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Visit Soccer MILFs

Soccer MILFs

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 78 videos in HD (1200 x 720), standard WMV (380 x 200) and quicktime format.

- good download speeds

- around 37-40 photo galleries (around 683px × 1029px) with around 150-200 photos per set. No zipped archives, but some very hot photos that did not have a videos matching them.

- very nice and decently sized network of HD porn in a bunch of niches.

- this site surprised me as I hadn't even visited it a few months back when I got my first HD porn pass, but this is one of the best sites in the network in my opinion. The milfs here are truly moms I would love to fuck as they are hotter than many of the teenage models in the rest of the network and most of them didn't seem to be familiar models. Some very hot scenes.
Cons: - most scenes are cut in two or three pieces, each one less than 20 minutes

- the same problems as the rest of the network, lack of a good search function, videos are all named the same when downloaded, some scenes are too generic (there is a soccer ball around hence the soccer mom milf porn...)

- this was the only site in the network where streaming was funky and slow at times...
Bottom Line: This site has what all the HD network lacks...personality and a certain air about the models that makes them hot. Maybe becuase they are supposed to be more in charge, maybe the girls just resonate with me, but I downloaded almost every video on the site. As opposed to other sites in this network I feel like Soccer Milfs is really, really arousing and a very, very good porn site. I think it all comes down to the models acting different than girls in everyday porn. They are usually dressed up or look like well off women that actually want sex with some random dudes. The girls seemed to initiate some of the scenes or at least be more willing than the regular girl that is often portrayed as just an accessory.

I felt like there were real women having sex in front of the camera not just models who were thinking about the check at the end of it all.

The content still feels like a major company's product and it's nowhere near the kind of personal connection that models have with the user on smaller networks, but here I actually felt turned on by most videos, like back in the days that Playboy was actually cutting edge and didn't show Marge on the cover just to get a few more sales...know what I mean?

This is main stream porn at it's best not it's lowest.

The only complaint is that there aren't enough videos and the whole cutting scenes in pieces means you actually get only 30-40 scenes once you're don merging everything together....give us more!!!

All and all, I recommend this site wholeheartedly. Check it out guys, especially if you like HD porn. This one alone is worth the membership fee, combined with the big network behind it, it's a steal.

10-17-09  06:08pm

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Visit Teen Models

Teen Models

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -180 HD videos in the main section of the site with about 400 other videos (non-exclusive) as a bonus. The videos are available as 1080p at 1920x1080, 720p at 1280x720 and a Standard Definition format at 640x360.

- about 300 photo galleries available in several sizes 3000px quality being the best. Zipped archives also available.

- very pretty European (hungarian, russian and other eastern european countries) and one or two american girls.

- a lot of variation, from anal insertions to lesbian and play with oneself.

- very fast servers and easy navigation. Also the search function works very well :)

- some of the bonus sites include the whole HD porn pass network as well as cable guy sex...

- very nice page detailing all the updates and even offering a trailer for most videos.
Cons: - one of my biggest sources of sadness was that they don't have a video for every photo gallery and the other way around. I would say that the photos are much better than the videos actually...

- the videos are rather short mostly clocking in at under 20 minutes...which is not bad but considering you only have around 200 exclusive shots, not a lot of actual video time...

- there are no interviews or other direct contact with the models in the videos. Music plays, models dance and masturbate or have lesbian sex...lacks a bit of personal touch.

- zipped files and movies are named critically 2472424.zip...makes it hard to figure out what exactly is what when you have 100 new downloads...

- customer support was nice about a problem I had streaming, but although I got it to work the streaming is rather slow...not a big issue ad I prefer downloading movies anyhow, but...
Bottom Line: This site is a must for anyone who likes teen models and especially if you don't care about male models being present (only penis I've seen was in the bonus section which are non-exclusive videos). The videos and photos are gorgeous and the girls look wonderful as they fist each other. There are also some very interesting insertions on this site including a banana and a baseball bat.

However if you are a video fanatic I am not sure this is the best site. Despite amazing HD video quality most videos feel a bit generic, there are no interviews with the girls like over at nubiles. Also there aren't any scenes where the girls talk...

Which brings me to my second disappointment, there isn't a very strong connection to the models. Places like Nubiles offer you bios and other neat stuff so you cna get to know the model. Teenmodels only delivers galleries and videos, great ones but very little personal connection IMO.

Now, this doesn't mean the site doesn't compete with the likes of FTV or Teen Dreams... in fact if you're looking for eastern European models this might be one of the best places for them. Just be warned that this site isn't as focused on the models personality.

Another slightly annoying problem was that all videos were named the same and sometimes when I had a very long download list some videos skipped due to some sort of error. It took forever to figure out which ones...I don't know if the error (403 error) was due to me or them...but it was annoying.

Either way, this site is awesome for anyone who loved HD porn and combined with the whole HD porn pass it's a deal. I wholeheartedly recommend buying a month and checking it out. I for one will probably not renew, but that is due to a subjective choice not necessarily a lack on the part of the site.

10-17-09  05:00pm

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Visit Anal Recruiters

Anal Recruiters

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 30 videos with multiple download options ranging from (320x240 to an impressive 1920x1080)

- very good download speeds will actually allow you to get that 1920 and 1.something GB monster video on your harddisk in about half an hour or so. It was also nice to see that the pages still loaded fine despite me downloading a lot of stuff.

- only site where you can see a deaf girl have anal sex...the variation in girls and their reactions is impressive. This is one big bonus of this network, a lot of different stuff goes on from huge rubber dicks in a NYU student to slightly abusive treatment of petite girls. But it's all hardcore and it's all pretty intense.

- 35 photo sets with zipped archives and around 200 or more photos each ( photos are at 1440px × 960px)
Cons: - no network integration AKA no whole network search for scenes where a model appears. No model pages, no category search (although this site is called anal recruiters so if you can't guess what kind of content it has...)

- some picture sets downloaded much slower than the videos, no clue why.

- better previews of the videos would have been nice. I remember for a girl called Amber Rayne the preview is a close-up of her ass and a guy riding it...a photo of her face/ outfit would have been nice...
Bottom Line: The discount at PU combined with the size of the network makes this a very good purchase for all fans of hardcore sex and I mean hardcore. Some of the girls really look like they are in serious discomfort. For me this didn't really work but seeing young and often very cute girls get abused is a turn-on for many and this is the network for them. No teddy bears and slow stripping videos here.

What I found particularly interesting was seeing the same girl in different scenes around the network...I just wish they had a model page for each girl that appears more than once or a network wide search. Also It would be nice to see a clear update schedule. I mean in the member section you can see that updates are taking place but you don't know what's up next. Nonetheless, the network is growing and they constantly add more exclusive content so that's awesome...

All and all this is a nice network deal, but Anal Recruiters isn't really the best site on here. Facial Abuse has a lot more content and I'd even hazard to say that it has more anal scenes than this place. However it's a nice bonus and for 20 bucks this place is definitely worth your time. As long as you like hardcore sex.

P.S. the HD videos are awesome...

10-08-09  03:26pm

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Visit The Pantyhose Site

The Pantyhose Site

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 24 videos, the most recent of which go all the way up to an impressive resolution of 1920x1080, and down to 320x 240 if you want the video fast. And the videos DO download fast. this network has one of the fastest download speeds I have seen.

- 32 photo sets at 1440px × 810px with zipped archives available. Each set has around 200+ photos and they look very good.

- the girls are very varied and you can see them in several scenes around the network. We have girls from the barely legal category all the way to borderline MILF. Which is really nice.

- each scene is focused on the girls legs and the panties they are wearing. There is an impressive variation in the girls outfits and stockings are ripped open quite often AKA the sex is pretty energetic, but much tamer than the Facial Abuse stuff.

- the girls often play with themselves before the sex scene, there is oral sex, I believe some anal and some groupsex as well, so that's nice and varied.
Cons: - a network wide search would have been nice. I really like Amai Liu and I would have liked to find all her scenes at once. Also a category search for videos would be nice. Something to allow me to select anal scenes without having to browse the thumbnails...

- you can see the difference between the older sets both in quality of video as well as how beautiful the girls are. The site is definitely improving, but I only enjoyed the more recent stuff, to be honest...

- sometimes the preview thumbnail was not the bets shot out of the scene. I'd like it if there was a way to maybe make the previews interactive (roll mouse over) or if there was a model page or something similar...A lot of hot girls didn't stand out like this...
Bottom Line: As part of the network and with the discount from PU this site will be interesting for any leg lover. However the fact that there are only 24 videos doesn't make it a must. It's more of a nice bonus if you joined the network for another, bigger site.

However, many scenes are well done and the variation makes it interesting. After a few more updates this site will be a really great place for anyone who wants to see girls having sex in pantyhose. If you're looking for more softcore stuff, this isn't really the place for you. The girls won't strip for half the video and turn around showing off their but through pantyhose. Sex and cumming on stockings is the big draw. Also there aren't any footjobs, really, which in my book is a big bonus, but some people might dislike it.

Finally, I'd like to say that I noticed a tendency of having more Asian models among the recent updates. Which is also a good thing in my opinion, but maybe others will disagree. Up to personal preference I guess.

Bottom line: not a deal maker here but definitely a nice bonus to an overall decent network for those who prefer hardcore porn.

10-08-09  02:45pm

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Visit AT Movs

AT Movs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - around 122 scenes and frequent updates every 4 days. The scenes can be downloaded as video clips (just a piece of the larger scene), (320x240) Flash format or WMV ranging from (320 x240) to (1280x 720) (the last one is amazing, great quality)

- very hot, amateur looking girls. If you're really into Russian teens then you'll probably recognize a few girls, but not that many. There is a lot variation although most scenes have the same guy (Andrei) and involve intercourse. More outfits as well as some lesbian scenes would have been nice...

- bonus access to the network

- ability to rate videos and save them in yoru favorites folder.

- easy browsing and nice preview options (you see a bunch of screen caps not just one or two)

- the scenes have a certain home made feel to them.

