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Visit Amateur Upskirts

Amateur Upskirts


Access to the Michelle Lynn site was the best thing about AU the last time I joined.

07-31-07  10:39pm

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Visit Asian Spreads

Asian Spreads

Out three dollars

Oh well. Went for the 2.95 3 day trial. Username and password failed to work. Cancelled. Tried again to access site, after checking with confirmation email from Epoch, and this time I was told I was banned for excessive failed log-in attempts.

The people who operate these systems need to get their shit together. My belief is that this site probably sucks, and unfortunately I won't be able to have this intuition confirmed. Or find that I was wrong.

01-13-09  12:05am

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Visit Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle

The trial is trying indeed

Don't bother with the trial here. All you have access to are trailer vids which run about a minute and a slew of vidcaps. I probably would have upgraded if the vid-quality was satisfactory. I like multi-girl on one guy material, and find the CFNM thing erotic as hell, being as it's been a fantasy of mine to be in that type of situation (as the male, that is) long before I ever heard of CFNM. And Brandi is so damned cute.

But come on, don't take people's money for stuff that ought to be reserved for a guest tour.

01-13-08  10:35pm

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Visit Busty Amateurss

Busty Amateurss

I want a job as a camera-man

Opted for trial, so far so good. Lots of vids in various formats, though most of the material looks dated. Very dated.

Downloaded vid of Audra Mitchell, a shower/bath scene. Ignored the measly 490-ish bitrate and tried to enjoy the beautiful woman. Things are going along swimmingly until 11:42, at which point Audra rises from the suds and the camera does a slow tilt to the left and finally stops when the rim of the bath-tub is running *vertically* from top to bottom of screen, which means Audra's head is on the right of the screen, her hips on the left, so that we are now viewing Audra sideways, as if we have taken an axe-blow to the neck and our heads are lolling on our left shoulders. The perspective stays this way until 13:08, when Audra lies back down in the water and the camera slowly straightens out.

I'll admit the vid is five years old, but it still fascinates me. What possible reason could there be for the camera-man to inflict this kind of arbitrary silliness on the viewer? I can see how alternate points of view can be purposeful in certain contexts, like uskirts for instance, but in this particular case there is no reason to be viewing the model from such an angle. It doesn't make anything more interesting, all it does is cause over a minute of purposeless frustration and in this case it pretty much blew what would have been the best part of the vid.

I think its mainly about image: "If I tilt the camera this way, people will think I'm a real artist."

09-10-08  01:44am

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Visit Busty Ones

Busty Ones

music is a deal-breaker

Signed up for the trial, initially very impressed with the completeness of the site insofar as browse features, DL options, quality and ammount of content...


I cannot tolerate a music track in videos. We experience others via the five senses. Video gives us the ability to experience a woman with only two of the five senses: sight and hearing. WHY in the world would it be considered preferable to cut this aleady limited access to the model IN HALF by drowning out the sounds she is making with horrible elevator music? Or any music?

All of the sounds the girl generates, be it the rustle of her clothing, her breathing, the sound of her shoes on the floor, increase the sense of actually being in her presence. Music tracks destroy that immediacy, that intimacy.

Off to start a thread on this subject, because I don't get it.

10-20-09  07:34pm

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Visit Clips 4 Sale

Clips 4 Sale


Don't click the links in Tao's post. I tried one and was greeted with a warning window that wouldn't go away. Something about no certificate or something, choice to accept or reject. No matter what you click, the window pops back up. Had to use control-alt-delete to exit. Sorry for the vagueness. I'm no techy.

I've never had any problem at clips 4 sale before, and I've downloaded several clips from there.

10-28-09  11:14pm

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Visit Club Seventeen

Club Seventeen


I went through the sign-up process here and I was declined. After six years and over a hundred sites, this is the first time this happened. My credit is excellent and I'm always careful with the info I type in. I wonder what happened? Anyone have any ideas?

01-02-08  09:45pm

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Visit Cute Panty Girls

Cute Panty Girls


I shouldn't have said the pics are mostly second-rate. I think I'm getting jaded from all the stuff I've seen and the tremendous availability of this kind of material.

The truth is, this would be an excellent place to start for someone who's interested in the panty/lingerie niche and hasn't had a lot of experience on the net.

