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Visit About Girls Love

About Girls Love

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 60 scenes of lesbian love, available for download as clips (around 20-30 clips) or full videos of three different sizes (WMV each)

- each scene has about 200-300 images at 1280px × 853px. Zipped archives available.

- there is a surprising amount of variation between scenes. the older ones seem a bit more passionate with more kissing and what not, but the recent ones have three girls drilling each other with toys. I am not a fan of lesbian sex, but even I downloaded a few videos.

- a lot of very cute models doing hardcore.

- a lot of sexy outfits including some sort of ghost rags, skirts and stockings...

- I really enjoyed how much the girls smile and laugh in each video, makes it feel like they are truly enjoying themselves. I only wish they had some anal dildo play...

- frequent updates
Cons: - this is one site where I really, really think English could have improved the whole experience. The girls seem to coax each other into doing the scene and having them whisper to each other in English could add a lot to the atmosphere.

- a search function would have been nice.

- a model page with info about the girls and maybe links to other videos in the network would have helped.

- there are quite a few unbelievable scenes, like the one where a girl sucks on another girl's strap-on and they both seem to orgasm...hmm I know they are acting but somehow the whole feel of the site is a amateur/real videos. Scenes like that kill the mood.

- I really, really wish they would use mp4 instead of wmv as the last one makes videos much larger without necessarily offering a boost in quality.

- more focus on models would be nice.
Bottom Line: This is one of the best lesbian sites I have seen recently, which doesn't really say much as I don't usually join lesbian sites. However, the girls are hot and they look into it. I am convinced at least half the girls on here are actual lesbians or bi-sexuals and you can really tell. Also I enjoyed all the variation and the slightly different attitudes of models, from forward and very sexual to very shy.

My only complaint as with all sites of this network is that they don't showcase their models enough. Just giving us a page with links to all their videos and a few more words past the usual "She was horny and wanted to finger her friend, watch them cum." I really think this site and the whole network could become awesome, if they only paid more attention to the awesome girls they have.

Also I wish they would integrate the site within the network. A search through all their sites for certain categories would be nice. I know many Russian teen sites don't do that, but why not raise the bar a little?

I mean the great content is already there, the showcasing needs a bit more work, why not do it and have a wonderful site?

10-05-09  07:01pm

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Visit Teens 3some

Teens 3some

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - the site is a bit confusing with 3 different categories threesomes, threesomes with DP and archive. The archive claims 57 videos, the threesome section claims 11 videos and the DP threesome 21...I am not sure how much content this means but there are enough videos to satisfy all your threesome needs. You can download the videos in clips or in three different sizes, the high one being very nice (I think around 1000x something)

- Each scene has photos around 200 at 1280px × 853px or such. and there are zipped archives.

- There are quite a lot of different models and most of them are very cute. There is a lot of variation overall with outdoors scenes, two girls and one guy, even a girl with a shaved head...

- Most scenes look like the girl is having fun, although some of the DP seem a bit uncomfortable. I never had the sensation the girl was abused, which makes the scenes much more arousing...

- Weekly updates
Cons: - A better search function would have been an improvement, but we do have a model search which is pretty nice and the somewhat confusing DP or no DP threesome selection...

- The language barrier makes itself felt and I wish more scenes had subtitles or some sort of interview...then again this might be only me.

- The amount of content is a bit small but they are increasing it fast.

- Download speeds were a tad slow at times.

- The flash player was painfully slow at times...but maybe that was just my connection so no points taken off for that.

- More network integration would be nice for this collection of sites.

- More model info would also be nice.
Bottom Line: This site is very nice. I had misted it the first time I joined this network becuase I focused on Teen Sex Movs and the likes, now I decided to try it out and before I knew it I had downloaded half the movies on there. So many of the models are just adorable and seeing them do hardcore and DP's is incredibly arousing. I also appreciated the different settings and costumes (I remember a particular scene where a model is dressed as a nurse and the male models are in doctor gears...it was much hotter than it sounds..)

The whole network does a very good job of highlighting hot, barely legal teens. My only complaint being that the webmasters don't highlight the models more. I joined Nublies recently and the people there make an art out of showcasing the models. They have interviews, photo sessions and separate galleries for the girl's ass or boobs...I'm not saying go that far but at least have some basic model page with some info and maybe links to other videos in the network.

Also I'd love it if they would switch to a better video codec. WMV is good but it creates huge files, comapred to mp4 for example. I often looked at a video and pondered if I really want a 1gb file on my pc or if I'll just stream the scene for now...

The site is solid and I enjoyed it a lot but there is some room for improvement. Focus more on the girls, they are adorable and your biggest asset!

Oh before I forget, another good thing is that the male models look about the same age like the females. It makes the scenes much more believable.

Anyhow, please work on offering more features for the user. Even more video formats and more search options as well as more focus on the girls!!!! (cannot say that too often) and you'll have a nearly flawless site.

10-05-09  06:33pm

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Visit Need A Pee

Need A Pee

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - There are many videos (151) at various sizes the most recent ones are all 16:9 Widescreen and come in 864*480 around 30mb | 864*480 around 50mb | 1280*720 - 80.6mb The older videos are a bit fuzzy especially at the very small resolutions but they tend to be only a few mb.

- 33 sets of photos around 100 images each at 1200 dpi * 1200 dpi The photos for the most part were awesome. The best part of the site by far.

- many other bonuses such as a blog, a forum (pretty active too), audio stories and a free by-weekly webcam show. All and all quite a large mount of bonus and the model (Rebeka Dee) puts a lot of effort into keeping in touch. Much Kudos for her effort to stay close to her fans.

- every video is of model peeing, usually outdoors, sometimes peeing herself. Usually the girl seems forced to pee and there is no toilet around (hence the name of the site)

- pretty decent variation in videos, very interesting for pee fans
Cons: - there is something that lacks from the videos on this site. There is a lot of variation as Rebeka pees her tights, her underwear, into glasses and cups and on a glass table. There are also a bunch of "debut girls" peeing and a few models peeing public. But that is about it. The models don't play with themselves very much and the whole scene is usually focused only on peeing. Rarely do we have the model talk or strip before peeing. Then again this might be a bonus of you only enjoy seeing a girl pee. I just wish she would include access to her regular solo site with this membership or give us more sexy videos.

- although there are quite a few other models guest staring they don't have a page of their own or some sort of model search. Also a search just in general would have been nice.
Bottom Line: This site is definitely something else. If you like peeing, especially outdoors peeing and don't care that you probably won't see a boob in any of the videos this is the place for you. There are all sorts of peeing related scenes, even some golden showers with cute girls (the best were in the photo section and only a few of them; mostly it's girls peeing themselves or urinating in public and one or two guys being peed on by Rebeka).

The site offers a lot of bonus content and the main model really tries to be close to her fans, which makes this a great solo site in my opinion. But offering her regular solo site as a bonus would have made this deal a million times better.

More diversity in the action within the videos could help a lot. A little foreplay, maybe some slow stripping. Maybe also more dialogue. The webcam archives are the only place Rebeka really talks. Also a search by model and more golden showers could help, but maybe that's just me.
Oh, if you join make sure to check out the video where she starts off playing with a dildo and ends up pissing. It's the best on the site and more like it would have been appreciated.

I really enjoyed this page and felt like the models were having a good time doing the shots unlike other pee sites were the girls look miserable. All and all if you like pee or seeing a girl wet her panties this is a great site to check out (especially if you like how Rebeka looks) but if that is not your cup of tea this site won't change your mind.

09-29-09  03:24pm

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Visit Freaks Of Cock

Freaks Of Cock

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - around 150 scenes updated weekly, available for download as WMV or MPG. The newer ones have two resolutions high (740x420) or standard (512x336) The older scenes only offer the standard version.

- each scene has photos (can't tell how many as the browsing of photos on the site is rather annoying, but I'd guess around 100 per scene at 850px × 567px) The photos are also available as zipped archives. Also there are some poor quality screen caps.

- good looking models and fun dialogue/ interviews. Also the camera work is very good. The little stories are rather amusing as each girl is picked up from a different place/situation. All and all fun scripts.

- network access.

- gallons of "sperm" and a huge fake penis as well as girls that act all surprised. Measuring the penis compared to various objects is the norm, although no girl takes it all the way inside her (I am not even sure that that would be safe)

- one crazy girl that does anal with the huge fake cock
Cons: - As on all Porn Pros sites there are ads that can get annoying and loading times for the pages vary from instant to snails pace.

- There is a huge fake cock in every scene; a well done fake cock but it's fake (you can tell by looking at the photos or playing the video in slow motion). If that bothers you don't sign up for this network several sites use it (Cock Competition and Cumshot Surprise come to mind)

- Don't expect any girl to take that THING inside her all the way...instead the scenes are somewhat more boring with no deepthroating or deep penetrations also only one anal.

- download speeds vary a lot from a few kb to a few mb...

