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Visit The Casting Room.net

The Casting Room.net

New title for old site

Just for info, this seems to be a site rename - this is the same site as First Auditions. So my review of First Auditions will apply to this site, only the name seems to have changed.

Not sure if my review could be moved to this site now it's been renamed to prevent confusion?

07-21-12  02:55pm

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Visit Workin' Men Movies

Workin' Men Movies

Totally Confused!

I joined this site (review to follow soon) but when I was browsing through The Best Porn I found a very similar looking site called WorkinMenXXX.com which seems to be an identical site for an identical price, but which also gives bonus access to 8 other sites!

These sites seem to be listed seperately from each other by different companies and don't seem to acknowledge each other, but the content on them both seems to be the same from what I can see from the preview pages of WorkinMenXXX.com

I'm confused - I seem to have joined this site when I could have joined another site with the same content at the same price but with 8 bonus memberships!

Anyone at TBP or PU, or any other users, who can advise on if I have this right and why this is please?

07-01-12  05:46am

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Visit Sneaky Peek

Sneaky Peek

Site crashes my browser every time

I'd like to join this site but can't! Every time I click on it it crashes my browser (Firefox) immediately. I've tried it over a few days in case the site was having temporary problems, and I've tried the link here, via a Google and Yahoo! search and just typing the address in full in the address bar but it won't work every time.

Other sites from the same group seem to be working fine. Anyone else having trouble?

06-24-12  08:47am

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Visit Kinky Kicks

Kinky Kicks

Thoughts from the Preview Pages

Although I was aware of CBT (Cock and Ball Torture) I didn't know about this niche of men being kicked in the balls!
I am into domination and humiliation so I found the preview of this site oddly exciting.

It disturbed me to see how far these people go - one guy even bleeds as they kick him but they carry on. I understand being humiliated and mild pain but that kind of real pain I've never understood and it seems pretty extreme. I'd also be concerned about the models health as I am sure repeated forceful blows to the testicles can be dangerous long term. Still their choice I guess!

The preview is generous, but I wouldn't join this site because I notice that the vast majority of content seems to involve the man having his face pixellated out or he's wearing a hood or mask. I understand wanting anonymity but to me this always spoils a site - particularly one like this as the facial expressions are one of the important sexy things as the guy is being humiliated. I could only find a handful of preview videos with the guys face shown - and all but one were the same brave glutton for punishment!

Interesting site but not one I'll be joining I don't think.

06-02-12  03:30pm

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Visit Rob And Jill

Rob And Jill

The price is not right....

Not sure if the site has gone over to regional billing or what but I was charged $17.95 per month recurring, not the $12.95 stated here and on TBP.

Perhaps PU could check with the site if this is for all users or just European ones? I've submitted an update report to TBP.

I will review the site later but first impressions are not good.
Also I've cancelled right away which I often do if I can tell I won't enjoy a site so I don't forget to do it later and get rebilled, but my cancellation e-mail says I was billed "?20.26" despite my joining e-mail saying it was £13.87 which sounds about right for $17.95

Either way whichever currency it means it's not the correct amount. I've queried this will CCBill and will update when I get an answer but until this is sorted out I'd approach this site with caution and double-check the charges - at the least you're probably not going to be paying $12.95 a month anymore.

** UPDATE - CCBILL have just e-mailed me saying I was billed £13.87 which is equivalent to $20.26. I have e-mailed back saying in that case I was over-charged because the site is supposed to cost $17.95 to join not $20.26. We'll see what they say to that! **

** UPDATE 2 - Okay it's the old regional pricing. So, the price to UK users, and presumably other Europeans/rest of world people is actually $20.26 per month. However, whilst that's bad enough I don't understand how I can get regionally billed without even knowing it! Not impressed. **

06-02-12  07:38am

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Visit Gay Sugar Daddy

Gay Sugar Daddy

Be Careful!

I took a look at this site but decided not to join right away. As well to click off it offered me a special deal if I'd talk to one of their agents in live chat.

I tried, but the chat window just provided a link to click on. I did, but my browser came up with a warning window saying it was untrusted and they couldn't verify the connection was secure.

Not saying that definitely means the site isn't trustworthy, but it was enough to put me off after my previous experiences with card fraud.

As such, I won't be joining this site now - the slightest suggestion I can't trust them 100% and it's gone.

Obviously others will make up their own minds but it's worth bearing my experience in mind....