- can see upcoming updates
Cons: - the video descriptions are very generic. In this scene Anna will get fucked hard...
I'd like to actually read a bit about the model, maybe a few stats such as age, preferred position, etc... especially since some models appear more than once.

- a search function per categories would be nice. There are some anal and DP scenes but you have to really dig for them.

- better download speeds would be nice, but hey maybe it was just my connection

- the ads for other sites can be a bit frustrating but nothing flashing or following your screen.

- an interview or some more foreplay would be nice. I enjoy seeing girls strip and play with themselves and the site could use longer intros like that. Also subtitles for the scenes where the actors talk in Russian?
Bottom Line: All and all this site is very good. The girls are hot and they all have that certain barely legal look about them. The new HD video is awesome and offers some very nice scenes. It is also nice to see some anal scenes...

However things could still be improved a bit regarding the site itself. You have great content make it shine through a more user friendly site. Allow people to search for certain categories of sex (anal,DP, lesbian, etc...) Maybe offer a model page like TeenDreams or Nublies has. Some bio about the model, maybe a few stats and videos she can be seen in.

Also a bit more original descriptions could help. Tell us a story instead of stating the obvious. The site is good, go that extra step to make it really stand out and remain with the users, make it more personable, more unique...

Interviews or at least subtitles in videos could go a long way in that regards. It would help people connect to the models, which will assure that users stay users for a long period of time.

However, these are all details that could be easily fixed. The core part of the site is there the good looking girls and the hot scenes.

So is this worth it? If you like teens and videos that are clearly foreign and feel amateur-ish yes. If you want perfect lighting and advanced camerawork as well as large, fake boobs and oiled up bodies...neah look somewhere else.

09-22-09  05:03pm

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Visit Money Talks

Money Talks

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Since mbaya focused on the network I'll do the site itself

- Really nice preview options for the videos and photo sets. You can choose exactly what you want to do (stream or download the whole movie or just a portion of it, also there is a specially made trailer for each movie)

- About 75 wmv videos at 720 x 480 and about 600 photos per shoot at 720px × 480px (each video has a photo set). However they look like screencaps from within the videos (as a bonus they can be also downloaded as zips)...

-Good download speeds, steady at around 500-600kb, despite multiple videos downloading

- Interesting concept for a porn video: a guy or girl walk around asking "random" people to do sexual stuff for money (go topless, play football without bottoms on, or have anal sex :). The videos are around 1 hour long and about half of it is a bunch of people doing mild-ish stuff for money (the flashing part) then the last half an hour or so they convince the final girl (or girls) to have sex.
Cons: -Not all girls look like amateurs, especially some of the latest ones (and the ones in the final sex scene) look like professional models. (At one point they manage to find a whole cross country team who is willing to have lesbian sex for 200$ a piece...hmm I guess it's possible but some doubt remains)

- Trailers for movies and streaming player tend to be a bit slow-ish...Maybe it was just my problem but it did get frustrating.

- Almost all of the scenes take a while to get to the actual fucking. Sometimes people do other shit for money (like jump a ramp or a homeless guy makes a 20$ bill disappear) so sometimes it get's boring to see hot girls flash the camera and then leave.

- Many of the scenes are shot in the back of a moving car or in other such unconventional places, making the angles and the lighting be a bit funky at times...
Bottom Line: This site was a big draw for me but not necessarily as a porn site. Don't get me wrong many of the girls are hot and seeing a busty, blond clerk go from "NO, Get out of here" to having a cum-shot on her face is very hot.

However, the quality of the videos as well as the long first half made them more interesting as social experiments than porn... if that makes any sense. I watched the videos on this site in the same way I watch MTV's reality shows except I was glad to see no blurred out boobs or bleeped out swears.

This doesn't mean that other people won't find the second half especially to be arousing. It's as good if not better than many amateur porn out there, then again the uncertainty of whether the last girls are amateurs or not can ruin the fun...But if that is the case you always have the whole Reality Kings network to fall back on so this isn't such a bad deal after all...

I also believe the 4gb download limit was raised to 10 gb...but don't quote me on that one. I never had a problem downloading content but then again I only took down stuff that really interested me (such as the fat biker jumping over a ramp on a tiny motorcycle for 200 bucks...which isn't something I ever expected to find on a porn site :)

So bottom line?
A different site that might do it for you or maybe not but it's closer to Jackass with less people being hurt and more sex and nudity...

08-12-09  01:09pm

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Visit 18 Years Old

18 Years Old

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - exclusive content of hot teenage girls. Maybe they are not all 18 but they look pretty young, don't get me wrong they are not little Lupe or lolitas but they look like young ladies ready to get satisfied.

- a lot of fun role-play. Almost each scene has a certain twist or fun little detail. In one scene the girl just graduated and is dressed in a cap and gown. In another the girl is a scout or a cheerleader. Seeing a hot teen try to cheer with cum on her face is extremely hot. However the girls never take it to seriously. They laugh at how ridiculous a scene is and everybody seems to have a good time as opposed to sites that go all the way trying to pretend the girls are something they are not.

- 175 scenes (video, photos and screencaps) wmv and mpg high quality formats as well as some other smaller formats and photos are zipped. For me again, the downloads went fine. Ten hq videos downloaded in about 30-40 minutes.

- easy to navigate + search for a model.

- network access
Cons: - as with all porn pros websites you have to accept the silliness of some stuff. Of course that girl didn't just graduate, of course she didn't loose her dog. It's all a show and you can tell it's a show. If that turns you on, this site rocks if it doesn't then it will annoy you.

- website loading times can get annoying at times. The whole network needs more servers as pages load a bit slowly.

- never got that streaming player to work.

- ads on the pages. Sometimes flashing , especially the ads for live cameras on the top

- the male character drives around in the beginning of most videos talking about all sort of stuff. Sometimes this is pointless and annoying, sometimes it's relevant and fun...it's almost a 50-50 chance that something said will piss someone off...
Bottom Line: I mentioned in another review for Cock Competition that the whole Porn Pros network has a jock / frat boy feel to it. Never is this more obvious than on this site (in my humble opinion)

I remember a discussion where the main character claims he never banged a cheerleader and the camera man laughs saying that now a dream comes true (spoiler alert: the guy has sex with a girl dressed up as a cheerleader). The whole site feels like that, fun, joking about everything, including the acting in the scenes and a bit high-school-ish. I would almost hazard to say that this is the site we would have made back in tenth grade when we couldn't get laid with the most beautiful girl around, but dreamed of having our own porn site (please tell me I wasn't the only one with that dream).

This whole approach works fine if you like to get amused by porn, however if you like it to be more serious or the girls to be completely innocent/abused/taking control of the situation...well this is not really the place for that kind of stuff. What they offer is mostly regular boy-girl scenes with nice angles, hot girls and a bit of role-playing/story.

Again, it all depends on what you want from your porn. There are other teen sites where the girls are little angels, there are other sites where the girls are little devils but here more than anywhere else I felt like the models were girls trying to act like porn stars and having a good laugh while doing it.

P.S. Some stats about videos and photos: hq videos vary between 512x218 and 740x404 and in size range from around 300mb to 500-600mb and photos come in at around 850px × 850px

08-05-09  01:07pm

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Visit Try Teens

Try Teens

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -one of the best sites for hardcore teens
-many very good looking girls (last time I checked there were around 150 scenes and while not all girls are very hot at least 120 scenes are incredible)
-a lot of anal, some cream-pies and deep-throat all in one site
-relatively easy browsing once you get used to their style (however the simplicity also becomes a problem as you can't look for a particular model or top rated scenes)
Cons: -the browsing can be too simple (you can't look for a particular model or top rated scenes)
-all videos download as the same name so you have to go back manually and change them
-a bit pricey
-some girls repeat themselves in the database
-no story, just sex
Bottom Line: If you want to see teens getting fucked this is the place. No story, no interviews. The videos are like follows: guy walks in gets teen naked in under 5 minutes, blowjob, sex, maybe anal, cream-pie or facial. Simple and yet due to the hot girls on here very effective. As a fan of hardcore teens this is the best site for me.
The quality of the videos (size wise) and more user friendly browsing would have been great, but the site works as it is too.

08-02-09  04:48am

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Visit Teen Core Club

Teen Core Club

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -young, hot girls doing hardcore
-a lot of sites/content/niches (anal, cumshot, regular sex, outdoors sex)
-the browsing is simple (but it can be a pain)
-just action, no complex stories or descriptions (depends what you like, this could be eitehr a good thing or a bad one)
Cons: -the browsing can get annoying and log-ing into each site get's old (but it's simple)
-it's hard to find all scenes of one model
-little English and no back story / little intro (except for teachmyass and spermatino) the guy just walks in and does the girl
Bottom Line: I like hardcore barely legal girls. I don't like girls that look under 18 or try too look like lolitas. I like a bit of innocence a firm body and sex. This site offers exactly that. I wish their navigation was better and I wish they could let me sort the models but even so I like it and have almost all their scenes saved up on my HDD.

