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Visit Pure Mature

Pure Mature

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + About 215 scenes of exclusive milf / mature hardcore action featuring mostly attractive gals.
+ All scenes have vids and about 98% have pic sets with zips.
+ Multiple download options on vids and vid quality is good. All vids have at least one HD download option.
+ Good download speeds for me (about 3-4 MB/sec).
+ Decent price of $18 month through TBP.
+ Bills through Epoch.
+ The inbrowser video player works well.
+ Good production values across the board.
+ Model directory seems complete.
Cons: - Not really a picture site (see below).
- Downloaded files and vids poorly labelled (just numbers).
- Too much music in the earlier produced vids.
- No real search function or tags. No model information.
- Pretty much M/F hardcore, not much anal or 3 way and zero solo or lesbian if you're into that.
- A bit too "heartcore" for my tastes.
- Updates only once a week.
- As one sort of expects with the older actresses, there is a lot of silicone to look at.
Bottom Line: Wasn't really sure what I'd be getting here when I signed up other than a more mature line of starlets. Overall, it's pretty much a straight M/F hardcore site featuring pornstars in their late 20's to late 40's. The girls are mostly attractive pornstars (no BBW) and the production value is good to excellent across the board (no amateur feel to it). Here's the specs:

PICS: Like I said this isn't really a picture site. The pics dating from the beginning to late 2014 have portrait resolution of 1500x2700 but only have landscape resolution of 1500x840. What went wrong there? Others are a hodge podge of different sizes (a lot of 1000x1500 though). The most recent pics are all 1000x1500. The pics mostly look like HD screen grabs so there is some blurriness and cropping is questionable at times. A lot of scenes are shot in bright light or white backgrounds which causes some pixelation and washout. Most of my downloads were done in hopes that I could salvage some stuff that would look good on my monitor as opposed to looking forward to editing the sets later.

VIDS: Download speeds were good for me. With earlier vids you get options 1080 mpeg or wmv or 480. Starting in 2014 you also get 720 resolution options. This mostly a "heartcore" site which means lots of bright background lighting. The older vids show a bit of pixelation because of this but it improves over time. Also, through late 2013, the theme was "heartcore" (aka - porn for mimes) meaning that no one in the scene makes any real sex noises. Apparently the producers noticed that and thus incorporated random porn synthesizer music into various parts of the scenes to take it down another notch. The music goes away for the later vids (late 2013 onward) and the action gets more heated but there are no real story lines or conversation in the vids. The camera work is decent though and you do get some nonstandard views which is welcome.

NAV: As noted, it's pretty basic. You can only search according to model, date or ranking. If you are looking for something specific in a scene then you'll have wade through everything to find it because nothing is tagged.

MISC: There is a fair amount of POV style shooting here (run by remote or a cameraman, not the herky jerky hand held stuff done by the guy). The scene shifts in the vids can be a bit choppy at times too. Otherwise, the main theme is heartcore or heartcore with a slight edge. No real slapping or spitting here which is fine by me but it's almost too tame, especially if you've seen some of the actresses other work. As a comedian once said, "If the sex ain't dirty, you ain't doing it right."

If you're looking to add to your mature video collection it's worth taking a look at. Otherwise I'd say it's OK. If you're into pics then I'd say move along. Average is the site so average be my score.

06-25-15  05:14pm

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Visit Team Skeet

Team Skeet

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Over 1800 hundred scenes of mostly attractive younger gals getting their sexy on across a 20 site network.
+ No DRM or download limits.
+ Bills through Epoch, no prechecked cross sales.
+ Updates about 5 times a week.
+ Mostly exclusive content (LustHD and Rubateen sites are just 18xgirls / teenmegaworld content)
+ Good quality vids with good download speeds and multiple download options.
+ Newer vids have tag jumps where you can jump to a specific sex act while streaming. Video streaming works well and has several settings.
+ Navigation is basic but it works well.
Cons: - The listed TBP price of $9.87 doesn't apply, monthly price is about $18.
- Ads, ads, ads, ads. Ads everywhere.
- Not a picture site, max resolution is 1600x1000 and only goes back a few years.
- Production quality is just average and drops down to amateur on some sites.
- All vids pretty much labelled "HD" although the older content isn't.
- Some sites are dead or update sporadically. Most update 1 to 2 times a month.
- Nothing terribly unique or exciting about the content overall. A generic porn hub.
Bottom Line: You know you're getting old when I know the last time I visited a site now included in this network PU didn't exist and I was in the last days of a 56k connection. A bit of nostalgia got a hold of me and I decided to take a look again and was pretty much left feeling "meh".

This is a 20 site network with Innocenthigh and Xtrasmall being the two best sites. Perhaps by coincidence these two sites have most of the major porn stars on them too. The network feature mostly US porn stars and a mix of amateur or very short lived porn starlets and the main focus is on hardcore porn (really no anal for those so inclined). Here's the skinny:

PICS: Like I said, this isn't a pic network. Pics max at 1000x1600 but by mid 2013, drop to 1050x750. With sporadic updates, it doesn't take long before you've hit the low end on most sites. Lots of action from vids missing on pics and cropping leaves something to be desired. Several sites may only have a few dozen pics. Scenes that do have lots of pics mostly feature the preshoot tease pics. Not a lot to see here.

VIDS: All sorts of download options (WMV, MP4, HD and standard resolution) as well as different levels for in browser streaming. Download speeds were consistently good (about 3 MB/sec for me). The stream function worked well and I like the tag jump function. You get HD starts about late 2010, before that you have the old standard sized vids. Vids also have screencaps.

NAV: Navigation, although basic, works pretty well. No dead links, everything worked. Tags as usual can be a bit spotty but seem pretty consistent here. The best way to search is by site or by model. Only limited model info provided.

OVERALL: For whatever reason, I wasn't terribly impressed with the site overall. I don't use a DL manager and I was still able to look at and download everything I wanted in about 6 - 8 hours.

A very consistent theme is felt given that a lot of models appear on many of the sites. The POV sites, Teensdoporn and Shesnew sites all had an amateur level feel to them (low production value, spotty lighting and single cam, usually operated by the man). Even the more interesting sites had average production value and some questionable camera angles. There's nothing terrible about the site but, then again, nothing great either.

I see that Maggie just finished a review here giving the network a score of 90. That is definitely too high of score for what you get in comparison to other hardcore sites at that level. In my opinion it's decent network so that's what my score reflects.

04-28-15  09:16pm

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Visit 21Sextury.com


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + Good deal at $15 a month for almost 40 sites counting the lesser quality bonus content.
+ 8500+ scenes of exclusive mostly Euro porn with daily updates.
+ Lots of hot models and a good variety of h/c, lez, solo and some tranny. Overall high production value and quality.
+ All scenes have both pics w/ zips and vids
+ Pics are large, going up to 7300x4900 in a few cases.
+ 5 vid download options and stream function.
+ Pretty decent navigation which is rare in my book.
+ Good download speeds (600 - 2,000 MB/sec across multiple channels was usual).
+ Bills through Epoch and no prechecked cross sales. Home page also displays how many days left on your subscription.
Cons: - Many of the sites are dead or only update sporadically leaving about 10 truly active sites.
- A fair amount of anal for those not so inclined.
- More material is being farmed out to secondary producers now and the quality takes a hit on these scenes.
- I had difficulty getting the stream video function to work well (I had to run the vid about 15 seconds, pause it and let it buffer for a bit before being able to jump forward/back).
- Limited model info and interaction. The Fanclub where models interacted is now dead.
- Pix and vid don't always include the same content and some of the sites were painfully predictable as to which hardcore positions would be featured, especially on the pics.
- Especially for pics, the camera work needs to improve (see below).
- Some cross selling, especially for other 21stsextury sites that share the same portal hub.
- File naming is poor (just a number).
Bottom Line: I found it hard to believe that it had been five years since I was last here but my hard drive coffers are now restocked and joy has spread across the land. I always liked this network, even when it was just stand alone sites way back when, and it finally hits the ceiling on my score list. Here be the nuts and bolts:

PICS: Starting in the second half of 2010, the pic sizes jump from 1200x800 to about 3700x5800 and some sets go even bigger. All scenes have zips and have between 100 and 300 pics. Due to some of the large pic sizes, you can get zips exceeding 1 gig in size so be prepared to self edit if you don't hoard disk space. Overall quality is generally quite good. The pics appear all on one page which is nice but when viewing inbrowser you can't enlarge a pic to it's full size.

My main beef with the pics (and this goes to other sites who have introduced large pic sizes) is that you can't rely on autofocus any more. Most of the pics are either screen grabs from the HD movie or separately shot using a narrow range or "dot" autofocus. This works for distance shots or when the body(s) are perpendicular to the camera. However, when the model angles away the result is that a good portion of the body gets slightly out of focus and is annoying. I tossed a lot of pics because of this. It gets really bad on Footsiebabes now and I had to chuck entire sets just because everything but the feet where out of focus. Clearly they have cut back on photography like a lot of othere sites but the over reliance on a narrow focal range gets noticeably bad when you jump to very large pic sizes.

Some of the super sized pics also look grainy at full size meaning they just used screen caps or blew up standard pics beyond their limits.

VIDS: Downloads available in 1080, 720, 540 and 2 phone sizes and most vids are 20-30 minutes long. 1080 starts appearing about 2 years ago. It's not super high end 1080 but it looks good. I downloaded a lot in 540 and it still looks good on my monitor. Other than an issue with the stream player, everything was cool with the vids.

NAVIGATION: Usually I rip sites on their navigation function but I don't have much bad to say here other than "it works pretty well". I never pay attention to search by tag because tagging is never consistent and on a site this size any search simply dumps 100's of scenes on you. Best way to go is by model (the directory seems complete) or by individual site or by network update date. The sites are listed on the side bar. You just click and go. Only real negative is that they need a better page jump system. With some sites topping 100 pages they only let you jump a couple of pages at a time. That's an unnecessary time killer.

OTHER: As noted above, some of the content is produced out of house. AnalTeenAngels and Gapeland use the same models and production as you get with Teenmegaworld. There are more scenes now with U.S. models which are also outsourced. The production value isn't as high with these sites and they get repetitious quick but it isn't terrible by any means. A few sites where also predictable in that you know exactly what every scene would look like in terms of positions.

The most active sites are ClubSandy (sadly, Sandy is not in front of the camera any more, she still looks great I think), Assholefever, Analteenangels, Cutiesgalore, Footsiebabes, Gapeland, Lezcuties, Picsandvideo, and DPFanatics. The other sites are dead or update less than once a month.

The stuff from early 2010 and before is lesser quality (1200x800 pics and 540 sized vids) but that's to be expected. The content is still good and I think looks almost better in terms of models and production value (not comparing to today's world) than some of the most recent stuff.

