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Visit Zemani


Site back up and functioning?

This site appears to be back online running as usual. I was a member when it went inactive for five months back in 2013. I never got an extension on my yearly membership or any discount on a future memberships. They never bothered to even inform users about why it was not updating or when it might be coming back online. Nor did they close sign ups. Does anybody know why it was inactive for 5 months and then just sprung back to life? Now it appears to be running fairly regularly for the past 18 months.

I must say the content in the site was fairly good, but having half my membership wasted due to inactivity leaves a bad taste, especially when they made zero effort to inform people.

08-04-15  03:26pm

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Visit Nubiles.net

Reply of Cybertoad's Reply

I would assume so, I don't believe it would be retroactive because they would need to process all the source images again.

02-13-14  11:56am

Visit Nubiles.net

Reply of Nubiles Captain's Reply

Thanks for your candor. It's certainly impossible to please everybody, and if the majority appreciate that updating schedule then I can understand why you do it that way.

It is good to hear that image size will be increased, that will help the site immensely from my perspective. Sasha P is beautiful and it would be good to see her return.

02-12-14  11:23pm

Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: + Up to 7 Updates a day, 3-4 new models each week
+ Some great Euro models
+ Masturbation videos
+ New 1080p videos encoded with H.264 are glorious
+ Thumbnails for videos and seeking
+ Sizable archive and links to models on other sites
Cons: - Update schedule is disappointing
- Photo & Video set duplication
- Comparatively low picture resolution with a huge watermark
- Paltry collection for each model (typically 4 sets)
- Older videos (before late 2013) are WMV & 720p
Bottom Line: Nubiles.net proves to be a jack of all trades, master of none. The site features a large variety of European and American female models. Videos include both hardcore and masturbation, with the latter being the most impressive and a major strength. Hardcode videos are few and far between and should not be considered as a reason to subscribe. Picture sets are clear, but image size is a problem. The updating schedule is unlike other sites and proves an early obstacle.

Nubiles.net currently features 3-4 new models each week with 2-7 updates per day. After a week, three or four new models are introduced and the process continues. So if you donít like any of the models when the transition occurs, you wonít need to visit for another week. The upside is that when great model arrives, youíll get all her content in about a week, and I do mean ALL. The number of updates for most models is four picture sets and four videos (6 or 8 is rare). This is not a huge amount of content, especially when you take into account the duplication.

Pictures and Video sets frequently copy each other. So youíll see a picture set of a model in pink lingerie and in a few days have access to the video of her in the same pink lingerie. On one hand itís good to see the video to back up the pictures, but it hurts variety when it happens regularly. Itís like a manufacturing plant of pictures and videos, leaving little surprise. Youíve seen the content before, now you are waiting for the crisp video. Thankfully the 1080p masturbation videos are often worth downloading even if youíve seen the picture set.

Picture sets have plenty of photos and include a good ratio of clothing, lingerie and nudity. The backdrops are very clean, although models may repeat the actions from the video shoot or vice versa. The biggest problem with images is that they are inadequate resolution. Size is just 1600 x 2400 (under 4 megapixels) for the largest variety. This is not much bigger than a medium-sized set from met-art and a mere fraction of the full size. To make matters worse, all images have a watermark that is far too big for the picture dimensions. Nubiles.net does use a low compression jpeg (98), so the images are clear, but it still does not come close to similar websites in terms of picture size.

Overall, Nubiles.net struggles to compete with each of its elements. It only needs a few tweaks to become a great site. Firstly, change the updating schedule to produce surprises. Bring back popular models more often so they can build sizable collections. Change the video/picture set duplication so itís not so formulaic. Increase the picture resolution to around 10MP, so it can at least match similar sites. Nubiles.net is still recommended due to the sheer number of great models populating its archives, but there is plenty of room for improvements.

02-12-14  01:29am

Replies (12)
Visit MPL Studios

MPL Studios

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Genuine
-Great Models
-Behind The Scenes and Postcard series
Cons: -Expensive
-3000 pixels max
-No download manager support
Bottom Line: There is something special about MPL Studios that most other artistic nude websites fail to capture. The first thing I notice is how happy the models are in the photoshoots, big smiles and lots of joyful faces in most shoots. The next thing I noticed is how quite a few of the shots move away from pure nude model shots towards to the artistic side of the female body. This is shown in the bodyscape series where the camera places the body as if it was a landscape to be photographed.

Tease factor is generally quite good, most photosets will avoid extreme exposure and instead focus on amazing poses, great face shots, simpler views and sometimes the ďless is moreĒ concept Ė which works wonders. Some clothing, but there is more clothing in the postcard series or behind the scenes sets. The models will be present in a variety of series including videos. Videos are broken into two groups, explicit and sensual, good to see a split but they are often poorly assigned.

