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Visit Nubiles.net


Very SLOW Speeds from UK ! - Maybe Fixed !

Just joined today.
Sample vids downloaded at over 250k per sec. From members area, 3pm in UK, getting 20 k per sec.

Something wrong there. A 200MB 15 minute film, will take 2 hours to download.

I have contacted support, and will include their response in my full review to follow.


Support got back to me within 10 minutes...yes, 10 minutes! They sent a link to a program that traces the route of your connection.

After downloading I sent the log back to him and he said there was a "slow-down" between the US and Europe. And, he was right. Everything is downloading at less than 30k from the States, but fine from the UK and europe...wierd ! So, what a coincidence that the minute I join Nubiles, this bottlekneck occurred.

Upshot, is that they are going to extend my membership as long as the "delay" continues. I guess they'll see when I'm downloading stuff ! Well, that's impressive support !

Will get back with my review ASAP. From what I can tell of the samples....it's looking very promising !

Speeds excellent now during day....evening not so good, but problem is traced to routers used between my and their site. BT's problem clearly !

Site looks excellent....full review shortly !

05-04-09  08:23am

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Visit Only Cuties

Only Cuties

Crappy Direction and No Talky

The reason is that these are new sites based on the "cheap" labour provided by immigrants from Eastern Europe.

Club Seventeen are now using them almost exclusively.

They hardly talk at all...and the direction is pretty shoddy.

500 gets a HDD video recorder nowadays and it doesn't take much to setup a site when you have a "stable of a dozen or so girls who think a 100 for a days work is a lot.

The recent updates over the last 12 months on Seventeenvideo.com has been almost all the same European girls.

Personally, their brand has been ruined by this in my opinion.

The jury is still out in my mind as to the moral acceptability of this .

Unfortunately, many of the girls are some of the most gorgeous I have ever seen...so it makes the morality of the situation rather moot when you are weak as I am...

11-19-07  02:15pm

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Visit Only Cuties

Only Cuties

Bonus Site

Are you sure that Hannah site comes free...there is no mention of that on the actual site - which is surprising as it cost 30 euros just to join her site !

Must admit the sample vid looks amazing.

Unfortunately, when I go to join it wants 20 euros - not 20 dollars....which is a bit of a blow given that the pound has hit a 26 year high today against the dollar !!!!!

11-19-07  02:10pm

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Visit Only Cuties

Only Cuties

A Little more detail please ?

Come on guys - this site is advertised as HiDef - so what proportion of the vids are actually in HiDEf ?

11-06-07  06:24am

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Visit P Video.eu

P Video.eu

Warning re Video Quality

The quick review page on the main Best Porn site states the video bitrate is 5000k.

Hmm....more like 1500-2000...max.

Compared to the size/duration data of the VideosZ files, they are of lower quality....certainly not 5000.


06-20-09  06:58am

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Visit Secret Virgin

Secret Virgin

Do the Math !

The vids are not (although they "appear" to be so) HiDef at all.

A WMV HD File is around 50MB per minute. You cannot compress it any more. These are a quarter of that although "appear" to state they are around 6MBs in the foot of Media Player. There is something wrong with the coding, or it has been "interfered" with to make it state 6000kbps - yet the size gives it away !

Just looking at the samples makes it very clear these are not HiDef such as the likes of the other "HiDef" sites reviewed here.

They would not allow you to only download "low def" samples to advertise a HiDef site.

Also, the review site that the actual site links to, carries a number of similar comments to this !

You have been warned !

02-17-07  11:41am

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Visit Seventeen Video

Seventeen Video

Update to my Review

Joined again last month. Not worth a complete review but need to report a couple of things: FIRST: the site is still very slow...can still only download clips (10-15 per 90min vid) one at a time - you can't even browse the site whilst downloading.

SECOND: you now have to constantly re-login, every 20 minutes or so - WHY ? !!! It has become a real chore to download stuff from here and I have told them I won't be re-joining.

THIRD: the rate of updates has reduced. It used to be 2 full vids per week - not great I know - but now they've taken to uploading 2 Half-movies per week - sneeky !

FOURTH: quality - despite many HiDef sites out there - has not improved - 2000kbps may have been "good" a couple of years ago, but it's pretty mediocre by today's standards.

