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Visit Elegant Angel

Elegant Angel

Be careful when joining.

I just tried their trial offer for 2 days and have to say I'm somewhat disappointed with some technical issues. First of all the trial only gives you access to streaming videos, but also the site doesn't have several videos they advertise in the join page (or maybe the trial doesn't give you access to them)

Also they will automatically subscribe you to extramoviez, without any warning or option to avoid a membership for them.

The scenes themselves are nice, but the cross-checked sale and the shady advertisement left me with a bad taste.

10-02-12  07:50pm

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Visit Teen Core Club

Teen Core Club


Not sure when they added it but now the network subscription also gives access to a new site called teen anal casting. It's a pretty hardcore site with some double anal, massive gapes as well as some pretty nice behind the scenes shots (they show the girls taking showers and cleaning up after the scene is over.)

So far only 10 scenes are available, but they are all very high resolution (1920x1080)and looking pretty good.

The usual complaints of no zipped photo archives, very basic site design and all the rest still apply.

06-17-12  12:09pm

Replies (4)
Visit Discount XXX Pass

Discount XXX Pass

Quick impression

Joined this network through Discount Video Pass, which is a clone of this site.

Read my review if you're interested in more details, but basically there is nothing really interesting here. Your money would be better spent on another network. The categories, while varied are not as exciting as one would expect. Mostly older DVD hardcore porn.

A lot of dead links and even the stuff available is non-exclusive.

For right now, unless they doa major face-lift best to avoid this site.

06-17-12  12:04pm

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Visit Young Porn

Young Porn

Not worth your time or money

Got a trial membership as a bonus from another network, but trust me this site is not worth even the 3 or 4 bucks of the trial.

It's basically just a portal that sends you to streaming videos from other networks and a handful of image galleries gathered from other sites, no exclusive content here. Even worse, more than half of the sites don't work, they either need another membership or the streaming is broken or the links are incorrect. Maybe this is because I only had a trial and not a full membership, but I doubt it.

I all honesty they do offer you several DVD's which you can stream (you can't save anything) but overall just go with Videobox or Pornstarnetwork or Videosz or any of the other more reputable sites out there.

Also they recommend you disable your firewall when browsing their site... sounds awfully fishy to me.

06-03-12  03:52pm

Replies (1)
Visit Club Tug

Club Tug

Quick impression

The site is a bit of a let down, as mentioned in the review by Standard, the video quality could be better. Their choice of models is also questionable sometimes. I guess they wanted a mix of a mature "mom" teaching a young guy and some younger girls, but overall it feels a bit disjointed.

Also for a site that is focused on handjobs there are several scenes where the guy finishes himself on the woman's chest. I was a bit disappointed not all scenes ended with the girl making him cum.

Even stranger I believe there are a few scenes where the guy doesn't cum at all, somewhat of a strange ending for a hand-job specific site if you ask me.

Not very impressing.

05-28-12  05:22pm

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Visit Pornstar Network

Pornstar Network

Quick opinion on the site

First of all I was disappointed that the site has a pop-up show up in the background right after logging-in. It's just some review site, but it was a bit annoying.

On the other hand I was happy to see that the free membership allows for a very good impression of the site. You can browse all scenes and get some limited streaming to get a really good idea of what the site is all about. If you're curious at all about this network I'd recommend getting the free membership and explore the site. Many thumbs up for this kind of transparency.

Finally, they recently started adding a lot of Max Hardcore content (around 13 DVD's so far), as far as I know this is one of the few network to have this content. Add in the large number of Pierre Woodman casting videos and this is a very attractive network for fans of hardcore anal sex.

05-20-12  11:51am

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Visit Jurassic Cock

Jurassic Cock

Site no longer seems to update

Joined Pornpros again this month (May 2012) and the last video on this particular site was uploaded in December last year. It's really a shame since the quality or the girls is high and this is one of the few porn pros sites that has anal scenes.

The network seems to have sporadic updates here and there, but overall they seem to have hit a rough patch, just fyi.

05-14-12  07:49pm

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Visit Exploited College Girls

Exploited College Girls

Great news!

Bacroomcastingcouch is now available as a bonus if you join exploited college girls.

