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Visit Club Jade Marcela

Club Jade Marcela

Anyone Have Any Info About This One?

I just noticed this site under the new listings on the TBP home page. I sort of like Jade and, for once, I was actually mildly impressed by the tour, you get to see what all the offerings are. The price is right ($5 for a 2 day full access trial which is probably more than enough time) and you get access to 10 other sites. Just wondering what the quality was like even though it looks like most of the material was shot several years ago.

02-19-10  10:49am

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Visit Cute Couples

Cute Couples

Seems to have stopped updating

Duke just posted a review on this site and I had been a member several years ago and posted a prior comment on this site. Since my last comment in 2008 (and stretching my memory) it looks like only a few updates have been added in the last few years. I doubt very much that they are adding anything new or, if they are adding updates, that they're probably recycled. Not a great site to begin with (certainly not worth the price of $30 a month) but I'd probably write this one off as a permanent "no go" if in fact they have stopped updating.

02-03-10  12:07pm

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Visit Blue Fantasies

Blue Fantasies

Site Update

Having rejuiced my Twisty's membership for a few days I thought I'd take a gander to see what's new at BlueFantasies. Guess what? Nothing. The last update was in October of 09. Don't know why this happened but it's too bad as it was a decent site.

For those of you thinking about joining Twisty's or here (still worth a cheap trial membership even though it's no longer updating) here's the run down on what you get:

Pics: About 780 galleries, almost all solo. Pic sizes are only 1200x860 with a few 1600x1070 tossed in. All sets have zip and the quality is very good. No size options to choose from.

Vids: About 435 with virtually all of them solo. All vids seem to be 640x480. Only DL options are wmv, QT and iphone. Again, the quality is very good.

You get the same search engine that they have at twistys when it comes to choosing your model or toy or body type your looking for which is useful. The tags are a bit generic though. The model directory is just OK when compared to Twistys because the data seems a lot less specific.

As I mentioned, if you like glamour and decent quality then this site isn't bad. I woulnd't fork out a monthly membership here, especially since they're no longer updating but if you hop on for on the 2 day full access trial specials available through TBP you might like the offerings.

01-27-10  10:24pm

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Visit Swank Pass

Swank Pass

TBP review score is way out of whack

I reviewed Swankpass last April, barely able to justify giving a 71. I just saw the TBP review that clocked in with a ginormous score of 84. After reading the review and going back to look at the site's preview pages it became pretty obvious why the TBP score is so jacked up. Maggie raved about all the exclusive content available there. That wasn't my experience when I was a member. Looking at the preview pages, I saw page after page of hardcore sets taken from DDF Productions web sites. Most of the softcore updates they had posted have been nesting in my hard drive for years as well although many of the scenes were not necessarily DDF clones. It does sound like the search issues may have been fixed up since I was last a member.

For $30 you can get a membership to Swankpass. For $35 you can get a membership to DDF Productions and see all the sets (Swank edited down their pic sets sometimes) and movies in larger and crisper format. If either amount is too rich for you, try Videobox since a lot of the vids from this site are on that one too.

[Note: After Maggie responded below -- always good to see that we occasionally have an impact around here -- TBP lowered it's score to 81. Still too high in my book.]

01-20-10  04:37pm

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Visit Jewish Porn Girl Sex

Jewish Porn Girl Sex


After seeing this listed on TBP I couldn't resist checking it out, thinking to myself "I wonder which porn star happened to be Jewish the day they shot the video" and wondering when "BaptistBlowJob.com" and "HarikrishnaKumshot.com" will be coming out. So, I go to the site and saw the pics featuring 5 supposedly Jewish porn babes and wondered if the tramp stamp one of them had was done using Kosher ink.