CONCLUSION: Hey Seventeen Corporation...you'll have to get up early to get one over on OneMan....very early ! Smarten up your site or you will lose custom - there is a lot of decent competition out there !

04-18-09  01:42am

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Visit Seventeen Video

Seventeen Video

I'm Furious !

I recently joined again for the full price and having come to re-review it, I've just noticed that we have a discount now !

Well at this price it is a must for fans of teen-stuff.

Well worth 90% if the price is taken into account -which of course it shouldn't be with the new rules.

Jeeze...could have saved a few pennies if I'd looked here before rejoining !!!!

It's a shame they have such a prolific DVD market in Europe...this is probably why they are strictly limiting the quality of the video on the website - this could be a cracking site if they upped it a little to full DVD qulaity - but it 'aint gonna happen ! That's economics.......!!!

12-11-07  02:59am

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Visit Snatches


May Not Get Access Via Mayors Network

I joined Mayors Network: Brookesky, CaseyHays etc. All adverts stated access to Snatches was available. Not so. Still awaiting reply to customers services.. Will update IF I hear back !

Follow-Up - 01-23-07:

Following an email to the customer services, I have no gained entry to the site.

So if there is a problem - just email them.

01-15-07  01:58pm

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Visit Team Skeet

Team Skeet

Dodgy Activity Using My Account

A few days ago I received 3 emails all referring to an old (about a year ago) subscription I had with them.

The first 2 said I'd taken out a membership, the third - an hour later - stated my membership had been cencelled.

What's happening here - I certainly didn't rejoin.

'Apparently' no money has been taken from my account, although the card I used for that membership had no money in it, so I can't be sure they didn't try to pull a fast one. I contact Epoch (their processor) and they confirmed no money had been taken, but still seems a little didgy to me !

They still haven't replied to my email requesting details about the emails, and I find it worrying.

04-23-14  02:49am

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Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World

All Is Well Here !

This is a very good network, tht is niether a scam, nor full of poor qulaity stuff.

On the contrary, there are loads of very good quality videos, most of which are in Hi Definition. Clearly, 2 years ago the situation MAY have been different - I don't know.

Download managers work just fine as well, although you need to login via the central server first, then access each site from the hub...before you can resume downloads. So, best only scheduling an amount of downloads that you can handle in one session, or they can tend to become confused.

Again. as with many sites now, the content could easily have been placed in 1 site, but is spread over a unumber of "sites".

Quick review would score a 85 for me. Full review to follow.

10-26-09  05:50pm

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Visit Teen Sex Movs

Teen Sex Movs

Reply to Reviews and Comments

Hi Guys,

I joined this site a few months ago, biut not yet gotten around to doing a full review.

I am intending to do a review shortly after re-joining in view of the new site ( TeenStarsOnly.com )being added recently, and by the fact that it appears that updates are quite regular.

As for quality, the vast majority is good quality, hi-definition. As for the girls and "their looks"; well much of this network involves Eastern Euro girls and many are first timers or at least relative "new comers". Give them a chance....not everyone likes the "professional and polished" approach taken by American porn producers.

Personally, some of the girls on this network, are for me, amongst the most gorgeous I've ever seen.

I highly recommend the network, although at the moment there does appear to be some confusion over which sites are accessible depending on where you join from, and about prices, which seem to differ, depending again, on how you join.

As far as I can tell, the umbrella site is MegaTeenWorld.com and I am currently in contact with the webmaster about this confusion, and hopefully, it will be cleared up.

09-30-09  05:38am

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Visit Teen Stars Only

Teen Stars Only

Official Advice Sought On This site

It would be useful to know if this site is accessible through TeenMegaWorld.com

It is not entirely clear for users, if the $29.95 access includes this relatively new site.

Please see my full comment on the pornusers.com TeenSexMovs.com page.

09-30-09  05:44am

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Visit Tiny Tyler

Tiny Tyler


Looks like TBP have investigated this network and agree with those of us that have had dealings...and decided to boycott them.

11-11-09  08:18am

Replies (3)
Visit Tiny Tyler

Tiny Tyler

Cancellation Page Has Instant Upsells

This network reeks of dishonesty.

Just realised that the extra $9.99 charge was because when I cancelled, the box was checked which said "Send me a DVD".

Utterly appalling.