Despite my incessant bitching, which is common in my reviews, I admit to really liking this site. It has very good production values. Most scenes offer some story line (not a lot of gonzo) in different locations and usually start with the models clothed and then working down from there. You got a ton of variety in terms of content and a lot of different girls. Hell, I even grabbed some content from the "lesser" bonus sites which still had an acceptable level of content and I almost never do that. It has great looking content going back for over a decade and is a great value.

Thus, I plant my flagpole atop 21sextury and proclaim it "King" of my review hill. Not a bad way to finally crest the "100 points" on the review hill.

03-04-15  02:07pm

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Visit 18X Girls

18X Girls

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: + 1200+ scenes of mostly hardcore Eastern Euro hotties. Heavy emphasis on school girl and massage themes.
+ Huge pics (5700x3800) with zips, about 125 pics per set.
+ 1900x1200 HD vids with multiple download options and in browser playback. Generally good download speeds - 700 mb/sec or more on multiple channels when not in peak time).
+ Good $15 per month price through TBP.
+ Updates 2-3 times a week.
+ Professional production value.
Cons: - Site is sensitive to peak traffic times and can slow down a lot.
- Prechecked cross sale on sign up and advertising and cross sales in members area.
- Very little English in vids.
- A fair amount of anal if you're not into that.
- Almost all nonexclusive content (all stuff you see on Teenmegaworld and places like that).
- Site went through a "bad phase" around 2012 with some sub par material.
- A few problems with in browser streaming, fixed by watching in mp4 mode.
- Navigation just OK. Some missing tags and mislabelled scenes.
Bottom Line: Let's be clear here. You're not joining this site for exclusive content. Most of this stuff comes from other sites. What you're joining for is the better quality you get here over other sites so it's really more of a collectors site than a casual porn surfers paradise. You can find more quantity for about the same money elsewhere.

This is my second time around and while I joined expecting one thing I actually got 3 things. The oldest content is straight hardcore from Teenmegaworld. That's what I expected. Then, around 2012, the site jumped to daily updates and the quality of the girls and production value went down and you got a lot of solo girl scene. Over the last 15 months you now get something more like WOWGirls which is high production value, bright lights and more "heartcore" level porn but with some "tender anal" (an oxymoron?) thrown in. Interesting. Overall, I'd say the site is 75% hardcore now.

Here's a breakdown:

PICS: Pics are huge and that's I why I came back. I will note the cropping has gotten a bit tighter (I like full body) but it's still very good. The stuff around 2012 is not very good and poorly cropped. Save some hard drive room because the zip sets come in around 500 mb per set.

The most recent "heartcore" stuff is almost exclusively back lit with very bright sun light or lamps which can cause some pixelation and washout of the pic which can be annoying at times.

VIDS: I did have some playback issues with in stream browser as noted above. Download speeds varied a lot by time of day (peak traffic times sucked). Vids were very good quality overall though. Most vids were 20-25 minutes long and overall specs matched TBP's review specs. Again, with the brightly back lit new content, washout can appear in some scenes.

NAV: Like almost every porn site I come across, navigation needs work. You get only 3 search functions (hardcore, lez and solo) and the tagging for more detailed search is too inconsistent to bother with. At least updates are date stamped. The model directory seemed complete. Page jumps are also limited.

There aren't many male actors here and, as on reviewer complained, a few are a bit rough with the girls but this isn't uncommon with Eastern Euro porn and it's not terrible. The most recent models seem to have limp dick issues but don't overly detract from the scenes.

The site does get a bit repetitive, especially the last year or so with the constantly bright lit scenes and unending parade of massage and bedroom school girl scenes but there are definitely worse things to see than hot girls having sex.

Overall, if you know what are getting into and value quality over sheer quantity then this is definitely a place to consider. I gave this site an 85 rating mostly because of navigation/search and nonexclusive content.

01-09-15  02:32pm

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Visit Twistys Network

Twistys Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Thousands of pic sets and vids to tempt you.
+ Daily updates (hardcore only updates 1-2 times a week)
+ Good sized pics (2000x3000), usually 100+ pics per set and come with zips.
+ Good pricing deal at $10 a month through TBP
+ Generally attractive models and mostly known porn stars.
+ Updates are date stamped.
+ Mostly original content but what they do filters out to other sites pretty quickly.
+ Stream rates were good on all downloads with little variation between high and low traffic
+ No DRM and no d/l limits.
+ Multiple download options for pics and vids including mobile.
+ Variety of scene options (solo, lez, and hardcore).
Cons: - Navigation, search and layout are a mess.
- Prechecked cross sales on signup and ads when you log in and in the site itself.
- Upsell purchase required to see all of the Twistys content from old.
- HD vids only come in at 720p but still look good.
- Technical problems across the board, just like everyone else who has reviewed this site the last few years (explained below).
- Zips don't work on pic sets older than 2010.
- No vid and/or pic set icons for older scenes.
- Pretty generic in terms of overall scene interest and photography.
- Problem with model names, notably giving "new" names to established Euro girls.
Bottom Line: For years Twistys (now the Twistysnetwork) was the old reliable. If you wanted a bunch of porn for a reasonable price that's what you got. Nothing flashy or niche based, just good old fashioned naughty bits in a professional package. This used to a standby site for me but with the new network design, new owners and array of issues this one is getting shoved on the back burner. Here's the breakdown:

PICS: Good pic sizes and lots of variety but that's where it ends. For their hardcore, they have one primary photographer so you pretty much see the same type of sex set after set after set. Many of the hardcore sets are heavily cropped so if you like full body shots then this ain't your site. The solo shots are better but they are pretty generic in character. Some problems with photographer using auto focus with too narrow of a focus field (pics get slightly blurry just outside of the central focus dot - probably because the pics are just HD screen grabs from the video shoot and the photographer can't figure out how to change his settings).

VIDS: HD maxes out at 720p but it was good quality and no issue to me. You get in browser playback but it was incredibly choppy - I had to go to the download option and watch there. I lost the ability to hear sound after watching 6 - 8 vids and had to exit the site and re-enter to fix it (sound just fine when downloading though). I had no problems downloading vids like some other recent reviewers noted. Vids usualy 15 - 30 minutes (shorter on the solo, longer on the hardcore).

NAV: This is the part that chapped my ass. The site underwent a major overhaul and like most software upgrades, you often leave some functionality behind. Here it was A LOT of functionality. The site is all flash based but there is no in site flash navigation. If you open a set on page 5 and use your "back" button you go back to page 1 every time. You have to right click and open every scene in a new window or else lose your place. Since you can only move up to two pages at a time you need be careful on a site this sized.

Advanced search is pointless since it relies on tags and the tagging is inconsistent. Model directory seems complete but names on Euro girls are sometimes different.

You lose the ability to download zips before 2010. Also, around 2010 you lose the set / scene icons (all it says is "no pic available") and those that do exist aren't representative of the content or even the model.

You need to upgrade to see all the older / oldest content they have.

Most of these sites (7 in all) simply update across the board with most of the content. This isn't new but it is a pain since if you have to do a lot of digging if you want to see as much as possible (each scene says which site it was updated to but this isn't reliable or consistent).

Overall, this is a decent glam oriented site. However, it could easily be more and better but simply chooses not to be. They've obviously cut their budget and it shows. So, for $10 you can't really go wrong but don't expect to be wowed.

01-09-15  01:53pm

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Visit Brazzers


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: + A boat load of scenes and models (about 4500 scenes)
+ About 8-10 updates per week across a 27 site network
+ Excellent navigation, can search by model, site or across the network
+ All scenes have pics up to 2500x1600 with zips and multiple video options with true 1080 HD on scenes added since late 2009
+ Model directory (with actual info!)
+ Good price at $20 a month (I got in on a special $10 price)
+ Pretty much all hardcore across a variety of genres from teen to milf
+ Excellent production values and usually an attempt to build some story line into the scenes
+ Lots of ability for users to interact on the site (ratings, forum, comments, etc)
+ Good download speeds for me - consistently in the 500 or more MB/sec range across multiple channels
Cons: - As usual the older content (before mid 2009) lacks in quality (no HD video and only 900x600 pics)
- Tags are inconsistent so not a reliable way to do a comprehensive search
- Only about 14 sites update.
- Their motto might as well be "Home of big tits and bit tatts". The majority of models would make silicon valley envious but there is something for about everyone here except softcore.
- Cross sale on signup and advertising on the site and when you log in
- A slew of "bonus sites" that are just tube quality streaming videos
- Too many pics. Many scenes have over 1000 images which just means endless pics of the same thing.
- Although not really a negative, most all the models here are certified porn stars so if you're looking for fresh meat, you won't find it here.
- Nothing terribly original about the scenes so it can seem a bit stale after a while even across the wide genres they cover
Bottom Line: It's been almost 5 years since I was last here and I mostly stayed away because of the low quality pics and "bit tit, big ass, bit tattoos" theme that most of the sites focus on. However, I decided to jump in on a $10 a month special through TBP and have to say I was pretty impressed. There's a reason why this in one of the biggest and most popular porn sites out there. Here's the quick low down:

PICS: Older pics (before mid 2009) are only 900 to 1000 by 660. Since then, the size is great and so is the quality. You don't get download options though. My only beef is that there are too many pics with some scenes having over 2500 pics. A few sites have done better keeping them around 200-300 but most updates still have around 800. I'm glad they don't give you too few pics but I really don't need 15 shots of the same thing. With the large pic sizes, some zip files end up being 600 - 800 mb in size which is just unnecessary.

VIDS: As noted, before 2009 the vid quality is average at best. Since then the HD stuff looks really good. You get up to 7 download options (full HD to mobile sized), in browser streaming which works great (very little lag time), screen caps and 1 or 5 minute screen caps which appear just below the video to let you jump to the good stuff. Download speeds were fast and consistent. Vids range from 20 to 50 minutes. I found that I downloaded a lot of "SD mp4" files (lower rez but formatted with HD dimensions) which look pretty good on my 23" monitor and saved on the 2-5 GB full HD size.

NAVIGATION: The more I review and look at porn sites the more I see sites that just grow too big for their original navigation systems and become, at best, a chore to slog through. Since my last join here years ago they have completely revamped their navigation and it freakin' actually works well. Only a few clicks will get you where you want. You can browse through a 1000 pics and with two back button clicks you're out to update page for any site. You can search in various ways except really the tags because they're inconsistent but then I've never seen a really good tag system on a large site.

You can create favorite lists, the sites track the scenes you've looked at that you can easily access and there's lots of opportunity to give feedback and interact if you're into that. The model directory has actual info and lets you follow porn stars.

OVERALL: I'm not really into the big tit slutty porn star thing but I found that I downloaded about 500 photo sets and about 80 vids so I can't say I was disappointed. You got teens, milfs, uniforms, bit butts, big tits, squirting, etc. to choose from so unless you're into softcore or lez you should be able find a few goodies.

