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Visit Groping Hands

Groping Hands

Mixed feelings here...

This site is from the same studio that runs thecastingroom.net
Thecastingroom, which used to be called First Auditions, is a site I've enjoyed and reviewed here.

Anyway that site used to have a bonus feature called "Groping Hands" which was my favourite part of the site, but they stopped updating it after a while.

This new site is obviously the same thing spun off into its own website.

I have mixed feelings about this because whilst I am hoping that this means they'll make more Groping Hands content, it does mean that they've started this site with old content I already own from the Casting Room site - I recognised a lot of the preview material.

As long as they develop it regularly with new content, I suppose it's not a clone site, but I suspect if I joined it now the majority of content I'd already have... so if you've been a member of TheCastingRoom/First Auditions, I'd hold off and wait for this site to develop further and if possible confirm it is updating before joining...

11-15-12  07:43am

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Visit Gay Violations

Gay Violations

Such a bizarre site - almost anti-porn!

I cannot understand, based on their own preview section, how this site managed to get a decent score from TBP.

I get that it's about public humiliation, which is a genre I usually love and is sadly lacking in gay porn, but this is almost anti-gay-sex!

From the preview it seems a lot of the "action" in these videos actually involved the camera guy catching some guys having sex, then running out to show them they're being filmed - so they quit having sex and run off!

How exactly is this porn? A guy with a camera ruining a sex scene just as you're enjoying it?

Weirdest site I ever did see!

11-14-12  02:23pm

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Visit Male Strippers Unlimited

Male Strippers Unlimited

Review to come!

Thank to PU for adding this site for me, I love strippers but it's not really a niche you see much of in gay porn.

Can't join just yet as I lost my credit card and have to wait for a new one, but from the previews it looks damn hot!

11-11-12  08:50am

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Visit Boynapped


Looks so hot, but damn DRM!

So frustrating that such a hot-looking British site, which I would love to support, has gone down the DRM path.

Sadly I simply will not join a site which uses DRM - I wonder how many customers and therefore how much money they are losing because of this?

11-11-12  08:45am

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Visit DILF


Appears to be a clone...

of another site listed seperately, DILF lovers.

The site is presented differently, but it seems to have the same content, at least in preview.

10-18-12  08:49am

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Visit Mature Gay DVDs

Mature Gay DVDs

Outrageously expensive

Some of the videos on this site do look hot, so I'd love to join, but I was shocked at them wanting $29.99 for a streaming-only site. That's the same or more as rival sites that allow you to download all of their content to keep.

I did look into their DVD selection but they are almost as bad - $39.99 per DVD, some of which only have two scenes on them.

I am used to paying way less than that on the odd occasion I still pick up a DVD - even a new release one would be cheaper and with more content.

This could be a great site but they need to come into the 21st Century - their pricing structure seems to be stuck in the 1990s when gay porn was a lot more expensive.

10-18-12  08:46am

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Visit My Step Dad Made Me

My Step Dad Made Me

Wish there were gay sites like this

I love older guys and always did - when I was 18 I used to fantasise about guys in their 40s and 50s.

I'm now in my 30s but still prefer men older than me.

There are older guy/younger guy gay sites but none seem as hot as this one.

I don't quite know why - maybe the fantasy is done better, or they just have a better range of guys of all different types who are just believable ordinary older men.

I'm almost tempted to join this site.

If only gay sites could have more guys who genuinely just looked like the ordinary married guy next door!

10-16-12  09:57am

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Visit 3D Gay Director

3D Gay Director

Anyone tried such sites?

I admit I am impressed by how realistic the "models" are, but they still look more like cartoons. I like the idea of controlling the action but not sure if I could get off to an animation.

Also wonder if the site would run slow as the graphics look pretty intense.

Anyone joined a similar site?

I wondered if maybe it would be better if they used real models and filmed a variety of scenes, so you could choose who goes with who and what they do... anyone know if such sites exist?

10-11-12  09:58am

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Visit Gay Daddys

Gay Daddys

Least generous preview I've ever seen...

So no chance of me joining! Really, I don't expect a lot from previews but this one doesn't have a second of video, just a few still images.

I don't expect previews to give me everything, but they've gotta show me a decent idea of what to expect - and leaving me desperate to see more is the right way to get me unholding my cock as I reach for the magic credit card!

