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Visit Hey Little Dick

Hey Little Dick

Hasn't updated since November 1, 2013

At least according to the previews. They usually update once a week and have occasionally missed a week, but now it's gone over 3 months I guess the site must have stopped updating all together - a pity for an unusual site.

Still worth joining for the archive content if you've never joined before, but I won't be joining again which is a shame.

02-01-14  02:13pm

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Visit Breeder Fuckers

Breeder Fuckers

No more previews!

Not sure if it's just me, but this site no longer seems to offer any kind of previews. When you go it's just the option to join or login for existing members.

Seems an odd policy for a site to have - they used to offer them.
How can anyone judge if they want to join or rejoin now with no previews at all?

Has anyone else known a site to withdraw - or never offer in the first place - previews?

01-24-14  12:46pm

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Visit DILF


Little concerned - possible spam?

I have never joined this site, so I've never given them my e-mail address, but I have looked at the preview pages a lot.

Lately I have been finding e-mail which uses my full name (which I don't use in my e-mail address, either in the address itself or in the other information attached to it) and which mentions "dilf.com" in the title.

It may just be a spam company using the name of a trusted site, and to be fair the content of the spam e-mails don't seem to relate to dilf.com or be trying to sell that site, but it's never happened before and it's kind of freaked me out.

Has anyone heard of this kind of thing happening before?

Might be something for the site owners to look into - it may have nothing whatsoever to do with them, but someone is using their site name to get people to click on spam e-mails...

07-22-13  10:28am

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Visit CFNM College

CFNM College

Not only a clone but from previews, possibly no longer updating either...

Checking the previews for this clone site they haven't changed in months. This may suggest it is no longer updating - all the more reason to stick with the main site cfnm.net, which still has recent updates on its preview page.

07-21-13  10:55am

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Visit Absolute Cruelty

Absolute Cruelty

Strangley, still blocked in UK

I was interested to see the gay male equivalents and sister sites to this one (Breeder Fucker and Brutal Tops, from the same studio) are now advertising they are available in the UK - but oddly this site is still blocked. Possibly this may be updated soon, unless the content is even harder, though from what I could see of the previews I don't think so.

Still this may be a site they're going to quietly abandon soon as last time I looked it didn't seem to be updating, at least the previews.

This studio is so odd - this site used to be available in the UK whereas Brutal Tops and Breeder Fuckers weren't, now those two are available they've blocked this one. So odd for a UK-based studio!

07-21-13  10:53am

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Visit Breeder Fuckers

Breeder Fuckers

Now boasting it is available in UK!

Well this site (and some of its sister sites from the same studio) seem to change their policies more often than a porn star removes their clothes!

However they are now proudly advertising they are available in the UK "for the first time".

This isn't accurate as I know they used to be available in the UK at one point, and then sporadically they seem to have let UK users in without shouting about it.

I hope that the fact they are now openly and proudly advertising their availability in the UK (with the British flag, no less!) means this might be a final and permanent change of policy. Here's hoping!

07-21-13  10:44am

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Visit Absolute Cruelty

Absolute Cruelty

Now blocked in the UK

Clicked through to see if any signs of updates, but it's now blocked in the UK, similar to sister sites Breeder Fuckers and Brutal Tops.

04-13-13  11:05am

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Visit Dads I'd Like To Fuck

Dads I'd Like To Fuck

Link seems to be broken

I can still find the site on Google, but I'd rather support the site and join through PU.

Could someone take a look under the hood please?


04-13-13  11:03am

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Visit Hey Little Dick

Hey Little Dick

Seems to be updating again

I have checked and they have done an updated for March 22, but that means they did miss the March 15 update. I hope this is a one-off and that they are not going over to fornightly updates.

At least though they are honest about update dates, even on the preview, and I was glad to see they were back to actually featuring men instead of just women humiliating the viewer - and with my favourite model Andy too! Welcome back Andy!

Expect to rejoin this site in the future, though if it goes to fortnightly updates it will be less often...

03-26-13  10:22am

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Visit Hey Little Dick

Hey Little Dick

Stopped updating?

Strangely just as I gave this site a decent review, they seem to have stopped updating the previews. It's supposed to happen once a week and the last update should have been on the 15th, but the 8th is still shown in preview.

Might be just a glitch but worth bearing in mind and checking if you plan to join...

03-20-13  11:11am

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Visit Absolute Cruelty

Absolute Cruelty

Not sure if still updating...

I've been looking at this site for a while but from the previews I'm not so sure it's updating anymore - the preview pages don't seem to have changed for months and don't mention updates.