- Only one male model and he has a lot of personality. If you don't like him you will hate this whole site as he makes faces and comments all the time. He is also the main guy in Cock Competition a very similar site, but with two girls instead of one.
Bottom Line: Okay, so first thing is first. This site as well as many others in the Porn Pros network uses fake cocks and fake semen. Yes the cock is fake and no human alive can cum that much without dying of dehydration or something. So what we have here is basically a fancy way to sell dildo action if you want to be really honest.

So why bother with this membership? Because this site is something very different from almost anything else I have seen out there. This team doesn't look at porn like 90% of the sites out there. For them porn is all about fun. I always compare the Porn Pros websites to something a bunch of college students would do. It appeals to the frat boy in us. The girls are not made to look glamorous, they resemble girls you would see on a college campus (cheerleaders, sorority girls, etc.) They don't dress in fancy clothes or stockings, and the action is not the material for pin-up magazines or art photography sites. The Porn Pros sites are funny because they are over the top, they have a relaxed atmosphere where everybody jokes around. Yes it's a fake cock but you're already watching two people who don't know each other having sex for money why not take it a step further? Yes it's exaggerated but the girls look good and what guy didn't imagine at least once that he had a humongous boner that would shock some chick?
Basically this site is the materialization of your early sexual fantasies, when you wanted to shower the popular girls in your college classes with cum.

This site is definitely not your usual porn site and this can disappoint some people while others will love it. With the risk of repeating myself, it's all about what you want from porn. If you're looking for a fun time and a reminder of younger days then this is the site for you. However if you like reality sex or artistic work (not that the fake cock or the camerawork here is not artistic, but I'm talking about MET-art or FTV) this is not really the place for you.

You will basically either love it or hate it. I loved it and that might have shifted my opinion slightly but I hope I wasn't too biased and everybody good a good idea about what's up with the PP network.

Check it out for a few good laughs if nothing else.

09-16-09  02:22pm

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Visit Deep Throat Love

Deep Throat Love

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 75 scenes now and updating regularly (every other Monday if I'm not mistaking). The download options are WMV and MPG as well as some small formats for Ipods and PSP. I never downloaded those but if you want to I bet they work just fine.

-Download speeds are generally good staying around 1-2 mb per video,

- Each scene has high res photos (not so high res if you ask me around 638px × 850px for older scenes and 850px × 850px for more recent ones) They do have nice Zipped archives though so that's a plus. There are also screen caps but the quality isn't that great..

- The scenes have that PornPros feel to them. They are funny, kinda goofy, usually very good looking girls or at least average girls made to look good through make up and camera work.

- Some nice variation. There is deepthroat (a lot of it) but also so anal, some group sex, cumshots.

- Access to the whole Porn Pros network.

- No fake dicks (that I noticed so even if they are present they are not really obvious
Cons: - Like all Porn Pros websites there are ads for live cameras at the top of the page as well as other ads at the bottom. Booo!

- I never managed to get the streaming player to work and just gave up on it. Customer support kept giving me advice but to no avail. Either my PC is broken or they need to install better scripts on their end...

- Some scenes can get annoying (the cameraman talks a bit too much and there is a short interview in the older videos that can put some people off) I for one found the whole intro kinda hot but I know others would disagree.

- Very few male models (two or three I believe) but they do have large penises. Also dildos, banana's and other elongated objects are used.
Bottom Line: All and all I enjoyed this site. I wouldn't say it's my favorite in the network but it's one of the better ones. There are some small annoyances such as those damn adds and the sometimes slow loading speed of the pages (when downloading 3 or 4 videos from the site the pages took forever to upload)

However, you can easily get over those issues, especially when you consider the very good work some of these models do. The deepthroating is very well done and the amount these girls can swallow is impressive. Also the more recent videos feature the girls deepthroating all sorts of stuff including pa pom-pom and a hose of some sort...Looks better than it sounds.

All and all there is a clear difference between the older videos and the more recent ones and I'd say the site is definitely improving with more dynamic scenes and funnier scripts (if that is what you want from porn if you're looking for simple action there are probably pbetter sites out there).

Another interesting twist is that although the girls are deepthroating I never felt like they were abused (something I don't really like seeing) Most of the models seem to have a good time and are actually laughing about the whole thing (maybe they're very good actresses :)

So what is the bottom line? Combined with the network membership this site is worth it. If nothing else you should join it for a month and check out the scenes, see if you like what you see. It's a different approach to porn a much more lighthearted one than other sites and I think it works well.

Definitely recommended.

09-16-09  01:31pm

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Visit Meat Members

Meat Members

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 58 different websites all of them with exclusive content, about 160 models and somewhere around 10 to 40 videos per site. So yeah, a lot of content to download/ look at.

- as a bonus they offer access to a bunch of DVD's. Only streaming but hey I know some sites that have just the streaming DVD's as a main attraction.

- very nice browsing features. You can select site, or category or go by date or popularity...very nice, makes it easier to sort through the massive amounts of porn on here.

- you can download parts of the video or a whole WMV or MPG or stream the video as flash. However, not all videos have that, only the more recent ones have the mpg option and some of the really old content has only streaming or downloading by parts (usually 2-3 parts)

- a lot of very hot scenes with the likes of Hillary Scott and some other known porn stars. Also some real hardcore anal and gagging.

- calendar with updates and an update per day (almost...some days skip about 4 or 5 per month
Cons: = while the site now offers a search through the whole network (THANK YOU!) you can still see the inconsistency between the various sites as some are basically dead (no updates/ no downloads)

- has adds that are often made to look like just another part of the site. I clicked on adult friend finder more often than I ever wanted to...

- a lot of the content on different sites is similar. I for one couldn't tell the difference between fucked up facials and cum filled mouths...I almost wish they would group some of the smaller websites and just make one big site (this doesn't mean that there isn't variation. We have anal, hentai, group sex etc.. but there are three or four websites in each category instead of one big one)

- more amateurs or teenager-looging girls would have been nice, but this might be subjective...it depends on how much you like new faces or well known pornstars...

- no way to download photos (you can watch them in a sideshow on-line though)
Bottom Line: This site feels like one of the big sites. A lot of content, a lot of hot scenes, but a tad bit lacking in personality and it definitely doesn't make you feel like it's something special.

Maybe it's the fact that I've been browsing smaller websites for the last month or maybe I'm getting older, but being on here left me with a strange feeling of just looking at another porn video. Sure it's hot and seeing porn is interesting...but it's just another porn video....

What the heck do I mean? Think about it this way, i you join a place like SuicideAngels and then a place like this you can clearly tell the difference. In the first one you feel like you're part of the community, you wait for a certain model to go from photos to videos and you're happy when a model had a good time... here you're just watching porn. Which is not bad but somehow I often felt like I could get the same type of video somewhere else (the content is all exclusive theoretically.)

But enough of my subjective opinion.

The site does what it promises and I already have several gigabytes full of scenes from here. Some videos are better than others and some have more hardcore then others. However there are a lot of stocking scenes and a lot of anal as well as creampie. Also there is a nice hentai section if you're interested but don't want to get a subscription to a site just for that.

Scenes differ in set-up some having a shorty story others just playing music and getting straight to the sex. Most of the camera work is good, and the quality allows for a nice picture on most videos. More options for size of video would have been nice though as sometimes you get a 1000mb WMV as the only download choice while other videos only have parts of the whole as downloads.

The models are mostly hot although they almost all have that porn star look. The asian models look cute though so if you like that...oh and the girls in the fucked up video series look interesting most of the time (latex masks and latex boots and the such if you like some fetish roleplay...)

All and all, this is a good website which definitely improved from the last user review ()network wide searched and unified theme are some of the biggest improvements.) However, it's not a site for those looking to find something special or a network. This is not Nublies or Pornpros where every video feels unique... On the bright side you get a lot of content so that has to compensate at least a little :)

09-13-09  01:14am

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Visit Public Invasion

Public Invasion

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - around 200 scenes and 196 theoretically amateur European girls. Videos are good quality (can't remember if it was 720 or 640..something around there) and the photos are really nice at 2912px × 4368px (saved a few) But there are no zipped archives and the videos come in 3 small Wmv clips that have to be glued together (or a bunch of smaller mpeg clips). So not the download friendliest website out there.

- you get access to at least 4 other websites including welickeachother and bustyadventures.

- each scene has a trailer, which really helps get a feel for the video before downloading it.

- good quality and most models look very cute and very amateur-ish. Many hot scenes and there is some variation including anal and outdoors sex. Also the pick-up of the girls is rather funny/ cool. Sort of like an interview but it seems less scripted. The English doesn't help though most models and the cameraman having poor grammar...
Cons: - last update was June although they promise to update every Wednesday.

- the lack of download options got to me eventually, as well as the sometimes slow download speed and crashes during downloads.

- not all girls do hardcore (not a huge drawback but it's still frustrating at times)

- not all photo sets show hardcore action.

- the English (or lack of it) can get frustrating.