10-07-12  12:50pm

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Visit Gay Video Base

Gay Video Base

Laughable search FAIL

I don't think I'll be troubling this site with my hard-earned anytime soon.

I was quite interested when I saw it as a new listing but a quick browse of their preview section which "showcased" their wonderful search function was enough for me to click away.

Categories like "Latinas" or "big tits" anybody? On an all-gay-male website?

Pathetic! Obviously lifted straight off (hey, made a pun!) a heterosexual website and they can't even be bothered to change the search terms.

Way to serve gay porn fans guys!

10-03-12  10:37am

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Visit Male Celebrities

Male Celebrities


I've always been curious about joining a celebrity site, but surely the majority of the stuff won't be real? How many celebrities actually allow themselves to be caught naked?

I know we don't have many gay reviewers here, but does anyone think these types of site are worth it or is it just photoshopped fake pics?

09-28-12  05:57pm

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Visit Pure CFNM


More like NFNM now!

I've been thinking about joining this site for a while but they seem to be increasingly abandoning the CFNM concept from their latest previews - more and more the models are engaging in full sex and the women end up partly or completely naked.

Seems a bit pointless, and it ends up being a regular sex site and the whole CFNM concept is lost. CF is supposed to stand for CLOTHED Female!

09-28-12  05:53pm

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Visit The Universal Daddy

The Universal Daddy

Was kinda interested, but...

Was disappointed to see that in some of the previews the models are wearing hoods. Look, be a porn star or don't - but if it's not part of the fantasy, and it doesn't seem to be here - I don't want models in masks!

Part of the sexiness of porn is to see the face, to see what they look like and their expressions as they have sex.

Plenty of hot men out there who will show their face, why bother with (or pay!) for men who won't?!

09-23-12  09:38am

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Visit Amateurs Do It

Amateurs Do It

Interesting Aussie find

Another one to add to my ever-growing "when I have the cash" list!

I love amateur content but sadly the amateur stars, which I prefer, often come with amateur video quality.

This site looks like it might contain the best of both worlds, with amateur models but more professional shoot quality. It's Australian too which is nice as Aussie guys are hot!

Perhaps a tad disappointed to find a lot more solo scenes, which I'm less keen on, as I went through the (pretty generous) previews, but perhaps that means they're moving towards duo content, which I applaud.

09-22-12  08:16am

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Visit Older Gay Daddies

Older Gay Daddies

Looks a hot new site

This is going on my "to join" list when I have a little more money - kinda stretched financially at moment!

It looks an unusual site as it features mature men but more with other mature men - often sites like this are younger/older only.

It also seems to be filmed in South America I think so an interesting change. From the previews it seems to be natural sound in ordinary domestic settings too.

Seems to be DRM-free downloadable with CCBill as biller so all the boxes are ticked!

09-22-12  06:47am

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Visit Manhandled.com


Question about billing

This site looks hot and I'd like to join, but I'm confused about its billing.

TBP says it uses DHD Media, which I haven't heard of and I assume is their own in-house processor, but also CCBill.

Unless someone can confirm DHD Media is an independent anbd trusted biller, I'd rather use CCBill.

However I can't find how I'd join via CCBill - the join page only seems to offer DHD Media.

Anyone know if DHD Media are OK and/or how I'd specify that I want to use CCBill to join?

Any help much appreciated.

09-13-12  02:28pm

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Visit Homo Gay Sex

Homo Gay Sex

Suitably dumb title for this site I think!

I was quite interested in this site as I had a good chuckle at the title - is there another kind of gay sex which isn't also homo?! "Homo Gay Sex" seems to be rather labouring the point!

Anyway I had a look at their preview page and was disappointed to see one of the videos entitled "Four eyed twink and his tiny penis". The model was cute but wore glasses and his penis wasn't erect in the pic, so you can't judge the size - but even if it was small, so what?

Unless a site is specifically a BDSM or humiliation site where such descriptions are part of the fantasy and consensual on the part of the model, I really hate this kind of description in porn.

Porn doesn't have to be unkind and I admire and appreciate models who make porn possible. I think they should be treated with respect.

I wouldn't join this site on principle now.

I sometimes think the porn industry treats its models the way it treats its customers - contempt is too often shown for both of them - yet without either one, it wouldn't exist and neither would the profits - something a studio called (appropriately!) "BFProfit.com" might want to reflect on. Easy to see where their priorities lie - well you make more cash being respectful with me!

OK rant over! Sorry!