Production values since 2009 are great and you get a ton of models.

My negative impressions are mostly minor. A few broking links, the site bogged down my Firefox browser after 2 hours (probably need more ram), and even with all the sites and models the porn does get a little repetitive but then again this is a pretty mainstream porn network.

While I'm not ready to sell out and go sign myself up for life to the silicon boob of the day club I was pretty impressed with the site. If I were to score it just on content and production value it'd only be in the mid 80's but the well thought out navigation and ease of use are some of the best I've seen which bumps up the score to 92. At last, a pleasant surprise.

11-27-13  08:32pm

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Visit New Sensations Network

New Sensations Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Access to 26 site network (no access to their parody porn site which they are best known for today)
+ Thousands of scenes available
+ Mostly exclusive content (some DDF and lesser known site scenes tossed in)
+ Decent price of $15 month through TBP
+ Almost no download failures
+ Network updates about 4 to 5x a week but only on a few sites
+ Lots of good looking, mostly American girls
+ Mostly good lighting and professional shooting
+ Videos have screen caps, all scenes have zip download option
+ Bills thru Epoch, no cross sales on signup and easy cancellation
Cons: - Lots of recycling of content between various sites and some recycling of older content. A lot of content can be found as updates on 2 - 3 different sites in the network.
- All but a couple of sites are dead or infrequently updated
- No real ability to search, no model directory, updates are rarely dated
- No HD vids, all are 640 x 480
- Download speeds vary from 800 KB/sec to about 50 KB/sec depending on time of day but was mostly around 100 to 200 KB/sec
- No stream options in screen but you can watch a stream via a media player but it's almost impossible to jump ahead or back except at lowest band width.
- Pics only come in at 1020 x 680 but there are zips
- Too much use of fish eye lenses, especially on pov shoots (vertigo here we come).
- Very repetitive in terms of scene layout
- Network feels lost, not really a pic or video network, just a compilation of stuff that hasn't changed in years.
Bottom Line: There was PU poll question this week asking about the first porn site you ever joined. While this wasn't the first for me, it was certainly a staple for me back in the late 90's and early 00's when 800x600 pics and postage stamp sized vids were standard issue. Unfortunately time has passed this site by and this is probably my last visit here. For uninitiated, this network is 90% hardcore with a few lez and solo shoots tossed in. Here's the overall skinny:

PICS: I primarily joined this time since I'm more of a pic guy. Although the pics going to back 2007 are 1020 by 680 I still get good resolution on my 24" monitor with them. The oldest content is 600x800 and is functionally useless. Most sets have 100 to 200 pics. The bad news is that they seem to be cutting back to only a few dozen so-so quality pics per scene in the last year. There is a fair amount of fish eye lens use on some sites which hurts after a while.

VIDS: Let's face facts, this is not a video site. Your only option is 640x480 .wmv downloads (or the same for ipad/psp). The psuedo stream function is marginal at best. Some of the vids even look sort of bad this level of resolution but everything going back to 2008 looks decent. Downloading is a chore given the slow speeds present for most of the day (it's currently taking me over an hour to DL two 450mb vids).

NAV: Navigation on the network was apparently developed during the internet stone age. Each site comes up in a new window. No search engine period. You can only look up models for each individual site. I frequently found myself digging through my download file to see if I had nabbed the same scene off of a different site on the network because of the recycling of content within the network. A number of sites stopped listing dates on updates to make it seem like they're not dead.

OVERALL: The only sites that continue to update regularly are Freshoutofhighschool, Newsensations, UnlimitedMILFs and Jizzbomb. The main emphasis on them (except the milf site) is younger porn stars. There is a fair amount of uniform and other outfit shoots which I like as a nice change of pace from the usual porn offerings today. The action is usually pretty good, the girls are pretty good looking and there is a lot of content provided you are willing to deal with what is now average at best quality. That's why I gave the network a score of 77.

However, this network just seems to be treading water until the owners can no longer make money offering what they have been doing for so long. I see no reason why a network that's been around for so long can't make the leap into the 21st century by offering HD vids (some of the nonexclusive DDF material can be had in HD on the DDF sites) and bigger pics (a few sets do offer 1500x1080 sizes here, apparently someone forgot to "dumb them down"). Like I noted above, this network just seems lost given the lack of high quality vids and the new found emphasis on limiting the number of pics per set. The lack of navigation and search adds to the sense that this place is just going through the motions in hopes of grinding out a buck or two. For those PU readers who hold on to a sense of nostalgia about the "good old days of porn", I offer up this network as an example that the good old days weren't always so good in comparison to what's out there today.

07-16-13  02:29pm

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Visit Babes Network.com

Babes Network.com

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Exclusive content that updates 5x a week.
+ Good $10, 30 day membership through TBP.
+ Great 2500 x 1700 pics with zips and true 1080 HD vids with good download speeds. 4 DL options for vids including mobile device sized. Also streaming available with good speeds and ability to jump within a scene.
+ Smallish watermarks
+ Attractive girls (18 - 30 range) with few "enhancements". A good mix between porn stars and more unknowns, at least to me.
+ A unique site in terms of the artistic and hardcore factors it tries to combine.
+ A good mix of content (about 40% HC, 40% solo, and 20% lez).
+ User ratings and comments sections and social media connections.
Cons: - Tags / search engine is poor.
- Navigation needs an overhaul.
- Some ads on main page and when logging in.
- Prechecked cross sale on signup.
- The "artistic" feel the site is trying to convey gets lost with bad lighting, bad composition and iffy camera / cropping work.
- Very few positions shown for all scenes.
- Has a model directory but with very little info.
- You get timed out somewhat quickly and there are capcha's every time you log in.
- A fair amount of photoshopping and post production effects going on.
- More complicated than usual cancellation process. Web based cancel system doesn't seem to work (call or use email -- aka: don't wait until the end before trying to cancel). Also, must cancel at least 7 days before end of 30 days to keep from getting rebilled.
Bottom Line: This is my first voyage into the world of "heartcore" / "lovecore" figuring it looked like it had great quality and would be something different. True, it was different. You won't find anal, dp's, gagging and the like here which is fine by me. I'd like to think that years of overexposure to gonzo porn and too much degrading porn (sort of the default it seems) has made me so jaded to my inner sensitive new age guy. However, even using that standard of measure this site just didn't seem to add up for me. Here's the lowdown:

PICS: The setup looked good. Site has about 125 HC, 56 lez, and 106 solo sets (all have 100 or more pics) and the pics are quite large with zips. However, it quickly broke down. When viewing in browser, the default setting is for a slideshow but you can click to a thumbnail layout. If you click on a thumbnail and go back a page you get the slideshow again. Way too much clicking. You can only view the full sized pics by DL'ing the zips; the inbrowser view is only 800x550. Additionally, you can't even see all the thumbnails and the way the thumbnails are laid out (horizontal as opposed to the usual vertical) you have to use their in browser "forward arrow" which is clunky at best.

There are several photographers working here and most seem to be too damn artsy for their own good. Lots of scenes use natural lighting which results in dark pics and lots of shadows. Also the default seems to be to have the camera in a fixed position which limits the angles and views we're used to seeing.

For hardcore, there is a big focus on foreplay which results in only about 2 positions for actual sex. Given that the camera seems trapped in a fixed position for many scenes the result is that it often feels like your watching a scene from some 1980's Hustler where they couldn't show actual penetration, you just sorta know they're doing it. The lack of positions comes across in the lez and solo stuff too. I guess I like more variety as opposed to just soaking in what's in front of me.

While you get about a lot of pics per set, most of it seems to be a mosaic masterclass - here's a pose but in one frame you get a head, another the torso, another a leg, here's another with some artistic blurriness, etc. The vids are better in this respect but it does gets frustrating regarding the pics. I guess when I think artsy I think of some originality and professional output. A lot of these scenes feel more like someone who knows photography but hasn't shot porn before and isn't quite up to it.

VIDS: About 130 HC, 120 solo, and 60 lez. In browser stream works great and the HD is real HD which looks great ... meaning it's only as great as the way the scene was shot. My main complaint with the vids is their composition and artsy feel which is mostly identical to the issues I outlined in the "pics" section above. A lot of the vids have music in the beginning, some music go throughout.

NAV: Yet another site that built a navigation system when they were small and it no longer works for beans once they've grown. I already groused about the in browser pic issues. The scenes have tags but they are limited. If you search under tags, say "brunette", you'll get a result saying there are 182 scenes. However, it will only bring up 30: there is no way I can see to show them all. The tags are too few (some scenes are mistagged too) and too generic given the number of scenes they have.

If you poke around under their 3 general categories of HC, solo, and lez you'll find that recent updates aren't included. The only way to look at everything is to go through every page of updates - which only lets you jump back or ahead a few pages at a time.

I give this site an 82 because of the quality, the amount of content and the hot girls. However, for me they missed the boat on what they were trying to achieve. This is not porn for women since the focus seems mostly centered on the girls and there is no real talking or kissing-centric theme and the HC ends with a body or facial cumshot. The softer artistic side of porn put forth here seems to get washed over by the crop / framing jobs, low lighting and one position camera angles in many scenes. Those who like artsy porn may be interested in this but I think that for most the HC isn't the hardcore we're used to seeing (and not just the gonzo / rough sex stuff, just the composition in general). The softcore / lez stuff with an artsy feel is done much better by places like HegreArt, MetArt and the like.

I guess I went into this with my hopes set a bit too high. I think this site would work best for someone who digs softcore and art photography and might be looking to try some hardcore. If, like me, you have more of a hardcore background then you're more likely to walk away disappointed.

06-06-13  04:03pm

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Visit Hands on Hardcore

Hands on Hardcore

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Almost 800 scenes of nothin' but hardcore banging.
+ Exclusive content.
+ About 100 true HD scenes and large sized vids in general.
+ Professional quality production and lighting.
+ Good full trial price of $3.50 for 2 days (see review below for tips on saving $$ for more time).
+ Good DL speeds, various format options for vids and streaming in browser.
+ High quality pics, all with zips.
+ Good model directory and generally good search.
+ All updates are date stamped for future reference.
+ Multiple language options and a mobile viewing option as well.
Cons: - Not all HD labelled vids are HD.
- Search options for pics are worthless.
- Content gets a bit repetitive.
- Currently updating 2x per week but starting in 2012 and going back expect only 1 update per week at best.
- Prechecked cross sale on signup.
- Some content seen on other sites and some photographers work isn't up to snuff for DDF work.
- As usual, oldest content isn't that high quality.
- Some content recycled from other DDF sites and the date of publication here may not be when it first came out.
- Need more screen cap previews for the vids.
- Since I last joined they've removed some of the earliest content. Granted the quality wasn't the best but still not bad compared to some other major sites today. Wished they had kept it or remastered it.
Bottom Line: I last joined HoH about 4 years ago. I signed up for the 2 day trial expecting only to be able to grab a year or two worth of material. To my surprise I was done downloading in about 6 hours and I don't use a DL manager or have super fast high speed connections. The lack of updates over the years was about the major downer though. Here's the skinny:

PICS: All scenes have zip downloads and the last few years have pics coming in at 2000 x 1300 pixels. Even the oldest content is roughly 1600 x 1070 in size. The tags for photo search are worthless if there even are any. You can tag individual photos with info for others to see (don't know why you'd do this). No real ability to slideshow the pics. Multiple size options available. Some airbrushing on sets.