12-19-07  06:36pm

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Visit Cute Panty Girls

Cute Panty Girls

Not non-nude

I've just done a quick scan through the 47 pages of sets here and most of them contain nudity. The vids seem to be mostly non-nude (though some of the vidcapped thumb-links show nudity), but the pic sets aren't.

12-11-07  11:23pm

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Visit DDF Busty

DDF Busty

Extra sharp cheddar for me, thanks.

Sullivan's review states: no cheesy music. I've downloaded over a dozen vids so far, all solo, and four or five of them have music, cheese-factor very high, extra sharp, no holes.

Not to slight Sullivan. Maybe I've gotten unlucky so far. Maybe he's talking about the HC vids. I dunno. I just know I hate music in my vids. It makes me turn them off.

Also, someone mentioned the "orange" hue of the photos. I do get a very orangy feel myself. Not that I wouldn't love to spend even one minute with these amazing orange women.

All that aside, this is a great site and it's very welcome after having dropped a lot of cash on crappy sites recently.

Aria Giovanni! I'm in love with her and it's worth the money just for her alone. She's perfect! I even like that "inny" she's got on the left.

Sorry, it's the Tussin.

12-05-08  04:49pm

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Visit Downblouse Loving

Downblouse Loving

At last!

I used to watch my ex-wife iron the clothes and wonder: I wonder how many guys out there would pay to see videos of just this very thing? Just a great-looking woman bent over with her lovely-bits all a jostle and in near-to-plain sight by virtue of the gravity-challenged blouse?

Finally, only about a dozen years later, someone has had that same light bulb over his noggin! This was one of those things that, as soon as I saw it, I joined. If there is anything more hypnotic than a gravity-challenged blouse with boobies underneath I don't know what it could be.

Will do full review soon. Downside is vids are split into bite-sized pieces and there is too much talking; but other than that this is literally a dream come true for Wee Willy.

The Brits come through once again. I say let's hoist the Union Jack here in the States and call it even. :)

04-05-11  03:40am

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Visit Freaky Panty

Freaky Panty

Beware: rip-off

The site facts here are misleading, to say the least. The members' page at Freaky Panty contains ONE page with thumbs for 14 models leading to a SINGLE pic-set for each model averaging 100 pics each. There are 3 vid clips for each model (I checked more than half of them). These are good-sized clips and the quality is decent, but the content is nothing to write home about. I signed up for a trial under the assumption it would be a rip-off, and so it is. In fact, it's not even worth the price of the trial. There are several bonus "sites" which offer the same crap you've no doubt seen on many other sites. Much of the vid content at these "sites" is stream-only, and the pics are small and will most likely induce yawning.

Bottom line: there is absolutely NO way paysites like this should survive. You can get far better pics (and tons more) by spending ten minutes at a half-way decent TGP. There is nothing at Freaky Panty worth looking into. It would be a waste of time even if it were free.

EDIT: someone might want to check again if the trial gives you full access. The models on their welcome page aren't even on the member's page I'm looking at. I've checked all visible links.

11-04-07  01:11am

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Visit G Queen

G Queen

Two slightly different versions of site

The English version of this site is a wee bit different in that there are far fewer pictures on offer, and no complete picture sets. The vid sections are the same, it seems. I can access both versions with my membership, simply by going into the address bar and erasing the /eng/ part of the URL, then hitting enter. The Japanese-text site contains three photo sections with several complete picture sets, but not enough considering the price, though there are TONS of vids; the English version gives you only four or five sample pics of each model from the complete sets. There seems to be a lot more going on in the Japanese site, but you're flying blind if you can't decode the links.

I was very miffed when I saw in my email confirmation that I had paid for two months, amounting to 90 USD. It could be that I made an error. In any case, I contacted CCBill but they have apparently ignored me.

The 18 U.S.C. 2257 link appears on every page, but the way these models act and the way they are dressed makes me a bit uncomfy. The videos are nearly all marred by a saccharine music track which adds nothing to the experience except the need to turn off the volume. Other than that the vids are pretty decent, except that the girls often seem upset when they are being groped and prodded. Whether this is an act or genuine it's a turn-OFF for me, in a big way. Most of the time it looks obviously put-on.