- some models are better looking than others. There is a nifty model search that helps select good looking ones, though.

- no way of selecting what kind of scene you want to watch (anal, outdoors, etc.)
Bottom Line: Let me start by saying that this site is clearly for fans of European women, they all have a very distinct look about them, which turns some men on and can turn others off. Make sure that you really like European women before joining this site, the models here dress European and they talk and walk like Europeans.

Also don't expect too much variety, almost each video starts with the guy approaching a girl, asking her to flash him, they then have sex (anal or vaginal) usually outdoors but in a more secluded spot and then they leave on their own ways. There is a lot of fucking with clothes on (I'm a sucker for that). A lot of thigh high pantyhose and a lot of action from one or two positions as they don't have a bed or couch to "act" on.

Is this good or bad? It really depends on the user. I found it hot as hell but other people might find the action boring and repetitive.

Either way be warned that the site is not the most user friends as it doesn't offer a full clip of the action (main reason I left, that and the lack of updates) Instead they have two options of clips 3 WMV's or a bout 10 MPEGS.

On the positive side their streaming works well and between the screenshots and the trailer you can really get a good idea of what you're about too watch. Also most trailers and screenshots are really arousing...so that's a bonus :)

All and all I'd recommend this site as it's very different from the usual porn. The girls have a certain unique look and the fact that they keep their silly little fur jackets on while getting fucked makes the whole scene much more arousing. However the user friendliness and the bad English are some speed bumps on how fast you should sign-up...

09-08-09  06:09pm

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Visit Dirty 101

Dirty 101

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - almost 200 scenes of lesbian action :) Each scene has videos either in WMV or MP4 high or medium quality (I think medium means around 640x800 and high means 720x something) as well as a few photos (under 50 most often) of 1200x800. Zipped archives are available for download and screen shots are also present for some scenes.

- a lot of variation in the scenes we have strap-ons, bottle insertion, rim jobs, dildos (both anal and vaginal) Also the girls look really into it. Rarely have I seen two girls so passionate about fisting each other :)

- Good looking models (I'd say most of them are mature looking, mid-20's..not so many teens, but then again I guess Lez Cuties takes care of that niche)

- Decent streaming

- Decent navigation although it could use some more options such as filter by category (strap-on, anal dildo, etc).
Cons: - Maybe this is just me but when I joined this network I was looking for more stuff along the lines of teen sex. This site as well as quite a lot of the others in the network have more mature looking girls. Also the make-up and the clothing and light they use make the model look older (I'm not talking MILF here but not really teen either)
Basically I expected something similar to teen core club or teen mega sex but with better quality videos. Instead I got something more like Porn Pros but with Eastern European girls....Not really bas, but not what I really wanted.

- I really hate the photos they use for previews (most of the time you can't tell how the girls look), but at least they have a trailer for each video...

- Slow-ish download speeds and each video is named something cryptic like V333186-398
Bottom Line: All and all this is a good Hardcore Lesbian site. There are lots of dildos and strap-ons (I always thought strap-ons kinda defeated the purpose of a lesbian scene...what I look for in lesbian sex scenes is more passion, more soft caressing, here it's a lot of hardcore stuff...which I guess is good if you like that kind of stuff...)

A lot of scenes and combined with the network access this is a really nice deal (although you won't get full access immediately. Instead they give you 2 more sites every month you've been a member with them).

However, be aware that there is no network navigation (can't search each site in the network) and the quality and quantity of content can vary a lot in between sites.

Also this network isn't really a all teen network. So if you're looking for a bunch of sites that have all teens this isn't really the best deal. However if you like teens, lesbians, water-sports and a large variation of exclusive content this network should be considered.

09-06-09  04:00pm

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Visit First Sex Video

First Sex Video

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 141 videos (most of which have several options regarding size and quality 720x480 in Wmv format or 640x480 in mpeg as well as mpeg4 ranging from 320x240 to 160x120)

- good streaming player

- quick and easy download. The size of the max video is between 300 and 600 mb. The speed for me was around 200-300kb when I had four videos going. I used download them all and it worked perfectly.

- site is clearly part of a larger network and encourages you to browse the network (the site recommends other scenes from other sites, there is a "Most popular porn star" section underneath the videos. It's very easy to forget why you came to this site and browse around finding videos in other categories.

- allows sorting videos based on multiple criteria (anal, amateur, 18-21, pantyhose, etc) as well as most liked, most popular, most viewed, etc. Although this doesn't always work well.

- the network has a clear upgrade plan + a timer

- some really hot, amateur, hesitant models doing hardc
Cons: - the navigation can become frustrating. The options to browse within a site via model are there but the photos can look very deceiving as do the screencaps offered in the main browsing page. Furthermore using the sort feature doesn't work very well since many of the scenes are not rated or not identified correctly (not all 18-21 are shown when this option is selected, for example)

- the quality and the action in the videos varies a lot. from scenes where the interview is completely in French to videos dubbed over, to scenes where the girl only has sex with Piere Woodman in a fixed camera angle to scenes taken out of a movie. (which makes the whole exclusive content issue rather hazzy)

- the interviews can become boring, especially if they are dubbed (only found 2 so far) also in some videos the first photoshoot where you watch the girl stand still as photos are taken can feel like a behind stages bonus material instead of a real porn movie.

- each video saves with a similar name
Bottom Line: The website has some issues. Navigation, (despite the many options of searching and browsing) is one. It feels like the creators focused too much on creating a whole network instead of giving each site it's own personality, which can be good or bad. I for one wished they had a browsing page as good as the free tour you get before signing up.

Another issue is the non-standard video quality and content. After almost twenty videos downloaded and a few more watched on-line I am not really sure what I'll get.

However, so far all videos I saw were very hot, due to the very pretty models and their hesitancy to do shots. It's extremely hot to see a girl threaten to leave because she doesn't want to be interviewed on camera and then moan during an orgasm. However it's also hot to see a girl go from a shy person who barely touches a penis to a foxy vixen in a movie (remember I mentioned there are some videos that incorporate scenes out of movies)

If you like amateurs and you like to see how they are convinced to do a shot then this site will do it for you and the minor problems will be easy to ignore (although you will have to go and re-name all videos if you want to remember what they feature, they all save in a similar v0021_full.wmv)

However, if you get bored during the regular interviews in a porn shot, you want many, graphic close-ups and you never watch the bonus, behind the scenes material on a dvd...well this site might not be for you.

Finally, one more word of advice if you're not certain if you should get this membership or not. Look at the whole network first since the site is very closely connected to the other ones. Make sure you like at least one other website or a few other videos so the deal will be worth it.

08-05-09  07:28am

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Visit Clean My Ass

Clean My Ass

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -interesting premise
-very, very hot teens that look like they are into it
-one of the few (if not only) sites of the network containing scenes with two girls and one guy
-no download limits and the watermark is small and not intrusive
-good quality
Cons: -small amount of content
-the same browsing issues like all teen core club websites
-no updates in over 2 months
Bottom Line: The premise of the site might be a turn-of for many, but the whole girl licking guy's but is not really very emphasized (which can be bad for some) the site basically ends up in anal sex and some very good deepthroating. Considering there are some hot teen pairs on here this is a great addition to the network but don't buy it on it's own unless you really, really like to see teens licking some dude's ass...

08-02-09  06:04am

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Visit Brand New Faces

Brand New Faces

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: -many amateurs (around 120 videos I believe)
-exclusive content(as far as I can tell)
-hot interviews and sex scenes (look for the two cousins who show up together and then have sex on two different days)
-good streaming player(very fast and nice)
-pretty good previews
Cons: -a bit hard to navigate/download stuff
-many Latino women and not that many teens
-some videos are disappointing compared to the previews/what is promised
-not able to download videos
Bottom Line: Overall the site is a very nice amateur site, with funny girls that seem genuine as opposed to all the fake boobed girls out there. Most of them are also beautiful and ready to get dirty. The user-options leave one unsatisfied, however. Anyhow it's a site worth checking if you like interviews and sex scenes.

08-01-09  03:56pm

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Visit First Anal Quest

First Anal Quest

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Updated: 08-03-09  02:58pm  (Update History)
Reason: I keep confusing young teen, for barely legal, sorry about that. It will not repeat. As I will not post any more links
Pros: - as far as teen anal sex this is one of the best out there
- many of the shots are hot and the girls look awesome
- decent quantity and quality
- regular updates with previews of the upcoming update
- the bonus section has many full length dvd free for downloading
- decent download speeds (around 200kb for four videos at a time)
Cons: - a bit pricey for only one website (although the bonus dvd make up for the lack of exclusive material)
- if you like story behind your porn, tough luck. All you will get here are sex scenes, not even an interview (most of the time)
- some girls look better than others (actually some girls look like they had a lot of anal before)
- the male models could be better looking and more into it
- the navigation can be a bit annoying until you get used to it, no way to search for model name
- all scenes are in a different language (there isn't much dialogue but still a small subtitle could have added to the atmosphere)
Bottom Line: If you like teen sex with a bit of pain in the girls faces, instead of the wide asshole type, this is the place for you. The quality of the videos varies a bit but overall this is a place with hot young girls and good scenes. The girls look innocent but ready to do whatever the guy asks them to do (in some other language than English be warned).

