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Visit 21Sextury.com


Very nice preview pages.

Some sites have poor preview pages, that show very little of what the site offers.

21sextury has a great preview pages.
The thumbnails show clearly what the models look like.
You have some really nice-looking models.
The videos look professionally shot.
You get to see short samples of the videos.

Reading the PU site reviews, scores range from 80s to 90s.

This is not directly in my comfort zone, as far as the type of sex action. I like a slower approach to sex. The sample videos I saw are like a bucking bronco at a rodeo.

Bu with a first month offer of $9.95, and a ton of gorgeous models, it's worth a try.
So I will sign up tomorrow.

OK. I signed up at 21sextury.
For some reason, the signup page rejected my Mastercard credit card 4 times.
I then tried a Visa card, and the signup page accepted that card.
The biller is Epoch.

After accepting my registration, I got a URL page that said, in part:
The first step of your purchase was successful.

Soon you'll receive a mail to your registered email address. Please click on the link you'll find inside the mail to finalize your registration.

In case you are logged in, don't forget to refresh the page to be able to see your new products.

In case you've provided an incorrect email address, you will still be able to log in for a single time with the username and password below, and correct the email address in your settings panel.

I checked my email, and found 2 emails from Epoch or 21Sextury.
One email said:

You received this message, because you (or someone else) have registered your email address on the 21Sextury Network page.

If you'd like to activate your free premium access, please click on the link below:

If you don't want to activate your email address, just simply ignore this message. If not activated, the registration will be deleted in 7 days.

05-06-13  08:21pm

Replies (6)
Visit My Horny Asians

My Horny Asians

Truth in advertising laws.

At My Horny Asians (part of the 21sextury network), they advertise $9.95 Month.
You click on the hot link, and you get 3 options to sign up:
1. 1 year, no rebill, $9.95/month, billed at one installment of $119.40 at one time.
2. 1 month, rebill at $9.95 after 4th months. In the first four months you pay $19.95/month.
3. 3 month, rebill at $19.98/month. Recurring at $59.95 every 90 days.

So I don't see any option to sign up for $9.95 for the first month, whether it's one-time only, or $9.95 for first month, and a higher price for succeeding months.

I've seen a similar advertisement at another site, where they advertise $9.95/month, but it turns out, when you go to the signup page, that is the rate for a 1-year subscription.

Which seems slightly deceptive to me.

If they advertise $9.95/month, and at the signup page it turns out that $9.95/month is only available with a 1-year subscription, I wonder if that is legal.

There are supposed to be "Truth in advertising laws".

From the internet:


FTC Resources for Reporters
Truth in Advertising and Marketing

When consumers see or hear an advertisement, whether it’s on the Internet, radio or television, or anywhere else, federal law says that ad must be truthful, not misleading, and, when appropriate, backed by scientific evidence. The Federal Trade Commission enforces these truth-in-advertising laws, and it applies the same standards no matter where an ad appears – in newspapers and magazines, online, in the mail, or on billboards or buses. The FTC looks especially closely at advertising claims that can affect consumers’ health or their pocketbooks – claims about food, over-the-counter drugs, dietary supplements, alcohol, and tobacco and on conduct related to high-tech products and the Internet, such as the dissemination of spyware. The FTC also monitors and writes reports about ad industry practices regarding marketing of food, violent movies, music, and electronic games to children.

When the FTC finds a case of fraud perpetrated on consumers, the agency files actions in federal district court for immediate and permanent orders to stop scams; prevent fraudsters from perpetrating scams in the future; freeze their assets; and get compensation for victims.

But internet sites advertise $9.95 month, and then at the signup page, it turns out that only applies with a 1-year subscription.

So I guess it's misleading, but legal.

Edit01: If you use the PU link to 21sextury, you can join that network for $9.95 for the first month, recurring at $29.95 every 30 days.

The 21sextury network includes access to My Horny Asians. So there are sometimes work-arounds to getting a cheaper subscription price.

