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Visit Wow Orgasms

Wow Orgasms

New site in the network?

wow-orgasms.com is apparently the newest site in the Teen Mega World network.

Site currently has 23 videos.

If you're a member of the network, it's worth checking the site out.

I don't recognize any of the videos here, so maybe they weren't transferred from one of the other sites, and might be new to the network.

01-31-13  01:14am

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Visit Met Art

Met Art

Metart options.

I've been a member of Metart for many years, off and on. But I just realized you can set some options on how the site is displayed.

You can show measurements in metric or imperial.
Imperial is the British system of measurements: Feet and inches for length, pounds for weight.

Although they have taught the metric system in the United States for many years, I still have to translate metric to the British system, because I grew up with feet-inches and pounds, and metric measurements just aren't natural for me; I have to translate them to feet-inches and pounds to understand what they mean.

This is a simple thing, really. But it makes the Metart site easier to use.

Also, you can select the language the site is displayed:
Deutsch (which is German, I assume)
Espanol (Spanish)
Chinese? (I'm guessing, it's some kind of oriental language)
Japanese? (I'm guessing, it's some kind of oriental language)
? (Some other oriental language

So I guess that Metart truly is an international site, promoting softcore porn throughout the world.

01-30-13  07:20am

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Visit Team Skeet

Team Skeet

New special price of $9.97 monthly.

I just noticed the last PU newsletter.
They have a special price of $9.97 monthly for Team Skeet (which includes all 14 sites in that network).
The regular discount price from PU is $17.87/month (recurring).

01-25-13  07:07am

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Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World network experiencing problems?

It used to be that you could be logged in to any of the member sites for hours before you would get a site timeout.

But today, I am getting a site timeout within minutes of logging in to the network.

This has happened a few times today, already.

Separately, you go to a video at one of their sites, that is supposed to have a streaming option to view. And instead of being able to stream the video, there is no hot link to stream the video. This is not true for all videos, but just today, I found several videos that would not stream.

I certainly hope that their technical staff will fix these problems.

Edit01: I just logged in to X-Art, which I am also a member of. And I have the same problem of not seeing a hot link to play streaming videos.

So I now think that the problem is probably some software or hardware conflict in my PC, and not at the Teen Mega World network. Because I doubt that X-Art would have the same technical problem of not displaying the hot link to stream a video.

I'm sorry that I suggested/implied/stated that Teen Mega World was having technical problems.

My guess is that it's my PC that is having technical problems.
It's a new PC, less than 1 year old. No virus or malware, that I know of.

Edit02: Yes, it's definitely my PC that has a problem. I can't find a play link to stream videos at 18 Only Girls or Young Legal Porn, which are part of the Diesel Access network.

Edit03: I recently disabled Java because of the security warnings. That might be what's causing my problems. That's just a guess, because I don't have any way of testing that.
Well, I could turn Java back on. But the security experts say that Java leaves you open to too many security problems.

01-23-13  09:16pm

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

If you took advantage of the $5 for first month offer for Naughty America.

Just a reminder. The membership renews at $39.95/month, which is very expensive.

PU has a discounted price of $7.95 for the first month.

01-21-13  06:24am

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Visit Wow Girls

Wow Girls

Bonus site for Wow Girls.

With a membership to Wow Girls, you now get access to Wow Porn.

01-19-13  08:35am

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Visit Michael Ninn

Michael Ninn

Just added to the MetArt Network.

The newest addition to the MetArt Network, MichaelNinn.

01-12-13  03:57pm

Replies (8)
Visit Met Art

Met Art

Metart model age.

Depending on where you look on the Metart site, you can find the current age of the model, and also the age of the model at the time of each photoshoot.

When you download a zip file of a photoshoot, you get a text file of the model's bio included. That text file bio lists the current age of the model, instead of her age at the time of the photoshoot.

It would be better for the downloaded text file included with each photoshoot to give the age of the model at the time when the photoshoot was shot, instead of her current age.

