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Visit Suicide Girls

Suicide Girls


I saw this site listed as one of the top reviewed sites on PU and thought, what a load of junk. Then I took the site tour and was pretty damn impressed. It really is a whole on-line community with lots of interaction among members and with the models as well ... sort of like PU for alternative crowd. Millions of pics, thousands of vids, updates several times a day and an inexpensive price. I'm not really into the tats and alternative thing but I'm thinking it might be worth a membership in the near future.

As an aside, does anyone know what sizes the pics come and if there is a zip function? The tour pics weren't much better than 900x600 so I was hoping the members area had them larger sized.

02-11-09  02:33pm

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Visit Reel Pass

Reel Pass

Basically a Newsensations Clone Network

With this site you get access to 24 sites, most of which can be found on the Newsensations network. You do get some differences with reelpass like Freshoutofhighschool and a few other mostly video sites where the quality is average at best.

As a general rule the newsensations type sites have smallish pics (1020x680) and vid in the max range of 800x600. Download speeds are OK. Some of the older vids on this network only have downloadable clips. A lot of this content gets repetitive for me at least.

I will note that you can access this network on a $5, 3 day full access trial by joining freshoutofhighschool through TBP. So, if you like Newsensations and their cadre of sites this might be a cheap way to update your collection. Newsensations has the better network but if you can find cheaper prices then go with the cut rate option when deciding which network to join.

02-04-09  04:45pm

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Visit Hustler


DRM Discontinued?

I saw a posting on another site that Hustler has stopped using DRM on its videos. I can't confirm this but if it's true that is good news and yet another sign that companies are starting to realize that DRM can't stop people from downloading and that it chases potential customers away.

01-22-09  01:16pm

Replies (4)
Visit Suze Randall

Suze Randall

Site Stats Update

Currently, when you sign up for any of the Suze sites, you get automatic access to suze.net (photo site), suzevideo (vid site) and suzeclassics (80's and 90's porn site). Here's the current breakdown as of January '09:

Suze.net = 580 HC sets, 350 Lez sets, 1830 solo sets, 290 fetish sets and some assorted other sets. Most sets have 50 to 100 pics and most come in at 1280x850 pixels (oldest sets are smaller).

Suzevideo = 280 HC vids, 60 lez, 190 solo, 220 large size and quality streams, 130 "virtual sets" (mostly close-up and some POV), and 150 i-pod / mp3 download vids.

Suzeclassics = 110 pics sets (mostly softcore and lez) and 75 mostly hardcore vids.

All the sites seem to keep updating regularly so all continues to be good in Suze land. Current TBP discount of $10 for a week of unlimited access and no DRM.

01-22-09  01:14pm

Replies (3)
Visit Anal Stretched

Anal Stretched

Not Exclusive Material

I was just browsing this site as part of a network in thoughts of joining. This has an official TBP review with 3 of 4 reviewers noting that the site has exclusive content. Like the referee at a game with selective vision, all I can say is the preview pages showed absolutely no exclusive content (there was one I didn't recognize but doubt its exclusive). All the sets can be found on Twistys or a similar megasite. While some of the sites in the network do appear do have exclusive content this ain't one of them.

01-13-09  12:53pm

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Visit Stunt Cock Tryouts

Stunt Cock Tryouts

Where Porn and Reality Collide

This site is part of the RealitypassHD network. I only mention this site here because I found it rather amusing.

There are currently about 20 original episodes that feature a rather attractive porn starlet. In each episode some average joe gets a chance to see if he can "make it" and a lot of them don't with humorous results. It's basically what happens when you take some guy off the street, give him an STD test and plop his ass on a couch with a hottie and a bunch of people and cameras in the room and tell him "ACTION!". Most of 'em get wood and pretty much fizzle out under pressure. One guy bombed out twice. Makes me wonder how good I'd do in a similar situation ;)

I can't really recommend the site or the network for now because download speeds are way too slow.