It is still new and it will certainly improve in the future. Keep an eye out for it.

08-01-09  10:28am

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Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Updated: 08-03-09  07:43am  (Update History)
Reason: Added pors and cons and changed grade after visiting the site again
Pros: -NOT a scam of any kind. The girls are all legal and the subscribing/unsubscribing part worked just fine
-A lot of content spread over many different sites. I am not a member anymore but I remember around 1500+ video scenes from all the sites and just as many photosets.
-young, cute looking girls doing hardcore
-good download speeds and the material seemed exclusive
-updates pretty regularly on the main sites (teensexmovs, teen sex mania gagn gape and the lesbian one)
-decent price for the amount of content offered
Cons: -just sex, no story, no interviews with the models. Nothing but hardcore sex with girls that sometimes look confused. for some it is their first time on camera and some emotions are natural but some (not very many) girls looked completely out of it.
-rather hard to navigate (have to enter each site manually, hard to search for a certain model)
-some videos in my experience had bad quality as in bad angles or poor lighting. Mostly the older ones.
Bottom Line: It's a good deal if you like hardcore teens. Most of the girls are awesome (you can judge how hot they are from the preview area), but the camera work is lacking quite often, also one of their male models is so ugly I could not watch the videos where he appears (but this is very subjective)

Overall I'd recommend it as I found at least ten girls that in my opinion are incredible. I just wish they had some info, maybe an interview in order to get to know them better.

08-01-09  10:13am

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Visit Teach My Ass

Teach My Ass

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 08-14-09  04:56am  (Update History)
Reason: Added info and expanded bottom line opinion.
Pros: - Approximately 74, good quality (640 x 480) Wmv videos with no download limit or any kind of protection.

- Just as many photo sessions with anywhere from 150 for older sets to 400-500 for more recent ones. Each image is in either 853px × 1280px or 1280px × 853px. Sadly no zips for these files makes downloading harder.

- Access to 15 other teen hardcore sites if you get the teen core club deal.

- The premise of the site is that a specialist will help a young girl loose her anal virginity for 100$. To play in with that there is a short interview and then the specialist takes a pretty wide range of dildos and other anal toys to the girl's ass. He then fucks her and cums on her face or more rarely inside her doing a cream-pie.

- Most girls are very cute (the site's biggest bonus are the models) and it's surprising to see what they are willing to let someone do to their ass.

- Many close-ups and all videos are POV (which can be bad at times as some scenes get static, but it works)
Cons: - Often when downloading a large list of videos the site logged me out, thus confusing my download manager (caption word log-in makes it impossible for download managers to get in). Also each video saves under the same name so I had to manually re-name them.

- Somewhat annoying to navigate, no search function, no model sorting system. This is especially frustrating as some models from this site are on other sites from the network but there is no way to see where. It would be great to see all scenes done by one model.

- Girls speak poor or no English, making interviews often boring to watch (the guy translates in Russian, then back in English...also his voice get's annoying).

- Videos tend to get repetitive and not enough focus is put on the girls, with (IMO) too much close-up of genitals and interior of anus. In each scene there are about 10-15 minutes of the girl just sitting there with her ass in the air and the guy probing her. Hot I guess...but we loose all of her reactions...
Bottom Line: I am a fan of anal movies involving teenagers and this is one of the best sites in this niche out there. The girls are hot and the extent of anal abuse they receive is pretty impressive (almost every other scene has the guy stick a flash light in there at some point...which can be a bit too graphic, but if you like that kind of stuff it's pretty hot).

However, there are some things that disappointed me. The site's and the whole network's navigation is one of the biggest cons. I really wish there was a way to see all scenes from a model, regardless of which site she is on. I didn't realize one of my favorite Try Teens models was on here until today...

Another big con is that the site focuses too little on their biggest asset, namely the gorgeous models. We loose their reactions when they are getting anally probed because all videos are in POV and they focus mostly on their bottoms. Sure it's great to see a close-up of her gaping hole, but why don't we also see her face, cringing or looking pleased or anything? Also many videos skip the getting undressed part, jumping from fully dressed to completely naked. A big part of the foreplay is lost right there. At least in the more recent videos some girls keep parts of their clothing on, making the scenes a lot sexier.

Finally, the fact that each video has the same name when downloaded and that the older videos are only available as 7 or 8 parts...well, it all drags the site's score down. What keeps it up there are the very, very hot models. The girls look great and seeing them smile shyly as they get on that anal probing table... It's worth it.

The porn on this site has some of the best looking teens around and the way they act makes most scenes incredibly hot (An uncertain glance into the camera, their cum covered smile at the end...it all makes the scenes feel real in a way not even amateur porn manages to do it).

If the site owners would learn this and showcase their models even more, while also adding just a few more user options this would be one of the best networks around. Like this it's just a good site, worth checking out if you like teens and anal (and have the money for the pricey membership).

08-01-09  08:45am

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Visit Woodman Casting X

Woodman Casting X

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Over 1600 casting scenes (interview with the girl and softcore stripping), 594 Hardcore scenes (about half are actual sex scenes and half are casting+sex) and 146 behind the scenes videos.

- Around 636 casting photo sets (softcore stuff) and another 156 hardcore photo sets. Each set only has around 20 images or less, but they are available as zip archives and are pretty high quality at around 3000x4000

- Older content is lower quality and oftentimes just a few minutes long (for the casting and BTS, hardcore scenes are all around 25-30 min) However most sex scenes are available at 720x520 with most stuff from the last year or so as high as 1920x1080.

- Various options for downloading a scene, and very fast servers. No more time-outs or random log-outs when I set up a long list of downloads (see my negative comment from last year)

- A few improved ways of navigating the site (you can select to see only girls with sex and you can filter the girl's nationality)

- Hot models!
Cons: - While navigation improved in certain areas it could still use a better search function (right now the search bar is basically useless and there is no category search for anal, threesome etc)

- While you can filter the girls by nationality a better filter would have been language of casting interview since many of the older ones are in French.

- All the casting+hardcore scenes feature Pierre having sex with the girl while filmed by a static camera... a bit disappointing even compared to the two or three cameras used by Backroomcastingcouch or Exploited college girls.

- Updates are a bit random. While we get daily updates they are mostly casting videos. I'd say some months we get two or three hardcore scenes, some months 6-7. A lot of the casting scenes feature very broken English and little nudity.

- The site advertises heavily for Wakeupnfuck, Pierre's other site which cost another 40 bucks or so.

- Some content is available on other sites
Bottom Line: Pierre Woodman was probably the first guy to do casting videos with innocent looking girls he then convinced to do DPs and Anal. He worked for a ton of big name porn studios and has a huge library of casting videos and Behind the stage videos a lot of which are fascinating to watch.

There is nothing quite like seeing a girl be shy when first interviewed, no make up, no fancy clothes, just a girl "next door" hesitant about the porn world. Except you also get to see her doing a crazy scene with three guys a few minutes later. The appeal of Woodman is this transformation from regular girls to pornstars and this site is great for that. You get to see over 1500 casting scenes and roughly a third of those girls go on and have hardcore sex on camera. For many of them you can even use the forum and ask Pierre about juicy stories or details (one hesitant girl didn't do porn shots but hung out with the crew and had sex with them in between shooting. Another girl had her very first sex with Pierre... the stories go on and on and while they may be a bit exaggerated they add a certain Risque flavor to the videos.)

Once you consider that the girls are for the most part incredibly hot European models and almost all scenes on the site involve anal and/ or DP (even some rare double anal if you look around closely) the site is very interesting.

Another bonus (I already mentioned a bit) is the forum interaction where Pierre answers questions and tells stories about the girls. It's frustrating to hear how many of the castings also have a hardcore scene, but Pierre can't release it because the girl didn't sign a proper contract :P

Unfortunately there are some downsides too. First of all a lot of the older interviews are in French and even the more recent ones don't have very good English. I really wish they would use subtitles more often.

The Forum also uses a lot of French and there are constant promises that we'll see an update with a particular girl that does a casting, but her Hardcore or BTS video never goes up. In fact since I last joined Pierre added only a handful of BTS videos, which is really a shame as many of them are very interesting.

Speaking of updates a lot of new scenes are going to Wakeupnfuck which is a sister site focused on POV scenes where Pierre has sex with very hot models. However membership to Woodmancastingx won't even get you a discount on Wakeupnfuck. In fact the rather expensive membership here won't give you any kind of bonus features. (A while back I think there was talk of having live shows but after a few of those no more updates)

The site navigation could also use some improvement. There is a section for updates where you can see the different types of videos and there is a section for girls where you can filter by nationality and girls who have sex, but there is no way to filter a specific category of sex and
sometimes links are wrong or a girl is featured twice in the line-up. Basically the site needs a bit of re-design.