VIDS: All scenes have vids with the most recent allowing for wmv and mp4 download options. Some older vids also have divx or quicktime. All but the oldest material has streaming video with ability to jump around to get a good preview. I had consistent DL speeds of about 1.3 MB/sec on multiple channels. At best only about 80-100 vids are in true HD, most HD labelled vids are just HD size. Starting in 2008, the vid sizes get down to medium size (720x400) and the oldest years don't even get that big and come split into the scenes. I wish they had more screen caps in order to preview the vids without having to stream and jump around to decide if I wanted to DL or not.

The site allows you to search by category, date or tags. The model directory is good and has background info. There is some blog material and social media stuff but no one appears to do much with it. They also let you customize the site with favorites and similar items if you stick around for the long haul. There are some special discounts for other DDF sites and independent sites that pretty much match what you can find on TBP. However, if you want to join other DDF sites or the DDF network they do offer a 50% off the first month discount. So, my advice is join on a cheap trial and if you want more hit the discounts page, a better deal than what TBP has going.

Generally speaking, DDF puts out a consistent and high grade euro porn product. This site is no different but, if you've seen their sites before, you pretty much know what you're going to get. In that respect, there isn't a lot of imagination that goes into putting the scenes together and so some of the content does get repetitive. Overall, if they hadn't been skimpy with their updates the last 3 years or so I would have scored this in the 90's. So, if you like hardcore of all varieties you can't really go wrong here.

04-07-13  08:33pm

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Visit Suze Randall

Suze Randall

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Full access 7 day trial for $10 through TBP
+ Almost all original content. Some shared DDF and Holly Randall content.
+ Lots of content: About 650 hardcore photo sets and 4800 pic sets overall and all sets have zip function. About 1500 videos.
+ Membership includes Suze Classics for those looking to fill their 80's and 90's porn fix (that site factors into all the stats mentioned here).
+ Newest pics have 2400x1600 resolution and newest vids are HD with 1080 resolution. Newest vids have a stream option and multiple download options including wmv and mp4 files.
+ Good consistent download speeds of between 1MB - 2 MB/sec up to 6 channels.
+ Starting to remaster some of the old content
+ If you like glamor porn this is probably one of the best sites to visit. Has porn star from today back to the 80's.
+ Multiple weekly updates and all updates are dated for future reference.
Cons: - Search function and tags are a mess and not real helpful.
- There is a model directory but no model info.
- No screen caps or ability to preview vids. I couldn't make the stream function jump ahead, I had to wait for the movie to buffer in order to jump while watching on line.
- Quality takes a nose diver prior to 2010 with no HD vids and pic sets maxing out at 1000x1600 with most sets having smaller pics. Older vids don't have stream capability so you have to download them to know what they're like and the quality can be almost unwatchable by today's standards.
- Fairly generic porn with mostly known porn stars.
- Some advertising on each page.
- There is a forum and FAQ section but it looks to be pretty much dead.
Bottom Line: I last joined this about 5 years ago and dug it since it had a lot of content, decent pic sizes and decent videos for the time. However, time is not always kind and this site has been left a bit in the dust and it's caused me knock 8 points off of my original score. Here's the lowdown:

PICS: I still this site primarily as a photo site. There are more vids now but pix are what Suze got started doing back in the 70's and this is what Holly Randall, who does the shoots today, mostly focuses on. Tons of pics but most sets have less than 50 pics which is a bit skimpy. The sets, at least the older ones, also have jumbled material so when you look at them online or unzip the folders the content doesn't progress smoothly from beginning to end. This was the case 5 years ago and is so today. The oldest material (probably half) has pic sizes that work only if you view porn on your phone. They are slowly (I mean slowly) remastering some old stuff into larger sizes but only by scanning the original pics which results in some graininess. Everything has zips.

VIDS: The newest vids are great but there aren't a lot of them. As mentioned, the lack of a preview or screen caps isn't fun, especially when probably 2/3 of the vids don't have in browser stream options. The quality is all over the board to on the older vids, some are fine and others aren't worth it. Personally, I got frustrated because I'm not going to DL and watch a slew of vids just to see if I like the content.

NAV: Navigation, in a word, "bites". The navigation is the same system they've since they opened I think and it shows. You can search pix by tags but you can't search videos this way, you have to search all "hardcore" for example to find the vids mixed in with the pix. You only get 10 search results by page and you can only jump ahead or behind by a few pages. When you have 100's of scenes with the same tag this is a pain. Also, if you relied on the tag "hardcore" you would think they stopped shooting hardcore in 2010. Nope. You have to look under different tags to find the newer stuff. Some vid scenes of the same photo shoot also have different tags. A small minority of tagged scenes do not appear in the tag search results either. Basically this site is too big for this crap and it definitely hurt the final score. They need to scrap the status quo and start over on the layout and search/tag system.

I liked this site more before because I was more into glam sites since most amateur or gonzo sites didn't appeal to me. Now, when I look it and see the over saturated colors, small editors choice photo sets and porn stars past their prime doing generic scenes it doesn't do as much for me. DDF, 21stsextury, the WOW sites, teenmegaworld and others do a much better job of giving you fresh faces, quantity, quality and all in a more user friendly package.

Overall, I still recommend the site given the vast amount of original material it has and the ability to look at the "classic" porn of the last few decades. Also, a lot of the content is decent in quality and the stuff within the last 18 months or so is top notch in terms of HD vids and large pic sizes. So, it's worth a join but probably not for month, the 7 day trial is probably all you need unless you have limited time to hunt through the site to find all the goodies.

01-31-13  07:26pm

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Visit 18X Girls

18X Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Decent price through TBP ($15 a month)
+ Decent amount of content (about 370 HD scenes as of this date)
+ Some exclusive content
+ Regular Updates, about 5 to 7 per week
+ Huge picture sets with zips and has multiple options for the size of the thumbnail galleries.
+ Good download speeds on vids (600-700 kbs, up to 6 channels using a broadband connection)
+ Multiple view options (stream, HD download in .wmv and iphone / regular formats in Quicktime)
+ 3 bonus video sites (note, most of the vids listed in the TBP facts section counts these vids)
+ Has a "My Favorites" where you can tag favorite scenes and you can leave comments on scenes and rate them.
+ Bills through Epoch
Cons: - A lot of this content is available through the teenmegaworld.com site. However, the quality of the content is better here.
- Navigation needs updating
- Search function needs a lot of work
- Not Firefox friendly (could only download vids using Internet Exploder browser)
- No screencaps but when looking at the flash movie you can jump ahead quickly through the scenes.
- No model info or real model directory
- No FAQs page or help page, all requests for help must be sent via email.
- More download options on the vids and pics would be nice.
- Cross sales on the signup page
Bottom Line: It's been a while since I sniffed (not snuffed) out some young Eastern Euro hotties and this site fit the bill and the budget. It's primarily a teen hardcore site with about 20% of the content being solo or lesbian. There's also a fair amount of anal action as well.

PICS: The pics are freakin' huge clocking in at over 5600 pixels and they have zips. Even the old pics are over 3000 pixels. While most sets have 100 - 200 pics I wish they had more as they are somewhat repetitive and the action doesn't cover a lot of positions. You get to chose your thumbnail size but, sadly, they only show 25 thumbs per page. There is a slideshow but it only works with the default low rez photos (about 900x600). To see the hi rez stuff you have to zip them or click on the low rez photo and have a new window open up that shows the high rez photo. The only zip option is high rez.

VIDEOS: As I said, good download speeds and the movies are about 20 - 30 minutes long. Again, the vids are good size (see TBP for all the specs, they seem accurate). Sadly, you can only download in HD using .wmv but thankfully they're not massive files (around 1 gig per movie). The iphone and regular movies are only available in Quicktime but they still look good. Each movie is available in a flash stream mode and you can jump around fairly quickly. No screen caps so watch the flash vid or scan the pics to see if you like it. Like I said, I couldn't get video downloads to work in Mozilla (old and new versions) so some of you might not dig that.

NAVIGATION: From what I've read, this site seems to have grown a lot in the last year and the growing pains have caught up with it. There is no model directory or model info. The scenes are poorly tagged so typing in a search request gives you spotty results at best. There are only a couple of general categories listed so that's no help either. You best bet is just to page through it all but that's a pain in the ass too. You get 12 scenes per page. After that you can either go "next page", "back page" or "last page" to jump to the end. They really need a page jump system and they need jump capabilities at both the top and bottom of each page, not just the bottom like they have now. Too much clicking and scrolling right now.

I also don't understand why they have a bunch of "tube video" stuff on each page and as a category. This is a pretty good quality site that I paid money for so why would I want to look at nonexclusive tube quality videos? Sometimes more is less though some may disagree with me on this one.

The bonus sites are nothing to write home about. Mostly second tier movies and amateur stuff (no HD here, just normal vid sizes) through some other service. Nothing exclusive or new about them as is typical with most bonus content. Like the tube video stuff, I'd say they've grown enough where they really don't all this extra stuff at this point to justify the price of admission.

Overall, the quality of their content is very good and the girls are mostly cute (no heavy set types here). If you've recently joined teenmegaworld then I'd pass on this site unless you want to upgrade the quality since it's far better here than at that site. Given the price and quality it's a good site. The nonexclusivity of a lot of their content, the navigation and the search issues hold this site back a few points but still worth it in my book.

02-23-12  04:53pm

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: ++ 30+ sites, 1700 models and 4100 scenes to keep you busy
++ Very good tags and cross site search functions
++ Lots of video options, especially the new stuff, and goes up 1080p
+ Cool function on the new videos where you hold your mouse over the play back bar and it shows what is happening during that section of the movie
+ Lots of social media and site interaction if you're into that stuff
+ Good monthly price through TBP
+ Others have said that the "live" section was gone in earlier reviews but it appears to be back, at least in recorded form.
+ Lots of American girls
+ Professional lighting and production value
+ Lots of options available for customer support and I got a prompt reply to my one issue.
+ All the content besides the live shows is hardcore
Cons: -- Not enough pictures and they're low quality (don't join for the pics)
-- Problems with downloads using Mozilla and with older scenes
-- Slow site at times (they need more servers)
- Cross sales on signup
- Stupid social networking keeps popping up
Bottom Line: I sort of joined this site at a bad time given I didn't have a lot of time to use it during my month and I'm sort of in a porn burnout phase. Nonetheless, I had mostly good experience but there wasn't enough to give it a top notch score that with a little effort this place could achieve.