Great site in my opinion

08-01-09  02:44pm

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Visit Try Teens

Try Teens

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 200 scenes with new ones still being added regularly (it looks like a new scene roughly every month, although you get a more updates on other sites if you join through the teen core club network)
- New scenes are available at 950 x 540, but back a few years in the database stuff is somewhat lower quality and the first handful of scenes are only available as clips.
- All scenes have many large images 853px × 1,280px (no zip archive though)
- A lot of very very hot girls, including several exclusive models. All scenes are exclusive to the site and almost all scenes include deep throat and anal, with some including DP.
- Great light and camerawork, a bit static in the majority of scenes, but more dynamic recently.
- Web design is simple to a fault sometimes, but works well enough. Downloads are fast although most videos are around 700 mb. No log-outs, no time-out and no daily limits that I could find. Overall decent technical specs.
- Very hot recent updates (see bottom line f
Cons: - As I mentioned before the design of the site, as all sites in the Teen core club network, is very basic. No options to search for all scenes by one model or even search on the site itself(Aspen Richardsen is available on several of their sites for example...but which ones? and how many scenes? no way to find out)
- No options when it comes to downloading videos, past clips or full scene. No choices of SD or HD videos or different encoders. You get a download link to a video and thatís all. Not even streaming of the entire scene is available.
- A lot of the older scenes include no interview, no stripping or girls playing with themselves, just straight to the sex, very formulaic. For me that was a bit of a downside of the site.
- Somewhat on the expensive especially since nowadays several of the girls also appear on 21 sextury and other sites (they used to have some great exclusive models a few years back, not so much)
Bottom Line: Lk2fireone's review (should show one or two reviews underneath mine) really hits home for me, especially his bottom line. This is a great network with some great female models, but I always felt like the guys running the site didn't really know what to do with the hot girls. The sex always felt a bit too formulaic to me, almost boring. Girls that on other sites would be incredible become average here because all the sets looked the same, all shots were wide angle and all outfits were discarded within seconds.

That being said I was a member of this network for a very long time because they always managed to get very attractive, young girls and they always had them doing anal, DP and impressive deep throats. The hot models always sold this site for me. In fact I believe this network had several of the girls that now appear on other Russian sites (firstanalquest, 21sextury months before they did and often they do much more intense stuff here than they end up doing for other websites.)

That's the good part, now for the bad part

The updates are very sporadic with some months seeing an update every week and sometimes one scene per month or none at all (to get an idea go to teencoreclub and click to see all updates, they show a date for each new scene and you can easily judge which site is no longer maintained and which receives a lot of love. Looks like Try Teens received almost daily updates in December and since then the number of new scenes has slowed down significantly)

The webdesign is too simple for a modern network and the lack of a model page listing all the girls scenes is a huge downside. An easy way to search for type of content would also be nice. It used to be that all DP scenes went to Double Teamed Teens, Ass to Mouth had the heavy anal stuff and Try Teens got a mix of regular vaginal only/ anal sex. Nowadays it seems like all new updates get posted here and several of the more recent scenes are of the same models one boy-girl scene and one threesome with DP scene. (Stacy and Avery both come to mind, but Iím sure there are more such models.)

This strange update scheme brings me to the several dead sites the network owns. This is traditional TeenCoreClub practices. They launch a new site, update heavily for a while and abandon it in a month or so. In fact out of the older sites Try Teens is the only one still regularly active. The other site heavily updated in the network is HardcoreYouth, which while interesting is very similar to other Russian sites to the point where one can barely distinguish between a scene on Firstanalquest or Hardcoreyouth.

Now, all of that negative stuff being said on my latest subscription I was very pleasantly surprised. The style of the last handful of videos uploaded here has changed quite a bit with the most recent ones including very interesting interviews with the girls. The English is horrible and there is a lot of awkwardness, but for the first time you get a sense of who these girls are. Several of them are surprisingly outgoing and look like they are having fun. They talk about anal sex comfortably and make the whole scene a lot more interesting.

This is only applicable on the latest five or so scenes, but damn it makes the site a lot more interesting, all of a sudden the girls are more than just pretty faces who get fucked in the same standard scene. They now have about 10 minutes of solo girl, stripping and toy play. There is nothing hotter in my opinion than a girl using a dildo on her anus and then asking for a real cock and now this site has that, adding a sense of uniqueness that was seriously lacking.

The camera is also not as static as before, which could be a downside for some, but for me it looks a hell of a lot more interesting to get some close-ups of the girls face, some shots of her ass, a bit of a wide-shot. Overall the last five or so scenes on the site have been more interesting and arousing to me than twenty of the previous ones. If only they could go back in time and get Aspen to do one of those interviews before she gets a serious poundingÖ

I only hope that they continue with this kind of updates and donít abandon the site anytime soon. With a few more updates this site would be a great source for young girls in hardcore action. Despite the high price when you consider all the scenes you get by joining I have to recommend Try Teens, especially if you enjoyed Firstanalquest, Teenmegaworld and other similar Russian sites.

05-17-12  07:30pm

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Visit Dancing Bear

Dancing Bear

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 80 scenes with 2 new scenes added each month.
- Videos are available as MP4 and WMV as well as ipod format. 1280x 720 HD
- Images as well as screen-caps available in zipped archives. Photos are 2,000px × 1,333px and screencaps are around 720px × 406px. (around 1000 images per scene, but not all are very good... some blurriness here and there)
- The theme of the site is a gigolo stripper giving a good time to a supposed bachlorette or birthday party . Basically one or two dudes and a bunch of girls who will clap, giggle and cheer each other on. It all ends up being fun and very different, almost an orgy site, but with a unique spin
- The scenes have sex, multiple blowjobs and facials as well as some lesbian sex and various strange stuff (the guy puts his cock on a bun and the girl licks mustard off of it for example)
- Good looking models, a lot of cute girls getting facials.
- Decent navigation, they also offer a preview trailer for each scene.
Cons: - The site is a bit shady when it comes to billing. Don't go for the 2 day trial since it's not really worth it as far as I can tell. Also if you only get this site the category search as well as the suggested videos will lead you to the main Bangbros site which costs extra. This means that I can't really use the category search to navigate only dancing bear.
- The fact that they have a lot of images for each scene means that they show you everything they shoot, without filtering the bad images. So if you download the zipped images expect some blurry shots, and a lot of images that look identical to each other.
- Not all females present get into it and there are several girls who you don't even see naked. Guess it goes with the theme of the site, but it could be a con.
- Some male models wear a bear head the entire time or a luchador mask, a bit silly and can make the scene feel somewhat awkward.
- Some of the older scenes don't have category tags so it's hard to say what you get
Bottom Line: I joined this site as part of the bang bros network back in 2009, and I remember being extremely disappointed back then. They had few scenes, rare updates and the action was mostly BJ. In fact if you go to the first few scenes on the site you can see that most of the videos are about a dude stripping down with occasional BJ's behind a towel. Overall the site didn't really work well.

That has all changed since. Now they have around 75-80 scenes and are updating twice a month with about an hour worth of content each time. Despite the fact that the scenes are longer they feel a lot faster. The guys don't spend a lot of time stripping and they usually get to the first BJ within a couple of minutes.

Another nice change is that now almost all videos feature a sex scene, oftentimes with the girl still dressed. We also get several cum-shots, including cum on food which is then eaten (Icing on the birthday cake seems to be a favorite) They also added a bit of lesbian content and I hope they keep pushing that area as it would be nice to see some of the girls in the background going at it.

Speaking of background girls there are several who will never get naked or perform oral on the dude, so don't expect every girl present to show their boobs. Also on average there are only two facials per scene so no bukkake orgy here. Speaking of orgies, there is no anal, DP or rough deepthroating, everything feels more playful and funny than intense, rough sex.

In fact I'd say that is the most unique feature of the site, it all feels like a joke, a party that got a bit out of hand in a sexy way. They seem to really drive that point home and have several scenes where we see some shocked friends or co-workers who seem to say "oh Mary she is always so crazy, but I never thought she'd eat frosting of a guys balls."

Overall the vibe works well, and is helped by the fact that all the girls look like amateurs. They giggle, gag on the penis and overall act very realistic. Don't expect professional porn starlets here.

That being said most of the models are very cute and the main girl (the birthday girl or the bride to be) is usually very cute and attractive.

Unfortunately the site is really not up to it's potential unless you purchase a bangbros membership. The category search function leads you to videos on the network and you are encouraged to pay. The suggested scenes are extra and encourage you to pay for a bang bros membership. There is an ad next to the streaming video for the full membership and so on.

Also, due to the nature of the videos there are some strange scene cuts. In one scene we go from a blow job to a man doing cartwheels and rotating his cock like a helicopter for 5 minutes. I mean it's funny, but if you were getting into the action these scene breaks can be a bit odd. It's also strange when one girl is getting fucked and 10 sit around, some clapping a few looking bored, etc.
I would have preferred it if every girl got naked and maybe there was some light lesbian kissing in the background instead of fully clothed girls looking around and cheering at random intervals.

Bottom-line: As a bonus site to another network this site is awesome and a great value. As a stand alone, well you should make sure you really like the content. For me the whole amateur/ this could be a real party vibe made it interesting but then again I really enjoy porn that strays from the mainstream.

I'd say if you're uncertain consider a bangbros membership and go for that since it has this site as a bonus along with other nice goodies.

11-14-11  04:41pm

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Visit Only Tease

Only Tease

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A lot of content. You get around 3 updates every day and the archives go back all the way to 2002. According to their specs they have over 1 million images... pretty crazy. They started adding high quality images at the end of 2007 and now all sets are available as 1,066px × 711, 2,048px × 1,365 or 3,000px × 2,000px
- They also offer videos (although they are around 5 minutes each and I wouldn't call them the highlight of the site)
- Tons and tons of models and an incredible amount of outfits (anything from Halloween costumes to secretary, nurse and night gowns) Tons of stockings and any type of underwear or stocking that you can think off.
- A pretty active forum with many members and wembasters posting all sorts of behind the scenes info.
- Pretty decent search function that lets you find several per-selected categories quickly (want to find all girls with petite breasts, or all girls in a Dorothy costume?)
- If you get onlyallsites you have a network with a few similar sites.
Cons: - This is a very softcore site. If I had to compare it with anything mainstream I'd say it's Maxim with a bit more boob.
- Videos are rather awkward (they don't have any sound and many of the girls look very nervous as they stare at the camera. In one video I watched you can hear some crows in the background, another one some car sounds... the whole thing just felt amateurish and awkward )
- Some photo sets are mislabeled and the girls don't even get nude/ show their breasts.
- They have pretty big ads on the main page and there seems to be no way to get rid of them. Also they have a bunch of "interactive" ads to their live camera shows which can get frustrating.
- They have a few shots with two girls, but they never really touch each other or kiss. It just feels like a bit of a waste.
- More model related search options would be nice. I'd like to see all models in a certain age range or of a certain ethnicity/ hair color etc.
- Some inconsistencies in how sets are saved
Bottom Line: First of all don't join this site expecting hardcore action. In fact don't even expect to see every model fully nude. This site is one of the most softcore ones I have ever joined (including playboy and met-art).