05-25-12  10:30am

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Visit Straight Hell

Straight Hell

Be Careful!

This site has long been blocked for UK users, so to my surpise when I was looking at preview pages for it one day it let me click though to the joining page.

Delighted that they'd obviously changed their policy, I signed up only to be given a membership to a completely different site - absolutecruelty.com, which is a heterosexual site!

I e-mailed Verotel support about it who did promptly cancel my membership and refund my money.

I suppose it might have been a mistake that I was allowed to join from the UK, but then how did I get subscribed to a completely different site immediately?

Verotel said in their e-mail that mine wasn't a one-off case and that several other members had contacted them with the same issue. I don't know if all were UK users, but I would say approach this site with caution.

Verotel said they are investigating but whether they'll get back to me I don't know. If they do I'll update on here of course.

04-30-12  11:52pm

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Visit Absolute Cruelty

Absolute Cruelty

Interesting new site, anyone joined?

Looks like an interesting new site from the studio/network that produces CFNM.net, CMNM.net and straighthell.

Looks like a more violent, extreme version of CFNM, a bit like a female/male version of straighthell, though interestingly enough it's not blocked in the UK like straighthell is, which I find odd.

Might join this one as my next one though. The previews look good and I like the way it says it updates every Thursday - their other sites sometimes update more than once a week but other times go on for longer without updating. Though I'd prefer more frequent updates, at least you know where you are with this site.

I'd requested a The Best Porn review and it's gone up to medium status, so join in with me for a request if you'd like to see a professional TBP review too!

04-15-12  03:49pm

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Visit CFNM.net


Anyone a current member of this site?

I only ask because when I was last a member they refused to release a video because someone had put the previous episode on a file-sharing site. I believe they relented after an outcry from users. Then I read on another forum that they'd stopped doing videos altogether and gone to being a picture-only site. I wanted to know if this is true or if they still do videos? The preview section isn't clear on this and I don't want to rejoin if its pics only.

11-07-11  08:45am

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Visit Rate These Guys

Rate These Guys

Warning - site on negative watch for a downgrade!

This is the site I gave my highest-ever score to at 89. I was hoping it would continue to improve and I would be able to edit my review to have my first-ever 90-plus site.

I haven't got to the point of editing my review yet, but if I had to do it today, it would be going down in my ratings, not up.

The site has become less good at keeping in touch with members despite previous promises. A disastrous idea to do it via a Twitter account failed when the account was banned - even though the webmaster said it had only been suspended for a week, weeks later it remains now so I think it's being permanently banned - perhaps not surprising and foreseeable for a porno site! I'd have rather he kept the updates on the site anyway.

I was delighted to see one of my challenges put up but so far most of the challenges have gone unmet so we get the more boring standard videos. The guys continue to be hot but updates are sometimes just "improved" attempts at the same type of video which are usually no better than, and similar to, previous efforts.

This is the first site I've stayed a member of for 3 months, voluntarily, but I'm running out of patience and eyeing that cancellation form! I've put my concerns to the webmaster on the public forum and received similar assurances but I am not sure if it will be followed through with action. We shall see, and I'll leave my review alone for now - but the site needs to improve - soon.

10-07-11  07:44pm

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Visit Workin Men XXX

Workin Men XXX

Very tempted, but stopped updating?

I've been looking at their previews for a while, tempted to join, but the "latest updates" page hasn't updated in months. I don't know if that's just because it's a preview page and they haven't bothered to keep it up to date or if it shows the site no longer updates.

Any users have any idea or know if this is a typical sign a site is no longer updating please?

10-04-11  12:23am

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Visit Cam4.com


Something for everyone, and no real need to pay

Having seen manholelovers comment on this site I thought I'd add a few impressions of my own. I won't do a full review as although I've been an on-and-off member for some time, I've never used any of the paid-for or premium features.

The reason I haven't though is I just don't see the need! Cam 4 shows just how many exhibitionists there are out there who are quite prepared to show off for free! The chat rooms are lively and a lot of the models are happy to take requests if you ask nicely and understand you're not a paying customer so if they say no, tough!

There are cams of every type here - male, female, male/female couples and male/male couples. Some of the men are straight but few will block men from watching their cams - in any case if you want you can join as female or male - they have no way of knowing who you really are.

I got chatting to a few of the performers and really enjoyed their shows - I even had brief e-mail chats with some of them and one offerd to meet if I ever got to Amsterdam - might happen ;-)

Well worth a look - I didn't see any real benefit to paying when the basic site is so great though!