Set location is quite varied, outdoor and indoor, old buildings, feature walls, water, bedding etc. The sets arenít bad in size either, 50-80 images typically. What makes the sets much more impressive is the variety of the poses and/or the variety of the camera angles and focus. There are a few exceptions but most sets contain many varied shots and models all seem to be good at posing and talking to the camera.

The models on the site are also quite high quality, with mostly Russian, Caucasian and light framed models. Many will be familiar to FEMJOY and Met-Art members but with some exclusives. The great thing about the photo quality is that the models feel real, there is no touchup work, you can see the skin texture, you can see imperfections and everything feels genuine, aside from some blurry sets the quality is good. The maximum quality is 3000px on the longest size, in general this means about 6-7megapixels. This size is starting to get on the low size compared to other sites, but because of the quality and real nature of the photos it has an edge on the competition.

Site navigation needs some work; you cannot for instance head back to the main page of a gallery once you are browsing it, itís similar to hege-art. All images default at 600px and you must click on the smaller text sizes for larger resolutions. The website didnít support net transport for downloads, most sets arenít large and firefox manages most downloads well enough, no resume. Update counts are at least 1 a day, recently one or two days a week will have two updates which is like a great bonus (other sites could learn from). This helps bring up the value, MPL studios is not cheap, itís roughly twice the price of competing sites (hegre-art, errotica-archives, met-models) for the same set / picture amount. However I think the content is definitely worth the price of admission, purely to get the genuine, artistic, engaging photo series that other sites donít have. Will be resubscribing.

10-24-09  07:50pm

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Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of Drooler's Reply

Are you seeing this latest stuff Drooler? A set just released today.

Pure A - Accept (Majoly) is a prime example of the crap I am a disliking. Her face looks like a plasticine doll and her skin has no definition because somebody has taken out the blur brush and gone crazy.

I mean I've even noticed some other artists doing similar stuff now on Met-Art to varying degrees. RYLSKY has taken the wonderful face of Loreen and decided her smooth skin wasn't smooth enough by itself and applied a very agressive filter over some of the close shots.

Is this fakeness appealing to anybody? I registered to these sites to see some genuine beauty and they insist on photoshopping a lot of models. :(

10-01-09  06:07am

Visit Hegre Art

Hegre Art
Reply of Drooler's Reply

Just an update. I've been a member of this site for about a year now and I visit it even less than I was when I posted this review. When I do visit sometimes I open up some sets but am usually pretty disappointed by the content.

In a recent video of the Mexico Shoot Hegre talked about photography and what his aims where. He talked about playboy being so fake and something he hated and wanted to produce something much more real.

I'm not sure how his thoughts align with the sets that feature a bland monotone backgrounds, fetish items and sterile poses. If anything I can't help by think some of the sets are just like a portfolio, surely the audience wants something more engaging?

I haven't changed my mind, I won't be renewing my subscription. I only hope Anna S makes more sets at Met-Art and less at Hegre-Art ;)

Keep in mind I still think his photo quality is very good, clean, crisp. It's just what's in the photos that I find pretty ordinary.

09-04-09  03:14am

Visit MPL Studios

MPL Studios
Reply of Drooler's Reply

Well that doesn't sound too bad, I'm not planning to rip the site. Downloading more than one zip would have been nice. Sounds like all I would need to do is ensure only one thread is active in my download manager program. Thanks for the info I'll think about it.

08-08-09  05:39pm

Visit MPL Studios

MPL Studios
Reply of Drooler's Reply

I don't mind the black, I'm used to it from other sites :P

Does MPL studios still not support download managers? I think I read horror stories about them canceling accounts if people used download managers or something. Are you a current member Drooler? And if so do you recommend the website based on the sets you've seen in the last few months?

Anyway thanks for replying quickly.

08-08-09  02:21am

Visit MPL Studios

MPL Studios

new site?

Anybody noticed the change to the updates page?


Says: MPLSTUDIOS.com v2.0

Looks a bit better than the old updates page, has the members area also changed? Navigation for models looks better but is this just the tour or is the members changed? I was hoping for a launch discount but no luck.

Close to registering to check it out..

08-08-09  02:01am

Replies (4)
Visit Errotica Archives

Errotica Archives

Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Clean site design
-Consistent quality
-Some interesting videos
-Great set locations
-Good variety in sets
Cons: -Medium sets ~80pics (1 update per day)
-Very little tease (mostly nude)
-Too many ultra closeups
-Models are more curvy than other sites
Bottom Line: Errotica Archives is an interesting site, those familiar with met-art may know Erro. Currently number 1 user voted photographer on Met-Art. He's generally a good photographer, he produces consistent good quality shots, there is a certain texture to his work. He is fairly good at bringing out the good parts of models. This might be making them smile, making them more natural, this is seen in some of his videos.