Another huge downside is that the videos are not up to modern standards. They are all very short (under 10 minutes)often not very high quality and I found them to be rather awkward.

Let me explain what I mean about awkward videos. Most of the scenes I watched featured the model introducing herself then trying to dance to nonexistent music. You can hear noises from the outside (as well as camera noises) and most of the girls seem confused as to what they should do. They rub themselves, but don't really play with their breasts or vagina. They try to dance and pull their hair up, but somehow it just feels like they were given no direction past "look sexy"

The scenes are not helped by the fact that the camera usually just sits in one position, instead of doing some panning or close ups. This site is all about stockings and costumes, so why the heck not zoom onto the girls feet or pan on their buts. Also I understand that the site is softcore, but I think it would be just fine to show the girls slowly let their hands go towards their vagina, you know, imply that they are sexual and willing to pleasure themselves... just saying.

Some of the better videos featured the girls changing outfits or answering fan questions. Both of these types of scenes are much, much better. If the girl is actually doing something (like putting on new stockings or laughing over "sexy" questions) the video actually becomes interesting. Otherwise I feel it's just an exercise in awkward silence.

I wish that instead of the silent stripping scenes we have now they would give us some behind the scenes videos of the photo-shoots. I think that would end up being much sexier than seeing a girl twirl to the sound of a camera recording.

Anyhow this site is not about the videos, it's all about gorgeous photos and they truly deliver when it comes to images. The site offers some pretty impressive high resolution images along with tons and tons of good looking models in many varied outfits. You can find any type of stocking, underwear and skirt combo you can think of. They even have a pretty large selection of Halloween themed costumes.

Uniforms, secretary, cheerleaders, tennis, ballet, gym outfits, all kinds of socks... you get the idea.

Unfortunately they don't have a lot of variation in the locations they shoot and almost all sets are extremely brightly lit. I would have liked some more outdoors scenes as well as more mood light (a fireplace or a bathtub with candles or what not) After browsing the site for a few hours I could recognize the setting for the secretary scene and there seems to be a snow white outfit that at least 7 models use, also don't even get me started on the red riding hood or the hooters girls.

More cosplay outfits, more corsets and shoes, more locations for the scenes and more focus on mood would help.

Now don't get me wrong, I am listing all my cons here, but in the end I saved thousands of images from this network. The models they have are exclusive and extremely hot. Also they usually have more than five sets with each model so if you really like a girl you can see her in multiple outfits and often with multiple hair styles as well.

Another nice thing is that they focus a lot on the girls faces and some of the models are incredibly cute.

I do wish they had a better model index though. Right now the model page has one image for each models and the photo is not always very clear. Also it's almost always a full body shot, which makes it hard to see the girls face.

So the bottom line is that the site is great if you want softcore glamor shots of girls. As a bonus you get some videos and access to a pretty active community that discusses the girls, talks about upcoming features and, as far as I can tell webmasters who actually listen to the users.

There are some downsides and they need to do some more work, add more navigation options (maybe a quick way to sort the top rated models, or an improved thumbnail system). Better directed and edited videos and a few less ads in the member section would also be nice.

Nonetheless overall this is a great glamor site. If the girls played with toys or with themselves more this would be an incredible place. Right now I'd say it's great for anyone very interested in different outfits and stockings and okay for the great majority. A solid 80 for their target market, a 60 or so if you want more nudity and hardcore action.

10-30-11  07:16pm

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Visit Massage Creep

Massage Creep

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 100 scenes and updates seem to come every 7 days or so.
- Just like the rest of the network they offer the scenes in a range of formats including very nice looking HD (1250x700) as well as standard sizes and small clips (MP4 and MPG for smaller resolution asn WMV for HD). They also offer HD images for each set at 3,000px × 2,000px (zip archives available).
- Great download speeds, no issues with time-outs or auto-log out
- Good network navigation and similar videos on the rest of the affiliated sites (see my network review for more details for all sites)
- Interesting concept and pretty well executed with some nice banter and good looking models. It's definitely not your regular gonzo, no set up porn, but it's not really the small scene porn from old DVD's
- There is a lot of focus on the girl's body (the guy rubs her with oil all over and you get a lot of nice close-ups)
- Well filmed, good mix of close-up and far away shots, overall the scenes look good
Cons: - They need a better thumbnail system. Right now the one image they show for each scene is not indicative at all of how the model looks or what will happen in the scene. They also need a way to see all models involved in the site so you could easily browse them (there is a bit too much focus on network wide navigation)
- Some fake cumshots (not many, and the newer stuff seems to be all natural facials, but just a heads up)
- In some scenes the sex doesn't start until minute 20 or so. If you like a good set-up then this site will work well for you, but if you want quick sex this site might be too slow to get to the "good stuff"
- Some scenes are not edited very well (see bellow for more details)
- The download links don't automatically start the download, you have to use a right click save as (no big deal, but really this whole network only had small issues if you like their type of content)
Bottom Line: I listed several cons up there, but if you read through them you'll see they are mostly cosmetic stuff. They need a better site navigation system, a better preview system for each scene, fixing a link. Stuff that could easily and probably will be fixed in the future. For the most part, the network is strong and there are no big negative aspects, as long as you like their type of content.

I talked a bit in my Pornpros review how the entire network has a unique vibe to it. That is very true for this site as well. The models all look more or less similar (big boobs, young-ish, probably around 20 or so, American and Caucasian)
There is a set up, that feels a lot more natural than the old DVDs where the models were all stiff and unbelievable, but it's a set up nonetheless.
And finally we get about 20 minutes of good old fashioned plain sex (no anal, no ass to mouth, deepthroats, threesomes or other crazy stuff.)

The whole site feels fun and light hearten. A masseur visit some young girl, oils her up then cums on her face and tells her to let it soak in for 5 minutes.

During the massage he talks to her and we hear all about what the girl is studying in school or how she is working out to stay in shape or how loosened up she feels. Around halfway through the video the guy uses a vibrator on her, or gives her head (It's nice to see a site where the guy pleases the girl a bit before the sex) Then we get the sex scene and a facial ending.

Nothing incredibly revolutionary, but nonetheless the scenes are fun to watch and due to the intro we get to know the model better than many other sites. In fact I'd say that is the main strength of this site, instead of just throwing you into a sex scene you get to see the girl, the set-up of the table, the foreplay and you get to hear her talk while her breasts are massaged. In a way it's like an pre-scene interview, but a lot more interesting.

Another strong point is the way a lot of the scenes are filmed with many angles, good close-ups of the girl's breasts (a lot of focus on breasts on this site) some close-ups of the sex as well as interesting sex furniture pillows (they often use these triangle foam shapes that perk the girl's ass into the air and make doggy style look more interesting)

The only issue with the whole idea is that there are some awkward editing mistakes that make some scenes awkward. I remember in the Brooke Adams scene you can hear her moan while her mouth is closed and the guy cums gallons of fake semen on her face. In another scene the director interrupts the actors to give some directions and then calls "Action". We get too see the filming crew in mirrors. Sometimes the male models face is censored (to protect his anonymity I guess) but a few minutes later you can see him clearly.

I know these are not big issues, but when you're trying to create a certain vibe for your scene continuity errors can make it all feel completely fake and kill the mood.

The other downside for me is the quality of the models. I couldn't help but compare this to Fuckedhard18, which has the exact same set-up (massage girls then fuck them :) but Fucked hard has much, much hotter girls. Massage Creep seems to focus mostly on big breasts/big booty regardless of how cute the girl is (a bit too much MILF and tattoos on Massage Creep for my taste), whereas the Fucked hard site is almost entirely young models that look stunning with the oil on their body (maybe it's the way they film as well, as some scenes on Massage Creep could have used a bit more organized light)

I guess it's more of a personal choice really, and I believe the preview pages for each site shows pretty well what kind of girls are on each network so you can draw your own conclusions. Nonetheless Fuckedhard wins over Massage Creep in my book.

Overall, at this point if I had to choose one massage site to join I'd go with FuckedHard18 since the content is very similar, but they have better looking models and more scenes.
However, joining Massage Creep means access to the Porn Pros network, which has a ton more similar videos, some much more attractive girls and a bunch of different content.

I guess as far as bang for you buck Porn pros is the winner, but if you really, really love massage sites FuckedHard is the way to go.

10-08-11  08:06pm

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Visit X-Art


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Around 130 video scenes and a lot more images (they update 3 times a week, twice with image sets and once with a video, the images go all the way back to 2007 so you do the math, but there are a lot :)
- Videos available in various resolutions up to 1920x1080 HD and images available in 1200, 2000 or 4000 PX.
- Some incredible images of young looking models, for the most part each scene has around 40-60 images and the girls usually start already naked or almost naked. Some very good, artistic shots and a lot of play with light on the girls forms and interesting angles.
- A lot of exclusive models, that look very good (you get to see nice breasts and round forms, but no extra fat)
- Starting to include hardcore and lesbian sex, and the videos are keeping the site's general vibe.
- Good download speeds/ no issues with downloads, log-in or navigation.
- Enjoyed the description of each scene, which although on the long side are nice erotic stories
Cons: - Videos are around 6-8 minutes each and the solo ones feel like they don't have much of a climax. For almost all videos the action starts as soon as the scenes opens, making for a bit of a rough-ish intro.
- I would enjoy a few more outfits (stockings, high heels etc.) A lot of the models are completely naked for the entire scene.
- Some of the models only have a 2-3 photo sets. I'd love it if they could get a few solo sets, a lesbian and a hardcore set from each girl.
- Some sets have as low as 10 photos. The 40-60 range is nice, especially since most girls start out naked, but why not have more images, since they already have the model in the studio and are paying her?
- The vibe of the videos can be either a big plus or a a negative. They start with a musical intro and are edited to feel very erotic/ dreamy. The camera doesn't really do close-ups of the girl, there are white sheets all over and the lighting feels very erotic. It's a unique vibe and some might love it.
Bottom Line: I joined this site looking mostly for some solo shots of girls I haven't seen before. In that aspect the site delivers very well. They have around 100 models and are constantly updating with more girls. They select almost entiurely European and American models and while I wish they had more Asian or black girls, the selection they have so far looks great (Quite a few readheds, different body types and a lot of very cute faces). Also, while they do have a few better known models, for the most part I believe they showcase newcomers to the industry, with a lot of girls I have never seen before.