01-10-13  09:32am

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Visit Rylsky Art

Rylsky Art

Membership fee out of line with the site contents.

Since this is a new site that just started a few months ago, and the site has only a small amount of content, they should really offer, until the site has grown a lot, a smaller subscription fee, for at least 6 months or more.

I know that the site operators want to cover expenses and all, but considering the relative lack of content versus competing sites, it's seems like a bad business decision to charge more for a monthly membership than mega-sites like Met-Art, MPL Studios, or Femjoy, which have years of back-logged content, gorgeous models, and a lower monthly price (about $20/month with PU discount).

01-03-13  08:02am

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Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World

Newer stunt cocks at Teen Mega World.

I know some PU members have said the recent updates at Teen Mega World are below the standards that Teen Mega World had before.

But one thing that I think is an improvement, not just at Teen Mega World but at some other sites as well, is that we are seeing some new stunt cocks appearing in these videos. I am glad that the 3 main stunt cocks at Teen Mega World are appearing less often.

01-03-13  07:38am

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

NALive site.

I took advantage of the $5.00/30 day membership to Naughty America today.
I unchecked the pre-check membership to a bonus site.
But after logging in to the Naughty America site, I found an email in my Spam folder that says:

Welcome to NALive!

Congratulations you have activated your bonus membership to NALive.

There are NO monthly membership fees for accessing this new site! You will ONLY be charged if you access our clearly marked premium areas at the listed per min rate.

Please log on and enjoy the Free Guest Chats and talk to all our HOT MODELS who are waiting for you!

You can point your browser to http://www.nalive.com/ to use your membership. Your account information is shown below for reference purposes. Any purchases made on your account will be discreetly billed as Epoch.com.

Thanks for your business! If you have any questions regarding your bill please contact us at: https://epoch.com/billingsupport/

For information regarding the site, please read our Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you,
NALive Staff


Looking at the FAQ for the NALive site, the site appears to be a chat site, both live and recorded, with male and female performers.

The site is supposed to be free for some things, and is supposed to be clearly marked where there is a fee.

But I honestly do not remember clicking on any agreement to join this site.

If I do look this NALive over in the future, I might give a comment on whether it's worth joining.

12-26-12  09:40am

Replies (6)
Visit HD Love

HD Love

New site. Apparently very small.

TBP listing for HD Love is a new listing, dated 2012-12-26 (today's date). It states the site has 11+ videos, 11+ photo shoots.

The site appears to offer content in the style of X-Art.

The preview pages for HD Love are very limited.

But the main preview page appears to be slightly misleading.

The main preview page shows 126 nice-sized thumbnails. And there is a popup over each thumbnail which says, "HD, Play Movie", "100% Full 1080p Resolution".

So you would normally think that there would be 126 videos, instead of 11+ videos.

Maybe the site is looking ahead, to what they will have in the future, instead of what they have currently.

But you would never know that the site only has 11+ videos, from the preview pages.

Are there any bonus sites that come with a membership? TBP doesn't list any bonus sites.

And if there is not a nice selection of bonus sites, then a site that is apparently this small might not be worth even a 1-month membership.

12-26-12  08:36am

Replies (2)
Visit Team Skeet

Team Skeet

Special discounted price.

Team Skeet is having special of $17.87/month.

12-04-12  07:56pm

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Visit Nubile Films

Nubile Films

New site of soft-hardcore style.

Appears to be in the style of X-Art, Joymii, Sex Art, 18 Only Girls, Young Legal Porn.
High quality photosets and videos. This is a new site that started late 2012. So the site is still small. The girls are slender white teens or early twenties. Very attractive.
Currently about 65 videos.
Currently about 47 photosets.

11-29-12  12:06am

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Visit Babes Network.com

Babes Network.com

It makes a difference how you get to the preview page of this site.