He does love his close ups, and I mean really close. Super high resolution pictures of vagina in particular. So close I can clearly make out the 3D shapes of the grains of sand nestled in between pubic hair. It's really quite something to behold. For some it's a huge bonus, but for me I'd rather see more of the model.

One set a day and sets aren't huge, they range from around 50 to 120 images. Recent sets are around the 70-80 shot mark which is decent. The variety in the sets is pretty good, different locations, models have fairly good poses. Available in small, medium, large and sometimes extra large (for huge resolution). Download sizes are not that big, even extra large might only be a few hundred MB, depends on the size of the set mainly.

There are quite a few well known European models, verunka, iveta, danae, monika, marketa among the current 214 model count. Many from met-art, along with a few new models. Generally the models very curvy in comparison to met-art / hegre-art, which I don't enjoy as much. Another thing is that the sets feature very little clothing in general. Many sets are nude from picture one taking out another huge variable element and tease factor. Of the last 10 sets, only 2 had some form of clothing.

Overall I'd recommend the site. It does support download managers (flashget) and quality sets overall. The combination of lighting, location and Erro magic can produce some real gems. Navigation is alright, not having to reload the page if you change resolution is handy, but having to click twice to get to the set is a nuisance. Members area is the same as free tour and you can re-rate models. Personally I'd rather see more tease with clothes, less ultra close genital shots and perhaps some more petite models.

07-18-09  07:14am

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Visit Erotic Beauty

Erotic Beauty

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Extension of Met-Art
-Good quality photography
-Attractive models
-Download manager support, fast speeds
-Large sets zipped 100-150 photos per set (low, med, high)
-Popular models and artists
-Timely updates
Cons: -Database poor condition
-Mistakes in new updates
-Model name changes etc
-Very few videos (pro for some)
Bottom Line: Met-Models is possibly best thought of as an extension of Met-Art. Although it only offers one update per day it fits nicely in with Met-Art featuring a similar level of quality in both models and photographers. As a big fan of Met-Art I was often quite impressed by many of the sets from Met-Models, some of the better models also made their appearance on Met-Models first. The other good thing is that many of the models on MA will have photosets on MM, so as a collector youíll want to check MM out.

Unfortunately the database holding all this beauty is substandard. Returning models may have different names, some name changes are minor others completely different. Many different models may be listed under the exact same name making voting useless (e.g. ALENA). I have seen some new sets with typos or mistakes on the cover sheet, naming a different photographer than the set indicates. If you want to search the archives youíll be in for hell because of this poor database. They need some people to go through and sort it all out into correct model names and remove the duplicates. Not having model information also doesnít help and is a bit disappointing. Another annoyance is the reluctance to use the Modelís name from MM or MA on either site if the model has been seen their first, this is possibly due to the backlog of updates. Iíd like to see consistency across the sister sites so you donít need to know what the modelís aliases are. Iíve tried contacting the website support with a list of duplicated models but they have not done anything or replied.

But the set quality is very good; navigation on the site is near identical to MA even though their non-member page looks very different. Main difference is models donít have brief model bio. Works with download managers (Flashget), fast speeds, sets are zipped up and range from a few hundred MB to 900+ MB for high res sets depending on artist. Available in low/med/high res where low - 800x1200, med - 1365x2048, high Ė 8 megapixels+. Sets are quite large, typically 100-150 photos, similar size in comparison to Met-Art again. Videos are few and far between (35 total Ė and only 5 since start of 2007), good thing possibly for some. Leocont, Ingret, Nudero, Rylsky, Morenko, Rigin are recent popular artists who regularly post content on the site.

Itís really the ideal choice for fans of MA wanting more of either the models or the quality of photography with the biggest issue being the state of the database and lack of model info. If they fixed this up and added another update per day Iíd be very impressed because at times I think the average quality of sets is probably better than MA in recent times.

06-06-09  03:25am

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Visit Rigin Studio

Rigin Studio
Reply of Drooler's Comment

Just came across this site via a model I liked on Met-Art (Natalia on Met-Art) and the no zip policy has pretty much ruled me out of going for this site. I'm a collector and I'd have to manually open each image of the set and then save them using my firefox plugins.

I don't see how this stops piracy? Surely the pirates would just do the same, zip them up and post them, then the pirates get nice zip file collections and paying customers have to do it manually every time?

05-31-09  04:25am

N/A Reply of Cybertoad's Poll

no fears really, but running out of money I guess is a fear associated with spending on anything for so it's the only choice I can make

05-31-09  02:40am

Visit Met Art

Met Art
Reply of zzzins's Review

Good review, I personally see the lack of explicit content as a pro as it keeps the standard pretty high. But that's just personal preference. Of course I agree that some of the recent vids have been sadly of photoshoots with the camera clicking and people talking in the background which is really unappealing - only Erro pulls this off. Really disappointing, when I look back years at some movies I see some quite good ones, but movies aren't the main thing here anyway. And yes download manager support is very good although others sites I use (hegre, met models and errotica archives) also support dl managers.