PICS: Don't join for the pics. All scenes have pics but even the newest scenes max out at about 60 pics with a size of about 900x600. Too few and too low quality that could easily be solved. This site will never cross 90 for a score in my book so long as this continues. Also, when clicking a photo to bring it up to full size, you automatically go into slideshow mode even if you try to turn it off. All pic sets have zips but generally the pics on the network need help.

VIDS: The newest vids are great. You have mobile and "normal" download options. Sizes go up 1080p on the new stuff, older vids generally max out at about720 or 480. All vids have full scene or partial scene D/L options. All vids have stream options although even with a broad band connection the streaming was jumpy when trying to view it above 480 resolution. Download speeds were OK at 400 to 500 kbs. With older vids I sometimes had problems getting them to DL in the .wmv format (the only option available) because the screen taking you to the download page wouldn't download ... how's that for irony. As noted, the newer streaming vids let you mouse along the playback bar to reveal what action is taking place in that part of the scene. There are no screen caps though.

OTHER: Search is great. Scenes seem well tagged and the search engine is very good and comprehensive. There is no real model info though beyond the name. Navigation needs some work (a fair amount of clicking sometimes).

There are a fair number of boob jobs and the chicks, while most are US born and bred, are mostly average caliber porn stars. Not much anal but the site is mostly hardcore. Lots of niches with 30+ sites but the theme is pretty constant throughout the network. All high production value except the pics.

The social networking aspects are probably the best I've seen including a wiki (just a link ofr now) and a forum and user feedback galore if you're into that sort of stuff. The damn social networking needs to just go away though (pops up every new screen).

The site can be slow at times and I didn't like the fact that when viewing a specific models portfolio (many have multiple pages) that when navigating you always have to go back to page 1 even if you last on page 6.

So, there is lots to see and get involved with. For me, the pictures are a big negative along with some slow navigation and downloading issues. Overall, it was worth the money but I'd like to see some changes before I go back again.

07-11-11  03:42pm

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Visit 18 Stream

18 Stream

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: ++ $1, 1 day full access trial (bills thru Segpay)
++ Big pictures (up to 4300 pixels, but most sets are still in the 2500 pixel range) with zips
++ Exclusive content (for me anyways, other reviewers have said different but I don't know and haven't seen it elsewhere)
+ Good sized vids (720x540 on most, a few are bigger) and d/l options (wmv, mpeg and quicktime as well as flash streaming)
+ Movies have screen caps to see what you're getting
+ No DRM
+ No cross sales on signup
+ About 680 vids and 300 pic sets
Cons: -- Pretty amateur in terms of quality and performances
- Picture sets don't offer a lot
- Slowish download speeds (1 gig = 1 hour of download time on my highspeed connection)
- Search and navigation need work
- No scene downloads, all or nothing
- Cannot jump around within the scene while using the streaming video option
- Camera work could be better (too often the guy seems glued to one spot or has a few focus issues)
- Page often has to refresh when going back and forth from it.
- No model info, just the name
- A couple of video updates a week, pics don't update anymore
Bottom Line: I checked this one out on the el cheapo trial to see some exclusive Eastern Euro puntang. That's what I got but it didn't exactly leave me with that "Charlie Sheen drinking tiger blood with the goddesses winning" feeling. This site is focused on hardcore younger girl porn and that's what most of the scenes are. Here's the lowdown:

PICS: All pics have zips and they are pretty big. The problem is that there isn't much content. At most a couple of positions and because the photographer won't move it isn't uncommon to get no view of the old "in and out". When your getting almost 200 pics per set and only a handful are good, that ain't good. The newest stuff can be slow download (can you say a half hour for one zip set) because of the large files. Some pics were out of focus too. Lighting and quality varies a lot. If you're into pics, this place won't satisfy you.

VIDS: All the vids were good sized and I didn't have any sections that were garbled from the download like some other reviewers did. The quality, angles (again, sometimes you just see bodies rubbing with no visible action) and lighting varies a lot from scene to scene. While the girls are exclusive they are also pretty amateur and it shows in the performance, not much excitement from most of them. Yes, it beats gonzo screamers but this is pushing it towards the other extreme. You do get screen caps and you'll need them because the stream option can only run from beginning to end, no jumping. Download times, as mentioned, need some help.

NAV: No real navigation other than the pics and vids home pages. No tags, no search engine, no model info. It is more of an amateur site but it is getting a bit big to have non of this info and still be functional.

OTHER: They do have some social networking functionality within the site which I never bothered with. Overall, I wasn't all that impressed. The girls are mostly cute but many of them don't put much into their performances. All the scenes are in Russian so you don't know what they're saying when the vids start but I bet you can use your imagination to figure out where it's heading. The camera work needs help and kills most of the picture sets. The volume of content is what keeps it in the high 70's for my scoring system.

You also get access to Spunkybee and Rough18 but the same issues I had with this site follow to those as well.

I had no problem finding what I wanted with my 1 day membership even with the slow download speeds. Certainly not worth the full $35 a month. So, I guess it's a good diversion for a day but don't expect a ton of good stuff here. Be happy with what you can still get for a buck I guess.

04-25-11  07:22pm

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Visit Gaping Angels

Gaping Angels

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: ++ Good $3, 3 day full access trial through TBP
++ 17 site network
++ Exclusive Evil Angel content though some of it may be on other sites
+ No cross sales on signup
+ Some 720 sized HD vids
+ Fast download rates (about 1.5 mb/sec on a single download, about half that for 2-3 channels of simultaneous downloading)
+ Lots of anal and fetish vids for those into that
+ No DRM
+ A good number of recognizable porn stars
+ 100's of scenes / dvds spread across the network in a variety of niches
+ Several updates per week
Cons: -- Crappy search function and no cross site search
-- Photosets are worthless and no zip function
- HD streaming vids are pretty choppy even on my broadband connection
- A lot of sites have some overlapping content
- Video quality varies from great to crap
- Many scenes and DVDs lack model info and scene tags
- My computer crashed a few times during downloads (not if this is the site but this rarely happens to me)
- Limited number of HD movies on each site, older vids are pretty low in quality
- If you're from Canada, read the terms and conditions before signing up, it's sort of messed up for the up north folks.
- Some of the featured directors sites have actors and/or directors yammering on during the scenes.
Bottom Line: Other than the prospect of a cheap full access trial I don't know why I really signed up this site and I guess it shows in my score. For the uninitiated, this site is part of a 17 Evil Angel site network. Evil Angel tends to lean to the harder side of hardcore so don't expect much gentle solo softcore/midcore and story line material in the hardcore. Here's the bottom line:

PICS: In the network, most sites have only a handful of pics for their scenes. Most pics are just pose shots before the action. No zips. Good sized but only 30 to 40 pics per set. Quality and cropping varies. Skip this place if you want pics.

VIDS: All the sites have some 720p vids that download as MP4 files. All offer a high and low bitrate wmv download as an option. Most come in at 640x480 for the "high" quality content (non HD). All scenes have low and high level streams and the HD ones also offer HD stream but that was choppy even on my high speed connection. Fast download speeds but streaming took about 5 seconds to buffer on the "high" setting for me each time I jumped within a scene. Most quality is average while the majority of scenes are professionally shot with good lighting.

NAV: Navigation needs work. No model directory and no cross site search. Many sites have scene tags but many don't and not all are correct. No model info for many scenes so you're stuck if you want to find out who some hottie is. On each site you can search by movie title but the listings don't include all the movies on the site. Basically, lots of hunting and clicking to find what you want.

Overall, I can't really recommend joining unless you're a bit Evil Angel fan (in which case you've probably seen most of this stuff) or you're a collector looking to find specific porn stars. A lot of these sites have DVD series but even most of the series are just random or incomplete. This whole network feels a bit like an after thought, which it may well be in comparison to the official EvilAngel website (never joined that one so I don't know for sure). Videobox and similar sites offer a lot more content for the money once you get beyond the 3 day trial period.

Once you get beyond the known pornstars, the girls are fairly average looking and the production quality can vary quite a bit. I didn't find a lot that personally appealled to me and even with the crappy navigation / search, it only took me a few hours to scan over the offerings in the areas I was interested in. Average be this place so average be the score.

04-13-11  02:38pm

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Visit Hot Legs and Feet

Hot Legs and Feet

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: +++ 10 years of content online
++ Decent sized pics (all with zip) at 1300x2000 for the newer stuff
++ Good quality 1280 x 720 video
+ Choice of stream, wmv and mp4 downloads on newer vids
+ Some older material has been remastered for better size and quality
+ Updates 2 - 3 times a week
+ Good mix of solo, lez and hardcore (each about 1/3 although about half the HC scenes are just footjobs)
+ 2 day full access trial for $7 through TBP
+ Allows for DL managers (12 channels - 6 channels if downloading manually)
+ Many pic sets are set up for 3-D viewing if you download an app and have the glasses (I didn't try it).
+ Overall good quality production and lighting
+ Exclusive DDF material (not a lot taken from other DDF sites either)
Cons: -- Quality takes a dive once you get back to 08 and 07
-- Navigation and website need a big overhaul
-- The "casting" section of the site shows numerous updates but many sets have no material in them.
- Slow movie downloads (I rarely got above 200 kb/sec with a broadband connection)
- Many photo scenes seem incomplete (set abruptly ends when it looks like it should continue)
- Some recycled content from other DDF sites and earlier HL&F scenes
- No search function and no scene tags
- Only a few screen caps (get more)
- Newest vids only allow full scene downloads, no clips available
- Newer content doesn't have as many hot models, not as much true HC (as opposed to footjobs) and less costume/lingerie focus.
- No email confirming membership and they bill through vxsbill which is fine but canceling was easy and done through the website (I did get a cancel confirmation email).
Bottom Line: When I first found this site about 7 years ago I loved it. Hot girls, good lingerie and costume setups, good photography with some unique angles and frequent updates. While I wanted to give HL&F a 90 or better I just can't do it because the DDF boys just aren't putting out what they're capable of. Here's the lowdown:

PICS: Sets have about 100 to 120 pics and all have zips though only in the largest size. Newest pics go up to 2000x1300 but drop off to 1600x1080 starting around '08 and the oldest are only 800x600. Zip labels are actually good here and don't need relabeling. As noted, a bunch of photosets feel like they've been randomly ended. Quality is very good but more pics would be appreciated. 3-D is option on many sets that I didn't try. Watermarks present but not too big.