Not sure if you get ECC as a bonus for joining BCC but either way this is great news. These two sites go together like peanut butter and jelly, and it's awesome to see this package deal.

No reason not to join these two great sites now.

11-20-11  11:38am

Replies (2)
Visit Squirt Disgrace

Squirt Disgrace

Quick impression

This is one of the new sites that Porn pros really seems to be pushing. They have weekly updates and while they only have around 25 scenes so far the content is pretty awesome.

Each scene seems to be around 30 minutes long and we get to see some gorgeous looking girls tied up and played with until they cum in a squirting explosion.

The male model uses all sorts of toys on the girls as well as fingering and fucking them. (Surprising not a lot of head from the guys in here) It's also interesting that some scenes end with the girl cumming while some end with her getting a facial from the dude. It almost feels like they had a lot of content from another one of their disgraced sites and decided to create a new site, then more recently started making content exclusively focused on squirting.

Anyhow, the scenes are fun and each one starts and ends with a very cute interview. Good, high quality stuff that fits right in with the rest of the porn pros content.

11-14-11  05:13pm

Replies (0)
Visit 40 oz Bounce

40 oz Bounce

Quick impression

Around 120 scenes with updates twice a month.

Good site design, good download speeds, the standard porn pros treatment (see my review for the network for more details)

The site has some of the funnies set-ups for the porn that I've seen in quite a while. A black priest preaches about ass then gets to business, The Cocktip Thunder Force is called into the deep jungle to save some delicious round ass sistas!. A guy in a superman costume check, scooby-doo hat, check. Overall a very lighthearted, fun atmosphere.

The site focuses on black girls, but there are a few Latina and white girls here and there,especially among the older stuff.

Also this site has the most anal of the entire network, with probably every other scene having at least a bit of ass play.

Bottom line, a nice site if you like big asses and a nice fit with the whole vibe of the network. Sadly not as much anal as you'd expect, but still a decent amount. More ethnic diversity and more frequent updates would make this a great site.

11-14-11  05:02pm

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Visit Pimp My Black Teen

Pimp My Black Teen

Quick first impression

The TBP review mentions this site is streaming only, but that has changed since the review, now all videos are available as WMV downloads as well as streaming.

They have around 60 scenes with very, very infrequent updates.

The quality is lacking, around 480x360 and the scenes are pretty pixelated.

That being said the content is pretty good quality with a lot of cute models in pretty strong action. The entire network seems to have some awesome models, sadly the technical aspects of the site are nowhere near modern standards.

I'd give this probably a 65 or so, only because the models are good and they also give you network access, to about 30 or so decent sites.

11-07-11  07:36pm

Replies (2)
Visit Tits Ass And Ammo

Tits Ass And Ammo

Quick impression

I joined this network mostly for their Teeny bopper club and Casting couch teens. Sadly most of the network seems to have some seriously lacking videos (resolutions of 480x and very poor encoding)
This site as the only full HD site is much better although not up to modern standards. The videos here are around 740x 420 and still suffer from the grainy aspect the rest of the network has.

That being said this site has 12 scenes so far with two Russian models in camouflage outfits. The two girls are usually hunting down a guy to fuck and are quite successful. There is no crazy amount of ammo or army related stuff, but overall the scenes are okay.

Pretty standard action, decent models, but sadly they have some pretty poor choices of locations (a neon green room that really hurts your eyes after a few minutes)

Overall an okay site, but I wouldn't say it's really HD or the main feature of this network.

11-07-11  07:30pm

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Visit Only Carla

Only Carla

Quick Impresion

The site stopped updating back in 2009, although the archives cover about 4 years of regular updates. The images are in good quality with the highest resolutions close to 2000x3000.

The videos are very short and not really worth it, but several of the sets are petty hot.

Everything here is softcore and fits pretty well with the onlytease site theme. A lot of various outfits and stockings as well as corsets and some scenes with two girls (although not much touching or petting goes on between the two.)

Overall a decent site if you like Carla and a nice bonus to the onlyallsites membership.