The photos and videos all have a very erotic approach. There is a lot of focus on light, shadows and forms. The scenes are named stuff like: "Just married", "Young love", "First time", "Sex, love and happiness" and each video starts with an orchestral musical piece that leads into the action. The entire focus is on the models, their supposed innocence and nudity.

There is a particular vibe to the site and it's consistent from the design, the elaborate descriptions of each scene (they are longer than many other site I've seen and each one seems to be unique and thought out, a mini erotic short story for each shot) to the type of models they choose, the locations and action in the scenes. It all feels like an artsy, softcore site although they have boy-girl scenes as well as a lot of toy play and lesbian sex.

If you're into that Teen-dreamy, 18 year old innocence vibe the site is very consistent and delivers excellently with a variety of models and types of scenes. They also have quite a loty of outdoors scenes as well as scenes inside large architectural structures. Very interesting from an artistic perspective and I saved many images to use as wallpapers.

The closest site I can compare it to is ftvgirls.com but here the girls seem to fit into the young adult, innocence niche more neatly than FTV. Also the quality here is much higher and downloads were much faster. Some other similar sites are of course Met-Art and Nubiles, but I'd say Nubiles is more hardcore than this site and Met-Art a more softcore.

Overall you have to make sure you like this type of content before joining since there is no network site to offer different content. Also you have to be sure you like photos since most of the content here is images (although they are updating new hardcore stuff regularly).

Now that we determined who the target audience is for this site I'll comment a bit on the negative aspects. Videos feel too short and many of the photos scenes are also on the short side. While I don't mind 8 minutes of video when they are as well edited as the content on this site. I do wish they would offer more variation. Different outfits, more stripping, foreplay before the sex or lesbian action would be nice.

Also I remember one scene with 3 girls where they only offer 13 images. That seems like a criminal waste. Even if the girls weren't going to do a lesbian scene they could have a few more shots of the three of them touching or getting each other naked.

Speaking of lesbian scenes, right now there is no really easy way to find all boy girl, lesbian or solo scenes. You can navigate the site by videos, all updates or model index. More options would be nice, a category search will become a must as the site grows.

Some more bonuses would also be nice. Right now aside from the main content all the site offers is a behind the scenes blog which is kind of interesting, but not extraordinary (Just some updates on where theya re shootinga and the occasional behind the scenes image). If they partnered up with another similar site they could offer a much better deal. (They do have some live chats, but I don't think they are part of the membership and cost extra)

Bottom line: The site is well done and offers good content even if it's a bit on the short site. Good quality and fast downloads. Hot models and nice boy-girl, toy and lesbian scenes. If you like any of the models in the preview or really like this type of sites X-art could be a good deal. If you want gonzo hardcore, anal sex or a bigger focus on clothing/ heavier make-up, this site will probably disappoint. Don't sign up expecting Brazzers or Reality Kings, sign up expecting a more hardcore version of Met-art.

10-04-11  04:18pm

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Visit Gag Factor

Gag Factor

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Many, many scenes. I lost track of count around 200, but they probably have more. The site started uploading on August 20, 2003 and doesn't seem to have missed a month yet, with several months having multiple scenes uploaded. September and August this year have 3 scenes each so hopefully they'll get up to weekly updates.
- Some gorgeous girls (Chastity Lynn, Nicole Ray, Capri Anderson) along a bunch more girls I didn't recognize, and a few very nice behind the scenes videos
- Videos from 2008 onwards are available in 640x340 WMV. Images are available as 750px × 500px, but no zipped archives and there are only around 50 or so per scene. The site is clearly focused on video.
- Access to Americanbukkake.com, OverStuffedHoles.com, GhettoSwarm.com & HardcoreFuckMachines.com
- Some of the most intense deep throat action out there. They focus on getting the girls covered in semen and spit and face fuck them intensely. A lot of very nice variation in videos, content and models.
Cons: - Older videos are only available as 320x240.
- Images are pretty hard to download and are not as detailed as the videos(some are just the girl striping then a few shots of the ending).
- The site's navigation need a serious face lift. Right now it's just one long page with all the scenes presented with one thumbnail and the models name. There are some lesbian scenes, but no way to find them, no way to sort by model or type of action in the scene.
- The scenes feel a bit to short with some clocking under 8 minutes (The one with Chastity Lynn is literally just a guy walking in, fucking her mouth for 7 minutes and fade-out). I understand it's just a more intense BJ, but I'd like an interview with each model, maybe a bit of stripping, something to add a bit more fore-play to the scene (that way if you want just the action you can always fast forward. )
Bottom Line: As both previous reviews on here mention, most of the content here is also available on DVD's and especially for older stuff that is probably a better option as the 320x240 resolution is not that good. That being said, I still found this network a good value.

First of all I have to say that I loved the videos, they are intense and fun with all the girls seeming to enjoy the scene or at least tolerate it fairly well. The compassion with Facialabuse is inevitable and I found the scenes here just as intense with great deep- throating spiting and cumshots, however for the most part the models here seem to have a much better time and the cameraman doesn't insult them/ treat them as sluts. This site feels a lot like good old video porn if you remember stuff from around the 2000 when it was all about a few well known stars who would do over the top, fun and ridiculous porn.

Notice how above I said "for the most part" because the older videos are a bit more similar to the facialabuse model. The male model walks in, sometimes slaps the girl or calls her a cock-hungry slut then facefucks her. That is the older stuff, almost everything since 2008 is either a brief interview followed by a hardcore BJ or a small scene with maybe a minute of set-up before the BJ. Either-way, everything feels over the top and fun, giving the site a nice vibe (with no excessive vomit, name calling, confused looking amateurs or abuse)

I also really enjoyed their choice of models, with a lot of good looking girls getting their faces covered in spit ans semen. There is tons of ruined make-up, choking and swallowing and this site probably has some of the most intense deep throat for many well known models. Furthermore, there are a ton of cool outfits, stockings, corsets as well as high heels and cute skirts. Overall a nice variation in locations, outfits, models and types of scenes.

Another nice feature are the Behind the scenes videos and I only wish they were longer. They capture some great moments with the girls, including candid interviews and little mistakes. Overall some of the best behind the scenes videos I've seen in a long while (I remember one particular scene where the girl is telling the cameraman how she is engaged to the male model and wants to plan the wedding when the guy just walks in, pushes her back and starts fucking her mouth. Priceless stuff.).

Now a big downside is that each scene is just a blow job, no stripping, the girl doesn't masturbate or fool around. They get to the blow job pretty quick, which on one hand makes the site feel less like just another porn site and more unique (No BS, just blow jobs here). On the other hand it's hard to feel like you're getting your money's worth when you don't even get some good views of the girls vagina. In fact there are some scenes where the girl keeps her clothes on the whole time. I wasn't expecting sex (although that would be nice) but at least a bit more than a face fuck would be cool.

Of course better quality videos would be great. Zipped archives of the images are a must and a better site design is needed (Also more of a description of each scene on the preview page would be nice, right now we get the model name, the date it was added and one single thumbnail that is not very representative).

So overall the site has some serious flaws and it feels like whoever designed this was way more concerned with getting cool videos than having a good webdesign, but the scenes make up for these issues and considering how much fun they are I'd say a month membership is not a bad deal. (Did I mention they have a scene with a girl in mime make-up? How can you say no to a site that has a girl in mime make-up? :)

Even more, the bonus sites are a nice value with a lot more good looking models in pretty hardcore action.

So the bottom line: If you like blowjobs, fun scenes and don't mind seeing mostly well known pornstars this site is for you. However, if you want more than intense blow jobs and need HD scenes you should probably look somewhere else (Facialabuse, Teencoreclub, Gagngape are all a good alternative choice.).

10-01-11  10:20pm

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Visit Brutal Dildos

Brutal Dildos

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 390 scenes (120 anal an the rest lesbian or vaginal) (Potentially way more videos with the network membership but had some errors, see bellow)
- Both American and Russian models of good quality :) What other site offers Aspen and Chastity on the same page?
- Earliest content is from 2005, but there seem to be a lot more recent updates, with several videos posted this year (07 of 2011 seems to have been a great time for them) (However the updates seem completely random)
- Very hot and very extreme action. I wouldn't say they are better than anal acrobats, but the site is up there. Great close-ups of massive gape, a lot of ass to mouth and indeed brutal dildos
- Very good looking models who truly seem to enjoy the action.
-Decent options when it comes to downloads (1920 WMV to 640 mp4 or mpg, although older content is just 640 and 320) Overall all the scenes I looked at were very decently lit and played well. Photos are zipped and good quality
Cons: - The main issue I had with the site was in the network area. For example the lesbian section of the site actually leads to huge strap-on lesbians site. This doesn't mean that brutal dildos doesn't have lesbian content it's just categorized under the solo archive. This would be fine if the links worked properly, but half the time trying to go to a different site in the network lead to me getting a big error and having to log back in. Which also meant that all the downloads I had going were canceled. In the end the webmaster was nice about it, but so far the issue is still not really fixed.

- Speaking of content being categorized wrong, there is no real way to sort through the scenes. You get a vaginal or anal dildo checkbox but that is it. No way to select the age of the model (which ranges quite a lot) or if she's Russian or American

- To make things worse the bonus pics and movies are a joke. Old content that looks dated and is hard to navigate.
Bottom Line: So what is the bottom line? The site promises brutal dildo action and delivers it plenty. Sure there are some quirks with the network and sure some of the models might not be the hottest girls on the planet (especially the older updates have some really questionable girls) but damn the site delivers.