I'd also like to note that a lot of the older content here is available through Pornstarnetwork and one nice feature on Pornstarnetwork is that they put the casting and the hardcore scene in one video so you can easily see the interview then skip a few minutes and see the girl having sex. The way the site is organized now that would be impractical, but I'd like some way to queue movies.

Another frustrating aspect of the site is that whenever you click on a video the page loads and the scene starts playing immediately. This is a pain if you just want to download a bunch of videos and don't care about streaming, but I guess it might be a personal preference so I won't take too many points off. Previewing a scene could also be more user friendly...

On one hand I'm glad to see more hardcore videos than before and some easier navigation options on the other hand the price of the site is still very high and the fact that Wakeupnfuck is not included in the price is a disappointment. The forum is full of promises that more hardcore or at least BTS will be released soon but in the meantime it feels a bit strange that after almost a year absence I discovered very little new here.

Bottom Line: If you really love Pierre's stuff and want more of his stuff the site is for you if not Backroomcastingcouch or Exploitedcollegegirls might be a better fit. As it stands right now, without better browsing tools, without some sort of discount or membership to Bonus sites this is a strong 79 very close to 80.

07-08-12  05:47pm

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Visit Beauty Angels

Beauty Angels

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 180 scenes and they update the site very heavily (I believe thy had an update per day for September so things are looking good)
- A lot of cute models doing mostly hardcore action (including a lot of anal and some lesbian anal toy play)
- Each set has video as well as images downloadable as zipped files. (Images are around 960px × 1,440px or 1,440px × 960px. Videos come in three categories high WMV files, Medium FLV and "portable" quality MP4)
- The network, while not perfect allows for easy log-in in all the websites you are a member off so you can easily search for more scenes featuring a particular model. Or you can try to use the advance search function which (almost always) returns pretty accurate results
- Each update has a nice tagging feature so you can quickly tell what the scene will contain, the model name age and date it was added onto the site.
- The action in the videos is varied and pretty hot for the most part. Good camerawork and nice models
Cons: - There are a lot of small issues with the site and the network in general, many of which I mentioned in my review of Fuckstudies. The thumbnails are not very revealing as to what happens in any given scene, downloads sometimes cut out for me. Many of the models are re-named so it makes it hard to find a particular model (Aspen is named Galina for example)A few of the links are broken taking you to the main page instead of where you wanted to go to. All models are 18, even if they have scenes on the site in 2009 and 2011.
- Aside from the network wide minor issues this site has a few odd quirks of it's own. Several of the scenes seem to be taken from other sites (some in the network some not.) They have at least one scene from Firstanalquest and a few from other sites.
- Along with the non-exclusive content the variation in the scenes is a bit strange. You have a few videos of solo girls with toys, some lesbian, some threesome, some hardcore anal. It all feels a bit chaotic
Bottom Line: I've been a member of this network for a long time on and off. My latest membership was probably a year and a half ago and a lot has changed since. They always used to have more unknown models doing pretty hardcore stuff with male models that looked about their age. Overall there was a feeling of home made amateur Russian videos, with kinda crappy lighting and awkward scenes (I remember a few where the male model couldn't get hard enough to properly fuck)

This all changed for the better since I was last on the website. The male models seem a lot more confident, the camera work is improved and the WMV high definition (which is not truly HD, but close) was a much needed addition. All the while the girls are still cute and a bit awkward, making for some very hot scenes. Note how I said some hot scenes, because not all scenes are that great.

Sadly, a few of the girls are not the most beautiful or young looking models out there, and while I know that what constitutes beauty is very subjective teens with massive fake boobs just seem off-putting on a site such as this. Also girls that seem really not into it or even in pain make for very bad scenes. It puzzles me how on the same site you get girls that positively seem to jump on the guys cock along with girls that look confused and generally uncomfortable with the whole deal.

Furthermore, to be honest the lesbian scenes didn't do it for me. On Lezcuties you get some very hot girls who seem all the way into it here maybe every other video seems to have that kind of passion. If you have a lesbian scene you must get girls that are into giving head, sucking nipples and caressing as opposed to just grabbing toys and jamming them in their partner.

Since we're talking about inconsistencies among models I guess I should mention the solo action. You have some models that do anal toys, some that fist themselves and some that just use their hands very delicately. Overall it's a bit strange and some more ways of filtering content would be nice.

I realize that criticizing models or their level of enthusiasm is a very subjective way to approach a site review, but the inconsistency between how the models act within the same network makes for an odd experience. I guess the fact that scenes are used from different places is to blame for this, but still, more careful selection of the scenes included in the site would help.

Also a way to quickly sort the type of scenes would help. It's strange to navigate the site and see 3 solo girls along with a hardcore anal gape all on the same page.

Better navigation in general would be nice. The site right now is a bit clumsy and the search failed me several times. For example I couldn't figure out a way to see just the models that appear on one site, probably no one cares about this feature since all sites seem very similar. I for one had hopped that Beauty angels would be more focused on solo, maybe some lesbian action, definitely more stripping and focus on the models. Instead half the scenes are identical to the rest of the network with brutal anal sex to the point where the rest seem out of place.

I guess the moral of the story is that you should join the whole network and expect more content similar to hardcoreyouth or analteenangels than met-art or nubiles. The focus is on hardcore action and while the site does deliver, at the end of the day I still felt like something was missing. The rest of the network offers enough other content to compensate but this particular site could benefit from a bit of reworking and a different approach.

Overall if you never joined the network or if some of the models seem incredibly attractive to you, a month of membership is not bad. But make sure that you also want the content on Fuckstudies, teenmoviemania and tricky masseur. If you want just anal action, Firstanalquest might be a better fit and if you're looking for hardcore gorgeous teens consider teencorenetwork.

09-08-11  12:16pm

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Visit Freak Bukkake

Freak Bukkake

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - About 18 videos, although new stuff is supposedly updated monthly (they seem to have an on/off calendar whit some years only having a handful of scenes.

- The scenes are in Spanish with subtitles, there is a brief intro/ interview and a massive bukkake.

- One huge bonus is that almost all of the girls are laughing and seem to be enjoying the experience without the classic porn moans or the fake "look I'm sexy" look. As far as I can tell this trend is true for most of the network, making this a nice place to visit if you're tired of the classic Playboy looking models.

- Some very cute girls, and they talk through the performance joking with the guys and the camera man, a very distinct "feel" from other bukkake or oral sex sites (basically this site is the exact opposite of facial abuse or teencoreclub, the girl seems into it or at least she's making the best out of the situation and everyone is having a good time with no humiliation present)
Cons: - For some reason streaming was a bit problematic for me and as noted before download managers didn't work well. I used Download them all the add-on for firefox and that seemed to work fine.

- Some of the scenes are focused too much on the guys in my opinion, I remember one video where the camera dude goes interviewing the men, which would be fine and all but some of them were really funky looking and some wear masks (which kinda killed it for me...a man in a pig mask should never be present at a bukkake)

- I have the same complaints as mbaya, the photos are pretty much useless, and the updates are way too few. The site has great potential and although there is no penetration the scenes are fun to watch and interesting.
Bottom Line: For some reason this site felt like the porn website that Kevin Smith would do... maybe it was the fact that a bunch of the videos are introduced by the chubby camera man/ director; maybe it was the fact that I saw a dude in a star wars mask and another in spiderman get-up...maybe the humor and good-natured feel of the scenes just reminded me too much of Jay and Silent Bob. Overall the whole site just felt "right" the perfect combination of disgusting, hot and weird to make me extremely interested, while never crossing into abuse or humiliation.

It was a very different site and I am glad I stumbled unto it, after seeing all sorts of abuse and disgusting cum shots I was certain oral sex in porn wasn't my thing. I usually skip the cum as much as possible, especially since the girl looks uncomfortable waiting for that load, trying to be sexy and not look at the camera too much, however this site proved that you can do good semen related porn.

I guess I would have enjoyed more scenes, easier navigation (there are adds for reviews and friendly sites crowding my main page) but overall the network felt decent if you like amateurs and a non-standard kind of porn. Considering the discounted price this was simply a deal too good to pass up (again as long as you like amateur girls that talk during the scene, giggle and sometimes look ridiculous)

P.S. The reason the site doesn't get an 80 is because of the few scenes 20 porn videos are really not enough for a modern site, although the network makes up for that I still wanted to see more freak-ish bukkake action :)

10-25-10  07:37pm

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Visit Playboy Plus

Playboy Plus

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Right now the site offers a deal where you can get 3 weeks for free, (in order to cancel you have to call them, but it was all pretty easy)

- A ton of playboy extras including montages from the photo-shots, extra pictures and access to old pictorials (Betty Paige, Marlyn and so on)

- The images are anywhere between 531px × 800px to 1600 x 1200 px. In other words you get decent quality.