NOT worth the money. They need to cut the price in half.

11-05-08  09:25pm

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Visit Idols 69

Idols 69

Comment update

My constant log-in issue was finally resolved, after about four days without being to able to use the site, so I retract my "fuck them" remark. I doubt now that what happened was intentional.

Also, I am finding myself somewhat impressed by a few of the vids here. There is a silent, slow-building subtlety to them which I find appealing, and the women are gorgeous. They do not come across as trashy in the least (at least in the few vids I've seen thus far), though the action is anything but soft. I also like how the males are decidedly secondary to the female model being focused on and how they are given as little attention by the camera as possible (difficult as that must be with b/g porn!) And so far I haven't heard a peep from any of them. What I most certainly do not like is the way the girls often appear to be unhappy about being pawed at and groped. Even though it's an act I find it off-putting.

Pictures are classy and varied. Lots of lovely undies on drop-dead beautiful girls. Full review maybe in a few weeks' time.

09-29-09  10:14pm

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Visit Idols 69

Idols 69

Extremely pissed off.

I joined a few days ago, all was working fine. I disliked the site (endless parade of yawn-inspiring videos, though pics were okay), so I cancelled. Now, I am getting a prompt to re-enter user ID and password for EVERY SINGLE PICTURE. Click thumb, log-in page comes up, enter info, pic comes up, repeat, for EVERY SINGLE PICTURE! (sorry for yelling.)

Naturally, I gave up after two or three pics, figuring it was a system glitch. Tried three major browsers (all independently), same thing happened.

If this is accidental, Okay. If this is how they treat people who cancel early, then sincerely, fuck them. It isn't the money, it's the sheer stupidity of it.

Awaiting reply from webmaster...

09-24-09  02:57am

Replies (3)
Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Getting slower and slower downloads

I'm on my second go round here and with a spankin' new PC, but my downloads are getting slower and slower. I occasionally get upwards of 700k a sec, but lately they've been hovering around 120k, sometimes lower. Not only that, the speed seems to decrease dramatically at first, then pick up very gradually.

I heard that AVG anti-virus slows down your system, and I recently installed that (not the free version). I wonder if that has something to do with it. I hope not. I notice that RB has noted slow server speeds. That's too bad, what with the large files here.

**edit: also not crazy about the prevalence of outdoors shoots for the newer models.

01-10-10  08:33pm

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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

My neck hurts

My neck hurts from constantly having to cock my head to the side while watching these vids. I'm starting with the oldest vids and working my way up. Whenever the girl is shot walking around, the camera records the action from a ridiculous angle so that her body goes *diagonally* across the screen instead of up and down. I don't mind the odd tilt for change of perspective, but this is a headache. There is one vid showing several minutes of a girl on a treadmill. Most of the footage is shot with this cock-eyed, neck-straining angle.

I know this is fairly common but I can't see why. Is it supposed to look more artistic? More cutting-edge? If the rest of the vids are shot this way I'll just cancel and snap up as much of the pics as I can before my sub runs out.

07-04-08  11:21pm

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Visit J Sex Network

J Sex Network

Stop me before I hurt myself...

Took the plunge, mightily glad I did. Sign-up was quick and painless, log-in no prob. Pages are loading fast, and vid DLs are coming in at 450-ish k, which isn't bad since the fastest I ever get on my connection is 700k.

I am continually flabbergasted by how beautiful these Japanese models are. I know there is airbrushing, but still! These girls are superhumanly gorgeous. I am painfully in love with Mika Kayama and Rie Sakura, and that's only because they were the first two girls I looked at. If my gast gets anymore flabbered I'll have to get a new gast. If I don't post in the next few days, it may be because my heart exploded.

Problems: I am being asked for username and password for every video, which is a pain in the arse, particularly since they are these long codes which my puny reptilian brain will never commit to memory. Never!

Also: doesn't seem like I'm going to find much, if any, softcore video. Everyone I checked out is HC. If someone could point me to some I'd be grateful. Not that I care that much. The pics are maddening enough.

I am stone cold sober and hereby declare that if you are a hetero male and don't find these women attractive, you are in desperate need of a new gast.

I am moving to Japan.