I also guess that the quality of the new sites - this one and Little Bree and the other one that purports to be HD.....are probably as piss-poor quality as all the other that haven't been updated since 2005.

Try www.TeenMegaWorld.com or www.Nubiles.com instead...they are honest and 1000% better quality. You will even find quite a few HD vids there, featuring "Tiny Tyler".

Someone else has also made a site featuring Tiny Taylor...called

So that could not possibly be a worse alternative to get stuff featuring this girl !

10-24-09  10:02am

Replies (0)
Visit Tiny Tyler

Tiny Tyler

Extra Charges Made !

I have tracked down the deductions made from my credit card via the customer service for their billing agents, and it appears that a further charge was made for www.TeenDVDaccess.com of $9.99 for a 3 day trial.

I was very careful to uncheck the cross-sell boxes when I joined for the 2 day ($1) trial to the main site as well.

This is daylight robbery....!!!

If I hadn't have checked with the credit card company, I would have been unaware of this charge, and would have been rebilled after 3 days at $40.

The DVD site is actually a rubbish streaming site with around 100 vids at 300x150 in size.

10-24-09  06:10am

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Visit Tiny Tyler

Tiny Tyler

Beware of Trial and Claims

Just joined the $1 2 day trial access.

Wanted to see how many videos and what quality was like for the new sites littlebree.com and tinytyler.com.

The 'trial' allows you to see 2 2 minute streams from some of the All Teen Rev Pass sites. You cannot see individual site content and it would not allow me to see the Tiny Tyler streams at all !

Also, beware that it uses an unknown processor and there are lots of banners on the 'trial' page, which are "Instant Upsells".


Steer clear from this misleading "...1 buck for 2 days access..." so-called 'trial'.

BTW, the quality of the so-called "high quality" streams (it says downloads but you cannot download them !), is very, very poor.....some 700 kbps.

See also Dracken's review of the Little April site, which is part of this network. His comments are similar to mine.

10-24-09  05:50am

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Visit Video Sexperts

Video Sexperts

Bitrates Please

I notice from a survey of these v2.0 reviews, that some are including just the file size....not always of any use in gauging quality, wheras some are including bitrates.

Could we have some consistency please ? Bitrates are the most useful indicator of quality, as without knowing the length of a vid., the size is pretty irrelevant.


10-26-09  05:03pm

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Visit VideoBox


Still Terrible Speeds in UK

Be warned guys - I forgot why I didn't like this site when I reviewed it a few years ago, but I know why now.

I ams still only getitng 100k speeds at the fastest time of day for me (usually around 700k capacity !!!) WTF ?

07-06-12  04:23am

Replies (2)
Visit VideoBox


Beware in UK - 19.99

They are certainly using regional pricing, meaning it's actually 50% more expensive than it appears on the BP site pricing list.

Add that to the terrible download speeds most UK (and presumably euro) users get, and join this site at your risk.

VideosZ seems better proposition.

10-03-09  09:59am

Replies (2)
Visit VideoBox


Problems with Video Quality For Me

I joined this site on BestPorn's recommendation, but maybe it's my eyes or my software -although all my media players codecs etc are up to date - but I found all the videos rather "jerky".

Using a video analysis tool, it appears that all the videos have been recoded from NTSC to PAL. As a result 5 frames appear to be missing from every second of all their videos ! You see the original DVD's from which they are ripped - were in NTSC - 29.9 fps. But the resulting wmv's are 25 fps. Go figure. It may explain why they were able to offer the site so cheaply ? But they seem to be doing the same with the "newer" higher-def versions - so I guess the people transcoding the originals are still doing it the same way - one question to them - why ? !

For me however, they just ain't smooth - I have had no such problems with videos from any other site - so I cancelled my membership and that was that!

What I don't get is why just about every site on the web prases Videobox so highly. Maybe it is my eyes ?? !! - I'm off to the opthalmist - just in case !

01-12-07  08:43am

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Visit Young 18 Teen

Young 18 Teen


Sorry, but a site that today in 2007/8 only gives a video bitrate of 350k, shouldn't even be given space on this site.

They should be ashamed.

12-11-07  03:40am

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Visit Young Models

Young Models


It is still a shame that it takes intervention from Khan and Co to get a satisfactory repsonse.

So firm are still a little too dodgy for my liking.

10-26-09  11:34am

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