- The videos are anywhere from blurry cut into pieces 2 minute segments to beautiful HD more recent shots. Most of the scene can be seen as quick time or WMV and are anywhere between 320p to 720p resolution and then quicktime HD, which I didn't figure out how to download.

- You get access to videos from casting calls, amateurs, coeds, classic pictorials, playmates, some 2 girl shots, a decent forum, interviews, a how-they made the covers and a few extra bells and whistles.

- The girls look really good, which is to be expected and if you like the magazine you're almost guaranteed to like this
Cons: - Inconsistency. The whole site is extremely confusing at times. Each girl (even in the same category) has different types of content, most of the older ones only have photos, others have a short interview, others have just a video. Some you can download, many you can't. Sometimes when you click on a gallery you're taken to a little editorial before you get to the good stuff, other times you don't.

- The search function is a bit funky and navigation can get confusing.

- A lot of the content cannot be downloaded.

- Not as many interviews with the girls as I expected, most of the videos are of the girls posing for the photos, only some playmates get an interview.

- Often the site re-directs you to buy a DVD or an older magazine, a bit disappointing as I expected full access to the contents.

- Most videos feel like something you'd see on TV, not like a porn video. You get music and cut-aways which are not always necessary
Bottom Line: First of all this is a Playboy product, don't expect any type of hardcore (or even softcore touching or masturbation) going into this site. Hell even in the fre photos they have with two two girls the models barely touch, it's all very artsy and classy.

This comes with a bonus and a downside. On one hand most of the girls are absolutely gorgeous much better looking that most sites, on the other hand they all seem to have that Playboy look (no small titties, almost always shaved and very skinny, etc.)

What was also interesting was that many of the videos felt like a reality show, more than a porn video...I am still not sure if I like this or not. For now I left it under cons because when you have a 3-5 minute video, which a lot of these are, I'd rather see more naked girl and less pan around the room or have a nice intro and outro.

Most of the older content is a bit outdated with lower resolutions for both videos and images and no option to download. However the streaming option worked flawlessly and the inbuilt image navigator is perfect, it allows you to set a slide or navigate manually and you can save the photos.

For new content you get a lot more bonus with the most recent playmates having a longer (20 min or so) video which contains an interview as well as a sort of story- strip video... I remember for one girl she follows a rabbit around until she ends up naked then we cut to some interview with her, then back to the nakedness, then some more questions and so on.

For the rest of the girls you usually just get her stripping naked to music, a few giggles some funny faces and it's a wrap.

At the end of it all the site feels like the extras on a DVD, more than the main feature. I mean, don't get me wrong I saved a ton of stuff (since each video is so small they are easy to store and so many of the amateurs and co-eds are adorable) but I don't think I was "really" turned on by any particular video.

Here's how I feel about the site by way of analogy: most of the scenes I felt very comfortable reviewing in the middle of my living-room with friends and wife nearby, if you get my drift...it's like the playboy magazine, I'm not embarrassed of having it on my desk and I'll check out the girls, but I probably won't jack-off to it.

That being said, as a fan of behind the scenes, seeing some of the girls I saw long ago in the magazine actually talking and moving around was very interesting. I appreciate the very high quality of the images and the videos and while they feel to TV for my taste I wish more porn sites would use well chosen songs and work with the models at least half as well as Playboy does.

So, the conclusion? If you are subscribed to the magazine (which is about the same cost like the site) you will probably enjoy the extra content of the site, if the magazine seems like waste of time and money the site will probably do little to change your opinion.

10-16-10  11:47am

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Visit abbywinters


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Decent amount of content around 5,606 videos (although most girl-girl and boy-girl scenes have three videos each) around 1,427 models and daily updates.
- Exclusive models
- More recent videos are available in multiple formats up to 1280x720
- All shoots have images available as ziped files, they also have a best of, which highlight the best photos in a nice gallery.
- All models look very natural, little make-up many are not shaved, just trimmed almost all look very next door girl
- The sex looks very natural, there are some awkward pauses, no insane penetration angles, the blowjobs look realistic.
- Overall the site has a fun, softcore feel with some close-ups of vaginas and blowjobs.
- A lot of the scenes have a before and after where they interview the models and the girls seem pretty relaxed (although there are some serious language barriers at times)
-In a lot of scenes the orgasms are or look real.
- Good download speeds
- Decent forum with many members
Cons: - Almost all of the videos have an old school feel to them, with highlights overblown and colors a bit faded. Even the highest resolutions feel a bit grainy.
- A lot of videos are broken up into various parts. Also the before and after interviews could have easily been lumped with the actual scene.
- Scenes tend to have a slow intro (I remember one video where the boy texts the guy for 3 minutes)
- The site's navigation is decent but takes some getting used to. There are videos labeled "intimate moments" which are basically solo masturbation shots, but there are also "solo shots" and "after dark" shots and when I say shot I don't mean a video I mean a collection of videos... trust me it makes sense but it takes some getting used to
- The girls are very natural looking and some could use a bit more make-up. I was expecting the same kind of models Backroomcastingcouch or Exploitedcollegegirls has, but the girls here seemed less attractive (IMO)
Bottom Line: Man, this site is something else. I've been a member of most major porn sites over the years and have seen many styles and combinations of content, but Abbywinters stands out as a unique product. If I had to compare it to anything else I'd say it's close to suicide girls in their focus on fun, softcore stuff and community (at least that's how suicide girls used to be back when I joined it a few year ago)

The great selling point of the site are the exclusive, natural looking models and the realistic settings and action. The site claims that all scenes are shot in the girls homes with their outfits and only (supposedly) with their boyfriends and/or girlfriends. To cement this claim there are before and after sex interviews where the girls explain what felt good and what they were nervous/ excited about, where they met the boyfriend, how often they have sex in private and so on.

Aside from scenes with boy-girl, girl-girl sex the site has "Intimate moments" scenes where supposedly the girls are alone with the camera and can be themselves as well as solo shots where the director interviews them a bit before the action. They also have a handful of "after dark" scenes where the girls are supposed to be dressed in nicer clothes and be more romantic. I hope they get more of these as some of the outfits were very nice, but for right now they only have a dozen or so.

Overall the site has a decent premise, unique content and a strong community of followers (and a great forum btw). If you like their style and the girls this place will be a great find and the 3 month membership a steal. However the scenes are far from perfect and you could easily end up disliking the site for how different it feels.

The navigation is efficient, but somewhat different from other porn sites and can get a bit confusing at first. The homepage shows the updates, but the preview images are not animated. The easiest way to browse is by looking at shoots and then either video shoots or image shoots (this way you get animated previews), but you can't easily view all models that video or only images and there is no way to search for top rated models or Russian models. Not to mention that older videos tend to be split into 10 parts and even more recent ones often have 2 parts.

Speaking of videos, I have to say that the girls look great in photos but in many of the videos they end up looking average, even a bit disappointing. I suspect that in order to maintain the vibe of the site everything is filmed with minimal equipment and it shows. Overexposed shots, some blurry close-ups, the sound of the camera taking photos in the background. It all contributes to make the site feel unprofessional. Don't even ask me how many scenes are shot in an extremely bright room with perfectly clean white walls or how overexposed reds look in half the scenes. Overall for me the technical quality was a huge disappointment.

The content itself is decent with a lot of the girls really into it and believable orgasms

However it's a bit slow paced for my taste. All sex scenes take several minutes before anyone gets naked. I personally don't see the need for a little make believe story (oh I'm a photographer, get naked. Oh we're watching tv, get naked) when there is a before interview where the girls say they are excited to have sex (especially when some scenes are only 25 minutes long).

Speaking of the interviews. Some have captions to translate the interview and those are great, the British accents on some girls are even better, but the broken English most girls have coupled with giggling every two seconds when they don't understand the question can get frustrating and took me out of the mood.

At the end of the day I see the appeal of Abby Winters, but I don't think I saved more than a handful of videos. The image sets are very good, but the technical quality and the poor set-up make this feel like old, old Pierre Woodman casting videos. I don't regret joining the site but it's not my cup of tea, I'll stick with Nubiles, which has a similar feel but much better navigation and quality videos.

05-01-12  07:24pm

Replies (4)
Visit Ass Bangers Ball

Ass Bangers Ball

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 85 scenes each one available as 640x480 WMV or Ipod format, as well as a few images (around 20-30 images per set, not that many but enough to get an idea of the action)
- Zipped archives available and images are up to 3072x2048 although the lighting is not always the best in the photos.
- Most scenes have two girls that get pounded by several guys. There is a ton of anal, deepthroat and DP. Also there are some serious cumshots with multiple guys covering one girl in semen. Pretty intense stuff.
- Access to the rest of the network which has several good sites with multiple updates. A lot of fetish/ extreme action here including BSDM, latex, and fuck machines.
- Some very cute models and fun costumes (there are a few masks, a Indians vs cowboys theme) lost of stockings and high heels.