05-03-13  03:02pm

Replies (4)
Visit Vika Nymph

Vika Nymph

Site no longer actively updating.

Although I tend to focus on the Diesel sites: 18 Only Girls, Young Legal Porn, Wow Girls and Wow Porn, the other sites in the network also deserve some attention, for the fine videos those sites contain.

Vika Nymph does not update regularly like the above mentioned sites do. The last video update for Vika Nymph was 2012-05-15, titled "I do it everywhere". But the site does have a lot of videos that are worth watching.

Vika is a slender East European teen, who can put on a really hot show. Most of her videos are solo, or Vika with a girlfriend, or 2 girlfriends. But occasionally she will have a boy, for variety.

Vika appears in most of the videos at this site.

04-25-13  11:26am

Replies (0)
Visit Wow Porn

Wow Porn

Diesel Access Network now includes Wow Girls and Wow Porn.

I mentioned before that Diesel Access network now includes Wow Girls and Wow Porn. That started in early March of this year.

I am a member of the network, with access to those two sites, plus 18 Only Girls, Young Legal Porn, and the other sites in the network.

But some PU members have wondered what are the exact details in how you get access to all the sites in the network.

The web master replied that he would post details on how the membership works, to get total access. But that hasn't happened yet, that I could find.

From the sign-up page to 18 Only Girls, you see the following plans:

$0.97/day, 18OnlyGirls.Com Recurring 30 Days Membership & bonus access to 11 sites.

$0.67/day, 18OnlyGirls.Com Recurring 5 Months Membership & bonus access to 11 sites.
This is a 5 month, recurring membership.

$1.33/day 18OnlyGirls.Com Non-Recurring 30 Days Membership & bonus access to 11 sites.

The above choices are slightly different from the way the webmaster explained it before.
He said a while back, that if you join one of the sites, and re-new your membership, you would then have access to all the sites in the network (he didn't specify how long you would have to be a member before you gained access to all the sites).

The Wow Porn sign-up page has the same three plans listed above, but they only mention membership/access to the Wow Porn site. I assume that is because the site has a problem with English, and that they are not specifying the access to the other sites in the network because they don't realize the omission.

04-24-13  01:23pm

Replies (4)
Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

Non-secure website for billing questions.

For billing or membership questions, you can use the website http://www.famecare.com.

One way to contact them is to enter the credit card you used to pay for the membership:
You enter the first 6 digits and last 4 digits.
You also enter the credit card expiration date year and month.

This is a non-secure site. There is no s in the http, which means the site is not encrypted.

It seems strange to me that a site would ask for credit card information over a non-secure site.

You can also start a chat, but I would guess that is also a non-secure method of exchanging information.

So the telephone would be the best way of communication, if you are are going to give credit card information, or any other sensitive data.
Note: If you call the 877 telephone number, you will probably get a recorded message that all representatives are busy, and to leave your telephone # and last 4 digits of your credit card number.
Half an hour later, I am still waiting for a return call.

Much simpler to use the Devils Film website, to cancel the subscription, and ignore the famecare.com site completely.

An hour later, still waiting for the customer rep to call me back. But since I already cancelled through the Devils Film site, it's no big deal.

04-18-13  01:20am

Replies (3)
Visit Met Art

Met Art

Metart starting to offer sensuality in its videos.

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned in a comment that Metart was starting to add a bit of eroticism to their videos. The video I cited was posted 2013-04-01, titled "Spera". The model is Christel A.

For many years, the Metart videos, featuring lovely young nude teens, were boring or sterile.

The Spera video definitely has a bit of erotic feeling to it.

Today, I saw a public preview video at Metart, titled "The Girls of Metart", starring Sapphira, that definitely qualifies as erotic art.

If, in the future, the videos at Metart follow this new direction, they will be a strong addition to an already great site.

One word of caution: If you watch this video, don't expect the great mass of videos at Metart to have this erotic quality: This is a new direction, a new sense of erotic exploration in their video library. The older videos, in spite of the lovely models, are basically boring and a waste of time to watch.