If you use the hot links from PU/TBP to get to this site, you find working preview pages that will give you a list of the models at the site, plus samples of the videos and photos.

If, instead, you use http://www.babesnetworkDOTcom/tgp/?nats=...es.,
you get a preview page that shows thumbnails of videos. That page does not lead to any listing of models, or to any sample of videos or photos. Apparently, they put the page up on the Internet, and haven't bothered to finish the rest of the preview pages/links at that URL.

The thumbnails do lead to a signup page, so I thought the preview pages were broken. Until I stumbled across the PU/TBP links to the site.

11-28-12  01:46pm

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Visit MPL Studios

MPL Studios

$19.95/month special offer.

MPL Studios is currently offering $19.95/month recurring.
Site says it's a limited time offer. This has been offered at this price before, but there's no way of telling how long this offer will last.

If you haven't been a member of this site before, and you like softcore teen photography in the style of Met-Art, you will probably like this site as well. High quality, glossy style softcore teen photos. They also have videos, with some that are HD. But the main draw is the photosets.

11-21-12  03:26pm

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Visit X-Art


X-Art cams.

X-Art has a new feature I just noticed. Live cams. I don't think it's a service that X-Art itself created. It's more like a link to a live cam feed that X-Art links to. So X-Art members can watch live cams, for free for the public chats, or by paying a fee to enter the private chats. Just like a lot of the adult sites seem to be doing.

I remember the old days when Met-Art had their live cam shows. But that was different, in that Met-Art itself created the live cam shows, and allowed members to watch the shows the girls put on for free (public chats), or by paying a fee to watch the private chats. The Met-Art cams were special, because the girls were regulars, and the shows they put on, which were mainly not that explicit, were really audience friendly, and the girls often developed a rapport with the audience members. It was more like a club than the live cams that are offered today.

Many of the live cams today, although supposedly free, are basically designed to cost the members money. The old Met-Art live cams were less designed to cost the members money. You could enjoy the girls shows for many hours each day for free.

Unfortunately, Met-Art dropped that service many years ago. They did offer a link to a live cam service afterwards, but that service was more like the ones that are currently being offered, which are designed to make money off the members, instead of being truly free.

11-21-12  11:22am

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Visit Young Legal Porn

Young Legal Porn

Captcha simplified.

Diesel simplified the login page across all their sites recently. Now, after your first successful login, you won't need to retype 4 captcha numbers anymore, while you are using their services from the same IP you used for your first successful login.

When you change your location, though, the system will require you to fill in a captcha again for one time and record your new place so your second login from your new location will be without captcha again.

11-18-12  02:52am

Replies (2)
Visit Give Me Teens

Give Me Teens

Bonus sites need to be spelled out clearly.

Before joining this site, you need to understand clearly what bonus sites are included in the membership.

This site is part of the Devils Film/Fame Digital network.

I recently saw one page on the internet that showed 16 bonus sites if you join through Give Me Teens. But those sites did not include Rocco Siffredi or Peter North, two of the top sites in the network.

However, at the Give Me Teens site, there is a page that states membership to Give Me Teens does give access to to the entire bonus network.

The major sites in the network are:
Devils Film
Peter North DVD
Rocco Siffredi
Silverstone DVD
Silvia Saint

The 5 sites I listed above are the main sites, but there are also some other sites that have value.
So I am thinking that the one internet page I saw recently, that only listed 16 bonus sites, was only showing a partial list of the sites you get access to.

Perhaps I should add that netFameSolutions also has a separate network (apart from the Devils Film network) of other sites. You do not get access to that other network, which includes:
Milk Enema
Butt Man
Anal Acrobats
Christoph Clark Online
Jonni Darkko XXX
Euro Angels
Joey Silvera
Nacho Vidal Hardcore
Mike Adriano
Shemale Idol
Jake Malone
TS Playground
John Leslie
She Plays With Her Cock
Strap Attackers
Christoph's Big Natural Tits
Cock Choking Sluts
Gaping Angels
I Love Black Shemales
Jay Sin XXX
POV Blowjobs

11-15-12  04:12pm

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Visit Ex GF Box

Ex GF Box

Temporary problem logging in to Teen Mega World network through exgfbox.