What really got me though was that this is a website based around 1 freakin' video. That's right, the only thing you get for your money is access to one video with some added behind scenes clips and stills from the shoot. The site is pretty clear that there is nothing else to come either, this one video is the site. Isn't this really just an advertisement and not a website? And, why the heck is TBP even letting this thing get listed here? The video was produced by Dollhouse video so I assume you could find it or order from their site. Very strange. The site is only 2 pages and it's sort of funny if you're into ethic humor and cheesey advertising. It's definitely a "WTF" in terms of paying $10 for this vid and for the audacity of listing this thing here.

01-13-10  03:36pm

Replies (4)
Visit The Life Erotic

The Life Erotic

Looks Interesting

Just noticed this one as a new artsy softcore listing at TBP and I glanced at the site. The place looks small with only about 25 scenes by my count but it claims to have 1080p HD video downloads and lifesize (4300 pixels) photos. The price looks reasonable at $20 a month and they promise multiple weekly updates but from the tour I couldn't tell how frequently they occur. Also the pic galleries seem to contain fewer than 40 shots per set which is a bit small by my standards. Now I'm just waiting to see who will take the plunge first and post a review on this one.

12-29-09  03:25pm

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Visit Mommy Loves Cock

Mommy Loves Cock

Possible Warning

I was seriously considering a quick join on this site since they're currently offering a $1, 3 day full access trial and the newer content looks pretty good. However, a little investigation put the brakes on that. First, the website uses it's own billing system that I've never heard of before. Second, while they advertise a "customer support center" on the signup page, its nothing but an email link. Third, the parent company is based in Cyprus and I'm thinking that sending my credit card over there with no easy cancellation process is a big old red flag. Fourth, this site is also part of the AllElitePass network which has several warnings from PU members about automatic upbilling (at $40 a month) and problems with cancelling. The same parent company operates this site and the AllElitePass network. So, consider this a little public service announcement in case anyone elses eye catches this trial offer.

07-23-09  04:36pm

Replies (3)
Visit Suze Network

Suze Network

Not Sure What to Think of The New Network

I notice that Suze Randall just rolled out a new network and I poked around the site facts and site preview to see what's up. Overall, it sounds like a case of 1 step forward and 1 step back. It used to be that you you could subscribe to suze.net (the photo site) for about $7 to $10 for a full access trial. That also got you access to suzeclassics. The video site, suzevideo, was more expensive and not part of the suze.net trial.

I see that suzevideo no longer exists, instead you join one site to get access to suze.net (pics+vids), suzeclassics (remastered oldies) and Bestpornscenes (videos). It appears that suzevideo has been merged into suze.net so you get both the pics and vids of the same pornstars and scenes. However, you now have to pay $25 for a monthly access fee to all the sites. For pic lovers like me, this is not progress when you compare it to the old trial options and I won't be returning any time soon, especially since they haven't upped their pic resolution (at least they hadn't as of late '08) to keep pace with modern cyberspace. For those who like vids, there's really no change. Previously you had to pay $25 a month for the vid site (suzevideo) which also gave you access to the suzeclassics and suze.net site.

In one respect it's nice to see all the suze sites linked under roof but for those liked the classics or pic niches over the video we lose out on the new price structure. Depending on what type of content is in the bestpornscenes (original content or just licensed stuff that's all over the web) this could be a good change or just a reason to change the overall pricing structure without offering much new. I do see that a new site is scheduled to be added to the network before long so maybe it will all work out in the end.

07-08-09  09:45pm

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Visit Hot Legs and Feet

Hot Legs and Feet

Question on recycled content

I notice that it's been a while since anyone has posted a review on this site. I haven't been a member in years now but have been a member on several other DDF sites the last few years. One thing I've noticed is that there is some recycling of content between the DDF sites (example - an update on 1byday will one month will appear as an update on handsonhardcore a few months later). I was wondering if anyone knows if this is the case with Hotlegsandfeet as well or if they are mostly staying with their own content here.