But the newest videos, just based on the Spera video, and the newest preview video named "The Girls of Metart", is really an amazing advance in eroticism. In the newest videos, girls are allowed to touch themselves, and each other. This is still softcore, but in the older videos, girls basically did not touch themselves, or each other, in a sensual way.

04-17-13  01:34am

Replies (1)
Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

Age verification routine.

Devils Film now has an age verification routine where you have to enter your date of birth before you can preview the public tour pages.

Are they tightening the laws regarding permissible age to view online porn?

Just another obstacle to viewing porn, or porn sites.

Also, I am not a lawyer. So how can I know, for sure, that "Sexually explicit material is not deemed to be obscene or illegal in your community and you wish to view such material".
By Entering This Site You Agree That:

You are an adult in your community and are at least 18 years old (21 in some communities);
You will not expose minors to the sexually explicit content you are about to view;
You believe that sexually explicit material is not offensive or obscene;
Sexually explicit material is not deemed to be obscene or illegal in your community and you wish to view such material;
You will use the material available on this website for your own personal use and will not sell, distribute, give or make available the content on this website to anyone. You will take the appropriate steps in order to make sure no minor is able to view the content available on this site;
You have read this agreement, understood it and agree to be bound by it.

If minors have access to your computer, please restrain their access to sexually explicit material by using any of the following products:

04-10-13  07:36am

Replies (2)
Visit Met Art

Met Art

Metart offering 3 free SexArt movies.

Sign up now to receive our special deals newsletter and you'll get
three movies FREE to stream or download from our hottest new site, SexArt.

The newsletter gives special price offers to join different Metart network sites, as well as giving small sample photo sets of random models from Metart.

Note: It's not really "my newsletter", or "my newest site", I was just quoting the material on the Metart site. I am a member of Metart and Erotic Beauty, but I certainly don't own them.

04-09-13  08:26pm

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Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls

A note on Diesel Access Live Shows.

The Diesel Access Live Shows are a live chat that features models who appear on the Diesel Access network and the Wow Girls and Wow Porn sites.

The shows are free with membership to any of the Diesel Access sites, or the Wow sites.

The shows are unusual in that they are not intended to maximize the money that viewing members pay to watch the shows.

1. They do not have an option to watch the show in private mode, by paying extra money.

2. They don't even have a tipping option, where members can tip the models.

3. The models are often not just nude, but perform masturbation on camera. Rarely, a model might even have a boyfriend or stunt cock appear with her.

There were 3 shows today. The one with Mia had her performing nude, mastubating with her fingers and with a cucumber.

Mia also had a stunt cock at the end of the show who gave her a solid fucking. A creampie up her anus.

Worth taking a look, to see if you like what you see. It's free.

This is different from the connection to the commercial live chat shows that Diesel also features.

04-07-13  10:36am

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Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World advertises 100% exclusive Our Websites.

That would imply that the videos at the sites are 100% exclusive.

That is misleading.

Some of the videos at TMW are also at the Diesel Access network. And most of the videos at Rub A Teen (one of the Team Skeet sites) are at Tricky Masseur, which is part of the TMW network.

But if you haven't been a member at TMW, because of the large amount of hardcore teen videos, I think the site is worth joining.

04-03-13  06:21am

Replies (5)
Visit Digital Playground

Digital Playground

No downloads at this site.

thebestporn states site does not allow downloads.

So I don't know how many PU members would want to take advantage of the 1 month membership offer in the weekly PU newsletter.

Several PU comments show the site has not offered downloads in years.

04-01-13  02:37pm

Replies (8)
Visit Met Art

Met Art

Is Metart starting to add a bit of eroticism to their videos?

For years, I have mentioned/complained that Metart videos are boring, in spite of the lovely models the videos have featured.

Today, I saw a video from Metart that actually has a bit of erotic feeling to it. The model does a mild strip-tease, and she actually touches her breasts. She also glides her fingers over other parts of her body (shoulders, belly, thighs, etc.). This is really softcore eroticism, but it's a vast improvement over past Metart videos.