12-29-08  10:55pm

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Visit Reality Pass HD

Reality Pass HD

Interesting but it doesn't cut it

This is a site with a lot of potential ... with the operative word being "potential". There is some exclusive content here which comes in HD and has large pics and there is a slew of nonexclusive content (3600+ HC vids and 950 HC pic sets plus thousands of pics and vids in other categories). The problems? Download speeds absolutely suck. Navigation is almost impossible on the nonexcluvive material because you can only jump up to 5 pages at a time. There is a search function but it's too general to make any real use of it.

For the nonexclusive you find a lot of this stuff on Twistys, Only3X and I think I saw some stuff from Newsensations. It would be a cheap alternative to these sites (currently a 3 day, full access $5 trial) but the slow speeds can't make this a recommend. Look for my review soon.

12-29-08  10:40pm

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Visit Leg Sex

Leg Sex

Question about trial price?

In the TBP specs on this site I note that the $3 trial only allows for limited access to the vids. My question, and maybe TBP staff can answer this for me, is if you still get access to all the photos with the $3 trial or if there is no access or limited photo access as part of the el cheapo trial rate?

12-26-08  10:28pm

Replies (2)
Visit Brazzers


List of Sites No Longer Updating

Normally I would have put this in my review that I recently did but since I'm so damn verbose I didn't have enough room left over to do so. Anyway, I thought I would list the sites that Brazzers's no longer updates for those who haven't been there in a while and are wondering if their favorite niche site is still going or not.

These sites no longer update: HQHoneys, Sexpro Adventures, HotchicksBigasses, Racks&Blacks, JugFuckers, Bustyz, Busty&Real, AssesinPublic and JizzonmyJugs. Obviously, most of the models appear in other sites but the interracial aspect of the network seems to be dying off for now.

12-20-08  12:17pm

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Visit Brazzers


$9.95 Monthly Membership

Just letting folks know about this reduced price (just log into Brazzerspass.com and click join) (I just got a deal for a cheaper price but no longer seems to be in effect). My guess this is a short time deal.

If you check it out in the near future and find it's not there an alternative is go to the suze.net page here at PU or TBP. Click on the link to go there. When I did (I was originally planning to re-up there) I got a pop-up for a $10 full access monthly membership to Brazzersnetwork (ahhh, revenue sharing). It's not super fantastic but it's definitely cheaper than the $20 to $25 monthly fee.

12-02-08  07:27pm

Replies (2)
Visit Exclusive Club

Exclusive Club

Anyone been here?

This site only got an express review on TBP. Looks mildly interesting but it is $30 a month. Just wondering if anyone has been a member and has some advice otherwise I'll probably pass for now.

11-15-08  06:26pm

Replies (1)
Visit Only 3X

Only 3X

More of a Video Site

Just joined Only3x and so far it isn't bad but it isn't great. Lots of big pics and vids but some of the more recent content is nonexclusive material everyone's seen before. I'm more of a picture guy and for me there aren't enough pics, there's incomplete sets for the nonexclusive material and a lot of movies don't have accompanying pic sets. Navigation isn't so hot but it's tolerable. The vids are pretty good though and download speeds are good. At $15 for the month I'm satisfied. When I do my review it will score in the 80's.

11-11-08  03:14pm

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Visit VideoBox


Random Thoughts From a JPEG Guy

There have been so many reviews here that I've just decided to add a couple of my own thoughts. I'm more of a picture guy so I don't do video only sites too often. The price is great, the multiple daily updates are great and so is the volume of content. My only disappointments were that most of the content was older, we'e talking years or decades old stuff and the quality is only average given the age and lack of top tier studio compilations. The search function is good which is needed for a site this size.

Overall, if you like pics along with your vids I'd save my money for something from 21st Sextury, Suze.net or DDF productions. With those you get current stuff, high quality plus pics but you lose out on the price on some of them. I don't have anything bad to say about this site; just realize that you do give up some things for the great price.