07-02-09  09:41pm

Replies (2)
Visit Teen Models

Teen Models

Potentially Interesting

Just saw this listed as a new site on TBP and took a quick glance. It's a softcore/toys/lez euro teen site with some known pornstars and not so known ones. Claims to have 300,000 pics with resolution up to 3000 pixels and to have HD vids in sizes up to 1920x1080. I'm wondering if this site has exclusive content as it claims or not. You can glance at the girls in the model directory or pic/vid gallery so I'm wondering if someone who has a bigger softcore collection than me can enlighten all of us as to exclusivity. If it is exclusive then it would be a pretty hot site.

06-24-09  06:19pm

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Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

Save Yourself $5 on a Membership

Joining ALS Scan through TBP costs $30 a month. If you join through paysitediscounts.com it costs you $25 a month. You do the math ;)

06-11-09  08:26pm

Replies (2)
Visit ATK Exotics

ATK Exotics

Save Yourself $5

While rolling around looking for my next membership deal, I noticed that while ATK Galleria has a TBP monthly discounted price of $25, neither ATK Natural & Hairy nor ATK Exotics has that discount here. If you want to pay $25 a month for either of these two ATK sites you can join through paysitediscounts.com (sorry to the TBP staff if I'm cutting into your revenue stream here :).

06-11-09  08:23pm

Replies (2)
Visit Mobile Teens Like It Big

Mobile Teens Like It Big

Brazzer's Goes Mobile = Loss of Privacy for All

I've harped on this before, sex on your cell is a total waste in terms of having anything worthwhile to see. Is it porn or two insects going at it on your cell phone screen? Hard to say. Brazzers joins the ranks of sites adding cellular downloads. Here, they're jacking their price to $25 a month when you can get the actual site with actual sized pics and vids for a lot less.

The marketing plan is simple (make money in an emerging market now) but it's going to screw us all in the long run. How so? Follow along: Question 1: What age demographic has fancy phones with 3G access and extra money to spend but doesn't necessarily have private access to a computer (or own a computer) to watch porn? Question 2: What western country doesn't have age verification laws for adult cell phone downloads? If you answered teenagers and the US, you win yourself a prize. That prize is going to be federal legislation requiring age verification for adult cell phone content and probably any adult web content. That means having to pay some clearing house to verify your age and getting issued some verification code you'll have to use to signup for an adult website in the future. If you're paranoid about the government tracking you online now, just wait a year or two from now.

I'm not picking on Brazzer's per se, just pointing out that as more companies and bigger companies (Brazzer's is the first megasite I've seen go with a stand alone mobile site/network) get involved in the cell trade, the sooner this issue is going to blow up in our face. I also point out the fact that like cigarrette companies marketing to kids years ago, the adult industry knows the answers to the two questions I asked above. They're marketing to kids now, just not admitting to it or actively soliciting the teen market.

06-04-09  10:50pm

Replies (2)
Visit Glossy Angels

Glossy Angels

Exclusive or What?

Drooler posted a comment on this about 2 years ago stating that this site is basically a clone of Watch4Beauty. As I've never joined either site I was wondering if this site was still nonexclusive content (the TBP review from '07 seems to think its exclusivee but we all know that they're not terribly up to speed on that stuff)? The picture quality looks real good, the models seem pretty hot and the TBP discount price isn't too bad so before I seriously consider joining I'd be interested to know.

05-29-09  01:03pm

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Visit iPink Visual Pass

iPink Visual Pass

Repackaged Junk For Generation "Z"

A while pack I posted a thread in the forum dissing the idea of downloading porn to your mobile device. With the tiny screens what's the point?

This site is the first I've seen that markets exclusively to the mobile crowd. What do you get for $20 a month? Quicktime (aka I-Pod only) downloads from the folks who supply mainstream sites with worthless bonus sites (Teensforcash, HerfirstATM, Milfseeker, etc.). Obviously, the marketing niche for this site is young and dumb who only have access to a cell phone and 3G network.