05-27-09  02:41am

Visit Hegre Art

Hegre Art
Reply of Drooler's Reply

Well they seem to have toned the fetish stuff back. Which is good, however I still am finding a lot of sets extremely boring and void of any life or soul compared to other sites like met-art or errotica archives. Recent one "Jane french lingerie" Is 59 images of near enough the same photo, good model standing against a white background with basically two different camera positions.

What might be even worse is they basically censored my comment about it being boring. Previously they were getting quite a few negative comments in that section, I guess they decided to delete many of them and paint a false positive opinion of the sets.

All I know is at the current rate I will not be subscribing again. Anna S is hot but not worth the full price alone.

04-16-09  12:50am


Reply of propaGhandi's Review

I've been looking at recent Femjoy sets and I find the models and photo quality generally very good. Also 2 updates a day is good for the price.

The thing that definitely bothers me, that you touched on in your review is the fact that so many models are nude from the first image which I find greatly lowers the tease factor. The problem is many members are expecting Femjoy to be 100% nude, but it's preventing me from subscribing.

03-27-09  04:50am

Visit Met Art

Met Art

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: -Fantastic models
-Varied photographers
-Crisp Clear images
-Large sets
-4 daily updates
-Many new models
-Sensual poses and vibrant sets
-Continual improvements in models and average quality
-Superb Lighting
-Create Galleries
-Re-rate artists and models
-Amazing Value
Cons: -Recent Majoly (artist) sets
-Some boring videos
-Occasional quality lapse
-Met-cam models moved to private cams
-PSP videos low res
Bottom Line: The best artistic nude website online, there is no competition for Met-Art because they are easily in a league of their own. The reasons for this are an absolutely huge amount of archived sets and huge collection of models. New models are regularly added with increasing quality. New models that get rated highly are very quickly brought back for follow up photo shoots (usually 2 more). Completely amazing website, one you should check out as you have probably stumbled upon many great sets from them anyway.

Photo quality in the website is extremely good with models, artist and locations being of high standards. Artistic and photo quality is excellent, artists like Voronin and Ingret are masters at lighting and produce superb sets with wonderful colour contrast along with clear high megapixel photos. The actual set locations are great and varied on their own, although there is some reusing of set location there is usually a fair gap between those updates. Models are very attractive but of course people have different likes and dislikes and Met-art has the huge range to cater for anybody. I think there is plenty of variety for new models also.

The site does have a few minor negatives including movies and some artistic ďchoiceĒ. Movies themselves are up and down, quality is fairly good but content varies from sexy to sterile. In some cases watching videos of existing photosets can be a bad thing. Other times videos are very nicely put together, some videos you can hear the sound of the camera clicking and the artist speaking and this may put off some people who prefer music, although many include music. Older videos tend to be sexier and racier. Another very big issue currently is the artist Majoly who seems to be bringing the quality of the site down, his recent works appear as if he has taken some shots of attractive models in good locations and then passed them through a very aggressive Vaseline filter making them look awful, thankfully most artists are not like this.

Content on the site is almost beyond quick description. There are so many great sets in the archives dating back almost 10 years. They will post up a preview of the four updates coming for the next day. You can rate on each model and each artist and then change your vote at a later stage, which I do quite a bit. There is a brief bio for the model which I think is sufficient, more community feedback, such as commenting on sets or voting on upcoming sets is something to look at. After a year with this site I still check it daily for content. Itís very much worth a yearly membership, especially considering the huge amount of existing photos you may need to download. Iíve still got hundreds of models to rate and I try to rate every new set, which again emphasizes the content and introduction of new models, 39 new models in January 09 alone. Its amazing value and I will continue to subscribe given what I have seen in the past year. Iím glad to be a subscriber.

03-27-09  04:34am

Replies (4)
Visit Hegre Art

Hegre Art

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Consistent quality
-Can comment on sets
-Fast site
-Some of the older videos
-Anna S
Cons: -Boring sets
-Lack of models / new models
-Limited tease
-Repeated set locations
-Small photo sets
Bottom Line: Overrated, sets are boring and model poses are usually standing still with arms in different positions. Anna S helps keep the site above poor quality. Many new sets are repeated models in repeated shoot places which makes it more boring. Sets can be pretty small and when you get one update a day it falls short and brings value into question.

Hegre does have the ability to bring out some true beauty in models, early videos on the site are very good. Wasted potential and some recent lame fetish in some sets including latex and bdsm which are both very unappealing to me. Signed up for a few attractive models and some promising sets. Quality of site seems to have gotten worse. Needs a fresh look, needs more sensual poses, needs more variety, needs to go back to basics.

02-14-09  03:50am

Replies (6)

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