Each video is about 20 minutes and they tend to start with the girls stripping a bit, playing with themselves and generally getting ready. Then we get one or two huge novelty dildos and depending on the video we get to see some incredible vaginal stretching or some massive anal gape. For the most part the girls seem really into it and suck the dildos periodically, play with themselves and look into the camera often enough. Also it's nice to see them riding the dildos and look really excited.
The enthusiasm of the girls is what really sells this site. I've been a member of many hardcore and anal sites and very often you get a girl that looks bored or uncomfortable, not here sir. This is one of those few sites where the models all seem into it and the fact that they do the insertions themselves seems to make most girls a lot more comfortable and open. Great job in that aspect.

So far the site seems great, enthusiasm, great action, decent videos, hot models (again, the more recent ones are great, with a few hidden gems in the archive) however there are several flaws that bring the score down.

One of the flaws inherent in a dildo site is that some scenes will simply look fake, when a girl kisses the balls of the dildo, trying to look sexy it sadly seems mostly stupid. I get that they should lick the dildos but why do they have to pretend it's a real cock? Also since no one is really cumming in these shots most scenes kinda just end. Some girls try to seem satisfied, but some just look the same and the video cuts to black. A bit more acting towards the end could really help some of these scenes.

Also for a site that is all about extreme insertions you get a surprisingly little amount of DP or variety among the toys (I swear I started to recognize the dildos from one scene to the other) I guess I'm a bit spoiled by Analacrobats, the ultimate when it comes to anal and dildos, but it just felt like this site could benefit from a bit of creativity. At least many of the models have stockings and cute outfits so that somewhat redeems things.

Finally one other thing that bothered me about content was that some "recent" updates are clearly older material (given away by both in the way the models look and act as well as the lack of a HD version of the video) I guess that is bound to happen but I still felt a bit cheated. To make things just a bit worse I found one or two videos from other sites. No big deal but a bit of a shame really.

I already mentioned that I had some connectivity issues with some sites in the network not automatically logging me in (most worked fine, but once it a while I'd get a bad cookie or something) Also, like I mentioned the bonus pic and movie section is mostly some very poor quality jpegs and some old DVD's that are really a let down.

But enough with the negative stuff. Like I said for the most part the site delivers and the network helps make it a decent deal, especially if you're bored with boy girl hardcore sex and you have most of Anal Acrobats already. There are some great scenes here and while you're bound to recognize many of the models they are still cute and willing to do some pretty crazy stuff for your entertainment.

Before you join do make sure you're okay with extreme dildo action. If you're troubled by girls gaping orifices, ass to mouth and other generally intense sex this is not for you.

09-09-11  11:36pm

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Visit Defiled 18

Defiled 18

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: - Good quality video and images.
- Pretty good looking models. The same high quality girls that the rest of the Teencorenetwork has.
- Comes with the rest of the network subscription so it's just more good content for the same price.
- Sometimes download speeds are incredible. 1 mb per second is pretty impressive in my book although sometimes speeds are ridiculously slow...about 50/50 I'd say)
-Same simple navigation the rest of the site has.
-Scenes are different from the rest of the site, more hardcore, more intense looking and not every scene has the same set of actions. (Some girls get more spanking, some are tied to a big X wooden cross, some spend more time in the cage etc. ) For the first time we get directions from the camera-man and the girls speak a bit. It's not much, but it's different from the usual Teencore stuff where the girl walks in and is naked and sucking cock within 30 seconds.
Cons: - Sadly I fear that they won't update this site anymore. I hope to be wrong but this seems to be another site like cumholics or analyzedgirls or one of the many other sites the network sets up but never uploads to.

-Again no zip files for the images, the photo sets are not very well planned (you get 30 images of the same deepthroat, then a close up of a cock, then another 20-30 images with very slight differences... rather disappointing)

- No choices as to what video size you want. I don't need the super high quality but can't choose something else.

- Navigation of the network is a pain (read my review of the teencorenetwork to see what I mean)

- The interaction between the girls and the male model as well as the camera-man are an improvement in my opinion, but sometimes they are ridiculous. Having a girl who does hardcore on the rest of the site say she's a virgin is a bit weird if you ask me. I guess getting models who speak better English is out of the question...
Bottom Line: I've been with this network for a long time. I love the models they have and the hardcore action they do. However, even more than the hot girls I used to love the old teach my ass site, mostly because the guy would interact with the models before the actual sex.

I know this is not everyone's cup of tea but what really makes a porno interesting for me is getting to know the model. I want to see her get naked, get ready for the sex scene, I want to get a bit of a connection with the girl before she has a cock in her ass. Call me a romantic :) but I'm the kind of guy who back in the DVD era used to watch the backstage features before the actual sex, just to get an idea of how the girl really is.

That kind of connection with the female models is something that in my opinion always lacked from this network. The girls are incredibly cute, but except for a quick glimpse of her walking out of the room at the end, you never saw the real girl, you just saw the porn actress. Many other Russian sites get around the language barrier by having translators (Woodmancastingx anyone? ) or by having backstage scenes where you can see the girls showering and joking around (21sextury).

Sure, you don't need interviews with the girls or backstage stuff, but it makes the scenes a bit more interesting. And this site has finally got it right (even more than Spermatino, which was supposed to be all about the backstage experience)
Here let me give you and example or two: Seeing Jill naked in a cage ask "what should I do" in broken Russian while looking straight at the camera with gorgeous eyes makes the scene incredible hot in my opinion, much more than any amount of ass pounding can. Or you have Flick look half smiling/ half scared at the cuffs, or Eva smile as she wipes cum of her face... just small moments that remind you that these are real girls, doing incredible hardcore scenes.

Unfortunately we don't only get that, we get the cameraman constantly barking commands like "yes yes, hurry, hurry pet yourself" and breathing heavy into the camera... a more soft handed approach could get the same results. But you know what even with the creepy cameraman this site is one of my favorite on the network because it's different. Every other site is pretty much the same scene only with different girls (now he'll force her to do deepthroat, now she'll do anal, now he does this and that and that... boooring) But they are getting better and this site is a huge step in the right direction.

You have spankings, scenes where you see them lube the girl up or where she fists hereself, more stripping and self petting than any other site on the network. At the end of each scene the girls take a few minutes to wipe the semen off their face and smile to the camera. It all makes the models more real, more human and that makes the whole scene a hell of a lot sexier.

I'd love to see more of this, more backstage, more interviews, more focus on the models. Of course improved web design, better download speeds and maybe an option for streaming. I'd love to see better photo shoots and a bio page for each model showing all the scenes they do across the network. I'd also love a lower price (how the hell does 21 sextury manage to do everything else for a much lower monthly cost?)

Anyway, the site is great and I hope it will continue to update. The network has some incredible models and it's worth checking out, but be ready to deal with some technical issues and some repetitive scenes (although as I said before, they do seem to get better and if I review this network in a year I'm sure I'll have a lot more positive stuff to say. )

09-03-11  10:01pm

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Visit Double Teamed Teens

Double Teamed Teens

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: - This whole network has some of the hottest European girls doing hardcore. Each one of the models does full DP, oral and there is always a facial at the end
-The site focuses on the girls faces, so even when the two guys are going at it you can see the girls face (most of the time)
-Most models seem to enjoy the sex and they are smiling during and at the end of it all. Overall it looks realistic and the models do a great job
-Very little foreplay, no interviews, no stripping. Just a lot of hardcore (which can be good or bad)
-about 76 scenes and they still update this site quite regularly (although at random times as far as I can tell).
-The tour gives a perfect idea of what you'll get inside. The girls really are that hot and they really do hardcore scenes.
Cons: - Technical issues are what kills this network for me. I've had everything from passwords not working right, to downloads crashing to snail slow speeds. It's really sad that for a site with such great content they don't have better technology.
-The scenes can get a bit repetitive as each one seems to have the same few positions over and over. It starts with the girl sitting on a couch or bed, the two guys walk in take her clothes off and she gives them both heard for a few minutes. Then one guy will either fuck her vagina or her but while she blows the other. Reverse cow and oral, then reverse cow turns into DP, they switch that to missionary DP and big ending. You can almost set your watch to how predictable these scenes are. At least in some of the more recent ones the girl keeps some clothes on or has socks, otherwise it would be the same over and over and over...
-Someone else mentioned that some girls aren't animated enough, and indeed it depends from model to model.
Bottom Line: I loved this network. Here is where I first saw Aspen and Sasha (if you like young Russian girls you probably know exactly who I'm talking about. They are very hot) The models are incredible and many of the gapes and facials are memorable.
Just look through the free tour until you see Camila or Virginee or Jenna... Damn, there are so many of them and they are all very hot. Of course with 76 different models you'll get some girls that could act better and a few of the girls are not my cup of tea, but overall outstanding quality.

The video is not the best and they don't offer you different options (everything is in WMV and one size) but it works well enough and everything is clear in the scenes. I personally re-encode everything in smaller sized mp4 and am quite happy with the results

One big thing for me is the fact that the make up is just enough to make the girls look fair skinned and attractive, but in no way over the top. Great job in making them look perfect without covering their natural beauty.

The male models could be better, they sometimes seem like they don't care and I remember one video where one guy has knee high black socks that reminded me of my grandpa. But you know what, overall they do a good job, are quiet and fuck the girls properly, so no big complaints there either.

So if I were to recap what I said so far: there are some small annoyances with the content, some of the girls could act a bit more interested, some cumshots could have more cum in them :) but nothing that stands out as incredibly bad.

Sadly, here come the technical issues and the site drops from a 95+ to 80. Passwords don't work, I get logged out. There is still no zip for all the images. No overarching network structure. I know someone mentioned you can see what other sites the girls appear on I still haven't found that option and there is most definitely no decent model page where you can find all info on a girl quickly.