Someday, mobile devices will replace many of our computers as they will essentially be minicomputers with plug-ins to attach to a large monitor. Until that day, if you're not smart enough to know how to download a standard video and transfer it to your mobile device, it seems that you're just getting ripped off in terms of quality, viewing options and variety from stand alone mobile download sites like this one.

Also, I find it somewhat laughable that TBP gave this place a score in the mid 70's given that it doesn't seem to really update, is all nonexclusive (basically a clone site) and you can only download in QT or stream on the site, and it has no pics or screencaps. I will note that I have not joined this site and I'm relying on TBP's own facts and statements here. How did this one even get above 70? Is TBP trying to pander to the young and dumb as well? My rant is now concluded ;)

05-15-09  12:54pm

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Visit Virtual 3D Girls

Virtual 3D Girls

Almost Lifelike Animation

I haven't really paid much attention to anime or animation sites in the past since, in my opinion, the quality hasn't been that good. I saw this site listed on TBP and just clicked to take a peek. I was pretty impressed. Very high quality animation going on here, almost lifelike in some of the shots shown on the tour. The girls are a bit on the japanese anime side with the whole big eye thing but it was impressive. It will be interesting in a few years when technology allows for full length video scenes of this stuff to be produced at an affordable price. As for this one, I'm not going to join here as it looks like it's mostly pics but it shows that technology is catching up and getting better.

05-14-09  12:14am

Replies (5)
Visit Brandi Love

Brandi Love

Any Recent Members?

It's been two years since we've had a review or comment here and I notice that the site statistics date back to 2007 as well. From her short tour it looks like she's doing more HC shots and updating regularly but I wanted to confirm this. I'm also curious if Brandi has upped the quality of her work in terms of pic and vid sizes. I'm usually not one for solo models but she is a damn fine MILF.

I also find her marketing approach interesting. She has her site, a blog, runs a swingers site, is branching out into other sites (just did a shoot for Naughty America) among other things. She probably does the best job of marketing herself and her wares of any amateur (or pro for that matter) that I know of. It has to be a lot of work but then again she's probably making some coin and/or just digs the attention.

04-23-09  03:07pm

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Visit Secret Virgin

Secret Virgin

Appears to be updating again

I noticed this site was offering a full access trial through TBP so I took a quick look at the site. I will note that you do get to see all the vid and photo offerings as part of the preview (one thumbnail per set / scene showing the girl and type of content). I wish more sites would offer this option. It now appears that as of April '09 they are back to offering daily updates since not offering any updates since late '07.

I will also note that based upon my quick review the older content appears to be a mix of exclusive and nonexclusive content. Given that they have just started updating again I'm passing on the trial at this point but I might check it out in about 6 months or so if they keep on adding content.

Postscript: After looking at the replies to this comment and the site again it appears that this place is not in fact updating. Rather it is just recycling content or changing the dates on their content to make it appear they are updating.

04-14-09  01:40pm

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Visit Hardcore Max

Hardcore Max

Max Hardcore is Back !?!?!?

Well, here's a shocking little gem I found on the TBP home page. I see Max Hardcore's content is now back online. Rather surprising since he was convicted on obscenity charges last Fall and that he is now starring in amateur prison sex scenes ... without the camera and film crew ;) I thought the government also seized his website and/or its content. Apparently Max's lawyers found a way around that, probably stripping this site of the videos the jury found obscene. I must say that it's a bit ballsy for TBP and PU to be listing this one given that Max carries the stench of obscenity with his content now a days. Anyways, good for Max. The only bad news is that you know he won't be posting any updates on his site for the next few years.

04-08-09  09:37pm

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Visit Just 18

Just 18

Waste of Time

This site is part of the Swankpass network. I sort of expected it to be the best of the bunch but was sorely mistaken. Here's what you get:

About 1000 photo sets. Sounds great, huh. WRONG! The vast majority of sets have fewer than 20 pics. Pic size is a low quality 1020x680 (there is zip). The newest material is all DDF / Karupspc / Vivthomas / etc. nonexlusive stuff. There's a lot of hardcore but as you can smell, it's all nonexclusive.