11-03-08  10:06pm

Replies (2)
Visit 18 Eighteen

18 Eighteen

New Price, Still Good Content

I noticed that 18Eighteen has gone to a $2.95 3 day full access trial and dropped it's monthly rate to $20. I really enjoyed this site before they jacked the price up and it seems more reasonable at these prices now. I just joined and am pretty happy with the content. Picture sizes seem more consistent now and there is now a feature for downloading zips in large or small format (this addresses some of Drooler's frustrations noted in the previous comment here). Production value and videos are still looking goood too. I'll post a review soon.

(Post note: As of 10/27/08 the 3 day full access trial option is gone, talk about being listed and taken down in a flash).

10-22-08  04:47pm

Replies (3)
Visit 24 Main Street

24 Main Street


I recently joined here on the $4 3 day trial. I'm simply adding a comment since I think Denner's review pretty much sums things up. Currently there are 96 models with photosets (around 50 pics per set) and 110 vids.

For promoting itself as a pornstar glamour site it just comes up short. The pics (no zip files) only come in at about 1000 x 620 and the vids are not of very good quality. The photos are OK but when it comes to glam I like bigger pics and the lack of zips hurts. Don't join for the vids because they are only a couple of minutes long and tend to smallish. I don't know if the stuff here is exclusive or not.

So, if you're into pornstar glam and the smallish picture size doesn't bother you then a 3 day trial might be worth it (not enough content to stick around for any longer). Otherwise, take a pass and shell out a few more $$ to join a site like Twisty's where you get more bang for your buck.

08-07-08  09:13pm

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Visit Parental Secrets

Parental Secrets

Mature Fans Avoid this One

I joined the loverpass sites about a week ago and I'm putting this comment up here because I've seen this advertised on it's own and want to give mature fans a heads up.

As for the basics, there are about 100 photosets with about 100 pics each (no zip, no search, bad job of cropping too). There are 40 vids but only one downloadable size (small) and they only come in clips. The content is pretty amateur. It's mostly genuine older women with young men and one young gal who has several sets with older men. For the most part, the models here are not attractive.

The content here is too limited in quality to recommend joining even at a trial price. The loverpass too is not worth the fee in my book. If I were reviewing this site, it would score in the 60's.

08-07-08  08:44pm

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Visit Lover Pass

Lover Pass

Avoid this One

I recently joined through the trial advertised at TBP, joining through TasteTheBabes (read the review for more info). If you are at all interested, join through one of the limited trials through their member sites, do not pay the full $40 a month to get access here. Currently, you get access to about 22 sites. There are also 3rd party feeds available which do not seem to work. If you join for the month, you get access to hundreds of other nonexclusive bonus feeds. Most of the content is Russian mature oriented which is pretty amateur in quality. All the sites have vids which only come in mpeg format and in 320x240 size. All have pics at 1024x720 but no zips available. Most of the content seems to be recycled (no more "new" updates).

Some of the softcore sites have OK material but there are too many drawbacks overall to recommend paying for it. If you're interested in russian porn get the trial and get out; don't pay for the full month.

07-31-08  08:26pm

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Visit Dads and Babe

Dads and Babe

Avoid this One

This site is part of the Loverspass sites and I got access through a trial at TasteTheBabes. In a nutshell the content is pathetic. You get 3 photo sets (2 have 20 pics and 1 has 80) with no zips. You get 50 video sets but there are no download options, only mpeg, and they come in clips. Vids are 320x240. The content is all Russian amateur stuff with mostly not so hot models. You get access to TasteTheBabes which I scored a 65 in my review. If you want to know more about the other material available, read that review. Basically, all I can say to those with an interest in mature porn is to stay away from this one.

07-31-08  08:16pm

Replies (1)
Visit Velvet Ecstasy

Velvet Ecstasy

Site Just OK

I was a member here about 6 months ago and was not all that impressed with it. The pics were good sized (full screen or larger) but they did tend to be grainy as others have noted and the lighting is sort of hit or miss. The still photography wasn't that good either for my tastes. For me, the site was too amateur. By this I mean the models were mostly average and the production not terribly good. For those who like real couple sex then I could see that this might be a turn on but I thought that the production value could be better. I didn't download very much and kept even less.