- Last update published 2010/12/02
- Several scenes have strange cuts during the scene. I understand that this is necessary when you are shooting an orgy with multiple people, but it still feels strange when the action suddenly changes.
- Some models are really disappointing (older looking, strange body types) More make-up or better light might have helped the scenes. It's also strange to see a very cute girl paired with a woman that is not the same body type/ look.
- Navigation is okay, but feels a bit outdated, would like more categories/ search functions. Right now the main search tool is a type in yourself deal, which can be a bit hard if you're new to the site.
- Sometimes the focus of the scene is not necessarily on the most interesting action. For example a girl is getting DP'ed but the camera is focused on her giving a BJ.
Bottom Line: For the price this network is very decent, as long as you like pretty extreme content, and enjoy BSDM. They have several sites dedicated to rough sex and orgies with this one being a very interesting one. Almost all scenes feature two girls and several guys (there are one or two video with only one girl and 4 or 5 guys, but for the most part expect dozens of dudes.) The focus is on anal sex and DP, although several times I believe only one of the girls does anal.
I say I believe because the action can get pretty confusing, which is understandable when you have 12 guys and 2 women having sex. However, the scene editing doesn't help the situation. In one scene we cut away from a sex scene to a shot of the other girl crying out in what seems genuine pain, we cut back to the sex and then back to the distressed girl after she presumably got some more anal lube. That is 4 cuts within maybe 2 minutes, completely unnecessarily in my opinion. Unfortunately this happens a lot in the more recent scenes. They cut from one girl to the other almost every few minutes and seem to have a lot of close-ups of either one of the girls face or her genital area then cut and switch around.
I understand the difficulties of filming an orgy and I have to say that all things considered they do a pretty good job, but less editing would have been preferred. It's not like the scenes are incredibly long, most of them come in around 32 minutes which I believe is on the short end considering how much material they could get from two girls having sex with multiple guys.
Aside from the way the videos are edited the site doesn't seem to update anymore, so that's a big downside, but considering they have almost 100 intense scenes I am okay with the amount of content (just don't plan to spend a whole year on this site)
The final issue I had with the site was that the model quality is hugely varied. They have some incredible looking girls that I couldn't believe were ready to do this kind of action, but on the other hand they have some ladies that would be more at home on a big and beautiful site or on a mature page. Combining the two types of models in one scene can make for some awkward moments, especially since they like to cut from one girl to the other pretty fast.
Speaking of the two girls, I was a bit surprise to see that in several scenes the two females don't really interact that much. The focus is mostly on the two girls getting pounded by the males, almost separately from each other. At times you could easily forget that there were two women involved in most videos.
Aside from the points above the site was a very nice experience. Downloads worked fine ans streaming was excellent. I wish they had more images available for each scene, but the few they do have are all pretty hardcore action so no major complaints there.
The navigation and design of the site felt a bit outdated, but still very functional and while they could use a more improved model page or a category search I had no issues previewing and finding content.
The bottom-line: A good site for anyone who likes orgies and hardcore sex. Worth checking out for a month or two, especially if the rest of the network looks appealing to you.

11-14-11  03:42pm

Replies (0)
Visit My Teen Oasis

My Teen Oasis

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 550 videos with a new scene update every 7 days. Most videos are around 720 x 528 with some of the older stuff only around 480.
- Everything is available in a multitude of formats and WMV as well as MP4. They also offer ipad and smartphone formats.
- Streaming and downloading worked just fine for me. No time-out issues even on weak connections and no major navigation issues.
- Access to the whole devils films network along with this (in total you get several thousand scenes)
- A lot of hardcore action, almost half the scenes are anal and I'd say all involve deepthroat and pretty rough hardcore.
- They also offer images with some scenes, but not as many as the videos and not as good looking. Overall the photos are a bit of a disappointment. The videos are the main feature here.
- The videos have categories and you can quickly sort scenes (all anal, all handjob, etc)
- Some very cute latina and white models (Lexi belle, Bree Olsen, etc)
Cons: - The site has mostly videos taken from Silverstone DVD, but it's not really the same site, as TBP review suggests. There are some scenes from Pink visual and Combat zone as well as a few other solo scenes that are not available on the Silverstone DVD site. I doubt any of this content is exclusive though.
- Several scenes are mis-tagged (they claim there is anal in the scene but there is none or they don't tag the anal, but there clearly is some, one or two wrong actors are tagged, small stuff mostly but nonetheless)
- Very varied types of scenes. The older Fresh euro flesh or pick-up lines scenes are very amateur-ish and look like the old Rocco or Woodman scenes. The more recent HD scenes are more similar to big network content like reality kings. Makes it kinda hard to know what you get in each scene.
-No model index. Making it kinda hard to find all scenes by one girl. There is an actor category break-down, but it's not the best search function
Bottom Line: For around 10 dollars you get access to about 20 sites with somewhere around 11,000 scenes in total. Most of the videos are hardcore and there are tons of European amateur girls doing pretty intense action. If you enjoy hardcore action this network is a great deal, especially because of the Rocco Siffredi site which has some impressive action (although devils films is very good as well).

A lot of the models in the network are pretty young looking and this site seems to collect several of the teen scenes from other sites along with some content from DVDs by other companies and some scenes that seem to be shot for the web and don't belong to any DVD series (I'm thinking of a few scenes entitled My HD teens... not sure if that's exclusive to them or what, maybe someone can clarify in the comments).

Maybe it's optimistic but it seems the more recent stuff is all different from the rest of the network and I believe that as the site keeps growing they will add more and more content that is not on other network sites.

I also wanted to mention, again, that they are uploading regularly again with a new scene every seven days. The TBP review is a bit outdated in that aspect.

When all is said an done I'd say maybe 60% of content is identical to SilverstoneDVD and the rest is new.

The other negative point about this site and the entire network in fact is that they don't care very much for images. Most photosets are small (around 30 images or so) a lot of them are just screen caps to make things worse there are no zipped archives.

Now that we cleared up what the site is and what the main negative points are let's take a look at the positive side.

The videos here are pretty good with some seriously hot models doing intense action. The girls are cute and several do anal as well as deepthroat. I'd say other sites in the network have even better content but for the most part what we have here is decent (not as much DP and ass too mouth as other sites, but nonetheless.).

The content can be roughly divided into older DVD's which are European amateur stuff with very little story and about 20 minutes or so of action. Then there is the more recent stuff which is good quality, but a bit generic. (Girl tries out for porn, pervy coach tricks cheerleaders into sex, sexy nurse, etc) I hope that going forward they keep the spirit of the older stuff but use new hot girls.

All things said and done the site is a nice bonus, but not really a main attraction yet. If they keep up the regular updates of content that is not available on other network sites they will become great pretty soon. That being said both Rocco Sifredi's site and devils films have tons of young adult content so you won't miss out by joining this network.

10-30-11  09:33pm

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Visit Teen Core Club

Teen Core Club

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - This network continues to have some of the best looking young girls, doing very hardcore scenes
- A lot of new faces in porn (they somehow continue to find girls that don't show up on other porn sites. I believe this site was the first to show Aspen, Isabel, Eva and a few other popular Russian girls that have since shown up many other places. Still It's nice to see them here first)
-Each site has a niche and delivers what it promises (ass to mouth, DP, etc.) But all of the sites are hardcore and there is a lot of anal and deepthroat (In many of the more recent scenes they make sure the girls make-up runs down their faces so they look all disheveled).
-The videos are pretty good quality (colors are a bit funky, but nothing too major) and you get a ton of images (but no zip files, so you have to use a site ripping tool to get all images)
-Simple navigation and layout that can be a pain in the ass, but does work okay most of the time
Cons: -Very simple navigation, no way to search for one model across all sites. Now way to preview the videos and streaming is a joke (it leads to another download page)
-The site doesn't load half the time (As I write this the main website is down, but I can log into a few of the member sites)
-They log you out at random intervals and customer support is all but non existent.
-There are no different options for videos so sometimes I have a 2 gb file to download other times it's 300mb... you never know. It sucks when you want to watch a quick video of one girl only to realize it will take an hour to download her particular scene.
-No overall network access (if you're used to 21sextury this network will disappoint).
-Sometimes the videos are too much to the point. I enjoy scenes with no long stories, but every since scene here goes from fully clothed girl to dick in her but within 5 minutes... It's like they are always racing to get it done. Not to mention they go through the same positions
Bottom Line: I believe I mentioned this before in almost all of my reviews of this network. The girls are hot and they do incredible hardcore.
The make-up team doesn't over do it so the models don't look like the average Hustler porn stars (I hate it when a site takes a cute 20 something year old and plaster her with make-up...why hide the beauty? WHY? anyhow, this site doesn't do that so kudos to them).
The light and settings aren't all pink and bubble gum cute but aren't the run of the mill porn either. In other words you won't feel like a pedophile, but you know you're not watching mainstream Hustler porn either.
Add to everything I mentioned above the fact that these girls do great deepthroats, anal, DP, now they are starting to add threesomes... overall this network should be the best out there.