You get about 300 vids of average quality. About half the vids are only downloadable in clips. Again, nonexclusive content rules the day. If you're bored here go to the bonus material section where you choose from dozens of worthless 3rd party streaming vids made for dial up connections and that have existed since the dawn of the internet.

The search engine doesn't work. The quality is definitely below what you would get on the sites that actually produced the content. Catching my drift yet. Stay away.

The only good thing is that the cross sells on the signup page appear to be gone ... for now.

04-08-09  08:38pm

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Visit Lily Wow

Lily Wow

Anyone Been Here?

I'm not one for solo model sites but Lily Wow just does something for me (she's been around for years and you've probably seen some of her HC stuff on the megasites). I'm wondering if anyone has been here recently. The TBP site facts are years out of date and she is now part of a 14 site nylon and legs network that costs $24 a month. Not sure if I want to pay that or not so if anyone has any experiences with this place let me know about the amount of content and quality (pic and vid size) and overall impression the site left you with.

03-25-09  01:31pm

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Visit Playboy's CyberClub

Playboy's CyberClub

Free Vintage Playboy's Online

I originally posted this in the forum but figured more people might be interested if they looked here. After years of fighting a losing battle with illegally posted vintage playboys online, they decided to throw in the towel and start offering them up themselves. If you go to www.Playboyarchive.com you can get access to about 60 classic Playboy's including the interviews and other nonphoto content. You do have to download a small viewer program to see them and you can't save the material to your hard drive but it's sort of fun to browse. I believe that they are going to rotate old magazines in and out of the line-up as time goes by.

03-25-09  01:22pm

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Visit Felched


Parade of the Felch Fairies

OK, let's be honest. Gay porn ain't my cup of tea but I laughed my ass off when I saw this one posted on TBP. In college we used to toss the word "felch" around all the time (in case you're not familiar with this wonderful tidbit of nasty sex go here: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/felch).

Quality college phrases included "I felched that exam", "We're you felch fairying your roomie last night?" (man on man felching); and, after letting out a great big belch "Man, I could almost taste the felch in that one".

Sorry I have nothing to say about this site as I have no intention of joing. I'm sure it's nothing but good, honest, high quality felching done by true connoisseur's of the profession. I just had to laugh over it.

03-18-09  10:32pm

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Visit Cuties In Tights

Cuties In Tights

Quality Maybe Lacking ...

I just joined the sister site to this one, Cutiesinstockings.com and reviewed it with a score of 73. Given that a lot of models look the same on their model listing in the tour and the limited tours are basically identical I'm assuming the quality is about the same. The "cuties..." sites are mostly pic sites. I found the quality to be average at best and no zips on the cutiesinstockings site so I'm assuming the same quality standards translate over to this one too. You get a decent trial offer of $8 for 3 days of unlimited access (you don't get both sites with this offer) but you may want to save your money or go elsewhere.

03-18-09  10:18pm

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Visit Black Cream White Ass

Black Cream White Ass

Is "Free Trial" Really Worth It?

I just noticed that this site and a few others in the network are listed as having a "free" 3 day full access trial. Noticing the monthly rate is an outrageous $40 I'm not exactly leaping on the bandwagon to test drive the trial in case something happens ... free usually translates something bad when it comes to porn trials. Just wondering if anyone has given this one a spin on the freebie?

(Postscript): I went through the sign up process to see what the deal was on this. Apparently in order to cancel you have to send an email to someone with your sign up info in order to cancel. No promises of speedy replies or any confirmation of your cancellation exist. Billing is through a nonstandard 3rd party processing agent. My vote is to take a pass on this unless you like to gamble.

03-11-09  12:43am

Replies (4)

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