07-24-08  12:36pm

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Visit Naughty Staff

Naughty Staff

Good Additon to Twistys

Naughtystaff is the newest edition to the Twisty's network and it looks pretty good. There are only 12 sets as of July 08 but the quality is very good and the content is exclusive. Pics come in at 1600x1070 and vids, which can be enlarged, come in at 640x480. I will say that the download speeds were a little slow though. All the action is hardcore and includest the likes of Audrey Bitoni, Bree Olson, Carmela Bing, etc. The quality here is a welcome addition to the Twisty's sites and I hope this one keeps growing.

07-17-08  12:22am

Replies (1)
Visit Busty Ones

Busty Ones

Twisty's Clone

Just thought I'd toss in my two cents here since there are no official reviews on this site. This site is part of the Twisty's network. Basically almost all of the material found on Twisty's can also be found here. As of July '08, there are 2600 photo sets with about 285 being hardcore. Pics come in up to 1280x720 for the new stuff and get smaller for the older pics (down to 800x600). Vids are in mediaplayer and Quicktime and come in at 640x480 for the new stuff. Download speeds were just average. This is not a high def site. Non of the material is exclusive. If you join for the $2.26 two day trial (current TBP special offer) you also get access to Twisty's and four other companion sites. If you've been around for a while on porn sites there's not much new to see here. For the trial it's worth it but don't plan on staying long. If I were reviewing the site it would score somewhere in the mid 70's.

07-15-08  11:00pm

Replies (4)
Visit DVD Box


Reduced Trial Prices

I just saw that TBP is offering a special trial for $3 for 3 days and a reduced monthly price of $15. I've been holding off on this site but at this point I think I'll at least take the trial plunge and check it out.

06-21-08  04:44pm

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Visit Reality Kings

Reality Kings

Is it worth it at reduced price?

I noticed that Reality Kings has a new discounted price of $18 a month through TBP. I used to like the site years ago (before it became Reality Kings network) but stopped going because I felt it had been passed up by too many other sites in terms of quality.

So, here are my questions two:

1. I'm a picture guy. One of the big reasons I stopped going back was the small pics (800x600 I believe). Has the picture quality gotten better or larger recently?

2. There has been a lot of posting about the download limit (15 movies a day I understand and many reported problems with download failures). Has this changed recently - the download crashes and limits?

Unless some of these issues have been fixed I guess I don't see the reduced price as real bargain in my book.

06-11-08  01:50pm

Replies (6)
Visit 18 Virgin Sex

18 Virgin Sex

My 2 Cents

I was a member here about 18 months ago - back when they had a full access trial membership. My experience then was that the updates were infrequent (which seems to remain true today) and that the video quality was only OK and you could only download scenes (it appears that the newer material has full length vids now).

At the time I was a member I thought it was best descrbided as a photo site. The pics came in at 1024 pix or larger and were generally good quality. The girls were young and generally above average in looks. The content was almost all exclusive.

If you like eastern euro porn I thought the site was good. It sounds like the quality has improved and they have added more sites (there were only about 9 when I joined, you now get access to 20+) but without the full access trial price I would judge it as "iffy" as to whether to join or not. I don't have any plans to rejoin at the moment.

06-05-08  12:21pm

Replies (0)
Visit Private.com


Needs a 21st Century Upgrade

I used to be fan of private and joind the site several times before the days of high speed internet and the explosion of quality on-line porn. Today, Private seems stranded in the past. I haven't been a member in several years now and was recently going over reviews here and at other review sites with the idea that I might re-up. I can't say that I'm really convinced to do so.

They still only post about 15 pics per set (who the hell does that any more) and still insists on DRM protection. All of this plainly states that they are still making their living off of magazines and DVDs and probably won't budge until their sales start falling too flat. With their huge back catalog this could be one of the ultimate web destinations but instead choses to stay stuck in the past.

06-04-08  12:49pm

Replies (3)

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