VIDS: Flash stream available for about the last 5 years of material (usually at 960x540). Newest vids are 1280x720 but before 08 tend to only be 850x480 or 7620x400. MP4 and WMV options available for the last two years but '08 and earlier only WMV, DiVX and QT available. Smallish watermarks on all vids. Vid sizes seem somewhat random for their release dates between '05 and '08 (one update will be small while the prior one will be large). Download speeds were a bit slow too. I don't know why they do this but the recent vids don't allow for clip downloads, only full scenes. Quality, again, is very good.

OTHER: The website needs an overhaul. Very plain looking and getting around takes some clicking. No real preview available. There are only a few search categories that are useless. No search function or scene tags also hurt with this much content available. They need a calendar update page or they need to better sort their material to make it more user friendly. There are brief model bios but it's pretty sparse.

The site seems to have lost some mojo the last year or so. Less focus on lingerie and more on the feet is not a great improvement by my standards. A lot of the recent hardcore and lez scenes focus more on footjobs as opposed to leg and sex worship. The girls aren't as hot as they once were either. The photography also seems more vanilla as opposed to unique and interesting which may be because DDF farms out more of their shoots maybe (not sure on this).

If it were up to me, I'd update the site look, add a search function and scene tags, make the videos more uniform in size, while adding more screen caps and allowing for clip downloads, remaster their oldest content, make sure their "casting" updates actually have content in them, and bring back more of the lingerie/hosiery focus and limit the amount of pseudo domination and foot emphasis they've recently been doing.

I know DDF can do better than this and I hope they do because this is a great site rivaled only by footsiebabes. I'd like to come back in another year or two and see things improved. Right now they need to do a little work but it's still a pretty good site.

01-26-11  02:26pm

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Visit Babelicious


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: ++ $2.75 2 day full access trial through TBP
++ Newest pix go up 4,000 pixels though most stop at 3,000.
++ Daily updates for photo sets (about 1300 photo sets and 600 vids on main site)
++ Years of material on site(s)
+ Generally decent professional photo and lighting work
+ All photosets have zip functions and you can zip in 1k, 2k, or 3/4k mode
+ About 100 or so 1280x720 vids with decent download speeds
+ Access to 8 other sites
+ No DRM limits
+ Uses major billing companies
+ Small watermarks on pics and vids
+ Video options include full scene, clips and streaming
+ Has a detailed search function and a model directory with some bio material
+ Has a support and FAQ section
Cons: -- Nonexclusive content
-- Not a site for hardcore fans
-- The bonus sites no longer update
-- Quality really drops once you go back a few years in both pics and vids.
- Cross sales on sign-up page
- Navigation could use some work
- Only a couple of screen caps showing video contents (needs more)
- Have to type in password info for each site (and you get some long randomly generated password when you join)
- WMV only file option for downloading vids
- Vids only update once or twice a week
Bottom Line: I last joined this site about 5 years ago and decided to to the trial option to see what's changed. In short, not much and that's not necessarily a good thing. There really isn't anything to not like about it but it is a mostly softcore nonexclusive content site (if you like your action hardcore, skip this network) that mostly left me feeling "meh".

PICS: It's nice to see a site that lets you zip in multiple sizes. As noted above, the newest stuff goes up to 4000 pixels however some pixelation occurs at this level on a few sets. The downside is that the quality drops to about 2k sizes when you get to early 2009 and rapidly drops to 1k sizes thereafter. All pics come up in a separate screen. Most of this is stuff that you've seen before and not necessarily a models best offerings.

VIDS: Good download speeds and about 100 newer HD vids. Bad news is that once you get past the HD sizes, the vids fairly quickly drop to 480x320 and the quality of the older stuff is average at best. If you like HC there are only about 40 HC vids in total (1 in HD). Even though I have high speed, the streaming stuff was only OK I had problems jumping forward on some of the streams.

OTHER: It does have a good and mostly complete search engine but it's not entirely intuitive (it took me a few minutes to figure out how to find all the HC vids). Jumping around to different pages requires some clicking too. It's not bad (better than some other good sites) but it does need a few tweaks like adding "softcore", "lez" and "HC" categories, etc.

All the bonus sites stopped updating at least a year ago so they don't really have anything to offer assuming you've been around the porn block a time or two. The pic size and video quality on those sites is mostly second rate by today's standards.

TBP gave this site a "87" score which I can't justify. It's nonexclusive content and once you go back to early 2009 the quality starts to rapidly drop off. It is mostly softcore and, as I noted, these aren't what I would consider the models best work. For me, Twistys, VivThomas, Teendreams and others do a better job with this genre of site than Babelicious does. When I was last a member here I thought the site held up pretty well in comparison to what was going on at the time. Not so much any more. It's not a rip-off by any means but others do it better now.

12-28-10  05:10pm

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Visit Cougars In Heat

Cougars In Heat

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +++ $3 for a 3 day full access trial membership through TBP
+++ Lots of actual American MILFs (no 25 yr olds)
++ Lots of good hardcore action
++ Multiple viewing and DL options for vids plus all vids have accompanying screen cap shots.
++ Exclusive content.
+ Each set has a softcore photo shoot (no softcore vids though)
+ No DRM or DL limits, supports DL manager
+ About 175 scenes, all with pics and vids
+ No watermarks on pics or vids.
+ Pic size comes in at 1600 x 1070, all have zips
+ Good DL speeds (500 to 700 KB/sec for me)
+ Updates are dated so you if you rejoin later you know where to start.
+ No cross sales on sign-up
Cons: --- Down to 1 update a month.
-- Most every scene is shot the same (especially the pics), it gets repetitive.
-- HD videos aren't HD and the best "non HD" files still come out blurry when viewed full screen.
-- No scene tags or real search function.
- Many of the video trailers for the sets don't work.
- Photo closeup shots are out of focus on body parts (get a camera man who knows how to shoot stills).
- About half the models have boob jobs.
- No model directory or model info.
- Bonus sites didn't work for me.
- Advertising on main page.
- Navigation needs some work.
- Canceling membership a bit of a pain.
Bottom Line: It's just about time for hunting season around here so thought I try a change of pace and check out some cougars on the prowl. What you get here is actual cougar material (women in their 30's to 50's) with the stretch marks, wrinkles and the occasional hairy bush pouncing on younger porn dudes for some basic sex (no anal, toys or bizaare stuff). The price was right for the trial so I signed up and here's what you get:

PHOTOS: Best quality pics are 1600 x 1070 and each set has zips. Most scenes have about 120 to 150 HC pics. The lighting and production value is pretty good with minimal airbrushing. One beef I had was that on shots closer than full body, something is always out of focus ... get a better camera or someone who knows how to use it. The softcore sets had more pictures than the HC and they're pretty good, no toys used - just posing, gradually stripping and maybe some fingering. For those who like older women stripping and posing, this would be a good site to try. My biggest complaint here is that every freakin' set is shot the same. Couple fully clothed, cougar gets half undressed for sex on back, side and cowgirl. Girl gets naked for reverse cowgirl and doggie. Every set, every time. Apparently imagination is not one of this site's strong suits. There are screen caps for each scene too.

VIDEOS: Lots of viewing options, DL in different sizes, stream in different speeds with the inscreen browser or one of yours, and there's an i-pod option too. The problem here is that even though I have a small computer screen, even at full screen only the "HD" vids weren't grainy. The best nonHD vids come in at about 300 mb for a 30 minute video so you can see why. The HD is good but it's not true HD, just big files (1.5 gigs for a 30 min. vid) and the HD only is available in the MP4 format. DL speeds were good. Many of the trailers for the vids didn't actually show the vid so that's a bit of a pain. The vid production was pretty good with only a few sets having the annoying cameraman yakkin' it up.

THE REST: No model info or directory. Navigation is a bit of pain, lots of forward and back clicking and it took a few minutes to figure out the DL functions. The site itself is pretty plain. The bonus sites didn't work but that maybe because I was on a trial membership. Updates have really slowed but the quality of the material is generally pretty good. The advertising is on the main pages or at the bottom of the screen but it's not overly annoying.

I can't really give this site more than an 80 because of the lack of updates, nonHD HD vids, repetitive nature of the shots, search and navigation issues, and some other minor stuff. If you're into actual cougars getting it on (or posing for pics) then I'd recommend the trial. The regular price of $30 a month is too much and unless you have a slow connection you should be able to grab all you want within the trial time.

Now, how come I never meet these women in real life?

09-16-10  04:30pm

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Visit 21Sextury.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Sweet TBP/PU rate of $20 to join, eventually dropping to $10 month for ongoing membership
+ Thousands (maybe even 10k) of scenes
+ 25 sites network initially, expands to about 41 after a month
+ Good navigation and the search engine looks amazing and goes across the whole network
+ No DRM and no DL limits
+ Newest vids on the flagship sites (PixandVideo, Club Sandy, etc.) go up to 1900x1080
+ All pic sets have zips
+ Professional effects, lighting and photography on the flagship sites
+ Clearly marked updates
+ No cross sales or advertising
+ Lots of hot euro babes
+ Wide variety of content with multiple daily updates across the network
+ Archive going back to 2003 on the oldest sites; all exclusive content on the flagship sites
Cons: - For the first month, only SweetSophieMoone, AssholeFever, PixandVideo, ClubSandy, LezCuties, FootsieBabes and BlueAngelLive have anything great to offer. (I refer to these below as the Flagship Sites)
- Scenes aren't tagged real well so the awesome looking search engine can leave stuff out.
- Broken links on some photos and preview thumbs (click the "x", it's probably there) and I got a few bad video downloads.
- DL speeds not so hot (mostly 120 to 500 kps, the more channels I have going the faster it seems to go for me).
- Pic sizes are obsolete for the level of quality they otherwise offer.
- Zips and movie files are not labeled well.
Bottom Line: I used to love the individual sites but rarely joined in the past because of price. With the sweet PU/TBP deal, I couldn't resist and will probably stay a member for many months, damn near a first for me. Here's the low down:

PICS: All scenes have zip but all pic sizes are limited to 1280x850. WTF? The flagship sites here scream quality but they're still launching 20th century quality with their pic sizes. Most scenes have 100 to 160 pics. Also, when viewing pics individually the horizontal slide bar doesn't automatically appear on landscape shots (again, why?). Once you get past the Flagships, the pics are few and far between but there is plenty to keep you going with the big 6 sites.

VIDS: Awesome size on the newest vids. Most of the stuff within the last few years maxes out at 1280. The oldest content and a lot of the content outside the flagship sites peaks at 640 or even 460. You do get 10 screen caps minimum to see what you're getting. You can DL full scenes or scenes. In browser stream is an option and works well. On the most recent content, you usually have 3 download options, only 1 or 2 on the older. Full scene file sizes range from about 40 mb (low quality) to 2 gigs (best quality). DL speed is an issue as I noted above.