The other sites from this studio all give dated updates in the preview, so I am beginning to think this one has stopped updating.

03-07-13  08:32pm

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Visit Eros Exotica Gay

Eros Exotica Gay

Interesting for a gay site...

This site looks like a sort of "romantic" one, in which the sex is loving and by candlelight. That's fairly unusual for gay porno, which tends to be more full-on and without much in the way of romance.

I am not sure if this type of porno would appeal to me or not, so it's not necessarily high on my "to join" list, but I wouldn't mind giving it a try one day, and it's good to see another type of porn available instead of just another cookie-cutter gay site.

From the previews my only criticism is it all looks a bit samey in terms of sets etc. Perhaps as the site grows they might get a bit more adventurous.

02-09-13  01:47pm

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Visit Groping Hands

Groping Hands

I strongly recommended you AVOID this site, at least for a while to come

I have recently rejoined another site in this studios "family" of sites (not a network as they don't let you access any of their other sites with a membership nor even give a discount for signing up for more than one....) called The Casting Room

I've said before in comments that I can see from the previews that this site is a spin-off from a section of The Casting Room which was called "Groping Hands" and which they've spun off into another seperate site.

I said before that they had lifted the content straight from The Casting Room to make the new site, because I could see I already owned all that content from The Casting Room.

I hoped they'd begin with that content and then make some new stuff and I think they've made some, but an update just a couple of weeks ago was definitely old content I owned already from The Casting Room again.

So they may be making SOME new content, but very little.

Anyway my main point is - I've rejoined The Casting Room and to my surprise, the Groping Hands content is still on there - I thought they'd delete it when the new spin-off site went live.

So why join this site when for the same price, you could join The Casting Room and get most of the content of this site and a load of other content too?

For now, this site is practically a clone and is not worth joining. I'll keep an eye on it to see if I can spot new content - and from what I can see they're not updating Groping Hands on The Casting Room - so it may be that in a while it might be worth subscribing to Groping Hands seperately, but for now I'd guess you can get 90% of this sites content on The Casting Room plus a lot more besides.

01-24-13  12:30pm

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Visit Boynapped


Now DRM free! Yes!

Thanks to sk8tershoez, one of the few other gay reviewers on this site, I am delighted to see they have listened to their customers and abandoned DRM!

I suspect a forthcoming review won't be long from me because I've always wanted to join this site and now I can.

Hopefully this will mark a start of more and more sites abandoning DRM! Well done boynapped! I do hope their subscriptions increase and they are shown that they did the right thing - I'll certainly be subscribing as soon as I can to let them know!

01-12-13  03:37pm

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Visit Gay Castings

Gay Castings


Looks kind of tempting, what with the site discount from here and the fact I love "casting" style websites.

Sadly like so many sites the (fairly generous) previews seem far too "polished" and I hate the way the director has his face blurred out in the video even though he ends up having full sex with them.

I guess they think it keeps the "casting" theme going but really it's too token to begin with, so you just end up with fairly standard-looking porno but with one guys face blurred out.

I might join one day but there's a lot more interesting looking sites for my dollars first!

01-12-13  11:19am

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Visit Strip Search Videos

Strip Search Videos

Site closed to new members?

I've always been tempted by this site but put off by the fact that it seemed not to update - the previews never seem to update - unlike the other sites run by this studio, which are always given dated updates in their preview areas and heavily cross-promoted, this one always seemed a bit obscure and forgotten about.

It did used to have a full preview section with videos though and was mentioned, though not much, on the other sites.

Now none of the other sites seem to mention it and when I checked the homepage has no previews and nowhere to join - only a login for existing members.

I've heard of sites no longer updating but they usually still let new members join. As I know the company behind the site is still going and updating other sites, I am confused as to why they wouldn't let anyone else join.

I wonder if they plan to close the site and are only keeping it open until current members subscriptions expire?

Seems as shame as a it looked a hot site with a lot of potential to me....

01-02-13  08:10pm

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Visit Groping Hands

Groping Hands

Sadly they are definiely recycling old content

Following on from my previous comment on this site, where I pointed out that it was a spin-off from the "Groping Hands" section of the website The Casting Room, I noted that the content appeared to be mainly existing content from there.

I was hoping that they'd simply transferred existing content to this site but would then start adding new content, so I kept an eye on the previews which update weekly and sure enough they did seem to be adding new stuff.

However the latest update on 26th December 2012 is definitely the same as a clip I already have - I checked the screenshot against my existing collection.

So sadly it looks like they're still putting old content from The Casting Room on here as updates.