Notice how I said should be... the sad truth is that their webmasters don't give a shit. The sites feel old, and in over a year of membership I haven't seen any significant updates or improvements. The downloads crash, the site auto logs you out, it won't load properly and there is no network overarching website (you have to log into each site individually and there is no way to get all scenes by one model.)

To make things worse, instead of fixing what they have the owners decided to simply add new sites that are run just the same. In one year I saw Maketeengape, cumholic, defiled18, hardcoreyouth and a handful of other sites many abandoned since, some still updating occasionally. Basically it feels like they only care about saying they have +47 sites bonus even if most have 10-15 scenes and will never be updated again.

There are also some other minor annoyances. All videos are named the same so if you batch download them you have to go back and re-name everything. Downloading images is a pain (use neodownloader to crawl their site and grab everything, trust me it's much easier than anything else) Also the images are plentiful, to the point where you get too many of them. I mean there are 20 images of the exact same scene with just a small variation (I feel like their photographer simply sets the camera on auto shutter and shoots 1000 images of each scene) I love the photos from sites like nubiles and this is just a disappointment by comparison.

Another small issue for me is the male model, who is the same in every scene. He simply doesn't look like he cares, he goes through the motions almost mechanically, he also has a huge scar on his arm and I know this is nitpicky but why can't they get another guy once in a while? The older videos have a bunch of different dudes and somehow it makes it look more interesting.

I guess since I'm complaining about the content of the videos I might as well mention that they get repetitive very fast. Don't get me wrong I love seeing different girls, but why do they all have to go through the same motions. I am at a point where I can skip into almost any video on this site and guess what will happen. Minute 10 usually means anal from behind, minute 12 the dude will jump off her and we get some ass to mouth for 3 minutes or so, then some reverse cowgirl anal... and so on...
The 21 sextury network which also brings a ton of anal videos somehow manages to make it interesting and different. Here the girls are on a boat, here they are in fishnets, here there are two of them and so on... a bit of variation would be nice. At least in the more recent videos the camera man asks the girls a few questions which seem to confuse them more than anything. I guess it's a step in the right direction nonetheless.

Oh, now you can also get the scenes on DVD so there are a bunch of banners advertising just that, I don't know who still buys DVD's but I guess that's nice? Why not download the scene and burn your own though... especially since the streaming is non-existent.

Anyhow, overall I gave the network a lower score than last time I reviewed it. The fact that one year has passed and nothing changed on their technical side is not good. It used to be that this was the bets place for hardcore young sex, but now you can look at many other networks who are growing and don't charge almost $50 for similar content ($9 for 21sextury anyone?)

Sorry to say that if they don't improve their act soon I'll have to move on... such a shame though because the girls are incredible... such a shame.

08-27-11  10:59am

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Visit Jerk-Off Pass

Jerk-Off Pass

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A bunch of different sites, with focus on hardcore action. At last count there where about 30 websites in here, each one with around 1600 scenes in total.

- Mostly young looking girls and a lot of fresh faces

- relatively decent download speeds for me (I was a member way before, almost 6 months now and recently re-joined to complete my collection, never had a problem getting videos)

- Videos are decent size, but nothing Hd (around 300x 600 and only come as wmv)

- very simple navigation, and I do mean very simple, to the point where it's a con, however you can access all sites from one main portal and you can browse all scenes easily.

- there is access to some live cams, nothing too crazy, but they are there if you're really into that kinda stuff. I just checked that they worked and never went back :P
Cons: - the extras are ads to other sites :P

- the whole network feels like a lesser version of teencoreclub

- I don't think they update the sites anymore, I can't remember if cumsumption cocktail was there the last time but I think they had about 1600 videos for about a year now.

- The picture galleries are for the most part poor quality and not available as zipped files.

- The action, while almost always hardcore is somewhat different from site to site, some have a short interview, some are straight to the action.
Some girls are kinda funny some are annoying. The only overall drawback is more of a personal opinion, that there is a bit too much focus on showing the girl's buthole and less of her face, but meh It doesn't really kill the scene for me.
Bottom Line: Overall the network is not bad some cute girls and some less attractive ones tossed together in a very hardcore mix. Some scenes that look great and some that left me feeling bad for the girl (some of them sound so stupid sigh...) However the huge drawback of no photos (unless you're going to sit there and download them one by one), no streaming, only one download option, lack of updates or update info at the very least. Well if you look at the larger picture this site starts to look pretty bad, especially compared to teen core club which shares the hardcore aspect and the navigation. So my honest advice is check that network out first then, if you really love it come over here.

That being said, some of the videos, especially school bus chicks are famous around the internet and you might want to have the full version in your collection (that's why I joined it again :)

Oh, one final annoying point, all videos save with the same name so have fun re-naming everything or having a bunch of i01-099.wmv videos.

07-22-10  05:11pm

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Visit iTeen Video

iTeen Video

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -around 1200 videos (if I counted correctly) Each video available in Wmv, Mp4, flv but each one is a different resolution with Wmv 720x576 or HD 1280x720, flv a decent 600 something and the rest a horrible 320 x200.

- good looking models from the Teensexmania, teensexmov, oldnyoung and a few other sites. No exclusive material that I could find, however it was nice to see all the network content in one place and easily navigable. I wish they would incorporate all the videos they have in this site, then it would be truly worth it.

- I could access the bonus sites of the network without any trouble which was very nice, although much of the content overlapped.

- a good collection of hardcore videos, but too little anal IMO.

- stills from videos are available but they are not really worth it.
Cons: - the search function is a bit funky and I wish there was a more detailed preview. Right now all you get is a blurry image from the video that often doesn't do justice to the model (especially when it's just a close-up of her ass)

- videos download with cryptic numbers instead of names, which makes them harder to sort

- a separate models page would have been nice, also many of the video descriptions are very poor and have funky characters instead of letters

- I wish I could download wmv's at a 600 resolution as the HD is too big, but the flv plays funky in some media players.
Bottom Line: The overall site is not that bad if you've never been a member of teensexmovs or teensexmania or any of those sites, but if you have most of their content this is not really worth it. It's a nice way to navigate all sites at once but the previews are very poor as they don't show more than one image. I often downloaded a scene and discovered the girl was nothing like what I imagined. On the other had I was very surprised to discover some very hot models here. You just have to dig a lot.

The bonus section is worth it, however as I could access the whole teensexmovs network with no trouble.

Overall with better presentation this site would be awesome, as it stands it's just another way for the network to showcase the videos they already have.

I would recommend it if you've never been in this network before, otherwise there are other more interesting russian teen sites out there.

01-13-10  01:39pm

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Visit Cable Guy Sex

Cable Guy Sex

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - around 60 HD videos (1280 per 800 I believe) as well as access to the whole HD porn pass network.

- around 20 photo galleries with around 100-200 photos each at 685px × 1024px. No zipped files

- if you have a fetish for a cable guy this is the place for it. The guy will wear a hardhat most of the time and the girls occasionally do nibble on the actual cable. Other than that this is a pretty regular porn site, with some group sex and some good old guy on girl. I have no clue as to why this deserved an independent site as opposed to being part of geek girl sex or teenage whores, but I guess it does...

- most models are hot and the videos are very good quality although the content is pretty standard...

- easy navigation and good servers.

- the network is awesome if you want HD porn. One of the best out there.
Cons: - scenes are rather short and they are often cut into multiple parts so the actual number of videos you get is not 60 but more like 25.

- the image gallery isn't really worth it.

- videos all save with generic name...had to go back and rename everything

- does anyone actually have a fetish for cable guys? I mean the whole pizza delivery guy was kinda funny but this site borders on weird. It's a niche that didn't need filling I feel like...
nonetheless as part of the HD network this is an okay deal, just adding some more sex scenes.
Bottom Line: This site is rather small compared to others in this network and the content isn't really that unique or special that it would motivate a sale. I guess it's another website in the network and maybe it can tip the balance towards buying a membership, but not by much.

The scenes are good and the HD is awesome (I have never seen genitalia glisten like they do in these videos...very cool) but there isn't anything above regular porn here. Expect middle of the road material with average girls, but in HD. I said this before but I'll repeat it becuase it bears keeping in mind. This is a big site and it feels like one. The content is similar to what you'd expect in Playboy or Hustler. It's hot and the girls look gorgeous but most of the time they are middle of the road.

If you have a particular preference for anal, rough, teen, lesbian, mature, etc. then you can probably find a better site for the same price. If you don't know what kinda porn you like or if you like the big magazines but don't want to join them, then HD porn pass is for you. (Thy also have a great Indian porn section...) Otherwise, and especially if the HD doesn't sound amazing keep looking.

Personally, I only came back to this site due to the bonus section of Teen Models (join it and get the HD porn pass for free...much better deal...)

All in all, a good site that targets middle of the road people and cable guy fans.

10-17-09  05:34pm

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