11-02-09  08:28pm

Replies (14)
Visit JJ1 Club

JJ1 Club

Fun, enjoyable site

It's been way more than 6 months since I was a member here so I can't do a full review, but since there's virtually no info about this place here, I figured I'd put in a plug:

I've been a member of JJ1's Jumpers three times and will join again in the future. I really like the Flash animated pictures, of which there are samples on the preview pages. The actual Flash presentations are much bigger than the samples, by the way, and there are tons of them. I'd say a few hundred, by this time probably a great deal more. Size-wise they are not much bigger than large jpegs (older ones are smaller than 1 meg) and once downloaded they can be played in your browser anytime and for as long as you like. Some are inter-active and/or mouse activated, and some just auto-play.

The best thing is there are many top-shelf models here, including Aria Giovanni, Shay Laren, Amy Ried, Sydney Moon, Jelena Jensen, Penny Flame, Erica Campbell, and many more. While not as intimate as video, it's nonetheless very pleasant, even mezmerizing, to sit there and watch a pair of beautiful breasts bobble away right in front of you. Don't let the jumping-jacks thing throw you off. There are a wide variety of things to see, involving all parts of the body and all different POVs. There are also insertions, lots of em.

Apart from that there are tons of high-quality vidcaps and professional pic-sets. Sounds like I'm working for them doesn't it? Yikes. I'm not. This is a fun site and worth the money.

04-07-08  10:13pm

Replies (3)
Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs

several older sets "doubled up"

I figured i'd make this a comment rather than edit my review, since I doubt anyone would notice that.

I'm going through the older pic archives and for many sets, probably more than a dozen so far, the first four or five pages are simply repeated, extending the set to eight or nine pages. Naturally this makes the zip-file larger and you wind up with a bunch of superfluous files.

Is this an accident or is it done intentionally? If it's accidental, might I suggest fixing it? If it's intentional, I'd ask what the purpose of it is?

I've avoided downloading certain zips I otherwise would have wanted because of this doubling-up issue.

10-28-08  10:23am

Replies (8)
Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Cancellation link?

I was a member here a few years ago and loved the site, but when it came time to cancel I wound up having to email the webmaster and threaten to put a stop on my credit card. I hope this problem is taken care of. Probably is, since I see no mention of it in any of the reviews.

07-31-07  10:26pm

Replies (3)
Visit Karup's PC

Karup's PC

General content question

I'm considering joining Karup's PC, as I greatly enjoyed their Hometown Amateurs site. Just one question: is there shared content across both sites, or is the content wholly different? I notice several models in the welcome tour that it seems to me appeared at the HA site. If there is a small amount of shared content, I can live with that, but would be disappointed if there is too much.

12-29-08  05:39pm

Replies (7)
Visit Monster Pimps

Monster Pimps


Sometimes when I do a review I forget that most people are much more into video than pictures, so when I say the site is not for the hardcore fan, I am mainly refering to the picture content. The video sites at this network fall into the hardcore category, particularly Lipstick BJ and Exploited Secretaries, but the amount of vids at either site is still pretty small and the content is not extreme in any sense. Panty Jobs is more tease oriented, but still hardcore by definition, I suppose.

The picture sites at this network are pretty decidedly softcore despite some stronger material. Bottom line is, I wouldn't recommend this site to someone who is primarily interested in hardcore video.

01-24-08  09:03pm

Replies (0)
Visit Panties Pulled Down

Panties Pulled Down

Undeservedly obscure panty-site

Just wanted to mention that this is probably one of the best panty-sites out there. That is, IF you are into more mature models and can appreciate a tendency towards more conventional drawers (though they do seem to be including racier skivvies now). I was a member here before I joined PU and will join soon again to give a full review.

I do remember the negatives were: vids were only in Quicktime format, though I believe this is no longer the case; and photos were on the small side. I hope the site has grown and improved in my absence. I'll let you know soon.

07-21-10  02:33pm

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Visit Panty Amateur

Panty Amateur

Greatly diminished

I signed up to see the last year of vids and wow, the models have gone from stunners to mildly attractive, many on the portly side, and nearly every video is non-stop jibber-jabbering.

My score now would be an 85 tops.

06-29-10  09:22pm

Replies (2)

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