It will be a long time therefore because I can justify joining this site, if ever, as I own most of the content already from my prior membership of The Casting Room.

I don't have a current membership to The Casting Room so I can't say if they've taken down the content from that site - when I rejoin The Casting Room in future I'll let everyone know - but if you recall Groping Hands content from prior memberships (The Casting Room used to be called First Auditions) then I wouldn't bother joining this site yet as you'll already have seen most of the content, including the latest "updates".

Disappointing - and it might explain the very ungenerous preview page, which compared to the studios other sites is very limited, with no video previews at all.

12-28-12  01:39pm

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Visit Dominated Men.net

Dominated Men.net

Incorrect screenshot

I'm currently putting the finishing touches to my review for this site, but the screenshot is incorrect.

It shows the front page of dominatedmen.COM which is a heterosexual femdom site.

Could the correct screenshot please be put in? I think the site details might have some inaccuracies too.


12-18-12  10:37am

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Visit Best Hard Hunks

Best Hard Hunks

Even worse than no preview at all...

... is the excuse for a preview on this site! I've recently agreed on here with another user that having what seems to be a video ready to play for a preview and clicking on it only for it to take you to join page.

This is almost worse, as it has genuine preview videos but they are worthless - for a start I'm not sure they're even taken from the video they pretend to be from, and even if they are, they just show two men walking along a beach in shorts. No indication even that they're about to have sex!

Not a site I have any intention of joining for this very reason - as has been said on here my many users, we don't expect free content but we do expect a preview to be honest about content and give us a fair snippet of what we can expect, leaving us wanting more!

Time for all PUers to start demanding better customer service for our money and to be treated with some respect, damnit!

Rant over!

12-17-12  08:39am

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Visit Dog Fart Network

Dog Fart Network

WTF is with that name?!

Does it have a kinky significance I am missing? Why on earth does what seems to be a popular site have such an off-putting name?

Is it slang I'm not aware of?! My nose wrinkles automatically when I see a review for this site!

12-08-12  02:59pm

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Visit Smelly Dick

Smelly Dick

Now I've seen everything!

Each to their own I suppose but smelly dicks? Lovely! Of course computers are yet to have smell emitters but just to prove how nice and smelly they are the preview section (somehow I couldn't look away, like a car crash) the dicks are suitably dirty looking!

I think I can safely say I'll be avoiding this site!

12-05-12  01:14pm

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Visit Gay Revenge

Gay Revenge

Looks pretty lame

Looks like a pretty lame site - supposedly it's men sending in videos of their exes in compromising positions.

The preview section is pretty lousy - it doesn't even let you watch any kind of short video clip - the pictures show a pretty random selection of standard-looking porno.

I appreciate a lot of these sites are just fantasy, and I'm fine with that, but this doesn't do anything to make it look at all believable.

11-29-12  03:40pm

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Visit Clips 4 Sale

Clips 4 Sale

Is this site safe for payments please?

I'm keen on some of the content on this site - and I would like to review the site - but I don't feel I can review it until I've made a purchase.

I am very scared of using a site which doesn't use an independent biller - the site seems to be quite well-known but I'd be grateful if anyone here who has used it or knows someone who has can confirm they are safe billers I can trust with my credit card details!

11-28-12  02:47pm

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Visit Mormon Boyz

Mormon Boyz

Truly every niche catered for?!

I was amazed when I saw this site! It seems true that if there is a fetish you have there'll be a porn site out there for you!

I have no idea if any of the models featured on the site really are Mormon missionaries - surely not?!

Still, they have the look and the dress down right - you often see them around my city and a lot of guys comment on how hot they are - very clean-cut, smartly-dressed all-American boys!

It's always been a case of look but don't touch of course but I guess this site could be a hot fantasy.

I've added it to my "to join" list anyway - one of these days I'll join every site on it - if I ever win the lottery I'll join em all in one day!

11-21-12  01:22pm

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Visit Lads Next Door

Lads Next Door

Be quick

Thanks to Khan for listing this site for me. I was glad of the slight delay because by the time it was listed here and I was ready to click through from here and join, they'd introduced a special offer!

It expires on 25th Nov 2012 - $18.99/11.99/17.99 1st month then $9.99/6.99/11.99 recurring or add $1/1/1 onto the 1st month price for a non-recurring deal.

Usual price is $22.99 or $23.99 non-recurring.

Rare to get a deal open to everyone and not via e-mail so I thought I'd post.

First impressions are good and a review will follow very soon!

11-21-12  01:15pm

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