SEARCH: There is a 25 filter search system which looks awesome. As noted, the problem lies in the lack of adequate tags. Thus, the system sort of defeats itself and you're better off just going through the sites you like one by one. There is a central model directory which appears complete but no model bio's are given.

As for "the rest": Some sites have lots of dead links for pics and the like. Just click them, they usually bring something up but it's annoying and a pretty basic problem to overcome. If you liked the old calendar version of the site, the new set up takes a little getting used to. However, after a few days I found it much easier to use, especially on a network this size and found they had lots of options for customizing. It didn't take more than a few clicks to go and get what I wanted.

A big issue for me is why are they adding all this content beyond the flagship sites for the first month. It's obviously 3rd party produced and the models and production values just aren't up to 21stSextury snuff. Apparently they feel the need to keep up with Brazzers or NewSensations and add a bunch of sites to pump up the numbers and add "new" sites with overlapping content. My advice is to keep your standards up and focus on the good sites you already had. I'll take quality over quantity ... especially if you boost your pic sizes.

Lastly, despite the many negatives I pointed out, I'm still scoring this one a "91" simply because of the volume of content on even just the flagship sites, the hot babes and hot videos. With more sites coming to me soon, it can only get better. Well worth a join even if it leaves this picture fan a bit miffed.

02-24-10  07:17pm

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Visit Asshole Fever

Asshole Fever

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Currently 305 scenes available, all with pics and vid
+ Newest max vid sizes are 1900x1080 with most maxing out at 1280 (smaller for the oldest stuff)
+ No DL limits and Downloadthemall DL manager works
+ Awesome $20 initial join fee (dropping down to $10 after 2 months) through TBP.
+ Access to 25 other sites including ClubSandy and PixandVideo right away.
+ Excellent search engine with 25 filter categories.
+ Model directory spans the whole network
+ Exclusive content with no apparent recycling
+ Loads of hot euro babes taking it where the sun don't shine (all HC content).
+ Professional photography and video with very good lighting.
+ Wide variety of content (MF, DP, Indoor/Outdoor, etc.)
+ Average sized watermarks in cornor
Cons: - Only 1 update per week
- Pic sizes are too small given the overall quality of this site.
- Some problems with downloads not coming through.
- Some problems viewing pics in the browser
- New site design is fine but navigation could be a bit better
- Logging in is a major eye strain (their teeny sized authorization letters you have to copy are almost impossible to read)
- Some of the action gets a bit rough and/or mechanical
- Some nonworking links (not many though and mostly individual pictures)
Bottom Line: If you can't even handle watching your dog/cat lick it's butt, then this site is probably not for you. It's all hot looking euro babes taking like champions where the sun don't shine. Here's the "scoop" (not to be confused with scooping your animals poop):

PICS: All pic sets have accompanying video (and seem to match the video in terms of content) and all sets have zip. Excellent quality with only a little air brushing from what I can tell. Bad news, pic sizes are only 1280x850. On average, you get between 100 and 180 pics per set with most pics being 250-300kb in size. Why do sites always seem to do this; getting hung up on video while neglecting their photos standards? These sizes don't cut it any more. Also, when viewing photos individually in the browser, I found that the landscape shots get cut off with a monitor setting of 1080x720. They have an up/down slider bar for portrait pics but no right/left slider bar for landscape. WTF?

VIDS: As noted elsewhere, newest max size vid downloads come in at 1900x1080 with most on this site being 1280 by 850. You can stream in browser at L, M and H and download in L, M and H in either .wmv or mp4 settings. File sizes on full length vids vary from about 2 gigs on the newest and largest to about 40 MB on the smallest. Each scene has 10 scene screen caps with scene and full scene download/stream options. Almost no music in vids and I haven't found any scenes yet with direction cues being shouted out. I did have a few problems with some vids just not downloading correctly and having to redo them.

They have redone their navigation on 21sextury so now after you log in you get a page that looks like a blog almost. It's easy to jump around but it takes a few clicks to get to what you want if just trying to find, say, all of the scenes in a single site. Once you get used to that, their filter system on the search engine is one of the best I've seen but the scenes aren't tagged very well so relying solely on the search functions will leave out some of the goodies that should be included.

Unfortunately, the action sometime gets a bit over the top with chicks just being pounded up the poop shoot because the shot calls for it. While these hot euro babes take it well, there's still a difference between just taking it and actual acting (same with the guys too). The overriding theme here is the anal action doesn't seem very spontaneous or a taboo thrill. The action can still be hot but it's just not all I hoped it would be.

I'm scoring this site an 87 on it's own. I'll be working a review on the whole 21sextury.com site soon, probably scoring the network in the low 90's. If you like butt sex, this is one of the best sites I've seen out there. Considering the network you get and the great price (after the second month you only pay $10 a month for a recurring membership) you simply can't go wrong in my butt ... er, I mean book.

02-17-10  03:46pm

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Visit Twistys


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Tons of babes and content
+ 3 photo set and 2 vid updates daily
+ Pic sizes up to 3000 pixels
+ Vids from 2009 onward go up to 1280x720
+ High quality search and model directory
+ No download limits or DRM
+ Good 2 day full access trial for $2.44 through the bonus sites
+ 6 other sites offered of which only 3 have original content
+ Professional, high quality content
+ One of the better forums I've seen for members
+ Smallish or nonexistent watermarks
+ Good customer service
Cons: - Download speeds were a bit slow for me but it may just be a prolem on my end.
- Vids before 2009 mostly max out at 480x360
- Most of the pic sets clock in at 1020 x 720 or smaller
- Some advertising on the site but not terrible
- The 3k pixel photos only available in zip format
- A lot of nonexclusive content
Bottom Line: I was last here in '08 when I dished out an 81. Glad to see things have improved although, as we know, there's always room for improvement.

Pictures: About 9500 solo sets, 1350 HC sets and 880 lez sets. As noted, in '09 Twisty's started putting out 3000 pixel pictures but only in the zip sets. Why Shap? Especially since other sites go this big as an option and sometimes we just want to pluck the good stuff as opposed to downloading an 80mb file only to toss most of it later. Most sets have about 100 pics. Pics are professional and generally very good in terms of quality and lighting with some airbrushing, mostly on the solo sets. All sets have a zip function. Watermark is small, posting dates are included, and slideshow option is available (all definitely welcomed). About the only real negative is that most of the pics are 1020 or smaller but this is somewhat expected given the extensive history of content available.

Videos: About 1900 solo scenes, 950 HC scenes and 250 lez scenes available. As noted, the new stuff clocks in at 1280 sized and is very impressive in terms of quality. However, most of the stuff is 480x360. Once you go back more than about 18 months, you don't even get vid caps to see what the scenes contain (pain in the but). The oldest vids only come in clips, not full length scene. DL's available in WMV, MOV or pointless "phone" sized.

The model directory is excellent although, like most sites, sometimes models mysteriously pick up new names. The search has numerous variations available to sift through the content. Mostly, the tags seem pretty thorough but they are a bit weak on the oldest content in my opinion.

While they do have some exclusive content, most of the stuff is nonexclusive and can be found at other megasite / pornstar sites. Not necessarily bad, especially considering the trial price, but quality is sometimes downgraded in my comparisons to other sites when it comes to pic size, pic count per set, and video DL options.

The forum seems to be inhabited by people who are usually successful in getting their point across and they have lots of useful topics there. One of the better forums I've seen in pornland (excluding PU naturally).

I'm giving my score of 85 based solely on the Twistys content. Bump it up to about an 87 or 88 when you factor in the other sites (Annette Dawn, Bluefantasies and Naughtystaff are the only ones worth visiting).

Basically, you're not getting the cream of the crop of here in terms of quality or exclusivity. However, you are getting a ton of pretty good to very good content that keeps updating regularly and can keep you occupied for a while. This site should be rocking in a few more years when they get a lot more HD vids and if they bump the pic sizes to 3000 pixels outside of the zip only function.

01-26-10  07:49pm

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Visit Teen Pink Videos

Teen Pink Videos

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Excellent $1, 3 day full access trial through TBP
+ Lots of hot euro cuties (about 200 models and 1500 scenes split about evenly between pics and vids)
+ Daily updates
+ No DRM or DL limits
+ Pics OK at 1180x790 with some sets being larger sized and all have zips
+ Interesting function where you can change the size of the thumbnail in the photo galleries. A nice option instead of the usual tiny stuff.
+ Vids are of good quality
Cons: - Cross sales on signup page
- Navigation is a bit of a pain
- No model info and no search engine
- Mostly nonexclusive material
- Vids can be tracked via date of posting, pics cannot (a pain if you decide to go back in the future)
- The coding of the webpages is such that when you go to a page it has to load all at once, not gradually. If you have slower internet speeds it can take a while to load some pages leaving nothing but a blank screen for a while.
- Plain website design
- Problems with consistent pic sizes
Bottom Line: This is a site run by the people who own Twistys but it's not part of the network. Not much of the content here is on the Twistys network so that was a good start. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised for what you get for a buck.

Pics: About 750 photo sets, all with zip. The pics are of good quality with good lighting and cropping and focus even on the closeups. Fairly professional overall. The content is pretty evenly split between hardcore and lez/softcore. Smallish watermark is tolerable. Most girls have multiple sets which is good. Most sets come in with 120 to 200 pics. One problem with a number of sets was that, for example, the portrait shots were 1180 x 790 while all the landscapes were 900x600. Same scene, same shots, what's up with that?

Vids: About 750 vid sets, downloadable in mpeg or wmv or as a stream in full video mode or scenes. WMV files top out at 720x480 with decent download speeds. Again, a good even mix of h/c and softcore and lez. The quality is good and the scenes are well shot and mostly professional in quality. You can look at the screencaps from the scenes to see what you're getting. Not all vid scenes have accompanying pic sets but most do.

Like I mentioned navigation needs some work. The only way to really find what you want is through the model directory since there's no search engine. The video page is good and easy to get around. The pic sets only allow you to go forward and back one page at a time. For pic sets, you only get one thumbnail showing the set so you sometimes have to dig into it to find out what the set contains. With the vidcaps, you can usually figure what the vid contains.

A lot of this stuff is nonexclusive and has been around a while (e.g. - a young Eufrat and Anita Keys are featured here). So, even the "new" upates were most likely shot quite a while ago. However, there was still a lot I hadn't seen before or saw in a "lesser" version elsewhere so I was pretty happy with the selection. Some may be exclusive but the site advertises exclusive content which it certainly lacks.

If you're really into the younger euro porn thing and you don't have a hard drive full of the stuff you certainly can't go wrong with the trial price. I could have stayed longer than the trial but the 3 days let me get most of what I wanted. If you've been around the euro teeny block a few times then a lot of the content will be old hat and you'd be better off spending your money elsewhere.

