 gb) and with the site logging me out every so often I couldn't download anything yet. The download speeds were also horrible (around 100kb) I put in a complaint and hopefully I'll be able to get the scenes downloaded soon.

In the meantime the images look good and at the end of each set there are 10 or so photos of the girls just smiling and cleaning up next to the male model. Makes for a nice change to see some of the backstage stuff for once.

Will update with a full review if I ever can get the damn site to work

08-29-11  08:37am

Replies (7)
Visit Discount XXX Pass

Discount XXX Pass

Quick impression

Joined this network through Discount Video Pass, which is a clone of this site.

Read my review if you're interested in more details, but basically there is nothing really interesting here. Your money would be better spent on another network. The categories, while varied are not as exciting as one would expect. Mostly older DVD hardcore porn.

A lot of dead links and even the stuff available is non-exclusive.

For right now, unless they doa major face-lift best to avoid this site.

06-17-12  12:04pm

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Visit Double View Casting

Double View Casting

First Impression

I joined first anal quest a while back and just realized that this site comes as a bonus. I'll probably review it after I watch a few more clips and they update their database a bit more. Right now there are only 30 or so videos and they update about twice a month.

The two camera gimmick is nice and I installed and uninstalled the thing without a problem (no viruses yet :) It's basically a pov and a wide angle shot of the action. Personally I just left it in the wide angle, but it was nice to be able to switch around if I wanted. The whole two angles, means that the videos are larger and for me the streaming was a bit funky (slowed down, sound jumped around nothing too major)

Also don't expect amateur castings like Woodman, these girls have appeared on many other sites and a few of them are even on the FAQ site. There is a very brief interview dubbed in English and then the usual hardcore action, with a lot of anal.

Overall a decent site, but FAQ is definitely the site you should check out first. Together they are a great deal for fans of anal sex (you also get some DVD scenes so triple the fun :)

08-30-10  09:35pm

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