The video was posted 2013-04-01, titled "Spera". The model is Christel A.

04-01-13  04:38am

Replies (2)
Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World

TMW now has clear listing of sites you have access to.

For many years, TMW did not clearly list what sites you gain access to when you joined their network.

Now the company and site show a clear listing of the sites you gain access to with a site membership to TM@:


I think this is very helpful to people interested in joining this network.

03-20-13  06:12pm

Replies (0)
Visit Playboy Plus

Playboy Plus

Easier to build a collection of playmates through newsgroup.

Even though many of the photos of playmates are available at this site, it's easier to build a collection of playmates through a newsgroup than it is through Playboy PLus.

The collection will also be more complete through a newsgroup.

The problem with a newsgroup is that you have to learn to use a newsreader, and pay for the newsgroup access, and a few other methods you will have to learn.

But for fans of past playmates, a newsgroup offers more complete files (in photos, not in videos), and an easier method of collecting and sorting your photos.

It's been many years since I belonged to a newsgroup, but Playboy Plus made me realize that poor site structure (and other problems with the site) makes newsgroup access a worthwhile alternative for collecting Playboy material.

But there is a lot to learn about how to use a newsgroup effectively.

03-19-13  01:41am

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Visit Just Teen Site

Just Teen Site

Problems at justteensite?

I tried to load the justteensite page, and the server times out.
Is the site experiencing problems, or is it just a temp thing?
Not a member currently, just wanted to visit the public preview pages.

03-12-13  09:08pm

Replies (3)
Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls

New membership access network went online.

I am a member of the Diesel Access network.

Previously, I had to pay separately for access to Wow Girls and Wow porn.

Now I am getting access to those two sites without paying for a separate membership.

I don't know the details of how the program works.

Maybe the webmaster can explain what the rules are, if he sees this post.

03-08-13  05:38pm

Replies (6)
Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls

Useful facts you might not know.

If you want to watch a live chat show on the internet, and the time is posted in UTC, you might need to convert to your local time zone.

For example:
California is GMT/UTC - 8h during Standard Time
California is GMT/UTC - 7h during Daylight Saving Time

The internet is a wonderful place, that can teach you new tricks.
And google is a good place to find answers.

03-06-13  11:48am

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Visit David Nudes

David Nudes

$100 for lifetime membership.

$100 for lifetime membership (life of site) seems like a low price. That about the same as a 1 year membership at some sites.

03-05-13  10:43am

Replies (3)
Visit Met Art

Met Art

Met-Art has 6 updates for Mar 01, 2013.

After updating with only 4 updates daily the last couple of weeks, Met-Art has finally posted 6 updates for the first day of March: 1 video plus 5 photosets.

Although they advertise up to 6 updates daily, I noticed that back on January 13, 2013, there were only 3 updates. Recently, they have been posting 4 updates per day.

These facts are probably of interest to hardcore Met-Art fanatics. But I want to spread the word that Met-Art update rate varies. You can't expect 6 updates per day. Even 3 updates per day is more than any other softcore teen glamor site that I am aware of.

03-01-13  04:23am

Replies (1)
Visit Daring Sex

Daring Sex

Confirming email from Daring Sex.

It's a nice feature that some sites no longer bother with: sending you a confirming email when you join a site.

Daring Sex does send you a confirming email, with your logon details, the price and length and other details of your membership.

More sites should follow their example.

02-25-13  02:15pm

Replies (0)
Visit Daring Sex

Daring Sex

It looks like they have upgraded the model listing at Daring Sex.

Daring Sex is part of the netFameSolutions network, which includes Devils Film, Rocco Siffredi, Peter North, Silverstone DVD, and Silvia Saint.

One problem at many of these sites is the poor model listing pages. Many of the models at these sites have a blank space instead of a thumbnail, so you don't know what the model looks like until you watch a video and then try to figure out what name goes with what model.