I can get to the public page of the site, but can't log in to the members area of the site.

Probably just a temporary matter. But annoying.


The message I get is:

The connection was reset

The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few
If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network
If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

I doubt that many members of TMW join through the exgfbox site, because it's one of the poorer offerings of TMW.

So I doubt that the site is too busy.

My guess is that's it's a server problem.

And I might have to clear my cookies, before I can get back in, because even if the servers/site does become available, a cookie or stored image of the site error message on my computer might prevent me from logging in, because I won't get a fresh image of the login page for the site.

PS: I don't mean to complain too much. Usually Teen Mega World network (and its member sites) allow fast login, and good download speeds.

11-07-12  12:20pm

Replies (1)
Visit Young Legal Porn

Young Legal Porn

Captcha error.

Whenever I log into the site, I have to first give a captcha number through the Diesel Access page. But the first number I give always returns an error message, stating that either the captcha was wrong, or that my browser does not accept cookies.

The second time I enter a different captcha number, the captcha entry is accepted, and I am able to log in.

No big thing. But I wish they dropped the captcha entirely.

11-07-12  07:46am

Replies (4)
Visit Met Art

Met Art

Useful facts about Met-Art.

From Wikipedia:

1. MET-Art (originally Most Erotic Teens) is a softcore pornography website owned by HLP General Partners Incorporated of Santa Monica, California. The site features erotic photographs of partially or completely naked women, and has been online since circa 1999.

2. Not to be confused with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

But much easier to visit than the New York City museum. And the price to visit the online site is much cheaper.

3. Headquarters: Santa Monica, California
Parent HLP General Partners, INC

It surprises me that the headquarters are in Santa Monica, California.
Almost all the models used in the early years of Met-Art were Eastern European girls.
And the photographers were mainly from Europe, as well.

Most of the models are still from Eastern Europe.
And most of the photographers are still from Europe.

What I want to really know:
If I drive down to Santa Monica, California, how many of the Met-Art girls will I be able to meet?

My guess is: Zero to none, since the site uses very few models from the United States, and almost all the photoshoots are done in Europe.

Can anyone explain to me the benefit of having a headquarters in Santa Monica, California? Versus some place in Europe. I can understand not locating in Russia or some area around there, because the authorities might turn against porn and shut the operation down or force it to move. The same thing happened with Abby Winters in Australia, I think, which is why Abby Winters moved from Australia to Europe.

11-05-12  08:40am

Replies (4)
Visit Porn Pros Network

Porn Pros Network

Pricing for longer term membership is poor.

With PU discount, you can get a $17.95/month membership, recurring.

But if you choose a longer term membership, you will pay a higher monthly price:
They offer a 3 month membership for $0.65/day, which works out to $19.50/month.

So not only would you be locked into a 3 month term, instead of a 1 month term, but you would be paying a higher monthly fee as well.

11-03-12  08:42pm

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Visit Nude Archives

Nude Archives

Out of business?

I believe this site either went out of business or did a name change.

10-25-12  09:02pm

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Visit Simon Scans

Simon Scans

Simon Scans current price.

Current price for Simon Scans is $19.90/month, recurring.

But there is also a choice of $49.90 for 180 days non-recurring.

PU/TBP lists the prices as:
$24.95/ month, recurring.

$49.95 for 3 months, non-recurring.

But the TBP page also states:
Be aware that this site may have geo-targeted pricing.

Anyway, I joined the site using the PU link to the site, using a credit card.

The credit card processor was CCBILL. There was an option to use NETbilling. But I am more familiar with CCBILL, which has a good reputation and has never given me any problems.

10-25-12  03:19am

Replies (4)

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