I have mentioned some of these issues over the years in my e-mails to tech support. When they answered they were nice and promised new updates...nothing much has changed in well over 1 year of membership. The network keeps adding sites, which is great, but many are not updated after a few months and feel more like a way to attract new clients with the promise of over 47 bonus sites. Overall, more caring webmasters and better customer support could go a long way towards making this the best network out there.

I still have high hopes that they will improve their support and turn around. Until then I think the price is simply too high for what you get. Maybe subscribe once and get everything you want, then consider it once every few months.

08-27-11  02:23pm

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Visit Asshole Fever

Asshole Fever

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -When you join the site you get instant access to the 21sextury network of 30 or so websites and eventually you have the entire network.

-Very nice bonus program (after a few months you end up paying 10 bucks and you get a ton of websites that range a lot of niches)

-Each of the 351 scenes has zip images as well as video (most have mp4 and wmv as well as HD and normal version)

- The navigation is decent, no need to log out and back in, you can select different thumbnail views and the models pages are nice to navigate. Overall no problems navigating the entire network from one place.

- Some very hot models (Aspen is gorgeous in her recent scene, but there are several keepers here)

- The site delivers what it promises, each scene has prolonged anal sex usually with some gaping shots, some DP thrown in for good measure.

- The images are shot independently of the video, which means that you get a few more nice angles instead of screen caps of what you already saw.
Cons: - The site still has some bugs, do not try to navigate the site while downloading stuff and keep in mind that after each session your download list will become useless and you need to log in again.

- Download speeds can vary a lot sometimes slowing to a crawl.

- Some info on video sizes would have been nice

- All the girls have a very mainstream porn look, as opposed to the teen sites in the network here every girl has a ton of make-up and each scene goes pretty much the same way (girl plays with herself a bit, blows two guys and gets pounded) No backstage videos, no interviews and the few videos where the girls talk are in broken English with a pretty thick accent.
Bottom Line: The site improved a lot since I last visited it and the interesting loyalty program makes this a nice place to visit for the long term. The biggest issue I had was that the focus is on creating a very mainstream porn feeling. The teen sites like Lezcuties and analteen angels are much more unique and I feel like the models are highlighted much better, but on here almost each scene feels like a hustler video. If you have gorgeous european models who are willing to do anal, why waste it on cookie cutter stuff?

Luckily lezcuties and some other sites in the newtwork make up for this, but even adding a few backstage scenes to make you feel more connected to the model could improve the feel of the site IMO.

Other than the overall feeling of the site I didn't have any major issues. While I was concerned about technical problems I have to say that so far I have seen nothing worse than the bugs competing websites have. The downloads worked fine as did the streaming (which was slow as hell though, much rather download the videos and enjoy them without lag)

The navigation works and although more search options would have been nice there are several options that made me happy (the ability to change how you see the thumbnails made me a happy man)

So if you like hot European girls and want more hardcore action that Nubiles can offer than this could be a good place to check out. I'd say it probably ranks above Teen sex mania's Gag and gape in my book, just because most scenes look more energetic and it ranks as high as teen core club because of the cute models. If they could get more girls like Aspen, Amabella and Cherie we'd have an awesome network.

In case that last paragraph where I mention names sounded confusing I recommend browsing the free tour since it allows you to view all the models and decide for your self is this is a site that you'd like or not.

01-03-11  08:46pm

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Visit Load My Mouth

Load My Mouth

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Around 616 videos and 53 picture sets, most of the videos are from 320x240 MPGs to 720x480 WMV (the images are 1600x1200 and most scenes have screencaps which are pretty crappy)

- A lot of variance in the scenes, although the focus is on oral and cumshots . Most scenes are POV with some quick interviews followed by hardcore action which ends in a cumshot.

- Some of the actions are a little more interesting with girls licking their feet, giving footjobs (including a nice footjob from Sandy Sweet) and there are some threesomes and anal scenes.

- Very quick downloads

- Streaming worked flawlessly

-The navigation and the whole network are easy to access and it's easy to look for specific scenes.

-None of the girls seem abused or humiliated, although the sex is a bit rough. Most of the girls seem to have a good time and the site feels pretty professional yet fun.
Cons: - The models could be cuter, there are many girls that look a bit on the trashy side and occasionally the make-up and lighting doesn't help. It's interesting that the same model on other sites in this network looks better (the close-up POV might be to blame as it gives a pretty amateur, close-up and personal feel)

-The site loads a pop-up in the back for a review network.

- There are three levels of membership, be careful when joining that you select the one membership level that you want. The moviez+ should give you everything you want, but it could be a bit pricey. Unfortunately it sucks when you have a lower level membership and you see a video you really want that is only moviez+

-The whole site feels a bit more amateurish than the rest of the network, which can be a bonus or a downside, for me it was more of a downside, the light in many scenes was disappointing, but maybe it was just me...
Bottom Line: Overall the site is a decent collection of oral sex, although many scenes also have some sex or at least the girl stripping and playing with herself.
Most models look very natural, with little make-up to the point where it was almost too minimal for me. The natural look of the Pierre woodman network, but with somewhat less cute models.

This doesn't mean the site doesn't have some cute girls like Kara Mynor and Sandy Sweet. Overall the feel was similar to teenyboppers, where the girl comes in and after a quick interview is blowing the guy, pretty standard although the footjob scenes break the mold.

Hmm, I am noticing that almost every paragraph I write contains a positive and a con, which is probably the best way to describe the site, some people will love the natural, amateur feel, but unless you love oral and have a thing for feet it might leave you disappointed.

On it's own I don't think it would stand, but as part of the larger pornstarnetwork it's a pretty decent deal. What is also nice is that the network is very well designed so very soon you can find yourself on a completely different part of the site browsing some obscure model. I wish more sites would use this kind of powerful cross-site integration, beats the model where you have to log into each site individually.

Either way, the bottom line of the whole review is that this site doesn't make this network, but ads some spice and matches the feel of sites like Firstsexvideos and Bruno B Reloaded. If you like amateurs and natural looking girls give this network a chance and if you get the premium moviez+ membership you will have a pleasant experience.

11-08-10  09:04pm

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Visit Torbe Network

Torbe Network

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - A fairly large network which offers 34 sites (although several only have around 20-40 videos). Overall you should get 800 scenes, most of them available in various formats (including a PSP and Ipod format which I took full advantage off)

- Most scenes are decent quality (as usual older ones are lower quality and as you get newer stuff it goes up to around 1280x720)

- Some sites have zipped photos, some don't. The ones that did have images were decent quality at 1200x 800.

- The big draw of the site are the amateur models which are mostly Spanish. A lot of them are very cute and they seem to really have fun. Almost all the network has a light-hearted feel and the girls giggle and seem relaxed. Also there is very little of the classic porn modeling where the girl looks turned-on but everyone can tell she's not.

- Downloads worked flawlessly and streaming was perfect.

- I had no trouble signing up or canceling, despite what everyone else on here mentioned.
Cons: - More scenes would have been nice, especially in the bukkake site.

- Several sites in the network are dedicated to only one model, which is fine as long as you like that model. It can be a hit or miss.

- Sometimes you get too much of the male models, their interaction with the girls is funny, but when the guys wear masks or make funny faces...it can get distracting.

- Some download managers have problems with this site( I recommend the firefox download them all extension. It has yet to fail me)
Bottom Line: Overall this network was a pleasant surprise, but I am very interested in teen and amateur porn. As such I tend to easily forgive a site is they make silly mistakes or if the male models are too in your face, hell I'll even accept a somewhat funky guy introducing almost all videos as long as I get a feeling of "this is unscripted, real sex with girls that are having fun." Which is what this site is all about.

Like I said you have very little of that glamour, airbrushed, playboy feel to the models, they don't open their mouths slightly, looking "sexy." they laugh and gag on too much semen and run to the bathroom and genuinely look cute and nervous. This feel made the site unique for me, now many people will find this boring or annoying and you have to be sure you like the models before joining.

Another point you should be aware off is that there are only a few anal scenes and overall the girls are treated very politely, there is no abuse or humiliation even in a mild form. Of course this is a double edged sword and as a person who liked a little rough sex I was a bit disappointed...but you can't always have your cake and eat it too.

For me the highlights of the network were TORBE COUPLES and the Freak Bukkake site as well as the dream teens. In all three the focus really seems to be on the girls and there are a ton of cute models who do hardcore (again, so anal or deep-throating, but we do get oral and regular sex in various positions)

The conclusion? I personally will keep an eye on this network and I hope they will continue uploading (they now have a nifty preview section so you know what's coming), but I am also a person that enjoyed Pierre Woodman tremendously and one of my top sites is Nubiles.com, because of the interview videos they have with the girls.

Either way, you should check out their tour page, because I find it's very descriptive of what you get inside (even if the view more buttons for each site doesn't work, at least you'll get a feel for the network)

11-01-10  07:40pm

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Visit Back Room Casting Couch

Back Room Casting Couch

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - about 130 videos and a new one every Tuesday evening. Unfortunately the videos are all different sizes, quality and can either be mpg or wmv, some of them only one or the other.

- some seriously hot girls. Look through the tour to see some very cute girls, and if you look on the porn tubes you can usually find one or two previews to his videos (only the highlights, for the good stuff you have to join)

- the scenes seem very unscripted, it's just a dude with a camera and a girl. Which means that sometime he runs around setting stuff up or he chats with the girl while she lubes herself, if you like that kind of real, pierre woodman-like stuff that you'll love this site. If you prefer perfect light, professional zoom-ins and generally more mainstream stuff, this might put you off. On the other hand seeing a girl hold a camera and then seeing how it shakes as she cums (and either they are incredible actors or they really cum) makes this site very unique.
Cons: - Download speeds can be slow at times. I got anywhere from 50kb to 900, no clue why or how.

- Whole site is very amateur-ish, just like the content. There is one video were he even says he accidentally forgot to turn on one camera so we just get one angle. I thought it was funny, but other people might feel cheated out.