By the way could I suggest PU acknowledge that this site has plenty of male performers, straight and gay too? At the moment it shows under the "webcam girls" sub-category but it could easily have gay and for women tags too as there's many male performers and gay and straight couples.

09-20-11  10:17am

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Visit Virtua Guy HD

Virtua Guy HD

Novel idea but I had technical issues

I was curious to see how this site worked so I downloaded the free software - I was very reluctant to download software from a porno site but my virus-checker said it was OK and it seemed to be reviewed okay on TBP so I decided to chance it.

The download gives you a couple of sample strips - the guys only strip down to their underwear but it gives you a good idea of what it's like. I was very impressed with the quality of the guys and the image size - I remember software like this when I first got the net back in 1999 or so and the image was tiny!

Still, I found I had too many technical issues with the software which put me off downloading any paid content - after working great once, after a re-start the software appeared in my start menu but simply wouldn't open - if I clicked on it nothing happened. A techy (gay!) friend of mine tried but it simply wouldn't open so I ended up deleting it.

I also don't like the way you have to download software to get any info on prices etc - the site itself is very basic and doesn't tell you much, they just want you to download the software.

I haven't done a full review since I've only tried the preview stuff.

As it is a novel site but the software issues mean I think I'll stick to regular porno.

09-18-11  02:57am

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Visit Brutal Tops

Brutal Tops

"Brother" site to Straight Hell, also blocked in UK

Just like its brother site from the same network, Straight Hell, unfortuantely this site is also blocked in the UK.
Again though selected clips are available on another site in the network, First Auditions, so between that and previews I've been able to see what the site is about.

To be honest, I don't regret this one not being available in the UK as much as Straight Hell. It seems a very similar concept, with some of the same actors, but simply less imaginative than Straight Hell - the scenes are more "staged" and seem to be usually set in a gym or sports setting with all the guys wearing standard gym gear. There seems to be more emphasis on straightforward, rough sex than the kinkier S&M and toys on Straight Hell.

I suppose if you like your sex rough and hard, but less kinky, this might suit - but if you're a Brit, then despite living in the same country, these guys do not want your money!

09-05-11  06:31pm

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Visit Freddie's World

Freddie's World

The only straight porn I've watched!

I can't do a full review on this site as I've never been a member, but I thought it might be interesting to post that this is the first and only straight website which features content I bought on DVD. I wouldn't have paid full price, but a website had an offer on for one of his DVDs so I bought it - it was his "Knob the Builder" one!

It was an odd experience watching straight porn, but the fact is I find Freddie very attractive! He's overweight, but I like the older chunky sort of guy and he's actually good looking, with sexy blue eyes. He's very typically British working-class male and he has the cheeky British sense of raunchy sexiness I find very appealing - he also has a nice big cock! He's typical of the ordinary workin' man I see on building sites and as tradesmen who are unobtainable but I really want to sleep with! In his "Knob the Builder" guise he looks especially hot as a builder, very convincing, though with a "Mate" who isn't so hot.

The preview section is pretty generous and seems to let you see a preview of all the videos, with some fairly hard action, so you certainly get a fair chance to see if it's your kind of site.

Freddie goes in for a lot of dirty talk, which turns me on. He's quite dirty with the models but it's all done in a sort of humourous way - there are actually jokes and a sense of humour in his videos which are oddly appealing!

I know the scenes on the videos are the same ones he has on his websites - he does a lot of anal and oral scenes and the girls seem like girl-next-door, slighly "rough" types - either quite young in their very early 20s or he does do some older women too.

Anyway, just thought it was an unusual pespective on this site!

09-01-11  03:46pm

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Visit The Garden Of Adam

The Garden Of Adam

Not such a nice site!

I checked this site out of curiousity but I was very unhappy with the comments the site owner makes in the introduction. She makes the very fair point that few sites are there for heterosexual women, and that what gay men may want in a site will differ from what heterosexual women want, but then goes on to say

"I don’t want to see the models in effeminate “come take me” poses - I want to see them being strong, masculine, MEN"

Well, I want to see strong masculine MEN too - and a gay man can be both. I resent the implication that gay sites are "effeminate" and the guys pose in "come take me" ways - maybe some sites are like that, but not all.

I don't see why she can't make her point without making insulting comments like that. It isn't gay men's fault we're well catered for and straight women aren't - more gay men take the trouble to produce gay sites even though there are way less gay men than heterosexual women in the world!