But at least at the Daring Sex site, most of the models I checked all had thumbnails. And their videos at this site are listed along with the thumbnail of the model on the model's page.

02-22-13  03:14am

Replies (0)
Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World

They re-designed the preview pages for Teen Mega World.

The preview pages now show a clearer listing of some of the member sites you get access to with a membership in Teen Mega World.

They say you get access to 33 teen porn sites.
But the preview page only shows thumbnails for 24 sites.
For years, I have complained that Teen Mega World (and its member sites) do not show a clear listing of all the sites you are supposed to get with a membership in any one of the sites.

The new preview page is a much better listing than the previous one that showed a tiny thumbnail for some of their sites.

But it still does not show clearly all the sites you are supposed to get access to.

Is this a Russian or Eastern Europe thing, where you can't show clearly the sites you are supposed to get access to with a membership?

Also, the preview page seems very limited. Apart from the page listing the sites you are supposed to get, there is a page for "latest videos", "top rated girls", "categories", etc. But if you click on a thumbnail of a model you might like, instead of going to a page of the model where it lists her videos or photosets, you are directed to a signup page. The same thing happens if you click on a thumbnail of a video you might want to see a sample of: instead of a sample video, you are redirected to the signup page. You click on "Browse all our categories", and instead of a listing of the categories, you are redirected to the signup page.

I guess they want you to join their site.

But a better sales pitch would be if their preview gave a potential member the chance to see a model's page that shows a nice-sized thumbnail of the model, with her content at the network.

And it would be helpful if they included some sample videos lasting 30 - 60 seconds to show what the videos are like.

The network has a tremendous amount of videos, many of very nice quality, and I think they are missing an opportunity to showcase their goods.

02-15-13  01:43pm

Replies (5)
Visit Sex Art

Sex Art

SexArt wins "Glamcore Site of the Year" award at the 2013 XBIZ Awards.

The 2013 XBIZ awards were held on January 11, 2013, at the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, California.

I don't follow industry news that much. I think the X-Art and Diesel Access networks are two of my favorite glamcore sites/networks.

02-15-13  10:10am

Replies (3)
Visit Glam Deluxe

Glam Deluxe

Any recent members of Glam Deluxe?

It's been about 5 years since I was a member of this site. Back then, they had some really cute models. Nice softcore photography. Their preview pages give a very limited idea of the site contents. They advertise the site updates twice a week. But the preview pages don't show the posted dates of any recent updates.

What is new to me is that you are supposed to get a large number of bonus sites with your membership. The bonus sites are solo model sites and multi-model sites. I believe many of these bonus sites are archive sites, that have not updated in 1 or more years. But maybe it would be worth a 1-month membership to see what these sites have. Or not.

One cute model is Ema, who has her own site named Ema's Place. The site preview states she is 18, but she is also featured at Metart, under the name of Avril A, which says her current age is 25. I think Metart tries to be more accurate about a model's age than most web sites.

Anyway, Metart has 20 photosets of Avril A, the last one posted 2010-11-19.
The preview pages for Ema's Place state weekly updates, ultra fresh content. But my guess is that the last update to the Ema's Place site was probably a few years ago. I don't think Ema (or Avril A, or whatever name you use to call her) is still active as a model.

And that's probably true of many of the bonus sites you get with a Glam Deluxe membership. Bonus sites that no longer update.

I wish that the preview pages for these porn sites would more accurately reflect the current state of these sites, instead of promising you fresh, weekly updates that you won't be getting.

02-11-13  07:01am

Replies (6)
Visit Digital Desire

Digital Desire

Adult Photographer J. Stephen Hicks Has Died

LOS ANGELES — Acclaimed adult industry photographer and videographer J. Stephen Hicks passed away Feb 06 2013 .

Hicks’ career spanned more than three decades. His work appeared in nearly every adult magazine including Penthouse, Hustler, Club, High Society, Gallery and more.

Hicks’ website —DigitalDesire.com — will continue to carry on his legacy.

02-09-13  06:39pm

Replies (5)

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