06-18-09  03:21pm

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Visit My XXX Pass

My XXX Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Awesome $1, 3 day full access trial through TBP
+ 13 network site
+ Good size pics (1000x1500 and larger) with zips and smallish watermark
+ Mostly exclusive content
+ Good mix of Euro and American babes
+ Good action and professional quality shoots
+ Good download speeds on vids
+ No DRM or download limits.
Cons: - Cross sales on sign-up page
- A lot more action in the vids than the pics
- Only about 75% of the vids have accompanying pics
- Search is OK but could be better
- Each site in network updates 2x per month
- A few deadlinks and pics that don't load
Bottom Line: I signed up for this on the trial not really knowing what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. There's 13 sites with about 850 scenes in total. About half the network focuses on bj's while the rest is HC except for one interview oriented site. The HC focuses on interracial, teen, anal and MILFs so they cover most of the bases.

Pics: About 75% of the scenes have pics and all pic sets have zips. Only one size but they are pretty big but not HD in quality. Mostly professional shoots with good lighting. Some had a little graininess while most were quite sharp. You get from 50 to 500 pics per set. There's a lot more on the vids than in the pics (lots of poses before the action in the larger sets). Some sets have split zip files.

Videos: These come in mpeg and wmv. Largest size is 640x480 in wmv; other size is 320x240. Download speeds were good. Vids range from 10 to 30 minutes and on the long ones file size goes up to about 300 mb. The quality was pretty good overall and the action was pretty hot.

There is a model directory that goes across the network. With this many scenes it would be good have a more detailed search function but getting around and finding what you want wasn't that hard. All the sites seem to be updating which is good.

There is some content from Brazzer's and some looked a lot like Newsensations product but I can't be 100% sure. More than 70% of the content is exclusive I'd say. Mostly US pornstars with a few amateurs and euros tossed in. There is a decent amount of pov style shooting which I like but others may not. There are some bonus stream sites tossed in that aren't worth mentioning.

Overall, this was a pretty good network with lots of good action. I'm not into the whole bj thing so those sites didn't do much for me. The women are generally attractive and the action is hot and hard with lots of cum shots. Definitely worth checking it out, especially on the trial deal.

05-13-09  11:05pm

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Visit Brandi Love

Brandi Love

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Good price (7 day full access trial for $10)
+ Decent amount of content (about 100 pic sets, 100 vids and 25 webcam shows)
+ Hot MILF with great legs and tight bootie who covers the whole range of porn
+ Weekly live webcam
+ All vids and cam shows have description of what happens
Cons: - Cross sales on signup page
- No zips on pic sets
- No update schedule and unsure how often it really does update
- Video quality average at best
- Navigation needs work
- Lots of advertising and cross promotions
Bottom Line: I usually avoid single model sites but decided to chance it here with Brandi and her banging hot bod. Brandi is an amateur MILF in late 30's early 40's who has a fitness body that most men wish their wife or GF had. She covers the whole gambit on her site, from HC to lez to fetish to swinger to toys to uniform to glam .... She does put a lot of time into her site but overall the site needs some work.

Pics: This is where the navigation sucks. She has a pic page with about 10 different categories. However, clicking on a category takes you into the same big archieve that you have to page through. Just one thumbnail to show what it's in the gallery so you have to look at each one to see what's really there. No page jumps, just forward and backward. No zips either. Pic sizes are all over the board from worthless and tiny screen caps to 2300x3500 in your face puntang depending on the set (you don't know until you click). Most of the pics are of good quality but I wish there was more for each set. You get at most 100 in a set and often only about half that. Some sets are continuations of earlier sets but that's not really clear until you get into them. Cropping is not one of her strong points either although part of that problem is that she uses a lot of stills from an HD camcorder for the photo gallery.

Videos: There about 100 now. You get four download choices (who the hell still downloads "Real" vids?). No scenes, just full vids. Problem is that most vids are 380x280 and of amateur quality. I wasn't expecting professional stuff as this is an amateur site but the quality still lacked for me. The webcams were OK but they are also fairly small sized. Brandi, boost your vid sizes and get a tripod if the operator can't hold the cam still! You get about 30 HC vids and the rest are solo, lez and in a few other categories.

The webcam archieve is pretty good and with about a dozen HC cam shows out of 25 total shows. Each show runs about a half hour.

She does do a good job of promoting herself. She has a blog but it's loaded with cross sale stuff and isn't deeply personal, mostly chat about her swinger lifestyle. She is big on the swinging lifestyle and has a lot of links for those who are into that.

There is some teaser "friends" stuff from other amateur sites but you don't get anything but a few very shot vids and small pic sets so I just call that advertising.

Brandi does enjoy what she's doing and that does come through in the pics and vids. So, I give her an "A" for effort. The execution could be better by enlarging the picture sets, fixing some of the dead links, improving video size and quality and getting some zips done on the pics. It's not a bad site but there's nothing that will keep me here beyond the trial period.

05-06-09  06:43pm

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Visit Swank Pass

Swank Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + 8 member network
+ $6, 3 day full access trial through TBP
+ Probably over 5000 photo sets (1020x680) with zip.
+ Thousands of video scenes
+ No DRM or download limits
+ Cancellation is easy (you know it's bad when this makes it as a "pro")
Cons: - Almost entirely nonexclusive content
- Search engine does not work. Finding anything of value is a royal pain.
- Quality is poor to average
- Majority of pic sets have fewer than 20 pics
- Majority of vids available only as clips
- Each site updates once a week.
Bottom Line: I really was hoping for more when I signed up, thinking that for $6 (I got off cheap) I would find some OK stuff. NOT!!!

Let's start by saying if you have ever been to a Deny DeFranco (DDF) site, Vivthomas, Karupspc, etc. you've seen all there is of value seeing here. All the content from the last few years appears to be shot by these major studios. It wouldn't be so bad but that the quality is worse (downgraded for this network) and often times you don't get the full scene at least for the pics. Some of the oldest material, mostly photos, I don't recognize so I can't say it's all nonexclusive.

Swank (and all the accompanying network sites) are originally magazine based. Like most magazine sites, they seem unable to make a decent leap to the web; unwilling to shake off what they do in print in hopes of actually having long term economic viability. Swank is apparently betting the farm that some fool will spend money on their mags in the future because they're not investing anything here.

You figure with a network the search would be a great way to bring things together. Nope. The search don't work. You can only browse by vids or pics or model directory. Oh yeah, a lot of sets don't have model names attached to them so good luck.

It gets worse because several of the sites have over a thousand pic sets. It gets worse again because some of these sites don't tell you on the pic preview pages how many pics are in a set so it's hunt and peck (some sets 4 pics, some 300: What's behind the curtain Monty?). It's just too exhausting to hunt and peck through the mounds of reheated content to find the occasional gem. While pic sets go back over a decade it's only the last few years of material where the sets have more than 20 pics per set. Guess what, some of the network sites won't even tell you what year the set was published ... more hunt and peck for gems ... more swearing. Oh yeah, some of the pics only max at 800 pixels despite the fact you click on the icon for large photos. Most of the content is solo, while there is more hc in the last year or two of updates.

The vids max out at 640x480. Some sites having nothing but clips available. Some are about evenly split between full length and clips. Again, all is nonexclusive and average to good quality. About the only good thing is that most of the vids appear to be hardcore.

About half the sites cater to big boobs. Otherwise the models are all over the radar from pornstars to amateurs. The solo model pics tend to be more glam oriented harkening to the magazine theme at work here. There is no content from the mags though besides the pics.

The only reason I can score this in the 70's is because they have a mountain of content and because they still have acceptable pic and video sizes. Don't waste your money even on the trial. Save your pennies and pay a little extra to see the original stuff in mint condition at the sites that sell Swank their material.

04-08-09  09:06pm

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Visit Leg Action

Leg Action

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + 3 day full access trial for $6 through TBP
+ Full access to 8 other sites (Swankpass network)
+ 960 photo shoots and 343 vids
+ Zip download available
+ No download limits or DRM
+ Smallish watermarks
Cons: - Search function doesn't work & no model directory
- Pic sizes max out at 1020 x 680
- Vids max out at 640 x 480
- About 50% of vids downloadable in clips only
- Mostly nonexclusive contact
- Updates about once a week
Bottom Line: For the price I figured this one was worth a trial. I figured it wouldn't be HotlegsandFeet but I was still hopeful of getting some decent leg shots. As they say "hope springs eternal" ... and this site is just another mediocre pit stop on that long eternal road.

Legaction started as a magazine (the other 8 network sites are also mag oriented). These sites never seem to have their act together enough put out a quality web based product and this one is no different.

Most of this stuff is nonexlusive as they farmed out a lot of the photography. For the hardcore stuff, most of this comes from Deny DiFranco (DDF) so if you've been to his sites recently skip this place. The rest of the hc is stuff you've probably already seen on other mega sites. The solo material has more stuff I haven't seen before but I can't vouch for exclusivity.

The girls here range from known pornstars to amateurs to milfs. The quality of the sets/scenes varies greatly from poor to good.

Pictures: As I said, pics max out at 1020 x 680. The photo archieves date back to 1997 but the sets prior to 2006 are crap. You get about 8 - 16 shots per set there (aka: worthless). The newer stuff spreads out to about 60 to 250 shots. Unfotunately, most of the good stuff (aka newer) is also the stuff you've probably seen already. The quality is average (nothing HQ about it). Most of the pics are solo with about 25% being HC and lez.

Video: There is only a couple years worth of video but only half have full length downloads available. The full downloads range from about 20 to 90 minutes. You can download in wmv, ipod or watch in flash. The older clip based stuff is strange in that you get 3 or 4 short clips with the last clip having most of the content and length. Again, you've probably seen a lot of this stuff from the DDF sites and other megasites. Quality is so-so; the full length clips at, say, 40 minutes long only come in at about 250 mb in file size. About half the vids are HC and the rest solo or lez.

The search function looks good but it doesn't work. You can only search under vids or pics and even then the layout is random, not by date. A lot of models, especially in the pics, have only a first name or no name at all or a "wrong" name so good luck there. There is a model directory.

As a bonus you get a slew of crappy 3rd party streaming feeds that I thought went extinct years ago (thus providing proof of "nonintelligent design" at this site): When's the last time you've seen a streaming vids options at 56k, 128k or 250k? The 8 other network sites are similar to here but have their own content and niches.

As another mild downer, when I ran my card the confirmation page didn't appear. Thus, I had to venture to my email to confirm everything.

Basically, for you leg lovers this site is more like a hamhock then a beautiful gam. The only reason this one scores in the 70's is because of the volume of content and network availability.

04-08-09  05:29pm

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