I wouldn't join this site on principle - and I guess I'm not welcome anyway - some heterosexual women do join gay sites and some gay men join sites like this, and I don't see why either should be made to feel uncomfortable. At least gay sites do provide some extra material for women even if they aren't specifically aimed at them. Plenty of other sites designed for women don't make comments like this and welcome all customers.

Good for her for putting her money where her mouth is and making this site, but you can say it's aimed at heterosexual women and not gay men without insulting us in the process. I bet some of her models are gay - many male models are and do both types of work! It amuses me that PU puts it under "for women" and "gay porn" - I don't think the site owner would appreciate the second categorisation!

08-29-11  12:58pm

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Visit Straight Hell

Straight Hell

Wish I could join!

I would absolutely love to join this site, but they have a crazy policy which blocks UK users from accessing it. This wasn't always the case, as I've seen other reviews including on this very site from UK users who have been members in the past.

The official reason is that it is to protect the models privacy - they are UK-based and do not wish to be seen! This is such nonsense as they have preview pictures and video clips all over the web which are available in the UK, so their privacy isn't protected at all.

Even sillier, their sister (brother?!) site "First Auditions", which IS available in the UK, carries a handful of videos from Straight Hell as a "guest gallery".

They will not budge from this being the reason, and they will not allow UK visitors to join. Whatever the real reason is, it's very frustrating.

Apart from Brutal Tops, a site also from the same studio, this is the only site I have ever known to be specifically blocked in the UK at the site owners insistence, which makes it even odder!

The clips I have seen, and the few scenes I was allowed to download as a member of First Auditions, are extremely hot - this is easily the sexiest porno I've ever seen. If Straight Hell was available in the UK I would never leave!

PLEASE reconsider, site owners!!

08-28-11  07:18pm

Replies (2)
Visit CMNM.net


Mini review

I was a member of this site but as it was a month outside the 6-month range I won't do a full review of it in keeping with site guidlines until I rejoin. As it's been a while now and I did enjoy the site, I expect to be joining soon.

In the meantime suffice to say it's the only CMNM (Clothed Male/Naked Male)-themed website I've ever found - there's dozens of CFNM (Clothed Female/Naked Male) websites but this seems to have the CMNM market all to itself - a pity as it doesn't encourage competition but of course I am grateful it exists!

You can actually see it comes from the same studio as CFMN.net as the style, studios and even some of the models are the same. It's not quite as creative as CFNM but pretty good and at least it doesn't have the stupid issues with video CFNM.net has (see my review and comment updates for info on that site). Watch this space for a review soon.

08-18-11  11:42am

Replies (2)
Visit First Auditions

First Auditions

Update to review

Just to let you all know - subsequent to my review of this site, they've now added a new feature called "Second Auditions", where the producer doesn't just interview the guys but persuades them to have sex with them too.

I had e-mailed them to ask if the "Groping Hands" feature was coming back and they apologised for dropping it and said they were going to do something new with the site soon so I've been keeping an eye on it.

I am very tempted to rejoin and no doubt will be soon when I get my next paycheque. If I do, I'll probably edit my review or write a new one depending on what the site advises me to do... stay tuned!

08-18-11  09:45am

Replies (1)
Visit CFNM.net


Update to review

As I'm at my word limit for my review and I haven't had personal experience of this, I thought I'd do this as a comment update rather than try and edit my review.

According to a CFNM forum I have read, CFNM.net are up to their old tricks. Not only do their best videos remain on the never-updated, DRM-riddled CFNM.TV which requires a seperate, pricey subscription, they have now apparently announced that they have "responded to users requests" and are stopping doing any more videos.

This happened IN THE MIDDLE of a new series, so was was a video series is now photos only! In future, only photosets will be relesased.

For the price they charge I am astonished. As I said as I haven't personally confirmed this, and as I have no intention of paying their high subscription fee just to confirm the worst, I won't change my review or rating but add this for info and a warning to others!

The money they charge for the photosets they do, which don't even have particularly large or good quality pictures, makes this site a real no-no in future in my opinion. SO sad because they have the best ideas and models! Sad.

07-26-11  10:37am

Replies (7)
Visit The Full English

The Full English

not gay porn

Not really a gay porn site - it's clearly aimed at women as it includes straight sex. I'd move this to the "for women" category. May have some appeal for gay men of course but is not its primary aim.

07-18-11  06:17pm

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