-Some girls only do solo (only one or two, but still a tag system would have been nice) Unfortunately the site has no search and the descriptions are not always very clear. I remember for one girl he says he can't believe she does anal, well she doesn't :)

-Some girls are not first time on video. Nicole Ray and Chastity are both professional models and I bet a few more of the girls are too, kinda shame really since the amateurs are so much cutter. There is one read head soccer mom who tries anal and her scene is incredibility hot.

- No photos, really a shame.

- No bonus sites. I understand a year or two back the site came in a package, no more
Bottom Line: This site has two very big bonuses going for it. Hot amateur girls. Many of the models are truly shy and a bit uncomfortable and it shows, also the guy is not a huge douche like other porn models. I think I mentioned this before but he closely resembles Pierre Woodman, he is there to convince these girls to have sex on camera, but he won't abuse them more than they want to be abused and that makes the whole video a lot more enjoyable. Going back to that hot read-head soccer mom I mentioned before, she tries anal and is clearly uncomfortable and he immediately stops the scene instead of pushing it. The whole moment along with the look on her face lets you know this is real, unscripted sex, but with much better camera work than a truly amateur scene.

Oh and there is also the twitter, which the guy uses to posts future interviews and ask for feedback, very nice usage of the web 2.0 media.

Unfortunately, here is where the good things stop and I have to mention the very plain site design, the lack of bonus features, the lack of a decent search button and the fact that we don't get photo-sets. For the same price I pay here I can get a Nubiles or Little Mutt subscription and get three times the content. It's true those sites don't have the interviews and the whole "real" setting, but then again you can join woodmanX and get similar content and a lot more of it (then again woodman is more expensive and not all scenes are in English).

So, the bottom line? I love the site, but I can see how many people wouldn't feel the same way. It lacks in features and if you don't LOVE the pov, interview, reality kinda videos these will leave you feeling a bit cheated. I for one will download a bunch of the videos and probably join back in a year or so for the updates, in the mean time I am following the twitter feed and will enjoy that incredibly hot read-head (did I mention here already ? I feel like I did :).

08-16-10  11:10pm

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Visit Hardcore Youth

Hardcore Youth

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Cute models in hardcore action almost all of them do deep throat, anal and pretty rough sex/ dildo fucking.

- Around 16 video sets each one in pretty decent high quality 960x540 wmv, but only that option is available for download

- Very cute girls, this network always manages to get the cutest girls and that is really their biggest draw. I keep coming back again and again, despite the shitty navigation, the poor support and the somewhat repetitive style of the scenes (which they are starting to change by the way, the newest scenes in the network actually feature a very, very cute stripping scene and a little bit of dialogue with the girl)

-Never had problems downloading from them
Cons: - All the drawbacks of the teencorenetwork, such as:
-poor navigation, yes you can get around but there is no search, there are no model pages, there is no master page log-in so you have to go to each site in the network separately.

-a lot of the scenes feel a bit repetitive, but I think the newer videos and this site are meant to change that. Here every scene features different clothing and a tiny bit of a story. I think it's the first time I have seen them have the girls wear stockings for a scene.

-the site itself is very similar to the whole network and I simply don't understand why they don't update the older sites instead of constantly making new ones.

- no real update info. The teencoreclub network page tells you new videos are up, but no info on what is coming next

-all videos save as i0.wmv so have fun re-naming them

-no zips for images (they have very nice images but no way to get them down grrr)

-no streaming
Bottom Line: This whole network has a great advantage the models. They have, hands down the best looking teenage girls doing hardcore. These girls are so incredibly hot it's not fair. Almost each one is "too cute to be in porn" and then they go ahead and do annal and DP and deep throat. Look for Aspen, or Payton, or Coral or or or... They have literally hundreds of young very hot girls who don't appear anywhere else.

Now that we covered the big bonus, everything else is mediocre at best. The navigation is barely there you get 2 scenes per page and have a menu that takes you one page further. Basically exactly what you see in the page tours, no master page that let's you search all sites, no model pages, no search for a certain kind of action, nothing.

Another big problem is the lack of zipped image files. You'd have to literally sit there and download each image by hand as they don't really have a decent image slide-show on the site. No streaming, no mpg, mp4 video files. No options when it comes to downloading a video and at times the sites can be a bit slow. Never ever download more than 4 videos at a time and try to navigate the site.

Even more interesting the whole network keeps making new sites, but stops updating the old ones. I have no clue why, but right now the only actively updated sites are this one, youngthroats, the dp one, ass to mouth, try teens and I believe the teens try blacks and girls got cream. Why not just make one site and update it with the thousands of videos they have spread out through the whole network? No clue.

Anyhow, think of this like a drop dead gorgeous girl that will do anything you want as long as you also sleep with her hideous fat friend. (in that metaphor the fat friend is the site and the drop dead gorgeous girl are the drop dead gorgeous models that the site has :)

100 points for the girls, -20 for everything else, but it's worth it. Trust me it's very much worth it.

07-31-10  11:26am

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Visit Woodman Casting X

Woodman Casting X

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Pierre is very active on the forums, this is one of the few porn forums where people post daily and the webmaster answers questions.

- 315 hardcore videos of new girls, a lot of them very hot. A lot of anal, but nothing too rough or degrading. It really feels like the girls are having a good time.

- The long interviews and the behind the scenes add to the whole experience, if you like amateur models.

- decent download speeds

- regular updates.

- Videos come as wmv and mpg and the newer videos are HD. Not too many download options really...but the streaming worked perfectly and I ended up watching a lot of stuff on-line.
Cons: - Very, very disappointed with the photosets. They look very good, but you only get 10-30 pictures. Not worth it really ( BTW asked Pierre about them and he said he will never upload more photo sets).

- Most videos are in English.

- Many of the casting scenes that have sex are from one angle and they all have Pierre. There are other scenes in there, a lot of them with other male models, but about 100 or more are one angle Pierre with a girl.

- Disappointing that there are so many casting videos with girls that never appear again.

- The watermark was a bit distracting as it's huge and it's a spider on the new videos... a bit awkward.

- Not download manager friendly. Took me forever to download a few videos as it kept signing me out.
Bottom Line: If you want to enjoy this site you have to be a fan of casting videos with innocent young looking girls. You have to be willing to accept long interviews and some awkward moments during the sex scene (in one video the girl refuses to do oral and we get 10 minutes of Pierre arguing while his but is towards the camera)

However, these little accidents put you closer to the action than any site I have ever seen. These are real amateurs, not porn-stars and you get to see them awkwardly fumble on camera. For me that made the whole site well worth the steep price. For other people it will probably be a turn-off.

Another nice aspect is the fact that you get to see some girls go from the casting to a professional porn shoot and the change is amazing. You can see it's the same girl, but now she has professional make-up and professional lighting...it makes for an awesome contrast.

I also loved the forums and discussing the videos with Pierre, he really seems like a nice guy and I will probably hang around the site for a while just to support him.

I only hope that he adds better photo galleries and more hardcore scenes. Right now there are 300-ish hardcore scenes but over 2000 casting videos (an interview and the girl strips).

So, bottom line is this place better than the Brain Pass? Probably not if you're looking solely on value you get from you money. But you get to support a dedicated porn producer who finds a lot of sexy girls and convinces them to do anal and deep-throat in a non-demeaning way to the girl.

There are a lot of areas of the site that need improvement, but Pierre is working on them and hopefully this site will become a great place in the next years. In the meantime I recommend checking out firstanalquest and backroom castings as both of those were close to what is done here.

05-30-10  02:19pm

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Visit Facial Abuse

Facial Abuse

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 171 scenes about half of them in relatively small mpeg resolutions (300x something) and about half in several high definition formats (640x480, 720x480,1280x720 1920x1080) Also the download speeds are ridiculous two 1280 movies at over 1 gb each were down in about half an hour.

- each scene has photos at 1440px × 960px. Zipped archives are available.

- a lot of amateur looking girls (some cuter than others) and some real hotties like Amai Liu, Faye Runaway and Gina Lyn

- easy browsing, although a better search function would have been nice.

- really, really hardcore stuff. Deepthroating, a lot of anal and in the newer videos...a lot and I mean a lot of abuse.
Cons: - some of the girls are hotter than others and since they are theoretically amateurs you have everything from a goth chick with a pentagram tattooed on her back to a deaf girl and some chicks that should really not be in porn...I guess the site wins in the variety section.

- many of the more recent scenes are way to abusive. I mean I'm okay with anal sex, choking, even the spitting in the girls face (I have no clue who get's off to that but whatever...) Yet seeing some girls cry and beg the cameraman to do something else besides anal, or seeing a girl scream for them to turn off the camera...half the videos made me feel sorry for the girl (especially the new ones) You can really see that these girls signed up for more than they can handle and if that turns you on fine, for me it was a turn-off.

- the racial slurs were too much for me to handle. In Amai Liu's scene they keep making "sucky sucky" and "love me long time" jokes over and over again. NOT FUNNY!
Bottom Line: I am really trying to be objective in my review. This site offended me, (every girl is insulted and not even cleverly. The camera man just calls them whores and hillbillies and makes fun of their heritage in a pointlessly mean way.) but I guess some people will like it so I'll try to be objective.

This is one of the most abusive sites out there (even compared to Anal Acrobats and Buttman and Teach my Ass). In the earlier scenes the girls are cum covered but they look like they had some fun. In the more recent videos in the best case scenario the girl looks like she's thinking "Money, just hold out and get the money." In the worst case the girl runs away or she starts crying and bargaining with the cameraman. I guess if very rough sex is your fantasy this site is awesome. For me, especially after seeing nublies where the girls are treated like gorgeous special beings, this site was very depressing. Especially brutal was the scene where the girl has anal sex and collapses, but the guy pulls her back up onto his cock. Depressing...

On the positive side, the quality of the videos, the download speeds and the network content is good. For 20 bucks through PU this is a very good deal. But be warned if you don't want to see extreme porn don't go here.

10-07-09  09:43pm

Replies (2)

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