10-30-11  07:41pm

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Visit Only Secretaries

Only Secretaries

Quick impression

I got access to this site by joining onlyallsites, which also give access to onlytease.com. I'd say that this site is very, very similar (check out my review for onlytease if you want more details)

The basic idea is that they offer tons of images of gorgeous girls pretending to be secretaries. There is a strong focus on stockings along with various skirts, high heels and some more exotic outfits (airline attendant anyone?)

They have videos, but they are not great quality and there is a bit of repetition in the scenes since all the girls only do striptease.

The only major difference from the onlytease site is that they focus on a bit more business look here. although many girls have bright red stockings or dresses that would get you fired in many offices. There are also some sets shot outdoors or in a work out room so there is some variation.

A good site if you like glamor softcore, but make sure you read the reviews for only tease before joining, and make sure you truly want softcore images, otherwise Nubiles, X-art or first time girls might be better sites for you.

10-30-11  07:32pm

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Visit Teach My Ass

Teach My Ass

Last review

I just wanted to mention that this site is now dead. It's been well over a year since the last update and with new sites on the network it's obvious they won't return to good old TMA.
Everything I said in my last review (now expired) stands.

Just click on that read expired review to get an idea of what you get here. My advice though is join teencoreclub and get the whole network. That way you can get many sites that still update and this one as a bonus.

10-23-11  06:10pm

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Visit Woodman Casting X

Woodman Casting X

1 year Update on my review

I joined the site again after quite a long absence and while I don't feel that a new review is necessary there are some things that haven't improved with the site (and a few that have) and I figure I might as well share my experience.

There are now close to 1500 casting scenes and only around 500 hardcore scenes. This is really disappointing, especially considering a lot of the content is old or can be found on other places (Videobox for one or pornstarnetwork) There are some great new scenes that have been added (Aspen's casting is great) but overall I am not sure that this network is worth the very high price, especially since Wakeupnfuck is not included.

Nonetheless, the most disturbing thing for me was a change in Pierre's attitude. He seems really, really concerned about piracy, to the point where he is making it harder to download videos in his member area. I used to be able to download a bunch of stuff overnight, but now the site logs you out after a while. When I mentioned this on the forum Pierre said that he wanted to make it harder for pirates to download his stuff... while I understand his concern, I was a paying member who never stole his stuff and he was making it harder for me to download the scenes I wanted.

Not sure if anyone else had similar log-out issues, but it kinda left me disappointed.

Other than this new log-out the site is pretty much unchanged from last year and everything I said before applies... without the optimistic tone that I had in my previous bottom line, I doubt anything will change for the better here.

10-23-11  06:04pm

Replies (1)
Visit Rocco Siffredi

Rocco Siffredi

Quick impression of Rocco

I've been a member of this site through different partnerships (I believe anal acrobats and most recently Devils films) It's a pretty decent collection of Rocco's movies along with several exclusive scenes.

For the most part the content is anal stuff and some pretty impressive DP and deepthroats. I compare him to Pierre Woodman, but he doesn't have the interviews, just a lot more threesomes. Sadly a lot of the content is on the older side, much like Pierre Woodman. If you're a fan of 90's porn this is probably the best place to start.

Outside of this the site is okay, decent navigation, good download speeds and around 1000 scenes. Pretty good if you like this type of content.

10-17-11  08:00pm

Replies (1)
Visit Back Room Casting Couch

Back Room Casting Couch

Quick update on site quality

I've been a member of this site on and off for almost a year now and I have to say the quality of their models keeps improving. They still have some very "real" looking girls, but damn they are hot.

Also in more recent updates he tries anal with all girls (although it often fails quite hilariously)

They also added streaming, so plus points for that.

This site is definitely at the top of my list of must join. Just check out the latest girl (Kassey) she is very hot, attempts anal and has one of the cutest/ funniest facial scenes I've ever seen.

Good stuff here if you like amateurs and candid girls who are nervous but willing to try new stuff.

10-15-11  11:43am

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Visit Hardcore Fuck Machines

Hardcore Fuck Machines

First impression

Don't think I'll review this site in detail since the action here doesn't interest me really, also Rearadmiral covered all the main points in his comment bellow mine.