09-12-12  01:58am

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Visit Bears Fuck Boys

Bears Fuck Boys


Another site which doesn't have an independent biller. It looks really hot, but I simpy don't trust sites that do their own billing. I am noticing more and more of them. Do other users trust such sites? Am I being paranoid?

09-11-12  07:57am

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Visit The Casting Room.net

The Casting Room.net


I'm keeping a close eye on this site - it used to be known as First Auditions and whilst I liked it, it was mainly for the occasional fucking scenes (called, imaginatively, Second Auditions!). However these were so infrequent - once every three months or so - I tended to leave this site for much longer than others before rejoining.

The update pages show a couple of new ones in the last month or so though (now called The Fucking Room) so this is moving up my list of priorities for a rejoin and new review!

Watch this space!

09-04-12  05:15pm

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Visit Gentleman Handling

Gentleman Handling

Now this does look different

I've kind of blown a lot of money on porn lately so I won't be splashing out on any new subscriptions for a while, but this site looks very interesting and different.
It's aimed seemingly equally at gay men and straight women and seems to be a "arty", tasteful sort of site, just solos of men masturbating.

It's rare to see this kind of sites. It certainly makes a change from amateur sites or sites which self-consciously try to be "dirty" and tacky.

It might all be a bit soft-focus and softcore for me, but I have added the site to my list of sites to give a try to - not a bad monthly price either.

If anyone joins I'd love to see a review and have recommended it for one on TBP.

09-03-12  08:23am

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Visit Str8 Hell

Str8 Hell

Kinda cheeky...

Naming this site "Str8Hell" when there was an existing site called "Straighthell" was naughty! Perhaps it's why Straighthell is now renamed BreederFuckers!

It's obviously on a very similar theme but the previews don't look up to the same standard - they use a lot of very similar ideas to Straighthell - pure conincidence I am sure - but it doesn't look as well done.

The preview scene of a woman fucking a man with a strap-on was a hoot - never have a seen such a bored-looking girl!

Looks like they're trying to combine lots of different ideas like CFNM as well as gay stuff into one site.

Interesting but I don't think I'll bother.

08-28-12  06:36pm

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Visit Jason Strong Tickling

Jason Strong Tickling


I can see how tickling could be hot, as the guy struggles and thrashes around, but I would have thought the hottest thing would be to see his cock and balls bouncing around as he was tickled! This site seems to have all the guys in underwear from the preview - as such I'd say it doesn't even really qualify as porn.

08-23-12  02:57am

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Visit Breeder Fuckers

Breeder Fuckers

Seems to be finally available in the UK

This site was previously named "Straight Hell" and whilst it was available in the UK, then they blocked access, citing "model privacy".
Once it seemed to open up to the UK market and I thought I'd successfully joined, but instead when I got my welcome e-mail it was for another of their sites - a heterosexual one called "Absolute Cruelty".

Verotel were helpful and instantly refunded me.

Then a second time it let me join, but the link in the welcome e-mail didn't work! I was able to log in still via an ad link, but after a while it stated intermittently blocking me again. Again, Verotel refunded me in full.

Now it's been renamed though, it seems to be consistently allowing you to go to the join page in the UK and it's allowed me to join. I've now been a member for over a month and so far no issues.

I am still a little mistrustful of them, for as a company they seem to change policies all the time, but I am delighted to be able to access it at least and will write a review soon. Their other sister site, "Brutal Tops" seems to be blocked in the UK still but they seem to be renaming all their sites gradually at the moment so I live in hope it will become available soon too!

08-22-12  05:28am

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Visit CFNM College

CFNM College

Odd clone

Whilst this does seem to be a clone of CFNM.net, from the preview pages I recognise the vast majority of the content from there but one or two videos seem to be unique to this site. Seems an odd policy - I wonder if they'll eventually release them on the main site.

I hate clones anyway, but it seems unfair to have content on here which is largely identical but perhaps has one or two unique videos too.

07-31-12  04:32am

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Visit Breeder Fuckers

Breeder Fuckers

Another new name for old site

This studio seems to be changing the names of its sites at the moment - this site was previously Straight Hell, so perhaps the old reviews for that site could be moved here as there seems to be no difference except a name change.

This seems to be the third rename the site has had - before it was StraightHell it was called MolestAStraight!

I kinda wish sites would choose a name and stick to it, or it gets confusing...

07-31-12  04:29am

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