I just wanted to mention that for the most part the models are on the older side with many MILF looking women (even if they say they are 25). Also there is tons of anal with various sizes of dildos.
Not a lot of outfits, not a lot of variations on the fuck machine, I don't even think they use a Symbian. Overall a rather disappointing experience IMO

10-08-11  08:24pm

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Visit Cock Competition

Cock Competition

No longer updating

Just wanted to provide a quick update that this is one of the sites the network is no longer updating. I believe this and LOL Cumshot where some of the biggest offenders when it came to fake cum and hilariously large plastic penises. As such they got the axe when the site decided to become a bit more grown-up :)

The last scene was uploaded on December 12, 2009 and it features a girl that tries to do anal with the monster cock.

Pretty sobering stuff.

10-08-11  08:15pm

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Visit Preparty Nights

Preparty Nights

Quick impression

I recently joined this network and have left a review for fuck you paul, which I think best describes all of these sites.

The amount of content available is minimal (I believe 12 videos for this particular site, around 20 for most of the others in the network) The sites themselves are well designed, but not updated anymore (since 2010)
The content is very softcore borderline not even porn (I believe this site has a blowjob scene and that is the most intense on the whole network)

Overall simply not a good value in my opinion.

09-30-11  05:23pm

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Visit My Teen Maid

My Teen Maid

Quick impression

I left a more detailed review for the Fuck You Paul site which I think applies pretty well here as well.

This site has around 18 scenes, the last one updated on November 13, 2010.
I didn't see any errors in design and could navigate everything easily, but while we have HD video (1920px) and Great images (3000px) the content is lacking (Mostly stripping videos, even the scenes with two girls are just stripping. I don't thing they even kiss at any point. On the positive side we get to see some vagina here so at least it's a porn site unlike Fuck you Paul :)

Not that many bonuses and the network access doesn't really save the day. Overall I wouldn't recommend this site.

09-30-11  05:11pm

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Visit Anal Dildo Lesbians

Anal Dildo Lesbians

First impression

Well the name says it all. You get two girl a dildo and anal sex :)

They have around 40 scenes and most of the action is okay. The models are more on the average side of a hotness scale, but the few scenes that I've watched so far looked pretty decent. We have some strap-ons, some double headed dildos and some more or less enthusiastic girls. Some scenes are very hot with the girls licking each other while some feel like an older model teaching the younger girl about dildos. Overall there is enough variation here that it should keep you busy for a few weeks. (I also liked the fact that several of the girls wear high heels and stockings to bed :)

The big drawback for me was that the highest quality they have is 640 WMV and some scenes are only 448 mpg. I also had some odd color issues with some scenes, the girls skin looking strange (might be my codecs or something, but I didn't have an issue with the content on the rest of the network). Finally, the images are not the best quality and the last update was from 2008, with not many chances of more updates coming anytime soon.

The good part is that the rest of the network has similar lesbian content so there is that.

09-24-11  01:00pm

Replies (1)
Visit Brutal Anal Sex

Brutal Anal Sex


I won't bother with a full review of this site since most of the scenes were hard to download/ view. The site looks very outdated and most content is only available as clips. So one scene can be anywhere from 3 different clips to 8 clips. This, combined with the navigation killed the site for me from the get go. It's basically a huge black page with a photo of the scenes, you have to click each one to get more details and then you can download the clips, which are not the best quality. They also have images on some of the scenes, but no zipped archives

On the positive side they do have a lot of scenes (over 120) and they are pretty brutal. From the few clips I downloaded the action is high energy and the girls get a good anal pounding.

That being said you could probably find better quality content on numerous other sites (try Videobox for similar content but in much better resolutions)

09-24-11  12:36pm

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Visit Backstabbing Sluts

Backstabbing Sluts

Quick impression

This was one of my favorite sites in this network, they have around 30 scenes (photo and video) but seem to still update pretty regularly. The idea behind the scenes is that a random chick seduces and has sex with a married man. While the set up is not incredible most scenes actually look pretty good and the girls are rather hot (Ivy and Arizona were some of my favorites.)

While the camera work is not the best, I think most scenes are pretty intense and there is enough variation to make the site stand out. If you're considering this network I'd say this is one of the best sites on here (along with the Asian content which is updated frequently)

09-18-11  01:58pm

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